After a Flash Marriage Chapter 80

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were sinister. He stared at the strange man in front of him. After adjusting his focus, he stepped up step by step, “do you dare to move them again?”

Compared with the figure of sitting in a wheelchair, Luo Lingsheng, who stands normally, is almost 1.9 meters tall, which is easier to give a sense of deterrence.

The tall man was frightened by his aura and swallowed his saliva involuntarily. He clenched the iron bar in his hand, readjusted his mind and went up again.

He scolded a dirty word and waved a stick as a threat, “but the smelly boss with a few money is not afraid of death, is he?”

At the critical moment, Luo Lingsheng buttoned his wrist accurately.

Years of training in the upper body and arms made Luo Lingsheng stronger than most people. He folded the tall man’s wrist in the opposite direction, and quickly grabbed the iron bar with his other hand.


The iron bar slammed at the tall man’s neck and made a dull knocking sound.

The other party was beaten back several steps, and then fell to the ground. He wanted to open his mouth and scream, but he was powerless and silent.

In the blink of an eye, the situation changed suddenly.

“Little uncle.”

The little goldfish, who was still hiding in Shi Yunnan’s arms, was a little nervous, holding his little uncle’s clothes firmly in his palm.

Shi Yunnan stopped the little goldfish’s sight and covered his ears at the first time. Taking advantage of the gap between the two sides’ armistice, he quickly held the other side to the car chair.

“Baby, you’re not afraid. Sit in the car for a while. We’ll go back to the hotel to sleep later.”

After getting the little goldfish’s clever nod as usual, Shi Yunnan quickly closed the door and turned back.

The tall man was still lying on his side, covering his neck for a long time and didn’t get up.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingsheng one meter away.

In the past, the lover didn’t notice when he was sitting, but now he suddenly felt that his back had an unspeakable sense of familiarity.

Before the idea took shape, Luo Lingsheng relaxed back like a force.

Shi Yunnan rushed forward to hold him, feeling anxious, “did he just hit your leg?!”

The last few words have taken on the killing intention of gnashing teeth.

Luo Lingsheng’s legs finally showed signs of improvement. If he really thought there would be another accident, Shi Yunnan did not guarantee that he would make any extreme irrational behavior with his own temperament.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng quickly stroked his lover’s wrist with his free left hand, “don’t worry, my leg is fine. What was just hit on my back.”

The tall man suddenly came with an iron bar. He probably saw Luo Lingsheng sitting quietly in a wheelchair and thought there was no threat.

Therefore, his first goal is Shi Yunnan, who is applying medicine to the little goldfish.

Seeing that the situation was urgent, Luo Lingsheng had to take a risk to block up and protect his lover and little nephew.

The man got a stick on his back. It’s false to say he didn’t hurt.

What’s more, his legs haven’t fully recovered, so he was a little unstable at the beginning.

However, Luo Lingsheng has never been willing to be soft in front of the “enemy”, not to mention such small shrimps on the way? He has just made a strong effort to stand firm and move forward step by step, so as to give the most direct momentum deterrence.

Obviously, he did.

Shi Yunnan’s anger has not completely dissipated when he heard these words.

The next second, Yuan Meng, Yuan Wei and others ran out of the house and were shocked to see what happened at the door.

“Chen Ping?”

Yuan Meng recognized the tall and strong man lying on the ground. His eyes showed disgust and a premonition of bad——

This man is Chen Fang’s brother. Chen Ping, who lives in the same village, is a well-known rag. He is almost 30 years old this year. He is still an unreasonable rogue style.

Chen Fang and Yuan hopefully had an accident just now. How come it took only four or five minutes for Chen Ping to fall to the ground?

Seeing Luo Lingsheng supported by Shi Yunnan, Yuan Meng pushed the wheelchair up at the first time, “master, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t let you out of my sight.”

Luo Lingsheng sat down steadily in his wheelchair and calmly said, “you don’t have to apologize. I allowed you to go back to the house.”

“Nothing? Your master got a blow on the back. I haven’t settled it with him yet!”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were cold. He picked up the iron bar on the ground and rushed up quickly.

“Mr. Shi! Wait a minute!”

Yuan Meng quickly came forward and stopped him.


Shi Yunnan’s face was stiff.

In just one hour, first the little goldfish was hurt on the forehead, and then Luo Lingsheng was hit on the back. He really couldn’t bear it.

He had no opinion of Yuan Meng himself, but he couldn’t stand the angry deviation. “Yuan Meng, do you really think you can forget your duty as a close bodyguard when you get home?”

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of the tall man who climbed up again. “Who is this man? Do you still want to protect him?”

“No, Mr. Shi.”

Yuan Meng immediately explained, “… I’ll take the job of beating people. In case of an accident, I’ll bear it. Don’t dirty your and the owner’s hands.”

Moreover, Yuan Meng has learned special skills in the army. He knows how to look the lightest and actually cause the greatest harm to the human body.


Shi Yunnan finally calmly looked at Yuan Meng and moved his eyes back to Luo Lingsheng’s face.

Luo Lingsheng nodded slowly, “Yuan Meng, be sharp.”

“Yes, master!”

Yuan Meng took the iron bar thrown by Shi Yunnan. His honest eyes finally showed a bloodthirsty ruthlessness.

Chen Ping covered his neck and got up. The pain gave birth to greater malice, “Yuan Meng, do you know you want to come back? Do you deserve to fight with me? Think back then, you also…”

You were bullied by me, too.

Yuan Meng hit Chen Ping on both sides of the shoulder socket before he finished the evil words he wanted to vent.

——Bang bang!

The demonstration on Chen Ping’s face immediately turned into twisted pain. Before the scream broke out, a new round of torture began.

Yuan Meng continued to wave an iron bar down, connecting his legs and knees with his elbows on both sides, and finally stabbed Chen Ping in the abdomen.

“… ah!”

Chen Ping’s late pain accompanied his falling sound.

Yuan Meng seemed to feel that it was not enough to relieve his anger, so he chose to knock on Chen Ping’s ankle twice.

After following Luo Lingsheng for so long, he was not the simple and honest young man who just left the village.

At the moment, he was ruthless everywhere, leaving no spare force at all.

Chen Ping fell to the ground in pain and couldn’t get up. Every joint showed broken heart pain. His tears and snot burst out, and he had long lost his swagger at the beginning.

When Shi Yunnan heard the rhythmic six or seven beats and stared at Chen Ping’s painful appearance, his depression was relieved.

He returned to Luo Lingsheng’s side without the slightest sympathy in his eyes. “Yuan Meng knocked these times really hard. If you don’t treat it in time, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the root of the disease in the future.”

Yuan JUANJUAN, who ran out to see the situation, hid behind Yuan Wei, but she was shocked and relieved when she looked at Yuan Meng and Chen Ping.

One side is my uncle and the other is my uncle, but yuan JUANJUAN’s impression of the two is very different.

Mother Chen Fang always complains that her father spent his family’s money on Yuan Meng in the early years, but in fact she is the real “devil who helps his brother”.

Not willing to spend money on reading for uncle Yuan Meng, but willing to give money to Uncle Chen Ping, who is unable to achieve anything, to spend money on drinking and drinking; She tried to pull the money made by Uncle Yuan Meng and took it out to build a new house for Uncle Chen Ping

One by one, yuan JUANJUAN saw it.

Tell her, it’s time!

As soon as Chen Ping’s cry of pain came out, Chen Fang, who had been hiding nearby, immediately ran up.

“Yuan Meng, you pickpocket! I… ah…”

Chen Fang’s soft fist had time to hit Yuan Meng’s face, so she was thrown on the ground by the other party’s backhand and collided with Chen Ping.

Yuan Wei saw his wife’s embarrassment. As soon as he was ready to take the first half step, he was grabbed by his eldest daughter, “Dad! Did Uncle and you not understand enough? We can’t indulge mom in such a mess!”

“I think she will not only hurt my little brother, but also probably hurt my uncle and lose his job! Don’t you see that the two big bosses are angry?”

Hearing this, Yuan Wei immediately stopped.

He looked at his brother, who had been away from home for nearly three years, and finally acquiesced to each other’s actions.

“I’ve warned you. Don’t think about hitting my boss. Your brothers and sisters don’t listen to advice.”

In this family, Yuan Meng’s only grateful person is Yuan Wei. The reason why he has endured until now is that he doesn’t want his brother to be difficult.

However, Shi Yunnan’s recent words woke him up——

Honesty is never an excuse for weakness. Being soft hearted will only make people bully him more and more!

Yuan Meng threw the iron bar in his hand on Chen Fang with a straight face. “Today, this matter can’t stir up in our township. I’ll directly take your two brothers and sisters to the city to report!”

Hearing this, Chen Fang learned from the previous sets and cried bitterly, “my life is hard! I married a worthless husband. At such an old age, I was knocked to the ground by my uncle!”

It’s a pity that her cry did not win any tenderness from her husband Yuan Wei. The other party clubbed in place like a piece of wood. It was an accident. His heart was silent and didn’t say anything.

“Mom… Woo…”

Yuan expected to see all his powerful uncles and fierce mothers defeated, and his fear reached the top in an instant.

He didn’t listen to Chen Fang’s advice and ran over crying, “I’m wrong… I don’t want to be caught by the police… I won’t rob things any more!”

Because it was dark and he didn’t see the road clearly, Yuan expected to slip on a small stone and fall on the cement ground. When he raised his head again, the wound on his forehead was more serious than the little goldfish.

The false cry turned into explosive tears.

He really hurts.

When Chen Fang saw this scene, she immediately put away the mask of exaggerated complaint. She quickly climbed to her son’s side and was so distressed that there was no way to add.

“Xiao Wang, mom, look! Mom is bad. If she can’t protect you, mom shouldn’t let these people go to the door!”

Shi Yunnan sneered and opened his mouth first, “joke, is it difficult to blame us for your child’s fall?”

“You know it hurts now. Why didn’t you come out and criticize when our children were bullied by Yuan hope?”

As soon as the voice fell, another light came from far to near.

The Qin bamboo slips that came to meet got off quickly. He saw the chaotic scene in front of him and frowned slightly, “home master, Mr. Shi.”

With that, he glanced at yuan again.

Yuan Meng knew that Chen Ping had lost his power of action, and quickly walked back to Luo Lingsheng to apologize, “master, I’m all to blame for this today. I’ll personally take them to the urban police station to report the case, and they won’t easily escape the sanctions.”

If this is not enough to file a case, Yuan Meng can take out the previous “forced transfer records” to attach a certificate

In a word, he will certainly let Chen Ping and Chen Fang get their due punishment.

Yuan Meng took a deep breath. Unexpectedly, he did something bad with good intentions. “Master, when this thing is over, I and I will submit an application for resignation with you.”

Qin Jian looked at it in surprise, “resign?”

“I never wanted to take care of your family affairs. Your family affairs can’t hinder you from losing your job.”

Luo Lingsheng expressed his attitude in a few words, “go back and deduct half a month’s salary. This will not be an example.”

Yuan Meng has been in charge of his security work for so long that he has never made any mistakes and never relaxed for a minute.

Today, something happened suddenly. The premise was that he voluntarily promised the other party to enter the house.

Luo Lingsheng can tell whether it is good or bad.

“It’s easy to say about Yuan Meng, but his family can’t ignore it.” Shi Yunnan hummed and added, “if you don’t let them suffer, where will you really stop?”

His eyes swept over Qin Bamboo Slips and Yuan Mengzhong, and instead of Luo Lingsheng said, “let’s go and take people back to the city. When Qin Bamboo Slips take us to the city hotel, you can go to the police station to meet Yuan Meng.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the embarrassed Chen brothers and sisters indifferently and said bluntly, “Qin Bamboo Slips, be smart. You know what to do for Yuan Meng.”

Qin Jian quickly replied, “I understand, Mr. Shi.”

Yuan Meng came back with a quick decision, “juan Juan, get uncle a hemp rope.”


Yuan JUANJUAN immediately ran into the house and came back with a hemp rope in less than half a minute.

Yuan Meng threw Chen Ping, who was immersed in pain, into the car, and then carried Chen Fang up like a chicken. Up to now, Chen Fang is really flustered.

She just wanted her brother to come forward and scare her, so that Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan would step back and give up the idea of calling the police.

How come it’s getting worse and worse now, and you’ve compensated your brother?

Chen Fang refused to follow her to the police station and desperately struggled to ask her husband for help. “Son, his father! You hurry to save me!”

Yuan Wei hesitated for a while, and finally reluctantly closed his eyes. “Over the years, Juan Juan and I have had enough. As a child, you can learn from the police!”

“JUANJUAN is about to take the college entrance examination. I’m going to take her and Kepan to live in the town for a period of time. What do you do?”

It’s very serious for them to live separately because they don’t like the idea of divorce.

Chen Fang was silly. She didn’t expect that her husband with soft ears would have such an attitude on weekdays. The always pretending tears really broke out at this moment.

If she had known so, she should have just apologized according to her children. What else could she argue?

Now, stealing chicken can’t eat rice!

If this case is left behind, is it expected that the child can still be listed in the primary school? Didn’t the thirty or forty thousand she entrusted to dredge the relationship be in vain?

Chen Fang feels that she has been blinded by lard. Now she even regrets her intestines.

But her cry could not arouse a trace of sympathy from others. Shi Yunnan felt that the noise was too noisy. He frowned and pushed Luo Lingsheng back to another car.

“Uncle! Little uncle!”

The door opened and the little goldfish sitting in the car shouted. He ran down from the chair and took advantage of the gap to see the mess outside.

Until Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng got on the bus, the little goldfish whispered, “uncle, Yuan Wang’s forehead is bleeding. Can I take medicine for him?”

Shi Yunnan’s heart was softened by his child’s kindness. He couldn’t help pinching his little face. “He just bullied you and didn’t apologize. Aren’t you angry?”

“Angry.” The little goldfish told the truth, “… But it hurts to bleed on his forehead.”

Luo Lingsheng looked at Shi Yunnan and promised, “then go and be careful.”


The little goldfish picked up the ointment he had used and went to Yuan Wang’s, “here you are.”

Yuan expected to look at him stupidly. The sobbing stopped for two seconds, and a stronger sound broke out, “ah Wu – brother, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t bully you.”

“Sorry, I know I’m wrong. I’ll never do this again…”

The little goldfish was stunned by his sudden apology and thought for a while before he confirmed his idea.

“I don’t want to accept your apology, because you have been given a chance before. You don’t cherish it.”

If late apologies can be useful, what else should the police uncle do?

The little goldfish stubbornly left this sentence, and then ran back to the car.

Shi Yunnan, who watched the scene, took his little nephew back to the safe seat and quietly praised, “our little goldfish did a great job.”

The little goldfish could not reach the ground. His short legs shook and finally smiled, “little uncle.”


“I will be better and better! You should grow up with me like your uncle!”

When Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan heard this, they answered with a smile——


“We’re with you.”


Daming Township and the nearest small urban area are about 40 minutes’ drive away.

Qin Jian sent Shi Yunnan and others to the Central Hotel booked in advance, and rushed to the police station to meet Yuan Meng according to the meaning of the two bosses.

After staying in the family room, Shi Yunnan called for the hotel’s dinner service.

The Western package in the hotel is quite reliable.

The little goldfish was so hungry that he ate two beefsteaks. Then he had a big round stomach, “so full ~”

Luo Lingsheng asked, “you walk in the room to eat and drink, and take a bath later. You’ve been tired all day today. Have a rest early.”


The little goldfish answered the words skillfully, and then he said, “little uncle, do we still live here tomorrow?”

Shi Yunnan dug a mouthful of thick mashed potatoes and thought, “tomorrow you and your uncle will have a rest in the hotel. I’ll take you to the beach the day after tomorrow, okay?” The little goldfish who had never been to the sea suddenly brightened his eyes, “can I pick up shrimps and shells?”

“Yes, of course.”

Shi Yunnan readily agreed.

Luo Lingsheng heard this and asked, “don’t you want to return to Dehua again?”

“I’ll go by myself tomorrow, and I’ll know more about it and determine the cooperative manufacturer.”

Shi Yunnan has his own consideration. “So many things have happened today, and Yuanrui is estimated to be delayed for several days. We can walk around with little goldfish after I finish my assigned work?”

Fu city is close to the sea.

Since little goldfish likes nature, he is willing to accompany his children to listen, see and feel more. He must not destroy the child’s good impression of nature because of today’s experience.

Before Luo Lingsheng answered, the little goldfish snapped in anticipation, “OK, OK, I agree, I agree!”

Luo Lingsheng saw the redness and swelling on his little nephew’s forehead, and his heart softened, “HMM.”


an hour later.

The little goldfish took his little bathrobe and got into the bathroom, especially independent.

Shi Yunnan found the spare medicine box in the hotel and quickly walked to Luo Lingsheng, who had taken a bath. “Now you take off your bathrobe and let me see your back. Is Chen Ping seriously smashed?”

Shi Yunnan recalled the picture just now. His heart was still tightening.

Luo Lingsheng knew that he couldn’t beat his meaning, so he had to take off his bathrobe.

The line of the man’s back is almost perfect, but there is a large obvious swelling and bruise spreading from the left shoulder.

Shi Yunnan breathed and couldn’t help but scold Chen Ping vaguely.

Luo Lingsheng smiled and turned back. “Don’t be angry. I’m really fine. This little injury can be cured in a few days.”


Shi Yunnan sighed and found the swollen spray in the medicine box.

“Bear with it. I think it’s a little broken. It may hurt a little when spraying.”



The potion sank into the wound and tingled.

Luo Lingsheng held back and didn’t want the lovers behind him to worry too much.

Shi Yunnan held his breath and slowly pressed the control force on the swelling. The temperature of his fingertips made the medicinal wine play the greatest role and spread the condensed bruises bit by bit.

As Shi Yunnan rubbed and pressed, he observed Luo Lingsheng’s back, and involuntarily recalled the scene tonight——

Luo Lingsheng protected him and the little goldfish in his arms.

Luo Lingsheng came forward step by step, covered them behind him and blocked Chen Ping’s barbaric attack for them.

For some reason, Shi Yunnan’s eyes suddenly sour. He stopped rubbing his hand and hugged his lover’s waist from behind.

The gentle kiss fell down. With the warm breath, Luo Lingsheng’s calm mood was disturbed for a while. Suddenly, he felt the pain behind him scattered.

He felt his lover’s dependence and couldn’t help looking at him, “what’s the matter?”

“Just feel…”

Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingsheng’s excessively superior jaw line and hid his heart in a smile. “You look handsome when you stand up to protect me tonight.”

Luo Lingsheng patted his hand, “sit in front of me.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to go around and sat down with each other, easily bringing out an ambiguous space.

Shi Yunnan was used to fighting alone since childhood.

Even after meeting Luo Lingsheng, he can’t change this habit. If he can solve it with his fist and stop it with his body, he won’t want to trouble others.

But Shi Yunnan only realized tonight that if someone could protect him in his arms and block him in front of him at the first time in a crisis, it would be such a thrilling taste.

Shi Yunnan put his hands away from Luo Lingsheng’s shoulders and hooked them on his neck, “husband.”

Just whispered, thinking of bending over to kiss him.

The two exchanged a shallow kiss, touching the tip of their nose and refusing to stay away.

“Yun Nan, give me some more time.”


Shi Yunnan subconsciously uttered a hum. Wrapped by the smell of Luo Lingsheng, he wanted to kiss again.

Between the lips, Luo Lingsheng fulfilled his wish.

——Give me a little more time.

——More than this moment, I can protect you for a lifetime.

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