After a Flash Marriage Chapter 97

Extra 1- [Patriarch's Secret Love (3)]

Two months later.

The snow outside hadn’t melted yet, and the chill squeezed in along the corners of the doors and windows, and the dead funeral home seemed even more chilly.

Luo Lingsheng froze and stared at the four portraits above with bloodshot eyes. The pain on his body was already numb, and his mind was shrouded in chaos.

Suddenly, someone put a thick blanket on him.


Luo Lingsheng burst into a fierce killing intent in an instant, and squeezed the wrist of the incoming person sideways. He is like a lion trapped in a desperate situation. He is obviously scarred, but he has to support his energy and watch out for everything around him.

“Master, it’s me.”

The housekeeper, Uncle Qin, ignored the pain from his wrist, and said distressedly, “You are not in good shape yet, and you have been sitting here for another day. How can this be enough?”

“Just listen to Qin Bo’s advice and go back to the hospital to live well. If…”

Looking at the portrait in the mourning hall, Uncle Qin’s voice was much older and weaker, “If Mr. and Mrs. are still alive, I definitely don’t want you to be like this.”

Two months ago, Mr. Luo passed away suddenly with a heart attack. The descendants under his knees were afraid of being magnificent before he was alive, but immediately after his death they transformed into a hungry and greedy wolf.

The huge family property of the Luo family was a piece of delicious fat in their eyes, and they even tried to fight each other for it.

Among them, no one bites more fiercely than a big house.

Relying on their ridiculous status as the “eldest son and grandchildren” and using the most absurd excuses, they wished to completely expel the other three houses from this power and money battle.

As an old son, Luo Lingsheng’s father has always been very popular with Mr. Luo, and Mr. Luo Lingsheng is also his favorite little grandson.

For these two reasons, Dafang’s ‘brother, friend, and respectful’ on the surface, but behind his back he hated it.

Luo Lingsheng’s parents are smart people. They disdain such property struggles and announced their withdrawal from the Luo family competition early in the morning;

But they are not ruthless enough. They have never thought of the phrase’people’s heart is unpredictable’. Their words of’withdrawing from property competition’ come from their sincerity, but in the eyes of Dafang and others, they are just’retreat for advancement’, which is another matter. Have a picture!

As a result, Luo Lingsheng’s family was in a major’accident’ traffic accident on the expressway rushing to the airport for shelter from abroad, causing four deaths and one injury.

Luo Lingsheng was seriously injured and fainted for nearly half a month. When he woke up again, his four relatives died one after another, and his own legs were also severely injured in the car accident.

“Uncle Qin.” Luo Lingsheng was unmoved, and his eyes returned to the mourning hall with deadly ashes, “Is no one here?”

Qin Bo’s expression became heavier and heavier, “No, the funeral home has passed the visit time point. Now that Dafang is gaining momentum, who in this imperial circle dare to know?”

The winner is king, and the loser is the bandit.

Except for the relatives of the Sheng family who were willing to come to express their condolences, none of the other relatives came.

“Where are Sheng’s parents?”

“I have been sent back.”

The Sheng family only has an only child like Sheng Zecheng. They finally saw their son’s career and marriage are happy, and they also had a lovely grandson years ago.

The results of it?

In that car accident, Sheng Zecheng died on the spot, and his wife, Luo Lingsheng’s sister Luo Yu, also followed away on the way to the hospital.

The white-haired man of the Sheng family gave the black-haired man to the white-haired man, and their grief has remained so far.

“How is Jin Yu?”

“After the incident, Mrs. Sheng was worried about the concubine next to her. During this time, she had been taking care of her personally. She said that the child had been crying hard…”

Qin Bo was halfway talking, after all, it was difficult to speak.

He was about the same age as Luo Lingsheng’s father, and he grew up watching Luo Yu and Luo Lingsheng’s siblings.

Now, it is not only Luo Lingsheng who has lost the asylum of his parents? There are also small goldfishes still in their infancy.

The poor child had only four or five months of birth and had no parents. Sheng Zecheng and Luo Yu, who loved their son, could not even hear the child yelling for mom and dad.

“Master, you must take good care of yourself. I think Dafang should not trouble you anymore. You have to…”

“You won’t trouble me anymore?”

Luo Lingsheng let out a dry mockery, staring down at his numb legs, “I am disabled, they naturally don’t think it is troublesome, they just think I’m not dead yet.”

“Ling Sheng! You must not abandon yourself.” Qin Bo was anxious to call his name and exhorted earnestly as an elder.

“The doctor said, as long as you take a good rest and cooperate with rehabilitation, you will still have a great chance to stand up in the future.”


Luo Lingsheng silently moved the wheelchair forward a few steps, his gaze flicked over the four familiar but forever black and white faces in turn, an emotion called’hatred’ finally broke through the numb barrier in his heart and spread quickly. The internal organs.

“Uncle Qin, I won’t let them go.”

The uncontrollable tremor in the voice was extremely obvious.


“I won’t let them go!”

Luo Lingsheng pressed tears of pain and hatred into his eyes, and the blue veins on his forehead and the back of his hands swelled up like winding hills, “I want them to pay for what they have done!”

Even if his body is broken and his soul is scattered, he still has to drag the group of evil spirits in human skin in Dafang to hell forever!

“Ling Sheng…”

Uncle Qin walked up in a hurry, but couldn’t help but want to persuade him.

Luo Lingsheng has been driven to desperation by Dafang, and no one can lightly ask him to “be good” right now.

Uncle Qin understood this truth, and after a long silence could not help being worried, “What are you going to do?”

“Dafang used to deal with the other three houses unanimously for the benefit of his family. Now that it is in power, it is time to fight internally.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes grew deeper and deeper, and he pointed out the core point sharply, “There is only one position of Patriarch, and they still have a fight.”

In that case, he pushed the boat along the water to disturb the situation, turning them into sharp blades that could stab each other, and finally he went out to take his life.

Luo Lingsheng suppressed the sore temples that were about to explode, and tried his best to find reason in the monstrous hatred, “Bo Qin, there was an assistant named Qin Jian in my company. You ask him to come find me.”

“Also, my legs…my legs are not convenient. You have to find some bodyguards for me as soon as possible.”

“Don’t be too shrewd, it’s best to be honest.”

He is now inconvenient to move, and he wants a loyal gentleman who can protect the lord, not a villain who can betray for money.

Uncle Qin knew that at the moment Luo Lingsheng could only rely on himself, “Okay, I will do it.”

Luo Lingsheng said again, “Uncle Qin, you have to be careful yourself.”

“Well, at my age, and without a wife or children, I don’t have so much concern. Now I naturally have my heart toward you as a child.”

Uncle Qin stepped forward, grabbed the wheelchair and pushed his hand and walked out, “Ling Sheng, Uncle Qin knows that you are suffering now, but you have to take care of everything.”

Otherwise, how can we repay the full of hatred?

Luo Lingsheng supported his stiff body and got into the car with Qin Bo’s help. At a glance, he saw the charging mobile phone in the front row of the car seat.

Uncle Qin handed it over, “By the way, the screen of this mobile phone was broken. I have someone repair it and send it back.”

Luo Lingsheng took it over, and as soon as he opened the lock screen, he saw the photo on the desktop.


Suddenly, the sourness that was stuck in the chest came back.

Qin Bo sensed his emotions and returned to his original name, “Master, what’s wrong?”

“Uncle Qin, let me ask you one more thing.” Luo Lingsheng’s voice was weak and tight.

He was afraid that he would not be able to take care of this matter in the future, but he didn’t want to unilaterally miss the appointment.


“Help me remember May 5th of this year and order a birthday cake for Shi Yunnan from Ridaga University in the United States.”

Uncle Qin slowed down for a while, chanting this relatively unfamiliar name, “Shi Yunnan? He is…”

“The person I used to like.”

Luo Lingsheng resolutely and simply dropped these words, restoring the desktop pattern to its original state, and he sealed up the surging emotions along with these album photos.

Fortunately, he never said it.

Fortunately, Shi Yunnan had forgotten that fate, and treated him as a stranger he had never met.

He is a person who has fallen into hell and should not try to provoke the heavens and the moon.

Even if the old man Luo passed away suddenly, to a certain extent, he was still smart and strong for a lifetime.

Father Luo once said more than once during his lifetime

“Of all the current descendants of the Luo family, only Luo Lingsheng resembles him the most when he was young.”

It is precisely because of this sentence that once made Luo Lingsheng the most sought after young master in the imperial capital circle;

It was also because of this sentence that Luo Lingsheng became a thorn in the eyes and a thorn in the flesh of other Luo family members.

After Luo Lingsheng’s accident, he became a “crippled” with inconvenient legs. This news quickly spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital circle under the deliberate propaganda of Dafang and others, which made him become a joke among the crowd overnight.

But no one thought that Luo Lingsheng was not a sick cat who was powerless to resist, but a lion who was dormant with great concentration.

He sat on the mountain and watched the tigers fight, secretly set up the difficult situation, and finally reshuffled the Luo’s card game with resolute and resolute means, and turned the entire imperial capital circle upside down.

Until Luo Lingsheng was firmly seated in the position of the head of the Luo family, all the people later realized how accurate the vision of the old man Luo was back then!

After the former Luo’s Manor was re-expanded and renovated, it ushered in its new owner.

When Luo Lingsheng returned home from work, Uncle Qin greeted him immediately, “Patriarch, are you back? Have you eaten?”

“I’m not hungry.” Luo Lingsheng covered the fatigue between his eyebrows and mentioned the business, “What about the child?”

“I have already picked it up in the evening, and now my concubine is with him in the bedroom.”

Luo Lingsheng received the answer from the housekeeper and immediately went to the second floor through the elevator. The door of the children’s bedroom was hidden, and a soft noise from inside could be faintly heard.

Luo Lingsheng tried to condense the cold and severe aura he had formed for a long time, and slowly opened the door.

In the carefully prepared crib, the little goldfish was walking with milk, and the Yuesao cautiously guarded the other side, for fear that he would accidentally fall into one’s head.

Yuesao first noticed Luo Lingsheng’s figure, and quickly picked up the little goldfish, “Little master, see who is here? It’s uncle.”

The little goldfish who recognized the baby suffocated his mouth and glanced away with some fear.


Luo Lingsheng stopped the wheelchair, not daring to approach a half step further

Yuesao gently patted the little goldfish on the back, coaxing, “Oh, little goldfish is not afraid.”

“We Little Goldfish don’t know uncle yet, it doesn’t matter, we will get to know it in two days, right?”

These words were not only to appease the little goldfish, but also to tell Luo Lingsheng.

Since the death of Luo Yu and Sheng Zecheng, the little goldfish has been raised by the Sheng family and his wife. Now that Luo Lingsheng sits firmly in the position of the head of the Luo family, he naturally has the ability to better protect the little goldfish.

Therefore, after a little discussion between the two parties, the Sheng family agreed to send the little goldfish back to the Luo family.

Luo Lingsheng stopped in place and did not dare to approach, until Yuesao coaxed the little goldfish to sleep, he slowly moved to the bedside.

Yuesao stood on the side and took the initiative to speak, “Patriarch, the young master has always been good and smart, and even learns to walk faster than ordinary children.”

“Now I can say some simple short words, don’t worry, he will get acquainted with you soon.”

Luo Lingsheng quietly looked at the sleeping face of the little goldfish, “I see.”

Seeing this, the housekeeper signaled the concubine to retreat temporarily.

“Uncle Qin.”


“Look at Jin Yu, he has learned the advantages of my sister and brother-in-law’s appearance, if they are still alive…”

Luo Lingsheng hesitated to speak again, seeming to feel that he had made a very bad conversation.

As an elder, Uncle Qin has other concerns, “Patriarch, it is good to raise the young master by his side, but you will also form your own family in the future, I’m afraid…”

“My family?” Luo Lingsheng interrupted softly, with a very firm attitude, “I have no plans.”

Those who deliberately cling to them for money and status, Luo Lingsheng can’t look down on; even if there are people who are with him for ‘true love’, Luo Lingsheng is unwilling to be a burden to the other party.

The most important thing is that from beginning to end, there is a personal shadow hidden in his heart that cannot be erased or destroyed.

The butler carefully asked, “Patriarch, do you still think about Young Master Shi Er?”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes froze and did not speak.

Yeah, thinking about it.

Shi Yunnan is the only love left in Luo Lingsheng’s total hatred.

But so what?

He could not let his own wishful thinking use such a mutilated body and soul to disturb the other party’s supposedly peaceful life track.

“… Uncle Qin, is he about to graduate?”


Butler Qin Bo answered.

Because of Luo Lingsheng’s special explanation, he is particularly concerned about Shi Yunnan, who is far abroad, and will always inquire about some related news that does not involve privacy——

For example, Shi Yunnan’s graduation ceremony time.

Luo Lingsheng did not continue to question, but asked Qin Bo to leave the room temporarily.

There was a light closing sound.

Luo Ling was fascinated by the little goldfish’s sleeping face under the dim light, and he was dragged into the abyss by loneliness before he knew it.

After cleaning up the Luo family, his long-term dependence on “hate” has been completely indifferent, and even under impulse, he wanted to abandon this huge family business and walked away.

There are fences around the child’s bed.

Luo Lingsheng half leaned against the fence, his straight body finally collapsed.

So tired.

Forbidden words that could not be spoken in front of outsiders on weekdays, finally reduced to a trembling sigh in a corner where no one paid attention.

The family was destroyed overnight, and there was no one to stay in a high position, and even the whole life had to rely on a wheelchair. What could be more ridiculous and powerless than this?

Luo Lingsheng’s eye sockets had a rare soreness, and when he was about to suppress it, there was a slight movement on the bed.

The sleepy little goldfish suddenly woke up. He stood up and sat without crying or making trouble. After confirming the sound of Luo Ling sitting in front of the bed, he cautiously and stumbled up to the railing.

“Uncle…uncle…” Little Goldfish pronounced an unskilled address, but tenderly stretched out his hands, “hug.”

Luo Lingsheng lowered his head unbearably and quickly wiped off the unsatisfactory water mist. Only then did he learn the posture that his sister taught him at the beginning, and carefully and securely hugged his nephew into his arms.

“Jin Yu? Who am I?”

Without the toughness and ruthlessness in front of outsiders, it seemed that he was just connecting with his only support in the world.

Little Goldfish adapted to Luo Lingsheng’s embrace and breath, grabbed his sleeves indiscriminately, and expressed slowly and hard, “Uncle~uncle~”

Luo Lingsheng patted his nephew on the back awkwardly and gently, as if grabbing the only life-saving straw.

“Jin Yu, from now on, we will depend on each other for life.”

The young little goldfish could not understand what he said, but drilled into Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

The icy heart returned to its residual temperature for a while, Luo Lingsheng hugged the person in his arms, and regained some direction

“Jin Yu, uncle will last until you grow up.”

One month later.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the two steps that were ‘difficult to climb to the sky’ and stopped in silence at the door of the flower shop.

The florist stopped his busy work and took the initiative to open the door, “Hello, sir, how can I help you?”

“Hello, I want to buy a bunch of flowers.” Luo Lingsheng’s voice was calm, adding, “For college students who are about to graduate.”

The flower shop owner replied, “Of course, this time is the graduation season. Our flower shop sells a lot of bouquets to fresh graduates every day.”

“Sir, what kind of flowers do you want? Or, who do you want to give to?”

“Friends, family, or little lovers?”

Her gaze stayed on Luo Lingsheng’s face, and she kindly said, “I can arrange for you according to your needs.”


Luo Lingsheng hesitated for three seconds, and said bluntly, “Is there a sunflower?”

The florist owner is a bit observant, “Sunflower? Sir, if you are a gift to someone you like, I think a rose is the most suitable.”

“It’s just a sunflower? Is there any?”

Compared with roses with strong love, Luo Lingsheng believes that the love in the flower language of sunflowers is more secretive.

Even if others have not heard the words of sunflower, at least it will not be like a rose. Just looking at the bouquet can cause misunderstanding by others and cause unnecessary trouble to Shi Yunnan.

“Yes, I’ll wrap you up now, sir, wait a moment.”


Luo Lingsheng sat at the door of the flower shop, patiently waiting for the package from the florist owner. He looked at his still weak legs, and a trace of self-deprecation flashed between his eyebrows

Actually, shouldn’t have come this time.

But thinking that graduating from university can be regarded as a key and important day in Shi Yunnan’s life, he couldn’t control this inner impulse.

“Sir, here are the sunflowers you want, as well as handwritten greeting cards and pens.”

Luo Lingsheng took the sunflower from the store, “Thank you, no greeting card is needed.”

He just wanted to deliver a bunch of flowers quietly, and didn’t want Shi Yunnan to learn of his existence.

When Luo Lingsheng arrived in the auditorium of Ridhaga University, the formal graduation ceremony was over. Thousands of students gathered in the auditorium to share the joy of the moment with their families, friends and even lovers.

Luo Lingsheng, who was inconvenient to move, searched for a long time before he found the long-lost figure in the corner of a stepped seat——

Shi Yunnan, wearing a bachelor’s uniform, sat alone, adding a trace of loneliness to the grand and splendid venue.

There were more than a dozen steps from bottom to top between the two, and ordinary people could easily reach it in tens of seconds.

But for Luo Lingsheng, these steps are like a rift valley, completely blocking the possibility of him approaching Shi Yunnan.

“Mr. Luo, I’m sorry, your legs have been wrong for the best rehabilitation time…”

Luo Lingsheng thought of the treatment results that he kept hitting the wall for days, but after all, he ruined the unrealistic extravagance.

He handed the sunflower trustee with hidden love to Shi Yunnan, and left the side entrance of the auditorium without waiting for the other party to notice.

For the next three years, Luo Lingsheng never thought of giving up this secret love.

He still pays attention to Shi Yunnan’s social media platform, even if the other party does not like to share his status as he grows older;

He still pays attention to Shi Yunnan’s roaming the jewelry design circle with his new vest, and even submits a design order to him anonymously on the impulse, customizing the wedding ring that is almost extravagant.

Even so, Luo Lingsheng never took the initiative to provoke Shi Yunnan. He has persuaded himself countless times——

One day, Shi Yunnan falls in love, gets married, has his own family and even children. Perhaps at the end of his life, his fate with Shi Yunnan is limited to the first encounter that has been forgotten by the other party.

Luo Lingsheng consciously had done all aspects of psychological construction, but when he heard the news of Luo Yanchuan and Shi Yunnan’s “marriage”, he could not bear to find Shi’s family.

He selfishly wanted to ruin this shit marriage, and even deliberately used his paternal status to suppress it secretly.

For this reason, he was prepared to be disgusted by Shi Yunnan.

But Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that Shi Yunnan’s reluctant attitude towards “marriage” far exceeded his imagination, so that the other party asked those two sentences jokingly

“Mr. Luo, did you propose marriage for that Master Luo? Or did you propose it for yourself?”

“Mr. Luo’s answer is different, and the result of my consideration is also different.”

It was just two simple temptations that completely disrupted Luo Lingsheng’s restraint over the years.

In the eyes of outsiders, he holds the master of the Luo family. In his heart, he has already crossed the boundaries uncontrollably.

“Second Young Master Shi, you haven’t answered me yet. Is my proposal worthy of it?”

“It’s worth it, of course it’s worth it, is the wedding banquet time set? Husband~”

In front of him, Shi Yunnan was saying ‘deceptive’, with a distinct smile on his face, making Luo Lingsheng stupefied to see the little liar at the birthday party of that year——

“Luo Lingsheng, can I chase you?”

Moonlight entered the hell with unexpected warmth. At that moment, Luo Lingsheng finally faced the deep desire in his heart.

Shi Yunnan.

As long as you want, I will rely on you.

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