After a Flash Marriage Chapter 81

The next morning.

Shi Yunnan called to confirm the situation of his good friend Yuan Rui, and then drove alone to Dehua county according to the original plan for the next cooperation negotiation with the porcelain kiln factory.

Luo Lingsheng’s legs are not so convenient. In order to avoid trouble, he listens to his lover’s instructions and stays in the hotel with the little goldfish.

When Qin Bamboo Slips entered the suite, the little goldfish was taking a nap with the quilt.

Luo Lingsheng motioned him to enter the balcony with his eyes. After confirming that he would not disturb his little nephew, he said, “how are things handled in Yuan Meng’s family?”

“Mr. Shi gave a video to testify. Yuan Meng helped the police go to the village early in the morning and asked about the parents of several other children last night.”

Originally, it was just a private dispute between children, but it can also be sentenced if it rises to the level of “attempted robbery”.

To be serious, Chen Fang, as Yuan Wang’s guardian, is indispensable for criticism, education and short-term detention.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t see the joy at the bottom of his eyes and continued to ask, “what about Chen Ping? Do you need my cooperation to do injury identification and file a case?”

“Master, not for the time being.” Qin Jian told the truth, “Yuan Meng shouldn’t want to trouble you, so he found another reason to sue Chen Ping.”

Chen Ping is a famous gangster in the village. Except that he and Chen Fang share Yuan Meng’s savings, he has not missed gambling and fighting in the past two years.

A while ago, he robbed his neighbor of tens of thousands of yuan in the name of “borrowing”. The other party came up to ask for money and broke his leg with an iron bar. The latter was worried that he had no place to cry.

Yuan mengping seems honest and honest in the day. He has some decisive means of Luo Lingsheng in this matter, and makes great efforts to deal with Chen Ping.

“Yuan Meng has a good popularity in their village. Everyone is willing to testify for him. It is estimated that the police will be able to give results in two days.”

Chen Ping is a rude man with little culture. How can he ask a lawyer to defend?

The combination of Qin Jian and Yuan Meng really entered the police station. There was no way to retreat.

Luo Lingsheng nodded silently.

People like him and Chen Ping have and only have such a communication in this life. Naturally, they don’t have to take it to heart.

“Where’s Yuan Meng?”

“After coming out of the police station, he returned to Daming township to find his brother.”

The police went to the village to investigate this morning. The rumors about Chen Fang and Chen Ping will certainly spread.

Whether Luo Lingsheng or Qin Bamboo Slips, they are just passers-by. When they return to Dijing, they have no communication with everything here, but Yuan Meng is not, and his eldest brother Yuan Wei is not.

Yuan Wei and Chen Fang have been married for so many years. Even if the talk of “divorce” is no longer popular in the countryside, it is time to have a choice.

Luo Lingsheng calmly replied, “let him not come back in a hurry today and return to his job on time tomorrow.”

Qin Jian raised her eyebrows in surprise. As a result, this subconscious action was caught by her boss.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing…” Qin Bamboo Slips thought for words, “I just think the owner has changed a lot this year.”

If it had been put in the past, Yuan Meng, a big family, would have caused trouble, which would certainly have affected Yuan Meng’s work. But now Luo Lingsheng seems to be “easy to talk” a lot.

Luo Lingsheng pushed his glasses and acquiesced to his subordinates.

Compared with those messy experiences last night, what he can remember better is Shi Yunnan’s increasingly obvious dependence on him. And the satisfaction that he was finally able to stand up and protect each other.

a blessing in disguise

That’s probably the truth.

Luo Lingsheng stopped his wandering thoughts and asked for business in a deep voice, “how’s the prey?”

Qin Jian immediately understood, “they have drilled into the net according to your orders.”

This group of prey is led by Luo Yanchuan.

In addition to the foreign trade group managed by Luo, Luo Dexing also has five or six companies with small market capitalization.

Some time ago, the father and son took advantage of the gap between Luo Lingsheng’s overseas treatment, used Luo’s group as a cover and convenience, and used the working capital of the foreign trade group as a pressure.

After being covered by the heads of other companies, Luo Yanchuan, who was behind the scenes, borrowed 500 million yuan from the bank at one time after the merger for the bidding of development projects of new energy policy. Once they win the bid, they will have an invisible layer of policy guarantee.

It can not only easily pay off bank loans, but also have nearly one billion yuan of financial support. The most important thing is that even if Luo Lingsheng notices it, it is difficult to move them blatantly.

Unfortunately, they think too well.

Luo Lingsheng’s deployment is much longer than they thought, “when does the bidding for that new energy project start?”

Qin Bamboo Slips remember the time, “half a month later.”

Luo Lingsheng’s slender fingers knocked on the wheelchair handle in turn. His eyes were so quiet that people felt terrible, “when we return to Dijing, the prepared materials can be released.”


After all these years of pretending to be confused, the couple couldn’t resist their son’s ambition and were about to be taken to the gutter.

The “big cake” they thought was just a trap that Luo Lingsheng encouraged them to fall down.


Shi Yunnan made a quick decision. After Dehua County preliminarily negotiated the long-term supply cooperation, he started the all day “vacation” mode.

He and Luo Ling took the little goldfish around Fushi for three or four days before they returned to Dijing by plane.

When the party arrived at the Locke house, the housekeeper had already waited at the door of the main house.

“Master, Mr. Shi, young master, you are back.”

The little goldfish who was still sleepy in the car immediately ran over with a small schoolbag on his back and shouted sweetly, “Grandpa Qin! I miss you so much!”

The housekeeper was softened by his cry. Suddenly, he found the bruise on the little goldfish’s forehead.

Qin Burton painfully picked up the little goldfish and looked, “young master, what’s the matter with your forehead? Grandpa Qin hasn’t looked at you for a few days. Why did he get hurt?”

The little goldfish’s round eyes blinked. “I accidentally fell down when I walked. It doesn’t hurt anymore. My little uncle said I won’t see it in a few days.”

He didn’t tell the story of being bullied outside, so as not to make grandpa Qin unhappy.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and easily saw through the truth of their nephew’s “lying”.

Shi Yunnan looked at the kind and lovely little goldfish and suddenly thought of something, “by the way, uncle Qin, did I have an express?”

The housekeeper was distracted by this sound and showed an unspeakable expression, “Mr. Shi, the express arrived this morning, but what do you buy and buy?”


Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish ask questions at the same time.

Shi Yunnan raised a mysterious smile, “Uncle Qin, where is the express?”

Qin Bo told the truth, “put it in the back yard. I haven’t opened the express carton yet.”

The little goldfish’s curiosity was aroused, and he glanced at his uncle quietly with his eyes.

Luo Lingsheng, who was also confused, looked at him and shook his head.

As soon as the eye question and answer between uncle and nephew was over, Shi Yunnan said, “little goldfish, come down from Grandpa Qin’s arms. I’ll take you to watch things.”

As soon as the little goldfish heard this, he immediately did it.

“Little uncle, are the good things for me?”

“Just go and see it.”

Shi Yunnan took the little goldfish by the hand and bypassed the main house to the backyard according to the housekeeper’s instructions.

A cuboid carton was placed under the tree. Countless air holes were poked on the box, and some chaotic cries could be heard.

The little goldfish suddenly realized something and held Shi Yunnan’s hand with some excitement, “little uncle?”

Shi Yunnan squatted on the edge of the carton and tore open the top tape without saying a word. In a moment, the sound of “quack quack” came out of the carton.

“– WOW! Duckling!”

The little goldfish’s eyes widened with surprise. The whole person was about to drill into the carton, “one! Two! Three!”

Luo Lingsheng, who followed slowly, saw this scene. After his initial surprise, he said helplessly, “what do you buy this for?”

There are three fluffy ducklings in the carton. According to their size, they have just broken their shell.

Shi Yunnan let the little goldfish squat and look, walked back to Luo Lingsheng and said with a smile, “cole duck is a pet duck. As long as it is well raised, it can be fat in vain when it grows up. I see the picture is very cute, so I bought it back for the little goldfish to keep and play.”

He looked at the back of the little goldfish’s head, trembling with excitement, came up to Luo Lingsheng’s ear and said, “didn’t you hear your little nephew say before? I saw yuan hope they smashed the little duck’s head with stones.”

“Later, Chen Fang said at the top of her voice that ducks were killed to eat…”

Although the latter was right, Shi Yunnan was afraid that the speaker’s carelessness and the listener’s intention would leave a bad impression on the little goldfish, so he thought of this.

The Housekeeper on one side couldn’t help laughing when he saw the happy appearance of little goldfish. “I’ve seen people who have kittens and dogs, but I haven’t seen people who really use ducks as pets.”

Shi Yunnan smiled. “No matter what pet it is, as long as it can cultivate the little goldfish’s sense of responsibility and observation and make him more happy.”

“Luo’s house is so big that I’m afraid it can’t hold three ducklings?”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses. After all, he shook his head spoiled. “Go with the you.”

The little goldfish stared for a long time and couldn’t help asking, “little uncle, can I touch them?”


Shi Yunnan went to his side and squatted down. He grabbed one of the ducklings and put it in the palm of his hand.

“They’ll be taken care of by you later, okay?”


The little goldfish pointed at the fluffy head of the duckling with his fingertips. He was very excited.

He looked at Shi Yunnan, a pair of grape eyes smiled into Crescent Bay again, “little uncle, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, baby.”

“I want uncle yuan to make a small nest for them to sleep! I also want to find a basin to swim for them! I can also bring kindergarten children to see the ducklings at home!”

The little goldfish chattered endlessly, with a small mouth. Shi Yunnan squatted beside him and patiently cooperated with his speech.

Luo Lingsheng stared at the big and small figure, and the corners of his mouth bent unconsciously, “Uncle Qin.”

The housekeeper came forward and said, “what’s the matter, master?”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and shook his head slightly, “I just think… It’s good now.”

The housekeeper watched Luo Lingsheng grow up. How can he not understand each other’s thoughts at the moment? He looked at Shi Yunnan’s back and thanked him from the bottom of his heart——

Less than a year.

Mr. Shi found their home for them.


Three days later.

Luo Lingsheng set out overseas again to continue the second course of rehabilitation on time.

Compared with the last parting, Shi Yunnan is less reluctant to give up this time, but has more expectation——

After all, according to Luo Lingsheng’s current legs, it is uncertain when he can completely break away from external help and appear in front of him in a standing posture.

Yunan studio.

Shi Yunnan confirmed Luo Lingsheng’s safe arrival through wechat, so he put down his mobile phone and continued his design work.

Yuan Rui hasn’t come back yet. As a partner and boss, he sits in the studio in person.

Suddenly, there was a cry outside.

“The original is always good.”

“Mr. Yuan, are you back?”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes at the sound. The next second, the door of the office was opened.

Yuan Rui was wearing a loose sports suit, but even this could not cover his increasingly thin body. The meat on both sides of his cheeks had completely fallen off, haggard and powerless came out of his eyes.

Yuan Rui looked at Shang Shi Yunnan with a smile that he couldn’t do well. “Do you mean enough? You left me alone in Fushi and ran back first?”

Shi Yunnan stood up from his position and quickly pulled him to one side of the sofa and sat down, “what’s the matter with you?”

Yuan Rui was stunned for half a second. “What’s the matter?”

“Lu…” Shi Yunnan paused and cut into a simpler topic. “Have you recovered from your injury? Why don’t you take more rest in the hospital?”

“The arms and knees are bruised, and it’s OK to scab. There are five or six stitches on the forehead, but you can remove the stitches when you go back to Dijing…”

Yuan Rui took off his deliberately lowered hat and continued to laugh, “unfortunately, there may be scars in the future, so I had to give you the first place in the studio.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t laugh and comforted, “the bangs disappeared as soon as they were covered. Besides, it’s not ugly for a man to have a scar on his forehead.”


Yuan Rui nodded and mentioned his business. “This time I went out for nearly 20 days. I was afraid of accumulating things at work, so I came back.”

“By the way, how’s the preliminary cooperation with the porcelain kiln factory? Do you need me to come forward to press the price? Also, you said you wanted to sell ceramics overseas last time…”


Shi Yunnan frowned and interrupted his inquiry. Finally, he was a little strange this time.

“What’s the matter?”

“I will deal with the cooperation of the porcelain kiln factory. I met a foreigner who knows a little about ceramics before. I will take the initiative to try to cooperate with him in the future overseas sales…”

“In a word, you don’t have to worry about all the affairs of the studio at present.”

Shi Yunnan easily dispelled all his friends’ concerns. Yuan Rui nodded and didn’t say anything again.

“I think you should empty everything and have a rest now.” Shi Yunnan paused and finally asked the question to the point——

“What about Lu Zhaoan? What’s the matter between you and him? The misunderstanding hasn’t been clarified in this unexpected meeting?”


Yuan Ruiqiang’s smile faded clean at this moment. He dodged and glanced away. “There is no misunderstanding between me and him. What can I say clearly?”

“Yuan Rui, I didn’t think I was qualified or necessary to intervene in the affairs of your martial brothers, but now between you…”

“Yun Nan.”

Yuan Rui interrupted him with red eyes and a deep breath, “… He has a girlfriend.”

“Moreover, I did a stupid thing this time. The relationship between our two martial brothers has long existed in name only.”

He has not been sensible for so many years. Now he understands it once, but it is too late. It is like a broken jade. It is doomed not to fit together.

His relationship with Lu Zhaoan sounds like a martial brother at best and a stranger at worst.

Shi Yunnan obviously didn’t expect yuan Rui to react like this. He frowned and asked uncertainly, “girlfriend?”

Yuan Rui seemed to think he had said the wrong topic and reluctantly smiled to cover up, “anyway, don’t mention his name in front of me in the future, can you?”

“You’re right. I’m in bad shape and need a rest.”

Yuan Rui covered his face and finally stopped trying to be strong. “Are you free to help me find a work assistant? See if you can deal with the matter at hand for the time being.”

At the beginning, the design studio took over suddenly, and it was an opportunity he “fought” for a long time.

He was afraid to disappoint his friend Shi Yunnan, his father Yuan Puguang, and his elder martial brother Lu Zhaoan. Yuan Rui felt like a spinning top at high speed.

I’ve been spinning and spinning. I’m dizzy everywhere.

“Well, you rest. I’ll bear everything.” Shi Yunnan patted him on the shoulder. “It’s almost time to get off work. Shall I drive you back?”

Yuan Ruiwei gave an undetectable “um”.

Shi Yunnan turned on the navigation, “go back to your original home? It’s time for your aunt to make up for you.”

“No, go back to my own apartment.”

Yuan Rui put on his hat again and pressed his red eyes. “I’m going back with an injury. My father may think I’m fooling around.”

Shi Yunnan was silent and felt sad for no reason.

Instead of being like this, he hopes yuan Rui can still be “beaten up” as before.

“Then I’ll call Fu Ziyu.”


“In addition to understanding wine, he cooks soup and medicated meals well. You are too thin. Let his father cook and make up for your son.”

Yuan Rui was in a better mood and went back, “you’re the son.”


Blink past week.

The head of the personnel team knocked on Shi Yunnan’s door, “Mr. Shi, you have found a suitable candidate according to your previous recruitment needs. Do you need to bring it to your final interview?”

Shi Yunnan stopped the design draft in his hand and said, “did you find it so soon?”

Although Yuanrui only wants to recruit a docking assistant, Shi Yunnan’s requirements are far more than that.

Lingyu design still failed to get through the barrier of adulteration. Now it has lost a lot. Shi Yunnan has plans to reverse annexation and expand the market.

He preliminarily estimated that according to the current development momentum of the studio, it can be eaten.

Therefore, the person he wants to recruit is the second leader and person in charge in the future except him and Yuan Rui.

The HR team leader nodded, “yes, he’s in the company now. Do you have time to meet him?”

Shi Yunnan certainly accepted, “well, let him in.”

Half a minute later, a familiar figure appeared in the office.

Shi Yunnan stared at Lu Zhaoan in front of him and subtly raised his eyebrows. “Mr. Lu, should I say I haven’t seen you for a long time?”

“Mr. Shi, you’re welcome. I’m here to apply. Here’s my resume.” Lu handed over the document according to the rules.

Shi Yunnan turned a page without looking carefully.

“Mr. Lu is one of the founders of this studio. You don’t have to apply for a job if you want to come back?”

The head of the personnel department was recruited by them later, so it is understandable to treat Lu Zhaoan as a pure candidate.

Lu Zhaoan calmly replied, “I have left Yuanshi jade, and naturally I am not a partner of the design studio. If I want to work, I naturally have to apply for a job.”

Shi Yunnan is not a public-private person. Since Lu Zhaoan chose to meet in this way, he naturally took a corresponding attitude.

“Mr. Lu, you might as well tell me what advantages you have in competing for this position?”

“In terms of operation and management, I have nearly seven years of experience in the relevant jade industry. Although there is a gap of nearly half a year, my relevant contacts and resources are still there and can work at any time.”

“In terms of work design, I know that the studio currently focuses on jade design. I heard that I want to try jade porcelain innovation next. I think…”

Lu Zhaoan’s answer was as calm as ever, “whether it’s the jade carving skills in recent 20 years or the porcelain carving skills I studied in Dehua County in recent half a year, I should also be able to help.”

“I heard that Mr. Shi originally planned to find a porcelain carving master for personalized long-term cooperation? I can.”

Shi Yunnan chuckled, “if Mr. Lu comes to our design room, no one knows how many jobs he can replace? Our studio is too small to afford the salary of your giant Buddha?”

“As long as you can stay, the salary doesn’t matter.”


Shi Yunnan closed his resume and stared at him for a moment.

After a silent confrontation for a while, Shi Yunnan couldn’t help speaking for his friend, “Lu Zhaoan, you left yuan Rui to go at the beginning. Now you’re not afraid of embarrassment when you come back?”


Lu Zhaoan, who has always spoken properly, is rarely silent.

Shi Yunnan can’t see his real ideas, but he really doesn’t want to refuse an excellent partner. If the studio confirms its expansion, Lu Zhaoan’s contacts and abilities are definitely their biggest help.

“One month probation.”

Shi Yunnan paused for a second and pointed out, “you should not only convince my boss with your ability, but also convince another boss with your practical ability.”

“I see. Thank you.”

Lu Zhaoan breathed a sigh of relief and got up, “then I’ll go first.”

Shi Yunnan looked at his back as he turned around. He suddenly remembered the appearance of Yuan’s sharp red eyes that day and shouted, “wait.”

“As the studio owner, I have one more thing to ask you.”


“Does Mr. Lu have a girlfriend?” Shi Yunnan asked questions directly and casually, “I don’t want anyone to delay their work because of love in the future.”

Lu Zhaoan looked stunned and immediately denied, “no, I’m single.”

Shi Yunnan raised his chin slightly and smiled, “really? It’s good if there’s no one.”

Lu Zhaoan frowned suddenly through Shi Yunnan’s smiling eyes, “… He misunderstood?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t say it clearly, “your younger martial brother, you shouldn’t know his mind better than me?”

Lu Zhaoan didn’t stop too much and quickly left the office.

Shi Yunnan took back his sight and gave his own evaluation as a bystander, “tossing.”

Where is it like him and Luo Lingsheng?

We can get the flash marriage certificate the next day. It’s almost the first anniversary now. How amazing.

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