After a Flash Marriage Chapter 94

The End

Although the idea of “holding a wedding” was put forward by the two people when they were in love, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng had already made preparations in their hearts.

After all the dust settled, the two finally began to get married.

For Shi Yunnan, marriage is a significant and important thing. Even if they can find someone to do things with money, they still participate in the layout design of the place.

As a designer, Shi Yunnan paid special attention to aesthetics and almost exhausted his energy.

However, under the personal planning of him and Luo Lingsheng, the wedding, which was one year late, finally appeared in front of everyone.

Fu Zi couldn’t help sighing as soon as he entered the main banquet hall, “I’ve seen people use roses and other flowers as wedding scenes, but I haven’t seen sunflowers as the main flowers.”

My friend is really a designer. This idea is different from others.

In addition to airlifting fresh sunflowers, the design of every other place in the banquet hall can be called low-key and luxurious, in the words of the banquet hall waiter——

If you pick it up in any corner, the investment cost has to be in six or seven figures.

Yuan Rui, who followed him, immediately boasted, “that’s sure. You don’t look at it. Yunnan is the core designer of our studio.”

“I said, can you put less gold on your face?”

Fu Zi was angry and jokingly hooked up with Yuan Rui’s shoulder. “His marriage is not your marriage. Why do you pull everything on yourself?”

“I’d love to. Can you manage it?”

Between the two quarrels, another voice in the rear sounded, “sunflowers are unconventional, and the flower language is good, which is very suitable for Yunnan and Mr. Luo.”

Fu Ziyu and Yuan Rui, who are “hanging shoulder to shoulder”, turn around together and get into Lu Zhaoan’s line of sight.

Lu Zhaoan’s seemingly calm eyes were stained with a little sharp. Only two or three steps closer, he made Fu Ziyu feel a murderous spirit inexplicably.

The next second, Lu Zhaoan’s eyes were subtly fixed on Fu Ziyu’s hook Take ‘yuan Rui’s hand.


Fu Ziyu suddenly understood something. He hurriedly took back his hand as if he had been stabbed out of a hole. He couldn’t help shouting in his heart——

Heaven and earth conscience, he has always raised yuan Rui as his son!

Last time, in order to avoid Lu Zhaoan, Yuan Rui had an Oolong with his bachelor. Now he meets Lu Zhaoan, and the other party is like an enemy.

Yuan Rui was completely unaware of the surging dark tide between his elder martial brother and his friends. Unexpectedly, he could get together heartlessly, “what flower language?”

The moment the voice landed, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, the protagonists of the wedding, came over.

“There’s no one else, you’re everywhere.” Shi Yunnan took the initiative to answer, with a little pride in showing off between his eyebrows and eyes, “is this flower language romantic enough?”

Yuan Rui and Fu Ziyu looked at each other and said, “meat hemp.”

However, although Fu Zi disliked it, he was genuinely happy to see that his best friend, who had been fighting alone for many years, finally settled down.

Just as he was about to hug Shi Yunnan as a “good friend”, he suddenly received an “Assassination” look.

Obviously, this line of sight comes from Luo Lingsheng.


Fu Ziyu’s embrace was stuck in mid air. He changed his mind and patted his friend on the shoulder. “Son, dad is really glad to see you harvest happiness.”

Shi Yunnan tried to hit people, smiled and said, “go away.”

Fu Zi, caught in the middle, glanced left and right. He really couldn’t help but say nothing, “I said, what’s the matter with you?”

“When I met Fu Zi, I took you two as my sons. The two husbands next to you took me as their rival in love?”

“What husband? Don’t talk nonsense!” Yuan Rui blushed and denied it.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows with interest. “Yuan Rui, how can you deserve faster than me?”

Yuanrui blushed and became a cooked crab. He couldn’t say why. Lu Zhaoan on the side saw his reaction and finally caught a little smile in the bottom of his eyes.

Shi Yunnan was afraid of “teasing” Yuan Rui, who was arrogant and charming, and turned to the topic, “who can blame you for being single for so many years? Otherwise, you should hurry to find someone at my wedding banquet?”

Of course, the second half of this sentence is pure ridicule.

Where Fu Zi met, he didn’t know his friend’s verbal joke, so he responded, “OK, the next person in the banquet hall, I’ll…”

The rest of the words were still stuck. There were two more figures at the door——

Wen Yibei pushed old Mr. Wen in his wheelchair and looked at him hesitantly after entering the door.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan immediately greeted him, “Grandpa, brother!”

Luo Lingsheng summoned the waiter holding the wine tray and took the initiative to signal to Fu Ziyu and others for his lover.

“These wines are my collections collected from auctions in various countries. Mr. Fu, if you like wine tasting, you can find a place to sit and drink. The wedding ceremony will not start until half an hour.”

“Of course, just greet others. We old acquaintances don’t have to worry.”

Compared with the formal wedding banquet process, the arrangement of Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng is obviously more free.

After Luo Lingsheng left with Shi Yunnan, Yuan Rui asked, “you haven’t finished yet. What about the next person who comes in?”

Fu Zi coughed and picked up a glass of spirits, “nothing.”

If he dares to say that, it is estimated that his good friend Shi Yunnan will break his teeth in minutes.

Shi Yunnan prepared a separate lounge for the physically inconvenient old Mr. Wen.

After his family entered the lounge, Shi Yunnan closed the door and asked, “Grandpa, why didn’t my uncle come with you? Is he still on the road?”

Wen Yibei and Mr. Wen look at each other and gently pull his brother to the side to explain.

“Yunnan, uncle won’t come today for the time being. Things over there still need to be handled. He and he feel sorry for you.”

After receiving the recording of Wenwan pomelo’s confession that day, Shi Yunnan finally retained the face of the Wen family and did not hand it over to the police at the first time.

However, the gentle pomelo finally realized. Instead of fleeing, she voluntarily surrendered to the police.

Because Wenwan pomelo was forced to help Luo Yanchuan “commit a crime” and invited a lawyer to defend him in wenyanfeng, the police finally made an appropriate judgment in light of the actual special circumstances.

When the final trial result of Luo Yanchuan’s case came out, Wenwan pomelo, who had been detained for one month, was released.

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan shook his head slightly, “there’s nothing I’m sorry for.”

Everyone’s path is his own choice. After such a encounter, Wenwan pomelo paid a price for what he had done.

Wenwan pomelo is still young. If she can live well from now on, she may still be worthy of her own life.

Now Shi Yunnan only wants to have a good life. “Brother, please let your uncle relax and let us make up for it at the next family dinner.”

Wen Yibei smiled, “OK.”

The two brothers communicated for a short time, and then they returned to Mr. Wen again.

Mr. Wen lives for this reason. He doesn’t understand some things.

He looked at Shi Yunnan in formal clothes and couldn’t stop his joy. “It seems that Lingsheng has taken good care of you. There is finally some meat on both sides of his cheeks.”

Shi Yunnan squatted on the side of the wheelchair with a smile. “I knew it must be Grandpa. You pushed him to feed me fat.”

With that, he didn’t forget to throw a glance at Luo Lingsheng on his side, “I don’t know how much fat I’ve been raised by him and the little goldfish.”

Shi Yunnan used to be busy designing. Once he was put into work, his meals and sleep time were not normal. In the long run, it must be bad for his health.

Luo Lingsheng is trying to help him adjust. In addition to his daily three meals, he is even willing to cook and study medicinal meals.

The head of the house, who cooks in person, surprised uncle Qin and his servants.

Shi Yunnan didn’t have the heart to live up to his lover’s efforts. In addition, he fed the little goldfish like a coquettish, so he had to eat it up every time.

“I’m in poor health. I wish you children could eat on time.” Mr. Wen excused Luo Lingsheng, “he didn’t do anything wrong. Just eat.”

“Your physique is not easy to get fat. It’s much easier to lose than to gain.” Luo Lingsheng occupied his own opinion, “I have to eat more.”

Mr. Wen’s eyes moved back and forth between the two people. The more he looked, the more he felt fit and satisfied. “Lingsheng, Yunnan, you two must be good in the future.”

Luo Lingsheng answered seriously, “Grandpa, don’t worry, I remember what you said to me.”

——Luo Lingsheng, please be kind to my little grandson.

He always remembers.

Shi Yunnan understood the old man’s good intentions all the time, and his eyes were slightly sour. “Grandpa, I know you have secretly spent a lot of time for me over the years. Thank you.”

“Silly boy, why don’t you feel grateful?”

Mr. Wen patted the back of his hand, “as long as you live happily in the future, both I and your mother will be happy, you know?”

“Well, I know.”

Shi Yunnan was so moved that the door of the lounge was knocked.

The nearby Luo Lingsheng opened the door, and a small head poked in, “Wow, it’s really here!”

The little goldfish wore a decent suit and said hello to the adults one by one.

Wen Yibei also liked the little goldfish very much. He squatted down and recruited him to his side. “Our little goldfish are so handsome today.”

“Uncle Wen.” The little goldfish bumped into his arms, nervous and looking forward, “we’re going to perform together later.”

In order to arouse little goldfish’s enthusiasm to learn violin, Shi Yunnan specially arranged Wen Yibei, a master cellist, to cooperate.

No, the little guy has worked hard to practice the violin these days. He has made rapid progress. He can really see some talent.

Wen Yibei picked him up and answered, “OK, let them open their eyes later. Our little goldfish is already an excellent violinist.”

The little goldfish said Hei hei twice, looking proudly at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng opposite, “well, I must be great!”

Shi Yunnan approached with a smile and rubbed his nephew’s face. “OK, I’m looking forward to our little goldfish playing most.”

Luo Lingsheng noticed the time, “Grandpa, you sit here for a while. Yunnan and I have to go out to entertain others.”

“OK, you go.”

As soon as they left the lounge, they were immediately surrounded by guests waiting for the rabbit.

Shi Yunnan called many business partners, and because of the particularity of Luo Lingsheng’s identity, almost all the rich and powerful families in Dijing went out to participate in this unique wedding.

In the past, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were unwilling to maintain such a superficial polite relationship, but today’s occasion is special. They both smiled and accepted everyone’s sincere blessing.

“Mr. Shi and Mr. Luo, happy wedding.”

Fangya took her husband’s hand and came up, and their baby daughter Mo Xuanqi followed behind.

Sharp eyed Shi Yunnan glanced at the necklace worn by Mo Xuanqi and smiled, “Miss Mo, do you like this necklace?”

At the beginning, Shi Yunnan didn’t have good design inspiration after receiving Mo Baian’s design order.

It was not until the “farce” at the engagement banquet came out that he saw Mo Xuanqi’s side that dared to love and hate, that he came up with a new design idea——

The diamond base center, which represents the symbol of “infinity”, is inlaid with a jasmine flower made of a combination of yellow and white rare diamonds.

The main color of the bright system is the same as Shi Yunnan imagined, which is enough to set off the bright feeling of Mo Xuanqi’s face.

Mo Xuanqi looked down and answered truthfully, “I like it.”

Jasmine flowers represent new love and infinity represents immortality.

Shi Yunnan, Mo Baian and Fang ya want to tell Mo Xuanqi through the design that there is no need to give up the longing for love for a scum man at any time.

After receiving the necklace, Mo Xuanqi understood the meaning it represented. She touched the surface of the necklace and said sincerely, “Mr. Shi, I wish you happiness.”

“Thank you, and I wish you happiness.”

Mo Xuanqi smiled smartly, “of course, I will sooner or later.”


The wedding ceremony began on time.

“All guests are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony of Mr. Luo Lingsheng and Mr. Shi Yunnan. Let’s sincerely welcome the couple to join hands to our main stage of the wedding banquet.”

Qin Bo, the housekeeper who had witnessed Luo Lingsheng’s growth, became their chief wedding.

When they appeared hand in hand, applause and cheers came one after another.

Both of them are troublesome people and specially arranged the wedding banquet process very simply. However, no form can hold the sincerity they gave each other.

——Thank you for meeting in the vast sea of people, making you and me belong to my heart.

——Thank you for recognizing my existence and guarding my once gloomy life.

——No matter poor or rich, no matter disease or health, no matter old or young, I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you.

“I will.”

After the two promised each other their wedding vows, the little goldfish sent the ring they had been used to wearing, and didn’t forget to add a sentence quietly.

“Uncle, little uncle, I love you too, and I am willing to live with you!”

These days, the three of them talk about love every day.

Luo Lingsheng smiled and looked at his nephew. Instead of being introverted in the past, he took the initiative to make a promise in Shi Yunnan’s ear.

“Shi Yunnan, I love you.”

Shi Yunnan held the ring in his palm and held back the crying voice that was about to overflow, “Luo Lingsheng, I always know.”

With your first name and last name, I will give you all my sincerity.

After the ceremony, a more free meal time was opened.

After watching the performance of little goldfish, Shi Yunnan hid backstage in the name of going to the bathroom and sighed, “it’s finally done. No wonder every couple says it’s tired to have a wedding.”

From the early preparation to the end of the later stage, no matter how much sincerity is easy to consume on the scene.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “are you hungry? Go to the main table to eat with grandpa and them?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head and suddenly asked, “did you drink today?”

“Not yet.”

Shi Yunnan got the answer he wanted and suddenly approached and urged, “husband, let’s run away now, shall we?”

Luo Lingsheng shouted at him, “OK, where are you going?”

Shi Yunnan pretended to be distressed and thought for a while. He smiled and suggested, “go to the restaurant where we dated for the first time?”

Luo Lingsheng heard the speech and recalled it——

When he returned to Dijing International Airport from overseas, he didn’t expect Shi Yunnan to temporarily appear and invite him to dinner. The first candlelight dinner in their lives was in that restaurant.

There, Shi Yunnan told him about the past for the first time and played the incomplete but moving violin music for him for the first time.

“OK, listen to you.” Luo Lingsheng readily agreed and kissed Shi Yunnan’s lips. “I’ll drive you.”

After confirming that his legs were OK, he went to take a make-up test and got his driver’s license back.

Now Yuan Meng and Qin Bamboo Slips, two subordinates who take “drivers” as sidelines, are “retired” on the way.

Shi Yunnan flickered a light at the bottom of his eyes, “well, I remember the road and direct you to drive.”


They stole away from the wedding banquet and spent some time back to the original French restaurant.

Fortunately, as like as two peas, I had no reservation in advance, but fortunately I sat back to the quiet corner position and ordered the same meal.

Shi Yunnan looked around and couldn’t help falling into memories. “Last time, I racked my brains to think about how to catch you. I’m afraid of touching your scales and making you unhappy.”

Luo Lingsheng picked up the tableware and slowly cut up the carbon barbecue, “really? It’s so hard verbally and so careful secretly?”

Shi Yunnan drank a mouthful of delicious fish soup. Facing the teasing of his lover, he was satisfied and hummed, “I knew you had kept me in your heart for eight years. I should have swaggered and walked sideways.”

Luo Lingsheng was so amused by this that his eyes and eyebrows were happy, “it’s not too late for you to swagger and walk sideways.”

With that, he handed the cut meat plate to the lover’s table, “eat more.”


Shi Yunnan did not refute, but glanced at Luo Lingsheng with a different look, “if you don’t have enough to eat, how can you have the strength to toss with you tonight?”

Luo Ling’s voice slowed down for half a beat before he reacted. He spilled a smile from his throat, “eat quickly.”


They talked while eating and settled dinner slowly.

The small stage not far from the position hasn’t been removed, but it’s not a coincidence today. I can’t hear the violin playing sound similar to that last time.

Until the end of the dinner, Shi Yunnan calmly got up, “I’ll wash my hands. Will you wait for me?”


Luo Lingsheng took advantage of the gap between Shi Yunnan’s departure and took the initiative to settle the meal payment.


An electronic sound of equipment connection suddenly exploded, and the hall behind him suddenly sounded one after another.

Luo Lingsheng subconsciously turned to check the situation, and then his eyes suddenly focused on the narrow restaurant stage——

Shi Yunnan did not know when he had prepared everything. He still held an equally familiar violin in his hand. Standing in the still simple and dim light, he expected Luo Lingsheng’s eyes to be filled with thousands of stars.

Eyes meet.

Shi Yunnan opened his mouth to the simple Li Mai in front of him, “Mr. Luo, listen –”

The fingertips snap the strings and the bow releases the melody.

Without the intermittence of the performance a year ago, Shi Yunnan gave Luo Lingsheng a complete performance with the most skillful techniques he had practiced.

Even if the surrounding diners cast more eyes, the love in Shi Yunnan’s eyes only belongs to Luo Lingsheng.

——I’m thinking, but it’s a pity that I gave up halfway on the violin and didn’t learn the essence. I’m sorry to make a fool of myself. Otherwise, I can go up and play a single song for you tonight, so that you can be my audience for a time.

——If you still like it, you can pick it up at any time. No matter whether the performance is good or bad, I can be your audience in the future.

Shi Yunnan once thought it was the courtesy and respect Luo Lingsheng gave him. Later, he realized that Luo Lingsheng secretly told him forever through a few words.

The song came to an end.

This time Shi Yunnan’s performance not only received Luo Lingsheng’s applause.

Shi Yunnan aimed at Li Mai in everyone’s applause. “This song is only dedicated to my husband, Luo Lingsheng. Happy marriage.”


Luo Ling’s voice was silent, but he bumped up without hesitation the next second. He held Shi Yunnan in his arms, and there was an obvious trembling in the sound line attached to his ears, “you have already arranged it?”

Luo Lingsheng thought that the wedding had moved him enough. He didn’t expect to be “planted” in this place in just two hours.

Shi Yunnan didn’t care about the coaxing and cheering of the diners at the bottom. He just turned his head and asked, “do you understand my response to you?”

“I understand.”

Luo Lingsheng responded solemnly word by word.

After the two thoroughly talked about their relationship, Shi Yunnan had secretly accepted it for countless late nights——

In this world, someone has loved him continuously for eight years and will continue to love him.

After the two met again, every sentence of Luo Lingsheng sounded like a casual conversation. In fact, it was an invitation that he had endured for eight years and hid his love and invited him to spend the rest of his life together.

Shi Yunnan knows that he can’t cross the gap over the years and go back to love Luo Lingsheng. He can’t accompany his lover when he encounters an accident and falls into a trough, so he can only seize every minute and second in the future to love.

This is a solo prepared by Shi Yunnan for Luo Lingsheng after carefully practicing for two months.

Although it is not the best place to express love in the simple stage of the restaurant and the noisy environment where other diners gather, Shi Yunnan just couldn’t help preparing such a response.

Like the names they were meant to write together——

All promises are made for the rest of life.

– end of text –

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