After a Flash Marriage Chapter 70

Mr. Wen has not been transferred from the intensive care unit, and there has been no sign of waking up.

Even so, Shi Yunnan, Wen Yibei, Wen Yanfeng and others alternate back and forth, and stay at the door of the hospital ward to guard, so as not to respond in time due to temporary circumstances.

Shi Yunnan finished his half-hour visit and came out of the intensive care unit.

Wen Yibei, who stayed outside the ward, went up and asked in a low voice, “how’s grandpa?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head, “he still didn’t respond.”

Wen Yibei’s eyebrows twisted for a moment and loosened quickly. He patted his brother’s shoulder and comforted, “it’s all right. No change is the biggest good news.”

Originally, Mr. Wen’s physical condition was not as good as before. After being pushed downstairs out of control by Mr. Wen Chenglang, it was lucky to be able to pull him back at the gate of death.

The two brothers sat in the rest seat behind the intensive care unit.

Shi Yunnan thought of Wen Chenglang’s bastard and couldn’t help but squeeze a question out of his teeth, “brother, what did your lawyer friend say? Can Wen Chenglang be convicted this time?”

Wen Yibei has been keeping in touch with his lawyer friends these days. “He attempted to kill deliberately, but caused harm. He was initially sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than three years and less than 10 years. However, song Zhiqiu also hired a lawyer, so it has not been completely decided.”

Shi Yunnan gave a sneer, “Song Zhiqiu still doesn’t die until she reaches the Yellow River. She’s not afraid of more trouble after Wen Chenglang’s innocence comes out.”

“How can a child who has spoiled for 25 years give up with one move?” Wen Yibei expressed his thoughts.

He said that the mother and son were hopeless. As long as song Zhiqiu still wanted to be there, she would fight for Wen Chenglang to the end.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows. “I heard that her company is burning.”

Wen Yibei shook his head incomprehensibly, “I don’t know, but she seems reluctant to divorce her uncle. My uncle doesn’t want to tell me more about this kind of trouble.”


Shi Yunnan was speechless and thought very clearly, “still thinking about the property of the Wen family? Since she is really short of money, why don’t she want to ask the Song family? At least she is also the eldest miss of the Song family.”

Wen Yibei continued, “after the death of the second son of the Song family, the Song family quarreled for property. I once heard grandpa mention that song Zhiqiu’s marriage with his uncle was made up by both sides, but…”

It was not until they got married that Mr. Wen secretly realized that the Song family had always wanted to use his prestige in Chinese music circles to expand the popularity of his musical instrument manufacturing.

Mr. Wen is a man who lives thoroughly. He took the initiative to stay away from the Song family after accidentally finding out these small actions.

There are differences between literati thinking and businessman thinking.

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly and did not comment too much on the past.

Wen Yibei took a look at the time and took the initiative to mention, “by the way, have you heard about the Shi family?”

“Shi family? What else can happen to them?” Shi Yunnan’s look changed. He thought Xie KeYue and others were demons behind their backs. “Why? What happened at the banquet before was not enough for them to teach a lesson?”

“No, it’s Xie KeYue and…” Wen Yibei paused and said his name. “It’s identified with Shi Sheng’s parent-child. They are not related by blood.”

Shi Yunnan subtly raised his eyebrows. “Shi Sheng and Xie KeYue are not their own father and son?”

Wen Yibei nodded.

After the banquet that day, Mr. Shi was so angry that he was admitted to the hospital.

Because of Xie Wei’s cheating, Shi Sheng still doubts Xie KeYue’s identity.

Even if Xie Wei swore that Xie KeYue was Shi’s blood, she still couldn’t stand Shi Sheng’s suspicion, so they went to do a paternity test.

As soon as the appraisal result came out, everyone was stunned——

Xie KeYue and Shi Sheng are not related by blood.

“I heard that after the results came out, Shi Sheng quarreled with Xie Wei on the spot. Later, Xie KeYue was driven out of the Shi family and out of the Shi company. I don’t know how this came to master Shi…”

Not long after the old man came out of the rescue room, he was sent in again. Now he has suffered a stroke and is paralyzed. It is estimated that he will have to lie in the hospital bed from then on to death.

“Karma is bad.”

When Wen Yibei mentioned the Shi family, he was still depressed. “I still think it’s cheaper for them. If Xie Wei interferes with it, maybe you could feel better when you were a child.”


Shi Yunnan patted Wen Yibei on the shoulder and smiled, “it’s all over. I’m doing well now. They’re the bad people.”

Whether Mr. Wen or Mr. Shi, it can only be said that it is really difficult to be the head of this rich family. Either he is implicated by his younger generation or he is confused.

Shi Yunnan thought for no reason——

I don’t know what he and Luo Lingsheng will look like when they grow old in another 50 or 60 years?

Wen Yibei looked at the time and smiled again. “It’s almost time for dinner. Yunnan, go home and have a rest first. Just give it to me on Grandpa’s side.”


Shi Yunnan got up and entered the elevator.

He picked up his mobile phone, clicked on the familiar wechat interface and frowned——

The chat between the two ended before going to bed last night.

Shi Yunnan sent a wechat to Luo Lingsheng when he got up. It has been almost 11 hours now, and he hasn’t received a reply from Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan felt less clingy, but he was a little worried about Luo Lingsheng’s physical condition. He thought about it and sent a wechat message to Luo Lingsheng and Qin Jian respectively.

——What’s up today? If you see it, tell me it’s safe.

——Qin Jian, is nothing wrong with your boss today? Did you start rehabilitation early?

The elevator arrives at the parking lot on the ground floor.

Shi Yunnan had to stop thinking, find his own parking space and return to luozhai.

“Little uncle!”

For some reason, the little goldfish waited early at the door to meet him, looking particularly excited.

The wound on Shi Yunnan’s right arm had not fully healed. He was afraid that he would tear the wound after forcibly picking up his little nephew, so he had to bend down and ask.

“What’s the matter?”

The little goldfish danced, and the grape’s eyes smiled into a crescent. “Little uncle, go upstairs. There’s a big surprise!”

“OK, I’ll go up right away.”

Shi Yunnan thought that little goldfish got some rewards in the kindergarten. He cooperated with him to go upstairs quickly. As a result, he opened the door and was silly——

Luo Lingsheng, who should have stayed abroad for treatment, secretly returned home without telling him.

Luo Lingsheng sat in his wheelchair and smiled at him, “why? You don’t know me in only a week?”

Shi Yunnan, who had returned to God, hurried closer. For a moment, his words were a little confused. “Why did you suddenly come back? Didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“… your legs are ready?”

“No, how did Dr. burns let you back?”

Luo Lingsheng stroked his cheek and quickly caught the chattering lips of his lover.

The two exchanged a tasteful kiss.

Shi Yunnan calmed down and asked again with his eyes.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “I asked Dr. Bens for instructions. It’s no problem to go back and forth for about a week.”

The postoperative wound has healed. After the last round of postoperative review in ten days, the rehabilitation plan can be gradually started.

Shi Yunnan smiled and asked, “come on, why did you hide it from me when you came back temporarily?”

When Luo Lingsheng heard this question, he suddenly showed a rare stern look, “put out his right hand and let me have a look.”


Shi Yunnan’s smile on his lips was slightly solidified, and somehow he had a guilty feeling of being caught.

“What are you looking at? It’s fine.”

With that, he quickly spread out his palm and moved it in an attempt to fish in troubled waters.

Luo Lingsheng quickly put his hands around his wrist and carefully rolled up the loose sweater sleeve.

Soon, the combination of gauze and waterproof stickers appeared in his vision.

Before Mingming saw the wound, Luo Lingsheng’s breathing was tight, and his strength to close his wrist was a little heavier.

Shi Yunnan secretly grinds the groove teeth after grinding, and guesses which link has gone wrong?

Before that, he thought he was hiding well.

Luo Ling asked in a deep voice, “why didn’t you tell me when you were hurt?”

“It’s just a small wound. The doctors say they can’t see the scar after healing.”

Afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s anger, Shi Yunnan deliberately approached and rubbed the tip of his nose to show his kindness, “I’m not delicate, just don’t want you to worry.”

Luo Lingsheng kissed his lips again. “Does it hurt? I’ll open the gauze and have a look?”

“If you kiss me again, it won’t hurt.” Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to steal two more kisses, and was content to “beat and scold.”.

“OK, open it and have a look. I just changed my medicine today.”

He knew that with Luo Lingsheng’s character, he would not be at ease if he could not personally confirm his wound.

Luo Lingsheng’s action of removing the gauze was very simple. After confirming that his lover had not lied about his injury, he carefully covered the gauze again.

“It’s all right. Don’t hide any minor injury from me in the future.” Luo Lingsheng takes it seriously and puts it lightly. He is reluctant to really “teach” his lover.

Shi Yunnan nodded hurriedly, completely free of hidden guilt, “is that why you returned home?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t deny it, “who told me to have an accident as soon as you left?”

Shi Yunnan denied, “Wen Chenglang is to blame for this. He wants to hurt my brother with tweezers. This is an accident after self-defense.”

He paused and asked before Luo Lingsheng said, “by the way, I happen to have something to ask you.”


“I heard that Xie KeYue and Shi Sheng’s paternity test had found the result. Did you send someone to do something?” Shi Yunnan asked tentatively.

In fact, when Wen Yibei said the result of his non biological father and son, a trace of doubt rose in his heart.

Even if Mr. Shi is old and confused, he can go back to more than ten or twenty years ago. He is absolutely a smart person who can run the business world. How can he take him home without confirming Xie KeYue’s true identity?

The reason why Xie Wei dared to pose as a hostess in the Shi family is nothing more than Xie KeYue’s blood relationship.

Shi Yunnan didn’t do anything about paternity testing, and Wen Yibei couldn’t do such a thing.

Luo Lingsheng chuckled and simply admitted, “I can’t hide anything from you.”

“I guessed that the only person who can be so powerful and have some involvement with the Shi family is Lord Luo.” Shi Yunnan laughed and teased.

To tell the truth, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Luo Lingsheng’s practice.

Xie KeYue secretly calculated with him so many times. As his partner, Luo Lingsheng fought back for him once. What’s the problem?

Besides, if the paternity test can be done once, it can be done a second time. Xie KeYue wants to prove his identity, so he can do the paternity test again.

But the key point is that Shi Sheng’s suspicious character comes down in one continuous line with master Shi. The result of this “non biological” identification has detonated a bomb in his heart. The seeds of suspicion and even hatred have taken root and can no longer be set aside.

There was a knock on the door outside.

It was still the Milky tone of the little goldfish, “uncle! Little uncle! Grandpa Qin said he was going to have dinner!”

“OK, we’ll go down right away.”

Shi Yunnan answered him, turned to Luo Lingsheng and said, “go downstairs for dinner. You should also be tired after taking such a long plane. Have an early rest tonight.”



Nine in the evening.

When Luo Lingsheng came out of the bathroom, he happened to see the little goldfish holding his little quilt walking out reluctantly.

One large and one small are in line of sight.

The gills of the little goldfish expand rapidly like puffer fish, revealing a puffy appearance.

Luo Lingsheng asked helplessly, “what’s the matter?”

“See for yourself!” The little goldfish lengthened his breath and sighed, “as soon as my uncle comes back, I can only go back to my room to sleep.”

Otherwise, the little goldfish will become a small light bulb.

“Well, go to bed yourself.” Luo Lingsheng nodded with a smile and controlled the wheelchair to make way for his little nephew. He didn’t say a word of retention and politeness.


The little goldfish was more depressed, but he didn’t dare to attack in front of his own uncle.

He took his little quilt and ran out of the room. After confirming that Luo Lingsheng could not see, he turned out a lovely white eye and stamped his feet in anger.


Uncle is so angry!

When Shi Yunnan came back from the bathroom next door, there was no little goldfish in the bedroom. “Baby, go back to your room?”

“Well, quite conscious.”

Luo Lingsheng patted his position next to him. His tone was gentle for a moment, “come here.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and went to bed.

Luo Lingsheng pulled up the quilt and covered it, “will you touch the wound?”

“No.” Shi Yunnan gave a vague voice and drilled into Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

The familiar smell wrapped him round and round, and the sense of stability given by the lover’s embrace was unspeakable and wonderful, just like having a place that only belonged to him.

Shi Yunnan sighed with satisfaction, “this real person pillow really works better than a suit coat.”

“Then sleep in your arms.” Luo Lingsheng held him closer.

Shi Yunnan closed his eyes and was lazy. He subconsciously said, “if I can hold it all my life, I will sleep well all night.”

Luo Lingsheng spilled out a pleasant low smile, kissed his forehead and answered solemnly in his ear.

“Then let you hold it all your life.”


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