After a Flash Marriage Chapter 88

Shi Yunnan returned to the parking lot with a straight face.

Wen Yibei couldn’t see his brother’s mood. He stretched out his hand to caress his frown, “well, don’t be annoyed by the dead.”

“I just think it’s funny. Have they cared about me even once these years? Now they say repentance? Guilt? What did they do 20 years ago?”

“Now with a will and a little money, do you want our brothers to get back in touch with the Shi family?”

Shi Yunnan sneer at it, unable to help Tucao, “I make complaints about my life.” I knew that I would rather change it to “Wen” directly from my grandpa.

Wen Yibei was amused by his childishness. “It’s good. What can’t do with his surname? Just ignore it.”

Shi Yunnan leaned against the car and calmed down a little.

He can put everything in the Shi family behind him and ignore it, but if the old story is mentioned again, Shi Yunnan still won’t choose to forgive those people.

“Brother, but you don’t have to do what I want.”

Shi Yunnan is an independent individual and doesn’t want to add his emotions to Wen Yibei.

He remembered the amount of property in the will just now, and his eyes were full of interest. “The money was kept in his arms all his life. Xie Wei and Xie KeYue couldn’t take it down again. At the moment, they took it all out?”

“Don’t you want nothing? If Xie KeYue knew about it, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood.”

Wen Yibei patted him on the forehead. “I started talking nonsense when I was in a good mood. What do you care about the reform through labor prisoner? You don’t want the money. I don’t need it when I’m a brother.”

“I will come forward and make it clear to Shi Sheng so that he won’t disturb our normal life in the future.”

Wen Yibei patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder and said sincerely, “Yun Nan, just remember that we won’t be involved with the Shi family from now on.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and nodded at his brother’s gentle eyes as usual.

Wen Yibei stopped the topic and looked back at Shi Yunnan’s ring finger, “finally put it on.”


Shi Yunnan slowed down half a beat and looked down Wen Yibei’s line of sight. Only then did he react.

Wen Yibei chuckled, “I was surprised to learn that you and Luo Lingsheng got the license, but I always felt that there was something wrong between you. Later, I found that neither you nor he wore a wedding ring, and I secretly worried about it for a while…”

After all, this involves the feelings and private affairs of his brother. Wen Yibei can’t ask directly.

“Yunnan, I know you’ve suffered a lot over the years. Even if I ask and make up for it, you hide it and won’t say it easily.”

Wen Yibei thought of some of the past, and there were more ups and downs in the stable sound line. “Now with Luo Lingsheng, there is finally one more person you can rely on.”


Shi Yunnan noticed Wen Yibei’s mood swings and deliberately laughed at him in turn.

“Just now I said that I didn’t mention the past and won’t be involved any more. It’s only less than three minutes. How can you remember it yourself?”

He reached out and put the ring in front of Wen Yibei. “I’m fine now, and…”

Wen Yibei asked, “and what?”

Seeing Wen Yibei’s curious and magnanimous eyes, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt a little embarrassed. After all, he mistakenly thought that his brother was Luo Lingsheng, who had secretly loved Bai moonlight for several years.

Wen Yibei smiled, “Why are you embarrassed to go halfway?”

“Who said I was embarrassed?”

Shi Yunnan retorted, but the smile at the end of his eyes couldn’t hide, “and the relationship between Luo Lingsheng and me was doomed. I looked at each other at the birthday party that year. I was drunk and forgot.”

“Otherwise, as soon as I reach the legal marriage age, I should pull Luo Lingsheng to pull the certificate.”

Wen Yibei was so surprised by his brother that he couldn’t help but stop, “OK, look at your satisfied appearance. You’re still here with me.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Yunnan’s mobile phone rang. It was from the studio staff.


“Designer Shi, are you still in the studio today? A gentleman suddenly came here to look for you.”

“Someone is looking for me?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at Wen Yibei. After simply confirming the identity of the visitor on the phone, he hurriedly explained a few words and hung up the phone.

Wen Yibei asked, “are you busy?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t deny it. He looked at the time on his mobile phone, “brother, where are you going? I’ll drive you there.”

“No, I drove here myself.” Wen Yibei refused. He didn’t want to delay his brother’s important work.

“You were called by me temporarily. Hurry back first and drive carefully on the road.”

Shi Yunnan nodded back to the car, opened the window and responded, “brother, you should drive carefully and contact again at the weekend.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t say much, started the car and left.

Ling’an funeral home and jade market were in the same direction. Within ten minutes, Shi Yunnan arrived at the design studio.

The assistant he recruited immediately greeted him, “designer Shi, the gentleman named to see you. After I contacted you, I asked him to wait in the reception room.”

“I see.”

Shi Yunnan went in and saw Lu Zhaoan’s empty office. He asked casually, “is the person in charge of the road out?”

The assistant answered truthfully, “yes, he made an appointment with Lingyu design to talk about the acquisition. He took the people of the project team out early in the morning.”

Everything has been going well since Lu Zhaoan came back.

Shi Yunnan nodded, stopped in front of the guest room and asked, “there is a box of white jade ceramic carvings on the cabinet in my office. Go and get them now.”


The assistant answered and went to work.

Shi Yunnan slightly adjusted his clothes and calmly pushed the door in.

In the reception room with simple layout but artistic beauty, there is a foreign man sitting at present——

The other party is tasting a cup of coffee. He looks handsome and perfect on his side. The watch on his wrist shows slightly. People who know the brand understand that it is a high luxury product with high price.

Because he heard the movement of pushing the door, the foreign man raised his eyes, and his amber brown eyes immediately overflowed with joy, “Mr. Shi, we meet again.”

“Mr. Ning, welcome to China.”

The foreign man in front of us is Ning De’an, who had a double bond with Shi Yunnan overseas.

After his first field trip to Dehua County, Shi Yunnan was moved by the overseas market. He naturally thought of Ning De’an, who has a lot of ceramic ideas and is rich in assets in the “original world”.

With the idea of giving it a try, Shi Yunnan asked about Ning De’an’s overseas asset company for the first time after returning to Dijing, and contacted the other party after a little trouble.

Ning De’an was deeply impressed by Shi Yunnan.

He saw a series of ceramic products and business plans shared by the other party in the mailbox, or decided to take time to come to China. Whether the cooperation was successful or not, he realized his grandfather’s dream of returning to China.

The two agreed on a meeting time a week ago and planned to meet again and talk in detail.

Shi Yunnan sat on the main seat of the sofa on the oblique side. He was surprised at the early arrival of Ning De’an. “Didn’t Mr. Ning say that he would arrive in Dijing the day after tomorrow?”

“I handled some private affairs this morning, which made you wait so long. I’m sorry.”

“I’m the one who should say I’m sorry.” Ning De’an put down his coffee cup and answered with a smile.

“I finished handling important family affairs two days earlier than expected, so I changed my flight early. I don’t know if it will affect Mr. Shi’s work plan?”

Because the landing time was still early, Ning De’an didn’t feel sleepy after staying in the hotel, so he temporarily changed his way.

Shi Yunnan readily replied, “no, I want to talk about cooperation with Mr. Ning. Naturally, I have arranged all the materials properly.”

As soon as the voice fell, someone knocked on the glass door of the passenger compartment.

The assistant who was allowed came in with a series of white jade ceramics and put them on the tea table, “designer Shi, what you want.”

“Thank you.”

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips and motioned his assistant to step down first with his eyes.

Wait until the door of the passenger compartment is closed again.

Ning De’an saw the lifelike white porcelain carvings in the box, and the whole person showed a state of great fascination. “The real object is more charming than the picture.”

Shi Yunnan was touched and appreciated by him and took the initiative to introduce, “this is white porcelain produced in Dehua County, China. Compared with other kinds of porcelain, their biggest feature is pure glaze color and high gloss.”

Ning De’an exclaimed, “I look at the carvings above, which are more exquisite than the black porcelain carvings I saw in the exhibition hall last time.”

“Mr. Ning doesn’t know. Dehua county is famous for carving Buddha statues and Guanyin statues with white porcelain. The masters’ skills are honed year after year, not compared with machine embryo processing.”

Large Guanyin carvings can be lifelike, not to mention small animal carvings for hand training.

Shi Yunnan took out several custom-made white porcelain pendants and white porcelain pendulum plates, and began to get to the point. “Mr. Ning, I have investigated before, and foreign countries do not have such similar ornaments.”

Although ceramics are the representative of China, they have always been loved by a large number of audiences overseas, but the ceramics sold overseas are either immature or the selling price is too high.

Therefore, it is difficult to expand the overseas market.

“I understand what you mean, Mr. Shi.” Ning De’an touched the white porcelain carving Pendant in his hand and said to the truth, “my job is not a ceramic merchant, and doing business is not charity.”

The scattered overseas market represents the scattered source of customers.

Chinese production and overseas sales represent inevitable transportation costs.

If you can’t guarantee the core interests of the middle, the deal will die sooner or later.

Shi Yunnan took out the business plan at the bottom of the box and handed it to Ning De’an, “this is the answer given by me and my investment partner.”

“I have a way to solve the problem of transportation cost and try to win the lowest price.”

“As for the source of customers, the initial marketing publicity is essential to create the official website of the brand to gather the source of customers. The parity sales of daily small parts are only the surface. The key to profitability is mass unified customization and private advanced customization…”

Shi Yunnan said calmly, without the slightest hint of “being eager for success”.

For him, design is the first business, and this temporary overseas ceramic market is only a way to assist profits——

If Ning De’an is willing to join, their studio will have another channel to make money;

If Ning De’an chooses to refuse, either they find other overseas businessmen to try again, or they simply give up and don’t waste additional energy.

“Mr. Shi, please give me a little more time to think about it.”

Ning De’an was vaguely persuaded after reading the business plan.

After he took over the family business, he held a lot of assets in his hands. Relying on his contacts, he could also establish a “market system” in Shiyun Nankou.

In fact, Ning De’an always remembers his grandfather’s wishes——

As a Chinese, the old man has always adhered to his love for his hometown. He wants more people to drink tea produced in China, put porcelain made in China, and understand the great Chinese civilization.

Big wishes may be difficult to achieve, but one of the small wishes, Ning De’an, is willing to realize and complete as much as possible with money and energy.

“Of course, Mr. Ning can give me an answer at any time.” Shi Yunnan readily agreed.

Once this cooperation is reached, Ning De’an is the “big head” who will pay. Their studio is at most a partnership “middleman”, and the other party naturally needs to consider it carefully.

The two talked for a while. Near noon, Shi Yunnan, as the host, invited Ning De’an to dinner.

After lunch, Ning De’an returned to the hotel with his business plan and white porcelain.

After finishing the business, Shi Yunnan Matsushita’s tight heart strings, and as a result, he received Fu Ziyu’s invitation to drink for a long time.

After thinking for a while, he still sent Luo Lingsheng a “report message” and then went to his destination.

Although it is said that dollclub is funded by Shi Yunnan, since the establishment and operation of the nightclub, Shi Yunnan, the “hands off shopkeeper”, has been able to fly.

However, when Fu Zi, a good friend, meets heavy friendship, he doesn’t care who pays more and who pays less. He scores the profit on time every quarter.

It’s only three o’clock in the afternoon. Even the waiter hasn’t gone to work in the store.

“Yunnan, you go upstairs first.” Fu Ziyu reported a card seat number, “I’ll go to the counter to get some wine.”

Shi Yunnan nodded. Unexpectedly, as soon as he went upstairs, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, “Yuan Rui? Why are you here? Didn’t he say to rest at home?”

I haven’t seen you for half a month, and the blood color on my friend’s face has finally recovered a lot.


Yuan Rui spoke loudly and stopped abruptly.

He got up and approached Shi Yunnan, quickly hugged his shoulder and whispered, “Yunnan, what are you doing?”


“I, I asked you to recruit an assistant to take over my job…” Yuan Rui wanted to stop talking and looked a little complicated. “How did you get Lu Zhaoan back?”

“I didn’t get it back. He applied successfully through his ability.” Shi Yunnan answered naturally and asked, “he has been in office for nearly half a month. Now you come to me to express your dissatisfaction?”

“Are you really dissatisfied? Or did he do something to you that embarrassed you?”

In the face of friends who eat Ao Jiao, Shi Yunnan’s teasing comes at once.


Yuan Rui didn’t speak, but his ears and neck were vaguely stained with Fei color.

Shi Yunnan rarely has the nature of gossip. He asked sharply, “have you explained your misunderstanding clearly?”

“Ben, there was no misunderstanding.” Yuan Rui sat back in his seat and drank a sip of water with a guilty conscience.

“Really? I’ll change my way.” Shi Yunnan sat opposite him and continued to ask, “are you two together?”

“– poof!”

Yuanrui suddenly spits out a mouthful of water, chokes badly again, and coughs until his whole face turns red.


Shi Yunnan, who was about to be baptized with saliva, moved his position and sat on the edge of Yuan Rui. “It’s like this in a word? It seems that it hasn’t been done yet, but it’s almost done.”

Yuan Rui wiped the water stains with a paper towel and didn’t answer.

Shi Yunnan stopped joking and said seriously, “Yuan Rui, it’s been so long. You should see what you’re thinking?”

“Those in the game are confused and those on the sidelines are clear. I can see clearly what you think of Lu Zhaoan.”


Shi Yunnan was afraid that his friend would be embarrassed and added, “even if I guessed your mind wrong, did I see it right when you wanted to work side by side with Lu Zhaoan at the beginning?”

“Lu Zhaoan was afraid of your pressure and reluctance at first, so he took the initiative to give up everything and hid in Dehua County for so long. Now that he is willing to come back to help, can I leave someone for you?”

“I just haven’t figured it out yet.” Yuan Rui unconsciously squeezed the cup and said, “… I don’t think I’m qualified.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly understood.

Friends are not confident that they have been suppressed since childhood. In the face of senior brothers who think they are particularly excellent, shrinking back can not be changed overnight.

“Don’t always doubt yourself. In my eyes, Yuanrui now is not Yuanrui a year ago.”

Calm to not even a word of comfort, but falling in Yuanrui’s ear is Tianda’s recognition.

His eyes were red, and he glanced away embarrassed.

“Won’t you cry again? Little crying bag.”

“Come on.”

Yuanrui adjusted his mood and held back his tears.

As soon as the voice fell, Fu Zi came up with a mention of wine. “Yunnan, I finally caught the opportunity to drink with you. Yuan Rui’s milk doll can’t drink. I don’t have the strength to drink with him every time.”

“A little crying bag and a baby, you two have become heart teasing me, haven’t you?”

In order to prove himself, Yuan Rui took the initiative to pour liquor into the cup. Before waiting for the entrance, Fu Ziyu stopped him. “Good son, don’t make trouble, drink this.”

With that, Fu Ziyu handed him the specially brought beer.

Yuanrui bit his teeth reluctantly.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yunnan smiled, “you often drink together? When did the relationship become so good?”

Fu Ziyu and Shi Yunnan looked up and joked deliberately, “can we have a bad relationship? I’ve become Yuanrui’s’ boyfriend ‘, haven’t I?”

“– poof.”

Yuan Rui was choked by beer again.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes changed, “boyfriend?”

“Didn’t you ask me to cook soup to take care of him some time ago? I have the right to be a son with good intentions.”

What out of order is to make complaints about the opening of the mouth. But some milk dolls, to avoid his brother, are all pulling the knot.


Yuanrui made a sound to remind.

Fu Ziyu ignored, “Yunnan, you don’t know. For some reason, I became a rival in the eyes of others. I almost couldn’t see the sun the next day.”

Yuan Rui retorted with red cheeks, “what exaggeration did you say! The situation was urgent. I thought you were a brother. Can I help you?”

“That won’t work. I think you’re a son.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the quarrel between them, he suddenly remembered something and burst out laughing.

Fu Ziyu asked, “what’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan smiled and said, “I just remember that Luo Lingsheng misunderstood my relationship with you before.”


Inexplicably, Fu Zi, who became a “rival in love” professional, got stuck. It took a few seconds to ask with deep meaning, “how are you and Luo Lingsheng?”

He still remembers that his good friend mentioned at the beginning, “Luo Lingsheng and I just agreed to get married.”

Shi Yunnan picked his eyebrows and raised his hand very deliberately. “Thank you for your concern. Feelings are warming up every day.”

“Stop showing.”

“Please take back your ostentatious hand.”

Yuan Rui and Fu Ziyu feel that they have no eyes at the same time, raise their glasses and touch each other.

Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to raise his glass and hit him, laughing and tearing away the topic.

The three talked while drinking.

Until the nightclub arrived at the regular business hours, guests came in one after another for consumption.

Shi Yunnan looked at the mobile phone time and stopped at a good time. “I’ll withdraw first and you two continue to talk.”

“Why did you leave?”

“It’s only six o’clock.”

Friends made a noise one after another.

Shi Yunnan picked up his mobile phone and left a wechat message sent five minutes ago. “No, Luo Lingsheng and I agreed to drink to this point. Now we are ready to go home.”

It seems to be an understatement, but the actual dog food is smashed down several times.

Fu Ziyu shook his head and was very sad, “son, you have changed.”

Yuan Rui, a little drunk, echoed, “… Son, you have changed.”

Shi Yunnan hums and laughs, and lightly drops a sentence, “sorry, people are at home in the nightclub. You don’t understand the happiness of being married.”

“Yuanrui, do you want to hit people?”

“Yes, but I can’t beat him.”

Shi Yunnan ignored the crosstalk of his friends and said to go.

It’s not completely dark outside.

Out of the nightclub, Shi Yunnan found the familiar license plate with sharp eyes and quickly approached the car.

As soon as the door was closed, Shi Yunnan leaned close to Luo Lingsheng and kissed the lover’s cool lips, “have you been waiting for a long time?”

“No, just for a while.”

After Luo Lingsheng instructed Yuan Meng in the front row to drive home, he pulled down the partition used to block the front and rear rows.

He helped Shi Yunnan fasten his seat belt on his side, caught the fine drunkenness at the bottom of his lover’s eyes, reached out and stroked his neck, “how much wine have you drunk? Your neck is a little red and hot?”

“I promised you. I’m not drunk.”

Shi Yunnan leaned over and chatted with Luo Lingsheng. He smiled obviously, “I’m not eighteen now. I can’t get drunk with such a little wine.”


Luo Lingsheng’s hand wrapped around his lips and rubbed his slightly rough fingers.

Shi Yunnan suddenly had a bad mind and bit with the tip of his teeth.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes sank in an instant, and there was more desire in his voice, “don’t make trouble now.”

Shi Yunnan let go of his fingers and reluctantly approached to ask for a kiss, “husband, I remember what I have to do in the evening.”


A kiss with a light wine smell came up.

The lips and teeth are also mixed with a trace of sweetness, which is the taste of fruit candy often prepared by Shi Yunnan.

They were slightly separated, but their breathing was still intertwined.

“Now I drink a little wine and feel a little drunk…” Shi Yunnan’s eyes and tail seduce red with a tantalizing spirit. “For tonight, it’s fun.”

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