After a Flash Marriage Chapter 76

Locke house.

Shi Yunnan was trapped in the sofa. Although he was clutching the design drawings, his mind was not on the design at all.

The electronic door bounced open with a click, and the busy Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair into the room.

He took the initiative to approach Shi Yunnan and caught a glimpse of the other party’s design that was still consistent with that half an hour ago. “No inspiration? Or tired?”

Shi Yunnan simply put the design atlas on the small tea table and asked, “are you really going to take me abroad for rehabilitation this time?”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and asked, “I really want to go?”


Shi Yunnan was embarrassed to be too sticky and just made a complaint.

“Darling, make room for me.”

Luo Lingsheng moved from the wheelchair to the sofa.

Shi Yunnan stared at his movements and always felt that they were much lighter than before. He turned to the side and took the initiative to use him as a cushion when his lover sat down.

Shi Yun looked down at Luo Lingsheng’s leg and wanted to stop talking, “is your leg…”


Luo Lingsheng tacitly answered his unfinished words. He encircled Shi Yunnan into his territory. “I have a little strength, but I’m not sure how far I can recover.”

He and Ben took ten days off and had to go back to a foreign country for follow-up treatment tomorrow.

Luo Lingsheng touched Shi Yunnan’s soft hair and rubbed it with his fingers. “You’ll be tired from taking a long flight, so don’t toss with me. The first phase of treatment will take 25 days.”

He will be back in less than a month this time.

Of course, if the first stage treatment does not work, then continue the second and third stages. After stabilizing the rehabilitation rhythm, he can also return home to continue treatment.

In short, there is no special important situation. Luo Lingsheng doesn’t want Shi Yunnan to follow him.

Shi Yunnan understood the lover’s intention and took the initiative to rub his neck nest. “In a month, two hands have to count three rounds.”

“There is a little goldfish with you every day. When you are free, go to see old Mr. Wen and chat with your brother. Aren’t you afraid Yuanrui is too tired alone in the studio?”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his chin against his lover’s head and smiled, “it’s over in the blink of an eye.”

“I know.”

Shi Yunnan just complains verbally. Naturally, he will not be capricious enough to put down all his responsibilities here. “I have to solve Gu Jue and Lingyu, not to mention anything else.”

Shi Yunnan only mentioned it after hearing yuan Rui’s confirmation yesterday. During this period, the Lingyu procurement department has been competing with them for materials. Even some designs have subtle overlapping elements.

This is obviously a malicious competition, trying to lengthen the front, replace and bring down their studio.

Luo Lingsheng said, “by the way, this time I let Qin Bamboo Slips stay in China. If you need help, you can call him.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes in surprise, “don’t take Qin bamboo slips?”

As Luo Lingsheng’s assistant, the other party needs to be on standby for work.

Luo Lingsheng has been abroad for a month. If there is no assistant around him, all the big and small things in Luo’s headquarters must be overstocked?

“Let him take a vacation in the open. You can contact wechat and video in private.”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses, and it was hard to play with a little under his pupils. “You have to give the second room a space that he thinks is safe. Otherwise, how can you lead the snake out of the hole and catch it all?”

Shi Yunnan’s face tightened, “do you mean that Luo Yanchuan still has an ambition secretly?”

Luo Lingsheng felt his suddenly tight body, moved his right hand to his back and patted him twice.

“Don’t worry, just do your own thing. I’ll catch all the miscellaneous fish and rotten shrimp, whether it’s the second room of the Luo family or others who want to make profits.”

Shi Yunnan fully believes in Luo Lingsheng’s ability.

At present, the development of the situation has gone beyond his understanding of the world track. Xie KeYue, as a “core protagonist”, has no deterrent.

Luo Yanchuan, who originally complemented him, probably won’t develop according to the original track.

Luo Lingsheng looked at Shi Yunnan and thought, “what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan.” Shi Yunnan confessed.

Three days have passed since the engagement banquet. Although the follow-up internet police intervened and the large-scale videos were harmonious one after another, the screenshots and news spread very quickly.

Not only did the rich and powerful in the imperial circle regard this as a lace joke, but also attracted the attention and dissemination of many people on the Internet.

Compared with Luo Yanchuan who didn’t appear in front of the camera in the whole process, this matter has a great impact on Xie KeYue. To put it seriously, it is likely to completely destroy his future path.

I heard that after they left that day, Xie KeYue lost control and smashed the red wine bottle. He hated red eyes and rushed onto the stage with the broken wine bottle——

He wants Luo Yanchuan’s life.

The two men, who were angry in their hearts, immediately wrestled together.

However, Luo Yanchuan somehow had Luo Dexing’s helper pull. Xie KeYue, a single shape, had no advantage. Instead, he was accidentally stabbed in the abdomen by a wine bottle in the process of fighting.

I saw blood on the spot, and I don’t know what’s going on now.

“The wicked have their own mill.” Seeing the complete breakdown of the relationship between the two protagonists, Shi Yunnan couldn’t help sighing, “to some extent, they are really made for each other.”

Luo Lingsheng doesn’t like to hear the names of other men in the love population, even the “enemy”.

He bit Shi Yunnan’s lip and pulled the topic back, “I should still be on the plane tomorrow night. I can’t play video with you. Will you be unable to sleep?”

Last time Shi Yunnan left him for home, he not only couldn’t sleep at night, but also secretly wrapped his coat with his light smell.

Shi Yunnan obviously thought of the same thing as him. His ears were a little red. “You should sleep and sleep.”

If it had been put a year ago, Shi Yunnan would have never thought that he would be so sticky when he was forced to learn to be independent when he grew up.

Shi Yunnan was heated by Luo Lingsheng’s close breathing, and was ready to leave the crowded and narrow sofa.

Luo Lingsheng saw through his intention in advance and hugged him not to let him hide. “Shall I accompany you to the cloakroom to find another suitable coat? I’ll use it tomorrow night.”


Shi Yunnan’s heartbeat stalled due to Luo Lingsheng’s ridicule, so he had to instinctively block his mouth with his lips.

The two exchanged a deep kiss to the extreme.

When Shi Yunnan opened his eyes, he found himself curled up in Luo Lingsheng’s arms. He is 1.82 meters tall, but he always seems “too small” around his lover.

Sitting can show poor body shape. If Luo Lingsheng can stand up one day, I don’t know how much difference their height and body shape are.

A trace of pain suddenly appeared on the lower lip, which was deliberately bitten by Luo Lingsheng.

“Without concentration?”


Shi Yunnan’s eyes dodged for a moment, obviously thinking of an excuse, “just think of a popular science that I saw in the magazine before, and the best way for couples to catch each other’s breath…”

As he spoke, Shi Yunnan really remembered one thing and took the initiative to reach out and hook Luo Lingsheng’s arm.

His “shyness” is only temporary, and the true nature hidden under this appearance is a sharp weapon to provoke people.

Luo Ling closed his voice and asked, “what?”

Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingsheng’s lips, almost explicitly, “you’re all here. What coat do I want? Husband, you give me more tonight.”

Luo Lingsheng’s breath beat again and responded to Shi Yunnan’s statement with practical actions.



The next day, Shi Yunnan “got his wish” and collapsed in bed. He didn’t want to move any more. Even when Luo Lingsheng left for the airport at o’clock in the afternoon, he gave up the idea of seeing him off.

If it weren’t for the little goldfish, he could skip dinner directly.

Shi Yunnan replenished his energy and spirit at home, and then began to remember his business. He shouted over the Qin bamboo slips that had been “forced to take a vacation” in China.

Qin Bamboo Slips had long been ordered by Luo Lingsheng. As long as Shi Yunnan needed any help, he would help top it and contact again at the first time.

“Mr. Shi.”

Shi Yunnan forwarded an electronic document collected in the computer to Qin Jian, “take a look first.”

Qin Jian glanced quickly, “is this the auction list?”

“To be exact, these are the buyers who took the Lingyu design at a high price at the Zeguang auction.” Shi Yunnan patched it and asked him for help. “Qin Bamboo Slips, can you let people find a way to contact these buyers?”

Because the customer’s contact information is privacy, the Zeguang auction is hidden very tightly, for fear that their customers will be robbed by other auction houses.

“Buyers who can participate in the auction and bid at high prices are basically rich people from all walks of life.”

Qin Jian probably glanced at the list and nodded, “I’ll meet someone in the name of Luo privately. It should be no problem.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “that’s good.”

Qin Jian asked, “Mr. Shi, what do you want to contact these buyers and customers for?”

“The Lingyu design under Gu Jue’s hand has long cooperated with Zeguang auction house to provide high-grade jade ornaments as auction products for profit, but this batch of auction jade ornaments have mixed real and fake products, so some customers come to our studio to change the order.”

Shi Yunnan firmly believes that with Gu Jue’s moral conduct, there must be more than one such immoral thing that can make money.

In addition to Zheng Ge, who has found the adulteration of jewelry, it is estimated that other customers are still in the dark, or like Zheng Ge, they have no way to complain and have trouble suing.

Shi Yunnan looked up at him, “Qin Bamboo Slips, you privately contact these buyers and say that we ask them to do another jade appraisal, and the expenses incurred will be paid by me.”

One is to ensure their peace of mind, and the other is not to incur additional costs. I think no one will stubbornly disagree.

“In order to avoid startling the snake, no matter whether the appraisal results are good or bad, please ask them to help keep it confidential. I’ll find a way to let Lingyu take the initiative to bear the loss.”

Qin Jian nodded, “no problem, I’ll do it now.”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “it’s hard. If there is an uncertain buyer, I’ll come forward in person.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Shi. I can handle more difficult things than this over the years with the owner.” Qin Jian answered confidently.

He glanced at the electronic document again. “The special authoritative appraisal may take time. I’ll try to finish it in a week?”

“Well, yes.”

A week later.

Shi Yunnan rarely sat in his office. An employee knocked at the door. “Designer Shi, the boss asked you to go to the reception room. Mr. Zheng has come.”

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan picked up the printed documents and stood up, “thank you. I’ll go there now.”

In the conference room.

Yuan Rui was talking with a middle-aged man in his early 40s. Yu Guang caught a glimpse of his good friend. “Yunnan, come on, this is brother Zheng I mentioned to you.”

Zheng GE’s original name is Zheng Yan. He has made a fortune in aquatic products in the past two years.

Shi Yunnan approached and offered to say hello, “Hello, President Zheng.”


Zheng Yan was embarrassed when he heard the name.

Yuan Rui smiled, “brother Zheng, this is the partner of our studio and the designer in charge of this order change, Shi Yunnan.”

Zheng Yan nodded and relaxed. “Designer Shi, just call me brother Zheng. Businessmen like us who save money in aquatic business can’t be called President Zheng?”

“Brother Zheng’s bearing is better than that of some company directors.” Shi Yunnan gave a sincere compliment and asked casually, “I don’t know if you are satisfied with the design change order given the day before yesterday?”

“If you need to modify something, you can communicate at any time.” Shi Yunnan asked him to sit down.

Zheng Yan said with a smile, “don’t change it. I’m a rough man and don’t understand it, but my wife is very satisfied.”

Obviously, it is as like as two peas, but Shi Yunnan’s splicing and transformation has made a little bit of a conventional and a bit of luxury.

Zheng Yan’s wife liked the design drawings very much. Now she is waiting for the handover of the finished products. She also said that if she has more savings in the future, she will directly find the studio to make a private list and will never go to that kind of auction again.

Yuanrui is proud of his friend. “That’s brother Zheng. Yunnan’s design is one of the best in our circle.”

Shi Yunnan was helpless. “Be humble for me. Which designer dares to say such a thing.”

“The designer can afford it.” Zheng Yan smiled and asked for business. “I heard from the original boss that you came to me to sell fake products for Lingyu design?”

Shi Yunnan nodded and arrived the documents prepared early in the morning in front of Zheng Yan. “During this time, we have sent people to check carefully. There are more than one real and fake auction items like this, and you are not the only one who has been cheated.”

Zheng Yan frowned.

He still felt angry at the mention of it.

They make money by their own efforts and hard work. They can’t compare with those rich families who were born in the golden palace. These millions are not easy savings for them!

Although it is not 100% fake, it always makes people feel uncomfortable to spend millions on jewelry mixed with fake goods.

“If the amount of adulterated jade were not too small, I would really like to sue directly to the court!”

The auction lasted nearly two months. When Zheng Yan and his wife complained at the beginning, the other party also said that they deliberately changed fake jade for money.

Zheng Yan has learned that this degree of adulteration can only be involved in small amounts of funds, and it may not be successful to sue and file a lawsuit.

It wastes both time and energy.

Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and put forward their business. “Brother Zheng, we invited you today to be the leader of the prosecution.”

Zheng Yan asked, “leader?”

“Yes, in addition to you, I also found 12 other buyers with the intention of prosecution. You can collectively Sue Lingyu for designing adulteration transactions.”

The prosecution of one person may be insignificant, but the effect and deterrence of collective prosecution are certainly stronger.

“I asked the lawyer, and your collective victory is very high.” Shi Yunnan will say what he has already thought of.

“Brother Zheng, if you win the lawsuit, the compensation fee will be decided by your buyer. If you lose the lawsuit, our studio will pay all the expenses incurred in the process.”

Zheng Yan’s eyes fell on Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan, and he still hesitated.

As far as their design office is concerned, they are at most a customer. Is it a little beyond the normal range to do their best?

Don’t let him step in another pit.

“Brother Zheng, you are a businessman. There is no need for us to hide something from you.” Shi Yunnan saw through Zheng Yan’s hesitation and further frankly persuaded him.

“We have a competitive relationship with Lingyu in this industry. If your joint victory is successful, the subsequent compensation expenses can become a crucial step for us to bring them down.”

Shi Yunnan was outspoken about Shang Zheng Yan’s eyes. “To put it better, we are helping you ‘victims’. To put it more realistically, we are using this incident to bring down our opponents.”

Zheng yanleng was stunned, and then smiled, “Shi is frank.”

He is a businessman. Time and interests are the key to measuring one thing, not to mention competition everywhere in the business field?

Zheng Yan took a deep breath and made a decision, “OK, I’m willing to participate in this.”

The three talked for nearly half an hour before they confirmed everything.

After Zheng Yan left, Yuan Rui immediately hugged Shi Yunnan and sighed with great emotion, “Yunnan, the proudest thing I’ve been doing for more than 20 years is knowing you as a ‘baby son’.”

Shi Yunnan immediately knocked on his head, “son, did you say the opposite?”


Yuan Rui loosened him, ate pain and rubbed his forehead. There was no displeasure on his face. “You’re powerful, you’re powerful, are you my father?”

Shi Yunnan leaned back on the sofa and asked, “by the way, how’s the thing I told you to do?”

“Find a media reporter to expose Lingyu?” Yuan Rui sat next to him and nodded his head. “Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of reliable media reporters.”

“In order to increase the popularity of Lingyu, I also spent money to buy some real hammers.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, “what material?”

“Lingyu has also done the pickling and glue injection of jadeite in private. It is a proper B + C fake, which specially deceives the little girls who don’t understand the goods.”

“There was another girl who was cheated by 50000 in their offline store. After complaining, she was secretly threatened by them and almost had an accident on the way to escape. Later, she had to swallow her anger and stop.”

Yuan Rui kept saying several examples, and his face became more and more ugly.

“The reputation of our jade industry has been destroyed in this way. We must not allow Gu Jue to cheat again!”

If you don’t do business with a conscience that can also make money, you should make money regardless of your heart. Bah!

Seeing his friend’s indignation, Shi Yunnan comforted him with a smile, “the original boss, be careful to be seen by the employees outside to make jokes.”

Hearing this, Yuan Rui immediately put on a serious look and scolded in a low voice within two seconds, “Oh! I’m just angry.”

Shi Yunnan also felt disgusted when he thought of Gu Jue’s “superior” look.

A dark light flickered at the bottom of his eyes. “Gu Jue has always said that Lingyu is the first in the jade design industry. Let’s take advantage of this time to let him experience the loss of reputation and interests.”

“Well, yes!”


Lingyu design headquarters.

With a roar, a mobile phone was thrown out of the senior office, fell at the door and broke the screen.

Su Su, the new secretary who was just about to enter the door, was startled. “President Gu?”

Gu Jue shouted without looking back, “get out!”

The secretary is a sensible person. She quietly put away her mobile phone on the ground and withdrew temporarily.

The door of the office was closed again.

Gu Jue untied his tight tie and half lay on the sofa panting. His unwillingness and anger had not dissipated.

Because some time ago, he was too ostentatious with Xie KeYue. As a result, after the other party’s video spread, he became the laughing stock of many people in the imperial circle.

This matter was stabbed in front of Gu’s father. For half a month, Gu Jue lived under his father’s surveillance.

Although Gu’s father has retired, his ability to catch financial loopholes is still first-class. He noticed that Gu Jue made false accounts because of the capital deficit last year. He just called and scolded him.

Not only that, Gu Fu also rejected his plan to replace and suppress Yuanshi.

Stay on the front line and meet in the future?

No, what he wants is that the design rooms of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui are completely replaced! No more jumping in front of him!

Gu Jue gnashed his teeth and cursed twice.

Suddenly, a cup of iced coffee was placed on the coffee table in front of me, “Mr. Gu, drink something cold to eliminate anger?”

Su Su, the Secretary, came in again and deliberately bent down to squeeze out a sexy figure.

Gu Jue’s displeased question stuck in his throat and slightly raised his eyebrow, “how long have you been in the company?”

“Only half a month.”

She originally came to apply for the front desk. Unexpectedly, she was temporarily assigned to this secretary by the head of the personnel department.

——We always don’t care about the Secretary’s ability. Only you are smart enough to please him.

Su Su understood the hint and began to show when she caught the opportunity.

After all, in her eyes, Gu Jue is really handsome and rich. If she can have anything to do and earn some money, she is No. 1 uneducated migrant worker.

Su Su saw Gu Jue’s messy tie and took the initiative to go forward, “Mr. Gu, let me help you tidy up your tie?”

Gu Jue raised his chin and acquiesced in her practice.

Fingertips turned the bow tie, occasionally rubbed the Adam’s apple, scraping and rubbing a crisp feeling with ulterior motives.

The act of tying a tie is actually “picking” clothes.

Gu Jue immediately closed Su Su’s wrist and took her into his arms. “You’re very good?”

Su Su pretended to be a frightened deer, “Mr. Gu, you…”

Before he could finish, the empty office door was suddenly pushed open, “Mr. Gu!”

The sudden interruption made Gu Jue particularly unhappy, and his anger turned up again.

He didn’t release the hand that imprisoned Su Su, but just attacked the director of the operation Department who suddenly broke in, “can’t even knock on the door?”

“… hug, sorry.”

The director of the operation Department bowed his head and apologized, with a trace of disdain in his anxious eyes.

Oh, come on.

What’s the hurry of his paid employee? Lingyu is in the hands of such a boss. I’m afraid it’s sooner or later to go bankrupt.

Gu Jue saw the director of the operation Department standing dumb and silent, and the anger between his eyebrows and eyes gathered more and more, “come in and don’t talk? Does the company keep you dumb?”

The director of the operation Department endured, “Mr. Gu, the negative news of our Lingyu has suddenly emerged on the Internet, and the dissemination speed is very fast. Do we want to…”

At the same time, another knock on the door broke the unfinished report.

The staff of the legal department came in with a court summons they had just received, and looked more serious. “Mr. Gu, the design we sent to Zeguang auction house was jointly sued!”

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