After a Flash Marriage Chapter 95

Extra 1- [Patriarch's Secret Love (1)]

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As soon as Luo Lingsheng walked out of the airport, he saw his friend Yu Shuo in the pick-up hall.

Yu Shuo met his gaze and beckoned, “Ling Sheng, here.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded and approached.

As soon as the two met, Yu Shuo asked about the business, “How is the cooperation in the United States this time?”

“The other party will send a representative the day after tomorrow, and you will arrange manpower to prepare for the receipt and sign the follow-up order.” Luo Lingsheng replied simply and neatly, with a vague arrogance between his eyebrows.

Yu Shuo heard the expected answer and snorted, “I knew that you have no customers that you can’t win with this shot. No wonder Mr. Luo keeps boasting that you are the most like him when you were young.”

You know, the Luo family behind Luo Lingsheng is the most popular top wealthy family in the emperor today. His grandfather Luo Baisheng, who is also the old man of the next population——

The other party is ninety-four years old and still in charge of the intertwined family business under his hands. The children and grandchildren under this knee dare not complain.

As the father’s favorite grandson, Luo Lingsheng was supposed to enter the Luo Group and take up important tasks as soon as he graduated, but he was unwilling to get too involved with the family relationship, and it took him a long time to persuade him to set up his own business.

Old man Luo looked at Luo Lingsheng still young, thinking about giving him time to practice and go out to suffer a bit, so he nodded and agreed.

Today, Luo Lingsheng and Yu Shuo have jointly established an Internet company, and the current development momentum is very good.

“You don’t say that much outside.”

Luo Lingsheng put the suitcase in the trunk and walked back to the front row to get into the co-pilot, “I don’t want to get it to their ears in a room. I don’t want to cause trouble.”

“whispering sound.”

Yu Shuo buckled his seat belt with a chuckle and started the car.

“Elder Luo is getting older. Even if he holds the right of the family and refuses to let go, he should take care of his life in one or two years? At that time, will your four houses fight or not?”

Father Luo had two marriages. After he and his ex-wife gave birth to two sons and a daughter, they still failed to resist the breakdown of their relationship and divorced.

Later, he married a second wife and got another old son, Luo Lingsheng’s father, near the age of fifty.

Nowadays, with Mr. Luo as the center, the three sons and one daughter under his knees are sorted according to their age, and they are distinguished by ‘one bedroom’, ‘second bedroom’, ‘three bedrooms’, and ‘four bedrooms’.

Luo Lingsheng’s father is the youngest, and he is the “four rooms” among the foreign population.

“It’s not my turn to fight.”

Luo Lingsheng opened the car window to let air in. “My dad never thought about it. He promised to let me come out of his own way, just to distinguish my relationship with the Luo family.”

Compared with their family’s not fighting or grabbing, Dafang had already started secretly planning.

Yu Shuo disapproved, “Can this be cleared away? In this society, it is not an ancient division of families. You can still get a ‘killing disaster’ with the benefits you deserve? You are too careful.”

A vigilant dark light flickered under Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, and then the topic was turned over.

“My parents don’t want to fight, and I find it bothersome. My sister and brother-in-law just got married, so I can’t think of this at all. Let the other three rooms toss.”

“Yes, you can still stand on your own.”

Yu Shuogang must have complimented him, and then couldn’t help but joking, “Your sister’s marriage problem has been resolved, should your mother worry about you?”

“I heard that when you went to the United States to talk about work this time, your mother specially arranged for the Chen family daughter who was studying there to meet with you?”

Luo Lingsheng felt a headache when he thought of this.

He learned about the’meeting’ arrangement from his mother in advance, and immediately refused, and even left the main residence overseas with his office computer the next morning, and found a coffee shop nearby to hide for a whole day. .

Yu Shuo tilted his head to glance at the reaction of his friend, and said amusedly, “Looking at you like this, didn’t you meet that Miss Chen?”

Luo Lingsheng remembered something and closed the car window quietly.

Yu Shuo stopped at the red street light and asked tentatively with curiosity, “Ling Sheng, can you tell me the truth, who did you meet at the Wen’s birthday party last time?”

Yu Shuo still remembered that his friend was particularly unwilling to attend such a banquet at the beginning of the day, and then temporarily said that he would go out to ‘get a breath’. After returning, his clothes were inexplicably ‘dirty’.

But when Luo Lingsheng came back, not only was he not annoyed, but there was also a subtle smile in his eyes.

Therefore, Yu Shuo, who has been a good friend for many years, made a reasonable guess.

This person definitely has a situation! He must have met someone at the banquet behind his back.

“Isn’t it the daughter who attended the birthday party, could it be the young master?” Yu Shuo didn’t care about his friend’s silence at all. He tapped his finger on the steering wheel and thought, “Did you like Wen Yibei?”


Luo Lingsheng glanced at the guessing friend, and immediately denied, “It’s not him.”

Yu Shuo caught the meaning of this answer and asked, “Who is that?”

Luo Lingsheng ignored his friend’s questioning. He remembered the ‘one-way’ encounter in the coffee shop two days ago, and uncontrollably echoed those completely different responses.

——Luo Lingsheng, do you like boys or girls? Can i chase you?

——Luo Lingsheng, I will not forget you, see you next time.

——Don’t mention the Luo family, I don’t know, what kind of style is the young master daughter of the rich people in the Imperial circle, don’t you know?

A glimmer of unwillingness flowed from Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, and he opened his mouth in accordance with his heart, “Yu Shuo, are you secretly helping me find someone?”

Mr. Luo always pays attention to the dynamics of their children and grandchildren. He is not good to check some things himself.

Yu Shuo asked, “Who?”

Luo Lingsheng said, “Shi Yunnan.”


The countdown to the red light is over.

Yu Shuo rushed out with a kick of the accelerator. He barely suppressed the shock in his heart, and repeatedly confirmed to his friends, “Who? Who will help you check?”

“Shi Yunnan.”

Luo Lingsheng confessed the name in front of a friend for the first time, “It was when we were on the stairs last time, we accidentally ran into the Shi Yunnan who was arguing with others.”

It is obviously the same birthday, why is the twin brother able to hold the moon with the stars, and he not only has to be ridiculed and mocked, but also hides in the backyard drunk and crying alone?

Why did that man kiss him by drinking, crying dirty his clothes, and promised ‘I’ll see you next time’, but in two or three months, he was completely confused with those ‘fun first’ young dudes?

The more Luo Lingsheng thought about it, the more incomprehensible and unwilling he became, but the more he thought about it, the more he got into his heart——

He wanted to understand Shi Yunnan, all aspects.

Yu Shuo was sure that he did not have auditory hallucinations, and then chuckled softly, “It seems that our Young Master Luo’s heart is not made of stone? Okay, when the order in hand is settled this week, I will start to help you right away. Check it out.”

Luo Lingsheng thought for a while, “Be low-key, I don’t want to cause trouble for him, any form of trouble will not work.”

Yu Shuo nodded, and couldn’t help but ridicule, “It hasn’t started yet, don’t you plant too hard all at once.”

Luo Lingsheng was unmoved, “Don’t worry, I won’t just put myself in like this.”


Yu Shuo glanced at his friend’s calm and even slightly cold side face, and smiled secretly in his heart——

Almost three months have passed since this birthday party, now you still remember Shi Yunnan? Even if it hasn’t gotten in, the other party has indeed left a strong mark in the heart of a friend.

Although Yu Shuo ridiculed his friends verbally, he was still reliable in doing things.

After half a month, all the information that Shi Yunnan could find so far appeared in front of Luo Lingsheng.

“I told you about the situation of Wen and Luo at the birthday party. I won’t talk about it in detail here?”


Luo Lingsheng responded in a low voice, staring at the materials, “He went abroad to study at the age of eight?”

“Shi Yunnan did not go abroad voluntarily, but was forcibly sent out by Shi Sheng when he was eight years old.”


“In order to make room for Mrs. Shi Jiaxin.” Yu Shuo has long been accustomed to seeing the cold world, and a trace of disdain appeared in the upward peach blossom eyes.

When the brother’s mother died for less than a year, she married other women and even sent her young son abroad. This is a really good father.

“Shi Yunnan will only return to China on vacation, but he doesn’t seem to be welcomed by the Shi family.”

“His grandfather, Mr. Wen, is not bad. Several times he planned to bring Shi Yunnan to him, but the family’s daughter-in-law seemed to disagree, and Mr. Shi would not let him go.”

“So, every time Shi Yunnan comes back from vacation, he rolls around like a ball, and there is never a place to live.”

When Luo Lingsheng heard Yu Shuo’s statement, a touch of inexplicable and unclear complexity rose on the apex of his heart.

“Which university is he at now?”

“Shi Yunnan’s grades have always been good, and he gets scholarships every year. Now he is admitted to the Management Department of Ridhaga University with a full scholarship. He is currently in his freshman year.”

Yu Shuo clicked on the information on the table, “I have found all the information that can be found for you.”

“As for things that involve privacy, I think you don’t want to know this way, so there is no in-depth investigation.”

Luo Lingsheng responded, “Well, knowing this is enough.”

“Aren’t you going to chase him?”

As soon as Yu Shuo’s curious question came down, the secretary knocked on the door outside the office.

“Mr. Yu, the video conference will start in three minutes.”

“I am going now.”

Yu Shuo responded, put away the corners of his eyes and explored the eyebrows, put on a business look and walked out.

Until the office door closed again.

Luo Lingsheng turned the information back to the first page, reading it line by line, carefully reading it from beginning to end.

It wasn’t until the assistant sent in a new batch of reports that he stopped looking at it, and he still wouldn’t delay business for a little bit of affection.

Luo Lingsheng completed the work at hand step by step, and it was not until he returned home that his desire to explore, which was suppressed in his heart, appeared.

Luo Lingsheng clicked on the official forum of Shi Yunnan’s university. There is a dedicated browsing area on the webpage, and the title is simple and clear-a collection of freshman summer camp photos.

He remembered Shi Yunnan’s grade, and subconsciously went in to check it. He didn’t expect to find the person in his memory in the top three posts of browsing popularity.

Sitting in the shade of the tree, the young boy probably noticed someone taking a photo. Shi Yunnan’s eyes looked straight into the camera without shyness, and the smile on his lips was naturally frozen.

Somehow, Luo Lingsheng reminded Luo Lingsheng of the melting glacier under the blazing sun. It was so pure and agile, unlike the red nose that was crying that day.

Luo Lingsheng’s gaze was fixed on the photo, and his thoughts were rarely floating. When he came back to his senses, he had already saved the photo in a ghostly manner.


Looking at the photos in the album, Luo Lingsheng hesitated but failed to press the delete button. He returned to that post and found that someone had revealed Shi Yunnan’s social account and contact information.

Luo Lingsheng frowned and did not approve of this unauthorized exposure of other people’s contact information.

He has the qualities in his own bones, so he can’t save the phone and take the liberty to disturb him.

However, the hesitant Luo Lingsheng chose to open the foreign social media software and entered the social account of Shi Yunnan he saw in the post.

——Ao Nang.

Luo Lingsheng did not click to follow, but used the newly registered trumpet to check the daily content of Shi Yunnan’s account.

He would abandon the little wild cat on the side of the road for not being close to others, and would slip away after eating the canned food he bought specially;

He will show off that he won the newspaper lottery today and donate the small amount he got to the tramp on the side of the road;

He would complain that the boss who sold billiards pitted money, how did he cleverly get the cue money back;

The daily content that is too life-like can even vaguely see the childishness and cuteness of a young age, but without exception, it can make people smile.

The corners of Luo Lingsheng’s mouth rose unconsciously, as if he could still imagine Shi Yunnan’s expression when he dictated the content.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the browsing on social media that he reacted with hindsight: Is it difficult for him to immerse himself in other people’s life sharing?


Luo Lingsheng fell into silence alone, and the entanglement in his heart was even worse.

Because of a banquet that has nothing to do with him, because of a drunken kiss, because of an unexpected encounter, it seems that he really has a crush on Shi Yunnan and has a good impression of Shi Yunnan?

Luo Lingsheng thinks that his reason is always too emotional. He put aside these inconclusive ideas, returned to the forum, and continued to read other people’s comments on Shi Yunnan——

He knows that Shi Yunnan’s foreign name in school is Ao Nang, and he also knows that Shi Yunnan is very talkative in front of outsiders.

It’s just that when faced with a sudden love invitation, the other party will refuse it in the most straightforward way, and never leave a single opportunity for the other party.

Shi Yunnan’s temperament is hot and cold inside, and the sharp ice in the midsummer.

People can’t help but approach in the heat of the sky, but if they are careless, they will be touched by the coldness that he emits from the inside.

Luo Lingsheng slowly browsed to the last page, only to find that someone was crying and saying

Shi Yunnan is a completely homosexual, and he already has a boyfriend, who is also Chinese. Because Shi Yunnan was harassed and confessed repeatedly by her suitors, she had especially her boyfriend who stood up and swearing sovereignty in person.

This post was accompanied by a photo of a double person, and it even got a lot of support from Shi Yunnan’s professional students.

Luo Lingsheng clicked to zoom in, and vaguely recognized the faces of the two: one was Shi Yunnan, and the other was the young man he met in the coffee shop last time. It seemed to be Fu Ziyu?

how? Do you think I’m not good enough for you? Come on, baby kiss one.

——Come on, kiss.

Luo Lingsheng remembered the closeness of Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu in the coffee shop that day, and his eyes were slightly dark.

He felt as if he had lost something suddenly, his heart blocked but empty.

Turns out there is a boyfriend.

That’s right, he shouldn’t have those inexplicable thoughts.

It was just what a drunk kid said that day, how could he take it seriously?

With a ridiculous sigh overflowing from his throat, Luo Lingsheng immediately closed the official forum and sealed all investigation materials in his drawer.

Since he was young, he didn’t like to waste his feelings and time on unnecessary people and things. Now he is even less likely to covet Shi Yunnan, who already has a boyfriend.

It’s a pity that once some good feelings take root, they can’t be easily eliminated.

Whenever he is alone in his free time, Luo Lingsheng can’t help but check Shi Yunnan’s social media, browse Shi Yunnan’s school forums, and even the unpopular billiard club official website.

As the days were long, Luo Lingsheng reluctantly acquiesced to this goodwill, while secretly admonishing himself——

Limited to this, can not cross the boundary.

Dazzling to the second year.

Luo Lingsheng returned to the United States again because of his career needs.

The long takeover meeting finally came to an end before eight o’clock in the evening.

Luo Lingsheng finished packing up his things and hurriedly prepared to leave the branch office, but Yu Shuo who appeared suddenly stopped him, “Where can I go in such a hurry?”

“We haven’t seen each other for half a year because of work. Going for a drink tonight?”

“Don’t go, another day.”

Rejected, Yu Shuo sighed, and Taohua’s eyes were full of teasing, “I see, this is the United States, the first time you find a boyfriend?”

“…What little boyfriend?”

“Do you still pretend to be with me?” Yu Shuo raised his eyebrows and whispered in Chinese, “Of course it is Shi Yunnan, aren’t you interested in him?”

“It’s been eight or nine months, you should have caught up.”

Luo Ling’s expression changed slightly, and he calmly retorted, “No, I have nothing to do with him.”


Yu Shuo got stuck, after a few seconds before questioning, “Isn’t he? He rejected you?”

Luo Lingsheng whispered, “I never planned to chase him, so the two of us are parallel lines, no intersection, it doesn’t matter.”

“But…” Yu Shuo couldn’t believe it.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at the time, and seemed to have something urgent to do, “I still have some personal matters to deal with, so let’s go first.”

After half a minute, Yu Shuo looked at the back of Luo Lingsheng’s hurried departure, the surprise in his eyes had not completely disappeared.

Although he didn’t mean it on purpose, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Luo Lingsheng’s mobile phone desktop at the first meeting-that profile looked very similar to Shi Yunnan.

With the friend’s temperament, if this is not a boyfriend, would he put this kind of photo as a mobile desktop? Obviously impossible.

“Could it be that you still have a crush?”

Yu Shuo felt more and more incredible.

Isn’t it?

There are still people in the world who friends dare not chase easily?

Luo Lingsheng, who had left the company, sat quietly in a store. While waiting, he opened Shi Yunnan’s social media account as always.

Half an hour ago, Shi Yunnan just updated a daily activity and attached two photos.

The first one seems to be in the dim environment of a bar, with all kinds of wine bottles on the table.

The second one is a photo of Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu sitting together with their backs on their shoulders.

“Thank you for someone to take away this single dog. I can’t bear to pull me to drink every day.”

There are also interactions between Shi Yunnan and other friends in the comment area below-

“Ao Nang, can I take you away?”

“No, I’m afraid my future lover will be jealous.”

The moment he saw this text, Luo Lingsheng’s heart seemed to be clenched.

He repeatedly confirmed the meaning of this line, until he confirmed his long misunderstanding, and then let out a self-deprecating laugh.

It is said that the three become tigers.

It’s just that he had been misled for so long?

“Hello sir, this is the item you want.” The waiter in the store brought the packed things up.

Luo Lingsheng closed the mobile webpage, feeling that his life has never been more enjoyable than it is now, “Thank you.”

The waiter was so fascinated by his handsome face and sudden smile that he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Sir, can I add your contact information?”

Luo Lingsheng remembered the reply he saw on his mobile phone not long ago, and applied what he learned, “Sorry, I’m afraid my future lover will be jealous.”

The waiter was taken aback, without the embarrassment of being rejected, “Sir, I wish you and your little lover happiness in the future.”


Luo Lingsheng took the purchased items, confirmed that it was too early, and left the store with ease.

In the early summer night, there was still a hint of spring breeze.

When Shi Yunnan came out of the nightclub, he took two deep breaths before barely suppressing the drunken heat, and couldn’t help but vomit in his heart——

Fu Ziyu this guy, every time he meets a new nightclub, he has to take him to a drink and inspect, and he doesn’t want to stop when he gets up.

Shi Yunnan stayed with his friend for several hours. He didn’t drink too much wine, and his mind was dizzy. He really couldn’t bear it, so he escaped first.

Suddenly, the phone vibrated.

When Shi Yunnan opened it, he was relieved that it was the news from Wen Yibei-Yunnan, happy birthday.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the date, which happened to be zero.

Obviously, Wen Yibei, who had a time difference with him, deliberately spotted it at this time.

He quickly replied: Brother, happy birthday.

Within three minutes, Wen Yibei called in, “Yunnan, why don’t you rest at this point?”

“I’m going back to rest.”

Shi Yunnan was walking on the empty street and heard the noise on the other end of the phone. Wen Yibei’s popularity has always been good, and someone should be accompanying him on his birthday at this time.

“Brother, have you eaten the cake?”

“Eat some.” Wen Yibei replied.

He paused, his elder brother’s gentle pampering voice in his voice, “Would you like to eat? I’ll order cakes for you, okay?”

“No, I don’t like sweets.” Shi Yunnan said, “I loved cakes when I was young, but I prefer to drink now.”

“You should drink less, and no one will take care of you if you are drunk.”

Shi Yunnan heard this concern and suddenly felt a little lonely, “Brother.”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t say anything like a baby and nasty, but at the end of his mouth, he still became a blessing, “Happy birthday.”

“Okay, so are you.”

Shi Yunnan was not in a hurry to go back, and walked slowly for more than 20 minutes before arriving at his residence.

Suddenly, sharp-eyed, he found a packed cake box on the doorstep.


Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds before squatting down to check the situation. There was a greeting card on the cake box with a line of big characters clearly written on it.

——Shi Yunnan, happy birthday.

The powerful fonts immediately caught Shi Yunnan’s attention.

I can remember his birthday, and it is written with his Chinese name. It must be Wen Yibei or Fu Ziyu who asked someone to write it on behalf of him without telling him.

Shi Yunnan didn’t rush into the house immediately, and even sat on the steps and opened the cake box a little bit impatiently. He put the exquisite cake on his knee and lit a candle at random to make a wish.

The candle light entered Shi Yunnan’s eyes, setting out the satisfaction in his eyes, “I hope someone will love me in the new year.”

The murmured prayer was scattered in the summer night wind.

Shi Yunnan picked up the spoon and dug a bite of the cake. He dragged the little cake into the house happily until the sweet taste that he knew and liked.

Until the door was completely closed, a black car in the distance chose to leave.

——No one cares who I am at this banquet, and no one celebrates my birthday.

——Shi Yunnan, I will remember your birthday, year after year.


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