After a Flash Marriage Chapter 75

The audience fell into a dead silence, which made the groans in the video clearer.

Luo Lingsheng saw the unbearable picture on the video and made no secret of his disgust between his eyebrows and eyes. He especially didn’t want his lovers to see this picture.

“… Yunnan, don’t look.”

Shi Yunnan moved back to his sight and raised his eyebrows at Luo Lingsheng with great interest. “Unexpectedly, the beginning of the play was so exciting.”

Luo Lingsheng took a sip of wine and smiled without talking.

After a few seconds of silent confirmation, someone at the scene finally burst out with a loud “lying trough”, which was like the sound of a striking bell.

Finally, one after another, the sound of pumping began to sound.

A young rich young master took the lead in saying, “my God, this… This is Luo Yanchuan? Who is the other one?”

“Seems to be master Shi Jiasan?”

“That’s right! It’s Xie KeYue! When did they get together?”

Parents on both sides have completely froze when they hear these comments.

Mr. and Mrs. Luo Dexing were ashamed and unbelievable, but Mo Baian and Fang ya, who knew their daughter’s character, immediately looked at one of the protagonists in the video.

“Luo Yanchuan, you…”

Before the two parents finished questioning, Luo Yanchuan immediately rushed to the media console under the stage. However, no matter how he unplugged the control cable, this video did not end.

Seeing Luo Yanchuan’s unprecedented panic and loss of control, Mo Xuanqi continued to pick up the microphone and said, “brother Yanchuan, don’t bother. This projection is not connected to the computer under the stage. I’ve already asked someone to use Bluetooth for remote connection control.”

“What a beautiful picture. The protagonist is you and Mr. Xie. Brother Yanchuan won’t see more?”

Mo Xuanqi said “brother Yanchuan” one by one. It sounded as if she was still a little girlfriend who was close to him, but Luo Yanchuan was shocked by her madness and revenge hidden in her eyes.

For the first time, Luo Yanchuan felt that the situation was beyond his control, and wondered how Mo Xuanqi had become like this!

“Qiqi, stop it!”

Luo Yanchuan squeezed out a few words from his teeth in an attempt to stabilize his mood. This video has never had his face. He is not the one who succumbs to the lower level. There is still a chance to save him.

“Qiqi, there is a misunderstanding about this. I can…”

“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?”

Mo Xuanqi turned to the left side of the stage and asked Xie KeYue loudly, “Xie KeYue, do you think this is a misunderstanding?”


Xie KeYue, who was suddenly exposed to the full field of vision, was almost out of breath, but he couldn’t say a word.

His reaction is enough to explain everything. The people in the video are not only him, but also Luo Yanchuan.

Other guests spoke one after another, “so Xie KeYue came today? It’s wonderful?”

“Is this a male junior? How dare you come to the wedding banquet?”

“Look at the situation first. Don’t guess. It’s not necessarily what’s going on.”

“With all the videos, where can we talk nonsense? Xie KeYue is really the same as his mother. He screams loudly in bed.”

The surrounding comments poured into his ears like a raging wave. Xie KeYue’s eyes couldn’t leave the screen. His mind was blank to only problems——

Why is that?

Why didn’t he know there was this video?

Why did he and Luo Yanchuan do – Love video?

Yuan Rui, sitting opposite, is so stupid that he can put an egg in his mouth.

Because of the original design of “prying the corner”, he thought Xie KeYue had a problem with his character, but he never thought that one day he would see Xie KeYue’s video at the engagement banquet.

Yuanrui quickly took a sip of red wine and was shocked. He couldn’t help coming to Shi Yunnan’s side.

“Yun Nan, you pinch me quickly. I’m not dreaming. How can such a ridiculous thing happen?”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help laughing and answered in a low voice, “remind me, except Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue, didn’t you find Gu Jue’s face turned green?”

Yuan Rui glanced at him and almost couldn’t hold back his smile. “I see, his head is a little green. It’s good to be elated just now! Bah.”

Gu Jue naturally noticed Yuanrui’s Schadenfreude, and his already livid face turned black again.

“… Xie KeYue, how dare you lie to me!”

Gu Jue was so gnashing his teeth that he almost wanted to kill people that he identified the culprit.

At first, he and Xie KeYue were really just investment partners. About more than a month ago, the two people had more and more contacts.

Taking a chance to drink at night, Gu Jue, who has always been indulgent, had a relationship with Xie KeYue.

The other party hesitated in bed, and even showed that kind of nervous and helpless expression when entering. After careful questioning, he said that this was his first time.

Gu Jue is used to those gun friends and lovers who are vassal for money and hot and bold in bed. It is rare for people like Xie KeYue to be “clean”.

Maybe it’s the man’s vanity. He doesn’t care about the Chen sesame and rotten millet of Xie KeYue and the Shi family, but especially enjoys their current relationship.

Before today, Gu Jue even wanted to try to develop into a “normal love”, but he didn’t expect that this idea had not been formally put forward. Xie KeYue asked him to wear a green hat.

What bullshit first time?

Xie KeYue installed it at all!

This man and Luo Yanchuan not only knew each other for a long time, but also rolled the sheets and took videos? Disgusting!

At the end of this three minute video, Luo Yanchuan saw this and came forward to stop Mo Xuanqi who did evil. “Xuanqi! Can you stop it! This is our engagement banquet. Aren’t you afraid of shame?”

He squeezed out a warning that only two people could hear. “Aren’t you afraid your parents will feel ashamed?”

“What qualifications do you have to mention my parents? It’s not me who did the wrong thing. What’s terrible about me?”

Mo Xuanqi got rid of Luo Yanchuan’s imprisonment and slapped him with her backhand!


The loud slap could be heard clearly. It was like stepping on Luo Yanchuan’s face and self-esteem in public.

Luo Yanchuan’s eyes froze rapidly. Just when he was out of control and wanted to punch, Mo Baian, who was eager to protect his daughter, rushed onto the stage immediately, “Luo Yanchuan! Dare you touch a hair of my daughter!”

Mo Baian is a good tempered and modest gentleman in the circle, but he doesn’t care about etiquette and morality at all.

Fang Ya followed her husband behind her and protected Mo Xuanqi in her arms. She held her breath and gave a concise speech to the microphone.

“Everybody, I’m really sorry.”

“As the woman’s parent, I didn’t expect the engagement party to be like this. But I know Qiqi’s character best. Although she has a little temper spoiled by our couple, she will never fool around before it’s a matter of right and wrong.”

“Now, I’d like to ask Luo Yanchuan, what’s the matter with this video?”

Fang Ya stares at Luo Yanchuan, one of the videos, and pointedly points out the key, “I don’t object to homosexuality, but if you only like men, you shouldn’t provoke my daughter. This is a naked marriage fraud!”

Facing the maintenance of her parents, Mo Xuanqi’s tears that had dried up in recent days showed signs of breaking out again.

She took a deep breath. Then she used the microphone to spread her trembling voice all over every corner of the banquet hall. “Why else? This is what he and Xie KeYue did together!”

“He, Luo Yanchuan is cheating on marriage!”

Luo Yanchuan flatly denied, “Mo Xuanqi! If I cheat on marriage, will Luo Yanchuan throw 30 million for this engagement banquet? I, I am serious about your heart.”

“Yes, 30 million.”

Mo Xuanqi spilled a sarcastic smile. She took her mobile phone out of her pocket and said, “there are more wonderful contents in my mobile phone. Brother Yanchuan, Xie KeYue, do you want to listen?”

Xie KeYue was always silent. His mind was full of the video just now, and his whole heart fell into unprecedented despair.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Xie KeYue’s expression, leaned half against Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder and whispered, “it seems that Miss Mo is well prepared. This engagement banquet is really not in vain.”

Luo Lingsheng saw his lover eating melons with relish and hooked his lips.

In silence, he stretched out his hand and falsely supported his lover’s waist, so that the other party would not be so absorbed in the play that he could not sit steadily.

Mo Xuanqi didn’t intend to wait for Luo Yanchuan’s consent at all. She quickly opened a piece of audio that had been saved in advance and clicked play using the microphone’s sound raising function.

“Miss Mo, for the sake of your refreshing money, I, I will tell you the truth.”

“Last time I was in the parking lot, I was really instructed by someone, that is, Mr. Luo, who saved you.”

“He did a lot of research on you in advance and understood your outlook on love and preferences. Later, he gave me 50000 yuan and asked me to play a play…”

Because of Mo Xuanqi’s “sweet” introduction at the beginning, everyone quickly reflected what this audio meant – Xuanqi met a “gangster” in the parking lot, which was deliberately arranged by Luo Yanchuan?

The so-called matching love is just one acting and one obsessing.

Mo Xuanqi smiled at herself, and her thoughts returned to the night after the proposal.

That day, Mo Xuanqi took the initiative to stay at Luo Yanchuan’s residence, but she was trapped in the sweet expectation of the future until late at night.

In order not to disturb Luo Yanchuan, Mo Xuanqi left the room and entered the study on the right. She wanted to find out about the wedding strategy.

She accidentally found the encrypted video file in the computer.

But women’s natural sixth sense sometimes comes very accurately. Driven by curiosity, Mo Xuanqi copied these encrypted video files to her computer and found someone to break the secret without telling Luo Yanchuan.

At first, Mo Xuanqi apologized for being a thief, but when the video appeared in front of her, she only felt that her world was shaking.

How did Luo Yanchuan shoot these videos? And more than one!

Mo Xuanqi, who has always been in love, did not choose to ask Luo Yanchuan at the first time, but rarely calm down and dignified people to investigate privately.

Until she saw the “gangster” in the parking lot that day and heard the above paragraph.

Mo Xuanqi didn’t hesitate. She read Luo Yanchuan’s tenderness to her and didn’t want to believe that the other party would be such a person.

She even thought that it was better to pretend that she didn’t know anything. Luo Yanchuan admitted that she would be good to her. Everything else was in the past.

But it turned out that she was still too naive.

Mo Xuanqi finds out another saved audio and plays it out——

“Spent 30 million for this engagement banquet? Luo Yanchuan, Luo Yanchuan, aren’t you serious about Mo Xuanqi?”

“Oh, how can it be? Where can a spoiled rich lady like Mo Xuanqi be my dish? I just look at her love brain and good control.”

“What’s wrong with some blood at the engagement banquet? Holding Mo Xuanqi is equivalent to holding Mo and Fang.”

“Mo Baian and Fang Ya are eager to love their daughter. Sooner or later, I will collect the assets of both of them.”


“Of course, where can someone be as energetic as Mr. Xie in bed? Baby, you’re my favorite.”

The dialogue in the audio kept coming. The two sound lines inside were easy to identify, one was Xie KeYue and the other was Luo Yanchuan.

At this moment, Luo Yanchuan, who was pierced, finally showed an expression of disbelief.

If he remembers correctly, this audio is a recent phone call between him and Xie KeYue. How can Mo Xuanqi know? And recorded it?

“… Mo Xuanqi, you are monitoring my mobile phone!”

Luo Yanchuan realized this possibility, and his face immediately felt a deep deception.

He thought that Mo Xuanqi, who was firmly in control in his own hands, actually hid it from him and took the first army!

“So what?” Mo Xuanqi clung to her mobile phone and only allowed you to cheat me, not me?

Luo Yanchuan’s hands on both sides clenched into fists and clattered. He just had the desire to grab his mobile phone. As a result, Mo Baian beat him to the ground the next second.

“Luo Yanchuan, you wolf heart and dog lung!”

Mo Baian has ignored the so-called elegant demeanor. His daughter who has been in pain for more than 20 years almost fell into such a deep pit. He felt angry when he thought about it.

Seeing Luo Yanchuan hit the fist, Luo Dexing and his wife couldn’t sit still and rushed to the stage one after another.

He was supposed to be in laws, but now he is the enemy.

Seeing the scene, Shi Yunnan whispered, “I’ll ask someone to call the hotel security personnel?”

Mo Baian and Fang ya don’t seem to be aggressive people. Be careful when things get out of control and get bullied later.

Luo Lingsheng whispered back, “don’t worry, it’s enough to have Yuan Meng in the accident.”

“All the people here are dignified. Even if Luo Yanchuan is angry to the bone, he can’t do anything too special in full view of the public.”

“On the contrary, Mo Xuanqi, who stands on the moral commanding height, can brazenly expose Luo Yanchuan’s true face in front of everyone.”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his lover’s ear and whispered. The warm breath made Shi Yunnan tilt his head and issued a low hum that only two people could hear.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly felt that the play was not as interesting as the lover in his arms.

The farce on the stage continues.

Sure enough, as Luo Lingsheng expected, Mo Xuanqi not only ignored Luo Yanchuan’s stop, but broke the jar and expanded the volume of the mobile phone.

The conversation between Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue continues, involving more and more ridiculous truths.

Hearing the follow-up long audio, Shi Yunnan unconsciously moved his line of sight to Gu Jue’s face opposite.

Sure enough, the other party has been completely angry, because this call also involves Gu Jue and Lingyu design.

Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan planned all this.

The former is responsible for handling Gu Jue and controlling Lingyu a little secretly, while the latter uses Mo Xuanqi’s mouth to handle Fang ya.

To put it better, Gu Jue and Lingyu design crowded out the design studios of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui and robbed the follow-up cooperation with Fang’s auction, which belongs to circular competition in business.

To put it bluntly, Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan set up a bureau to obtain benefits and played others like fools!

Gu Jue couldn’t bear it. He grabbed Xie KeYue’s suit bow tie. “Xie KeYue, what are you? How dare you hit me on the head?”

Xie KeYue’s neck was tightly buckled by his tie, and the feeling of suffocation filled up bit by bit. Until he was about to faint, Gu Jue threw him on the ground like garbage.

Mo Xuanqi naturally saw what was happening under the stage. She felt a sense of revenge at the bottom of her heart and deliberately prompted in front of everyone.

“Mr. Xie, I don’t think you know this video? It seems that Luo Yanchuan took it from you?”

Xie KeYue got up from the ground. Stunned by the video, he finally returned to a trace of reason and stared at Luo Yanchuan with murderous eyes.

Yes, such intimate things and shooting with a good angle are obviously carefully planned by the parties.

Xie KeYue had vowed that he had the ability to control one rich family after another. In the end, he was fooled around by Luo Yanchuan.

“Luo Yanchuan didn’t just shoot you in such a video…” Mo Xuanqi looked around the banquet hall and crazy guessed to expose Luo Yanchuan’s evil deeds.

“For his so-called assets and contacts, in order to threaten other imperial giants one day, he photographed all the objects he had contacted! Luo Yanchuan did all dirty things for his own future!”

When the guests heard this, they showed disdain one after another. Many rich families who had an affair with Luo Yanchuan immediately sounded the alarm at the bottom of their hearts.

Luo Yanchuan finally lost control, “Mo Xuanqi! Try talking nonsense again. Don’t think I dare not touch you!”

Luo Yanchuan admitted that the people who took these videos did have the idea of “future threat”, but he only took pictures that he thought “threat was useful” and did not use this method for all ambiguous objects.

Mo Xuanqi’s fabrication will only make countless imperial giants against him.

“I have to say! Otherwise you think why I wait until today to expose you!” Mo Xuanqi roared at the top of her voice, and her eyes looked like looking at the heinous enemy.

“I just want everyone in Dijing to see your disgusting face in Luo Yanchuan! I just want all the 30 million you dropped to be wasted! I just don’t want other girls to be cheated by you from now on!”

“Luo Yanchuan, where am I sorry for you? Why did you break my expectation and desire for love? I hate you! I hate you!”

Fang Ya heard Mo Xuanqi’s almost collapsed scream, and her heart was about to break. She quickly hugged her daughter in her arms and comforted her, “Qiqi, don’t be afraid. It’s mom who’s sorry for you. Let’s go home and we’ll go home now.”

Mo Baian wants to work hard with Luo Yanchuan, but at this time, the psychological relief of his daughter is more important, “Luo Dexing, look at the good son you taught!”

“Luo Yanchuan, from today on, our family and you are not finished!”

Fang Ya and Mo Baian left the table angrily with their daughter, and a beautiful engagement banquet was announced to be over in this form.

Luo Yanchuan stood on the stage in silence, his eyes bright and clear.

He spent 30 million on the engagement banquet, which turned out to be the best place for Mo Xuanqi to expose herself? The most important thing is that if the object who once had an affair with him believes it, he may join hands to put pressure on him and Luo’s second room!

How can he accumulate external capital? How do you confront Luo Lingsheng?

Luo Yanchuan thought he could hold Mo Xuanqi. Unexpectedly, he ended up lifting a stone and hitting himself in the foot!

In addition to the 30 million yuan he spent on the engagement banquet, he also spent nearly 10 million of his savings with Mo Xuanqi. Now he wants to be the other party’s deliberate revenge.

Mo Xuanqi, this woman is cruel enough!

Banquet hall under the stage.

The guests at the scene finally broke free from the shock and began to talk.

“You say, how did Xie KeYue become like this today? Think about the past, everyone said that the third young master of the Shi family was promising, and the second young master of the Shi family was incompetent… Hey, it’s less than a year.”

“Don’t compare blindly. Xie KeYue is not the blood of Shi family at all. It’s in vain. Master Shi has raised other people’s children for so many years.”

“Let me say that young master Shi Er is the original biological child. He has the ability to design and invest. Now he is in love with Lord Luo. I don’t know how many times better than Xie Ke!”

“By the way, don’t call Shi Er young master. Mr. Shi has separated from the Shi family.”

The wall fell and everyone pushed.

How much flattery Xie KeYue could have received before, how much criticism and ridicule he will now suffer.

Yuan Rui didn’t notice the criticism of the people nearby, but handed his mobile phone to Shi Yunnan and whispered, “Yunnan, you see, some guests have posted this period of time online!”

It’s fast enough.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the scene and only felt that it was deja vu——

In the track of the world in his dream, he was the one who was ridiculed by the rich and powerful in imperial Beijing because of the flow of indecent videos.

Unexpectedly, everything has changed now.

Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue, the absolute protagonists who should have “God blocking and killing God and Buddha blocking and killing Buddha”, ended up in a situation of mutual calculation and utilization and falling into disrepute together?

He now began to wonder if he had made a mistake in his dream about the trajectory of the world?

“Yunnan, what’s the matter with you?”

“Nothing.” Shi Yunnan thought back, “I just think if I do more evil things in private, I will rebound one day.”

Gu Jue on the opposite side also saw the video circulated in the circle of friends. He kicked Xie KeYue severely when he was angry, “get away! Don’t let me see you again!”

Xie KeYue suddenly fell on the sill, sharply scratched his forehead, and the wound immediately seeped red.

Gu felt as if he hadn’t seen it. He turned and left.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Rui still couldn’t restrain his temper and couldn’t help cursing.

“Shit, Gu Jue is crazy. He thinks he is a good thing? Those jade ornaments mixed with true and false must be the common idea of him and Xie KeYue.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes shimmered and whispered, “Gu feels no one is cooking today. We’ll do it in the future.”

Yuan Rui heard this and became interested. “Yunnan, do you have an idea?”

“Well, go back.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to get up and walked out with Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair. “Let’s go. This good play is over. The rest has nothing to do with us.”


Luo Lingsheng answered, silently looked at Luo Dexing and Luo Yanchuan, rubbed his fingertips heavily, and finally had a definite number in his heart.

Yuan Rui looks at the injury on Xie KeYue’s forehead. After hesitating for two seconds, he finally chooses to leave.

“Yunnan, wait for me!”

When Xie KeYue chose to betray him for his interests, they were doomed to be strangers.

Standing in place, Xie KeYue touched the warmth of his forehead. He ignored the pain and the disdainful eyes around him. His mind was occupied by only one idea——

His life is over.

In the imperial giants that can spread all over the world with a little wind and grass, such a clear video with his face is enough to make him the object of thousands of people laughing and thousands of people scolding.


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