After a Flash Marriage Chapter 83

“The name Xie KeYue is written on the signature sheet giving the release number.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the answer given by Yu Shuo, a trace of ridicule flashed at the bottom of his eyes. He felt both expected and beyond expectation——

After all, thanks to Xie KeYue’s paranoid character, even if he made a reputation at the engagement banquet, he would never give up.

However, Shi Yunnan really didn’t expect that Xie KeYue was so bold and “capable” — after being despised by master Shi and Shi Sheng, he could still have a place in Shi’s family, and even do such illegal things!

Shi Yunnan looked at Yu Shuo, “is this confirmed?”

Yu Shuo caught a glimpse of the housekeeper’s action of delivering tea and calmly accepted the drink. “I never do anything uncertain. If my eldest brother Yu Ming can’t defeat the enemy at one blow, the future will be unfavorable to me.”

Yu Shuo paused and put the tea cup on the table smoothly, “just…”

Shi Yunnan guessed what he meant, but he asked, “what’s the matter?”

“It’s just that I want to bring down my eldest brother. It’s bound to find Xie KeYue, and it will also be implicated in the Shi family.”

Shi’s goods flow is well-known in China. Once it is involved in such illegal events, coupled with the deliberate suppression of public opinion, the consequences are self-evident.

“The purpose of my coming here today is to make sure that Mr. Shi is not interested in the assets of the Shi family. Once this thing breaks out, it will probably not benefit.”

Instead, it’s better to take advantage of the gap of these ten days and a half months to find a way to get rid of the relationship.

Shi Yunnan understood Yu Shuo’s “good advice” and smiled calmly, “I have long broken off my relationship with the Shi family. I didn’t want the money in the past, and I don’t want the bad money now and in the future.”

Yu Shuo asked again, “so you don’t want to protect Shi’s company?”

Shi Yunnan looked calm, “don’t protect, don’t.”

“In that case, I have nothing to worry about.” Yu Shuo chuckled as if he had solved something difficult.

Shi Yunnan was amused. “Mr. Yu came to confirm this little thing?”

“Small matter? Mr. Shi, your opinion is the top priority for my future plan.”

Yu Shuo’s peach blossom eyes flashed a glimmer, “to be honest, if I can successfully bring down Yu Ming this time, the first time I have to do is to start another portal in Dijing.”

Yu Shuo’s first plan was to acquire Shi, who was “about to fall”——

Shi’s logistics has a perfect system. As long as the operation rules are changed slightly, it can still develop a fat fish in the future.

“I’m afraid Mr. Shi still has a heart for Shi. At that time, Lingsheng will look at your face and save it. Isn’t it worth the loss?”

Yu Shuo shook his head slightly and joked deliberately, “I have only one way to die if I have a hard fight with you.”

Shi Yunnan was amused by the word “husband” and said, “Mr. Yu has the ability and can’t go to death.”

“Then… Tea instead of wine?” Yu Shuo picked up the teacup again and held it steadily in front of him. “Should we celebrate our oral consensus this time?”

Shi Yunnan readily agreed, raised his glass and knocked.

After solving the important things in his mind, Yu Shuo was obviously much more relaxed than when he first entered the door, “Mr. Shi, in fact, I’m very curious. When were you with Lingsheng? How? You know him…”

——Was he interested in you a long time ago?

Unfortunately, the little goldfish who finished the math problem ran down the stairs.

“Little uncle! I’ve written it!”

After shouting, the little goldfish found another strange face sitting beside the sofa. The smile on his face was immediately recovered, and his eyes were strange and alert.

The child looked at him with a small face, and his appearance was a little more similar to Luo Lingsheng.

Yu Shuo instantly recognized the identity of the little goldfish and felt funny. “They all say that nephews are like uncles. The child can be raised directly by the son of the voice of the order.”

Shi Yunnan waved to the little goldfish and replied, “we used to raise him as our own son.”

“Little goldfish, this is uncle Yu Shuo.”

The little goldfish raised his eyes and observed Yu Shuo. It took a long time to say hello, “Uncle Yu is good.”

“Interesting. It’s like a voice.” Yu Shuo raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help feeling in his heart——

Some people are born to be doomed. No, children born in Rome.

Others envy and covet the position of Luo’s group and home owner. For him, it is just something he has already had on his way to growth.

“All right, I’ll go first.” Yu Shuo took back his thoughts and took the initiative to leave. “When the order comes back, we’ll have time to make another meal.”

Shi Yunnan nodded.

After Yu Shuo left, the little goldfish resumed his original soft attitude and held Shi Yunnan, “little uncle, can I drink milk tea?”

He had to express his wish while his uncle was away.

Shi Yunnan picked him up. “Do you want to go out to play? Why did you deliberately keep a straight face when you saw Yu Shuo just now?”

The little goldfish shook his head and didn’t answer, but he was a little proud——

Uncle Yu is not at home. What if Uncle Yu likes his little uncle like the foreign uncle last time?

Of course he wants to scare people away like his uncle! See, the plan is a great success!

The little goldfish continued to be coquettish. “Little uncle, I want to drink sweet milk tea! Just half a cup, okay?”

Shi Yunnan nodded the tip of his nose, “you little clever ghost, who only asks when your uncle is not at home? I’ll take you out to play and buy milk tea.”

The little goldfish happily sent rainbow farts, “Yeah! My little uncle is the best person to me in the world!”

Shi Yunnan teased him, “your uncle was sad to hear that.”

The little goldfish immediately lowered the volume, lay down in his ear and whispered, “Oh, let’s say it secretly. Don’t tell him.”

Shi Yunnan took him to the garage on the side of the house.


Luo Lingsheng is still overseas and hasn’t come back. Shi Yunnan either stays at Luo’s house or returns to Wen Yibei’s new villa after work to have dinner with Mr. Wen who has been discharged from the hospital.

Mr. Wen was discharged from the hospital last month. With such a heavy fall and cancer, his body and bones are much worse than before, but under the care of his two brothers, his energy and spirit are quite good.

“Grandpa, the tofu stew is delicious. Let me give you some?”

“No, I’m full. You two brothers eat more and look fat.”

Mr. Wen looked at the two grandsons sitting around him with unspeakable satisfaction in his eyes.

He has lived all his life. When he is old, he can still have two grandchildren to take care of him wholeheartedly. He is satisfied.

Mr. Wen said slowly, “by the way, where’s Mr. Luo? You can call him to sit down when you’re free.”

“Grandpa, just call his name. According to common sense, he is your junior.” Shi Yunnan corrected and drank fish soup. “Lingsheng is abroad. I’ll bring him to see you later.”

Mr. Wen patted his little grandson on the wrist, “OK, you’d better save grandpa’s worry.”

He paused and looked at Wen Yibei on the left. “Unlike your brother, he doesn’t find an object when he’s twenty-six or seven. When he comes back from class day by day, he can only keep company with me, an old man.”

The innocent Wen Yibei stopped his chopsticks and couldn’t cry or laugh.

Shi Yunnan smiled, “Grandpa, people who like my brother can go around the imperial capital for several times. Don’t worry about it. Maybe one day he will bring your granddaughter-in-law back to you.”


Wen Yibei glanced helplessly at his talkative brother.

“Just have it. It’s OK for men or women.”

Mr. Wen is not a pedantic person. As long as his two grandchildren are happy, he thought about it and asked earnestly——

“I hope your other half is good to you, and you should also cherish the right people.”

Shi Yunnan hummed in response, pointing the “contradiction” at Wen Yibei, “do you hear me, brother ~”

“Eat quickly. The food won’t stop you.”

In the laughter room, the door opened and closed, and Wen Yanfeng came in after work.


Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei shouted in unison.

When Wen Yanfeng saw his nephews, a smile flashed between his eyebrows and eyes. “They’re all there. There’s just something I want to talk to you about.”


Wen Yanfeng took a deep breath. “Shi had an accident. It was revealed this morning that it was related to a major smuggling case. It was said that it was smuggling disguised as an ordinary freight vehicle by taking advantage of the transportation route.”

“Relevant personnel of the company have been taken away for investigation, and Xie KeYue and Shi Sheng are among them.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the news he had expected, he silently drank another mouthful of fish soup.

Wen Yibei couldn’t react for a moment and put down his chopsticks. “Uncle, is this news reliable?”

Wen Yanfeng replied, “there’s news. Can it be false?”

Old Mr. Wen, who has always been kind, rarely gave a sullen smile when he heard the speech. “Well, good and evil will be rewarded in the end! They deserve it!”

“Let Shi Houde and Shi Sheng open their eyes! This is the end of blindly doting on illegitimate children!”

“When they hurt my daughter, they didn’t hurt you two good children. Now they finally get retribution! God has eyes!”

Seeing that Mr. Wen was a little excited, Shi Yunnan immediately patted him on the back, “Grandpa, don’t be angry. Let Shi live and die.”

Wen Yibei also comforted, “Grandpa, your body is important. It’s not worth it for those irrelevant people.”

Seeing the attitude of his grandson, Mr. Wen slowly eased his anger. “Yes, your brothers are right. We can live our own life. It’s not worth it for the shameless three generations!”

Therefore, you don’t know what you will experience until the last moment of your life.

In those days, Mr. Shi was more arbitrary and powerful, but now he is not mixed with a capital word “miserable”?

And their resentment of the Wen family for nearly 20 years has finally come out completely today!


Another week in the blink of an eye.

As soon as Shi Yunnan stopped the car, he received a wechat call from Luo Lingsheng.

The second the phone was connected, a fascinating voice echoed in my ears, “Hello, are you busy?”

Shi Yunnan loosened his seat belt and joked, “I have to answer the call from Mr. Luo no matter how busy I am.”

Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the phone smiled and took the initiative to report the itinerary, “I’m leaving for the airport now. I’ll wait for me at home tomorrow. I… I have something to tell you.”

The first anniversary of their license is the day after tomorrow.

However, leaving aside the unforgettable birthday party episode, tomorrow can be regarded as the anniversary after Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan meet again.

Shi Yunnan thought that Luo Ling Sheng was the day to remember “1st anniversary”, laughing and tucking up, “now you make complaints about me? Is that tomorrow a surprise?”

“You want a surprise?”

Luo Lingsheng asked back. There was a strong love in his tone.

Shi Yunnan only felt that his ears were red with love. They all said “a little farewell is better than a new marriage”. I don’t know why. This time, Luo Lingsheng also went abroad for a month, but he was more eager to see each other than before.

“No surprises.”

Shi Yunnan paused, deliberately provoked with an angry voice across the phone, “just want to close the door and do more things with Mr. Luo that adults should do.”

The smell on the other end of the phone increased for a second. Shi Yunnan, who was aware of this, couldn’t help laughing. “OK, wait until you come back? I have something else to do here.”

“What’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of the seven characters marked “Dijing district I detention center” not far away through the window and frankly said, “I’ll go to see Xie KeYue for a while at last.”

The beginning of some things comes from that strange but realistic dream.

At the end of some things, Shi Yunnan hopes to cut off the “protagonist” face to face.

ten minutes later.

Shi Yunnan sat comfortably on the chair in the prison visit room, waiting for the figure across a transparent glass.

Soon, the iron door inside was opened by the prison guard, and Xie KeYue, in handcuffs, appeared in Shi Yunnan’s vision——

Less than two months from the last engagement banquet, but Xie Ke is thinner and skinny, his black eyes are particularly tired, and his beard is blue.

Such people can’t see the style of “Shi family three shaos” in the past.

Shi Yunnan looked at him for less than five seconds and said calmly, “I didn’t expect that you would agree to this meeting.”

Under the command of the prison guard, Xie KeYue sat on the opposite side of Shi Yunnan.

He was arrested in Haishi. Two days ago, he returned to Dijing detention center under the docking of the police of the two places.

Xie KeYue’s eyes were dim and pulled the corners of his mouth indifferently. “It’s only two days since I was handed over to the imperial detention center. You can come to the door. It’s really more timely than my mother.”

“Really?” Shi Yunnan spoke casually, without the arrogance of the “winner”.

Xie KeYue saw his insipid attitude and felt humiliated for no reason. He put his hands on the table and was short of breath for two minutes.

“Shi Yunnan, are you really here to see my jokes? You, who rely on Luo Lingsheng, are qualified to see my jokes!”

“You said I came to this day by Luo Lingsheng. What did you end up with today?”

Shi Yunnan saw through Xie KeYue’s indefatigable heart in the depths of his pupils, and then pondered with a smile, “relying on your ridiculous knowledge of the world? Xie KeYue, is it really you?”


Xie KeYue’s pupil trembled suddenly.

“Do you think you are familiar with the track development of all things in the world, meet one network after another to help you, and then use them to complete your ‘investment’ career? Then you should feel that you can control everything?”

Shi Yunnan asked geological questions bit by bit.

Xie KeYue’s cold sweat seeped out bit by bit. His eyes were about to crack close to the glass partition. He clenched his teeth and asked, “how can you know! You can’t know!”

He is a nominal “Book wearer” and has replaced “Xie KeYue” since childhood. Unfortunately, in this book, he is the downright cannon fodder of failure.

Xie Ke is more unwilling to let his fate be so decided.

Therefore, over the years, relying on his understanding of the world in this book, he has constantly met all kinds of contacts that are conducive to him, trying to change his life step by step and develop his own business kingdom.

Because the initial investment success was too easy, Xie KeYue gradually forgot his original intention and took it for granted that everyone in the world was a tool he could handle and use.

Shi Yunnan sneered and hit the nail on the head, “Xie KeYue, you’re wrong because you think you’re too wrong, and the world never revolves around you.”

“Do you think you really have the ability to invest? Do you think you have the ability to control people’s hearts?”

“But your subsequent investment steps are wrong. Not only the Shi family abandoned you and Yuanrui abandoned you, but also Luo Yanchuan, who has always been in collusion with you, abandoned you?”


Xie KeYue was silent.

Shi Yunnan stood up, approached the glass partition window and continued, “you are willing to flatter master Shi because you covet the private property of the Shi family, but the master sincerely cultivated you as an heir at the beginning.”

“If you were willing to give a little financial help when the Shi family went bankrupt, Mr. Shi probably wouldn’t be cold to you.”

In that case, perhaps Shi’s private property and company have long been Xie KeYue’s pocket.

“Yuan Rui is such a righteous and childlike person. Just because of your fake words of comfort, he firmly stands in your camp. He even doesn’t hesitate to resist yuan Shifu and wants to pull you into a share.”

“But what did you do?”

“You never realized his situation and suffering. When he was abandoned by his father and senior brother, you stabbed him in the back. It’s a pity…”

Xie KeYue squeezed out four words from his teeth, “what a pity?”

Shi Yunnan deliberately shook his head and satirized mercilessly, “Yuanrui is a real potential stock, and you chose Gu Jue’s dog without eyes.”

What if we can “predict the future”?

Treat people not sincerely, know people not carefully.

Lost the dependence of family background and friends.

Knowing that Luo Yanchuan and Gu Jue are not good goods, they want to collude with them. Didn’t Xie KeYue ask for all this?

Xie KeYue replied with a stiff tongue, “you’ve become the king and defeated the enemy. Of course you’re right now.”

“Forget it, you still don’t understand that the hard power to do things and the true intention to people are the foundation in the world.”

Shi Yunnan tapped the table with his fingertips and shook his head, “but I’m really curious. How dare you take such a big risk?”

Shi Yunnan originally thought that after the engagement banquet broke out, Xie KeYue would stop for a while.

After all, as the saying goes, the green mountain is not worried about firewood, but he didn’t expect the other party’s anxiety to be like this?

Has anything to do with smuggling? This is clearly the road to self death——

The specific judgment on the smuggling case has not yet begun, but based on the quantity and amount of smuggling, Xie KeYue, as an accomplice, will be sentenced to a penalty of more than 10 years.

Xie KeYue’s chest fluctuated, like a strong hatred in his dead gray eyes, “what do you know? My life was ruined at that engagement banquet!”

“The video spread so widely that even if I can return to the public’s sight one day, I can’t avoid those disdainful eyes and those ugly ridicules!”

Therefore, Xie KeYue thought of going abroad for development.

He wants to escape from this place where he has countless unbearable black history, escape to a new environment and stand up.

After the scandal of the engagement banquet broke out, Xie KeYue once tried his best with Luo Yanchuan with a broken glass bottle. Unfortunately, he was stabbed in the abdomen and went to the hospital.

During his hospitalization, Xie Wei secretly used the balance of his card. The only investment left in Lingyu design was completely gone because of the other party’s adulteration and bankruptcy.

Xie KeYue has been used to the wind and water these years. He can’t stand the poor days without money.

“I thought of going to find Shi Sheng to do the paternity test again for the first time, but he kicked me out as a madman…”

Xie KeYue thought of that unbearable past. The whole person was deeply trapped in the mud of hatred and couldn’t get rid of it. “I hate! I hate you! I hate everyone in the Shi family!”

He is clearly the third young master of the Shi family. Obviously, he has the blood of the Shi family. Why should he turn his face one by one?

So when Yu Ming asked Xie KeYue for cooperation, he agreed without hesitation.

This is his only chance to make money. He can’t miss it!

Xie KeYue took the generous remuneration given by Yu Ming in advance, bought off the senior warehouse keeper he once knew in the sea market, and then used his name of “Third Master Shi” to deceive the lower group of employees who didn’t know the rich circle.

Disguise your identity and sign. As long as you risk for a month, Xie KeYue can get a 3% commission on smuggling.

When he went abroad and changed his nationality, he had the capital to live again.

“Of course, I imagined that it would not succeed.”

“Anyway, I’m a notorious loser in China. Even if I fail, I just pull Shi down to vent my hatred!”

Xie KeYue remembered the ending now and gave a penetrating and almost crazy smile.

“Didn’t Shi Sheng want to use Shi Shi to win over your two precious sons again? Well, I can’t get what Xie KeYue can’t get! You two brothers can’t get it!”

“– no!”

Shi Yunnan heard him shouting out of control at the top of his voice, and his eyes showed contempt. “Xie KeYue, I have said more than once that the Shi property you care about is just a pile of garbage in my eyes. I don’t care.”

“No! You care! You must care!”

Xie Ke got up from his chair and couldn’t get away from his cognition. “Why don’t you care about so much money? What do you care about? What do you care about!”

The guard at the door came in, forced him down and scolded, “what’s crazy! Sit down for me!”

Shi Yunnan felt that there was no need to continue the dialogue. He knew it——

As for Xie KeYue, who is so paranoid that he is about to lose his mind, he should stay in prison all his life to death, so as not to harm others.

Shi Yunnan nodded to the prison guard inside and took the initiative to end the conversation, “please.”

Today, Xie KeYue, the “world protagonist”, has completely lost. As for the ending in his dream? It’s long gone.

As soon as Shi Yunnan turned around and didn’t take two steps, Xie KeYue suddenly shouted at him.

The other party seemed schizophrenic, and his tone changed from madness to terrible calmness——

“Shi Yunnan! Since you guessed my origin, I might as well tell you another thing!”


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