After a Flash Marriage Chapter 86

Seeing the clear jealousy in his lover’s eyes, Shi Yunnan couldn’t help laughing, “what’s the hurry? I’m sharing the little secret of the past with you?”

“Then who hasn’t been young and sensible?”

The last half sentence is mixed with a light smile.

Seeing his heartless appearance, Luo Lingsheng felt helpless while rolling with jealousy.

He put one hand around Shi Yunnan’s waist and reluctantly resisted the sour smell. “Don’t think about deliberately making trouble with me. Anyway, no matter who it is, you can’t be with him now.”

“So what?” Shi Yunnan continued to tease him.

“What to do?” Luo Lingsheng saw that his lover was still making trouble and refused to give up. He deliberately pinched his itchy meat.

“… itch.”

Shi Yunnan sobbed, and the next second Luo Lingsheng held his lips.

After they kissed for a moment, Luo Lingsheng felt that the sour smell in his heart disappeared a little, “who did you like before?”

Shi Yunnan teased thoroughly before telling the truth, “on the same day and at the same place, I saw someone standing in front of the counter to pay. Just seeing the man’s back, I was curious about what his face looked like.”


Luo Lingsheng was stunned.

Shi Yunnan swept his lover’s Adam’s apple with his fingertips. “I’m very Yan controlled. Later, the boss told me, ‘that man’ paid for our table, so I……”

Luo Lingsheng’s tone changed and he was in a hurry with joy, “so what?”

“So I couldn’t help going to the coffee shop the next day, thinking whether I could happen to meet another wave, but it’s a pity…”

Shi Yunnan wanted to stop talking, but Luo Lingsheng answered clearly.

“Unfortunately, I received the news from master Luo and temporarily returned to the country. I didn’t go the next day.”

“Luo Lingsheng, you are the first reason why I like that store.”

When they looked at each other, they understood each other’s intentions clearly.

Shi Yunnan actively raised his head and kissed his lover’s thin lips. His expression was unprecedented moving.

“Whether I was drunk at a birthday party or met in a coffee shop, even if I met at the Shi family for the first time, the only person who moved me from childhood to adulthood was you.”

No matter how many times I meet in any way, my eyes are destined to stay for you and follow you.

Luo Lingsheng seemed to rub his lover’s lips, breathing with enthusiasm and haste, “… Really?”

“Really.” Shi Yunnan also whispered with a warm breath.

But after a long time, Shi Yunnan didn’t insist on waiting for this back. Over time, he temporarily forgot this matter.

What’s more, after returning home with Luo Lingsheng, most of them travel in wheelchairs.

Until the last time I was in Daming Township, I was in a trance, and then I waited for the confirmation at the moment——

It turns out that everything is doomed.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to put his hand around Luo Lingsheng’s arm and smiled vaguely, “what should I do? You just said that it was impossible for me and ‘that man’.”

Luo Lingsheng lost his sour taste. “Don’t you care about the ‘that person’ in my heart? We’re even once.”

As soon as the aftersound fell to the ground, their lips were next to each other again.

Kissing is like a prairie fire, sweeping away the surrounding air, causing the heartbeat to accelerate.

Shi Yunnan pulled away on the edge of losing control, and the subtle swallowing sound was with love, “… Don’t make trouble first. You haven’t finished reading the things yet. Won’t you just hide these three things?”

“More than that.”

Luo Lingsheng’s breath is also disordered.

The two snuggled up to each other and calmed down for a while. Shi Yunnan withdrew from his lover’s arms and naturally continued to “open the blind box” and looked into the drawer.

In the first drawer are invitations and bills, while in the second drawer is a photo album with a taupe cover.

Shi Yunnan took it out under the sign of Luo Lingsheng’s eyes. When he looked at the first page, his eyes coagulated, “shouldn’t it be in this album…”

“It’s all you.” Luo Lingsheng surrounded him behind him, “open it and have a look?”

Shi Yunnan answered slightly and slowly checked it.

The first picture is Shi Yunnan’s photo when he attended the university summer camp. At that time, he rarely had his hair cut short, wore a fresh white T-shirt, smiled wantonly, and formed a bright aperture around him through the sunshine of the branches.

Shi Yunnan was impressed by this photo, which was occasionally captured by a Chinese American girl. The other party also asked him for his opinion with the photo.

At the same time, Luo Lingsheng clearly replied, “this photo was cut from your College Forum. At that time, it was very popular. I also saw someone disclose your social media contact information on it.”

“It seems like that.” Shi Yunnan replied.

During that time, many people paid attention to Shi Yunnan, but he was not interested.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng behind him and asked, “what about you? Why didn’t you add my contact information at that time?”

Luo Ling closed his voice, “I thought you and Fu Zi were a couple. I don’t want to cross the border and offend you.”

Because of this, Luo Lingsheng subtly sank his face when he saw Fu Ziyu in the nightclub.

Shi Yunnan was stunned and immediately remembered——

At the beginning, he met several bold and straightforward targets because of this photo. No matter how Shi Yunnan refused, he refused to give up, and even rose to the point of entanglement.

As a close friend, Fu Ziyu couldn’t see it anymore, so he came up with a “bad idea” to help solve problems and avoid unnecessary peach blossom fate. Therefore, some people mistakenly thought that he and Fu Ziyu were a couple at that time.

When Shi Yunnan thought of this, he couldn’t help muttering in his throat, “if I had known this, I wouldn’t let Fu Zi pretend to be a bullshit couple.”

Maybe the university can start sweet love. The timeline has been pulled back for several years. It’s a big loss to think about it.

“What do you think?”

Luo Ling made a sound and grabbed his attention. He took over his lover and continued to turn over the album——

Shi Yunnan, dressed in formal clothes, leaned over the billiard table, clutching the billiard pole in his hand, and his eyes were sharply aimed at the target;

There are also Shi Yunnan holding the trophy of the billiards competition with a confident background in his eyes;

Even if there is only one side of him in the photo, Luo Lingsheng can accurately capture and collect it.

Shi Yunnan’s heart ripples and his voice is sticky. “How can you even find the official photos of my club?”

Because this billiards club is not famous and there are few students and adult members, Fu Ziyu took him in to play at the beginning.

“I’m collecting everything about you.”

Luo Lingsheng continued to move in his hand as he spoke. More and more photos appeared in front of Shi Yunnan.

There are official photos of him participating in pet charity outside school, as well as photos sent to social platforms by his friends when he plays privately

Everything seemed to help Shi Yunnan relive every moment in the University.

But what makes Shi Yunnan most excited is——

Luo Lingsheng never took any photos that were tracked and secretly taken across the border. All the treasures were released by others. He hid his personal feelings in the most rational way.

The picture turned back another page.

In the auditorium where the school carries countless brilliance, and when others are accompanied by their parents and relatives to celebrate graduation, Shi Yunnan sits quietly in the corner alone in his bachelor’s uniform.

“This photo…” Shi Yunnan stopped.

“I secretly went to your graduation ceremony. I don’t want to miss an important moment in your life.”

The moment Luo Lingsheng answered, Shi Yunnan’s eyes suddenly sour.

On graduation day, the Shi family couldn’t have come all the way to attend.

Fu Zi, a good friend, temporarily returned to the country when something happened, and Wen Yibei, whom Shi Yunnan could contact, was also busy with the crucial graduation performance assessment.

At that time, the best students around were busy hugging and celebrating with their families.

Shi Yunnan, who has no one to share and celebrate, can only stay alone and commemorate an important day in his life.

“If only someone could accompany me, even for a second.”

At that time, Shi Yunnan had an idea for a moment, but he didn’t expect to get the answer given by reality today——

It turned out that someone was really with him in the dark. It turned out that someone had never been absent from his life.

“On graduation day, I received a bunch of sunflowers, which you secretly sent?”


Shi Yunnan got the expected answer and sighed and smiled.

At first, he thought it was sent by Wen Yibei. Until he received a flower greeting card with the signature of “Wen Yibei”, he realized that the bouquet of sunflowers should come from someone else.

——There is no one else, you are everywhere.

This is the sunflower language, silent and hidden love that Shi Yunnan learned later on the Internet.

Shi Yunnan turned around, and there was a slight wet meaning in the sound line, “why didn’t you show up and come to me at that time?”

Luo Lingsheng whispered helplessly, “my leg is hurt.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer.

Even if Luo Lingsheng only uses a few words to explain, he can understand Luo Lingsheng’s original state of mind and suffering.

At that time, Luo Lingsheng was at the lowest point of his life. For Shi Yunnan, he was just a stranger who “never met” and could not or dared not see.

Shi Yunnan only felt that the alcohol in his body had not completely subsided. Under the volatilization of his spare power, he was much more emotional than before.

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his red corners of his eyes with his finger belly, “why didn’t you find you crying so much before?”

“I didn’t cry.”

Shi Yunnan held back the moisture in his eyes and rubbed Luo Lingsheng’s wrist. “I just think it’s too late to be with you.”

“If you don’t drink at the age of 18, if you can rush up to stop you at the coffee shop on impulse…”

As long as Shi Yunnan thought that Luo Lingsheng had paid silently for so many years, but he had been ignorant, he felt sad for his lover.

“No later.”

Luo Lingsheng caught his unfinished words and tried to coax him with relaxed words, “you also said that the person you like sooner or later is me.”

“Other people’s secret love for many years may end up in vain, and when we meet again, you call me ‘husband’ on the spot. I’m not at a loss.”

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan finally smiled and couldn’t help but get close and tease with an angry voice, “that’s my blood.”

“It seems that we haven’t done a loss business?”

“Well, of course.”

Shi Yunnan slightly restrained his mood and looked at the last drawer. “Are you hiding anything else?”

When he asked this, the expectation hidden in his heart came out again.

Shi Yunnan knows that his nature is sensitive and lack of love.

Before, he never expected others to bring any sense of security, but now Luo Lingsheng quietly filled his heart with love, making him willing to ask for and look forward to other surprises and stability.

Luo Lingsheng motioned with his eyes, “open it and have a look?”

With permission, Shi Yunnan turned back and bent down to open the third drawer——

Two identical marriage certificates and a small black velvet box.

There were not many things in the drawer, but the weight was enough for Shi Yunnan to hold his breath.

Luo Lingsheng walked around the stunned lover, took out the small black velvet box and made the posture that had been conceived thousands of times in his mind.

“Yunnan, I know it’s too simple in this way, but would you like to…”

Luo Lingsheng asked his lover’s eyes word by word, “would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

The small black velvet box opened and contained a pair of simple but exquisite men’s rings——

The front faces of the two rings with the same size are next to each other into an arc plane, on which is engraved a wanton’s’, and a fine diamond is embedded at both ends of each end.


Shi Yunnan stared at the ring in the box. For a moment, his thoughts were flying. He glanced at the marriage certificate on the table. Thousands of words eventually fell into one sentence.

“Luo Lingsheng, happy first anniversary.”

The tacit understanding between the four eyes does not need to be described in too many words.

But ten seconds later, the long cherished rings were finally worn on each other’s ring fingers.

Shi Yunnan clasped Luo Lingsheng’s hot palm and smiled, “that’s what you predicted on the phone?”

“Sort of.”

Luo Lingsheng had planned half a month in advance and set other marriage proposal places through remote control, but when he got off the plane and went home yesterday, he was frightened by the collapse of Shi Yunnan.

The plan can’t keep up with the change.

Fortunately, Shi Yunnan and he are people who have more intentions than a sense of ceremony.

Shi Yunnan saw the’s’ character on the ring, and asked subtly, “this pair of rings…”

Luo Lingsheng frankly replied, “I asked a designer to customize it on impulse.”

Luo Lingsheng held Shi Yunnan’s finger at the birthday party and remembered the approximate size of the other party’s ring finger, but more importantly, he wanted to leave himself with “unrealistic” ideas.

I didn’t expect it to be true now. Fortunately, it’s the right size.

Shi Yunnan heard the speech and gave a strange smile, “foreign designers?”

Luo Lingsheng smiled back.

“Did you know I was carrying a jewelry designer’s vest?” Shi Yunnan approached him and “questioned” him. He was angry and funny. “He pretended not to know before.”

“No wonder I proposed to design our wedding ring before. Your reaction was very calm. You had been waiting for me here long ago?”


Luo Lingsheng’s “voice” and Shi Yunnan’s “Shi”.

It is connected by the homophonic characters of the first and last names of two people, representing indivisibility.

The design concept was put forward by Luo Lingsheng, and the design paper was composed of Shi Yunnan. Even though they both hid a little truth from each other, they finally created their wedding ring.

Luo Lingsheng hugged him, “isn’t it good?”

Shi Yunnan replied with a smile, “it’s great.”

His heart was never satisfied. For a time, he couldn’t help saying something boring, “husband, I want to kiss you.”

Luo Lingsheng easily accepted his request, accurately captured the soft lip and knocked it into his teeth.

Lingering lips and tongues.

I don’t know who started shortness of breath first.

“Hold tight.”

Luo Lingsheng gave a hoarse instruction, and the next second he held Shi Yunnan on the desk with his wrist, further deepening the kiss.

I can’t taste it enough. I always want to swallow it.

Shi Yunnan was so strong that he almost fell back. His flustered hand looking for support accidentally slipped off the folder on the desktop.


The falling sound called back Shi Yunnan’s sense. Seeing the feelings in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, he remembered the intimacy that had only been separated for a few hours, and quickly made a voice to stop it.

“Wait… Wait a minute.”

Luo Lingsheng stopped as he wished, and the sexy breath swept his ears, “what’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan shrunk. “This is the study.”

Luo Lingsheng had made preparations, “I have locked the door.”


Shi Yunnan was suddenly silent.

He just wanted to kiss to release his feelings, but he didn’t want to toss himself out again.

Shi Yunnan thought for a moment, then made a reminder from an angle, “Dr. Bens said you’re just right. Don’t mess around.”

Luo Lingsheng saw through his intention and said, “I know my legs. You didn’t say you were afraid of being tired before. I wish my legs would be better soon?”

“… that’s not what I mean. It hasn’t been so frequent before.”

Shi Yunnan wanted to slip away, only to find that he was put on the table and in front of Luo Lingsheng, and there was no way back.

Luo Lingsheng lost his smile and kissed the corner of his eye, “from today on, it has to be so frequent.”

The kiss fell again.

Arrogant and affectionate, there is no way back.

Shi Yunnan gave up resistance in less than half a minute, holding Luo Lingsheng’s wrist tight and tight.

In the end, he could only take advantage of the gap in breathing and make a soft statement, “then, please be gentle.”




Two hours later.

Shi Yunnan was so tired that he collapsed in the quilt and his mind was full of nonsense that day.

——I was not sensible before, but now practice makes true knowledge.

——If your leg doesn’t work, I’ll be very tired in the future.

The more Shi Yunnan thought about it, the more he felt that he had dug a big hole for himself. He pulled the quilt over his head and let out a cry of “beating his face”.

Wrong. He was young and ignorant before. Once Luo Lingsheng’s action is convenient, he will be more tired and unable to get out of bed!

The door of the electronic room rang the sound of opening and closing, and a happy little step stepped in, “little uncle, have dinner!”

Shi Yunnan opened the quilt and saw the little goldfish and Luo Lingsheng come in one after another.

Luo Lingsheng held a tray in his hand with four or five exquisite and delicious dishes on it, which was obviously deliberately brought up for him to eat

The little goldfish lay on the side of the bed, opened his eyes and said, “little uncle, are you okay? My uncle said you were sick and needed a rest.”


fall ill?

Good guy, if your uncle doesn’t toss around, I won’t be ‘sick’.

Shi Yunnan secretly stared at the culprit and got up from the bed with strong strength.

Seeing that Shi Yunnan was weak, the little goldfish suddenly pouted his mouth and “whined” twice, “little uncle, the teacher said that blowing can blow away the sick gas. It doesn’t hurt.”

Shi Yunnan was amused by his round cheeks. He reached out and poked, “thank you, little goldfish. Our baby is so cute.”

Luo Lingsheng put the dinner on the side table, “come and eat? Can you go?”


Shi Yunnan responded quickly.

In front of his little nephew, he will definitely hold up his face.

Shi Yunnan opened the quilt and slowly moved to the bedside, trying to resist the swelling of his body.

Unfortunately, once people are afraid of anything, they will come.

As soon as Shi Yunnan stepped on the ground, his knees suddenly got out of control, softened and half knelt on the ground.


Shi Yunnan’s knee was twisted with pain, and he wanted to find a hole to drill down.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng immediately came forward and took him back to the bed, “sit down, I’ll move the small table over a little.”

As soon as the voice fell, the little goldfish nearby burst into tears.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were startled by their little nephew and immediately moved their eyes.

Ignoring the pain on his knee, Shi Yunnan pulled the little goldfish to his side, “what’s the matter? Why did he suddenly cry?”

The little goldfish Committee crept into bed and rubbed Shi Yunnan’s knee with his little hand. “Is my uncle’s leg good and my little uncle’s bad?”

“Wuwuwuwu, my little uncle hasn’t gone downstairs for dinner since yesterday.”



Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and were embarrassed by the brain hole of the little goldfish.

Shi Yunnan pinched his little nephew’s cheek and explained with a smile, “nonsense, I just didn’t stand firm at once. I’ll have strength when I’m full.”

The little goldfish sobbed and asked, “where is the little uncle sick?”

Shi Yunnan had no choice but to pull out an excuse, “stomach, stomach pain.”

Luo Lingsheng was afraid that his lover’s knee would be swollen. He sat by the bed and rubbed it gently for him.

He heard the lover’s excuse, and a smile flashed between his eyebrows and eyes, “today Yu, you bring the small bowl of spare ribs soup to warm your little uncle’s stomach.”

At the command, he easily diverted the little goldfish’s attention.

The little goldfish was afraid that Shi Yunnan was hungry and had a stomachache. He hurried from the bed to the table and carefully brought the bowl of warm corn ribs soup.

“Little uncle, drink slowly. If it’s not enough, I’ll go downstairs and ask grandpa Qin for it!”

“OK.” Shi Yunnan answered his little adult’s instructions.

Luo Lingsheng said to the lover with deep meaning, “do you have strength in your hands? Do you need to feed?”


Shi Yunnan snorted tenaciously and slowly drank some warm soup to cushion his stomach.

The little goldfish didn’t understand the riddles played by adults. He ran to the table and took other small bowls of vegetables to Shi Yunnan. “Little uncle, you should eat more. If you are full, you won’t feel bad.”

Luo Lingsheng answered, “I really have to eat.”


Shi Yunnan looked at his clever little nephew and saw that he had turned himself into such a “culprit” now. Suddenly he stopped drinking soup.

“Little goldfish, my little uncle teaches you a new truth.”


Shi Yunnan organized a language and explained with great sincerity, “in the future, you should think twice before you do anything. You must not dig a hole for yourself, okay?”

The author has something to say: # little fox: dig a hole and jump by yourself.


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