After a Flash Marriage Chapter 78

The next morning.

Shi Yunnan and others went to visit a famous local ancient kiln.

When the little goldfish came to such a place for the first time, he dragged Shi Yunnan’s clothes with one hand and couldn’t help pointing at it with the other, and his mouth gave out one after another praise.

“Wow, little uncle, look, dog hook!”

The little goldfish stopped in front of a square table, which was filled with all kinds of small porcelain carvings.

The nearest thing to him is a white dog ceramic, with a small nose and small eyes.

The little goldfish endured and looked eagerly at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, “uncle, can I take it up and have a look?”

Hearing this, the kiln owner accompanying the visit couldn’t help coming forward and laughing, “this child is polite. Come and give you a ride.”

With that, he picked up the object and handed it to the little goldfish.

The little goldfish took it with both hands excitedly and bowed politely, “thank you, uncle!”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his head and said to his boss, “these animal ceramic sculptures are quite realistic.”

“It’s all for apprentices in the factory. It’s not worth a lot of money.” The boss introduced him.

Compared with the colored porcelain known as “an unprecedented masterpiece” in Qijing City, the porcelain produced in Dehua county is more shape oriented, and the small porcelain of Buddha statues is exquisite and vivid.

“These ceramics can’t sell at a high price in China. Even with publicity packaging, they are gadgets worth more than ten yuan. No one is willing to buy them no matter how expensive they are.”

Luo Lingsheng thought of something, “but I remember that this kind of porcelain sculpture is very popular abroad, and the price is generally high.”

Shi Yunnan’s sight of Shangluo Lingsheng immediately understood what the lover wanted to express.

He picked up his mobile phone and logged in to the foreign shopping websites commonly used in the past. After comparison, he found out——

Similar animal ceramic sculptures can last no more than 20 times in China, but they can cost five, six or even ten times as much abroad.

However, ceramics are fragile, customs freight takes a long time, and foreign ceramic manufacturers and markets are scattered, so they have not been highly expanded.

But if a complete system is formed, the space profit is huge.

“Boss, apart from these animal sculptures, can other human figures be made?”

“Of course.”

Seeing that they were all Chinese, the boss couldn’t help whispering, “to tell you the truth, our crafts are handed down from our ancestors. It’s really not comparable to foreign ceramic manufacturers.”

Otherwise, how could China be famous for its “porcelain” in the world.

Shi Yunnan’s on-the-spot visit was originally intended to cooperate in the production of a number of porcelain rings and beads, so that the designers of the studio can combine the design and sell them online in the future.

Now, hearing what the kiln owner said, he suddenly had a subtle and bold idea.

Luo Lingsheng saw through his mind, “do you want to go to foreign trade? It’s not that simple.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “I know, so I’m still thinking.”

If you can make a lot of money so easily, someone tried it 800 years ago. However, if you decide to do it in the future, you must lobby people familiar with overseas markets to take shares and cooperate.

Shi Yunnan temporarily pressed this consideration to the bottom of his heart and continued his current investigation mission. After walking down for most of the day, he had a certain understanding of several major factories in the county.


“Yuanrui, in addition to the conventional white porcelain bracelets and porcelain beads we expect to produce, we can also find skilled masters to discuss long-term private order cooperation with them.”

“Porcelain molding according to specific design requirements, I think…”

When Shi Yunnan was half talking, he found that Yuan Rui was staring at the tea on the table and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Yuan Rui?”


Shi Yunnan even shouted two words, but the other party didn’t respond.

The little goldfish who was cooking couldn’t see it. He helped to pat Yuanrui with his hand. “Brother Yuanrui, my uncle calls you!”

Yuan Rui suddenly thought, “ah? What’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan also had some floating eyes on his good friend and sighed, “what’s the matter with you today? You’ve been absent-minded.”


Yuan Rui drank the cool tea in front of him and casually explained, “I recognized the bed and didn’t sleep well last night.

“What did you just say? I must listen carefully now.”

Seeing his friend’s strong pretending spirit, Shi Yunnan said helplessly, “I let you have a good meal. The more you see during this period, the more you feel that you are much thinner than when you first met.”

Yuanrui believed his friend’s concern and smiled, “I’ll go to the bathroom. You eat first.”

After Yuan Rui left, Luo Lingsheng, who had been silent, opened his mouth, “the original young master is much more negative than yesterday.”

“Well, ‘didn’t sleep well’ is just his excuse. We used to live in the same room in Jingshi. Can I know his sleep quality?”

Since the establishment of the studio, Yuanrui has completely lost his previous playfulness. He can’t wait to break it off for two days to spend on the development of the studio. When he is tired mentally and physically, he will naturally sleep soundly when he touches the bed.

Shi Yunnan guessed what he was saying and shook his head. “He’s worried. He has to tie the bell to solve the bell.”

Lu Zhaoan didn’t fall for a day, and Yuanrui’s heart will always have a regret pimple of “dying without illness”.

It’s a pity to think of it.

Lu Zhaoan is a first-class outstanding figure in both company management and jade carving. Shi Yunnan also looked forward to cooperating with Lu Zhaoan in design before.

Lu Zhaoan’s sudden disappearance is a pity for an outsider he has only met a few times, not to mention yuan Rui, who grew up together since childhood.

Shi Yunnan thought about it and found that Luo Lingsheng on the side had no movement. He looked over and noticed that the lover’s look had caught a subtle jealousy at some time.

Okay, what’s the matter?

Is it difficult for a lover to have mind reading skills and hear that he just talked about Lu Zhao’an in his heart?

Shi Yunnan leaned close and asked, “how sour?”

Luo Lingsheng looked at his lover and didn’t speak in a hurry.

Suddenly, the little goldfish who seemed to be eating and actually paid attention to the every move of the two uncles said seriously, “little uncle! Do you sleep in the same bed with brother Yuanrui?”

Yuan Rui’s seniority in his mouth has not changed back.

Luo Lingsheng took a sip of tea and calmly added, “not to mention a bed, a room is not suitable.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes moved back and forth, but he was almost amused at the same time——

What is this?

The uncle and nephew, one big and one small, are the two vinegar essence of the Luo family?

The opposite Yuan Meng took a look at the time and carefully opened his mouth, “master.”


Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes.

Yuan Meng was a little embarrassed, “what I said yesterday…”

This just opened a head, Luo Lingsheng responded, “go in the afternoon, let your brother and sister-in-law don’t have to be too grand, just take today Yu to taste fresh.”

Yuan Meng’s face brightened when he heard Luo Lingsheng’s response.

Shi Yunnan didn’t know, so, “where are you going?”

“Mr. Shi, Mengmeng’s hometown is in a township near Dehua County. In the past two years, the policy and family conditions have been better. His brother and sister-in-law have opened a farmhouse…”

Qin Jian made a voice to help explain.

Yuan Meng didn’t go home for the new year for three years. He finally came back. Naturally, he was worried about his brother and took the initiative to contact him.

“Mengmeng’s eldest brother knows he’s coming back and wants to set up a table of authentic farmhouse fun and invite the owner to dinner…”

Qin Jian looked at Luo Lingsheng and deliberately paused for a few seconds.

In fact, they all know that with Luo Lingsheng’s identity and status, what delicacies do you want to eat? There’s no need to go for such a table of farmhouse fun.

The little goldfish thought of it and raised his hand excitedly. “Uncle Yuan said that there are chickens, ducks and rivers that can fish and catch shrimp! I want to go!”

“Since they all brought today Yu out to play, they simply followed his heart.”

Influenced by Shi Yunnan, Luo Lingsheng no longer looks like a strict parent, and is willing to give the greatest freedom according to the child’s ideas.

Shi Yunnan smiled and said, “yes.”

Little goldfish is used to living in the bustling imperial capital. It’s good to occasionally take him to know the mountains, rivers and customs of other places and learn from nature.

As soon as they had discussed this matter, Yuan Rui, who went out, came back.

Shi Yunnan secretly observed the mood of his friends and made arrangements, “eat more? Let’s go to the B & B later to pack up, and then go back to the city after the farmhouse in the evening?”

Yuan Meng is very familiar with this area. “I’ll just drive tonight. It won’t be late.”


In half an hour.

The people who settled the lunch planned to walk back to the guest house.

“Compared with last night, the day is much more lively.” Yuan Rui uttered a sigh, as if he had come out of the state of “uncertain mood”.

The main road leading to the B & B happens to be the local popular ceramic market, with a wide range of handicrafts on both sides, especially many locals and tourists.

Maybe it’s because Luo Lingsheng is in a wheelchair. From time to time, there will be exploratory eyes.

Shi Yunnan was more sensitive than Luo Lingsheng. He bent down and asked, “let’s go faster?”

Luo Lingsheng shook his lover’s fingertips. He didn’t feel embarrassed at all. “It’s okay. I’ve long been used to looking at him like this. Today Yu is happy, so let’s go slowly.”

For him, as long as he is accompanied by Shi Yunnan, the eyes of others are not important.

Luo Lingsheng mentioned, “don’t you like it too? See if you can find some gadgets to take home.”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “OK.”

As they were talking, Yuan Rui, who was playing with a little goldfish in front, was stunned, “… Elder martial brother?”

At the moment of surprise, he ran out.

“Yuanrui!” Shi Yunnan caught the flustered murmur and immediately realized that something was wrong.

He glanced at Luo Lingsheng. After the latter tacitly responded with his eyes, he quickly chased him.

Shi Yunnan saw yuan Rui circling behind one of the stalls. Before he could catch up, he heard an emergency brake sound.


The stall owners on the left looked back, looking shocked.

Shi Yunnan suddenly froze and immediately pushed aside the crowd to see the situation.

On the path behind the booth, Yuan Rui was hit a few meters away by a heavy motorcycle and didn’t move. Deep in the alley he was facing, there was indeed a very familiar figure standing behind him.

Shi Yunnan frowned and roared, “Lu Zhaoan! Are you really going to leave yuan Rui?”

As soon as the voice fell, Yuan Rui, who fell to the ground not far away, stumbled up.

His forehead was scratched with blood, the blood slipped down his cheeks, and the knees of his clothes and trousers were scratched with cement, all of which were stabbing red.


Shi Yunnan ran over anxiously.

The motorcycle driver who caused the accident was also stunned, “little boy, are you okay? I’ll take you to the hospital now?”

“… don’t touch me.”

Yuan Rui was unable to push away the other party’s support and casually wiped the itchy blood on the side of his face. He reluctantly pulled out a smile at Shi Yunnan, “I’m fine. Has he gone?”

The last four words trembled visibly.

Yuan Rui didn’t intend to get the answer from Shi Yunnan. He limped around and planned to chase people.

Before going out for two steps, Lu Zhaoan, with a worried face, rushed over. He looked at Yuan Rui, who had countless abrasions, and trembled unsteadily, “… I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Yuan Rui clenched Lu Zhaoan’s hand, and his eyes turned red for no reason. The unbearable pain forced him to soften his knees and habitually plant in each other’s arms.


Lu Zhaoan’s breath suddenly stiffened, so flustered that he didn’t even know where to put his hand.

Yuan Rui, who couldn’t get a helping response, held his hand, but his weak body still tended to slide down.

Shi Yunnan quickly grabbed his friend and looked at Lu Zhaoan, who was rarely distracted. “Lu Zhaoan, are you afraid that holding him will hurt him? Take him to the hospital quickly!”

“Master, Mr. Shi, they are here.”

Luo Lingsheng and others came looking for news.

Shi Yunnan immediately ordered, “Lu Zhaoan, you take yuan Rui to the hospital. The bruise on his forehead must be dealt with. Qin Jian, you help drive.”

The motorcycle driver who caused the accident had a conscience and quickly said, “add me! I hit the person, and I will be responsible!”

Lu Zhaoan carefully avoided yuan Rui’s wound and held him horizontally. “Xiao Rui, I’m not afraid of pain. Elder martial brother is here.”


Yuan Rui took a breath and didn’t speak.

Half a minute later, Lu Zhaoan hurried away with Yuan Rui in his arms.

Shi Yunnan stood where he was and watched them leave without any sign of catching up.

Luo Lingsheng saw this, “don’t you follow me?”

“Don’t follow.”

Although Shi Yunnan was worried about his friends, he understood that it was time to solve the problem, “Lu Zhaoan will not leave yuan Rui.”

“Yuan Meng, you can call Qin Jian later. If yuan Rui’s situation is serious, contact us at the first time. If there is no serious situation, let him directly ‘lose’ people.”

Yuan Meng nodded, “OK.”

The little goldfish pulled Lashi Yunnan’s finger and cried, “little uncle, brother Yuanrui has shed a lot of blood.”

Shi Yunnan picked up the little goldfish and coaxed him. “I’m not afraid. Let’s go back to the hostel and wait for news. There’s a doctor. It’s okay.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t want to go to the market. He simply went back to the B & B and waited for news.

It was not until an hour later that Qin Bamboo Slips called to inform the situation that Shi Yunnan’s hanging heart fell.

“How about Yuanrui?”

“I simply treated the wound in the county hospital, but Lu Zhaoan was not at ease. I was afraid that Yuan Rui would still have internal damage, so I planned to drive him to the central hospital for observation for a few days.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of water. “I’ll let Qin Bamboo Slips come back and gather with us. I’ll go up and talk about materials with the porcelain kiln factory for the remaining three or four days.”

Yuan Rui used to be busy, but now there is a sudden situation. Shi Yunnan, as a partner, naturally wants to replace him.

“By the way, the farmhouse on brother Yuan Meng’s side is still business as usual?”

“If we prepare a table of dishes and don’t change our mind temporarily, it will waste other people’s eldest brother’s mind.”

Shi Yunnan heard Qin Bamboo Slips mention that brother Yuan Meng is a very simple and honest person. The other party regards Luo Lingsheng as Yuan Meng’s kind boss. He must have started to prepare after receiving the call.

Yuan Meng, standing on the side, was moved when he heard this. “It doesn’t matter, Mr. Shi.”

Luo Lingsheng obeyed Shi Yunnan’s arrangement, “let’s go. It’s enough to stay for an hour or two. We’ll also stay in the urban hotel tonight. Let Qin Bamboo Slips meet us directly later.”



Yuan Meng’s hometown is located in Daming Township in the northwest of Dehua town. He is on his way back to the downtown hotel. He arrived only half an hour by car.

The little goldfish sat on the child safety chair and leaned on the side of the window to observe, “little uncle, these green seedlings will become rice, right?”

Outside the window, there is no obvious terrace layout, and the seedlings in the field grow very lush.

Shi Yunnan smiled and replied, “yes, are you hungry?”

“No, I want to see chickens and ducks.” The little goldfish’s eyes are bright and full of expectations for the next things.

Soon, Yuan Meng parked his car in front of a two-story farmhouse. His always calm eyes showed the joy of returning home, “home owner, Mr. Shi, this is it!”

This bungalow was built three years ago.

They took advantage of the natural scenery and established a new scenic spot with the support of relevant local departments.

Every weekend, people come to visit the surrounding towns and urban areas. Yuan Meng’s brother and sister-in-law have lived a fairly stable life in the past two years.

Shi Yunnan got out of the car and took a deep breath. He couldn’t help sighing, “the air in this village is really different.”

Back to his most familiar place from small to large, Yuan Meng obviously relaxed a lot than usual, “Mr. Shi, in fact, the air at the top of the back mountain is the best.”

Before the aftersound landed, a dark looking man came out in a hurry.

Just looking at his appearance, he is somewhat similar to Yuan Meng.

“Big brother.”

Yuan Meng immediately approached, and then introduced to him, “master, Mr. Shi, this is my eldest brother Yuan Wei.”

Yuan Wei nodded somewhat embarrassed.

He heard the power of Luo Lingsheng from his brother, and he was afraid of such a big man.

“Two bosses, I’ve packed out the best box near the river. Why don’t you go in and have a seat? Have some tea?”

“Dinner has been prepared. I’m afraid of the cold, so I didn’t make it in advance. It’s only half an hour or half at most.”

Seeing Yuan Wei’s embarrassment, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to smile kindly, “then trouble brother yuan. We just have a few people and don’t eat much. Just do it with your sister-in-law.”

Yuan Wei didn’t expect that the big boss from imperial Beijing was so talkative and flattered. “No trouble, no trouble! Ah Meng retired from the army. Thanks to your care in the past two years, he was able to find such a decent job.”

Yuan Meng was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and urged, “brother, let’s go first?”

“Well, good.”

Since the little goldfish got off the bus, his sight was fixed on the duckling in the field.

He refused to move and looked at Luo Lingsheng, expecting to speak, “Uncle…”

Luo Lingsheng was concise, “go play.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and explained, “little goldfish, don’t get close to the river. You can’t go to dangerous places. Do you know?”

The little goldfish nodded, “OK, I’ll watch it here and go back in a minute.”

He ran to a distance of half a meter from the field, stopped and watched the flocks of ducklings with interest.

Yuan Meng asked, “master, I’m looking at the young master here?”

“It’s all right. You have the right to exercise.” Luo Lingsheng never liked to keep children delicate.

“There are no cars in the village. I asked my son to look after the doll.” Yuan Wei specially added.

The party entered the house as they walked.

In order to welcome Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, Yuan Weiqin quickly cleaned up the house and outside for fear that they would not adapt.

After the two entered the box and sat down for a rest, yuan mengcai took the initiative to go to the kitchen to help.

Seeing Yuan Meng, who had not seen him for a long time, my 17-year-old niece immediately approached with a vegetable basket, “uncle.”

Yuan Meng answered and was surprised, “why aren’t you at school today?”

Niece yuan JUANJUAN’s school is in the county high school, and she will have to take the college entrance examination in another month.

Yuan JUANJUAN’s smile gradually disappeared, bowed her head and silently chose vegetables. “My mother said that my grades can’t go to a good university. It’s a waste of money to read. Let me find a job after the college entrance examination.”


Yuan Meng frowned.

His sister-in-law is a shrewd and fussy temperament. She has always loved her two sons.

“Don’t listen to your mother. You’re ready for the college entrance examination. The tuition is not enough. Uncle, I’ll cushion it for you.”

Yuan Meng had no conditions at home. In addition, Yuan Wei, as his brother, got married early and had to spend money everywhere. The other party had done its best to provide him with high school.

Yuan Meng read this brother’s kindness and tried to let his nephews and nieces go to school.

Yuan JUANJUAN whispered, “uncle, my mother has money. She can supply my little brother’s primary school…”

Before saying this, there was a voice behind him, “Yo, Yuan Meng is back? Your uncle and niece haven’t seen each other for years. They are still so close?”

Yuan Meng turned sideways and looked at Chen Fang, “sister-in-law.”

I haven’t seen each other for three or four years, and the other party’s face has become a lot mellow. It looks like what yuan JUANJUAN said – he has a little savings in his hand, and his living conditions are pretty good.

Chen Fang knocked the melon seeds with a deliberate tone. “Your brothers are honest and kind. They have to invite the big boss to eat at home. This meal costs a few hundred dollars. When the money in my house is blown by the wind?”

It is also a consistent language.

Since Chen Fang married Yuan Wei, she has been picky about Yuan Meng.

Later, Yuan Meng, who retired from the army, saved some savings, and Chen Fang changed from endless pickiness to no bottom line money demand.

Yuan Meng didn’t want to care more about such things. “Sister-in-law, I’ll give you the money privately. Don’t tell my boss.”

Chen Fang listened to this and was satisfied.

She looked at the closed box door, saw her worthless daughter, and suddenly had a greedy idea in her heart.

“Yuan Meng, sister-in-law, please do me a favor?” Oral words are pleading. In fact, the tone is very natural.

“… what?” Yuan Meng was stunned.

“Your niece will graduate from the college entrance examination in another month. She can’t get into any good university with her stupid brain. Otherwise, you ask your boss to arrange a job for her to eat and live in Dijing?”

Maybe she will have a chance to find a rich son-in-law in Dijing in the future.

Yuan JUANJUAN immediately rejected, “Mom, what are you worrying about? With my education, how can I find a job in Beijing? I’m sorry to bother others.”

“Why not? Your uncle has a high school education. Now he’s not paid by a rich boss. Can someone else’s boss send you that job and salary? He can certainly arrange it.”

Chen Fang was right, and even took it for granted that Luo Lingsheng would do it for them.

Yuan Meng’s face looked ugly. He stubbornly rejected the sister-in-law for the first time, “I don’t agree with this.”

Chen Fang, who was rejected, was stunned and unhappy, “you…”

Yuan Meng continued, “first, don’t bother my boss if you have nothing. They don’t have this spare time to worry about the family affairs of my subordinate. Second, Juan Juan is going to college after the college entrance examination. What job are you looking for now? Delay her future.”

“College? Is college useful?”

Chen Fang sniffed and stared at Yuan fiercely. “Ah Wei and I saved money for some people to go to high school a few years ago. In the end, we didn’t raise a white eyed wolf.”

“When you are a cow and horse for the rich, your family won’t help you at all!”

With that, she went upstairs while scolding, as if she had encountered something very unpleasant.

Yuan Meng took care of his own work.

It doesn’t matter if Chen Fang offends his sister-in-law as long as she can dispel her unrealistic thoughts and let her not disturb the owner and Mr. Shi.


In the box, Shi Yunnan enjoyed the sunset with great interest.

The farmhouse of the yuan family was built along the river bank, with a large field across the river. It’s very comfortable to look at.

Shi Yunnan inexplicably came up with an idea, glanced at Luo Lingsheng and said, “no wonder so many people are used to living in big cities and want to live in these places when they are old.”

Luo Lingsheng chuckled, “do you like it, too?”

“Not bad. You can rest in these places occasionally when you are tired of life in big cities or can’t think of a design.”

“If you like it, when you get back to Dijing, I’ll have someone look in the outer suburbs?”

Shi Yunnan snorted and smiled, “where can I find this feeling in the land and gold of the imperial capital?”

Luo Lingsheng said, “then go where you want to go and I’ll accompany you.”

Shi Yunnan sat back next to Luo Lingsheng and kissed him, “Mr. Luo, I know you have too much money to spend. However, it’s not too late to consider this problem when we are 50 or 60.”

The days always pass day by day. They worry more than one second in vain.

Shi Yunnan is rarely perceptual. He rubbed the tip of Luo Lingsheng’s nose, “anyway, no matter where he lives in the future, you are the person around me.”

Luo Lingsheng was easily pleased by his words. As soon as the smile on his lips appeared, the box door behind him was opened.

At the same time, a burst of repressed crying came, “uncle.”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng turned around at the same time. As a result, they were startled by the current situation——

The little goldfish had a swollen red envelope the size of a “half fist” on his forehead, and there was faint blood. His white and tender face was now dirty, and even his clothes and trouser legs were covered with mud.

Shi Yunnan felt a sharp pain and quickly gathered his child into his arms. “Baby, where did you fall?”

Luo Lingsheng also frowned and manipulated the wheelchair to the side of the little goldfish. With sharp eyes, he found the little nephew’s open collar and the reddish trace on his neck. He was instantly aware of something——

“Today Yu, tell your uncle, who bullied you? The little necklace you’ve been wearing around your neck?”

Hearing this, the little goldfish, who was still crying, burst into tears, wronged and sad.

“Uncle, they took my necklace away. Grandpa Qin said that it was left to me by my mother. I’m sorry…”


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