After a Flash Marriage Chapter 89

Luo Lingsheng’s breath was suddenly disordered, but it was difficult to attack on the way of driving. “Don’t make fun of your mouth. You’ll move seriously and hum softly later.”

While talking, his fingers deliberately pinched Shi Yunnan’s earlobe.

Shi Yunnan smiled. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were inseparable. He leaned against Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder, “I narrowed for a while and called me when I got home.”


Yuan Meng in the front row drives the car smoothly. Outside the window is the rhythmic and rapid passing shadow of street lamps. At the end of his nose is the familiar smell of Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan closed his eyes and sank into a brief sleep without warning.

Time flashed by in the dark.

Hazy, Shi Yunnan only felt that someone had kissed his eyes and eyelashes.

The warm moisture was mixed with irreducible love. The kiss fell on the lips inch by inch.

Shi Yunnan turned back a little sober and purred subconsciously. As a result, he was easily pried open his teeth.

“Woo… Um…”

Instinctive vigilance lasted less than three seconds and disappeared completely.

With his eyes open, Shi Yunnan hooked up Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder, slightly raised his head and pulled back, “Mr. Luo, you’re playing sneak attack while I’m sleeping.”

Luo Lingsheng tilted his head and rubbed his lover’s earlobes. His voice was full of unspeakable desire. “It’s clear that you’re still shouting for your husband after sleeping. Are you awake now?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the dark outside the window, “are you home?”

“Here we are. I think you are sleeping soundly, so let Yuan Meng go back to the house first.”

Luo Lingsheng moved back and stretched out his hand to tidy up Shi Yunnan’s disordered hair. “He slept so well after only ten minutes. Hasn’t he made up his energy two days ago?”

The tone of voice is gentle, and the touch of fingertips is more gentle.

Shi Yunnan understood the deep meaning of his words. After a while, his mind began to activate again.


The seat belt untied the confinement.

Shi Yunnan turned over and sat on Luo Lingsheng, “are you hungry?”


“I ask you, are you hungry?” Shi Yunnan kissed him and deliberately added, “I mean stomach.”


Luo Lingsheng chewed the lover’s lips in turn and added, “I mean something else.”

Their eyes were fixed in the darkness.

In the closed compartment space, there seems to be something waiting to be lit.

Luo Lingsheng made a quiet effort. He clasped Shi Yunnan’s back with one hand and locked the other’s wrist with the other.

Just now he was still saying that he wanted to get off and go home, but now he seems to have made up his mind to let the other party stay.

The kiss fell again, more intense than ever.

Shi Yunnan was not afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s intention and allowed the other party’s strength to occupy him.

I don’t know who touched the seat button first.

They leaned back along their seats, and their posture was almost close.

“… husband.”

Shi Yunnan breathlessly shouted, frankly and provocatively, “try again later in the new posture, and the new field can be unlocked first.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t speak and kissed eagerly.



The next day.

When Shi Yunnan woke up, he suddenly understood what it was like to cry without tears.

His whole body seemed to have been run over for several rounds. There was an unspeakable sense of acid swelling everywhere. A slight movement would involve his whole body.

In his ear, Luo Lingsheng asked with a smile, “are you awake?”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyelids laboriously. As soon as he was ready to speak, he found that he was so dry that his throat was on fire, “…”

He delayed for several seconds before he dryly threw out four words, “I don’t know how to control.”

In the past, Luo Lingsheng’s legs and feet were inconvenient, and the dominant power of some things was handed over to Shi Yunnan.

Now, once the “leg injury” is released, Luo Lingsheng will firmly occupy the dominant power.

What’s more, Shi Yunnan’s thorn of “white moonlight” hidden deep in his heart was completely pulled out, and he was more indulgent in emotional delivery.

How many days? Too often.

“Thank you for your compliment.”

Luo Lingsheng was in a good mood and took all the orders.

Hearing the discomfort of his lover’s voice, he took the initiative to get out of bed and pour a glass of water, “Runrun? I think someone’s throat shouted hard last night.”

Shi Yunnan slightly raised the quilt and looked at it. Then he reluctantly climbed up and half leaned against the back of the bed.

“Don’t do this next time.”

He threw out this no deterrent constraint and filled himself with more than half a cup of warm water to ease the dryness of his throat.

Luo Lingsheng sat back with Shi Yunnan and rubbed the water light on his lips with his finger abdomen, “it can be said that you are the one who wants to unlock the new venue and you are the one who wants to try a new posture.”


Shi Yunnan knew he was wrong and didn’t answer.

Luo Lingsheng pointed out his duplicity of “minor defects” and said, “obviously, I can’t stop stirring up verbally. When I’m interested, I won’t let it go. How come I don’t recognize it every time I wake up?”

Shi Yunnan rolled his Adam’s apple and hummed, “then I won’t mention a word next. See who can’t help it?”

Luo Lingsheng lost his smile and said, “it’s me.”

When Shi Yunnan got the answer he wanted, he drank the rest of the cup of warm water, “what time is it?”

“It’s almost eleven o’clock. Are you hungry?”

When Luo Lingsheng asked this, he felt some remorse and helplessness.

It was clearly agreed to stare at the lover for breakfast. As a result, some things couldn’t be stopped as soon as they were done. Now it’s better. Both of them overslept.

Shi Yunnan nodded, “a little.”

“Tidy up and eat downstairs? Or in the bedroom?”

When Luo Lingsheng asked, he suddenly remembered a reminder, “little goldfish is going to start the summer camp after lunch.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly remembered this and immediately came to the spirit, “I almost forgot. All right, wash and go downstairs.”

Yesterday, as soon as the car stopped at home, the two began to fool around. When they returned to the main house, the little goldfish had gone upstairs to take a bath and rest.

You can’t miss the meeting time today.

Luo Lingsheng naturally followed his words, “OK, I’ll get you clothes.”



First floor restaurant.

The little goldfish sat on the chair and glanced to the second floor from time to time. He sighed, and the spoon on his hand didn’t move diligently.

The housekeeper, uncle Qin, scooped him a spoonful of chicken soup. Wen Sheng told him, “young master, don’t look at it. Eat quickly.”

“Grandpa Qin, why do you say uncle and little uncle love to stay in bed so much?”

The little goldfish scooped up a mouthful of stewed chicken and said vaguely, “I don’t feel like I’ve seen them for a long time.”

Last night, my uncle agreed to come back for dinner, but at dinner, only uncle Yuan Meng came back by himself.

The housekeeper Qin Bo didn’t dare to say more about these things, so he had to answer, “my Lord, they are very busy recently. It’s also right to have a rest.”

The little goldfish nodded and said painfully, “but they didn’t come down to breakfast this morning. Won’t they be hungry?”

Because there was no class, the little goldfish after breakfast also specially guarded at the door of the bedroom, but there were no two people going out.

Little goldfish’s eyes ran to the second floor again, thinking secretly——

If you go hungry like this, won’t your little uncle have a stomachache again?


It’s really worrying.

The moment the worried idea took shape, there was a movement on the stairs.

The little goldfish noticed the shadow of Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng for the first time. He immediately got down from his chair and ran to the stairs to wait excitedly, “uncle! Little uncle! Good noon!”

“Good noon, baby.”

Shi Yunnan wanted to hold the little goldfish, but he was afraid of embarrassment like last time, so he had to take his little hand back to the table.

“Are you waiting for us to eat?”


The housekeeper uncle Qin asked the servant to hand over new bowls and chopsticks. He couldn’t help laughing, “master, you finally went downstairs for dinner. I think the young master broke his heart for you this morning.”

The little goldfish pulled Lashi Yunnan’s sleeve, “little uncle, have some chicken soup. It’s so delicious!”


Shi Yunnan responded.

Luo Lingsheng, who had long been used to being ignored by his little nephew, smiled and drank a mouthful of soup.

For him, as long as Shi Yunnan and little goldfish can get along well, it is enough.

Shi Yunnan filled his stomach for seven minutes, and then asked little goldfish, “little goldfish, you’re leaving this afternoon? When are you leaving?”

“Well, Grandpa Qin said he would take me to the summer camp after dinner.”

The little goldfish scraped the last mouthful of rice in the bowl and answered it skillfully.

Housekeeper Qin Bo explained, “the summer camp arranged to gather at 1:30 p.m. and go to the ancient town at about 3 p.m.”

“I have added the class group of young masters. The team leader will update the children’s photos at any time.”

“That’s good.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the little goldfish. “Uncle Qin, will you pull me into the group later?”

Although the security measures of the summer camp will not be bad, Shi Yunnan has regarded the little goldfish as his own son and naturally wants to worry more.

Qin Bo responded with relief.

After lunch, Qin Bo went upstairs to take the little goldfish’s luggage.

Luo Lingsheng called his little nephew to his side and said in a deep voice, “today Yu, remember what my uncle said to you?”

The little goldfish nodded seriously and repeated it without a word.

“When you go out, you should keep up with the leader teacher. You can’t leave with strangers. You should use your watch to report your peace separately every day, and you should always carry the small black card given by your uncle.”

“Just remember.”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his little nephew’s head and relaxed his tone, “have a good time and study hard.”

“But what if I miss you at night?”

The little goldfish held his mouth and suddenly wanted to cry. In fact, he hasn’t left this home since he was a child.

“Just live outside for four days. A man can’t cry when he is homesick, you know?”

“All right.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Yunnan came back from the bathroom. “What are you two whispering about so close?”

“Little uncle!”

The little goldfish immediately forgot his sadness and flew to Shi Yunnan’s thigh.

Shi Yunnan enjoyed his closeness and expanded his smile. “Go out and have fun. Don’t quarrel with other children, you know?”

“But if someone bullies you, don’t be afraid.”

“Yes! I will protect myself!”

The two simply talked to each other, and the housekeeper took down the packed suitcase.

“Young master, we should almost go.”


The little goldfish carried his small schoolbag on his back and pulled up the suitcase according to the principle of doing his own things.

“Uncle, little uncle, bye! I’ll miss you!”

“Go, we’ll miss you too.”

The little goldfish got their answer, picked up the happiness of going out to study again, and went away on his own.

Shi Yunnan looked at his nephew’s back with dumbfounded hair and smiled back. “Do you want to go to the headquarters this afternoon?”

“Well, I’m going.”

Shi Yunnan sat back to him and asked, “the police still don’t have Luo Yanchuan’s whereabouts?”

“The police wanted was released only yesterday. It may take time.”

Luo Lingsheng replied that his pupils were cold.

“Luo Yanchuan is now at a dead end. He can’t turn over much waves by himself.”

Police monitoring has cut off all Luo Yanchuan’s previous contacts with the outside world. Wherever there is information left, it is easy to become a clue and lifeline to grasp him.

“But Luo Yanchuan is still hiding from the law. He must still be unwilling.”

Luo Lingsheng can admit that Luo Yanchuan has some of the bones and blood of the Luo family, but his stubbornness and stubbornness have always been used in the wrong place.

A mountain cannot hold two tigers.

Luo Lingsheng wants to control Luo’s group as a backer for Shi Yunnan and little goldfish, so anyone who covets Luo’s group can’t let go easily.

Therefore, even if Mrs. Luo cried for help from the group yesterday, he refused to agree coldly.

Shi Yunnan understood another possibility of Luo Lingsheng hiding under the script and frowned, “do you mean that if he still wants to die, he must rely on external forces?”

Luo Lingsheng did not deny this possibility. “If it is difficult to hide in China, he is likely to choose to ‘smuggle’ abroad. Luo Yanchuan has studied abroad before. He has always’ made contacts for the benefit of making friends’, maybe it will help abroad.”


Shi Yunnan was awakened. A person was inexplicably associated in his mind. The plot of the original book world that had been left behind came out again.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s all right. I just think you have a point.”

Shi Yunnan returned to his mind and had a calculation in his heart, “Lingsheng, didn’t I know a foreigner when I accompanied you to treat your leg injury?”

Luo Lingsheng remembered that his little nephew tipped him off and nodded, “well, what’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan coughed guilty and confessed, “I happened to talk to him about cooperation in the overseas ceramic market recently.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes flashed slightly, “Oh?”

Shi Yunnan quickly comforted him, “I mean that man… That is, Ning De’an. He seems to be Luo Yanchuan’s foreign friend. He has assets and background at home.”

After all, in the original world track, Ning De’an was the key figure to assist Luo Yanchuan in bringing down Luo Lingsheng.

Now that Luo Yanchuan is in trouble, I wonder if he will seek Ning De’an’s help?

Shi Yunnan thought of this, “it’s just that Ning De’an and I haven’t talked about the business of closing the ceramic market. I’ll beat around the Bush and ask when we meet in two days?”

Luo Lingsheng will eat what he eats, but he will not hinder Shi Yunnan’s business at work.

To say the least, he fully believes in Shi Yunnan’s love for him, and the occasional jealousy is just a tonic for their feelings.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “well, don’t interfere unless the other party has a definite clue.”

“I know.”

Luo Lingsheng looked at the time and asked, “I’ll clean up the group. If you feel tired, go to sleep later?”

Shi Yunnan smiled back, “well, I know it myself.”


Three days later.

Yunan design studio.

After careful consideration, Ning De’an finally agreed to the cooperation plan put forward by Shi Yunnan.

After further consultations, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation——

Ning De’an is responsible for large investment expenditure and the establishment of overseas operation team, and Yunnan studio including Shi Yunnan is responsible for the price reduction of goods transportation channels and long-term product control in China.

Ning De’an signed his name on the cooperation agreement and took the initiative to get up, “Mr. Shi and Mr. Lu, look forward to our pleasant cooperation in the future.”

“Of course.”

On behalf of the studio, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to shake hands with Ning De’an. “Mr. Ning, I don’t know if it’s convenient for Fang. Would you please go to my office and sit down for a while?”

“In fact, I have something else I want to talk to you alone.”

Ning De’an readily agreed, “of course, no problem.”

Shi Yunnan and Lu Zhaoan looked at each other, and then asked Ning De’an to return to his office.

Lu Zhaoan, who was left behind, was not half unhappy. He checked the details of the agreement again and again before he packed up his things and left the conference room.

As soon as the door opened, Lu Zhaoan met a familiar figure.


At the moment of four eyes facing each other, Yuan Rui turned and wanted to run.

Lu Zhaoan, who has always been calm, almost laughed angrily at this moment. He came forward and directly dragged yuan Rui into the next office.

Yuan Rui was flustered and pretended to shout, “Lu Zhaoan! This, this is my office!”

Lu Zhaoan was unmoved and changed the topic. “Didn’t he say to rest at home in the morning and don’t let me pick you up? What are you doing in the studio now?”

Yuan Rui swallowed his saliva and tried to be confident, “Yunnan said that Ning De’an’s grandfather was from Hangzhou. He asked me to help arrange each other’s trip in Hangzhou in the next week.”

“I, I take the initiative to apply to be a guide and take Ning De’an to the airport later.”

“Did you accompany him to Hangzhou? Yunnan agreed?” Lu Zhaoan walked half a step forward.

Yuanrui retreated with a guilty conscience and was just blocked by the desk, “… So what? I’m the boss of the studio and don’t need the consent of my partners.”

Lu Zhaoan smiled silently, suddenly stretched out his hand and trapped yuan Rui at the table and asked, “in order to avoid me?”

“I’m not hiding!”

“Keep your voice down. Yunnan is still talking about business in the next office. Your boss is afraid that the partners and other employees won’t hear you?”


Yuan Rui immediately vented his anger and honestly stopped talking.

Next door office.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to deliver the cooked tea to Ning De’an. “Mr. Ning, I remember you said you loved tea before? This is a good Longjing.”

Ning De’an’s eyes were surprise and joy. “I just followed my foreign school to some fur. Unexpectedly, Mr. Shi also likes tea?”

“No, I just voted for you.” Shi Yunnan frankly explained, “I actually prefer wine tasting to tea.”

Ning De’an took a sip of tea. “The tea is not bad, and Mr. Shi’s tea making skills are not bad.”

“To tell you the truth, I took the tea from my husband, and I asked him to teach me how to make tea.”

Shi Yunnan answered with a smile, with happiness between the lines.


Ningde’an is half a beat slow.

He saw the ring on Shi Yunnan’s ring finger and sighed slightly, “you and your husband love each other very much.”

“Of course, I love him very much, and so does he.” Shi Yunnan is outspoken.

Ning De’an smiled, “Mr. Shi, you invited me to your office just to show your love?”

Shi Yunnan poured him another cup of tea and said bluntly, “Mr. Ning, I know what to say next may be a little presumptuous, but please forgive me -”

“Do you know Luo Yanchuan?”

Ningde’an’s subtle change of look is obviously a reaction to the name.

Shi Yunnan turned out a photo of Luo Yanchuan prepared in advance and handed it to Ning De’an for inspection. “To be honest, Luo Yanchuan and my husband come from the same family.”

Ning De’an hesitated for two seconds and replied, “yes, he is one of my few good friends in China. We have never broken contact.”

Shi Yunnan got the expected answer and immediately asked, “when was the last time you contacted?”


Ningde Amber’s Brown pupils were sharp for a moment, and he defused them skillfully with a smile.

“Mr. Shi, why do you want to know the relationship between me and Yanchuan so much?”

Ning De’an didn’t say it directly, but now he has guessed some connections. Long ago, he heard Luo Yanchuan mention the family behind him——

The current person in power of the family is his nominal little uncle. In fact, the age difference between the two is no more than a few years.

The other party was afraid that Luo Yanchuan coveted the high position of power, so he secretly suppressed it again and again. Even if his friends have career aspirations, they have no place to play in Luo.

“Mr. Shi, your husband is Luo’s current power holder?” Ning De’an asked.

“Yes, his name is Luo Lingsheng.” Shi Yunnan did not cover up.

Ning De’an’s expression changed slightly, but he still maintained a relatively polite attitude, “Mr. Shi, I’m sorry.”

“I am willing to show 100000 sincerity to treat the cooperation in our cause, but I also have to cherish the friendship with Yanchuan.”

“I don’t know why you asked me about Yanchuan, but I can’t tell you directly…”

“Mr. Ning, you misunderstood.”

Shi Yunnan maintained a calm attitude, “I believe you will have your own judgment on your friends, but what I want to tell you, Luo Yanchuan may not be as good as you think.”


Shi Yunnan found out the police report and showed it to Ning De’an, “hit and run, and so far there is no whereabouts. Do you think such a person is worth making friends with?”

Ning De’an stared at the notice on the police’s official website, with complex between his eyebrows and eyes.

Shi Yunnan continued, “I mean, if Luo Yanchuan really asked for your help recently, if you are willing, please contact the Chinese police directly.”

After all, friendship is not worth helping.

“Of course, the premise is that he has contacted Mr. Ning and you are willing to come forward.”

When Shi Yunnan finished, he took the initiative to turn the topic over.

He poured out the herbal tea in ningde’an cup and refilled it.

“Mr. Ning, according to your needs, I’ll have someone prepare the itinerary plan for you to Hangzhou. When we finish drinking this pot of tea, it’s almost time for you to go to the airport.”

Ning De’an confirmed every word in the police notice and silently handed the tablet back.

“Mr. Shi.”


“Luo Yanchuan, he…”

Ning De’an hesitated for a moment and finally defeated everything by his sense of morality. “He contacted me just three days ago.”


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