After a Flash Marriage Chapter 87


The little goldfish sat on the table, nibbling at the burnt bread, and couldn’t help glancing at Shi Yunnan with small eyes——

What should I do? Should he ask his little uncle?

Last night, my uncle taught him a new truth. He thought for a long time and didn’t understand it. Isn’t it necessary to dig a hole before planting trees?

But he doesn’t have a small shovel and doesn’t have to plant trees.

“Today Yu, what do you think?” Luo Lingsheng noticed the little nephew’s eyes and asked, “this mouthful of bread has been chewed for a long time.”

Shi Yunnan handed him the milk and said with concern, “is it too dry? Drink some milk.”

The little goldfish took the cat shaped milk cup and gulped two mouthfuls of warm milk. He still gave up the idea of asking.

forget it.

Or pretend to understand.

What if my uncle and little uncle find out that they are not smart enough.

Just thinking, the housekeeper Qin Bo handed a notice of intention to Luo Lingsheng, “master, this is the notice of going out of the summer camp sent by the kindergarten two days ago. Have a look?”

“Out of office notification?”

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan leaned over to check with some curiosity.

Luo Lingsheng simply tilted the notice to him and studied it together.

“It’s to go to the ancient town near the province of Dijing, take them to broaden their horizons, add them back and forth for five days and four nights, and listen to the meaning of the young master and their head teacher. Whether they go or not is a free choice, and see the opinions of parents and children.”

The kindergartens where little goldfish studies are children from rich families. They are basically spoiled and grown up by their families. They have never left home since childhood.

This short distance summer camp not only broadens their horizons, but also wants to exercise their most basic living skills.

“Today is the deadline. I have to make up my mind.” Qin Bo added.

The notice should have been given to Luo Lingsheng when he got it. It was only two days ago that Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan were busy with personal affairs, so he didn’t mention it at the first time.

Shi Yunnan carefully confirmed the contents of the notice again and frowned, “I want to leave home for five days? In case of heatstroke on a hot day and another head fever, can the summer camp teacher take care of it?”

Luo Lingsheng heard the lover’s tone and smiled, “you were so independent when you were a child. Now today Yu is just so nervous when you go out in less than a week?”


Shi Yunnan snorted, “that’s different.”

He himself is a former man. It doesn’t matter if he endured it when he was a child. But now he is the elder of the little goldfish. He has to worry more about raising each other as his own parents and children.

Shi Yunnan retorted, “don’t talk about me. I don’t believe it. You’re not worried at all.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and handed over the decision to his nephew, “look at today Yu himself.”

The little goldfish chewed a piece of bread again. “Little uncle, I want to play. I would have dressed and washed myself long ago, and I have an appointment to sleep with my classmates.”

Hearing his nephew’s cheerful tone, Shi Yunnan easily compromised, “go if you want and ask your uncle to sign and pay.”

The arrangements of the summer camp are top-notch, and they can’t really suffer much, as long as the little goldfish is not afraid of leaving home.

Luo Lingsheng smiled helplessly and signed the notice confirmation from the housekeeper.

“Young master, you have to eat quickly, or you’ll be late for class.” The housekeeper took back the confirmation and gently urged the little goldfish who was still lingering for breakfast.

The little goldfish answered and drank up the milk in the cup. He climbed down from the table and suddenly put his little hand on Shi Yunnan’s stomach and rubbed it. “Little uncle, is your stomach still uncomfortable?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t expect that the little goldfish still remembered the ‘lie’ he pulled casually last night, and sighed, “it’s not uncomfortable, thank you, baby.”

The little goldfish said Hei hei twice. Then he picked up his little schoolbag and waved to the two parents on the table, “bye, uncle and little uncle. I’ll go to class to learn knowledge.”


“See you tonight, baby.”

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at him and answered one after another.

After the little goldfish and the housekeeper left, Shi Yunnan moved his chair closer to Luo Lingsheng, “I haven’t had time to ask you. Has Luo’s second room been solved?”

After seeing the news that “Luo’s small-scale assets were seized” that day, Shi Yunnan left it behind. Now it’s almost ten days and a half months to think of it.

“The enterprise assets in the hands of Erfang are basically abandoned. In order to keep Luo Yanchuan from accident, Luo Dexing took all the responsibilities, but the investigation of relevant departments has not been completely completed…”

Shi Yunnan asked, “where’s Luo Yanchuan?”

Luo Lingsheng shook a trace of coldness at the bottom of his eyes, “I didn’t find it.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t understand, “didn’t you find him? Did he hide for refuge?”

“The father and son Luo Dexing and Luo Yanchuan secretly moved a lot, but they basically passed through Luo Dexing’s hands, and Luo Yanchuan did not actually participate in the evidence.”

Luo Lingsheng knew this well, so he didn’t think he could let Erfang and his son go to jail together at the beginning.

“However, since the assets of the second house are almost sealed, Luo Yanchuan can’t afford much spray if he has the ability?”

“As long as you tell the news a little, no one in the imperial circle will openly oppose you for him?”

After seeing Xie KeYue back, Shi Yunnan vaguely understood something——

In fact, the world was not dominated by Xie KeYue, a “Book wearer”. The other party can only make plans and gains through their understanding of the “world in books”.

Xie KeYue’s “accident” destroyed the balance of the original world. That’s why he, an Aboriginal, dreamed of those strange pictures. It’s like nature has conserved rules, and they can re correct the order.

Perhaps everything now is the most correct track.

In that case, Luo Yanchuan can’t be called a protagonist.

Without the aura of the protagonist and the chips of reality, he is like an egg hitting a stone. How can he defeat Luo Lingsheng and the Luo group behind him?

Luo Lingsheng responded to his lover’s words. As a result, he found that the other party was dazzled, “what are you thinking?”


Shi Yunnan refocused his eyes and smiled, “I just want to know where Luo Yanchuan can hide now?”

Shi Yunnan does not intend to tell Luo Lingsheng his original dream, because it is not necessary.

Up to now, he has completely ignored the original dream and these messy cognition of “wearing books”.

In this world, there are his lovers, relatives and families. For Shi Yunnan, he was one of tens of thousands of people living in this world.

Footsteps sounded, and Qin Bamboo Slips came in from outside.

“Owner, I have a police report just released here about Luo Yanchuan.”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were also attracted by these remarks.

Qin Jian handed over the tablet in his hand and told the truth concisely, “Luo Yanchuan was officially filed and notified by the police because he hit and ran away!”

“Hit and run?” Shi Yunnan was surprised, “when?”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at the date on the notice, “is it the day when the relevant departments officially sealed up Shixing assets?”

Shi Yunnan wondered, “it’s going to take more than ten days. Why did it take so long to confirm?”

Qin Jian, who sent someone to inquire about the situation before notifying, immediately answered, “what Luo Yanchuan knocked down was a middle-aged man crossing the road. He had been in a high-risk coma before because of serious head injury…”

“Moreover, the accident section belongs to a suburban New Road, and the newly installed monitoring has not been fully put into use, so the relevant departments can only check the vehicles at the traffic intersection outside the new road after learning that the family members reported the case.”

This time, it will take some time.

“At present, the victim has woken up and helped the police confirm the relevant vehicle information.”

Luo Yanchuan had already abandoned his car. The last time he appeared in the surveillance was five days ago, so the police issued a notice.

Shi Yunnan tutted twice and commented seriously, “fool.”

Hit and run.

This is a bad case. Once Luo Yanchuan is arrested, he will never escape legal sanctions.

Qin Jian then said, “it was not easy for Luo Dexing to protect him. He himself took the handle and sent it to the arms of the police. Now even the owner doesn’t have to come forward to solve it.”

Luo Lingsheng handed the tablet back to Qin bamboo slips. “You deserve it. Let the police deal with it, but we should be careful here so that he won’t make trouble again.”

Qin Jian replied, “I see.”

After Luo Lingsheng explained, his eyes fell back to Shi Yunnan’s breakfast bowl, “don’t eat?”

Shi Yunnan scooped the millet porridge in the bowl, “not very hungry.”

Luo Lingsheng said, “you didn’t have much meat. You were busy designing and didn’t eat breakfast on time. I have to stare at you in the future.”

Shi Yunnan took it back with deep meaning, “don’t bother me, I can get up in the morning.”


Hearing this, Qin Bamboo Slips, who had no time to retreat, immediately felt that they had become a light bulb brighter than the sun outside.

Luo Lingsheng smiled at Shi Yunnan, who was’ complaining ‘, and pulled back the topic of running away in front of his subordinates. “Where’s Yuan Meng? I told him what to do?”

Qin Jian replied, “he has been waiting in the garage, and according to your meaning, he has moved the wheelchair to the car.”

Shi Yunnan grabbed the keyword, “wheelchair?”


Luo Lingsheng knew the lover’s concerns and explained, “Luo Yanchuan secretly took the lead some time ago. Some enterprises that covet Luo’s industry plan to work together.”

Luo’s is a big piece of meat. Everyone wants to bite.

“I want to take advantage of this opportunity to renovate the second room and solve those who covet Luo.”

In the eyes of outsiders, they are used to Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair and inconvenient posture, so they dare to move again after he took power for four years.

If we let them know the real situation of Luo Lingsheng now, it is likely that they will hibernate again in fear. Instead of letting them retreat and rot in secret, we might as well deal with it “according to the plan”.

Of course, these are just easy things for Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng indicated with his eyes that the assistant should step down first. Then he approached the lover and bit his ear. “Dr. Bens told me not to use my legs too much in the early stage. I intend to continue to use a wheelchair during daytime working hours.”

What else does Shi Yunnan not understand?

He just felt the heat on his face and hurriedly urged, “OK, they are busy during the day. You, you go quickly. Don’t let them wait for Qin bamboo slips for a long time.”

“You haven’t answered me yet? At night…”


On the surface, Shi Yunnan refused as a matter of course. In fact, his private mood has drifted.

Luo Lingsheng smiled but said nothing.

He supported the table with his hand and got up slowly. “Then I’ll go first?”

Shi Yunnan nodded.

Luo Lingsheng, who was promised by his lover, took no two steps. As a result, he heard a stop voice behind him, “wait.”

Shi Yunnan got up from his chair and approached, looking up at Luo Lingsheng’s face and body——

In fact, their height is only six or seven centimeters, but they are too much in body comparison.

Shi Yunnan, who was no longer able to grow taller, sighed and asked, “Luo Lingsheng, you nod low.”

Luo Lingsheng raised the radian of his lips and lowered his posture according to the lover’s intention, “huh?”

Lips, easily attached.

The two exchanged a light kiss.

Shi Yunnan showed his deep expectation in his eyes, provocatively and vaguely expressed his ideas, “… Husband, let’s try a new posture at night?”

Luo Lingsheng couldn’t help laughing. He pinched his earlobe with his finger belly, “OK.”

After Luo Lingsheng left, Shi Yunnan quickly packed up and drove to the studio alone.

The car stopped in front of the red light. Just at the right time, Wen Yibei’s phone dialed in.

Shi Yunnan connected the Bluetooth headset and answered quickly, “Hello, brother.”

“Yunnan, are you free now?”

Wen Yibei’s voice came through the earphone, listening to some unspeakably complex and heavy.

Shi Yunnan looked slightly changed. “I’m going to the design studio, brother. What’s the matter?”

“I’m fine, but I’m at Ling’an funeral home now.” Wen Yibei answered softly.

Shi Yunnan was stunned. For a moment, he couldn’t react, “what? Funeral home?”

“Grandpa, he…”

The other end of the phone paused for a moment, and finally changed his mouth, “master Shi disappeared in the hospital three days ago.”

“If you want to come, I’ll tell you the details. If you don’t, I won’t bother you with these things.”

Wen Yibei knew his brother’s “hatred” for the Shi family, so he didn’t force it, but no matter what, he was obliged to inform him.

Shi Yunnan was silent for a few seconds. After all, he answered before the red light ended, “OK.”

Half an hour later, Ling’an funeral home.

According to Wen Yibei’s address, Shi Yunnan just walked to the door of the funeral home and met his brother.

The two brothers met face to face and walked in silently.

The independent funeral parlor was empty. There were only two wreaths. Master Shi, who was still dignified in his life, didn’t come to pay tribute to the funeral after his death.

On the central stage in front of the hall is the portrait of master Shi, which looks as strong, indifferent and ruthless as before.

Shi Yunnan asked low, “why is it so sudden? What about Shi Sheng?”

“It’s not sudden.”

Wen Yibei sat down with Shi Yunnan and told him everything he knew.

“I heard from the nurse of the hospital that the old man was already struggling during his hospitalization. When I heard that Xie KeYue was not his own blood, half a breath passed.”

“Xie KeYue’s smuggling naturally involves Shi’s logistics. Relevant personnel, including Shi Sheng, have been taken away for investigation and haven’t been released yet.”

Even though Shi Sheng tried to forget that Xie KeYue was the only one who did this incident, Xie KeYue was crazy to ‘identify’ that he was instigated by Shi Sheng!

Shi Sheng and Xie KeYue have a real father son relationship. The latter does rely on Shi’s freight belt for illegal acts. Therefore, Shi Sheng has to be monitored and investigated by relevant departments for a while.

Shi Yunnan was unmoved. “It’s funny. After 20 years of pain, he finally raised a white eyed wolf. This father and son are indeed the most outrageous jokes in the world.”

Wen Yibei felt the same way and continued, “Shi’s reputation accumulated over the years will certainly be lost because of this legal storm.”

“I know.” Shi Yunnan responded.

Because of Yu Shuo’s Secret contribution, Shi’s logistics, which was originally in the “smuggling storm” and had no leader, could not face the accident at all.

Shi had a financial problem only a year ago and managed to stabilize. Now he can’t stand it.

Since Mr. Shi was hospitalized, although Shi Sheng hired a nurse, he still visited him every three or five times. This time he didn’t appear for a whole week, and the old man paralyzed in the hospital bed became suspicious.

“The nurse who took care of him didn’t know the relationship between the old man and Shi. When he asked, he helped search the Internet…”

The foundation that has worked hard for most of his life is destroyed.

Master Shi, who learned about it, completely fainted with anger. After the rescue was ineffective, he died alone.

Both the hospital and the nursing staff left Shi Sheng’s phone number, but they couldn’t get in touch. After the client asked, they found Wen Yibei.

“I wanted to ignore it, but I couldn’t be cruel after all.”

Wen Yibei was born with a gentle and soft heart. After repeated hesitation, he chose to contact the funeral home.

“I’ve sent someone to tell Shi Sheng that after cremation, he will temporarily store the ashes in the funeral home and let him deal with it after he solves the trouble.”

After a lifetime of trying to be strong, master Shi ended up lying in the hospital morgue with no one to take care of his affairs? It’s sad to hear about it.

Shi Yunnan looked at the portrait and said nothing more.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.” Wen Yibei looked at Shi Yunnan and patted him on the shoulder. “Sorry, I’m a brother. I should be more able to hide something.”

“Brother, it’s all right.”

As early as when master Shi was still alive, he had a cold attitude towards the Shi family, especially now.

The two brothers opened the topic and chatted slowly.

When Wen Yibei called Shi Yunnan, Shi’s body had been sent in for cremation, but it still needed a certain waiting time.

They talked for a while, and a man in a black suit hurried, “Mr. Wen.”

The man in the suit shouted and was surprised at Shi Yunnan’s appearance, “… Mr. Shi?”

Wen Yibei took the initiative to get up and was a little strange to the visitor, “who are you, please?”

“Hello, my name is Zhou Qimin from Dongfeng law firm. I have been in charge of the legal business needs of the Shi family for the past two years. I received a call from Mr. Shi Sheng this morning and asked me to come and help deal with Mr. Shi Houde’s future affairs.”

During this time, Shi Sheng had already realized it.

He felt ashamed. For the two brothers Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, up to now, he dared not let any of the twin brothers bother about the father’s future.

Wen Yibei responded, “Hello, lawyer Zhou.”

Shi Yunnan tacitly glanced at his brother and said without attachment, “since lawyer Zhou is here, let’s go first.”

“Just a moment, please. Mr. Shi is also here. I happen to have something to hand over to you.”

Zhou Qimin temporarily stopped their intention to go, zipped the briefcase and took out the well kept will.

“Gentlemen, this is the will amended and made by Mr. Shi Houde half a month ago. Mr. Shi Sheng also knows about this.”

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and were surprised by the “will” that suddenly appeared in front of them.

Zhou Qiming handed over his will, “don’t you two have a look?”

Shi Yunnan had no idea, but gave the choice to Wen Yibei. The latter hesitated for a while, but still came over to see.

“According to the request of Mr. Shi Houde, he still has some personal assets and wants to distribute them equally to your two brothers…”

The will also involved Shi’s logistics, which was handed over to Shi Sheng for inheritance, but Shi was recently involved in a big storm, so Zhou Qimin didn’t mention it.

However, with regard to the private property of the old man, it can still be effectively distributed.

Wen Yibei looked at Shi Yunnan on his side and was surprised, “the old man’s private property is left to us?”

Shi Yunnan answered, “isn’t he confused?”

“How could it be wrong? Old Mr. Shi Houde mentioned it himself.” Zhou Qimin repeatedly confirmed, “he and Mr. Shi Sheng feel ashamed of your two brothers, so…”

Shi Yunnan calmly interrupted, “we don’t need to give love to who.”

Zhou Qimin stuck, “Mr. Shi?”

“His confession belongs to him. I don’t want to accept it. That’s also my business.”

If Shi Yunnan took this will, wouldn’t it become another formal connection with the Shi family? He doesn’t want it, and he can’t forgive people calmly after they die.

Wen Yibei fully understood his brother’s idea and stuffed his will back into Zhou Qimin’s hand. “Lawyer Zhou, we choose to give up inheritance. Please.”

The silent silence spread for a while.

Until a staff member came out behind him and sent out a square urn wrapped in white cloth, “is Shi Houde’s family here?”

Wen Yibei calmly said, “since Shi Sheng told you to deal with it, let’s go first.”

With that, he took the initiative to signal Shi Yunnan to leave together.

Zhou Qimin looked at the natural and straightforward back of the two brothers and sighed slowly. As a lawyer, he knew the attitude of master Shi——

Mr. Shi was confused for so many years. He didn’t feel remorse and suffering until he collapsed in the hospital bed. He wanted to compensate his two grandchildren, but obviously he had lost his last chance.

Zhou Qimin looked at the urn alone on the Lingtai, shook his head and whispered, “old man, do you regret it?”

If I had known today, why did I have to start!

People have to bear the consequences for what they have done, but the confession before death is the least valuable.

The author has something to say: # little fox: external, bye bye, no forgiveness! Inside, unlock the new pose tonight.


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