After a Flash Marriage Chapter 96

Extra 1- [Patriarch's Secret Love (2)]

When Luo Lingsheng arrived at the Imperial Confinement Center of Shengya, Luo Yu had just finished lunch.

The siblings looked up in pairs.

Luo Yu showed a gentle smile, “You are a busy man, finally I am looking forward to you, are the company’s affairs finished?”


Luo Lingsheng walked in and looked around the room quietly.

The two brothers and sisters grew up together when they were young. Luo Yu couldn’t see his careful thoughts. He smiled and replied, “Your little nephew was just taken by the concubine and the nurse to take a bath. You sit here and wait, wait a minute. You can see it.”

There was a hidden expectation in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, “Okay.”

Luo Yu and her husband have been in love for five years, and only two years after marriage did they have the crystallization of love. Now it has been smoothly for almost half a month before Luo Lingsheng, who is busy with company expansion, has time to come over.

“Where’s brother-in-law?”

“I got up early to deal with affairs, and I can only come over after talking about a little bit.”

Luo Yu looked at his brother who hadn’t seen him for a long time, and asked, “I heard my mother say, you have expanded the company again? It only took less than three years to expand three branches. Are you tired? ”

“Not tired.”

Luo Lingsheng replied calmly, not taking all the credit for himself, “Yu Shuo and the other two partners can help, and we have familiar procedures to adapt to market demand and expansion.”

Luo Yu said helplessly, and patted his brother on the shoulder, “I mean, your career is going well enough, shouldn’t the emotional matter be on the agenda?”

“Seeing that he is twenty-six years old, he will be twenty-seven years old after the new year.”

Luo Lingsheng’s expression was taken aback, but when he couldn’t find a supplement, he had to ask, “…Sister, don’t you already know?”

“Because I know, I am curious.” Luo Yu picked up a bunch of cleaned grapes in the fruit basket, and slowly peeled them to eat.

“It’s the second young master of the Shi family? You have been secretly in love with them for so long, so don’t you plan to go after them?”

When Luo Yu was not pregnant, he and his close cousin Luo Rong’dug out’ the baby figure hidden in his brother’s heart. Unexpectedly, she has given birth to a child now, and Luo Lingsheng still has no emotions. .

“The situation in our family is different. Even if my parents agree, this matter will spread to my grandfather’s ears. My career is not stable yet, and he is still in college. I can’t rush to disturb or even affect him.”

“You just worry too much.”

Luo Yu handed one of the peeled grapes to Luo Lingsheng’s mouth to’block’ the other party’s mouth and regain his right to speak.

“We said that since the family closed the door, Grandpa is already this age, even if he knows, when will he be able to manage it?”

“At most, I hate you. We don’t let the four houses take the big part of the property, but our family doesn’t care how much money can be allocated to the Luo family, does it?”

Luo Lingsheng nodded silently.

“Same/sex/love/affair has long been recognized by the society. As long as your parents do not object, you confirm that you like it enough, and that Young Master Shi Er can also like you…”

Luo Lingsheng interrupted subconsciously, “The eight characters have not been written yet.”

Even if he took the initiative to chase after him, Shi Yunnan would not necessarily agree to him.

Perhaps it was a long time since had a secret crush in heart, Luo Lingsheng realized more and more the meaning of the six words’Don’t dare to speak easily’.

Saying that the person who likes first loses first, Luo Lingsheng thinks that he has no chance to win at all. It seems that he is constantly in love, but he does not dare to easily provoke Shi Yunnan.

For Luo Lingsheng, feelings are never a trifling matter. Before he decides to take the step of ‘chasing people’——

He must first confirm that his mind has not changed, and secondly, he must ensure that he has the ability to maintain this relationship. Finally, he needs the right time.

In the past two years, the company has expanded and changed. As the core CEO, he is almost too busy to go to the village and shop. How can he easily take the step of chasing people, even if he missed his career and lost people.

The so-called long-term crush was originally in his plan.

However, everything is on the right track now, and Shi Yunnan’s schoolwork in the junior year is relatively easy, maybe he should create the right time to meet and pursue.

“Sister, I have a sense of measure and will take action.”

“Well, you just have to know it yourself.”

Luo Yu took out a wet towel and wiped his hands, and whispered, “Although parents are looking forward to holding grandchildren, if you really like boys, you won’t be able to beat mandarin ducks with their personalities.”

“If you can get to the point of meeting the parents, my brother-in-law and I will help you speak at that time, don’t worry.”

Luo Lingsheng brought some joy between his eyebrows and eyes, “Yeah.”

The siblings chatted for a while, and finally waited until Yuesao and the nurse brought in the white baby.

Luo Yu’s eyebrows became softer, and he said with a smile, “Sister Zhang, let his uncle hug.”


As soon as Luo Lingsheng was about to refuse, the kindly smiling concubine gently handed the baby in his swaddle to his arms.

Luo Lingsheng, who has always done things calmly and measuredly, became a little stiff with inexplicably nervousness, holding this little nephew who was just born not long before he dared to move.

“Lingsheng, don’t be nervous.” Luo Yu approached and slightly corrected Luo Lingsheng’s posture, “Just hold this place with your hands.”

She tapped the child’s little cheek with her fingertips, and said jokingly, “Don’t be afraid, uncle, our little goldfish is not so delicate, is it?”

Probably feeling the breath of her mother, the baby goldfish grinned suddenly, making a whiff of milk and milk, and her round eyes were particularly flattering.

“Small goldfish?”

“That’s a nickname, his name is Jinyu.”

Luo Yu reported the determined name to his younger brother, and kept his eyes on Little Goldfish’s face with love.

“Your brother-in-law and I hope that he can reap a lot of love every day, and then shine like a little sun with love and bright light on other people.”

“The implication is good.”

Luo Lingsheng relaxed as he hugged the child, “Sister, his brows and eyes are very similar to you, but his nose and mouth are like brother-in-law.”

“Really?” Luo Yu teased the little goldfish with his fingers. “On the contrary, my parents and I think that little goldfish’s eyebrows are like when you were a kid.”

The concubine on the side looked at Luo Lingsheng twice, “The nephew is like an uncle. This makes sense. The baby must be very close to the uncle when he grows up.”

Luo Yu said proudly, “That is, our baby has to learn from his uncle when he grows up, let your uncle teach you horsemanship and fencing. Our little goldfish will become as good as your uncle.”

Luo Lingsheng did not answer, but the smile on his lips widened a lot.

Yuesao said casually, “Master Luo has to hurry up and find a beautiful aunt for Little Goldfish, maybe… your children can still be company with Little Goldfish in the future.”


Luo Lingsheng ignored this sentence.

Knowing that Yuesao was wrong, Luo Yu motioned to the other party to leave the bedroom first, and then continued the conversation by teasing the little goldfish.

“Baby, there is no hope for your uncle to find you aunt, but in the future, I can find a younger uncle for you. Are you okay?”

“Uncle?” Luo Lingsheng recounted this name in a subtle way.

“Yeah, let Uncle hurry up and chase people down. From now on, there will be one more person in this world who loves our little goldfish, right?”

The baby goldfish squeezed Luo Yu’s hand indiscriminately, and smiled so that even the grape eyes became crescent-shaped.

This child hasn’t cried much since she was born, except eating and sleeping every day, she smiled when she was awake, and even the concubine said that this was the most worry-free baby she had brought with her.

Luo Lingsheng liked this little nephew sincerely, and responded with an unprecedented smile, “…I will try to catch your uncle as soon as possible.”

As soon as the voice fell, the door of the master bedroom was opened again.

Sheng Zecheng, who entered the room, was carrying a thermos flask. He saw the two siblings sitting opposite each other, and smiled calmly, “Here is Ling Sheng?”


Luo Yu hugged the little goldfish in his arms and asked her husband with a smile, “Didn’t you say that you should come around a bit better? It’s just after twelve o’clock.”

“I rushed to finish the matter early.” Sheng Zecheng said, opening the thermos cautiously.

In an instant, a fragrance floated out.

“This is how I stewed pork ribs and yam soup for you in accordance with Zhang’s instructions, and always asked the servants to simmer it over a small fire before going out to do errands.”

“We haven’t had lunch yet, so just give you a drink?”

As Sheng Zecheng said, he did not forget to ask Luo Lingsheng’s brother-in-law, “Lingsheng, have you eaten it? Would you like to have a bowl too?”

Luo Lingsheng saw Sheng Zecheng’s affection for his sister and replied softly, “No, brother-in-law, I have something to leave.”

Luo Yu also replied, “You put it here first, I can’t eat it now, and I will eat it this afternoon.”


When Sheng Zecheng heard the news that Luo Lingsheng was about to leave, a trace of dignity flashed across his face, “By the way, Lingsheng, I happen to have something to discuss with you. Let’s go out and have a few words?”


Luo Lingsheng told her sister and nephew separately, got up and followed Sheng Zecheng out.

The two walked to the relatively quiet stairs, and Sheng Zecheng spoke straightforwardly, “Ling Sheng, I heard that Mr. Luo’s private medical team moves frequently recently? Do you know the specific situation?”

Luo Lingsheng shook his head, “The old man has always kept secrets about this kind of thing.”

Once the wind leaks, there will be wolves scrambling to win the family property and share a piece of the pie.

Sheng Zecheng nodded slightly and revealed the truth of the conversation, “I have something to tell you. I have found a ghost inside the company in the past two days. He has admitted to alleviating the crime and it was placed by Dafang.”

It’s nothing more than commercial means-

Framing and slandering their company’s financial problems caused the relevant departments to temporarily seal them, and then took the opportunity to break the capital chain and affect the normal follow-up cooperation.

“It’s not a day or two for Dafang to be around. Although our Sheng family is no better than Luo, but I always ventilate with you in the four rooms…”

Dafang wanted to destroy the Sheng’s house, obviously he came for the fourth room, which is equivalent to ruining their support.

“I, Sheng Zecheng, don’t need to climb your Luo family’s wealth and wealth, but can still protect your wife and children. I know that you and your dad don’t have the intention of fighting for the Luo family’s property…”

Sheng Zecheng paused, speaking earnestly, “Even if you don’t argue, you have to plan early.”

“Brother-in-law, I understand what you mean.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded, but did not say clearly for the time being.

In fact, they have secretly transferred assets abroad since a year ago.

If the Luo family is really unclear at that time, they would rather give up the will distribution in the hands of the old man Luo, and move the whole family abroad to stand on their own and seek peace.

“You know it in your heart, and you have a countermeasure.”

Sheng Zecheng patted Luo Lingsheng on the shoulder and showed her brother-in-law’s gesture, “You can talk to me about anything you have. If I hear the trouble, I will talk to you and Dad as soon as possible.”

“Brother-in-law, you just need to take good care of my sister.”

“That’s natural.”

When Sheng Zecheng returned to the room, Luo Yu was feeding the little goldfish, “Ling Sheng is gone?”


The little goldfish’s lips were still stained with milk, and her mouth was instinctively pursed, her cheeks were a little hot, and her whole person looked good and milky.

“Are you tired? Change me to hug?”

“I’m not tired, how can I get tired if I hold my child?”

Luo Yu patted the little goldfish lightly, and his mother’s love was about to overflow. She leaned in and kissed the little goldfish’s cheek softly, and murmured softly and softly.

“Baby, mom loves you very much today, and will love you for the rest of your life, and you also want to love mom for the rest of your life, okay?”

Sheng Zecheng did not interrupt the warmth of his wife and son. He simply surrounded his wife and children from sitting on the side and responded with a smile, “I love you too.”

“Yu Yu, let’s grow up with the little goldfish together.” Sheng Zecheng stared at his son’s sleeping face, thinking about the future.

“We watched him babble, toddler, watch him go to school sensible, graduate to work, and then meet someone he likes and form a new family…”


Luo Lingsheng returned to the car and refreshed his mobile phone page on social media as usual. Shi Yunnan, who hasn’t posted anything for a long time, suddenly uploaded a promotional picture, the content on it is very simple——

Wen Yibei will hold his first solo recital in a month’s time.

The two are twins, and it is normal for Shi Yunnan to issue publicity.

Luo Lingsheng stared at the propaganda interface for a long time, and finally made a decision deep in his heart.

He dialed the assistant’s number, and it didn’t take long for the assistant’s figure to be heard from the other end, “Hello, Mr. Luo?”

“The relevant pictures are sent to you. Help me get a ticket to the VIP area of ​​the concert.” Luo Ling said concisely.

The assistant on the other end was stunned for a while, and then answered after confirming the relevant situation.

“Mr. Luo, there is only one month left for the show. It is estimated that the VIP tickets are all private gifts. Even if they are sold, they should be sold out? Unless they are recycled at a high price.”

“No matter how much money I want, the closer the position is to the VIP center, the better.”

Shi Yunnan, as Wen Yibei’s younger brother, will go to the scene in eight to nine times during this concert. Whenever he decides to go to the scene, he will take a good position in the VIP area.

The assistant got the promise from Luo Lingsheng and responded quickly, “Okay, President Luo, I will find the tickets for you as soon as possible.”


Luo Lingsheng hung up the phone, a faint light overflowing from the depths of his pupils.

Such a crush is long enough.

If this prediction can be calculated, it is time for him to attack head-on.

One month later.

Luo Lingsheng, dressed in formal clothes, sat quietly in the position. He was holding his mobile phone and looked at the webpage messages casually, but he was actually nervous for no reason.

Obviously he wasn’t sure if he could meet that person, but he rushed over all the way because of the possibility.

Seeing that there are more and more people around, but the figure he wants is not yet in the crowd.

Three minutes before the opening, the ceiling lights of the audience dimmed.

Luo Lingsheng politely turned off the screen of his mobile phone, and when he reached for the five-figure ticket in his pocket, he suddenly felt a little silly.

“Sorry, please let me.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice interrupted Luo Lingsheng’s thoughts, and he immediately raised his eyes uncontrollably.

In the front row of him, Shi Yunnan in a beige coat bent over and walked in. After a long time, the other party’s hair had grown to the neck, and even dyed golden brown.

Even in the dim environment, Shi Yunnan’s skin was especially fair.

In addition to Shi Yunnan, there was a foreign young man behind him, who looked very handsome.

Luo Lingsheng has seen this person’s photo on Shi Yunnan’s social media. He is Shi Yunnan’s college roommate, named Nuo Sen.

As Luo Lingsheng’s thoughts floated, the young man named Nuo Sen met his gaze briefly.

“Northern, sit here.”

In the next second, Shi Yunnan aloud to draw the roommate’s attention back.

The two sat down, and Shi Yunnan gratefully said, “It’s very risky, but I haven’t been late and delayed the opening.”

“If you are late on a day like this, I will definitely be beaten by my brother.”

Luo Lingsheng watched Shi Yunnan sitting obliquely on his side, and the mood that had already sunk to the bottom instantly climbed to the top. He felt that this high-priced ticket was well spent.

Northen who came with him took his seat excitedly and looked around the concert hall, “Ao Nang, this is my first time here to perform. Thank you for your free tickets.”

“You are welcome.”

Shi Yunnan smiled.

In fact, these two free VIP seat tickets were originally scheduled for him and a friend to pay for one.

As a result, Fu Ziyu opened his mouth and rejected his kindness.

“If you don’t go or not, what’s so good about this kind of cello playing? Let me wear a formal suit for three hours on this occasion, it’s better to let me go to the bar and dance.”

This is a matter of preference, there is no way to force it. So, Shi Yunnan had to change his way and invite Nordson.

The three-minute countdown is over.

The protagonist of the concert, Wen Yibei, slowly appeared on the stage wearing a white tuxedo, and the applause immediately followed his appearance.

The performance soon kicked off.

Shi Yunnan stared at Wen Yibei who was playing wantonly on stage, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, but a little bit of wetness in his eyes.

The two ensemble promised in front of his mother when he was a child, now only Wen Yibei has fulfilled the promise.

Not only did he lose the qualification to pick up the violin again, I’m afraid no one would listen to him in his life.

Shi Yunnan suppressed the strange sourness and murmured enviously, “It’s great.”

“What?” Northon didn’t hear clearly.

“I said, my brother is really good!” Shi Yunnan concealed his thoughts with a smile, but at the same time he was a little proud of his heart, “Have you seen? He is the focus of everyone in the audience.”

Luo Lingsheng, who was sitting still in the back row, could not hear Shi Yunnan’s words, but his deliberately narrowing eyes never left him.

During the three-hour performance, even if only Shi Yunnan’s profile could be seen, Luo Lingsheng’s mood still followed the other party’s words and deeds.

Among everyone in the audience, you are my only focus.

The performance ended smoothly.

Luo Lingsheng silently sat in the front row and all the people were gone, and then he got up and picked up the seat ticket that accidentally dropped to the ground.

VIP seats, number five in row five, Shi Yunnan’s birthday.

Luo Lingsheng rubbed the ticket, hesitated for two seconds, still put it in his pocket, and stuck his original ticket.

Luo Lingsheng thought of the additional internal quotas for the celebration banquet that the assistant would have for him, and finally made up his mind.

He should take this opportunity to meet him formally.

At the same time, Shi Yunnam, who left the scene the first time after the performance, was waiting in the backstage area.

The staff brought in the celebration flower baskets and bouquets and placed them in order. The rich floral fragrance instantly filled the entire space.

After the performance, Wen Yibei went to thank her teacher and staff. Shi Yunnan knew that the other party was busy, so she didn’t rush to meet. With the help of waiting, he slowly admired the bouquets and the blessing cards on them.

Suddenly, among the cards full of English blessings, a card written in Chinese attracted his attention.

——Wish Mr. Wen: The performance will go smoothly and the family will be well.

Shi Yunnan stared at this special blessing card and couldn’t help but chuckled, “Which Chinese friend wrote this?”

For individual concerts, it is normal to send flowers to wish the performance smoothly. Why is family well-being added afterwards?

Shi Yunnan consciously counted herself in the range of Wen Yibei’s family, and accepted this written blessing with peace of mind.

He could hardly conceal his curiosity. Just as he was about to pick up the card and check the signature hidden in the petals, a call came from behind him.

“Yunnam, why don’t you go in?”

Shi Yunnan stopped the movement in his hand, turned around and approached her brother, “Brother, congratulations, the performance was a success.”

“Thank you.” Wen Yibei held his younger brother’s back and asked to be familiar with each other, “Go into the inner room, wait for me to change clothes, and later you and your friends will celebrate with us.”


A grand celebration banquet is about to be held at the Viana Hotel, which is only three blocks away from the concert hall.

Luo Lingsheng, who had arrived early, successfully entered the banquet hall, silently waiting for Shi Yunnan’s arrival, and finally had a small catharsis for his suppressed sentiment over the years.

Knocked his heart violently for no reason, and it became more and more difficult to stop as time passed.

There was a commotion at the door, and at the same moment, there was an anxious vibration from the mobile phone in his pocket.

Luo Lingsheng opened it and saw that it was a transnational call from Luo Yu.


“Ling Sheng, can you buy the nearest flight back now?” Luo Yu’s rare open, there was a tremor in his always gentle voice.

Luo Lingsheng realized that something was wrong, “What happened?”

“Ling Sheng, grandpa passed away suddenly with a heart attack. Now Dafang has ‘invited’ his parents by virtue of his identity, and I’m afraid they will have an accident.”

A concise and terrifying sentence, like a bomb exploding without warning——

The Lord Luo, who had been in power for nearly seventy years, died suddenly, and the Luo family was destined to change.


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