After a Flash Marriage Chapter 73

When Shi Yunnan arrived at the studio for a long time, Yuan Rui, the boss and person in charge, finished the staff meeting before leaving work.

People in the design department and operation Department saw Shi Yunnan, one of the partners, and greeted him one after another.

“Good designer Shi.”

“Mr. Shi, long time no see.”

Hearing this, Yuan Rui, who was sitting on the throne, hurriedly raised his head.

As soon as Shi Yunnan looked at him, a stack of documents suddenly smashed, “Shi Yunnan, do you remember that you have a joint venture share in this studio? These two shopkeepers are really easy to be!”

Shi Yunnan quickly caught his friend’s’ bomb ‘, leaned against the door and said with a smile, “didn’t I go back to the studio to find you? Good son.”

“Go away, I’m your father.”

Yuanrui refuted him, but his eyes were filled with a happy smile.

Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng abroad some time ago. Even if he had design work, he contacted Yuanrui and the customer through video.

Now, Shi Yunnan looks at Yuanrui at first glance——

It was found that the other party lost a lot of meat than two months ago. Even the milk fat that was still firmly hanging in adulthood disappeared. There was no childishness in his eyes. Unexpectedly, it was unprovoked, which made people see a bit of mature and steady aura.

Yuan Rui approached. Shi Yunnan looked at him from beginning to end. “Are you busy?”

Yuan Rui replied, “OK, just adapt.”

At the end of work time, the staff of the two departments have almost left.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time and said, “take a seat in the lounge? I asked someone to buy something to eat and send it later.”


Since the establishment of the design studio, Yuan Rui has basically cut off contact with his former friends, and the people he contacts daily are also material merchants and customers.

I have probably seen a good friend who can chat for a long time, and his tone is finally relaxed.

They walked to the lounge side by side. After a while, all the staff got off duty.

About fifteen minutes later, there was a sliding sound of a wheelchair at the door.

Shi Yunnan was particularly sensitive to the sound. He got up and opened the door of the lounge for the first time, “Lingsheng, this way.”

Yuan Rui, who was leaning against the lounge, immediately sat up straight, “shit, Shi Yunnan, you came to the studio with your family? You deliberately bullied me to be single, didn’t you?”

As soon as the voice fell, Luo Lingsheng came in.

In addition, Yuan Meng standing behind him carried a lot of food bags.

Shi Yunnan let them in, smiled and explained to Yuan Rui, “I came to you temporarily. Your adults have a large number, so let them sit on the side.”

Luo Lingsheng specially went to the relevant departments of the central hospital for a postoperative review in the afternoon according to the requirements of Dr. Bens.

Shi Yunnan thought it was still early. He also remembered yuan Rui who was complaining about the continuous rotation with himself two days ago, so he planned to come and have a look.

However, when they arrived downstairs of the studio, it was not time to get off work, so he specially asked Luo Lingsheng to wait in the car and Yuan Meng to buy some dinner.

“How dare I drive Mr. Luo away? Just sit down.” Yuanrui had to straighten out his attitude.

Since Yuan Rui stepped into the business district with half a foot, he gradually realized the deterrent power of Luo Lingsheng and Luo’s group in Dijing.

At the same time, Yuan Rui feels that his good friend Shi Yunnan is very awesome——

How could he marry such a commercial giant?

Tut Tut, love is really a magical thing.

“Is there a summary of design orders in the studio in recent two months? I want to see it.” Shi Yunnan still remembered his identity as an investment partner. “I would manage it for you when I had time.”

Yuan Rui was happy when he heard this. “It’s almost the same. Wait and I’ll get it for you.”

Shi Yunnan took advantage of Yuan Rui’s gap to get the computer and pointed to the surrounding position with his fingers, “Yuan Meng, don’t stand like a wood. Just sit down.”

Luo Lingsheng heard the speech and gave tacit approval with his eyes.

Yuan Meng casually found an empty seat in the rear and sat down. Shi Yunnan distributed the food he brought to him. Then he saw yuan Rui coming back with a computer and a large jewelry box.

“You can directly use the computer to read electronic documents. The summary is relatively complete.”

Yuan Ruida recognized Shi Yunnan’s ability from the bottom of his heart.

Even during the absence of his friends, he has always been fully responsible for the affairs of the company, but he still wants to be reviewed and recognized by the other party.

Yuan Rui opened a can of beer and poured himself a few mouthfuls. “The popular affordable jade ornaments have begun to go online. At present, the jingle Bracelet series has a good response.”

Shi Yunnan asked Yuan Meng to buy some crayfish, which was delicious and greedy.

Yuan Rui took advantage of Shi Yunnan’s understanding of the studio order, put on his gloves, peeled and ate, and answered his occasional questions with satisfaction.

Luo Lingsheng did not speak, but quietly communicated with their two partners.

He took a box of crayfish to his body, put on gloves and peeled the shell carefully.

Suddenly, Shi Yunnan pointed to a change order and asked, “what is this design change order?”

“I guessed you would ask for this order.” Yuan Rui indicated the jewelry box on the table with his eyes, “open it and have a look? It was entrusted by a business customer last week. No designer in our studio is willing to accept it.”

Shi Yunnan opened it——

Inside is a combination of jadeite jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Shi Yunnan took a rough look and made a preliminary evaluation, “isn’t this combination design OK?”

In general, it is difficult to change a set of jewelry design that has been made into shape.

“The key is that necklace.”

Yuan Rui took off his gloves and introduced after wiping his hands, “one is composed of 32 water drop shaped emerald beads, but there are a whole ten beads mixed with low-grade defective products.”

Shi Yunnan slightly frowned, which also attracted Luo Lingsheng’s attention.

“Starting from the top left, which beads are inferior inferior goods have been marked on the computer file. Have a look?”

Shi Yunnan immediately clicked on the relevant documents and pictures.

Yuan Rui continued, “the entrusted customer of the order change is an aquatic businessman. I call him brother Zheng. In his own words, he has made a fortune in the past two years and has a little savings.”

“Brother Zheng’s wife had a hard time with him in her early years. It was not easy to get married on the 20th anniversary. The husband and wife had some savings on hand, so brother Zheng wanted to secretly buy some jewelry for his wife as a souvenir.”

“He didn’t understand these jades and didn’t dare to buy them casually in the jade store for fear of being trapped. Later, he went to Zeguang jade decoration auction house after being introduced by his friends.”

Zeguang auction house will hold a jade decoration auction every half a month, and the verification certificate of relevant departments will be presented before the auction.

Although Zeguang auction house is quite different from the auction house under Ms. Fang ya, it is the first choice for many upstart businessmen.

“Brother Zheng photographed this set of combined jadeite with six million yuan. Because there was an identification certificate, he and his wife didn’t doubt it. Later, sister Zheng, a best friend who knew a little about jade products, thought something was wrong, so they went to other institutions for additional identification.”

The identification results are just like what we see now.

Zheng Ge immediately came to the door to theory, but the person in charge of Zeguang didn’t admit it and put it on the jewelry designer.

Because two months have passed since the auction, anyway, the two sides pushed back and forth without reaching a conclusion.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flashed, “whose design is this?”

Yuan Rui looked up at him and slightly raised his jaw. “I want to say that the enemy’s road is narrow. Who will you think of?”

Shi Yunnan has the answer, “… Gu’s Lingyu design?”

Yuanrui’s eyes filled with contempt and opened his mouth to mock, “Gu feels that the road is getting more and more biased. In order to make money, he can even fish in troubled waters. He is basically bullying a boss who doesn’t understand jade like brother Zheng.”

Luo Lingsheng asked quietly, “the customer doesn’t intend to sue?”

“Well, the other party insists that it’s brother Zheng. They cheat money. Such a time-consuming business is a big trouble to sue the court.”

Therefore, sister-in-law Zheng would rather spend some money to transform some designs.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and suddenly mentioned one thing, “didn’t Xie KeYue help Lingyu design and dig the foot of the wall? Now? Is he still involved with Gu Jue?”

As far as he knows, Xie KeYue’s investment in the past year has not been successful, and he doesn’t know whether his investment in Lingyu can be raised back.


Yuan Rui’s face sank. “Don’t mention him when you eat. How disgusting.”

“But I heard that he was driven out by the Shi family? Forget it, he has nothing to do with us.”

His disgust with Xie KeYue has been engraved into DNA, and now he will feel disgusted when he hears the name.

Shi Yunnan smiled and felt that what his friend said was very reasonable.

Now all the developments are deviated from his original understanding of the world. He really doesn’t need to care about Xie KeYue’s existence.

“OK, I’ll take the order myself.” Shi Yunnan said.

Hearing this, Yuan Rui seemed to throw out a hot potato and immediately shouted, “thank you, Dad!”


Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and said nothing.

Shi Yunnan suddenly had the illusion of being trapped, “Yuan Rui, are you waiting for me on purpose?”


Yuan Rui coughed twice. “No, I heard that this thing came from Lingyu. As soon as my mind was hot, I took the design change order and planned to grow my own ambition and destroy the prestige of the enemy.”

Then he felt guilty. “Later, I heard other designers say it’s hard to change…”

Shi Yunnan guessed it would be like this.

Friends are mature and steady on the surface, but their spirit has not changed at all.

“OK, I’ll change the design of the first edition for you in about ten days.”

“Thank you, father Shi!”

Yuan Rui shouted again with a special dogleg.

Shi Yunnan put down the computer with a smile. As a result, he suddenly heard Luo Lingsheng say, “eat first when you’re busy.”

As he spoke, he handed back a bowl of crayfish meat that had been stripped clean.

The action on the man’s hand is really fast, and I don’t know when he quietly peeled out so much.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t hold back for a moment. Le hum, “thank you, husband.”

Luo Ling raised his lips, “I’ll peel you if it’s not enough.”


Yuan Meng in the rear was used to not talking, and Yuan Rui in the opposite looked silly for the first time——

It is said that the Lord of the Luo family is a cruel character with cold temper? It’s not like that!

Yuan Rui watched his friend Shi Yunnan eat several crayfish meat in one bite, and then saw that he had just peeled more than a dozen lobster shells.

In contrast, he couldn’t help bursting out beautiful Mandarin in his heart.


What a loving ‘dog’ man!

Thinking about it, he unconsciously lowered his head and his eyes were sour.

In the early years, someone would peel lobster silently on the dinner table for him, but now it’s gone.

Shi Yunnan ate all the crayfish meat peeled by Luo Lingsheng. Then he asked, “Yuanrui, do you know where the ceramics in China are well made?”

“Jingshi? Why do you ask?”

“I saw a jade porcelain exhibition abroad before. I intend to study it and see if I can integrate it in design in the future.” Shi Yunnan was never satisfied with the specified design process.

“Well, if you have this idea, I’ll go with you later?” Yuan Rui proposed that he would be happy to participate in anything conducive to the future development of the design studio.


Luo Lingsheng’s action of peeling shrimp was frozen for a moment.

If he hadn’t known that Yuanrui’s relationship with Shi Yunnan was like “father and son”, he might have lost his sight.

In this brief silence, Yuan Meng, who had always talked less behind him, suddenly made a voice, “Mr. Shi, if you are free, you can go to my hometown?”

Shi Yunnan turned over and said, “Oh? Where?”

Yuan Meng suddenly received the baptism of the three people’s sight, slightly embarrassed, “Fushi Dehua County, several townships in the county have hundreds of years of ancient kilns.”

“If you’re interested, I can…” Yuan Meng quickly glanced at his boss. It’s rare to be witty. “I can call my fellow friends to be a guide.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly became interested. “OK, I’ll go and have a look after a while.”

“It will take some time.” Yuan Rui suddenly answered, as if he suddenly remembered something important, “Yunnan, have you heard?”


“Miss Fang Ya’s daughter, Miss Mo Xuanqi.”

Shi Yunnan thought about it a little.

At the beginning, Fang Ya used tens of millions to shoot his jade design, and the two sides reached other auction cooperation.

Later, when Shi Yunnan was invited to attend the wedding anniversary of Fang Ya and her husband, he met their daughter Mo Xuanqi at the banquet, but the attitude of Miss Mo towards him was not friendly.

In the face of a friend’s question, Yuan Rui couldn’t help looking at Luo Lingsheng, “it’s also related to the Luo family. Miss Mo is going to be engaged to Luo Yanchuan, young master of the Luo family.”

“… what?”

Shi Yunnan was really surprised by the news.

How long has it been? Luo Yanchuan and Mo Xuanqi are engaged?

The most incredible thing is that Luo Yanchuan, as the “protagonist” of the world, should be with Xie KeYue even if there is emotional development? How can the world track develop so outrageously?

Seeing his friend’s shock and confusion, Yuan Rui had to turn his eyes to Luo Lingsheng, “Mr. Luo, you should know the news?”


Luo Lingsheng should be very calm.

He has a clear grasp of every move of Luo’s collateral branch, especially Luo’s second room and Luo Yanchuan. The other party made too many secret moves during his leg treatment abroad.

He learned the news half a month early.

Because the marriage relationship between the Shi family and the second room of Luo family was not established, Luo Lingsheng didn’t tell Shi Yunnan that he didn’t want his lover to attend the engagement banquet of irrelevant personnel.

Shi Yunnan barely suppressed his shock. “When is the engagement banquet?”

“The 16th of this month.”

“This is Sunday.”

Luo Lingsheng and Yuan Rui answered one after another.

Yuanrui got up and went into his office. Then he took out an invitation, “this is the invitation sent by Ms. fangya. She asked me to hand it over to you.”

Shi Yunnan took the invitation and didn’t speak for a moment.

“If I’m right, Luo Yanchuan should be completely gay? He’s not cheating on marriage?”

Shi Yunnan frowned. He had a good impression of Fang ya, Mo Xuanqi’s mother. She was a dignified and elegant strong woman, but how could she respond so easily and easily in her daughter’s life?

Luo Lingsheng looked at him, “are you going?”

Shi Yunnan rubbed the invitation in his hand, and a glimmer flashed at the bottom of his eyes. He always felt that the engagement banquet was a little strange?

“The invitations have been sent to me, whether as a business partner of the woman’s family or…” Shi Yunnan made a decision and smiled at Luo Lingsheng, “or as a relative of the man’s family, we should always go to see this unexpected play.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t refuse, “OK.”

He knew that Shi Yunnan could not hide it, and was willing to respect any choice of lovers.


On Friday, the largest Yuecheng business district in Dijing.

Mo Xuanqi sat leisurely in the coffee shop on the top floor, with dozens of high luxury bags on the sofa beside her.

Wenwan pomelo sat opposite her. “Qiqi, you’re going to be engaged the day after tomorrow? Why are you still in the mood to go shopping? You’re not nervous at all?”

Mo Xuanqi counted the high luxury items she had bought and looked up to show her bright appearance, but she didn’t have much smile in her eyes. “What are you nervous about? Luo Yanchuan will worry about the wedding banquet anyway.”

She ordered the bank card on the table with deep meaning, “since he is willing to give me the card, why should I refuse? Don’t brush it white.”

When Wenwan pomelo heard this, a trace of envy and jealousy flashed in her heart.

She used to have the same family situation as Mo Xuanqi, but now? The other party is still the daughter loved by her parents, and is about to have a handsome fiance.

And what about her?

There’s nothing left.

Mo Xuanqi asked, “by the way, a few days ago, you said there was a small accident at home? How is it solved now?”


Gentle pomelo tightened the coffee cup in her hand, barely maintaining her composure.

For self-esteem, she didn’t dare to tell the actual situation at home, but the paper can’t hide the fire after all.

Perhaps one day, she will be excluded and ridiculed by other imperial elites including Mo Xuanqi, just as others once ridiculed Shi Yunnan.

At the thought of this possibility, Wenwan pomelo couldn’t help clutching the skirt under the table.

Just when she was secretly embarrassed by the slim future, a familiar tone suddenly sounded on the edge, “Miss Mo, long time no see.”

The gentle pomelo looked up and the blood color on her face faded——

Why did Shi Yunnan suddenly appear here?

Mo Xuanqi recognized Shi Yunnan and smiled slightly. “Mr. Shi, if I remember correctly, you should be my mother’s partner? We’ve only met once before. Is this relationship worth greeting?”

“Now that you’ve met, shouldn’t you say hello?”

The reason why Shi Yunnan came to this business district today is to choose a suitable suit to attend the engagement banquet the day after tomorrow.

After the purchase, he wanted to take a nap in this top-level coffee shop. Unexpectedly, he met one of the parties to the wedding banquet here.

Wenwan pomelo has produced an unwarranted resistance to Shi Yunnan. She suddenly interrupted their dialogue and got up, “… Qiqi, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Mo Xuanqi knew the relationship between her good friend and Shi Yunnan’s cousin, and noticed a subtle, “HMM.”

After Wenwan pomelo left in a panic, Mo Xuanqi took a sip of coffee and was very indifferent to Shi Yunnan.

“Mr. Shi, I heard that Luo Yanchuan once refused to marry you. Now he wants to be engaged to me. Don’t you rush to find it because you are unwilling?”

Shi Yunnan said, “Miss Mo loves to talk and laugh. However, in the face of Ms. Fang, I advise you to say — know people, know face, but don’t know heart.”


“How long have you known Luo Yanchuan and dared to get engaged? He used to be a playboy. Haven’t you heard of him?”

Even if Luo Yanchuan’s fancy is false, it is true to calculate others for his career.

Shi Yunnan paused and asked, “or does Miss Mo firmly believe that he can accept his heart for you?”

Mo Xuanqi tightened her finger on the handle of the coffee cup and burst out a trace of anger for no reason. “What’s none of your business?”

“Of course it’s none of my business, but I know a little about Luo Yanchuan. I happened to meet Miss Mo before the engagement banquet. It’s clear that some marriages are fire pits, so I’m just a kind reminder.”

“Of course, it’s a good thing if Luo Yanchuan can really close his heart, I’m afraid…”

Shi Yunnan stopped and shook his head. “Forget it, as the saying goes, it’s better to dismantle a temple than destroy a marriage.”

The next second, Mo Xuanqi suddenly resisted her eyes and asked, “what are you afraid of him? Please make it clear to me.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged and said bluntly, “this society allows homosexuals to marry, but does not allow homosexuals to cheat marriage.”


Mo Xuanqi seemed to be hit by this, and her face was distorted for a moment.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes coagulated and he suddenly realized something was wrong——

When Mo Xuanqi met Luo Yanchuan at the banquet last time, her eyes were full of admiration and love.

Now, as a girl who is about to be engaged to her sweetheart, this subconscious anger and hatred is obviously aimed at Luo Yanchuan.

However, Shi Yunnan has said the hint for this purpose, but from the perspective of partners, it can be regarded as the utmost benevolence and righteousness.

If he continues to persuade, I’m afraid others will treat him as the Holy Father.

When Shi Yunnan thought of this, he simply turned and walked out.

Suddenly, Mo Xuanqi shouted to him, “Mr. Shi, please wait a minute.”

Shi Yunnan turned sideways and asked silently with his eyes.

Mo Xuanqi regained her composure, and there was a trace of charm consistent with her mother Fang Ya in her calm eyebrows and eyes.

“My mother should have sent an engagement post to your partner. Will you come?”


“That’s good.”

Mo Xuanqi put the coffee cup on the coaster. “For your sake, I’d like to tell you that there will be a good play on the day of the engagement banquet.”

Shi Yunnan was stunned and soon realized the deep meaning of the words.

He didn’t explore the root cause of Mo Xuanqi’s attitude change, but replied according to her words——

“Really? I’ll see.”

The author has something to say: # little fox: see a good play? I’m good at that.


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