After a Flash Marriage Chapter 93

When Luo Lingsheng woke up, all the children on the side were still sleeping.

Shi Yunnan leaned back in his arms and slept with him in one hand. The sleeping little goldfish used his other arm as a pillow.


Maybe it’s time to wake up naturally. The little goldfish in his sleep smashed his small mouth a few times, then rubbed his eyes vaguely and woke up.

“Good morning, uncle – Good morning.”

He got up and yawned. He still looked sleepy.

“Still want to sleep?” Luo Lingsheng released a hand and pressed his nephew’s messy little hair.

“Don’t get up early today. You can lie down for a while.”

Hearing this, the little goldfish immediately rolled up his little quilt and lay back.

He didn’t choose to continue to sleep. After waking up, he looked at Shi Yunnan curiously, “when will my little uncle wake up?”

Luo Lingsheng gently covered Shi Yunnan’s ears, “take it easy and let him sleep more.”


The little goldfish stopped talking at once, but couldn’t help but go to Shi Yunnan again.

The uncle and nephew waited silently for more than ten minutes before Shi Yunnan reacted in his sleep.

He groaned twice, subconsciously turned and pasted it in his familiar arms, “… What time is it?”

Luo Lingsheng answered close to his ear, “it’s almost nine o’clock. Have you had enough sleep?”

The little goldfish observed Shi Yunnan’s appearance of getting up early, and smiled interestingly, “my little uncle is the one who sleeps in bed.”

Shi Yunnan was pulled back to reality by the soft waxy child voice. He raised his eyelids and readjusted his lying posture. He pinched the milk fat of the little goldfish.

“Aren’t you a little sleepy?”

The little goldfish said hello with a smile, “good morning, little uncle.”

“Good morning, baby.” Shi Yunnan’s voice was still a little lazy.

He looked at the highly sheltered curtains of the hotel and said casually, “open a curtain and see if there is sun today.”

Luo Lingsheng did so and pressed the open key next to the bedside table.

The automatic curtains were opened to both sides, and the sunlight was immediately thrown in, which was a little strong in contrast to the original dim bedroom light.

Luo Lingsheng immediately took action. He covered his lover’s eyes with one hand and his little nephew’s eyes with the other to prevent them from being directly stimulated by light changes.

About half a minute later, he slowly let go.

The little goldfish looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside, and his mood became better. He said sweetly, “uncle! Little uncle! I love you too today!”

A child of his age is never stingy with his desire for expression.

Shi Yunnan was laughed by his little nephew and immediately responded, “OK, I love you too today.”

“Hey hey ~”

The little goldfish who got the feedback grinned and looked more expectantly at Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan easily saw through his little nephew’s idea and looked at the outermost lover with great interest, waiting for the other party’s response.

You know, Luo Lingsheng never likes to talk about “love”.

Whether he treats Shi Yunnan or little goldfish, he is used to expressing it with practical actions.

Now he looks forward to the big one and the small one. After all, he still easily loses the battle, “… Well, I love you too.”

The little goldfish, who heard his uncle say “love” for the first time, immediately winked and danced more.

“Then I love you so much! Like so much sea water in the sea, I can’t use it up!”

Vivid and figurative.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were relieved——

The little goldfish looks so sweet that it can’t see the haze after the “kidnapping”.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “well, go wash yourself first and have some breakfast later.”


The little goldfish didn’t forget to fold his quilt, so he climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Shi Yunnan followed him and planned to get up. As soon as he moved, Luo Lingsheng took him in his arms again. “Lie down again. It will take five or six minutes to get there today.”

Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to bite his lover’s Adam’s apple and enjoyed a moment of intimacy.

Luo Lingsheng was tickled by him. Unwilling to show weakness, he rubbed his head against his ears and continued with a lustful kiss. He didn’t say a word until he saw that the lover’s earlobe was stained with the crimson he wanted——

“I love you most.”

There is incomparable sexuality hidden in the low sound line.

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he knew that this was Luo Lingsheng’s final answer to the “mutual expression” he had just made.

Their love for little goldfish is family affection, and they love each other for the rest of their lives.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes with a smile and couldn’t help rubbing his lover with the tip of his nose. He didn’t tease his previous jokes, but made a solemn commitment.

“I love you most, too.”

The next second, a little goldfish’s request came from the bathroom, “uncle, the towel is too high for me.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled helplessly, “get up.”



The three simply had breakfast. After confirming that there would be no other situation at the police station, they drove back to Dijing in the afternoon.

The housekeeper Qin Bo, who had been worried for nearly two days, stood at the door. As soon as he saw the figure of the little goldfish, his eyes were red with excitement. “Young master, I’m looking forward to you back.”

“Grandpa Qin.”

The little goldfish leaned in his arms.

The housekeeper saw the slight scratch on his neck and was distressed. “The one who suffered a thousand knives should go to hell! He…”

Halfway through the curse, he was afraid that the little goldfish would not learn well, so he stopped abruptly.

Luo Lingsheng took the opportunity to charge, “Uncle Qin, take the little goldfish into the house first and let him rest at home this week.”

Uncle Qin nodded and picked up the little goldfish. “Master, do you want to go out?”


It happened suddenly two days ago. The group postponed a quarterly meeting. Luo Lingsheng has to make up for it now.

The little goldfish looked at Shi Yunnan and asked, “will my little uncle go out to work?”

Shi Yunnan flashed a dark light at the bottom of his eyes, and soon showed a gentle smile. He leaned forward and rubbed his little nephew’s head.

“My little uncle goes to see a friend. You stay at home. Grandpa Qin will protect you. There are no bad people here.”

The little goldfish sipped his mouth and couldn’t help asking, “when will you and your uncle come back?”

After the kidnapping, his dependence on his two uncles increased significantly.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to answer, “we will come back and have dinner with you.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “and then I’ll sleep with you tonight, okay?”


The little goldfish who got the promise of the two people was a little relieved. Then he let Qin Bo carry him into the house.

Luo Ling looked at their backs and frowned slightly, “Qin Jian, please ask the child psychological counseling expert to come tomorrow. This can’t be delayed.”

Qin Jian replied, “I understand.”

Shi Yunnan took a look at the time. “I should finish cooking faster than you later. I won’t go to your company on the way. I’ll come back early to accompany him.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded slightly and asked anxiously, “you have no problem with a person over there? Do you need Yuan Meng to follow you?”

“No need.”

Shi Yunnan refused, thinking of the man who helped Luo Yanchuan behind the scenes, his eyes were more cold.

“Since that man is still restless and secretly helps Luo Yanchuan, he can’t escape me.”

“Well, pay attention to your own safety.”

Luo Lingsheng believed in the lover’s ability to handle affairs, and instead charged Yuan Meng, “you stay at home to ensure the safety of the little goldfish. If anything happens, you should inform them immediately.”

Even if the same accident can’t happen twice in a short time, they should be cautious and cautious, and can’t hurt the little goldfish any more.

Yuan Meng put on a positive look, “don’t worry, master. I will guard the young master before you come back.”

With that, he quickly followed up the main house.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and hurried to do their own things.


Dijing section II, star villa area.

Wenwan pomelo curled up in the exquisitely decorated bedroom, her face flustered and holding her mobile phone.

The screen on the mobile phone still glows faintly. It shows a police notice just issued ten minutes ago. The summary of the above content is very simple——

Luo mouchuan, who hit and ran away in Dijing some time ago, was arrested by the police yesterday and has been criminally detained according to law.

Meanwhile, Luo mouchuan was also involved in the illegal kidnapping of a minor child on his way to escape, and the case is awaiting further trial.

The screen finally darkened, which also brought the gentle pomelo into an uncontrollable panic.

She threw her cell phone aside and rushed into the cloakroom to pack up some clothes.

She wanted to leave Dijing with her suitcase to avoid the storm for a while.

Not long after this idea took shape, Wenwan pomelo, who had not left home, opened the door and met Shi Yunnan, who was “waiting for the rabbit”.

They met face to face, one strong and one weak.


The gentle pomelo steps are stiff, and the blood color on his face suddenly fades.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the suitcase in her hand and picked the tip of her eyebrow. “Why? I’ve done something bad and plan to run away?”

Wenwan grapefruit tried to keep calm, but the waves never stopped in her heart. “Cousin, how did you know I was here? I, I have something urgent now.”

The next second, Shi Yunnan, who seemed calm, suddenly became cruel.

He kicked open the gentle grapefruit suitcase, dragged her boneless wrist, and almost forced her into the living room.

“Shi Yunnan, you, you let me go… Ah!”

Wenwan grapefruit struggled to send out pain, but Shi Yunnan had no idea of pity for jade at all, and directly threw her on the edge of the sofa.


Shi Yunnan picked up the red wine bottle on the tea table and smashed it violently. The remaining liquor splashed everywhere, making the gentle pomelo tremble.

Before she could react, Shi Yunnan pointed the tip of the smashed wine bottle at her, “Wenwan grapefruit, have you forgotten what I warned you?”

Gentle pomelo looked at the sharp wine bottle close at hand, and her whole body was too stiff to move. The distressing tears almost flew out at once.

“I didn’t… I didn’t do anything sorry for you…”

Shi Yunnan didn’t believe her tears at all. “You don’t dare to sneak to see Luo Lingsheng behind my back, but you know very well that I’m not talking about it now.”

Since Song Zhiqiu and Wen Chenglang went to prison, the Wen family almost broke up.

Mr. Wen was taken care of by Wen Yibei, and his uncle Wen Yanfeng was persuaded to change his local life together.

The original old villa was sold. Wenwan pomelo, as the granddaughter of the Wen family, finally shared the family property.

Shi Yunnan did not stop the practice of the elders of the Wen family. For him, as long as the gentle pomelo did not affect his life, he was an irrelevant person.

But the other party is not willing to stop being a demon.

“Wenwan pomelo, what are you dissatisfied with? How dare you make an idea on today Yu?”

Shi Yunnan approached again with his hand holding the broken wine bottle and pressed word by word, “you’d better tell me the truth. How did you hook up with Luo Yanchuan!”

Wenwan pomelo trembled with her breath. She tried to hold it for a few seconds, but she still couldn’t escape panic and timidity. “It’s not me, I’m forced!”

“Cousin… Cousin, please forgive me this time!”

“I didn’t want to hurt the little goldfish. I was really forced!”

Shi Yunnan remained unmoved and continued to look at her coldly from a commanding position.

Wenwan pomelo tried to shrink back. Knowing that she could not escape the disaster, she began to cry.

“At the beginning, my mother and my brother went to prison one after another. I was afraid that it would affect my position in the circle…”

Later, she learned about the engagement banquet between her good friends Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan. When she learned that the man had spent 30 million on an engagement banquet, she was both jealous and suffering.

Obviously, she and Mo Xuanqi are best friends, but why should her parents love and love go well, while she herself gets more and more depressed?

The idea grew deeper and deeper as the countdown to the engagement banquet.

“The day before the engagement banquet, Luo Yanchuan called and invited Mo Xuanqi to pick up the wedding dress, but she shirked that she was uncomfortable during her physiological period and even lost her temper.”

At that time, Wenwan pomelo didn’t know that the engagement party had caused such a scandal. She just felt that Mo Xuanqi didn’t know her happiness.

I don’t know what impulse, she blurted out that she could help her friends get the wedding dress. Once and twice, she naturally had the opportunity to contact Luo Yanchuan alone.

“I, I’m obsessed. I’m not willing to watch Mo Xuanqi live better than myself, so I…”

The gentle pomelo stopped talking and couldn’t go on crying.

Shi Yunnan thought of Luo Yanchuan’s true temperament and probably guessed that the two had a relationship behind Mo Xuanqi’s back.

Wenwan pomelo didn’t expect such a scandal at the engagement banquet. She was particularly afraid that she was also one of the protagonists in those videos.

This became the fuse in her heart, and she was always terrified about it.

It’s just that she has to face much more than this.

“The Wen family gave me a lot of assets, but my brother owed too much usury gambling debt. That bastard left my contact information when he borrowed money!”

“Those debt collectors found me and blocked me. In order to protect myself, I can only use all my money to pay off my debt.”

As for this small villa, Wen Yanfeng bought it again to appease his daughter after learning about it.

“My father told me that a person should learn to rely on himself anyway. Even if he has money to support me, he will grow old one day…”

After so many things, Wenwan pomelo finally listened to her father’s advice.

Wen Yanfeng introduced his daughter to the kindergarten as a dance teacher through contacts. Wen Wanyou even changed her name to start over.

Because it is an aristocratic education, the salary of the dance teacher is very considerable, and her parents will invite her to private teaching and counseling on weekends.

For a long time, Wenwan pomelo felt that she had finally lived a steady and stable life.

“I, I almost forgot what happened on the eve of the engagement banquet, but I didn’t expect Luo Yanchuan to come to the door suddenly…”

Gentle pomelo remembered the warning given by Shi Yunnan that day, leaving only a steady stream of regret.

“Cousin, you’re right.”

“If it’s not mine, it’ll never be mine. I shouldn’t do those dirty things in private.”

Karma never fails.

Without the absurd seduction of that day, how could Luo Yanchuan, who had no way to go, threaten to get a gentle pomelo?

She thought about secretly calling the police to arrest Luo Yanchuan, but the other party said that those photos were sent regularly. As long as she acted obediently, she could solve these photos.

“I can’t help it. I really can’t help it. I can only listen to Luo Yanchuan’s threat. I thought I just had to help him run and succeed.”

“But when Luo Yanchuan knew that I was the teacher of little goldfish, he forced me to do those things for him…”

The specific arrangement of the summer camp was that Wenwan pomelo was brought to Luo Yanchuan. The layout of hotel monitoring was also that she asked for leave in advance.

“Cousin, please let me go. I beg you. I really didn’t volunteer this time. I know I was wrong… I really know I was wrong!”

Gentle pomelo kept crying and repenting.

Since she couldn’t contact Luo Yanchuan the night before yesterday, she had been waiting for the news with great anxiety until she saw the police report just now, and the anxiety in recent days suddenly came true.

“Don’t cry so pitifully in front of me. So far, what is not the bitter fruit of your own planting?”

Shi Yunnan responded quietly. He threw the wine bottle aside on the carpet and took out the recording pen he had been recording at the beginning.

“Luo Yanchuan is still in a coma and hasn’t confessed, but I’ll give your recording to the police. How can I judge whether it’s their business afterwards.”

“Gentle pomelo, I won’t retaliate against you in private. Do it yourself.”

Shi Yunnan, who got the truth, turned and left without any emotion.

The door closed.

The gentle pomelo fell to the ground and burst into the most regretful cry in history.

To this day, she has already awakened——

The person who really hurt her was not Shi Yunnan, who had a clear distinction between good and evil in the past, but Luo Yanchuan, who was dressed in a gentleman’s skin. She was herself once stubborn!


Twenty days later.

Everything is settled.

After finishing his daily design work, Shi Yunnan took the laundry and went into the bathroom.

After a period of time, the unlocked bathroom door was easily opened. Shi Yunnan subconsciously turned around and bumped into a familiar embrace.



Luo Lingsheng easily sat Shi Yunnan on the washstand and kissed his lover’s lips.

“Didn’t you make a new round of psychological test report for today Yu two days ago? I got the results this afternoon.”

Shi Yunnan asked with concern, “how about it?”

“Very good.” Luo Lingsheng’s voice was simple, with a touch of subtle dissatisfaction, “… I said it was almost time for him to go back to his bedroom to sleep.”

Since the kidnapping, little goldfish had some “adverse reactions” at first. As parents, they followed the advice of psychological counseling experts and went to sleep with him every night.

It’s almost a month.

Seeing the little guy’s condition getting better and better day by day, he climbed into their bed with a small quilt every night and said good night. He could sleep with his eyes closed. There was no shadow at all.

“After a while, I still don’t trust him to sleep alone.”

Shi Yunnan has already hurt the little goldfish to his bones. Naturally, he can’t bear to be hurt a little more.

“It’s not that I don’t love my nephew, and he’s not so delicate.”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed Shi Yunnan’s hand behind him bit by bit, but said, “he sleeps well every night. What about me?”

It used to be inconvenient for legs and feet. Later, it was not easy to have the night life. Now it’s better to sleep in the same bed with my nephew every day.

Shi Yunnan chuckled and took the initiative to kiss Luo Lingsheng’s lips, “… Wait.”

At the moment of breathing, their long suppressed erotic instinct came up again.

“How long?”


Shi Yunnan’s answer was just one word, and Luo Lingsheng strongly clasped the back of his head and kissed him.


Shi Yunnan let out a groan that couldn’t hook people again, and the bathrobe that was already loose and tied to him was easily carried away.

Just as their reason was about to get out of control, a cry came from the door, “little uncle! I have washed incense!”



Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan suddenly stopped hugging and kissing.

“If it goes on like this, I’ll see if it’s me who should have a psychological shadow.”

“Well, stop it.”

After they looked at each other speechlessly, one was helpless and the other laughed loudly.

Shi Yunnan gently pushed away Luo Lingsheng’s hug, got off the washstand and took the initiative to open the door.

Standing at the door of the bathroom, the little goldfish didn’t expect that Luo Lingsheng was hidden inside and blinked, “little uncle, do you two take a bath together?”


Shi Yunnan cleared his throat and easily skipped the topic. “What bedtime story do we little goldfish want to hear today?”

Hearing this, the little goldfish hurriedly climbed into the bedroom bed.

He didn’t understand his uncle’s “oppression” at all, and said happily, “all right! I want to hear all the stories told by my little uncle!”

“OK, then lie down.”


The night is like ink.

Shi Yunnan was sleepy and heard the sound of getting up on the side. He struggled to lift his eyelids and was held horizontally.

The sudden sense of flying made Shi Yunnan more sober, “you…”

“Shh, take it easy. Today Yu is still sleeping.”

Luo Lingsheng grabbed Shi Yunnan and gently carried him out of the room.

After leaving the master bedroom, Shi Yunnan asked, “what do you want to do in the middle of the night?”

“What do you say I want to do?”

Luo Lingsheng said and took Shi Yunnan back to the next bedroom.

It has been used as Shi Yunnan’s workshop, but the bed is still there.

Luo Lingsheng locked the door, quickly put Shi Yunnan down and kissed him, “you coaxed the child to sleep. It’s time to coax me?”

Shi Yunnan hooked his arm and teased, “are you a big friend?”

“Coax me.” Luo Lingsheng continued to stir, and the gradually thickened breath made Shi Yunnan hot.

“How do you want me to coax you, I hum…”

The aftersound fell into the kiss and everything was out of control.

In the dark, any pleasure is magnified infinitely.

Shi Yunnan only felt that he was addicted to the floating sea of desire, and the Luo Lingsheng in front of him was the only driftwood he could hold.

It was not until he explained each other in love that he heard a deep feeling in his ear.

“Yunnan, shall we have a wedding?”



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