After a Flash Marriage Chapter 72

Even if song Zhiqiu was reluctant, he had to follow the law enforcement officers to leave the conference room under the condition of conclusive evidence.

As soon as she left the conference hall, she received the eyes of countless employees who secretly poked and ate melons, and vaguely heard some remarks——

“How did the chairman get caught? Our company won’t change, will it?”

“Haven’t you heard? She misappropriates the company’s funds with her official seal. It’s said that it will take at least three years to start!”

“Didn’t Wen Chenglang do that?”

“A loving mother has many losers. It’s still necessary to distinguish so clearly? Wen Chenglang’s growing into that virtue must have something to do with the chairman’s regardless of right and wrong.”

“… all right, keep your voice down.”

After hearing these remarks, song Zhiqiu, who has always been strong, did not dare to look back and glare at these employees for the first time.

She stared at the ground stiffly, followed the law enforcement officers like a walking corpse, and kept thinking about all these years in her mind——

When Wen Yibei first entered the Wen family, Wen Chenglang hit each other’s head because of his small temper. She told her children: it doesn’t matter. You are the most important young master of the family.

When Wen Chenglang was in kindergarten, she injured her classmates and lost a lot of medical expenses because of fighting. She told her children: it doesn’t matter. You’re just careless, and the other party is also wrong.

When Wen Chenglang was at the beginning of primary school, she broke her competitor’s musical instrument during the violin examination. She also told her children: it doesn’t matter. My mother has money and just buy it for others.

Later, Mr. Wen was injured and hospitalized. She clearly saw one or two from Wen Chenglang’s guilty eyes in private, but for the dignity of her children, she pushed the pot onto her nephew Shi Yunnan with her heart covered.

It was her connivance to distinguish right from wrong, her praise for overindulgence, and her blurring the dividing line of Wen Chenglang’s conscience of good and evil again and again.


The door slammed shut.

Song Zhiqiu, who always wanted to be strong, was finally covered by the top regret and couldn’t help crying.

——Wen Chenglang, the mother treasure man, is looking forward to your mother to save him all day.

——I hope you will continue to extend the warmth between mother and son to prison. From now on, don’t think of harming the Wen family.

Shi Yunnan’s sharp words echoed in Song Zhiqiu’s ears and stabbed her in the heart, making her cry almost desperate.

In the end, she lost her husband who once loved him and lost the career she was proud of. Even Wen Chenglang, who took care of him from childhood, ruined her good life in the future.

Song Zhiqiu regretted it!

Regret so much that all your internal organs ache!

Unfortunately, it’s hard for a thousand gold to buy regret medicine.

From now on, maybe she can only confess her mistakes to the cold prison.

Shi Yunnan stayed by the window of the conference room, his eyes falling gently.

Until he saw the police car carrying song Zhiqiu go away, the big stone in his heart finally fell back to the ground.

Don’t blame him for being cruel. Whether old Mr. Wen, Wen Yanfeng or Wen Yibei, they are the closest relatives Shi Yunnan is willing to treat with heart.

If you want to blame, you can only blame song Zhiqiu and her children. They can’t stop being demons all the time. There’s really no way to make people live in peace.

Besides, the bitter fruit planted by their mother and son can only be swallowed by themselves in the end.

“Mr. Shi, shall we continue the meeting?” Chen Ren came up and asked questions carefully.

Even though Shi Yunnan was a little younger than him, he really didn’t dare to do it in front of the young man.

“Chen Dong is very polite. Now Hua Chang has the final say.” Shi Yunnan turned to respond.

His calm tone hides the art of speaking. The simple word “Chen Dong” makes Chen Ren feel comfortable physically and mentally.

Chen Ren smiled back, “if it weren’t for Mr. Shi’s secret help this time, how could I bring down song Zhiqiu so quickly?”

In fact, song Zhiqiu and Wenwan pomelo’s mother and daughter did a very careful and meticulous job in the “resale of shares”. At first, Chen Ren was completely unaware of such a thing.

However, they probably didn’t guess that it was Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan who bought their shares.

At the beginning, Luo Lingsheng sent people to secretly observe the dynamics of song Zhiqiu and Huachang according to Shi Yunnan’s instructions. After learning that Wenwan pomelo was going to resell its shares, he immediately sent his subordinates to contact and lower the price.

Luo Lingsheng asked his subordinates to catch the mother and daughter, but he was in no hurry to sign the contract. At the same time, Shi Yunnan asked his good friend Fu Ziyu to come forward to negotiate the “resale of shares”.

Because Luo Lingsheng’s Secret price reduction is enough to highlight that Fu Ziyu’s offer is straightforward and straightforward.

Song Zhiqiu was eager to use the money to temporarily suppress the anger of shareholders, so he dispelled his doubts after he simply learned that the Fu family was in the car business and determined that it had nothing to do with Chen Ren.

The Tao is a foot high and the devil is a foot high.

Fu Ziyu asked for this 8% of the shares for Shi Yunnan. After Shi Yunnan learned about the “civil war” of Huachang shareholders, he went directly to Chen Ren.

As a saying goes, the enemy of the enemy is a friend.

Chen Ren is a typical businessman. Since Huachang developed smoothly, he was unwilling to be overwhelmed by song Zhiqiu’s strength, so the consensus between the two sides was soon reached.

“Mr. Shi, you said ‘cooperation between Huachang and Luo’…” Chen Ren asked tentatively.

Shi Yunnan smiled. “Although these goods not wanted by foreign businessmen do not meet the high standards of Europe and America, there are a certain number of sales groups according to its cost and production technology.”

Good goods sell at a high price, flat goods sell at a medium price, and inferior goods sell at a low price.

“Luo will help you contact the seller in batches and complete the overall sales within two months as far as possible. As for the pricing beyond meeting the cost, your company’s shareholders will discuss it by themselves.”

All the goals are to shorten the extended delivery time and accelerate the return of funds.

“Of course, we will make corresponding equity investment in the absence of Huachang’s capital chain in the short term.” Shi Yunnan has already discussed this matter with Luo Lingsheng.

Huachang’s overall development momentum is good. In the name of Luoshi group, it is actually the personal assets of him and Wen Yibei.

Shi Yunnan is only responsible for paying money privately and doesn’t care about these affairs. “We’ll send someone to negotiate with your company in two days.”

Chen Ren did not oppose the proposal.

Luo’s group is a mountain in the business community of Dijing. For the company, it’s good to have a little relationship with it and get a little shelter.

When Shi Yunnan left the gate of the company, he was running into a gentle pomelo coming in a hurry.

“… cousin, cousin?”

At the moment of seeing Shi Yunnan, the panic on Wenwan pomelo’s face increased a little.

She was not qualified to attend the shareholders’ meeting of Huachang company. She got the news from Secretary song Zhiqiu half an hour ago, so she hurried over.

Shi Yunnan stopped and asked, “why? Are you so surprised to see me?”

Gentle pomelo calmed her mind, “where’s my mother?”

Shi Yunnan told her, “you’re late. She has been taken away by the relevant personnel of the police.”


Wenwan pomelo stepped on her high-heeled shoes and softened her legs. She took a half step back to barely stand firm. “She didn’t do the company’s business!”

As she spoke, tears burst into her eyes, as if silently accusing Shi Yunnan of his ruthlessness.

“Up to now, is it still important? It was your mother’s persistence that led to today’s results.”

In the face of her tears, Shi Yunnan was unmoved. “I’m not the one against your mother. I just pushed the boat along the water and helped Chen.”

“If you ask a lawyer to catch her now, there may be a glimmer of hope.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and suddenly his eyes were cold, “but I’ll say it first –”

“If you dare to disturb your uncle and grandpa for that mother and son, I don’t mind sending you in.”


The gentle pomelo was completely suppressed by Shi Yunnan’s aura, and even the tears accumulated in the bottom of his eyes didn’t dare to flow down.

Shi Yunnan approached for two steps, and his sharp eyes seemed to see through all the ghosts of the people.

“By the way, don’t you just expect Wen Chenglang to go to prison so that your mother can leave Huachang’s shares and uncle’s savings to you?”

“I didn’t!” Gentle pomelo denied it.

“Oh? It seems that I guessed wrong.” Shi Yunnan did not pierce her thin lie cover.

The familiar black car stopped at the door of the company, and the back door opened, revealing the figure of Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan looked at Shang Luo Lingsheng and greeted him with a smile. He no longer entangled with gentle pomelo.

Wenwan pomelo followed Shi Yunnan’s back and saw the line of sight of the people in the car. For a time, grievances, unwillingness and powerlessness came out.

What the hell did she do wrong?

With a brother like Wen Chenglang and a mother like song Zhiqiu, is it wrong for her to fight for herself? What did she do?

Shi Yunnan was arrogant in front of her, but didn’t he just pretend to please Luo Lingsheng? When can Luo Lingsheng see his true face!

Shi Yunnan felt the piercing sight behind him, and a radian appeared at the corners of his mouth. He stopped one second before the door.

“Wait for me.”


Luo Lingsheng’s smiling eyes fell back on Shi Yunnan. Even Yu Guang was too lazy to be stingy to give Wenwan pomelo.

He knew the anger of the little fox at home, but he didn’t dare to make any misunderstanding with others.

Shi Yunnan turned around and raised his voice, “gentle grapefruit, don’t think I can’t see what you think about Luo Lingsheng. You have to have a face to be a man. Don’t think you can act recklessly behind my back.”

After the Wen family banquet that day, Shi Yunnan secretly asked Yuan Meng. The other party was an honest man. He knocked on the side and heard it——

Wenwan pomelo confessed behind his back and Luo Lingsheng. To put it worse, she was seducing a married man!


Wenwan pomelo, the whole person was fixed in place.

At the right time, several staff members who went out to work looked at it and had the fun of eating melons in their sight.

Seeing her red face, Shi Yunnan dropped a warning, “if it’s not yours, it’s never yours. Don’t do those dirty things in private.”

With that, he got into the car and left.

Gentle pomelo thought of the embarrassment when she was rejected by Luo Lingsheng that day. She trembled with difficulty in breathing. She couldn’t look directly at the disdainful eyes of others and ran away without argument.

Shi Yunnan got into the car and spit out a bad breath.

Luo Lingsheng felt funny when he saw his appearance. “What are you angry with Wenwan pomelo? You have to say two words to be happy?”

“Who let her seduce you behind my back? I didn’t completely ruin her reputation in public. It’s already very polite.”

If you don’t warn harder this time, maybe this man will continue to use his bad mind next time.

Shi Yunnan leaned to Luo Lingsheng’s side and eagerly asked for praise, “don’t you praise me? I stopped unnecessary trouble for you.”

Luo Lingsheng retorted, “aren’t you jealous?”

Shi Yunnan snorted twice and suddenly said in a very low voice, “I want to kiss you to calm down, but I’m afraid it will affect Yuan Meng in the front row.”

Luo Lingsheng leaned slightly close to the two people, seemed to rub his lips, and joked, “Qin Bamboo Slips don’t have eyes on the back of their heads.”

“You’re right.” Shi Yunnan smiled and kissed.


Do or think the same without prior consulation2 make complaints about Yuan Meng and Qin Jian sitting in the front row.

Lord, we don’t have eyes in the back of our heads, but our ears are not deaf, okay?

Eat dog food during working hours all day. If you get hurt, can you get compensation for work-related injury and raise your salary?


After driving for 20 minutes, the car stopped in the parking lot of Dijing central hospital.

Mr. Wen was out of danger two days ago and woke up twice on the way.

In order to avoid song Zhiqiu’s shameless interference, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei, after totaling, transferred Mr. Wen from the second hospital to the VIP inpatient department of Dijing hospital behind each other’s back.

The two quickly took the elevator to the 23rd floor. When they entered the single ward, they just met Mr. Wen when he woke up vaguely.

“Yunnan, are you coming?” Wen Yibei got up from the hospital bed and offered to make room for Shi Yunnan. “Come on, grandpa is just awake.”

Shi Yunnan hurriedly approached, “Grandpa, how are things these two days?”

“The old man is weak and basically sleeps in a daze. He doesn’t know his consciousness when he wakes up occasionally. He will sleep again after a few vague words.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he couldn’t help but gather around in front of Mr. Wen’s hospital bed, “Grandpa? I’m Yunnan.”

Mr. Wen raised his eyelids laboriously, and his eyes did not focus on Shi Yunnan. Just a few seconds later, his eyes that were not clear suddenly filled with water light.

“Yun, Yun Nan, my good grandson… He didn’t push me, you can’t let him be wronged… It’s not his fault, you can’t blame him…”

Shi Yunnan’s body tensed unconsciously and shouted tentatively, “Grandpa?”

Mr. Wen’s tone is very light, but he is too eager.

“Shi Houde, a heartless old man, how old is Yunnan? How can he let his child stay in a foreign country… Shi Sheng doesn’t take good care of my daughter and even my grandson…”

“It’s not easy for Yunnan to go back to Wen’s house. Don’t let the child leave me…”

When Shi Yunnan heard Mr. Wen’s vague words, his heart suddenly became too sour to describe.

He knows that what Mr. Wen is talking about now is what happened after the birthday party that year.

Shi Yunnan lived abroad since childhood. No matter how independent and sensible he was, he also had a rebellious period.

After the 18th birthday party, he felt that he was angry at Wen’s house, so he returned abroad without saying a word.

After his health improved, Mr. Wen sent him several long transnational text messages. He twisted his temper and refused to reply. He wanted to break off contact with the Shi family and the Wen family in China as soon as possible.

In retrospect, what did Mr. Wen do wrong?

In contrast to the coldness and ruthlessness emanating from Mr. Shi’s bones, Mr. Wen is trying to make up for his lack of growth as much as possible.

Luo Lingsheng saw through Shi Yunnan’s forbearance, but before coming forward, Wen Yibei, who was also concerned, beat his brother on the shoulder to comfort him.

Shi Yunnan closed his eyes and tried his best to hold back the acid in his eyes. “Grandpa, Grandpa, I’m here. Look at me?”

Mr. Wen slowed down for several times and stared. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to touch Shi Yunnan. Finally, there was a trace of Qingming, “Yunnan?”

“Yes, it’s me. I came to see you.”

Mr. Wen looked at him for a long time, then vaguely said his heart, “Why are you thin again? Luo Lingsheng, is he good to you? Don’t be bullied like your mother without saying a word.”

Shi Yunnan finally lost his voice and smiled. He glanced at Luo Lingsheng at the end of the bed. “Grandpa, don’t worry. Luo Lingsheng won’t bully me. He’s very kind to me.”

“… that’s good. I was afraid that his inconvenient legs and feet would affect you.”

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan unconsciously looked at Luo Lingsheng again, as if he suddenly thought of something.

Soon, Mr. Wen’s intermittent advice grabbed his attention again, “he looks like a capable and responsible person, but your hearts are close to each other… Very good.”

Shi Yunnan seriously asked him, “well, I know.”

Mr. Wen explained a few words half faintly and half deeply, and fell into a deep sleep again.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei said hello and motioned Luo Lingsheng to go outside the ward.

Luo Lingsheng noticed the lover’s low emotional state from the beginning, and took the initiative to close his wrist, “what’s the matter?”

“I ask you, did you refuse me in Luo’s training room because of what my grandfather said to you after the birthday banquet? He was afraid that your legs would become a burden for the rest of my life, wouldn’t he?”

Luo Ling sighed, “isn’t it all over?”

“It’s the past.”

Shi Yunnan sat in the chair beside him, feeling a little depressed – Luo Lingsheng didn’t say a word at that time, and they almost missed it.

At the beginning, in Luo’s training room, Luo Lingsheng’s cold rejection came first, and then Bai moonlight. The combination of the two things made Shi Yunnan feel particularly uncomfortable.

He always thought that Luo Lingsheng’s first reason for refusing him was that he had hidden others in his heart. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wen stopped such an episode.

When Shi Yunnan thought of this, he felt inexplicably distressed for Luo Lingsheng.

“Mr. Wen has no malice. As your grandfather, it’s not wrong for him to consider for you from your point of view. I had physical pressure at that time.”

Shi Yunnan snorted, “you don’t know…”

“Don’t know what?”

I almost packed up and left Luo’s house. I hid and broke up with you.

Shi Yunnan silently added this sentence at the bottom of his heart and said casually, “I don’t know how hard your little nephew tried to coax me. It’s really thanks to little goldfish.”

When Luo Lingsheng heard this, he couldn’t help laughing, “he has already asked for credit in front of me.”

He pinched his lover’s earlobe, “well, I’m not angry.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his head. “We’re not angry. Let’s go home. I’ll tell my brother about Huachang’s share capital. You wait for me in the parking lot?”


Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng acted separately.

Within ten minutes, Shi Yunnan, who had communicated with his brother, took the elevator downstairs.

When the elevator stopped on the 16th floor, Shi Yunnan casually raised his eyes and accidentally bumped into two familiar figures——

Shi Sheng pushed old man Shi into the elevator.

Mr. Shi, who has always been a tough man, sat in a wheelchair with his body tilted. However, in two months, his body was very thin. His once eagle eyes are now full of turbid light.

Shi Sheng didn’t change much, but he looked tired without covering up.

“Yun Nan?”

Shi Sheng shouted a little unexpectedly.

Master Shi’s chest fluctuated slightly. He opened his mouth but couldn’t spit out a word.

Shi Yunnan put down his cell phone and replied expressionless, “do I know you?”

Two days ago, he heard Wen Yibei mention that old man Shi still lives in the central hospital. Unexpectedly, he was caught by himself?

If the elevator hadn’t closed the door, Shi Yunnan would like to leave their sight now.

“Yunnan, we are your father and grandpa at least. I know we have done a lot of wrong things and separated from you before, but now can you give us a chance to make up for it?”

Since the paternity test with Xie KeYue, Shi Sheng missed the clever and sensible twin brothers more and more, even though they had a quarrel at the Shi family banquet.

But after all, my own child can’t be wrong.

During this time, Shi Sheng tossed and turned every night and couldn’t sleep. When he recalled the happy family of four who had been with Wen Min, he felt incomparable regret and sadness.

Unfortunately, the late affection is cheaper than grass, and the late father’s love is worthless.

Shi Sheng was black by his brothers. He had no contact information at all. Obviously, he should be the closest father son relationship in the world, but he suddenly sank into the vast sea of people.

“A chance to make up?” Shi Yunnan watched the father and son coldly.

“Xie KeYue, their mother and son have left the Shi family. As long as you come back, Dad swears that everything in the Shi family is yours!” Shi Sheng hurriedly promised.

“Do you think I am as greedy for the assets of the Shi family as Xie KeYue? It’s ridiculous.” Shi Yunnan hissed.

He looked at master Shi, who could hardly speak, and shook his head. “I have always had a question. What’s wrong with me that makes my father and grandpa dislike me so much?”

It was Shi Yunnan who tried to find problems in himself. When he was young, he also tried to change himself to make them like him.

“Later, when I grew up, I felt tired.”

“Anyway, in your heart, I can’t compare with Xie KeYue later or my brother who went back to Wen’s house.”

Shi Yunnan once wanted to understand this problem, but later he became indifferent.

After all, the human heart is not a balance, there are always blatant preferences and dislikes.

“Old man, you’ve been strong and wise all your life. Do you think you’ll get this end when you get old?”

“Sometimes, I have to admit that you gave me the cold blood hidden in my bones.”

Shi Sheng couldn’t say anything to refute.

During the years of letting Shi Yunnan go, he had long forgotten how to be a father in front of each other.

Master Shi gasped heavily, and his chest fell to the ground like a dying fish.

Shi Yunnan thought of Mr. Wen, who was also hospitalized, and said with complexity and relief, “even if you really care about me once these years, I may still have a little affection for the Shi family.”

The elevator stopped on the sixth floor, and Shi Yunnan fell the last cut-off before the elevator door opened——

“If you don’t love me, others in the world will love me.”

“You didn’t want me, so I won’t want you now or in the future.”

With that, he quickly and smartly left the elevator and entered the safe passage on the side.

He would rather walk down the stairs than stay with them.

The elevator door was closed again, isolating the identical eyes of father Shi and son Shi Sheng——

The bottom of his eyes was full of unprecedented regret and despair.


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