After a Flash Marriage Chapter 77

“What prosecution? Who doesn’t have eyes to sue?”

Gu Jue frowned fiercely and opened his mouth with a curse.

Nearly half of the designs they sent to Zeguang were mixed sale of true and false. It has been heard that some auctioneers noticed signs and complained before.

However, the other party was easily “persuaded” to return by the person in charge of Zeguang and Lingyu.

Recently, the cooperation between Lingyu design and Zeguang auction has expired. How can anyone turn it around?

“Whatever he does? Use his usual words to block the man’s mouth! If you can’t control it, just go to our material warehouse and replenish some real materials.”

Gu Jue took it for granted and said impatiently to the employees of the legal department, “this little thing can’t be solved well. When you get a court summons, you come to me in a panic? What does the company feed you?”

Gu Jue smelled the aroma of Su Su, the Secretary, and couldn’t help but circle her more tightly. “You might as well be the new Su Su, who can handle affairs and attract people.”

The head of the operation Department and the staff of the legal department looked at each other and saw through the contempt in each other’s eyes——

With such a boss on the stand, their company is really coming to an end!

The staff approached with the court summons and opened his mouth without any emotion. “Mr. Gu, it’s not a single buyer who sued, but a whole 14 buyers who jointly sued for the adulterated sale of our design products.”


Gu Jue was stunned. Obviously, he didn’t react from the number of fourteen.

There are only about 20 designs mixed with true and false. Now how can more than half of them detect and Sue at the same time? It’s impossible!

The staff of the legal department continued, “the other party also sued our Lingyu design and Zeguang auction, accusing us of fraud, because the total auction amount of 14 Buyers was as high as 70 million, and the incidental civil lawsuit required us to compensate 140 million.”

“My God!”

When Su Su, the Secretary, heard the huge amount of compensation, she couldn’t help crying out.

Gu Jue was so upset by her noise that he pushed her away without mercy, “get out!”

Su Su was suddenly thrown on the edge of the sofa and fell from heaven to hell in a second. Her subtle eyes on the other two employees turned red and ran away immediately.

Gu Jue Tieqing looked blue, glanced at the summons handed by the employee, and then tore it to pieces in anger, “these shameless things!”

“But mixed with some fake beads, it’s good that the lion asked us to compensate for this amount?”

When the staff of the legal department saw Gu Jue’s weak sense of morality, they were even more unhappy.

Buyers protect their legitimate interests, and Gu Jue and Lingyu design have done something wrong. Now why do you blame the buyers for being unkind?

If he hadn’t taken Lingyu’s salary, he would want to blow Gu Jue’s dog’s head at the moment.

“Mr. Gu, if the court finds that the adulteration of our design constitutes fraud, even if the amount of compensation can be reduced, this responsibility…”

According to relevant regulations, even if the design of Lingyu is only mixed with fake jade, the sum of 14 buyers can not be underestimated, which can be regarded as a huge amount.

Before saying this, the director of the operation Department opened with the news he had just received, “Mr. Gu, our adulteration and joint prosecution have also been exposed by the media.”

Gu Jue wanted to touch the mobile phone in his pocket. It took him a few seconds to react that he had been broken by himself.

He breathed heavily and said to the director of operations, “… Show me!”

The director of the operation Department handed over his mobile phone page. The message was sent 15 minutes ago, and the title was particularly exaggerated – “Lingyu design has been sold for a long time, and the amount involved has reached 140 million!”

“What kind of shit and unscrupulous media?” Gu Jue’s reason was not completely engulfed by anger, and suddenly clenched his cell phone.

Long time adulterated sales? The amount involved is 140 million?

Obviously, there is only a problem with the auction design, but such a title is easy to cause panic among ordinary customers!

The most deadly thing is that at present, the “black material” of Lingyu design is far more than this.

These media seem to be controlled by others at the same time. They have collected all the negative news of gujue management company in recent years and burst out again and again.

The superposition of such layers of negative news will have a great impact on the company.

The director of the operation Department asked carefully, “Mr. Gu, what should we do now? Should we contact these media first and spend money to remove these network messages?”

Otherwise, it will be useless for them to withdraw the news when the timeliness – and the intensity of communication – is dispersed.

Gu Jue rubbed his swollen temples and whispered – should.

His Yu Guang glanced at the staff of the legal department who were still standing there and asked, “what is the most serious responsibility for prosecuting this matter?”

“He shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years, even life imprisonment, compensation and fine, and in serious cases, the company’s property shall be confiscated.”

Gu Jue’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

Lingyu is getting better after a long time. If it comes to this end, isn’t it empty of people and money?

No, these things – a series of occurrences – must be manipulated behind the scenes!

Who the hell is it?

Gu Jue’s mind suddenly flashed a name.

The next second, someone rushed in in panic, “Mr. Gu, it’s bad! Just now the forest factory called and said that our private factory was sealed by the relevant department.”

The private factory they use to pickle and glue jadeite is not affiliated with Lingyu, but has a special supply interest chain. How can something go wrong at this time?

It rains every night.

The employee who just ran into the door didn’t give Gu Jue any time to think, continued.

“Mr. Gu, the security guard just called in and said that there have been four or five media reporters at the door. They want you to explain to the online news.”


Gu Jue was silent for a long time, only gritting his teeth and holding out a few words, “Shi Yunnan! You’re cruel!”

Besides this man, who else can hold his lifeline in a short time?

Gu Jue felt that his headache was getting worse and worse, and he had a bad feeling in his heart——

I’ve been mixing with the bright packaging designed by Lingyu for so long, and now I finally overturned?


Twenty days later.

Yuan Rui saw the text message sent by Zheng Yan and almost jumped out of his place. He hurried into his friend’s independent design studio, “Yunnan, are you finished? Share with you a message that can laugh at the dead.”

Shi Yunnan stopped the new design draft he was about to complete, leaned against the office chair and looked up, “look at your rustling appearance. Is it about Gu Jue and Lingyu’s design?”

Yuan Rui snapped his fingers and directly handed him his mobile phone. “Brother Zheng, didn’t they sue Lingyu and Zeguang? As a result, the court session was coming, Zeguang ‘sued’ again.”

Zeguang auction house sued Lingyu design for cheating them in auction transactions, which damaged the legitimate interests of their auction company and caused reputation losses.

In the face of interests, it is common for dogs to bite dogs.

Yuan Ruile groaned, “I think Gu Jue and Lingyu are going to have a big fall this time. Can those compensations make their company close to bankruptcy?”

“Don’t wait, Lingyu can’t hold it now.”

Because of the chain exposure of “adulterated sales” and other news, the situation – after fermentation, the online and offline customers of Lingyu line have rolled up a follow-up upsurge of “return and refund”.

Let alone Lingyu’s new quarter, subtle imitation of the design of their studio, all smashed the inventory. Even the jewelry that has been sold for a long time, netizens also went to the online related platforms to complain and ask for a refund.

Few companies can stand up to such a toss, not to mention the Lingyu design, which is already “tearing down east walls to make up west walls” under the leadership of Gu Jue.

“Yuan Rui, you can try to contact some old employees of Lingyu.”

Although it is said that Gu Jue’s leadership will indirectly affect employees’ work mentality, perhaps jade that has not been polished and hidden for a long time can be picked out from a pile of stones.

“At the beginning, Lingyu pried our corner. Now it’s our turn to treat him in his own way.”

Yuan Rui heard his friend’s suggestion and couldn’t help but scream again, “what do you say? I’ve arranged it for a long time, and I can really find two or three good employees.”

“By the way, several designers of Janssen wanted to contact me a few days ago, but I didn’t promise…”

I looked down on their studio at the beginning, but now I want to come back. How can there be such a cheap thing in the world?

Mobile phone chatter without stop, Shi Yunnan make complaints about the phone’s return key, and quit the chat interface with Zheng Yan’s WeChat.

Until he suddenly saw the top wechat avatar and chat information, he suddenly realized that Yuanrui’s mobile phone at this time.

Shi Yunnan immediately returned his mobile phone, “Yuanrui, sorry, I quit the chat interface as my own mobile phone.”

“What’s the matter? It doesn’t matter.”

Yuanrui obviously didn’t realize the meaning of Shi Yunnan’s apology and casually put his mobile phone back in his pocket.

Shi Yunnan looked at the subtle changes in his eyes, and the wechat interface he had just seen appeared in his mind.

The head picture at the top is a pure white box, and the remark is “elder martial brother”. The chat message of that line stayed eight minutes ago, with only a simple and soft sentence——

“Elder martial brother, can you stop being angry with me?”

Obviously, Yuanrui sent it to Lu Zhaoan.

“Why did you suddenly stop talking?” Yuan Rui reached out and waved in front of Shi Yunnan, teasing, “don’t you miss Mr. Luo? When will he come back from abroad?”

“About seven or eight days.”

Shi Yunnan put away his thoughts and didn’t deliberately mention the unexpected wechat content.

As an outsider, Shi Yunnan can perceive yuan Rui’s dependence on Lu zhaoana.

Some things may be the scars hidden in the heart of a friend. He doesn’t want to mention, touch and hurt.

“By the way, have you packed your things? You’re leaving for Jingshi the day after tomorrow.” Shi Yunnan changed the subject.

Inspired by the jade and porcelain exhibition abroad, he plans to study the content of porcelain to see if it can be reasonably applied to the jade decoration design in the future.

This time, he successively appointed Dehua County of Jingshi and Fushi for a half month on-the-spot investigation. Because Luo Lingsheng was absent, Shi Yunnan had to go with Yuan Rui.

Yuan Rui was immediately excited. “It’s no nonsense. Don’t forget that I arranged the hotel.”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “that’s OK. I won’t come tomorrow. I’ll meet you directly at the airport the day after tomorrow?”

“No problem.”


Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui stayed in Jingshi for a week, and then they continued to rush to Fushi according to the original plan.

Yuan Rui put down his luggage, stretched himself and said comfortably, “it’s really a coastal city. I feel seafood when I get off the plane.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and walked towards the exit. “What’s your dog nose?”

“Hey, don’t believe it. The air is obviously different from our imperial capital…”

Yuan Rui followed him as he walked and said that they heard a crisp call when they left the airport——

“Little uncle!”

Shi Yunnan almost thought he had auditory hallucinations.

He hurriedly looked at the source of the sound and found that there were large and small figures less than ten meters away from the exit.

Luo Lingsheng sat quietly in a wheelchair, while the little goldfish stood bouncing around with a small satchel and a small hat on his back.

Little goldfish, look, Shi Yunnan found them and quickly waved and hopped, “little uncle! Here!”

Yuan Rui was stunned. “I’ll go. Isn’t this Mr. Luo? Yunnan…”

Shi Yunnan didn’t listen to his friend’s words. He left his luggage and ran over.

The little goldfish quickly ran up, opened his hands and asked for a hug. Unexpectedly, Shi Yunnan crossed him and rushed straight to Luo Lingsheng, confirming the authenticity of his face without saying a word.

Luo Lingsheng stroked his neck and asked with a smile, “don’t you know?”

Shi Yunnan quickly kissed Luo Lingsheng and couldn’t help laughing, “who did you borrow any door with? When you called two days ago, didn’t you still say to return home and wait for me at home?”

Luo Lingsheng was pleased by the short kiss just now and felt that this trip was not in vain. “I don’t want to interrupt your work or waste the time we can get together.”

At the end of the first rehabilitation cycle, there are only ten days back and forth as adjustment rest.

Shi Yunnan was scheduled to stay in Fuzhou for about a week. Luo Lingsheng thought about it. The first thing after landing in Dijing was to buy a ticket to Fushi.

“The little goldfish is spoiled by you and insists that I follow.” Luo Lingsheng said again.

No, all the big and small uncles and nephews came. Their flight was half an hour earlier than Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui, so they stayed here and waited.

When Shi Yunnan heard the name of “little goldfish”, he suddenly remembered his little nephew who had just been ignored.

He quickly turned around and saw the little goldfish pouting a small mouth and complaining unhappily, “hum! My little uncle only likes my uncle and doesn’t like me!”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t laugh or cry. He quickly picked him up. “Nonsense, I miss our little goldfish most these two days.”

The little goldfish was immediately coaxed to be happy. He hugged Shi Yunnan’s neck and refused to put it, “little uncle, I miss you most!”

Yuan Rui came up with Shi Yunnan’s luggage and looked at the little goldfish interestingly, “Yunnan, who is this child? This little milk fat is growing very funny.”

Shi Yunnan pinched the soft milk fat of the little goldfish and deliberately teased his friend, “come on, this is your brother. Do you find that? You two have the same milk fat?”

The implication is to treat yuan Rui as a son again.

Yuan Rui snorted, “don’t do this. Where do I have milk fat? It was eliminated 800 years ago.”

Only the little goldfish believed it and shouted, “Hello, brother.”


Yuanrui, who suddenly dropped his seniority.

Shi Yunnan was amused by the “two sons” and couldn’t help blinking at Luo Lingsheng nearby. At this moment, the fatigue of the past few days swept away.

Yuan Rui looked at the time and asked Luo Lingsheng with some restraint, “Mr. Luo, have you decided where to live?”

Their destination tonight is Dehua County. It’s still four hours away from Fushi airport. It’s estimated that it’s late to get there.

Because it was the county seat and there was no high star hotel, Yuanrui found a distinctive local B & B with relatively high score. This was agreed by Shi Yunnan.

“Yunnan reported the home stay address to me before. I asked Qin Jian to book an additional room.”

Because it’s not the peak season, the B & B room is still well booked.

Although Luo Lingsheng is picky about the accommodation conditions, he doesn’t want to disturb Shi Yunnan’s original work plan. This time, he should take little goldfish out to play and live in a characteristic home stay.

Yuan Rui nodded, “that’s good.”

“I asked Qin Jian to book the car in advance. He and Yuan menggang went to pick up the car. Let’s wait for them outside?” Luo Lingsheng spoke.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui looked at each other and nodded.

“Yeah! Go out and play!” Only the little goldfish is particularly excited.

Since he met Shi Yunnan, he has completely released his playful nature.

Luo Lingsheng has no way to take his little nephew. Fortunately, little goldfish is only the middle class of kindergarten. He is smart and can’t miss too many courses.

“Let’s go, Qin bamboo slips. They should be almost back.”



Yuan Meng and Qin Jian drove alternately. It took nearly four and a half hours for the pedestrian to reach their destination tonight.

Yuan Rui is very reliable. The environment and sanitation of the booked home stay are very good. In order to take care of the little goldfish, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng stayed in a family room.

At Qin Jian’s advance instruction, the boss also prepared an extra rich dinner.

Yuan Rui chose to go out after dinner.

Faced with the sincere invitation of his friends, Shi Yunnan did not hesitate to choose “return to the family”, waved his hand and followed Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish back to the room.

In the bathroom.

Shi Yunnan looked at the little goldfish splashing in the bathtub and said with a smile, “let you make trouble for a while and get up in ten minutes, okay?”

It’s not good to take a bath for too long, and it’s not good if the water temperature is cold.

The little goldfish’s nose was covered with foam, and it was lovely and incomparable.

Shi Yunnan didn’t close the bathroom door so as not to hear anything from the little goldfish. When he came out of the bathroom, he was surprised to see Luo Lingsheng holding his hands against the wall and moving slowly towards the bed.

Luo Lingsheng and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Shi Yunnan. There was a momentary distraction, followed by the shift of the center of gravity of his body.

“Be careful!”

Shi Yunnan quickly approached.

Fortunately, Luo Lingsheng adjusted his body posture in time and fell on the bed close to him.

Shi Yunnan quickly held him steady. “Are you okay? Did you knock your leg?”


Luo Ling answered in a low voice, pressing his hands gently on his legs.

Shi Yunnan breathed a sigh of relief, but remembered the lover’s posture of just holding the wall, and his face shook an obvious happy look, “is your leg OK?”

Luo Ling sighed with a smile, “not so fast. According to Dr. Bens, it still needs a long period of rehabilitation. There is no definite step to recover.”

Maybe this is the beginning of good luck, or maybe it can only be done in the end.

After all, Luo Lingsheng has been in a wheelchair for several years, and his legs are certainly not as good as ordinary people. However, compared with the situation of ignorance and weakness in the past, he is indeed improving rapidly.

Shi Yunnan’s smile widened and he was not at all discouraged. “It’s good to be able to do this. We have so much time. It’s a big deal to spend it slowly.”

Luo Ling nodded and glanced at Shi Yunnan’s empty ring finger.

Compared with his lover’s satisfaction, he still hopes that he can recover to his best state as soon as possible, and it’s best to catch up before the first anniversary of their license.

There’s something he’s ready for.

Some words have been hidden for a long time, and he should wait until the right time to say them.

Just thinking, the little goldfish’s soft and waxy voice for help came from the bathroom, “uncle, little uncle, I’m fine. I didn’t bring my clothes in.”

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to say, “let me get it for the little goldfish. I just saw that there was no drinking water in the room. Why don’t you go downstairs and get some?”


Shi Yunnan readily agreed and got up and went downstairs.

The first floor of the B & B is an open hall and kitchen. The boss is not here at the moment. Shi Yunnan was just about to search for the location of drinking water when he saw yuan Ruimu coming in with a face.

Two people are in line of sight.

Yuan Rui lost his usual energy and just pulled the corners of his mouth, “Yun Nan, why aren’t you in the room?”

“Go downstairs and get some water.”

Shi Yunnan quickly approached him, worried and asked, “what’s the matter? Didn’t he go out just now?”

“I just… Seem to see my teacher… See Lu Zhaoan.” Yuanrui stammered and then denied himself, “nothing. It’s just a figure. I should have read it wrong.”

After all, the man disappeared before Yuanrui came back.

Yuan Rui vomited a trace of turbidity in his chest. He was afraid of his friends’ jokes and quickly pretended to be an indifferent smile. “OK, I’ll go back to my room to rest. I’m almost tired today.”

“There seems to be a whole bottle of mineral water in the kitchen. Go and have a look.”

Shi Yunnan nodded silently.

Seeing Yuanrui’s back away, he took three bottles of mineral water and walked to his room.

The family room is arranged in the innermost part of the second floor.

Shi Yunnan was walking. Suddenly, the lights in the corridor went out and fell into the whole darkness for no reason.


power failure?

Shi Yunnan was stunned and instinctively resisted, making his chest suddenly stuffy. Holding the palm of the mineral water bottle tightly, he suddenly let the water bottle fall off.

Coincidentally, the water bottle fell on the toe across the cloth of the sexual slipper, and the dull pain of the weight level came.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were shrouded in darkness and could not see around. In desperation, he could only squat down slowly along the original position, just like every time in the past——

Try to curl up and give yourself a sense of security.

Suddenly a door opened in the dark, and the light of the mobile phone soon came out.

“Yun Nan?”

Luo Lingsheng’s tight voice line was full of worry.

Shi Yunnan narrowed his eyes and saw the visitor at the end through the light. He almost reacted at once and ran over regardless.

Luo Lingsheng immediately put his lover in his arms, comforted his nervous body with his hands, and kept whispering, “it’s all right. I’m here with you. I should just trip.”

“I’m not good, so I shouldn’t let you get the water… It was so dark just now. Did you fall somewhere?”

Luo Lingsheng came in time this time. Shi Yunnan calmed his heart with a few words. He cleared his dry throat for physiological reasons.

“I’m fine. I just dropped the mineral water on the ground.”

As soon as the voice fell, the lights in the corridor returned to bright. I think it was a temporary trip.

Luo Lingsheng observed Shi Yunnan’s situation for the first time. After confirming that the other party’s face was ok, he kissed his lips again. “It’s okay. Let’s go back to the room.”

After thinking for a while, he advised, “I’d better go back to the hotel in the city tomorrow. It’s more than an hour’s journey.”

Shi Yunnan nodded silently.

The empty door on the side was opened again.

The little goldfish came out with his little quilt. The fear in his eyes disappeared after seeing the two parents.

“Uncle, it’s just dark.”

The little goldfish complained late.

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng remembered Shi Yunnan’s fear of the whole black environment, so he had to temporarily leave his little nephew who hadn’t fallen asleep and drive out in a wheelchair.

“It’s all right. I’m not afraid.”

Shi Yunnan withdrew from Luo Lingsheng’s arms, got up and rubbed the head of the little goldfish.

The pain on his feet hasn’t completely dissipated. He looked down and said casually, “Gee, I’ve just been hit by a mineral water bottle, and my toes still hurt.”

Luo Ling frowned and immediately took his hand. “Come in and let me help you.”

He paused, “today Yu.”

“Ah? Yes!”

The little goldfish opened his eyes and thought that his uncle was deeply sorry and wanted to say something comforting to himself.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “pick up the bottles of mineral water in the corridor.”

The little goldfish said “Oh”. After the two uncles came in, he slowly went to pick up the mineral water bottle.

The little foolish hair on his head shook, as if vowing the real mood of the little goldfish——


Sure enough, my little uncle and uncle are the most eccentric!

The author has something to say: # little goldfish: go Ba, go Ba, people always have to learn to grow Da ~


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