After a Flash Marriage Chapter 82


A sudden vibration from the mobile phone interrupted Shi Yunnan’s thoughts.

Shi Yunnan picked up his mobile phone and found that it was a wechat sent by Wen Yibei and an attached web page link.

“Yunnan, have you seen the news? Several small asset industries under Luo’s banner have been sealed up.”

“Does this have anything to do with Luo Lingsheng?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at these two lines of questions and immediately twisted his eyebrows and clicked the link.

During this time, he was busy “Replacing” Yuan Rui in charge of the design and operation of the whole studio, and had no time to take care of other matters outside. Now he saw that the Dijing business district had changed vaguely.

A number of small market value industries led by Shi Xing Industry under Luo’s banner were exposed as false accounts, which not only deceived shareholders, but also used this means to obtain bank loans.

The new energy projects originally confirmed to participate in the government bidding were also temporarily disqualified by complaints, and the loss of initial investment was as high as 150 million.

Not only that, but also Luoshi foreign trade group, which has always been stable, was exposed to make false accounts in order to avoid tax evasion.

The comment area under this news information is already ugly. The continuous influx of investors and netizens who pay attention to such events have quarreled all day.

Shi Yunnan frowned. Once the above-mentioned items are filed for investigation and made public, the relevant responsible persons will face the disaster of imprisonment.

Shi Yunnan had no time to reply to Wen Yibei’s question. He glanced at the time on his mobile phone and immediately dialed out wechat communication.

Just a few seconds of waiting, suddenly become incomparably long.

Finally, when Shi Yunnan felt that he was out of breath, a familiar voice line finally came from the other end of the phone——


Luo Lingsheng was probably awakened in his sleep, and his voice was a little lazy and sexy.

Shi Yunnan’s impatient heart was easily smoothed by a single sound of his lover. He slowed down his voice as much as possible, “did he wake you up?”

He’s almost off work here. It’s not six o’clock in the morning over Luo Lingsheng.

“I didn’t wake up.”

Luo Lingsheng’s tone through the phone is unspeakable tenderness.

The bed was slightly rubbed up. Maybe he sat up from the bed, “Yunnan, is something wrong?”

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan simply didn’t hide it, “… I just saw the news that Luo’s industry was reported. I’m a little worried.”

Luo’s group has a deep foundation. Naturally, it is impossible to collapse easily, but the Bank of thousands of miles was destroyed by ant nests——

If he remembers correctly, in the original track of the world, Luo Yanchuan used his own company as an “ant nest bait”. After the layout, Luo Lingsheng will be thrown dirty water and pulled down from the top.

Today’s plot development is very different from his cognition, but it was not a place where there was no coincidence. Therefore, Shi Yunnan was nervous when he saw this similar news start.

“The real estate of Luo’s accident is the private property of Erfang. In other words, although they are all under Luo’s banner, the daily capital accounts are separated.”

Eggs can not be put in the same basket, and accidents in individual industries can not be associated with other unrelated industries. This is the rule set by Lord Luo when he was still alive.

The reason why it is still listed under the name of Luoshi group is nothing more than the backing of multiple prefixes and multiple business cooperation.

Shi Yunnan sighed gently, “what about Luo’s overseas trade group? I heard Qin Jian mention it before. It is managed by Luo Dexing and his wife, but the capital account is linked to the group headquarters.”

“I did it.”

Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the phone understood the cause of Shi Yunnan’s call and apologized in a low voice, “I heard that you have been devoted to the operation of the studio these days? I didn’t tell you in detail.”

“What’s your layout?”

Shi Yunnan asked, the only worry left in his heart has been dispelled by Luo Lingsheng’s confident tone.

“Well, if you want to dig up the rotten maggots in the group at one time, you always have to cut some meat and shed some blood. Whether Luo Yanchuan or other people who covet Luo, I intend to take this opportunity to clean them all.”

Luo’s overseas trade seems to be an integral part of Luo’s.

In fact, as early as three months ago, Luo Lingsheng ordered people to secretly start the transfer and cutting of key assets, and the tax evaded by Erfang was within his expectation and controllable range. Luo’s second house has made money in this management position for so many years. Now even if it is a case for investigation, they must bear the brunt.

Luo Yanchuan stirred up the muddy water under the cover of his parents, so this time Luo Lingsheng completely lifted his barrier. It’s best to catch him together.

Shi Yunnan leaned back to his seat and groaned, “Bai is worried about you.”

Luo Lingsheng on the other end of the phone paused and comforted with a smile, “I told you earlier that if you do what you want, I will only become your willful capital, not your burden.”

The radian of Shi Yunnan’s mouth rose. He couldn’t help turning voice communication back into video. Luo Lingsheng’s face soon appeared on the mobile phone screen.

“Still in the office?”


Shi Yunnan Yu Guang glanced at the resume on the table and couldn’t help sharing it with Luo Lingsheng in a low voice, “by the way, our studio has recruited a very excellent employee. Guess who?”

Luo Lingsheng observed the lover’s look and guessed for a second, “Lu Zhaoan?”


Shi Yunnan glanced dully, “how did you guess?”

Luo Lingsheng smiled, “Lu Zhaoan’s mind about yuan Rui is not difficult to guess. I guessed that there would be such a day after I met him in Dehua County.”

“Not hard to guess? That varies from person to person.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. “I think Lu Zhaoan is like a muggy gourd, hiding something and refusing to say anything. Yuan Rui looks perverse. In fact, he has been hit by his father since childhood, and his mind is more sensitive than anyone else.”

Lu Zhaoan hid from him like this before, pointing out how hurt his friend was.

“Let them solve their own problems.” Luo Lingsheng briefly pinched the topic, and then asked for the first time, “do you miss me?”

Through the earphone, the low magnetic sound line is infected with an unspeakable desire.

Shi Yunnan heard it for a while. He was afraid that some employees would suddenly break in, so he had to pay less, “think.”

“Luo Lingsheng.”


“I miss you very much.” Shi Yunnan repeated again, happily mentioning the serious matter, “we are about to get the certificate for the first anniversary.”

On the screen, Luo Lingsheng’s eyes burst into an obvious love he had never had, “wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“Wait for me to go back.”

The first anniversary, we spent it together.

Shi Yunnan understood what he meant and replied with a low smile, “OK.”

There was a push and pull of tables and chairs outside. It was time to get off work.

Shi Yunnan remembered that Luo Lingsheng was awakened by himself in his sleep. He couldn’t bear it. “Why don’t you sleep a little longer? Is the rehabilitation during the day very hard? I knew I’d call you later.”

“Fortunately, it was you in my dream.”


As soon as Shi Yunnan breathed tightly, he heard more and more hot.

He suddenly felt that Luo Ling’s voice across the mobile phone screen seemed to open the second pulse of Ren Du. A few words could stir up his heartbeat.

“No, I’m going to pack up and go home with little goldfish.”

Shi Yunnan switched back to voice mode and cleaned up the design atlas on the desktop, but he couldn’t help muttering, “this won’t work.”

“What can’t?”

“On the first anniversary, we are old men.”

How can you feel hot after listening to a few words? Of course not.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a moment, and couldn’t bear to send out a happy smile, “old man?”

“Well, have an opinion?”

“I want to live my whole life.”

Shi Yunnan congealed for half a second and replied with the same smile, “it’s a lifetime. I can’t afford it.”

As for the white moonlight the lover once hid in his heart?

Sorry, there should be no chance to “revive” in this life.


At the same time, Kangxing villa area.

Luo Yanchuan, who had no way to help, burst into a roar and smashed his mobile phone on the carpet. He slumped on the sofa and drank the remaining whisky.

The spicy wine went into his throat, but it could not suppress the anger at the bottom of his heart.

After making soup at the engagement banquet with Mo Xuanqi, he stabilized other fluctuating contacts and successfully got a bank loan after several twists and turns.

For this inevitable new energy policy bidding, he resisted the great pressure and used a large amount of loan funds in the early stage. After two rounds of review and bidding, he almost saw the dawn of victory.

As a result, everything changed overnight.

Losing the bidding qualification, the loan money has been wasted, and the company has been put on file for investigation… The bosses of those bullshit companies who used to flatter him in private have now turned their heads!

He checked. The people who initially reported to the relevant departments in their real names were Mo Baian and Fang ya. The couple always remembered the harm he had done to their daughter and retaliated against him at this critical point!

“No, no…”

Luo Yanchuan rubbed his swollen and painful temples, “even if Fang Ya and Mo Baian have the ability, they can’t get the internal information… It must be Luo Lingsheng, who is secretly calculating…”

Just as Luo Yanchuan’s thoughts were confused, a confused sound of footsteps sounded, and Mrs. Luo rushed in in panic——

“Yanchuan! Come on! You leave quickly!”

“Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Your father, your father’s secretary called.”

Mrs. Luo was almost out of breath, and her eyes were gradually stained with tears. “The people of the relevant departments seized Shixing and went to the group to take your father and other relevant managers…”

“Yanchuan, once this case is filed, we will go to prison. Our family can’t escape! But your father and I will find a way to protect you!”

Mrs. Luo picked up the small bag already prepared and urged, “car keys, cash, passports and changed clothes, you leave now! Wait until your father takes over the matter and after the limelight… Mom will find a way to contact you.”

Luo Yanchuan’s clenched fists banged. “It’s all Luo’s orders! It must be him!”

“Yanchuan! It doesn’t matter who it is now.”

How could Mrs. Luo not know that there was Luo Lingsheng’s pen in it?

She took Luo Yanchuan downstairs and put him into the garage. “Your father and I wanted to live in peace, but we know you’re not willing, so we’ll fight with you…”

“Unfortunately, it still falls short.”

Luo Yanchuan knew that there was no better choice now, so he could only listen to his mother. “Mom, take care of yourself, keep the green mountains, and don’t be afraid of no firewood.”

“I won’t lose like this!”

The strong sound of the door cut off Luo Yanchuan’s reluctance. Half a minute later, the car drove away.

Mrs. Luo, standing at the door of her house, looked at the car that disappeared at the door of the villa and regretted it——

The experience of Da Fang in that year was enough for their second bedroom head to teach a lesson, but her husband and she listened to the encouragement of their children and began to covet the rights and status they had not obtained in that year.

One side is her husband who has been with her for many years, and the other is her son who is regarded as the flesh of her heart.

Mrs. Luo wiped away her tears. She and her husband had already discussed it.

If there is a day when the east window incident happens, they will find a way to clean Luo Yanchuan.

I just hope Luo Lingsheng can give Luo Yanchuan a way to live in the face of his relatives. Don’t continue to investigate, and leave the last glimmer of hope for their second room.

Luo Yanchuan knew he was drunk driving, but now he had to step on the accelerator and rush forward.

The company can’t go, the hotel can’t go, and those ‘friends’ who have been in contact will betray his whereabouts at any time, and it’s not worth contacting

Luo Yanchuan, who had nowhere to go, suddenly patted the steering wheel, and a figure that could be used suddenly appeared in his mind.

At the moment when he was distracted, a passer-by suddenly appeared in front of him.


“Damn it!”

Luo Yanchuan suddenly stepped on the brake and quickly turned the steering wheel.


The scraping crash still sounded.

When Luo Yanchuan stopped to check his rearview mirror, he found that someone had fallen in a pool of blood on the roadside.

Luo Yanchuan’s breathing suddenly became urgent. He quickly glanced around and confirmed that there was no close-up camera on the side road. The demon spawned by alcohol suddenly occupied the only conscience.

“If you cross the road without taking the sidewalk, don’t blame me.”

The dusk was covered by the sudden rain. After a burst of lightning, Luo Yanchuan restarted his car and quickly left the accident area.

… the next day.

It’s a rare weekend without going to the design studio.

When Shi Yunnan woke up, the industrious little goldfish had finished their private teaching in the morning. For a moment, they were staying in the back yard and watching the duckling.

After receiving the signal from the housekeeper, Shi Yunnan immediately walked towards the backyard.

“Gaga, this is not yours! You are not allowed to eat!”

“Here, here, you have a duck and a bowl. My little uncle said, you can’t rob other people’s things.”

“Is it delicious? You should grow up quickly!”

Shi Yunnan heard the little goldfish preaching, smiled and accelerated his pace. Soon, he saw the little goldfish squatting in the fence watching the pet duck eat.

Since the collection of three Cole ducks, the little goldfish whetted Yuan Meng to make a fence as a duck nest and came to stay for a while after school every day.

Shi Yunnan shouted, “little goldfish.”

The little goldfish looked back. As soon as he saw Shi Yunnan, he immediately opened the fence door and ran over.

Seeing this, the three Cole ducks, who were still eating in rows, immediately stood up in a row as small tails to follow.

Shi Yunnan thought the picture was cute and funny, but he laughed. “Grandpa Qin said, you came here after class? Did you write your homework?”

The little goldfish shook his head in embarrassment, “… Little uncle, I haven’t finished the addition and subtraction math problem.”

“Fortunately, your uncle is not here. Otherwise, you must be criticized by him.”

Shi Yunnan squatted down and looked down at him, rubbed a trace of dirt on his face with his finger abdomen, “I’ll buy a duckling to play with you and grow up together, but we can’t fall behind in our homework, okay?”

“Little uncle, don’t tell Uncle, will you? I’ll do my homework after lunch. I won’t play.”

The little goldfish said, coming up and cuddling Shi Yunnan’s shoulder, “little uncle, how’s it? I know you’re the best, and I like you the most.”

The little goldfish blew rainbow farts sweetly, and the ducklings behind him rattled and kept talking.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t laugh or cry. He pinched his little nephew’s milk fat. “OK, are you hungry? We made fish egg soup in the kitchen today. Let’s go back and share it?”

“Well, little uncle, eat more!”

The little goldfish took Shi Yunnan’s hand and waved to the ducklings. “Go home. I’m going to have lunch with my little uncle! I’ll play with you in the afternoon!”

With that, the three Cole ducks really twisted their hips and went back.

Seeing this, the little goldfish proudly said, “little uncle, are they very good?”

Shi Yunnan magically picked his eyebrows and held the little goldfish in his arms. “Who made our little goldfish so good and set a good example for the little ducks.”

The little goldfish narrowed his eyes with a smile and began to take the initiative to share interesting things with Shi Yunnan in the kindergarten.

“Little uncle, our classmates can envy me! Can I take Gaga to the kindergarten?”

“Let the students come home to have a look when you have time? At that time, I’ll ask grandpa Qin to prepare some cookies and fresh juice for you?”

“Well, I also want to invite new teachers, OK?”

“Of course, we are the little goldfish.”

One big and one small chatted like this and walked slowly back to the main house.

After lunch, little goldfish fulfilled his promise and went back to his room to do his arithmetic homework.

The housekeeper came in from outside, with a familiar figure behind him.

“Mr. Shi, Mr. Yu Shuo is here.”

Shi Yunnan looked up and looked at Yu Shuo’s smiling eyes. “Mr. Shi, long time no see.”

After the last charity auction house, the two did not meet after a little half a year.

When Shi Yunnan chatted with Luo Lingsheng later, he heard his lover mention it——

When the Yu family in the South experienced power turmoil, Yu Shuo and his father once asked Luo’s help, but Luo Lingsheng, who had just ascended the throne of home owner, had to refuse.

Yu Shuo’s father was suppressed by other side branches. In order to protect his greatest interests, he had to let Yu Shuo temporarily transfer his family’s assets abroad.

Unfortunately, Yu Shuo’s mother died of serious illness at that time. Yu Shuo, who was far away abroad, could not see his mother’s last side.

Although this was not caused by Luo Lingsheng, it did become an unspeakable knot between the two people. Over time, there was no contact.

Thanks to the chance meeting in the nightclub last year, they got back on the topic, maintained and continued their only contact.

“It’s been a long time.” Shi Yunnan got up to say hello, and then said, “you didn’t find the right time. Lingsheng went abroad during this time, and he won’t come back for more than half a month.”

“Mr. Shi, you misunderstood.” Yu Shuo shook his head and smiled subtly, “I’m not looking for him, I’m looking for you.”

“Looking for me?”

“There’s news. I think you need to know. It happened that I came here to do some private business, so I stopped by.”

Shi Yunnan’s curiosity was aroused and he silently looked at the people in front of him – the people who can make Luo Lingsheng as a good friend. Yu Shuo is definitely a city government and capable person.

“Don’t look at me like that. I mean no harm.” Yu Shuo shrugged his shoulders and asked with a smile, “at least I’m a guest. Won’t Mr. Shi invite me?”

Shi Yunnan finally opened his mouth, “Uncle Qin, please make some tea.”


Uncle Qin left with great eyesight and insinuated that the servant who was cleaning beside him also left.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to invite, “Mr. Yu, please sit down and tell me what you have to say.”

Yu Shuo sat down and said calmly, “Mr. Shi should have heard the voice mention that Yu’s main business battlefield is in the sea market, and there are some shady fights in the family.”

“I know.”

South Yu and North Luo are leaders of all parties.

However, compared with Luo Lingsheng, who is already stable, Yu’s dispute and turbulence in the past two years have not completely stopped.

Yu Shuo continued to confess, “then you should have heard that my eldest brother and I are half brothers.”

“But after my father took control of the Yu family, my eldest brother targeted me openly and secretly.”


Shi Yunnan heard the ruthlessness in Yu Shuo’s words and frowned, “Mr. Yu?”

“It’s hard for a rich family to have a brother. My father found cancer six months ago. It’s time to fight for some rights.”

Yu Shuo said casually, his eyes filled with trivial and cold smiles.

Shi Yunnan understood Yu Shuo’s meaning, “I have nothing to do with the open and secret struggle of your Yu family. If you want to seek Luo’s help, it’s useless to start from me.”

Shi Yunnan will never interfere with his lover’s career decisions, just as Luo Lingsheng will fully support his career.

“No, I will solve my struggle with the Yu family myself.” Yu Shuo shook his head and told Shi Yunnan that he would be wrong.

“To tell you the truth, I found the hard evidence of my brother’s illegal smuggling of contraband. I’ll start against him in less than half a month.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t expect Yu Shuo to be so honest. Then he heard the other party say, “it’s just that there’s something about the Shi Family in Dijing, so I came to see Mr. Shi.”

Shi Yunnan’s insight is very strong. “Do you mean that smuggling involves the Shi family?”


“Shi’s logistics is the one that provides convenience for my eldest brother to smuggle goods. I sent someone to check carefully. Generally, such a large number of trucks must pass the inspection before transfer.”

However, Yu Ming’s batch of goods directly got the inspection free release number of the logistics company.

In other words, someone in Shi’s family is secretly helping him.

Aware of this, Shi Yunnan subtly raised his eyebrows and didn’t speak.

Although master Shi is ruthless and indifferent and gives priority to absolute interests in everything, his inner self-esteem does not allow him to do such illegal things.

Now he’s in the hospital, and someone is involved in this illegal transaction behind his back?

According to the relevant legal provisions, “those who conspire with smugglers and provide relatively convenient transportation will be punished as accomplices in the crime of smuggling once they are arrested.”

Whether it is done individually or collectively, it may be connected to Shi’s seizure.

Shi Yunnan snorted and smiled. He and Shi had long broken off their relationship. He didn’t care whether the company was dead or alive.

He wasn’t worried, but he was curious.

“Did you find out who that man is?”

The author has something to say: # after this wave, he will lose his horse ~

#↑ little fox: it’s the first anniversary. I’m old. Who cares about the white moonlight! [justifiable. JPG]


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