After a Flash Marriage Chapter 71

Shi Yunnan was struck by the three words “all his life” and looked up at Luo Lingsheng again. He let out a short chuckle and couldn’t help kissing the man’s sexy Adam’s apple.

“Luo Lingsheng.”


“… husband.”

Shi Yunnan had just finished his oral whisper, and then he intensified his hand to rub Luo Lingsheng’s Adam’s apple.

The numbness like a cat’s scratch rose.

Luo Lingsheng uttered a dull hum, and his red Adam’s apple rolled up and down slightly, as if to stop asking, “is it going to make trouble?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer. His body followed his instinct to drill into Luo Lingsheng’s arms and let the other party’s breath wrap him completely.

In fact, since Luo Lingsheng confirmed that he wanted to go abroad for surgery and stay in the hospital, they deliberately controlled excessive intimacy.

Shi Yunnan is staring at Luo Lingsheng’s handsome face. Suddenly, he has a long-standing bad idea of love. He is close to Luo Lingsheng’s lips.

Shi Yunnan hummed unconsciously, and his unwritten tone was particularly cute.

Luo Ling whispered a smile, which directly deepened the kiss and took away all the reason of the lover again.



I don’t know how long it took.

Shi Yunnan didn’t break free from the nothingness until the surrounding air was exhausted bit by bit. He lay quietly in the arms of Luo Lingsheng, stretched out his hand and looked for his lover’s palm.

A layer of sweat oozed from his forehead, wet his thin and broken hair, and looked messy.

Luo Lingsheng clasped his fingers and asked with a smile, “is this enough?”


Shi Yunnan’s eyes are covered with mist. He looks like a bullied little fox. He can only cling to the arms of others to keep warm.

However, he only slowed down for a few seconds and raised his eyes. “You solve it yourself.”

Who let Luo Lingsheng toss him with his hands? Now he just wants to lie still and rest.

Luo Lingsheng was helpless and stunned for two seconds. Spoiled and restrained, he circled him close, “… You little heartless.”

Luo Lingsheng took a long-distance flight and was still jet lagged, while Shi Yunnan finally got a solid sleep in recent days.

They hugged each other and slept until near noon.

“Have you had enough sleep?” Luo Lingsheng rubbed Shi Yunnan’s forehead, and his voice was lazy after sleep.

“Hmm…” Shi Yunnan snorted and habitually drilled into the heat source on his side, “what time is it?”

“It’s almost time to get up for dinner. If you’re still sleepy, wait for the afternoon to rest?” Luo Lingsheng coaxed him patiently.


ten minutes later.

Shi Yunnan opened the electronic window and door to breathe while Luo Lingsheng was washing. As a result, he found the little goldfish squatting at the door.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows in surprise, pulled him up and asked, “baby, why are you still here?”

“Uncle, it’s Saturday today. The kindergarten doesn’t work. I’ve finished private teaching in the morning! Grandpa Qin asked me to call you to have dinner with uncle.”

The little goldfish always spoke clearly. He was afraid to disturb his two uncles, so he planned to wait for them to open the door by themselves.

“Is uncle awake? May I come in?”

Little goldfish glanced into the bedroom. Without the permission of Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, he dared not enter the adult’s bedroom without permission.

Shi Yunnan gave way to him. “Come in. Your uncle is washing. We’ll have dinner later.”


Little goldfish glanced at the bathroom along Shi Yunnan’s words. As a result, he was attracted by the sheets in the clothes basket. “Little uncle, how did you change the sheets with your uncle?”

When he took back the quilt last night, the sheet was still on the bed. It was clean and fragrant.


Shi Yunnan was dumbfounded. Unexpectedly, little goldfish would observe this, so he had to turn his attention to Luo Lingsheng in front of the washstand.

Luo Lingsheng received his lover’s help line of sight by relying on the mirror, and his little nephew, who was too careful in observation, was helpless.

He calmly wiped the water on his hands with a paper towel. “If it’s dirty, change it. Today Yu, let’s go. Let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

As expected, little goldfish didn’t pursue this issue too much. As soon as he heard the word “eat”, his eyes lit up. He grabbed Shi Yunnan’s arm in front of Luo Lingsheng and shook it to urge him.

“Little uncle, come downstairs quickly. There is fried fish today! Grandpa Qin said that the fish bones are clean!”

He just secretly ate a piece behind grandpa Qin’s back.

It’s crispy and delicious.


Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and took the lead in following his nephew out.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the back of huantuo, one big and one small, and suddenly felt that such a life was very delicious. He raised a smiling arc at the corners of his mouth and silently controlled the wheelchair to follow up.


After lunch, Shi Yunnan received a call from Wen Yibei.

“Hello, brother.”

“Yunnan, are you free now? I thought about it. I still have to tell you something.”

The relaxed light in Shi Yunnan’s eyes solidified slightly and became serious, “brother, what’s the matter?”

“I just handed over my shift with my uncle this morning, and then song Zhiqiu came up…”

Wen Yibei stated the facts he had seen and heard with his own eyes.

Because song Zhiqiu was not at ease and worried that the always kind-hearted Wen Yan summit would respond to her excessive requirements, Wen Yibei, who finished his daily care work, returned to the floor of Mr. Wen’s intensive care unit.

As a result, he saw Wen Yanfeng and song Zhiqiu in the safe passage beside the elevator.

Although I haven’t seen her for only four or five days, song Zhiqiu’s energy and spirit are gone. She doesn’t have her usual exquisite makeup. She can’t stop her fatigue in her eyes.

Whether it was Wen Chenglang’s almost doomed case or the huge capital hole in the company that could not be made up in the short term, it was enough to make her exhausted.

However, in front of Wen Yanfeng, she still didn’t want to be soft, “I’ve thought about it these two days. It’s really boring for husband and wife to do this.”

“Divorce is divorce, but I’ll say it first -”

She paused slightly, and then asked fiercely, “in addition to the common property of these years, I also want an additional 50 million and the house under my father’s name as a divorce pension.”

Wen Yibei, who came and stopped outside the safety passage, just heard the lion’s big mouth.

Fifty million?

And a villa in the central section of Dijing?

Is song Zhiqiu’s request for divorce a little too cruel?

Sure enough, Wen Yanfeng’s face changed, “Song Zhiqiu, what do you think?”

“What do I think? You Wen Yanfeng don’t have so much savings on hand, but the old man must have the money in his hand. If I’m not good, I’ll give birth to children for your family! I take the money for their brothers and sisters and take it for granted.”

Song Zhiqiu’s tone was cold and hard. She had roughly calculated before. Old Mr. Qian should be able to afford it.

Wen Yanfeng didn’t speak, but he saw through song Zhiqiu’s calculation——

In the past, song Zhiqiu had money on her card and had good luck in the company. In fact, she didn’t care so much about the assets in Mr. Wen’s hands. At best, she just hoped that as grandchildren, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan would take less than their own sons.

But now, unlike in the past, something happened to Wen Chenglang and the company. She needs money to solve these problems.

Song Zhiqiu has a share in Huachang.

As long as she throws out some shares, she can easily solve the capital problem, but at the same time, she can easily lose too much control of the company, which is absolutely impossible.

“Dad’s money is saved by him. Don’t think about the old man’s assets! Who he wants to use when he wakes up is his freedom, and you can’t decide.”

Wen Yanfeng certainly disagrees with this approach, but he is not willing to tear up the feelings of more than 20 years, which is too ugly——

“The savings I’ve saved over the years can be reasonably distributed if you encounter difficulties in funds. There’s Wanyou. She’s an adult and it’s her freedom to talk to anyone she wants.”

“My child needs money in the future. As a father, I will try my best to meet her. When I get to the age of marriage, I can save her dowry.”

Now the old gentleman’s physical condition is not very good. As children and grandchildren, they naturally can’t think of unfilial distribution of property.

However, as a father and husband, Wen Yanfeng is willing to shoulder his due responsibilities even if he divorces his wife. This practice is kind.

But song Zhiqiu still disagreed.

“Then let’s hold on until dad wakes up. I’ll ask him directly. I’ll see if he is willing to suffer for his grandchildren…”

“You are unreasonable!”

Song Zhiqiu ignored Wen Yanfeng’s anger and seemed to take a step back, “well, I can’t take the villa under my father’s name, but you must give me a lot of 50 million!”

Then she gave the deadline, “you have to call me at least 20 million before 12 noon on Monday. If this payment is the premise of the divorce agreement, then I am willing to sign it.”

With that, she quickly went down the stairs of the safe passage.


After Wen Yibei’s statement, it was difficult to hide the complexity in his tone. “My uncle told me not to worry about this kind of thing, but I’m really worried.”

Wen Yibei has lived in Wen’s house for more than ten years. He sees some things in his eyes.

Wen Yanfeng has been a professor at the University, the president of the Chinese composition Association, and the occasional copyright fees for composing music. Although his earning ability is not as good as song Zhiqiu, it is reliable in the eyes of ordinary people.

In recent years, song Zhiqiu has stopped him from thinking about his children’s education, but he has never been short of the brother and sister in terms of family expenses.

From small to large, Wen Yanfeng spent a lot on their tuition and living expenses. Of course, the luxury goods and pocket money song Zhiqiu bought for them are counted separately.

Shi Yunnan saw song Zhiqiu’s true face. “When she was rich, she didn’t see her take it from her uncle, grandfather and home. Now something happened. She was reluctant to give up the company’s assets and wanted the Wen family to fill this hole for her?”

That’s beautiful!

“I’m afraid she’s been dragging her feet and refusing to divorce. She’s not only tossing her uncle over and over again, but also grinding him when Grandpa wakes up.” Wen Yibei expressed his actual concerns. Now the Wen family can’t stand the toss of each other.

“Elder brother, I’ll take care of song Zhiqiu. Please let my uncle calm down first and don’t let her talk like a lion. Don’t worry, I won’t let her disturb grandpa again.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng on the side and explained to the other end of the computer, “I’ll contact you later.”


When the phone hung up, Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to start the topic.

“Two days ago, you asked me to send someone to watch the movement of song Zhiqiu and Huachang musical instruments. Their latest shareholders’ meeting is scheduled at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.”

He sent someone to find out that the shareholders’ meeting was to solve the problem of Wen Chenglang stealing the official seal and misappropriating the company’s funds.

In other words, the last time song Zhiqiu wanted to fill the company’s capital loopholes with his own assets in front of shareholders, it’s time to take action.

Luo Lingsheng opened the proportion information of Huachang shareholders prepared in advance by Qin Bamboo Slips and handed it to Shi Yunnan.

“Huachang musical instrument has six shareholders, of which song Zhiqiu accounts for 40% of the shares, Chen Ren, the second largest shareholder, accounts for 25% of the shares, and the remaining four shareholders account for an average of the shares.”

“The point is that song Zhiqiu secretly transferred 8% of his shares.”

Shi Yunnan was surprised, “when did it happen?”

“Just yesterday, I sent someone to contact secretly, but I was still trying to keep the price down.”

Luo Lingsheng continued, “according to the asset composition and regulations of Huachang shareholders, more than half of the shareholders will vote for the transfer of more than 8% of the shares…”

Song Zhiqiu knew that Chen Ren was eyeing her shares, so he chose to keep silent and secretly carry out it in private.

Even after the transfer of shares, her 32% shares still remain the largest shareholder of Huachang.

“No wonder my brother said that she asked her uncle to type 20 million on her card before 12 o’clock on Monday as the premise of the divorce agreement.”

Shi Yunnan immediately figured out what was strange——

Song Zhiqiu’s proceeds from the resale of shares, 20 million based divorce alimony, and perhaps her remaining money and other borrowed funds can barely block the mouths of other shareholders.

“These things were done by Wen Chenglang stealing her official seal, but it’s her official seal in name. It can also be recognized that she violated the interests of the company?”

Luo Lingsheng nodded calmly, “yes, she and Wen Chenglang have a mother-child relationship. The so-called ‘stealing and using’ is difficult to be used as evidence.”

Shi Yunnan understood what Luo Lingsheng meant and couldn’t help kissing his lover, “Lord Luo, I’ve seen your black heart.”

Luo Lingsheng stroked his lips and responded, “I just learned about the situation for Mr. Shi. You decide what to do.”

“Huachang’s shareholders’ meeting is on Wednesday?”


Shi Yunnan picked his eyebrows and said reluctantly, “OK, I don’t mind giving her an extra surprise.”


On Wednesday, Huachang musical instrument.

In the company meeting room, the atmosphere is unprecedented solidification and anxiety.

The Secretary in charge of the minutes of the meeting lowered himself like a quail in order to reduce his sense of existence in the meeting and avoid being implicated by the six shareholder bosses.

“Song Dong, it’s not good for you to go back on your word like this?”

As the second largest shareholder of Huachang, Chen Ren spoke with a faint tone.

He pushed his square glasses and said before other shareholders spoke, “last time at the shareholders’ meeting, you agreed to use private money to fill the loopholes of the company? We didn’t choose to report to the police for the sake of your being the chairman of the board.”

“Why? Cut the promised advance fund in half in less than ten days? You really think it’s easy for other shareholders of Huachang?”

The targeting in the language is becoming more and more obvious.

Sitting on the throne, song Zhiqiu calmed down and showed a reluctant smile. “President Chen joked. I mean, first return and fill half of the capital gap this time, and then discuss the rest.”

“If there is still a funding gap at that time, I will make up for it.”

“In addition to this, I am willing to take out the income from my personal shares at the end of the year to make up for and act as an additional dividend for all shareholders.”

This is song Zhiqiu’s plan to slow down.

In the short term, she can’t take out so much money to fill the loophole at one time. She can only use the way of “future profit recovery” to suppress the anger of shareholders and delay her time.

As long as the payment for goods can be smoothly recovered, the year-end dividends of shareholders will not be affected, and even get additional dividends. In general, there is no loss.

Song Zhiqiu continued to persuade, “foreign businessmen don’t want this batch of goods, which doesn’t mean that we can’t sell to other places, as long as we can return the capital slowly…”

“The sales period of these substandard semi-finished products has been prolonged for no reason, and because of the shortage of funds, it is impossible to produce a new batch of musical instruments according to the normal plan. In the long run, how can it be conducive to the sound development of our company? I disagree!”

Chen Ren suddenly patted the table, obviously holding a direction opinion with song Zhiqiu.

“President Chen, do you have to give some face? In the end, it’s not that you don’t make up for the money?” Some shareholders supported song Zhiqiu’s approach, “we are all old acquaintances. Why tear our faces?”

“I’m afraid Mr. Song dared to infringe on the interests of the company in the name of old acquaintances?” Another shareholder retorted.

Song Zhiqiu’s eyes flashed a dark light. It seemed that he had expected this situation for a long time, “well, vote.”

Everyone looked at each other, showing different camps——

The three headed by Chen Ren and song Zhiqiu.

Song Zhiqiu smiled, “President Chen, according to the proportion of shares in our respective hands, it seems that this time we should take mine first…”

Chen Ren sneered, “Dong song, before that, you didn’t intend to tell us about secretly reselling your shares?”


Song Zhiqiu’s eyes changed. He didn’t expect that this would leak. The news would reach Chen Ren’s ears.

Other shareholders were surprised when they heard this.

“Resale of shares? When did it happen?”

“No, no one informed me of the change of the company’s shares?”

“Mr. Chen, how did you know?”

Chen Ren heard other people’s questions and continued to expose, “Mr. Song held a shareholders’ meeting before applying for share change, just to fish in troubled waters and buy time for himself?”

Song Zhiqiu reluctantly calmed down and had to admit, “yes, I resold 8% of my shares. According to the company’s regulations, you need to be informed of the written vote for the transfer of more than 8% of my shares, so I have the right to decide by myself.”

“Moreover, even if I resell these shares, I am still the first shareholder of Huachang.”

Song Zhiqiu said according to the original plan, trying to give himself more confidence.

Unfortunately, as soon as this last sentence landed, Chen Ren threw out a copy of the share purchase and sale contract.

Bang, the copy hit song Zhiqiu’s desk.

“Song Dong, I’m sorry. Maybe some things are different from what you think.”


Song Zhiqiu saw the document thrown at her desk and faintly appeared a touch of uneasiness. She quickly scanned the contents of the document and turned pale in a few seconds.

How is this possible?!

Chen Ren took her look into his eyes and said loudly, “it’s a coincidence that the 8% shares resold by Song Dong have been pocketed by me.”

To put it more bluntly, Chen Ren holds a 33% stake in Huachang, while song Zhiqiu has only 32%.

“So, the result of the voting meeting just now -”

“I don’t agree with Mr. Song’s practice of delaying to make up the financial loopholes. Either you can make up the financial loopholes within today according to what you said at the last meeting. We can also choose to solve them privately for the sake of our partners for many years.”

“Otherwise, the alarm should be handled according to the normal procedure.”

Chen Ren’s words set song Zhiqiu in place. She thought back and retorted, “it’s impossible. Chen Ren, the copy of your contract must be fake!”

In less than ten days, too many things happened that exhausted song Zhiqiu.

In order to protect Wen Chenglang from prison, she has been running up and down to find interpersonal relationships. As for the resale of shares, she entrusted Wenwan grapefruit with full authority.

Chen Ren and song Zhiqiu fought fiercely in the company. As her daughter, how could Wenwan pomelo do such a stupid thing?

And before they finally signed the resale agreement, their mother and daughter confirmed the identity of the buyer. The other party should not know Chen Ren!

“Counterfeiting?” Chen Ren shook his head and looked at Song Zhiqiu. His eyes were full of jokes from the winner.

“Song Zhiqiu, song Zhiqiu, I admit that you did have some business brains and capital when you were young. Unfortunately, you spoiled your children into fools and forced you into a dead end.”

Chen Ren said to the assistant behind him, “please come in.”

“Yes, Mr. Chen.”

The assistant quickly left the meeting room and led a man in the door in less than three minutes.

Song Zhiqiu looked at Shi Yunnan who suddenly appeared in the conference room and asked incredulously, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing here!”

“Mr. Shi is my guest.” Chen Ren immediately voiced his position.

“I don’t think Mr. song can fill in this capital gap. In the short term, we need new assistants to help Huachang develop normally.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and spoke very high-profile word by word, “ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Luo group, I’m looking for quarterly cooperation with Huachang musical instruments. Do you like it or not?”

This is a private deal between Shi Yunnan and Chen Ren in order to bring down song Zhiqiu. Of course, even if there are funds to settle in the future, it is also his personal money after discussing with Wen Yibei.

The reason why Shi Yunnan moved out of the Locke group is very simple——

His husband’s name and assets can scare people. He took them to the town.

None of the shareholders present had heard of the four loud characters of the Locke group, and his face suddenly showed ecstasy.

“Mr. Chen, is what Mr. Shi said true?”

“Yes, how can this not be welcome?”

However, before they got the exact answer, three uniformed law enforcement officers came in.

“Who is song Zhiqiu?”

Song Zhiqiu’s heart suddenly shrinks, and his bad hunch rises completely, “… I am.”

“The informant Chen Ren accused you of taking advantage of your position, privately signing yin-yang contracts, misappropriating public funds and suspected of infringing on the company’s property. Please go back to us for investigation.”

When this was said, the whole audience was stunned except Shi Yunnan and Chen Ren.

Although song Zhiqiu was suspected of conniving at his son Wen Chenglang, they all suppressed the idea of reporting to the police for the sake of the other party’s being the chairman of the board and promising to make up for the capital loophole.

Unexpectedly, Chen Ren did this villain quietly?

However, if the copy of the contract is true, Chen Ren will be the first shareholder of Huachang in a few days.

Huachang now has the intention to cooperate with Luoshi group. It seems that it is much stronger than song Zhiqiu’s previous proposal.

Song Zhiqiu saw that no shareholder was willing to stand up and speak for herself. Her heart sank to the bottom of the valley. Her strong spirit drained in an instant and fell into the chair.


How did this happen?

Why is it different from what she imagined!

Shi Yunnan and the law enforcement officers politely asked for instructions, and then came to song Zhiqiu, “aunt.”

Song Zhiqiu had a stem in his chest and felt that this “aunt” was particularly ironic.

She looked up at Shi Yunnan and forced a feeble question from her teeth, “Shi Yunnan, what do you want to do? Don’t you think it’s bad enough to harm our mother and son?”

Shi Yunnan asked calmly, “what about you? You don’t think the Wen family was hurt badly enough by you after giving birth to such a pair of children?”

“Don’t you think grandpa’s old age is not easy enough?”

The questioning fell to the ground and made song Zhiqiu have nowhere to argue.

“By the way, I have two good news for you.” Shi Yunnan bent slightly and threw out a fact.

“Wen Chenglang’s prison food can’t escape, and now you can tell the police the truth – Wen Chenglang did it behind your back.”

“But then he’ll have to spend a few more years in prison.”

“I inquired. It seems that this kind of misappropriation of company funds and encroachment on company interests has started in three years.”


Song Zhiqiu’s pupils trembled uncontrollably and finally showed his face of disaster.

Shi Yunnan tutted twice and continued in a tone that only each other could hear, “of course, if you don’t want to bear the hardships of Wen Chenglang, you can recognize it yourself and continue to show your deep mother son relationship.”

“After all, Wen Chenglang, the mother treasure man, is looking forward to your mother to save him all day, and don’t you also want to work hard to save him?”

Shi Yunnan had no pity for song Zhiqiu and threw out a sneer.

“Aunt, I hope you will continue to extend the warmth between mother and son to prison. From now on, don’t think of harming the Wen family.”


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