After a Flash Marriage Chapter 74

It was Sunday in the blink of an eye.

The engagement banquet of Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan was arranged at the largest central hotel in Dijing. It is said that the pomp and posture are the largest in Dijing in recent two years.

When Shi Yunnan arrived at the gate of the hotel, he felt that the rumor was not false.

From the entrance of the hotel is the blue set. Nearly 10000 blue witches form flowers, which go up the rotating stairs and guide the guests to the main engagement hall on the third floor.

Not only that, there is a lamp containing diamonds every three meters. The light wave combined with light and diamond contrasts with the gorgeous and dazzling beauty, showing a full sense of dream.

“The two powers are united, and the cost of this engagement banquet is tens of millions?” Shi Yunnan took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair to the side elevator.

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng followed behind them and entered the elevator at the same time.

Qin Jian pressed the elevator floor and answered Shi Yunnan’s question, “I heard that the second room threw a full 30 million yuan for the engagement banquet. In contrast, the Mo family and the Fang family who married their daughter didn’t pay a penny.”

“Tut Tut, an engagement banquet has cost so much. It seems that the second room of Luo’s family has lost money this time?” Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng and smiled subtly.

Luo Lingsheng’s fingers rubbed slightly, and the fundus of his eyes was clear, “I can’t bear the child and can’t set the wolf.”

With a simple saying, the real intention of Luo’s second room is made clear.

Mo Baian and Fang ya have only one daughter, Mo Xuanqi. They are both successful entrepreneurs. The assets hidden under their hands are naturally rich.

To be realistic, as long as Luo Yanchuan becomes the son-in-law of Mo and Fang and holds Mo Xuanqi’s fiancee, more than 30 million will be brought back in the future.

The elevator door opened and the noise came at once.

Shi Yunnan pushed Luo Lingsheng out of the elevator. Only then did he circle in front of his lover and bend down to tidy up each other’s tie and royal blue cufflinks. “Let’s see a good play today.”

Two people are in line of sight.

Luo Lingsheng smiled, lowered his eyes, reached out and pinched Shi Yunnan’s cool fingertips, “don’t follow me out when I go abroad for rehabilitation in two days.”


“If you don’t have a design job and stay at home boring…” Luo Lingsheng paused and looked at him affectionately, “you can think about how our future wedding will be arranged.”

Shi Yunnan opened his eyes unconsciously and smiled, “are you serious?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan groaned and joked, “Lord Luo has to be ready to spend money like water.”

Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair and stood side by side with him near the door of the main banquet hall. “OK, you can spend the whole Luo’s assets.”

As soon as they entered the banquet hall, they immediately attracted the attention of many guests——

“Today’s engagement banquet is wonderful. Even the Giant Buddha Luo Lingsheng can invite it.”

“You don’t think about it. At least it’s the same surname. It’s always broken bones and tendons. If a few years ago, when master Luo was still alive, wouldn’t these two rooms and four rooms be a family?”

“Externally, Luo Lingsheng is the head of Luo’s family. Internally, Luo Lingsheng is Luo Yanchuan’s cousin uncle in terms of seniority. How should he come to the scene?”

“I really didn’t expect that before, I thought the marriage relationship between Shi Yunnan and Lord Luo was nonsense. I didn’t expect that they could still be together after a blink of an eye for so long?”

“By the way, I suddenly remembered that it was said that Shi Yunnan and Luo Yanchuan were going to be engaged before?”

“Don’t mention the past.”

Among the whispers, mobaian and fangya came to meet them hand in hand.

“Mr. Shi, Mr. Luo and Mr. Luo, thank you for coming to my daughter’s engagement banquet.”

Shi Yunnan smiled calmly, “how can I not come after receiving Ms. Fang’s invitation? Just, I brought four people with this invitation. Please don’t mind Ms. Fang and Mr. mo.”

“Of course not.”

As soon as the voice fell, Luo Dexing hurried over with his wife.

Luo Dexing said to the light of Luo Lingsheng’s eyes hidden under the lens, “home, home owner, why don’t you inform us in advance? We can go downstairs to meet him in person.”

Even though he was louder and faster than Luo Ling, he was still the other party’s nominal “cousin”.

However, Luo Lingsheng’s measures against Da Fang and San Fang were too tough and merciless, so he is still worried today. He only dares to match his “home owner” like outsiders.

Shi Yunnan silently stepped back and let Luo Lingsheng hold Luo’s second room.

The next second, Luo Lingsheng said, “cousin, you’re welcome.”

The word “cousin” can’t hear any sense of closeness, as if it were an invisible warning.

Luo Dexing and his wife looked at each other and felt a sense of emptiness.

Others are afraid of Luo Lingsheng, but they are afraid of Luo Dexing and his wife, who saw their big house “destroyed” and sent to prison.

With a pause of less than five seconds, Mr. and Mrs. Luo Dexing seemed to have spent a century.

“Today is the engagement banquet between Yanchuan and miss mo. Yunnan and I just came to send blessings and witness.” Luo Lingsheng’s strong pressure hidden in the sound line suddenly disappeared.

No matter how the outcome of the engagement banquet will appear, it is a happy event in the eyes of everyone.

Luo Lingsheng doesn’t like being sophisticated, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand and shows a rare friendly side.

Shi Yunnan smiled and said, “yes, Ms. Fang, let’s just find a seat and sit down. You’re light.”

Fang Ya glanced at her husband, smiled and nodded calmly.

They have never done anything wrong. Naturally, they are not afraid of Luo Lingsheng, the “Big Buddha”. What’s more, visitors are guests. It’s good to have more than one person give their daughter engagement blessing.

Shi Yunnan looked for the position of his good friend Yuan Rui and said to Luo Lingsheng, “shall we sit with Yuan Rui?”


After Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan left.

Luo Dexing breathed a sigh of relief without any trace. He rubbed his hands against each other a few times, trying to erase the sweat from his palms.

Fang Ya asked, “Mr. Luo and Mrs. Luo, are you okay?”

Luo Dexing was calm, “it’s okay.”

“This auspicious engagement day is about to begin. Are we almost seated?”


Fang Ya nodded to the two future in laws, took her husband’s hand and returned to the front again.

Mrs. Luo was flustered when she saw the two in laws leave. “Lao Xing, how could Luo Lingsheng come here? Didn’t Yanchuan say he went abroad for surgery a while ago?”

“You ask me, who do I ask?” Luo Dexing’s forehead exuded another sweat, “OK, everyone is here. Who dares to invite him out?”

Now he just asks that Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan really just come to the engagement banquet to send blessings.

Mrs. Luo covered her heart. “Today, my heart is always unstable and I always feel that something is going to happen.”

“Yanchuan has been fooling around for so many years. It’s not easy to find a girl with a good family background like Xuanqi. She’s finally willing to settle down. Don’t really have any accidents.”

“All right, stop talking.”

Luo Dexing interrupted his wife’s chatter, “the engagement banquet is about to begin. Let’s take a seat. If anyone dares to make trouble at this wedding, I, I will work hard with him!”

The engagement banquet cost their family 30 million yuan and deliberately refused to spend money by Mo and Fang.

You know, Luo Dexing disagreed at first, but Luo Yanchuan discussed with him privately——

Their family must hold Mo Xuanqi’s heart tightly with engagement, and seizing her is tantamount to seizing the assets of Fang and Mo, and even more tantamount to seizing the future.

“We were a bit of a loser at that time. We just wanted this engagement banquet to make Yanchuan stand firm in the imperial circle, so that he could……” so that he could have more capital to fight Luo Lingsheng in the future.

Luo Dexing looked at Luo Lingsheng not far away and buried the rest of his words in his stomach.

Yuan Rui offered Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng two glasses of champagne at the guest table nearest to the main stage of the engagement. “I thought you weren’t coming?”

Shi Yunnan sipped the wine. “What are you doing so early? I’m not waiting like you.”

Yuan Rui snorted angrily. Before he could retort, there was a sound across the room, “Yo, meet again.”

Shi Yunnan and others who sat next to each other raised their eyes one after another and accidentally bumped into two figures——

Gu Jue and Xie KeYue walked over side by side and stopped at the empty seat opposite their round table.

“Come on, KeYue, just sit here.”

Xie KeYue saw the familiar face opposite and suddenly had the psychology of trying to escape. As long as he met Shi Yunnan, he would come to no good end!

Before Xie KeYue made a choice, Gu Jue sat down on his shoulder.

Xie KeYue was helpless, “…”

Gu Jue’s joking eyes scanned Yuanrui and Shi Yunnan. “Why? I haven’t seen him for months.”

It was not until he looked at Luo Lingsheng deeply that he had to restrain himself.

Gu Jue, in order to cover up his embarrassment of being stunned by Luo Lingsheng’s sight, stretched out his hand and put it on the back of the table behind Xie KeYue, circling Xie KeYue in his territory in a semi encircling posture.

This situation is enough to verify that the relationship between them is not simple.

Yuan Rui changed his face and couldn’t help whispering to Shi Yunnan, “shit, who doesn’t know that Gu Jue takes all men and women and doesn’t have a normal shape? Xie KeYue actually has such a relationship with such people, I……”

Yuanrui wants to stop talking.

Now in the face of Xie KeYue, he felt that he had been severely blind.

Shi Yunnan laughed and had to admire Xie KeYue’s ability and means.

Even if this man is driven out of the Shi family by Shi Sheng, he can quickly find a new backer.

“We just didn’t expect that Gu and Lingyu had entered the blacklist of Fang’s auction and could still participate in the engagement banquet?”

Shi Yunnan opened his mouth and threw his joking eyes on the two people like the same, “President Gu, did you bring a lover or a boyfriend?”


Gu Jue and Xie KeYue changed their faces at the same time.

Xie KeYue’s hand hidden under the table involuntarily squeezed into a fist, and his breathing trembled.

I don’t know when he hated Shi Yunnan!

Gu Jue replied with a fake smile, “without Mr. lausch’s trouble, if you can get the invitation, we can get it naturally.”

The last time he lost 10 million yuan, Gu Jue hated his teeth when he remembered it, so he couldn’t see Shi Yunnan’s appearance.

In other words, Gu Jue met Luo Yanchuan at a reception a while ago. The two had a good talk, and subsequently reached a preliminary intention of cooperation——

They want to take this opportunity to let Lingyu design and Fang reach a cooperative relationship and completely replace the studio of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui.

After all, in Luo Yanchuan’s words, he can use Mo Xuanqi’s mouth to persuade Fang ya, who loves her daughter as her life, to let Fang’s auction house give up the studios of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui, and instead reach cooperation with their Lingyu.

Lingyu has finally recovered the company’s working capital by relying on the small operation of mixing true and false at Zeguang auction, and can make better and more decent design works in the future.

As long as we can cooperate with Fang, he and Luo Yanchuan can share the follow-up profits privately.

Gu Jue thought of this and said confidently, “I know the new couple better than your cooperative relationship with Ms. Fang.”

Yuan Rui lowered his voice disdainfully. “Cut, pretend, be careful, and it’s like the last auction. In the end, it turns into a good play and makes others laugh!”

Shi Yunnan thought of Mo Xuanqi’s notice two days ago and couldn’t help smiling.

Ignoring Gu Jue’s self righteous demonstration, he whispered to Luo Ling on his side, “it seems that there is a good play to see today.”

Luo Lingsheng raised his glass and touched his lover, ignoring the two idle people opposite.

At the right time, the lights and music changed.

The host of the engagement ceremony came up. After a skillful opening, Luo Yanchuan, one of the protagonists, appeared in everyone’s vision.

Luo Yanchuan wore a dark blue suit today. He looked very handsome and charming when he turned off the lights.

Many thousands of gold at the scene, including Wenwan pomelo, looked straight and envied Mo Xuanqi, another protagonist——

Today, they know that the financial resources of Luo’s second room, as a collateral branch of Luo’s family, can not be underestimated. The engagement banquet scene is so luxurious and dreamy, and Luo Yanchuan is also so handsome and charming!

Hearing the exclamation from around, Shi Yunnan didn’t look at the stage at all. His hand hidden under the table was playing with the couple watch on Luo Lingsheng’s wrist, “… My husband is still handsome.”

Luo Yanchuan, as the “world’s leading actor”, does have some self-worth capital, but it’s not Luo Lingsheng.

If he wants to say, Luo Lingsheng’s appearance configuration should be the protagonist.

Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnan’s low voice and murmured, smiling and closing his lover’s palm.

They clasped their fingers, tacit understanding and skillful.

Yuan Rui, sitting on the same side, couldn’t stand the dog food. “Two bullies, I said you almost got it. No one loves bullying my single dog.”

Shi Yunnan deliberately shook his hands clasped with his fingers in front of Yuan Rui, and replied, “your father is barking more and more skillfully?”

“Get out.”

Yuan Rui rejected with a smile.

Sitting opposite, Xie KeYue saw the interaction between the three of them, and saw Luo Yanchuan in formal clothes on the stage. His inner reluctance came out one after another.

But now he has to choose to endure temporarily. One day, he will take back his own things!

Gu Jue on his side noticed Xie KeYue’s emotion, “what’s the matter?”

Xie KeYue shook his head and smiled cleanly, “it’s all right.”

The relationship between the two is indeed “gun” and “friend”, but in this relationship, he still lives with a mask – Gu Jue eats his “clean” suit.

The host on the stage began to enter the next process.

“Next, let’s invite the most beautiful protagonist today – Miss Mo Xuanqi Mo!”

Fang ya, sitting in the front, heard this and immediately looked at the front door where Mo Xuanqi would enter. Her inner expectation and reluctance were intertwined.

At first, Luo Yanchuan saved Mo Xuanqi who was harassed by hooligans outside. Later, the two developed a love relationship.

More than a month ago, Luo Yanchuan took the initiative to propose, and Mo Xuanqi, who was dazzled by love, agreed without thinking.

Fang Ya originally disagreed with Mo Xuanqi’s engagement so soon, but she really couldn’t stand her daughter’s love plea, so she had to reluctantly answer it.

Fortunately, Luo Yanchuan really loved his daughter in every way, and the second room of the Luo family was willing to spend money for the engagement banquet to prove their sincerity.

In that case, Fang Ya can only let go.

As long as Luo Yanchuan is willing to be nice to Mo Xuanqi, she and her husband are willing to hand over all their assets to their little couple in the future.

The music to welcome Mo Xuanqi to the stage rang again and again, but the door was still empty.

Just when Fang Ya felt something was wrong, Mo Xuanqi’s friend suddenly ran in, “no! Qiqi is gone!”

As soon as this startling cry came out, it immediately caused a commotion.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other. Obviously, they didn’t expect the good play of the engagement banquet to start like this.

Mobaian and fangya immediately stood up, “what?”

Luo Yanchuan, standing in the center of the stage, also rushed up and asked, “what is missing?”

“Just after aunt Fang left, Qiqi said she wanted to squint for a while. We saw that there were more than ten minutes before the opening of the engagement banquet, so they all left the dressing room.”

Unexpectedly, I couldn’t find anyone when I went in again.

“I’ve looked for all the places I can find. I didn’t see Qiqi’s figure. I didn’t get through to her cell phone.”

Mo Xuanqi’s two friends were already crying.

The people in the banquet hall finally reacted and began to make one after another sound of doubt——

What’s going on?

The engagement banquet had just begun, but Mo Xuanqi, one of the protagonists, disappeared?

Did you escape from the engagement party or were you kidnapped by accident?

Just as everyone fell into all kinds of speculation, the side door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and a voice came, “guests, I’m sorry, I just changed my clothes, so I’m late.”

“Disappeared” Mo Xuanqi suddenly came in wearing a comfortable leisurely dress. She still had a microphone in her hand, which was now connected to the stereo around the banquet hall.

Seeing this, Fang Ya and Luo Yanchuan came to Mo Xuanqi one after another.

Fang Ya almost mentioned her heart to her throat, and her tears were already turning. “Qiqi, what’s the matter with you? Why did you change such a dress without a gauze evening dress?”

Mo Xuanqi’s tearful eyes to shangya and a glimpse of the concern on Mo Baian’s face. Unable to bear the complex mood, she stretched out her hand to hold her parents and whispered sorry.

“Dad, mom, I’m sorry. I’m… Ashamed of you.”

Luo Yanchuan’s eyes changed when he heard this soft apology, but he had to pretend to be gentle and ask, “Qiqi, are you uncomfortable? If so, let’s go to the hospital first, and the engagement banquet can be another day.”

As always, a good boyfriend or even a good husband.

Mo Xuanqi smiled in her eyes and looked up. “Brother Yanchuan, you spent so much money. I invited almost all the rich families in imperial capital. How can this wedding banquet be rescheduled?”


Luo Yanchuan felt something was wrong.

Just before he realized what was wrong, Mo Xuanqi took his arm as usual.

In full view of the public, they walked towards the stage again.

Just when she got to the front row, Mo Xuanqi’s eyes suddenly stopped at the table where Shi Yunnan and others were, and her smiling eyes were stained with a trace of complexity and determination.

Shi Yunnan calmly sat in his position and shook his glass to greet her.

He’s really getting more and more curious.

What did Mo Xuanqi find? Will make her change her previous “love brain”.

Wearing casual clothes at the engagement banquet is clearly a prelude to unwilling engagement.

In the twinkling of an eye, Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan were on the stage.

Under the sign of the former’s eyes, the host had to choose to close wheat and exit.

Luo Yanchuan frowned, “Qiqi, what’s the matter with you?”

Mo Xuanqi clenched the microphone in her hand and smiled, “I just think the normal engagement process is too boring, so I want to host it myself.”

She no longer looked at Luo Yanchuan, but continued to say to the guests on the table under the stage.

“Luo Yanchuan and I got to know each other last September. At that time, I played late at night in a bar with several friends. After I left, I planned to go to the parking lot and wait for a driver. As a result, I met a drunk gangster.”

Like a hero in a fairy tale to save beauty, Mo Xuanqi is also very tacky.

“Later, I took the initiative to stick to him and met him several times. In order to know him better, I secretly investigated him…”

Mo Xuanqi heard that Luo Yanchuan was once a playboy among the nearby population;

She also heard that Luo Yanchuan had heard about his marriage with the second young master of the Shi family, but the other party refused to leave home without hesitation.

Luo Yanchuan personally told Mo Xuanqi that he was not interested in the same sex and would rather pay attention to Mo Xuanqi.

“In the process of love, I think Luo Yanchuan meets all my expectations for my other half.”

“So two months ago, after the proposal that exceeded my expectation came, I answered it without hesitation.”

Not only that, she was also anxious to let both parents choose the date of the wedding banquet.

“I really, really want to marry him.”

Speaking of this, Mo Xuanqi’s face was still smiling with sweet memories, which made many guests laugh with happiness.

Luo Yanchuan’s uneasiness gradually dissipated——

That’s right.

Mo Xuanqi he knew was a man who was willing to depend on him and obey him for love.

Mo Xuanqi looked at Luo Yanchuan again, but her smiling eyes suddenly cooled down, and then the hatred suppressed for a long time overflowed from the depths of her pupils.

Luo Yanchuan was stunned.

Then I heard Mo Xuanqi say word by word, “until I saw some videos when I stole his computer.”

Everyone present felt the change of Mo Xuanqi’s tone, and they extracted key words from it.


What video?

Just when the whole audience was confused, the large screens on both sides suddenly lit up. Before everyone reacted, the excessively irritating groans echoed in the banquet hall.

On the screen, two naked men lingered together.

One of the protagonists only showed a vague side face, vaguely like Luo Yanchuan on the stage.

The other protagonist is not so lucky. The video picture is facing his face occupied by love. It is Xie KeYue sitting at the front table!

It’s a good play. It’s on.


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