After a Flash Marriage Chapter 85

Shi Yunnan looked into Luo Lingsheng’s eyes and slowly confirmed the authenticity of his words.

With the faint wine rising, he finally couldn’t help hugging Luo Lingsheng for one second, two seconds, three seconds… Until Luo Lingsheng felt a warm wet on his neck and shoulders.

“Yun Nan?”

“I thought…” light to the low noise in the dust, mixed with a full sense of grievance, “even you don’t want me.”

Luo Lingsheng’s heart was pierced by this, and he wanted to lock his lover in his arms forever, “how can I not want you?”

Shi Yunnan felt the strength of Luo Lingsheng’s embrace and wanted to stop crying. “Then why didn’t you tell me before and before?”

“I just don’t want to explain it casually, and I don’t want to kidnap your feelings with these years of secret love and heart…”

Luo Lingsheng’s palm stroked Shi Yunnan’s back neck. His tone was patient, spoiled and self reproach.

“I didn’t think my legs could be well before. Even if I knew you didn’t care, I still couldn’t let it go. Yunnan, I don’t want to be your burden.”

“Later, I finally saw the turnaround, and I thought to wait… Wait…”

“I want to stand in front of you with a sound attitude, protect you in times of danger, and hold your hand for the rest of my life.” Luo Lingsheng kissed Shi Yunnan’s hair, “you have to believe me.”

Knowing that Shi Yunnan accidentally broke into the study and saw the items, there would be such misunderstanding and despair, Luo Lingsheng wanted to let time go back and say it when they expressed their feelings to each other.

Shi Yunnan replied stiffly, and to tell the truth, “… I almost wanted to pack up and run away.”

If Luo Lingsheng’s “white moonlight” is really Wen Yibei, Shi Yunnan is not confident that he has won the other party. Instead of waiting for the final truth to be revealed, he might as well leave before his self-esteem is completely broken and his inferiority complex breaks out.

But he couldn’t bear it.

I don’t want Luo Lingsheng, little goldfish and this family.

It was not until the choice was made that Shi Yunnan found that his dependence had already taken root and sprouted over time, and there was no possibility of his withdrawal.

“Where are you going?”

Luo Lingsheng asked back. He was afraid and was very glad that everything was still in time. He retreated slightly to make it convenient for Shi Yunnan in his arms to look at himself.

The tips of their noses seemed to rub lightly, and Luo Lingsheng spoke again in a gentle but tough tone.

“Shi Yunnan, listen, when we first got together, I gave you three opportunities to go back and leave. You didn’t choose.”

“Since you are determined not to leave when my legs are bad, it is even more impossible for me to let you go now and in the future.”

“Wen Yibei may be excellent in the eyes of others, but in my eyes, you are the only one. No one can replace you.”

the one and only?

No one can replace you?

Shi Yunnan’s mind was completely occupied by these words. He endured it again and again. After all, he still lowered his eyes and shed tears——

From beginning to end, he just wanted to be firmly chosen, that’s all.

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his tearful eyes with his finger belly and continued to coax and appease, “don’t cry. After drinking so much wine and not eating, is it hard for your stomach?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head. No matter how hard it was, it was over.

Compared with the waiting time before, he just wants to empty everything to enjoy and indulge in the love given by Luo Lingsheng.

“Wait a minute. I’ll pour you some warm water and get you something to eat.”

Luo Lingsheng explained that he was pulled by his lover before he got up.

“Don’t go.”

Shi Yunnan wrapped his arms with his hands, tried to keep his dizzy head close, tentatively touched the corner of Luo Lingsheng’s mouth with his lips, “… Husband.”

With a unique tone of drunkenness and crying, it was so soft that it was confused.


Luo Lingsheng spilled a response from his throat, and he easily aroused his love in his breathing.

Shi Yunnan met his warm breath, blurred and vague, “I want you.”


Luo Lingsheng took a deep breath and closed Shi Yunnan’s arm uncontrollably. “Eat first. You’ll feel bad if you drink so much wine.”

The lips of the two people seemed to stick together, and the heat meaning of heating up to the extreme drifted around.

“Don’t want to wait…”

Shi Yunnan snorted softly and indulged his deep-rooted love.

He raised his head and kissed Luo Lingsheng’s eyebrows. His blurred look looked particularly good in the dim light.

Luo Lingsheng was defeated after all and licked his lover’s lips strongly.

“Well -”

The rest of the sound fell into a single hook.

The wine spilled late, and the unspeakable throbbing wrapped them up.

Shi Yunnan finally confused his reason and could only rely on Luo Lingsheng’s arms and let reason empty again and again in this deep kiss.

I don’t know how long later, Shi Yunnan only felt that his body suddenly took off. The instantaneous sense of weightlessness made him subconsciously hug Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder.

“What, what’s the matter?” Shi Yunnan squinted and hummed.

Luo Lingsheng kissed his thin lips and explained with his remaining reason, “the door of this bedroom has just been kicked by Yuan Meng. Let’s change a place.”

With that, Luo Lingsheng slightly weighed Shi Yunnan. For the first time in his life, he felt the lover’s weight so clearly.

Sure enough, I don’t have a few kilograms of meat. I’m still thin. I have to make up more in the future.

Luo Lingsheng thought to himself, holding the lover tighter in his arms, “baby, hold it steady, I’ll take you back to the next room.”



Shi Yunnan was awakened by Luo Lingsheng in his sleep. His stomach was burning and pain came, which made him dizzy.

He raised his eyelids with great effort and snorted, “make a noise.”

“I’m here.”

Luo Lingsheng took the almost paralyzed lover into his arms and patiently advised him in the tone of coaxing the children, “I know you’re sleepy, but you must get up and eat, pad your stomach and then go to bed.”

As soon as Shi Yunnan had digested these words, a steaming water cup was handed to his lips.

His throat was so dry that he was about to get angry. Shi Yunnan obediently drank it.

Warm water into the throat.

In a flash, it warmed to my stomach and finally awakened some sense.

Shi Yunnan tilted his head and rubbed Luo Lingsheng’s arms. As a result, he smelled the delicious taste of fish porridge in a few seconds.


Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan shrugging his nose with the smell of food, patted him on the cheek to remind him, “eat and sleep?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t move and said, “I have no strength.”

Luo Lingsheng instantly understood what he meant and smiled, “OK, I’ll feed you.”

After receiving the lover’s answer, Shi Yunnan simply closed his eyes again and waited for Luo Ling to feed the moderate temperature porridge into his mouth like taking care of the kindergarten children.

The burning stomach finally eased obviously. Shi Yunnan half narrowed and half opened his eyes to Luo Lingsheng, “what time is it? I still want to sleep for a while.”

“It’s only eight in the morning. You only slept for four or five hours.”

Not long ago, everything was out of control. They hugged each other and died in love.

Luo Lingsheng knew that Shi Yunnan was still sleepy. He didn’t force him to do anything to eat after dinner. He just accompanied him to lie back in bed, “sleep. It doesn’t matter to sleep until afternoon or night.”

Shi Yunnan subconsciously touched Luo Lingsheng’s bony hand. After clasping his fingers, he muttered contentedly, “… Husband.”


“When we wake up, we’ll buy the right ring. Don’t wait for me to design. It’s easy to say everything else. Xie KeYue picked me for this…”

Shi Yunnan’s voice is still soft and soft. “The more I think, the more angry I am.”

It is tough to be tit for tat to the outside, but soft and obedient to the inside. I’m too sleepy, but I won’t let it go at all.

Luo Lingsheng showed a smile at the end of his eyes and kissed his lips, “well, wake up.”

Shi Yunnan was too tired to answer. Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng closed his eyes and rested.

They hug each other and sleep.

When I woke up again, the sunset outside the window had stained half the sky.

Shi Yunnan was just about to stretch a little. As a result, the next second, the comfort on his face turned into inexplicable pain.

The whole body is sour and swollen.

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his waist back for the first time and laughed, “don’t move, I’ll help you rub it.”

Shi Yunnan took a deep breath and silently looked at Luo Lingsheng on his side.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What I said before I thought of you.” Shi Yunnan replied.

In less than two days, too many things happened to him. His personal mood fluctuated and changed several times. At the moment, his mind was in a mess.

Luo Ling asked in a low voice, “can you remember? You forget a lot when you’re drunk.”

overtones in conversation.


Shi Yunnan snorted and handed the right to speak to Luo Lingsheng.

“Then tell me, tell me…” he stopped to clear his throat and pointed out shyly, “tell me about the white moonlight hidden in your heart.”

Luo Lingsheng deliberately teased him, “aren’t you rare?”

——What white moonlight? Are you jealous?

——What vinegar do I eat? You think I’m rare?

Shi Yunnan vaguely remembered this conversation and quickly dyed his ears crimson.

Can you blame him for this?

I didn’t know in advance that the white moonlight would be himself.

Now, are you jealous of yourself? Funny and speechless.

“Do you say it or not?”

“Say.” Luo Lingsheng originally wanted to return to China for a showdown. Now, naturally, according to Shi Yunnan, “I say everything you want to hear.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows with satisfaction and asked questions with curiosity, “I met you only after I was drunk at the 18th birthday party, didn’t I?”


“Then nothing happened?” Shi Yunnan continued to ask.

He heard that he was drunk before, so he didn’t mean to go deep into his first meeting, “… I didn’t drink well at that time. You didn’t like me for my appearance?”

Luo Lingsheng chuckled, “I was dragged in by Yu Shuo that day. Later, I felt too stuffy, so I ran to the backyard to get some air. As a result, I met a little drunk.”

Luo Lingsheng recalled, “there was a man who rushed up to take my first kiss while saying ‘you look good’ while he was drunk. As a result, he squatted on the ground and vomited the next second.”


Shi Yunnan choked and stuttered a little, “I, we met for the first time, that’s it?”

“More than that? Later, you cried so much that you said you wanted to celebrate your birthday alone.”

“I finally found a decent slice of cake, sent it to you and said ‘Happy Birthday’. I didn’t eat a few bites and began to cry again.”

Shi Yunnan, 18, was so indulgent when he was drunk.


Shi Yunnan didn’t mean to answer. After a few seconds of aftertaste, he couldn’t help laughing, “really? Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Luo Lingsheng asked, “do you remember what you said in the car when I took you out of Shi’s house?”

——Mr. Luo, if you remember correctly, this is the first time we have met.

Shi Yunnan remembers this, but he doesn’t remember what happened at the birthday party. He is guilty.

Luo Lingsheng bit his ear like punishment, “do you think you have no conscience?”

Shi Yunnan hummed not to admit, “I’m interested in you when I’m drunk at the age of 18, and I’m also interested in you when I’m sober at the age of 26. It’s enough to prove that my eyes have been good enough. I have a great conscience.”

Luo Lingsheng let him talk nonsense and didn’t stop massaging his hands on his waist.

Shi Yunnan continued to mention along the topic, “did you go to Shi’s house on purpose?”

“Well, I came on purpose.”

The marriage between the Shi family and Luo’s Erfang is very low-key. To put it bluntly, the two sides want to make use of each other. When Luo Lingsheng heard about it, the parents of both sides had made a preliminary marriage plan.

“I heard that Luo Yanchuan refused to marry and ran away from home, but I’m still worried…”

Luo Lingsheng couldn’t stand that Shi Yunnan was with his nominal nephew, so he asked people to keep an eye on Shi Yunnan’s return to China, and “called at the door” the next morning.

At that time, it was said that “instead of proposing marriage”.

To put it bluntly, Luo Lingsheng wants to personally put pressure on the Shi family and Luo’s second room to make them less useless marriage abacus.

Of course, he also wants to see Shi Yunnan selfishly.

But Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that Shi Yunnan was much bolder and unexpected than he thought.

“I know you’re angry with your family, but I agreed with you. I know you’re just joking about calling ‘husband’ and ‘marriage’, but I still couldn’t help asking for more in the car.”

Use marriage to help block the rotten peach blossom with ulterior motives? It was an excuse he came up with temporarily.

Luo Lingsheng made a 99% chance of failure, but he didn’t expect Shi Yunnan to agree.

“Yunnan, I’m not a gentleman. On the one hand, I know I shouldn’t delay your life and freedom because of my leg injury. On the other hand, I want to tie you to me.”

“I know the reason for ‘blocking peach blossoms’ is unreliable, so… That’s why I asked Uncle Qin to take you to see Jin Yu.”

While waiting for school, the housekeeper and Shi Yunnan’s Luo’s past were also acquiesced and allowed by Luo Lingsheng.

Deep in Luo Lingsheng’s heart, he is extremely eager for Shi Yunnan to stay at Luo’s house and by his side.

Take the past harvest sympathy, let the nephew tenderly buy, exchange superficial interests… Any improper form is his chip.

Shi Yunnan did not complain at all about Luo Lingsheng’s secret love for the “careful machine” behind it, because by comparison, in fact, he completely held the idea of “for himself” at the beginning.

“So, whether in the restaurant near the group or at Zhao’s banquet, you are afraid of me being bullied and deliberately appear to support me?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t deny it, “but you can handle it well without me.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his lover’s Adam’s apple. The more he thought about it, the more he felt the taste. For a moment, he couldn’t help laughing.

“What’s the matter?”

“I just think it’s amazing…” Shi Yunnan looked up at him and made no secret of the joy and love in his eyes. “You’re such an excellent person who has liked me for so long?”

“Luo Lingsheng.”


Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingsheng’s lips like a chicken pecking rice and whispered, “if only I hadn’t forgotten what happened when I was 18, maybe…”

Luo Lingsheng’s kneading hand stopped, his fingertips rubbed and changed the taste, “maybe what?”

“Maybe we’ve been together for a long time, I think…”

Shi Yunnan’s tone changed, and his unfinished words were sealed in a reluctant kiss.

The two people were lingering over and over again, as if they were not close enough. Finally, Luo Lingsheng temporarily braked the car, “are you still sleepy?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head slightly.

His out of focus eyes congealed Qingming again, panting, “not sleepy, what’s the matter?”

Luo Lingsheng thought of the “study” problem that had not been completely solved. His hoarse voice was still full of feelings that had not completely faded. “If you are not sleepy, I’ll take you to the study, OK? I don’t want you to think about it.”

Shi Yunnan swallowed hot breath, “OK.”


Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to get out of bed to find clothes and slippers for his lover. It may be because he has just recovered. Luo Lingsheng’s pace is not fast and slow.

Shi Yunnan stared at his back, and the feeling of deja vu came to his mind again. Before he came up with a reason, the other party came back with his clothes.

“Your legs are all right?”

“I can walk, but I still need to restore treatment later. Dr. Bens said we should also avoid overwork.”

Shi Yunnan breathed a sigh of relief. “Take your time.”

Luo Lingsheng replied with a smile, “I know.”

The two simply cleaned up and walked towards the study hand in hand.

Shi Yunnan bent down and got used to it. Now he looked at Luo Lingsheng, who was much higher than himself. For a moment, he was a little novel and excited, “Luo Lingsheng.”


“What should I do? I think you look more handsome when you stand up.”

Shi Yunnan opened his mouth with a boast, completely without shyness.

Luo Lingsheng widened the upward arc of the corners of his mouth and opened the door of his study, “what should I do? I was your legal partner.”

“That’s right. I earn my blood.” Shi Yunnan is proud.

Stepping into this study again, Shi Yunnan has lost his first sour and suffocating feeling, but has more curiosity to explore.

He looked around. “Did you hide everything in the drawer?”

Luo Lingsheng closed and locked the study door, and took the initiative to take his lover to the desk. “Well, open it. The password is still the one you know.”

Shi Yunnan was impolite and entered his birthday neatly.


The electronic drawer door opens in response to the sound. Luo Lingsheng put the first top invitation aside and took the initiative to pick up the ticket root of the concert. “Come on, see clearly. Whose seat number is it?”

Shi Yunnan looked carefully at the lower right corner. “The embarrassment of being beaten in the face is intertwined with heartfelt pleasure,” it seems… It’s really where I was sitting. ”

The tickets for the first concert that year were handed over by Wen Yibei to Shi Yunnan. The seat number was the birth date of their brothers. Unfortunately, they were in the VIP seat.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “it’s like? It was.”

Shi Yunnan shook his ticket in front of Luo Lingsheng, “who can think that Mr. Luo can ‘pick up garbage’?”

Then he noticed a white bill in the drawer, “what’s that?”

Before, he was upset and hurried away without looking.

Luo Lingsheng took out the things and showed them to him. Plastic adhesive was pasted on the list, which can well avoid font dilution.

Seeing the above content, Shi Yunnan’s heart was quickly shocked and covered, “this…”

“Elle, that’s your favorite coffee and dessert shop.”


Shi Yunnan grunted his throat and couldn’t react. “What do you keep this for?”

Luo Lingsheng reminded, “look at the date above?”

Shi Yunnan looked at the last line of words, and suddenly “miso” understood something in his mind, “when Fu Zi and I first went to that Elle, you were there? You were paying our bill?”


Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that his lover would be so excited. He continued to tell the truth.

“It was an accident that day, but I heard your conversation. I know you have completely forgotten me, and I thought Fu Ziyu and you were lovers.”

Shi Yunnan immediately denied, “who is in love with him? How can I see him!”

They are really a father son relationship, a father son who is not related by blood or biological.

Luo Lingsheng smiled and didn’t speak.

After the unexpected meeting that day, Luo Lingsheng felt that he had entered a maze of “no way out”.

If Shi Yunnan’s drunken closeness at the birthday party only interested him, he couldn’t let go after seeing him again a few months later——

On the one hand, Luo Lingsheng felt that Shi Yunnan was “fond of playing and unruly”, on the other hand, he was unwilling to become a passer-by in each other’s life, so he sent someone to inquire about his college again.

Luo Lingsheng never went too far, nor did he cause trouble to Shi Yunnan.

Until he really confirmed that he was not on a whim and decided to pursue in front of Shi Yunnan——

Master Luo had an accident and everything began to develop in a direction beyond his control.

However, fortunately, the man in front of him at the moment is the teenager he thinks about day and night.

Shi Yunnan clutched the well preserved bill in his hand and filled his eyes with a small smile. “It’s so far. I’ll quietly reveal a secret to you.”


“Didn’t you see that I was distracted in the car when we came back from AI Erli’s consumption last time?”

Luo Lingsheng vaguely remembered something like this, “HMM.”

“I thought of someone that day.”

Shi Yunnan narrowed the distance between the two people and deliberately bit it very clearly, “before I met you again in the Shi family, I actually liked a person, so…”

As soon as he finished, Luo Lingsheng couldn’t help interrupting jealously, “who? When?”


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