After a Flash Marriage Chapter 90

“Three days ago?”

When Shi Yunnan heard that the separation was close, a trace of surprise flashed between his eyebrows and eyes.

“Yes, three days ago.” Ning De’an alligator made up his mind to say it, so he didn’t deliberately hide it.

“Although Yanchuan and I haven’t seen each other very often in the past two years, we have always maintained social media contact.”

Before Ning De’an came to China, he tried to contact Luo Yanchuan and wanted to meet a long lost friend.

However, Luo Yanchuan did not reply to him as usual.

Shi Yunnan replied, “Luo Yanchuan hit and run for nearly half a month. It’s normal that you couldn’t contact him before.”

People are busy running. Where can I chat with my old friends?

Ning De’an nodded and continued to state.

“Three days ago, I suddenly found a strange email in my mailbox, so I opened it and read it. The sender said he was Luo Yanchuan and briefly repeated some details of our relationship before.”

It was Ning De’an’s private mailbox that received the email. Only his friends around him knew it, and the details listed in the letter were really difficult for others to know.

After much consideration, Ning De’an chose to reply, and then received a second email confirming Luo Yanchuan’s identity.

Shi Yunnan added a digression, “did he know you talked about cooperation with me in China?”

“No, Luo Yanchuan was very anxious in his email. He didn’t give any time to talk about the past at all. I didn’t have time to say if I had any questions.”

Ning De’an paused and looked at the bottom of Shi Yunnan’s eyes with caution. “He only said that he had encountered a little trouble in China and hoped I would do him a favor.”

Shi Yunnan asked, “what are you busy with?”

Ning De’an whispered, “he asked me to help him get an underground account in a foreign bank and said he would transfer a huge amount of private property in a few days.”

“Underground accounts? Huge private property?”

Shi Yunnan recalled the key in this sentence, and his eye color changed subtly.

Luo Lingsheng and he guessed right. Luo Yanchuan just wanted to run away, and thought of his former friend Ning De’an at the first time before running away.

It’s just that the accounts of Luo’s second room have not been frozen and checked? Where does Luo Yanchuan still have private property for running?

Ning De’an was afraid that Shi Yunnan would be wrong and took the initiative to explain, “Mr. Shi, you should know that my father’s family is in the mineral business and handles a lot of assets every year.”

Everyone experiences different environments and has different views on things.

In foreign countries, a small part of the mineral business belongs to the gray area, and underground accounts are often needed for temporary storage and handover of funds. Of course, compared with normal banks, it requires a high “custody fee” to pay bills in such underground banks.

“I understand what Mr. Ning means.” Shi Yunnan nodded slightly and asked, “Mr. Ning promised him?”

Ning De’an nodded, “sorry, because Luo Yanchuan mentioned to me more than once that he was suppressed by the person in power of his family… That is, your husband.”

“I thought he wanted to transfer his private property and get out of the control of the Chinese family, so he should come down.”

“However, it’s not so easy to open an account in an underground bank. The application three days ago…” Ning De’an estimated the time. “It’s estimated that it can’t be successfully opened until tonight or tomorrow.”

“Luo Yanchuan also said that he would contact me by another email, but I haven’t received his new email address yet.”

After understanding the general course of the matter, Shi Yunnan remembered Luo Lingsheng’s advice a few days ago – “don’t intervene unless the other party has a definite clue.”

“Mr. Ning, I wonder if you would like to provide this clue to the police?”

“Of course.”

Ning De’an answered naturally and added, “but now I haven’t ‘completed’ Luo Yanchuan’s request. If I call the police rashly, I may startle the snake?”

“Wait until tomorrow. When I receive his new email again, I’ll report it to the police.”

Shi Yunnan did not urge and reject Ning De’an’s proposal, and promised, “of course, everything depends on Mr. Ning’s own consideration.”

As soon as the voice fell, a phone call came in.

Seeing the displayed family cornet, Shi Yunnan unconsciously shook a smile between his eyebrows and eyes, and took the initiative to pour another cup of tea for Ning De’an. “Mr. Ning, sorry, I want to answer my baby’s phone first.”

“The lovely little boy?” Ning De’an responded and responded friendly, “of course, Mr. Shi, please.”

Shi Yunnan got up and walked to the window. He answered the phone at the first time, “hello?”

“Little uncle, are you busy?”

The angry sound of the little goldfish deliberately lowered came from the other end of the phone, which made Shi Yunnan’s smile rise again.

He slowed down and asked, “not busy. Why did you call me suddenly? Did you have a good time, little goldfish?”

The little goldfish wears the children’s smart watch that Luo Lingsheng bought him. It can be used as half a mobile phone every day.

“Happy! Little uncle, the teacher took us to the place where we pinch sugar people today. I secretly spent money to buy three sugar people, one uncle, one you and one me, okay?”

Shi Yunnan readily agreed, “OK.”

When the little goldfish got Shi Yunnan’s answer, he said the truth softly, “little uncle, please don’t make my uncle angry. Don’t criticize me when I get home. I just bought a little sugar man and didn’t spend any other money.”

Little goldfish has its own “small treasury”, but all daily expenses will be truthfully sent to Luo Lingsheng, the big parent.

Even if Luo has more money, Luo Lingsheng has strict control over the private consumption of little goldfish. Since he was a child, he did not intend to let him become a dandy young master who “spends money like running water”.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help laughing before he realized that the baby was afraid of being scolded for spending money. He used circuitous tactics to ask himself to help “beg for mercy”.

“Little uncle, how are you?”

The coquettish voice is like cotton candy, soft and lovely.

Shi Yunnan answered without thinking, “I know. I won’t let my uncle scold you. Will you come back the day after tomorrow?”

“Well, little uncle, I miss you very much.”

“Good baby, I miss you too. I’ll pick you up the day after tomorrow.”


Little goldfish was probably afraid that his teacher would find out and criticize him if he called for a long time. After solving the top priority of “going home and being scolded”, he happily hung up the phone.

Shi Yunnan returned to the tea table with a smile.

Seeing his look, Ning De’an smiled and asked, “Mr. Shi, is that little boy your son?”

Shi Yunnan was stunned for a few seconds. Finally, he understood the incomprehension in Ning De’an’s words and explained with a smile, “it’s my husband’s little nephew, which is now raised by us. Our husband treats him as his own son.”

Little goldfish lost his parents not long after he was born. His heart has always been sensitive and delicate at a young age. At the beginning, he dared to call Shi Yunnan “father” in front of Ning De’an. In fact, he was afraid of losing his little uncle.

Shi Yunnan can understand the child’s thoughts, so he hurts him especially.

“No wonder.”

Ning De’an answered with a smile. He glanced at the time, “I’m satisfied with this tea. Thank Mr. Shi for his hospitality, so I’ll leave first.”

Shi Yunnan thought of something and asked, “Mr. Ning, are you leaving for Hangzhou now?”

Ning De’an understood what he meant, “if it’s convenient, please help me change my signature to the day after tomorrow. I think… I’ll go after solving the alarm first.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and responded decisively.


After Ning De’an left, Shi Yunnan focused on a new round of jade design in the office.

He didn’t get home until five o’clock in the afternoon.


Luo Lingsheng’s inquiry came from the stairs.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes and looked, “well, after finishing the cooperation with Ning De’an, he stayed in the office for another afternoon. His eyes and shoulders are sour everywhere.”

As soon as they leaned against each other, Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to hold the lover’s hand, “go back to the room after eating, and I’ll press it for you.”


Shi Yun looked down at the hands they held. He couldn’t help but change his kung fu to ten fingers.

The housekeeper in the restaurant was not surprised and smiled and told the servant to bring the prepared dinner dishes.

“I talked to Ning De’an about Luo Yanchuan today. Guess what he said?” After sitting down, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to throw out the topic.


Luo Lingsheng asked with his eyes and took the initiative to scoop a bowl of fish soup for his lover.

“Luo Yanchuan contacted Ning De’an and asked him to help get a foreign underground account. He said he wanted to transfer a huge amount of private property in China in the near future.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of soup and said the questions still in his heart, “haven’t the companies under Er Fang been sealed up? They still keep their savings privately?”

Luo Ling frowned, “there shouldn’t be much left.”

“Luo Yanchuan shouldn’t say this for no reason…” Shi Yunnan put down his spoon and always felt something wrong. “If he doesn’t have money, where does he want to get the money?”

The moment the words fell to the ground, Luo Lingsheng immediately sank his voice, “Uncle Qin, where is today Yu?”

When the housekeeper Qin Bo heard this, he trembled in his hand. “Master, don’t scare me. I saw the team leader send a video of the young master in the group at more than three o’clock in the afternoon.”

Shi Yunnan, who had just thought of this, took a sigh of relief. “Yes, it was sent in the group, and the little goldfish called me at noon. Didn’t you secretly send a bodyguard to follow him?”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses and loosened his mood without trace. “It’s okay. I’m worried.”

“After six o’clock, we’ll call little goldfish after dinner at the summer camp?” Shi Yunnan said.

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “eat.”

The dinner without little goldfish is really a little lively.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng finished their dinner in less than half an hour. Before they got up from the table, Yuan Meng, who has always been honest and steady, rashly ran in, “master, it’s not good!”


Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes and suddenly changed his look.

Shi Yunnan’s inner uneasiness was the greatest at this moment, “what’s the matter?”

Before Yuan Meng said it, Qin Bo’s mobile phone rang.

When the telephone loudspeaker was connected, there came the nervous tone of the summer camp leader.

“Hello? Is this grandpa Jinyu? Is it convenient for your parents to come to Shuilan ancient town? Today and Jinyu are gone.”

Luo Lingsheng immediately got up and grabbed the phone in the housekeeper’s hand, “Hello, I’m Luo Jinyu’s uncle. What’s he missing?”

Shi Yunnan got up and approached Yuan Meng with an equally serious tone. “You want to say this too? Didn’t you secretly send two people to protect the little goldfish?”

“Mr. Shi, I just got the news! At 3:30 this afternoon, the young master followed all the summer camp back to the hotel…”

In order to ensure the safety of the children, the hotel has eight or nine floors. There is a life tutor and security guard at the stairway and elevator entrance, and there is 24-hour monitoring in the corridor.

Normally, the children are safe in the hotel.

Luo Lingsheng doesn’t want little goldfish to be special among children of the same age, so the two bodyguards arranged have been responsible for the secret protection outside. To put it simply——

When little goldfish go out to play, they hide in the crowd for protection; When they returned to the hotel, they were only responsible for squatting outside the hotel.

Therefore, there is an information error between the two.

At the other end of the phone, the person in charge stated the situation, “Uncle Yu, listen to me, today’s summer camp ended early. The children refused to rest when they returned to the hotel and wanted to continue playing.”

“Our four team leaders discussed it and took the children to the children’s play area attached to the hotel on the first floor…”

Before entering the children’s play area, the teachers also specially named to confirm that the little goldfish was there. But no one expected that after playing in the venue for an hour, there would be no shadow of the little goldfish when they gathered and lined up for roll call.

The teachers searched for it at the first time, and later learned from the cry of the children in the same industry——

He took the little goldfish to the bathroom without telling the teacher. Later, he couldn’t help but want to play and left the little goldfish and ran back.

Unexpectedly, I didn’t see my little partner at the end of the fun time. That’s why I cried and told the truth.

All the teachers of the summer camp searched for more than half an hour and almost searched the whole hotel. After applying for investigation and monitoring, they found that the little goldfish was forcibly taken away by a man, which made them panic.

Luo Lingsheng was short of breath for two minutes. Alligator didn’t have the heart to listen to the teacher’s statement with apology and cry, “enough, I’ll go there now. You’d better pray that today Yu is all right at your summer camp!”

Yuan Meng ran to the garage for the first time.

“Master, Mr. Shi, what can I do? Who has a bad conscience is going to tie up the young master!” The elderly housekeeper could not stand for nuomi, “is it difficult… Is it Luo Yanchuan?”

Shi Yunnan looked calm. “Who else can there be except him?”

Luo Lingsheng said decisively, “Yunnan will go with me. Uncle Qin, your body is not suitable for running around. Stay at home and wait for our news.”

Uncle Qin shivered, “master, I……”

“Uncle Qin, you believe me.”

Shi Yunnan tried his best to suppress his panic and remained calm. “If it was Luo Yanchuan, he came for blackmail. He should not hurt the little goldfish for the time being.”

“Uncle Qin, I’ll let Qin Bamboo Slips keep in touch with you all the time. Don’t go anywhere at home. Maybe there’s a place where you need to run errands in Dijing.”

Luo Lingsheng warned that as soon as the voice fell, the car horn sounded at the door.

Qin Bo nodded reluctantly and watched Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan leave home and get on the bus.

Yuan Meng drove his car through the night.

Qin Jian, the deputy in the front row, turned around and handed the surveillance video he just got to Luo Lingsheng, “home owner, Mr. Shi, this is the surveillance video from the summer camp teacher.”

The first section is the monitoring picture between the play area and the bathroom aisle, and the second section is the monitoring picture of the back door of the adjacent hotel. The two monitoring videos are very short, which can be combined for five or six seconds.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan recognized the figure in the surveillance at a glance——

Even wearing a mask and a cap with a duck tongue and covering it with wide clothes, this man is 100% Luo Yanchuan, and it seems that he is particularly familiar with the layout of the hotel and the activity space of the summer camp.

There was nothing wrong with their worries at dinner. The other party had no money to run away, so they had to start with small goldfish and attempt to extort money after kidnapping.

When the car got on the highway, Yuan Meng immediately mentioned the maximum speed he could drive.

Qin Jian asked nervously, “master, do you want to call the police?”

“Not for the time being!”

Shi Yunnan stopped immediately. “Luo Yanchuan is desperate now. What he wants is money and leave. If we call the police now and let him notice the danger, we don’t know what he will do to the little goldfish.”

Luo Lingsheng agreed with his lover, “the police must be needed, but we can’t act rashly at the moment. Luo Yanchuan will contact us. As long as today Yu is all right, he will let him take the money…”

“But how can we confirm the position of the young master? Can we only wait for Luo Yanchuan to contact?”

“Kobayashi, they just sent a message that little goldfish’s carry on bag and call watch for positioning were lost at the back door of the hotel.”

Yuan Meng, who was driving, still couldn’t help asking questions.

“Before goldfish’s summer camp, I asked him to carry a micro locator with him.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes are still cold, but his reason is still, “Qin Bamboo Slips, you can log in to the official website of TG positioning now and enter my identity authority and locator number.”

That miniature locator is the “little black card” in the mouth of the little goldfish.

Qin Jian recalled that the micro locator purchased by him immediately came to the spirit, “OK, I’ll check it now.”

“Yuan Meng, how long can I get to Shuilan ancient town?”

“Mr. Shi, I’ll try to shrink in an hour and a half.”

“Make it as fast as possible to ensure safety.” Shi Yunnan demanded in a loud voice that he felt pain in his head and heart for the first time.

The cool palm was suddenly held and tightened.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng holding hands for the first time, and the sound line trembled, “… I’m afraid the little goldfish will be afraid.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “you have to believe that today Yu is not a coward since he was a child. Even though he is still young and immature, he has always had the reaction ability to face danger.”

“Also, you have to trust me.”

Shi Yunnan felt the tightness of his palm and couldn’t help shaking it back, “I know.”

Because she is the only flesh and blood left by her sister in the world, Luo Lingsheng has never relaxed her protection of the little goldfish.

This time, little goldfish offered to go to summer camp. As his uncle, he did everything he could.

Now the little goldfish suddenly has an accident. No one will blame himself and suffer more than Luo Lingsheng. But in this sudden situation, he must keep all his superfluous emotions calm. “Master, I found it!” The Qin Bamboo Slips in the front row answered for the first time, “the young master’s positioning is Shuilan ancient town, but it is still within the scope of Fangshi.”

“Keep staring, the police…”

Before the voice was over, an encrypted phone called in.

Long expected Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at each other, and the former answered the phone, “Hello, Luo Yanchuan.”


There was a moment of silence at the other end of the phone, and then there was a sneer.

Even if the identity of the alligator was exposed, the other end of the phone still had a voice change, “I’ll tear up the ticket as soon as I call the police. You know, I can do it.”

Luo Ling’s voice was steady. “I didn’t call the police. Just say it. How do you want to release people?”

“I want 300 million. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, I will send my account to your mobile phone and confirm that I have received the money. Naturally, I will release people.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were covered with haze, “three hundred million?”

“Yes! Just 300 million! Luo Lingsheng, I know you can get the money!” There was a trace of melancholy madness over the phone.

“Don’t you want to give Luo to this little boy in the future?”

“Exchange 300 million assets for a safe heir. Do you do or don’t you do this deal?”

This action was intentional, and the target has always been the little goldfish.

We should not underestimate the ruthlessness of a “Life Gambler”.

Even if he didn’t launch a plan at the summer camp, he would launch a corresponding kidnapping plan elsewhere. He just wanted to spend his life on this money!

“I see.”

Luo Lingsheng must answer, but there are three rules, “but you must ensure that today Yu is not hurt, otherwise, you should know my means.”

“Don’t worry, do business. Naturally, the better the things, the higher the price.”

The other end of the phone sneered and did not forget to give repeated warnings.

“But I also said that if you dare to call the police and I find that there are police, I will not make you feel better.”

“Luo Lingsheng, does it feel bad to be in a wheelchair? You don’t want your little nephew to become disabled, do you?”


The back of Luo Lingsheng’s hand appeared green veins, and the strength of forbearance almost crushed the mobile phone.

Shi Yunnan stroked the back of his lover’s hand twice and took the opportunity to grab the mobile phone in the conversation.

“Luo Yanchuan, let me talk to Jin Yu for three minutes. I want to hear his voice to confirm safety! Otherwise, how do we know if you are cheating?”

There was a disdainful smile in the hair of the telephone. After a ten second pause, there was a cautious voice.


There was no change this time.

Shi Yunnan’s tight heart strings relaxed for a moment, “little goldfish, it’s me.”

The little goldfish on the other end of the phone held back a little cry, “little uncle.”

“Yes, my little uncle is here.”

Shi Yunnan always communicated with him in a gentle tone, “tell your little uncle first. Are you uncomfortable?”

“No injuries, no discomfort.” Little goldfish is calmer than ordinary children. Now he can answer clearly, “I’m good and didn’t make him angry.”

“Well, my little uncle knows you’re good.”

Shi Yunnan’s clear thinking when he heard the little goldfish talking temporarily confirmed his safety.

“Little goldfish, listen to my uncle. My uncle and I are looking for you now.”

“Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, close your eyes and have a good sleep.”

“We’ll pick you up tomorrow morning, okay?”

Shi Yunnan made persuasion and commitment word by word in the most gentle tone.

“… OK.”

The little goldfish took a breath and asked qubaba to return, “but my little quilt is in the hotel. What if I can’t sleep at night?”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes shimmered and told him, “then think about the stories your little uncle told you before, and how the little protagonists took risks and were brave?”

The little goldfish on the other end of the phone seemed to have some spirit, “I want to be as brave as them now, right?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

The impatient statement sounded, “is that enough?”

Shi Yunnan frowned and took the last time to appease, “good night, little goldfish. My uncle and I love you very much. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The little goldfish finally responded with a little lightness, “well, see you tomorrow!”


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