After a Flash Marriage Chapter 79

“Uncle, I’m sorry. I lost the necklace my parents left me… I didn’t mean to…”

The little goldfish apologized while wiping her tears. The poor little fish was distressed by everyone, not to mention Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, who are close relatives and parents.

Luo Lingsheng frowned and twisted.

Because his sister and brother-in-law died unexpectedly, he raised the little goldfish as his “son” early on. The discipline from childhood to childhood was stricter, but he always protected it carefully.

Where did you get this injury?

The redness and swelling on his forehead were bloody. At a glance, he knew it was a knock.

Shi Yunnan was also distressed.

He quickly closed the little goldfish again and coaxed patiently, “don’t cry, baby, let’s deal with the swollen bag on our forehead and change the dirty clothes. Later, my uncle and I will take you to find the necklace, okay?”

The little goldfish realized the mud stains on his clothes and trouser legs. He was afraid of soiling Shi Yunnan’s clean clothes and quickly withdrew two steps.

He shrugged at the tip of his red nose, tried to hold back his tears and shook his head, “I don’t hurt. I’ll get my necklace back first, uncle. It’s the necklace my mother gave me… Hum…”

With that, the grievances and remorse of the little goldfish broke out again. Although uncle Qin and grandpa Qin didn’t say it clearly, he knew it for a long time——

He is different from other children. He has no parents. The necklace he has worn around his neck since birth is a gift from his parents.

Therefore, no matter how much he liked the Ping’an jade ring buckle sent by Shi Yunnan, he was reluctant to take off the small fish necklace made of gold.

“Stop crying, man.”

Luo Lingsheng held the little goldfish to his knees and brushed his eyes on his face with his finger abdomen. “Can you resist the pain on your forehead? My uncle will accompany you to get the necklace back.”

If other things are gone, they will be gone. It can be solved by buying later. After all, it is the wound of the little goldfish that matters.

But Luo Lingsheng understood the meaning of the necklace to his little nephew. He was afraid that if he went a little late, he would not know which child would lose it.

The little goldfish quickly wiped away his tears, hugged Luo Lingsheng’s wrist and nodded skillfully, “well, I don’t hurt.”

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan naturally went with the uncle and nephew.

The sunset fell to the top of the mountain.

As soon as they left the farmhouse of Yuan’s family, they heard the noise of children near the ridge.

“Throw it to me, throw it to me!”

“I want to play too!”

“Ho ho!”

When the little goldfish heard the news, he quickly pointed to the children. “Uncle, they robbed it! Yes, it’s the brother in blue.”

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan heard their nephew’s identification and threw their eyes at them——

There are six boys, about six or eight years old.

However, looking at everyone’s height and body shape are much taller and stronger than the little goldfish, no wonder the little nephew can’t compete with them.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and took the lead.

When he got closer, he found that the children seemed to be throwing and grabbing a necklace.

Shi Yunnan clapped his hands to attract their attention. “Wait a minute, what are you playing in your hands?”

The children who were playing stopped one after another and couldn’t understand the sudden questions.

Perhaps seeing Shi Yunnan’s relatively strange face, the little boy in blue hiding in the back immediately stuffed his hand into his trouser pocket.

Shi Yunnan, with sharp eyes, caught the action.

The little boy in blue looked into his eyes and shouted boldly, “who are you? What do you care about us?”

Before the aftersound landed, Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair to approach.

The little goldfish sitting on his uncle’s knee slipped down and stood on the ground.

Because he was accompanied by two parents, his voice was finally confident, “give me back the necklace! That’s mine!”

The six children recognized the little goldfish and couldn’t help looking at each other.

After all, he was just a child. He didn’t know how to hide his true emotions in front of adults. Shi Yunnan’s eyes swept in turn – some were flustered and afraid, some were guilty and dodged, and some were killed and denied.

“You talk nonsense, we don’t know you! What Necklace! We don’t know!”

Among the children, the first one to deny it was the little boy in blue.

Shi Yunnan finally took a look in his eyes and asked with a smile, “what’s your name?”


The little boy in blue was inexplicably afraid of Shi Yunnan’s sight and did not intend to answer this question.

Unfortunately, there were other children around him who couldn’t hold things back and rushed to answer, “his name is Yuan Wang. He is the eldest of us. He is seven and a half years old and will go to primary school soon!”

“Yes, that’s right! The small hotel behind you is his house!” Another child shouted, “and he’s going to school in the city soon!”

In their cognition, Yuan Wang is the richest boss among them.

The other side often shares with them the leftover fried crispy meat and peanuts in their home. If they “mix” with him every day, they will have delicious food, and they can completely cover them when “danger” comes.


Unexpectedly, yuan was’ betrayed ‘by his little partner. For a moment, he pulled down his face angrily.

The little goldfish was also a little angry and said clearly, “if you lie, you took my necklace!”

“Uncle, little uncle, I just squatted there watching the ducklings playing in the field, and then they suddenly ran over to take a stone and hit the ducklings…”

The little goldfish was looking at it vigorously. When he saw one of the ducklings being hit in the head while dodging, he advised him to “see injustice on the road”.

His uncle told him to be polite outside, so he spoke politely.

But as soon as the words of persuasion opened, Yuan expected to come back with the other five children to laugh at him, confront him, and even deliberately hit him with small stones.

The more the little goldfish said, the more angry he became, and his face trembled with anger. “I asked them to apologize to me, but they pushed me down again…”

The little goldfish fell from the concrete into the ridge with a height difference of 20 or 30 Kung Fu, and his forehead hit the stone on the side.

Just as he covered his forehead and didn’t react faintly, the other party took a fancy to the necklace around his neck.

——What is this? Show me!

——This is my stuff. Just look. Don’t rob it.

——This place is mine. You must listen to me!

The little goldfish covered the necklace, but where could they win the strong pull of several of them? In the end, there were slight red marks on his neck, but the necklace was robbed by the other party.

The little goldfish watched them run away. Then he choked all the way back to find his two uncles.

“My uncles are here! Give me back the necklace quickly!”

The little goldfish looked left and right, and was more confident. “Otherwise, or we’ll call the police and catch you!”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and didn’t speak out.

Now that the children who robbed the necklace have found it, they can confirm that the necklace is in their hands. As long as the other party can take the initiative to return the necklace and sincerely apologize, this can go away.

The Luo family doesn’t lack this medical compensation, and they don’t want the little goldfish to develop the habit of “crying to find his uncle in case of trouble”.

It’s OK to support once or twice, but the contradictions and problems between children can be solved by themselves.

Yuan expected that little goldfish repeated it so clearly that he couldn’t answer for the moment.

Other children were obviously flustered when they heard the word “police”, and even a timid one slipped away on the spot.

“Return it to me quickly. If you rob something, you will still be caught by the police!” The little goldfish repeated again and again.

This truth is said in both the kindergarten teacher’s class and the story told to him by his little uncle.

Yuan expected to stick his neck and refused to admit, “we didn’t rob! I said no, No.”

As soon as the voice fell, a female voice came from behind, “Xiao Wang, what are you doing here? It’s time to go home for dinner?”

“Mom! They’re going to call the police and catch me!”

Yuan expected to see a familiar figure, like waiting for a great Savior. He immediately spread his legs and ran to Chen Fang, finally showing a trace of fear that he should have at this age.

Chen Fang always loved her little son. As soon as she heard this, she quickly protected him in her arms and patted him, “necklace? What necklace?”

“The little brother’s necklace is missing. I robbed it. Mom, I didn’t rob the little brother’s things. He was lying!”

In a few words, Yuan expected to push the pot clean.


Shi Yunnan frowned and saw that the child was a little bad.

Chen Fang looked at Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan and recognized their identity early in the morning. She was protecting her little son with a hypocritical smile.

“Two bosses, is there any misunderstanding? My son won’t lie. Maybe it’s the child who lost his fun and lied for fear of being scolded by you.”

The little goldfish took Shi Yunnan’s hand and retorted, “I didn’t lie.”

“Good, my little uncle knows.”

The confrontation here had just begun, and then five or six villagers came together.

They are neighbors to each other.

Just now, er Bao of the Li family came back crying and complained that the other children were about to be arrested by the police.

As parents, the villagers were worried and rushed to take over the shift to check the situation.

When the children left in the ridge saw their parents, they rushed one by one. They were learning from Yuan Wang’s “police” and “necklace” one after another.

“Where did the police come from? Nonsense!”

“Yes, who said to call the police to catch you? Grandpa is here. I’ll see who dares to catch you!”

Their own children are spoiled by their own family. As soon as they come and go, things get bigger for no reason.

For a time, all the eyes focused on Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng.

“Now that all the parents are here, please listen to me.”

Shi Yunnan, who was not afraid of anything, took the initiative and repeated what little goldfish had just said.

“Our children don’t lie. The six children jointly caused the injury on their forehead, and they robbed the necklace.”

He looked around and finally fixed his sight on Yuan Wang.

“When children do something wrong, they should teach and apologize. They can correct their values in time while they are young. Now they still cover up petty theft and robbery. Who knows what else they will do when they grow up?”

After the sound fell to the ground, Yuan Meng came out when he heard the movement.

He saw the wound on the little goldfish’s forehead, and saw Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan’s particularly consistent unhappy eyes. He suddenly felt bad, “master, what’s the matter?”

“What can happen? The boss from Dijing can be superior?”

Seeing Yuan Meng turning his elbow out, Chen Fang felt angry and said unhappily, “can you educate good children?”

“What’s the matter with my children smashing ducks? We raise ducks in the countryside to eat. Can we play as pets and raise them as children like city people?”

“It’s normal for the boy to play together. Your child is delicate? The swelling on his forehead will subside in three or five days.”

“By the way, do you have any evidence? I still think the child knocked his forehead! He lost his necklace! Rich people brought blackmail from the countryside? I haven’t seen it.”

Since opening the farmhouse, Chen Fang has consciously met many rich bosses. These people are either lucky or born well. They don’t do business every day. They are the most skillful one by one.

For the immediate boss of her younger brother-in-law Yuan Meng, she has little fear at all.

Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. Chen Fang doesn’t believe that Luo Lingsheng can really call the police and arrest people? Nearly 10000 steps said that even if he offended the big boss, he wouldn’t be the one who lost his job.

Luo Lingsheng’s face sank.

He really didn’t expect that he would one day be regarded as a villain who blackmailed with his children?

Yuan Meng felt bad and quickly stood up and said, “sister-in-law, please say less. The owner and Mr. Shi are not the kind of people you say!”

He looked at the little nephew who was not close to him and asked with a straight face, “hopefully, you can take out the young master’s necklace immediately!”

Yuan expected to shrink behind Chen Fang and refused to admit it by relying on his teeth. “I didn’t take it! Mom, you’re right. Uncle, he’s a white eyed wolf!”

Hearing this, Chen Fang quickly seized the opportunity to attack. The wail was a cry, “all the neighbors in the neighborhood comment!”

“When my family married Ah Wei, how old was yuan mengcai? My sister-in-law took out the dowry for him to eat and wear. Now he has found a rich man as a boss in Dijing. Now he has come to bully our mother and son!”

“This elbow is turning to the edge!”


Yuan Meng’s face turned red.

Again! Again! Full of nonsense!

The money he went to school was not Chen Fang’s dowry at all. What’s more, his savings from four years in the army and one year of work have been given to his brother and sister-in-law.

Really, he doesn’t owe anything at all!

Yuan Meng looked at Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan. Anger and apology poured out of his flushed face. “Master, Mr. Shi, young master, yes, I’m sorry.”

He is used to honesty and kindness.

The other party is his nominal sister-in-law. It’s really impossible to subdue him directly like a stranger.

Shi Yunnan knew that Yuan Meng was not to blame. He simply picked up his mobile phone and started the video, “you six children refuse to admit that you robbed the necklace, right?”

Yuan Wang refused to admit it. Several other children secretly observed Yuan Wang’s “boss” and stopped talking.

Before they could say anything, Shi Yunnan suddenly said, “Yuan Meng, since you are paid, you should know what to do now.”

“The right pocket of Yuan’s pants.”

When Shi Yunnan asked, Yuan Meng reacted.

He grabbed Yuan Wang, who was hiding behind Chen Fang, with such strength that he couldn’t break away from his mother and son.

Soon, a fish shaped necklace made of pure gold fell out of his pocket and attracted everyone’s attention at once.

Shi Yunnan approached, picked up the necklace and held it in his hand. “At a young age, he not only beat people but also robbed things. After robbing, he hid things and lied!”

In addition to Chen Fang, the faces of several other parents showed surprise and anger.

They just arrived a little late. Because they didn’t know the cause and effect, they were more willing to trust their hometown Chen Fang than strange faces such as Shi Yunnan.

As parents, they are willing to maintain and trust their children, but unexpectedly, this necklace is really hidden in Yuan Wang’s trouser pocket?

Did these children really bully other people’s little brother together? And hurt each other?

That won’t work!

Shi Yunnan saw the parents’ changed attitude and lost the courtesy at the beginning. “Don’t think it doesn’t matter if children do wrong. They are minors. As guardians, you should bear the responsibility!”

He paused and deliberately pressed from the other five children, “I’ll give you one last chance. Now you can admit your mistakes and apologize, or you must call the police and ‘catch’ your parents!”

As soon as the voice fell, a child flustered and confided the truth, “uncle, I’m sorry, little brother, I’m sorry.”

“My brother said we could play with it.”

“Well, he wouldn’t let us talk about it. He said that the necklace could be exchanged for sugar and crispy meat for us.”


It was admitted at the beginning that all the children except Yuan Wang chose to confess, and they pieced together intermittently to restore the course of things——

It turned out that Yuan expected to take the identity of “boss” to direct them to do things. As long as they were obedient enough and played the role of “subordinate”, they could harvest food and candy rewards.

If he is not obedient, he will be punished accordingly.

One after another, the confession came, retaining the children’s pure and sincere conscience.

When parents heard their children’s apology, they were ashamed of Shi Yunnan and others, but also filled with unspeakable anger——

boss? Subordinates? Reward? Punishment?

The yuan family is such a smelly boy. Why should they send their precious son?

Today, I can encourage a group of children to cooperate in robbing things. Will they still imitate the “fight” of gangs in TV dramas in the future?

It’s okay to make a small fuss, but it will get worse one day!

“Chen Fang, you are really used to a good son.”

“Yuan Wang is still young, but he is smart enough to follow your mother.”

“This gold necklace must be at least a few thousand smaller? He robbed something at a young age and asked our children to help keep it secret and send it away with a few sweets?”

“Bah! Chen Fang! The whole town is famous for your Chen family. Ah Wei and ah Meng are such good brothers that you have held them for more than ten years! If ah Meng didn’t give you the money, you think you could build this farmhouse?”

“That’s right! The farmhouse is busy with awei. I see you sit and think about happiness all day.”

Several parents immediately moved the attack point of contradiction to Chen Fang.

Chen Fang blushed and was reluctant to beat and scold her son.

“I, I just used it for fun and will return it.” Yuan expected to plead guilty.

In fact, he did have the idea of taking the necklace for himself, but he didn’t expect to be found so easily.

The boss of the ‘Gang’ is used to it. He has formed his own set of values and feels that what he can grab is his own things

Shi Yunnan put away his mobile phone and smiled, “OK, I gave you a chance. Some children will change when they know their mistakes. See if our little goldfish is willing to forgive?”

Shi Yunnan put the necklace back on the little goldfish’s neck and touched his face, “you decide.”

“Little uncle, I accept their apology.” The little goldfish glanced at Yuan Wang and didn’t like him, “but some people still don’t admit their mistakes. What should we do?”

Luo Lingsheng on one side moved the truth, “Yuan Meng, call the police.”

Shi Yunnan and his lover maintained the same view, “a pure gold necklace, Yuan hope, this is an attempted robbery, and his guardian should bear the responsibility.”

Yuan Meng was stunned for a moment, “master, this…”

“The guardian in my mouth refers to Chen Fang.” Shi Yunnan added.

“Yuan Meng, I know you are honest and kind, but you should also know about song Zhiqiu and Wen Chenglang’s mother and son when you follow us these days.”

“If we don’t take measures now, there will only be a greater scourge on your yuan family in the future.”

Even if the police end up with verbal education, it’s better than ending without a disease at this time.

“Master, Mr. Shi, I listen to you, but I have to talk to my brother about it.”

Yuan Wei and Chen Fang had three children in total. Their eldest daughter yuan JUANJUAN and their second son yuan Kepan were both sensible and obedient. How could they spoil their youngest son?

Yuan Meng knows that Shi Yunnan is right. If he does not carry out correct education now, yuan is likely to go astray.

Luo Lingsheng nodded.

Yuan Meng took out his mobile phone and went back to the kitchen while making a call.

Chen Fang didn’t expect to call the police. Most of her confidence was vented at the beginning. Yuan Wang, who was hiding in her arms, trembled with fear, “Mom, I can’t be caught by the police, I…”

“Yuan Meng! You dare to call! I’m your sister-in-law! Do you want to help outsiders bully us?”

Chen Fangqiang shouted.

Yuan Meng walked home without paying attention to her nonsense.

Chen Fang’s panic gathered more and more. As soon as her eyes slipped, she hurriedly pulled the child’s hand and hurried to the opposite direction of home.

The other parents shook their heads contemptuously.

It doesn’t make sense, but then you pull the child and run away? What’s this?

“Two bosses, I’m really sorry. We didn’t know the situation at the beginning.”

“Is the child’s forehead serious? The township hospital has been closed. I have medicine for him to wipe?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t have to be unreasonable. He took the initiative to say, “it’s okay. We can deal with it ourselves. The children have apologized and chose to forgive. It has nothing to do with you.”

“It’s getting late. Take it back to dinner early.”

Several parents felt relieved and apologized again and again before taking their children home.

The little goldfish pinched the small necklace around his neck. The boss glanced unhappily, “little uncle, Yuan expected him to run away. Will the police catch him?”

“Yes, if you can run, the monk can’t run the temple.”

Shi Yunnan took the little goldfish to the side of the car, opened the back door and let him sit on the edge of the door temporarily.

Their luggage is in the trunk. They have to quickly take out the medicine box and clean clothes to put on and change for the little goldfish.

Luo Lingsheng approached his nephew while Shi Yunnan was looking for something. He looked serious, “today Yu, sit down. I have something to say to you.”

The little goldfish immediately put his hand on his knee, “uncle.”

“First, you can’t just think of crying in the future.”


“Second, learn to protect yourself in case of trouble. What are you going to do if my little uncle and I are not here and Yuan Meng’s bodyguards are not there?”

The little goldfish shook his head and obviously didn’t think about it.

“When you get back to Dijing, I’ll find you a fighting teacher so that you won’t be bullied in the future.”


The little goldfish obviously didn’t understand what “fighting class” meant and blinked.

Shi Yunnan smiled and walked back with his clothes and medicine box. “Then you don’t have to find another teacher. Learn to fight with me.”

The little goldfish knew later, “can my little uncle fight?”

Shi Yunnan asked Luo Lingsheng to push back a little, and he stood in front of the little goldfish, “of course, my little uncle, I haven’t lost a fight.”

The little goldfish gave worship eyes, “Wow! My little uncle is really the best.”

Shi Yunnan hummed twice, showing a little pride.

“But learning to fight is to protect what you want, not to bully others, understand?”

“I see! I’ll protect my uncles later.”

“Little ancestor, you’d better protect yourself first. Don’t do this again in the future.”


Luo Lingsheng, who retreated to the rear, heard this big and small crosstalk, and changed into a smile between his eyebrows and eyes.

It was getting dark.

Shi Yunnan changed the little goldfish into clean clothes, which made him lie on his side in his arms.

Shi Yunnan took a tight breath, concentrated and carefully handled the blood on his forehead for his little nephew.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, a confused sound came from behind.

Shi Yunnan’s left shoulder was butted and hit, and his medicine hand shook.

Realizing that something was wrong, he quickly turned sideways and found that Luo Lingsheng’s hands were holding on both sides of the door. It was difficult to show pain on his always calm face.

“Lingsheng, what’s the matter?”

Luo Lingsheng gritted his teeth and didn’t say a word. He just turned around hard and protected his lover and little nephew behind him.

He leaned on Shi Yunnan in silence, almost barely maintaining his standing center of gravity.

Shi Yunnan was surprised and immediately noticed a strange but tall man.

The other party was still holding an iron bar in his hand and sniffed fiercely, “it’s a fake lame? It seems that the one just hit is still light!”

“I warn you, don’t think it’s great to be a rich boss. You dare to call the police to try my sister and my nephew!”


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