After a Flash Marriage Chapter 84

Shi Yunnan stopped, turned back and looked at him with a smile, “are you a dying man, or… You don’t want to make others feel better?”

Xie KeYue spilled a vague smile from his throat. There was no Madness at the bottom of his eyes, leaving only a subtle pity, “Shi Yunnan, Shi Yunnan, do you really think Luo Lingsheng has you in his heart?”

The electronic watch above the glass compartment began the countdown, and there was still one minute left for the visit.

“It seems that you don’t want me to feel better?” Shi Yunnan walked back slowly and stood in front of the glass window, “don’t waste that mind. I know he once had a favorite, but I don’t care.”

“Don’t care? If you really love him, how can you not care?”

Xie KeYue didn’t believe his words at all, and a funny smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, “Shi Yunnan, you will always live in the shadow of Wen Yibei. Aren’t you tired?”

Word by word, like a machete injected with murderous intent, it suddenly stabbed Shi Yunnan’s heart.

“Compared with Wen Yibei, do you know how unbearable you are? Who didn’t want Wen Yibei when Shi Wen and his family fought for children? Did anyone want you?”

“Do you think the existing Luo family belongs to you? Wrong, very wrong.”

“Don’t you believe it? I know the end of the story better than anyone.”

Xie KeYue stuck to the glass partition window for a moment, and his eyes deliberately fell to Shi Yunnan’s fingertips. “If Luo Lingsheng really loves you and you’ve been certified for so long, why doesn’t he give you a ring?”

“Are you finished?” Shi Yunnan calmly accepted his provocation and calmly smiled, “I can trust Luo Lingsheng.”


The simple seven words beat Xie KeYue back.

“I should show off to you. I have a husband, brother, grandfather, uncle and good friends. By the way, there is a little nephew holding me every day. Do you know the feeling of being surrounded by love?”

Xie KeYue’s mouth was completely stiff.

Shi Yunnan propped his hands in front of the glass partition window and leaned forward slightly.

“I forgot to tell you that Shi Sheng and the old man you have been courting want to hand over the private property and company of Shi family to me some time ago.”

“There will be an accident between you and Shi’s smuggling. I also got the news about your family in advance. It’s a pity that I don’t want that little broken assets.”


Xie KeYue’s chest was stabbed by Shi Yunnan.

The more the other party shows indifference, the more ridiculous his past paranoid pursuit.

“Xie KeYue, you should admit it.” Shi Yunnan stood up again and declared with a winner’s attitude, “you are the downright loser.”

This is like a thunder, suddenly smashing Xie KeYue’s face.

It’s visiting time.

Shi Yunnan turned and walked out. Behind him was Xie KeYue’s disorganized cry——

“Shi Yunnan! I didn’t lie!”

“Don’t you think, Wen Yibei, how many times better than you!”

“All the things you’ve got now are given to you by Wen Yibei!”

“Sooner or later, you will completely lose! You are the one who will never be loved!”

Hearing these remarks, Shi Yunnan broke a slight crack in his pupil and walked quickly outside the prison.

Xie KeYue saw that his lie could not arouse the slightest gaffe of the other party. He gasped fiercely, and finally fell back to his position decadent.


Xie Ke covered his face more slowly and half a beat, and then burst into tears.

Some people are good at seizing opportunities in adversity and turning over to win by excellent ability.

And what about him?

In a smooth start, he wasted himself to such an end.

Up to now, Xie KeYue’s discontent is attributed to one cognition – he completely lost Shi Yunnan.

There was a dull noise from the door.

Shi Yunnan fell back on the car chair and put on the steering wheel, trying to calm his fluctuating emotions with a deep breath.

Suddenly, his remaining light glanced at his empty ring finger. The next second, his hands unconsciously squeezed the steering wheel.


Somehow, Shi Yunnan’s mind was full of Xie KeYue’s roar like a trapped animal.

——You always live in the shadow of Wen Yibei. Aren’t you tired?

——You’ve been getting your license for so long, why doesn’t Luo Lingsheng give you a ring?

——You are the one who will never be loved!

Shi Yunnan subconsciously touched his mobile phone and fixed his fingertips in front of his lover’s familiar wechat avatar, but he hesitated to change his target.

Shi Yunnan dialed Wen Yibei.

When the connected ticking echoed in Shi Yunnan’s ear, within half a minute, Shi Yunnan hung up the phone and gave a self mocking smile for the first time.

“Silly, what’s the call?”

Obviously, the more Xie Ke is alienating them, can he jump into the pit?

Shi Yunnan left his mobile phone in the co driver’s seat, adjusted his mood and drove home.

Shi Yunnan skipped the afternoon shift to go to prison. It’s still early to return to Luo’s house. The housekeeper Qin Bo is directing the servants to clean up.

Shi Yunnan went to the second floor, and the corridor was still filled with the smell of fruit detergent.

Qin Bo quickly welcomed Shi Yunnan’s figure, “Mr. Shi, why did you come back so early today?”

Shi Yunnan replied, “when the matter is finished, he will come back.”

Just then, the servant came over, “Uncle Qin, this second floor has been cleaned except the study, so let’s go down first?”

When Shi Yunnan heard the speech, his sight unconsciously shifted to the study at the end of the corridor.

——Don’t go into the study at the end of the second floor. Anything else.

This is what Luo Lingsheng told him shortly after he entered Luo’s house.

Shi Yunnan has always been a man who doesn’t like to involve other people’s private affairs. At first, it was because “agreed marriage” felt unnecessary. Later, he and Luo Lingsheng developed a normal relationship, and he also felt that Luo Lingsheng should be given enough private space.

Over time, he automatically suppressed his initial curiosity.

Shi Yunnan slowly drew back his sight and said, “… Don’t you have to clean the study?”

The servant answered before the housekeeper, “the owner of the house is very precious to his study. Even if it is inconvenient to move these years, he has to clean everything about the study himself!”

“So attentive?”

Shi Yunnan pulled the corners of his mouth and his thoughts floated again.

“The owner usually works in the study. There are some important documents in it, so he usually doesn’t let the servant in, so as not to miss things.” Housekeeper added.

Don’t say it’s a servant. Even he doesn’t dare to get involved easily.

Shi Yunnan hasn’t answered yet.

The housekeeper, who knew how to observe his words and expressions, saw his absent-minded state and was worried, “Mr. Shi, is he not feeling well?”

“No.” Shi Yunnan gathered his thoughts and answered casually, “Lingsheng should be in Dijing tomorrow.”

I have some questions in my heart. I’ll ask them when I see you tomorrow.

The housekeeper smiled with satisfaction and expectation on his face. “Yes, I heard Yuan Meng say that the owner’s legs are much better the other day. After waiting for a few years, I finally got something to look forward to.”

Shi Yunnan also looked forward to it and smiled and asked, “I’ll go back to my room and have a rest. Are you busy first? Uncle Qin, it’s almost time to pick up the little goldfish.”


Seeing Shi Yunnan’s smile, uncle Qin didn’t think about it. He asked the servants on the second floor to go downstairs together.

Shi Yun walked south to his room and changed his destination only three seconds later. He stopped at the study at the end of the corridor without taking a few steps.

He stared at the closed solid wood door and hesitated for a while, but he couldn’t help pushing open the door.

The door made a slight noise, revealing the world inside in Shi Yunnan’s vision – pure black and white, which is in line with Luo Lingsheng’s consistent style.

Shi Yunnan closed the door of the room and approached the most conspicuous desk. In addition to all kinds of office appliances and documents, the most eye-catching thing on the desk was the black square jar.

“… it’s all legal husbands. It shouldn’t matter if I just take a look?”

Shi Yunnan murmured and made psychological construction of self affirmation before he opened the black can.

Different from the simple and atmospheric appearance, the jar actually contains all kinds of fruit candy.

Shi Yunnan was stunned, and then gave a sweet smile, “I didn’t like it when I gave it to him for the first time? Why did I hide so much in private?”

No wonder when he was unhappy twice, his lover could magically give him sugar.

Shi Yunnan peeled off the sugar paper and tasted one.

Or familiar taste, sweet.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes continued to search down and landed on the drawer with the password lock. It was like a traction waiting for him to dig the treasure hidden in it.

Shi Yunnan bent down and entered the six digit code number of his birthday with intuition.


The electronic prompt sound for successful unlocking starts.

Shi Yunnan was satisfied and slowly opened the drawer on the first floor. The next second, he saw a well preserved invitation.

But the appearance of the invitation always gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.


The answer suddenly appeared in his mind. Shi Yunnan stopped pulling the drawer, and his right hand seemed to take out the invitation and open it again uncontrollably.

——We sincerely invite Mr. Luo Lingsheng to attend the 18-year-old all day banquet of Wen Yibei, Wen’s grandson.

At the moment when the first line of words came into sight, Shi Yunnan smiled at the corners of his mouth, and his mind was full of those words he had heard.

——Mr. Luo and his friends came to the 18th birthday party.

——Luo Lingsheng, do you still have an impression of me?

——I don’t remember very well after a long interval.

——Today’s birthday party is for Wen Yibei. Do you think someone knows you?

——Shi Yunnan, you will always live in the shadow of Wen Yibei. Aren’t you tired?

The telephone suddenly rang.

Shi Yunnan was suddenly pulled out of the illusion of nothingness. He gasped for two breaths with some difficulty before slowly taking out the mobile phone in his pocket.

Wen Yibei.

There is no name in the world more familiar to Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing sound and mood, pretending to answer the phone easily, “Hello, brother?”

“Yun Nan, I just had a meeting at the sound opening Academy. It’s over now.”

Wen Yibei’s soft tone came over through the other end of the phone, mixed with a trace of brother’s unique intimacy, “why do you suddenly call me? Are you okay?”

“It’s all right. I’m just bored in the afternoon. I want to talk to you.” Shi Yunnan pulled out an excuse.

“How old are you? Are you afraid of being bored and chatting with your brother?” Wen Yibei smiled at him.

Shi Yunnan clutched the invitation letter on his hand and still couldn’t help asking, “brother, I want to ask you something.”

“Hmm? You said.”

“Have you met Luo Lingsheng on other occasions besides the birthday party before?”

Telephone communication blurred Shi Yunnan’s lack of confidence in his tone.

Wen Yibei has always trusted his brother. Only when he was curious about Luo Lingsheng’s past, he thought about it and said, “I have been busy with the development of my overseas career these years, and I haven’t returned many times.”

“I met a few times when I came back to attend a banquet in the imperial circle, but Mr. Luo and I were not familiar with each other. We just nodded and didn’t communicate much.”

Wen Yibei said and thought of one thing, “but…”

“But what?”

“At my first solo concert overseas, Mr. Luo came by accident. I heard the staff say that there was a celebration basket outside the door.”

Wen Yibei has a good popularity in the music circle. Countless friends sent flowers and blessings that day.


Shi Yunnan’s eyes were sour and his mind was no longer on the phone.

Because while Wen Yibei answered, he saw the concert tickets properly under the invitation in the drawer.

Shi Yunnan recognized the English on the ticket, which was the theme of Wen Yibei’s first solo concert.

“Yunnan, if you want to know your family secretly, you should go to his circle of friends…”

Wen Yibei at the other end of the phone noticed a breath pumping sound, suddenly stopped talking sensitively, took a nervous question, “Yun Nan? Why didn’t he speak suddenly?”

“It’s all right. I’m suddenly a little sleepy.”

Shi Yunnan put the invitation back in the drawer and tried to suppress his emotions. “Brother, I’d better sleep first and have dinner with you and grandpa in two days.”

“It’s all right?” Wen Yibei asked anxiously.

“What can I do? I’m rich and noble. I’ll be sleepy.”

Shi Yunnan tried to tease Wen Yibei to dispel his worries and doubts, and hung up the phone the second before his mood collapsed.

——Didn’t the owner hide a person in his heart? How can you marry anyone?

——The owner had a favorite object before. Before he could pursue it, he had an accident and hurt his leg. There was no following.

——I guess, maybe it’s hiding something from the old object.

——Shi Yunnan, don’t you think about how many times Wen Yibei is better than you!

——All the things you’ve got now are actually given to you by Wen Yibei!

At this moment, the original ridiculous dialogue was connected in series, which actually formed a truth that Shi Yunnan had never thought of before.

“Is that so?”

“Curiosity Kills the cat. That’s what I mean.”

Shi Yunnan snorted and smiled at himself. He had lost his curiosity to continue to look down and left the study quickly.

The housekeeper has set out to pick up the little goldfish. Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to take some strong whisky from the wine room on the first floor and shut himself in the bedroom on the second floor.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is off, please redial later…”

Shi Yunnan can’t remember how many times he dialed Luo Lingsheng. He knows he can’t get through on the plane. He knows he’s not in a hurry to ask the truth in this moment, but he can’t help calling back again and again.

Finally, the mobile phone with no power turned off automatically.

Shi Yunnan looked at his numb face on the black screen of his mobile phone. He had always been used to enduring tears. Finally, he failed to shed tears.

Whoever it is.

Why does it have to be Wen Yibei?

Shi Yunnan desperately asked questions in his mind.

If the “white moonlight” hidden in Luo Lingsheng’s heart is anyone else, Shi Yunnan is confident that he can replace each other, but Wen Yibei can’t.

No matter how crazy and irrational Xie KeYue was, Shi Yunnan had to admit that he was right – even twins, Wen Yibei was very different from him, and he couldn’t compare with his own brother.

Shi Yunnan never resented Wen Yibei and relied more on trusting his brother, but this did not affect his deep understanding——

Since his choice at the age of seven, his life has completely opened the gap with Wen Yibei.

From small to large, Shi Yunnan can pretend not to listen to the ridicule of outsiders, or learn to encourage, motivate and even disguise himself, but in his bones, he is inferior, sensitive and lonely.

Therefore, he understood yuan Rui and the pain of the other party who thought he was living in the shadow of “Shige”.

At present, Shi Yunnan can trust Luo Lingsheng and Wen Yibei, but he can’t trust himself.

If Luo Lingsheng’s white moonlight is Wen Yibei, he is the one who can’t be surpassed all his life.

When the housekeeper knocked on the door, Shi Yunnan didn’t return; When the little goldfish knocked at the door, Shi Yunnan ignored it.

After being drunk, Shi Yunnan curled up on the sofa and let the liquor burn in his body. The pain suppressed for many years raged in his body until his reason was eroded and swallowed up a little.

I don’t know how long it took, a sudden sound of kicking the door came.

Shi Yunnan’s gloomy reason was awakened again. He slowly looked up and a familiar figure broke into his sight.

“… back? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Without the previous provocation, the rhetorical question has a bleak sense of inferiority.

Luo Lingsheng looked at Shi Yunnan’s red eyes, and his heart seemed to be suddenly pinched by a pair of invisible big hands. It hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

When he got off the plane, he saw hundreds of caller IDs popping up on his mobile phone.

From that moment on, Luo Lingsheng almost madly asked Yuan Meng to rush home. He called the housekeeper halfway, but he only got ambiguous news——

Mr. Shi doesn’t know what happened. He has locked himself in his room since last night.

Luo Lingsheng hurried home as fast as he could. As a result, he saw the scene in front of him: the lover who had always been in pain to the top of his heart shrank on the sofa, and the ground was full of empty wine bottles.

Luo Lingsheng walked up for the first time, “what’s the matter? What happened?”

Shi Yunnan habitually tilted his head and silently rubbed Luo Lingsheng’s palm, “Luo Lingsheng, do you love him or me now?”


Luo Lingsheng frowned.

Seeing his reaction, Shi Yunnan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

He lowered his head, hid his tears and asked in a stuffy voice, “are you hiding it from me? I, I already knew…”

Shi Yunnan noticed that there was no wheelchair beside Luo Lingsheng, smiled with tears in his eyes, and then began to stubbornly express, “you used to have a person you liked very much, so you didn’t chase him because of inconvenient legs and feet.”

“Now the legs and feet are almost better. Do you want to chase him?”

“I’ve thought about it. I don’t want others, but if it’s him, I can quit.”

“Shi Yunnan is not a person who can’t afford to let go. Big deal, big deal, he will continue to hide abroad and won’t come back.”

The sour feeling from the inside out surrounded Shi Yunnan.

Hearing the lover’s intention to leave, Luo Lingsheng suddenly changed his face and directly imprisoned the lover in his arms, “you are not allowed to go anywhere!”

Perhaps his tone was too serious, and Shi Yunnan trembled unconsciously.

Luo Lingsheng immediately felt distressed and restrained, but he was helpless to ask, “who did you hear that I liked others?”

Seeing that he was trapped in his arms, Shi Yunnan roared, “you don’t have to deny it, I just know you have a white moonlight in your heart!”

“If you love him till now, don’t provoke me!”


Luo Lingsheng rubbed his cheek with his finger belly to appease him. It seemed that he couldn’t answer, “white moonlight? Are you eating ‘this man’s vinegar?”

“Default? What vinegar do I eat? Do you think I’m rare?” Shi Yunnan held back his tears to show off his strength, but his voice trembled, “but why do you all like him?”

“Luo Lingsheng, why do you all like my brother?”

Luo Lingsheng heard the second half of the sentence and suddenly realized the reason for Shi Yunnan’s pain.

Before he could explain, Shi Yunnan completely fell into a collapsed mood and asked with a strong cry, “why doesn’t anyone like me?”

“Grandpa doesn’t like me, and dad doesn’t like me. They just want to stay in the Shi family. On the surface, they let us choose by ourselves, but everyone wants my brother and they don’t want me.”

The young Shi Yunnan only remembers that Wen Min said before his death that the Wen family is a good place to learn music.

“Obviously, I was very good when I was a child. It was me who gave up my favorite violin before my brother.”

“Luo Lingsheng, do you know? I won the prize when I was a child. In fact, I can do it well like my brother. I also want to have my own concert!”

“If I had chosen the Wen family… Maybe, maybe…”

Luo Ling’s voice encircled Shi Yunnan’s hand more and more tightly, “maybe what?”

“If you had attended a birthday party in my name and watched a concert in my name, you might have liked me.”


Luo Lingsheng heard the intermittent remarks and suddenly understood, “you’ve been to the study, haven’t you?”

Immersed in his despair, Shi Yunnan ignored Luo Lingsheng’s questions.

He is too tired.

I’m too tired to survive these years by myself.

“I don’t want to go to foreign schools. I don’t want to be bullied by those foreign students. I don’t want to be locked up in a warehouse so dark that I can’t see anything. I don’t want to wear doll clothes and send leaflets to earn my own salary in summer…”

“Why should I be the one no one wants! Why should Shi Houde and Shi Sheng not want me!”

“Where am I not doing well? Where am I not doing well!”

“No one ever told me where I didn’t do well, and even didn’t give me a chance to change, and then they didn’t want me.”

Luo Lingsheng was sad. Instead of dissuading the hysterical Shi Yunnan, he let the other party vent in his arms.

Luo Lingsheng knows better than anyone.

Whether Shi Yunnan, who was drunk at the age of 18, or Shi Yunnan, who is now in his arms, the only two tears are enough to prove his grievance hidden in his heart.

Time passed minute by minute until Shi Yunnan calmed down in his arms.

Luo Lingsheng took the opportunity to kiss his lover’s forehead, touch his head, cheek and neck, and then gently pat him on his back again and again.

“Yunnan, they don’t want you. I want you. I always want you.”

“You lied…” Shi Yunnan looked up and was only aggrieved after hysteria. “I saw you hiding the invitation letter for the birthday party and the tickets for the concert.”

Luo Lingsheng approached and asked, “have you seen these two things?”

Shi Yunnan pursed his lips. “These two things are not enough?”

Luo Lingsheng bit his ear like punishment and replied word by word, “Shi Yunnan, you hear clearly.”

“At the 18th birthday party, it was you who made me care about you.”

“I guessed that you would go to wenyibei’s solo concert, so I ran to the concert.”

“The ticket for the concert was not my interest in Wen Yibei as a souvenir, but you fell on your seat after the concert and were picked up by me.”

“There are not only drawers in the study, but also things hidden in other places. If you want to see them, I’ll show you one by one.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t react for a while, but he was nostalgic for the temperature in Luo Lingsheng’s arms and didn’t want to move, “you, don’t you like my brother?”

“I disdain to find a substitute to satisfy my feelings, and I have always distinguished you two brothers very clearly.”

Shi Yunnan gradually realized that he had made a mistake before. He let out an embarrassed hum from his nose. As a result, he heard Luo Lingsheng solemnly say——

“Shi Yunnan, from the beginning, you were the one hiding in my heart.”

The author has something to say: # little fox: PA Ji! The white moonlight is myself.


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