After a Flash Marriage Chapter 98

Extra 2 - [Love and Raising Cubs (1)]

Shi Yunnan woke up only when he heard the slight movement beside him. There was only a dim light left in the bedroom. He drooped his eyelids tiredly, almost unable to open them.


Shi Yunnan let out a bewildered babble, even the energy to speak is too much, “What time is it?”

It has been another year since the two of them “held a wedding banquet”, and then pushed forward the time to obtain the license, and they have been together for two years.

But the freshness has never disappeared, and the little taste that belongs to the evening has never stopped.

Shi Yunnan always flirted and waved before the start, and afterwards he was so tired that he just wanted to sleep under the quilt until the sky was dark.

The two of them said last night that they would stop’sleeping purely under a quilt’ for two days, but somehow they just fought until the wee hours of the morning.

Now that Shi Yunnan was struggling to say a few words, it was regarded as giving face to Luo Lingsheng.

“Wake you up?” The well-dressed Luo Lingsheng approached Shi Yunnan, leaned over and kissed the corner of his lover’s eye, “At half past seven.”

This point in time instantly exploded in Shi Yunnan’s mind.

His extremely exhausted body hadn’t recovered a bit of strength yet, but he was able to use it all at once.

Shi Yunnan half propped up, surprised, “It’s half past seven? Why didn’t I hear the alarm clock?”

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng quickly asked him to lie down on the bed again, “I see you are asleep, so turn off the alarm clock. You are not the one who wakes up at this time. You lie down and sleep enough before you get up.”

“No…” Shi Yunnan said refusal, but his body consciousness was humming softly, “I promised Little Goldfish to send him to school last night.”

Little Goldfish skipped preschool and will officially go to elementary school today.

I probably feel that I have grown up. The little guy was very excited last night and kept chasing Shi Yunnan to show off his new schoolbag and new stationery.

Shi Yunnan had a sense of arrogance of’his own child is on a new journey in life’, and on the impulse, she proposed to send him to school. As a result, she looked at the time on the notice

Report on time at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Shi Yunnan, who hadn’t gotten up early for almost 800 years, was stunned on the spot, and even planned to’turn his face and deny his nephew.’

For freelance designers, staying up late is fine, but not getting up early.

It’s a pity that Shi Yunnan’s big eyes on the expectation of the little goldfish really can’t say anything about repentance, and no matter what happens, he can’t teach the children to ‘turn back’.

Therefore, he and Luo Lingsheng arranged three consecutive alarm clocks after three chapters, for fear that they would not be able to get up when they were tired.

The result is now better-

The three chapters of the covenant weren’t completed at all, and now don’t even hear the alarm clock.

“I blame you.” Shi Yunnan struggled to sit up and complained vaguely. Within two seconds, he fell back with the quilt in his arms, “…I suddenly realized the hardship of raising a child.”

Luo Lingsheng burst into laughter and rubbed his lover’s eyelids with his fingertips, “Go to sleep, I’ll send Jinyu to school, and we will pick him up from school in the afternoon.”


Shi Yunnan leaned her head against Luo Lingsheng’s warm palm, and didn’t struggle at all, “Okay.”

There was a touch of damp heat on the lips.

The two exchanged a short but loving good morning kiss, and Luo Lingsheng went out lightly.

The small goldfish and Luo Lingsheng’s slight conversation sounded at the door of the room, and Shi Yunnan didn’t hear it very clearly in his dim consciousness.

Suddenly, cautious footsteps rang.


Shi Yunnan raised his eyes and withdrew a trace of warmth from his sleepiness, “Little goldfish, good morning.”

The little goldfish approached the bed and said quietly in Shi Yunnan’s ear, “Good morning, uncle, I love you and uncle very much today.”

Since the kidnapping case, Little Goldfish has developed this little habit. He has to express his love to Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng every day.

Shi Yunnan rubbed his head, “Baby, I love you too.”

The little goldfish chuckled, and said warmly, “Uncle, go to sleep, but you are coming to pick me up from school this afternoon!”

Uncle told him that the younger uncle was so busy last night that it was very late and very hard. Alas, it is not easy for an adult to make money.


The little goldfish got Shi Yunnan’s answer, and trot out as if to disturb the other party’s rest.

Luo Lingsheng, who was waiting at the door, looked at his nephew, “Did you finish talking with my uncle? Are you satisfied now?”


Little Goldfish carried her little schoolbag on her back and took the initiative to hold Luo Lingsheng’s hand, “Uncle, let’s go quickly! Otherwise, I’ll be late.”

“It’s too late.”

Shi Yunnan heard the faint conversation drifting away and let out a laugh unconsciously, and then he drew back into the quilt with peace of mind and continued to sleep.

It was the afternoon in a blink of an eye.

After sleeping well, Shi Yunnan finished the design work ahead of schedule and ran to Luo Lingsheng’s office to stay quietly.

He picked up the coffee that the secretary in front of him had specially brewed to refresh himself, and frowned in disgust after only one sip, “…How can there be such a bitter drink like coffee in this world?”

As soon as the voice fell, the door opened behind him, “If you don’t like it, don’t force it, let it go.”

Shi Yunnan watched her lover approaching sideways, “Is the meeting finished?”


Luo Lingsheng nodded and calmly sat beside Shi Yunnan, “I still have some documents to process. You have to wait for me a while.”

Shi Yunnan asked, “Is anxious?”

Luo Lingsheng shook his head, “It’s not in a hurry. It’s just that I’ll finish dealing with these trivial matters early, and I will pick up Jinyu later, so I can completely put down my work and spend it with you tonight.”

Shi Yunnan said solemnly, “Then I have something urgent here.”

Luo Lingsheng flashed a stern expression, “What is the urgent matter?”

In the next second, Shi Yunnan’s eyes seemed to be fixed on Luo Lingsheng’s thin lips, and he slowly moved closer to wrap his breath.

“I just took a sip of coffee and my mouth is still suffering. Mr. Luo finds a way to solve it for me?”

Luo Lingsheng’s lips flickered with a faint smile, and he kissed him easily with the lover’s wanton teasing.

Shi Yunnan, like an artist, took the initiative to paint Luo Lingsheng’s beautiful lips with a kiss before trying to pass all the mellow and bitter taste that he had contaminated.

Luo Lingsheng hugged Shi Yunnan’s waist and let his lover mess around for a while, then suddenly grabbed the back of the other’s head, and kissed back strongly like a guest.


The lips and tongue are lingering, the breath blends in, and the remaining bitterness dazzles with uncontrollable sweetness.

Luo Lingsheng impulsively pulled Shi Yunnan into his arms, stared at the other party’s already crystal clear lips, and continued to press them as if nothing, “Isn’t this sweet?”

Shi Yunnan seemed to have a taste, and continued to tease, “By the way, do we count as an office romance like this? Not only can it be sweet, but it can be more exciting, do you want to…”

Before he finished speaking, Luo Lingsheng simply opened a new wave of deep kisses.

Shi Yunnan hooked Luo Lingsheng’s tie subconsciously, and greeted him without resisting. The subtle muffled sound mixed with heavy breathing echoed in the office.

This time, Luo Lingsheng actually lost the battle first.

He suddenly left Shi Yunnan’s lips, but pressed against his lover’s ears, breathing slightly, “Mr. Shi, are you trying to murder your husband?”


Shi Yunnan was dumbfounded for two or three seconds before realizing it

Because he was too immersed in the kiss, his tie around Luo Lingsheng was tightened tighter and tighter. At this moment, not only the collar was crumpled, but the tie ring was almost tightened.

“I, I will untie it for you.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help but laugh, and immediately pulled the tie knot down. The result was too much force, but the tie was completely loosened.


Shi Yunnan raised her eyes speechlessly, and met Luo Lingsheng’s smiling face, “Wait, I’ll tie it up again for you.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, let’s talk about it after we finish it.”

Luo Lingsheng’s kiss fell on Shi Yunnan’s collarbone, deepening a certain mark from last night.

Shi Yunnan made a tickle sound, and then followed instinct to mutter, “What?”

The reverberation fell to the ground.

Luo Lingsheng turned over and suppressed Shi Yunnan on the sofa, “Didn’t you say you want to play office romance? I will cooperate with you.”

Shi Yunnan remembered the throbbing that hadn’t subsided last night, and hurriedly defended, “I, I’m kidding, you hurry up to get things right!”

“Luo Lingsheng, don’t… uh, uh…”



Because they were worried about picking up the little goldfish from school, the two of them didn’t get to the last step in the end, but they had to explain everything.

When arrived at the Dijing Central Primary School, the time period for the parents to pick up the ‘first grade’ had already passed.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help but cast a complaining look at the’culprit’, and felt a little self-blaming, “It’s over, this little goldfish’s first day in elementary school, I didn’t get up to send him to school, and even came late to pick up people from school. .”

“Just after 4:30, it’s not late.” Luo Lingsheng patted Shi Yunnan on the back, helplessly, “He is a little boy, don’t raise him as a daughter.”

The two looked around and confirmed that the group of children at the school gate hadn’t seen their little nephew, and they went to the guard instead.

“Hello, are all the first grade children gone? Let’s pick up Luo Jinyu from the first grade class.”

The guard searched for the electronic list that uploaded the door card data in real time, and gave the answer, “The child hasn’t left yet. Look at the specific remarks on the system—”

The guard squinted his eyes, and read word by word, “If there is a fight, please take the parents to the teacher’s office to deal with it.”



Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng were stunned at the same time.



Shi Yunnan leaned in to confirm the information on the student system, and then looked at Luo Lingsheng in surprise, “This baby is usually the best behaved. Isn’t it a mistake?”

“That’s right, you can find out when you go to the teacher’s office?” the doorman reminded, “Two, please go hurry up while the time is still on, or the teacher will call you later. .”

Luo Lingsheng wrung his brows vaguely, “Okay, thank you.”

The two asked the guard about the specific location of the teacher’s office and hurried to check the situation.

Three minutes later.

As soon as Shi Yunnan found the door of the office, he heard the constant crying inside, as well as the dissatisfaction theory of the parents and the advice of the teacher.

Seeing the back of his little nephew, Luo Lingsheng knocked on the door for the first time, “Ms. Wei, I am Luo Jinyu’s parent.”

The little goldfish heard the familiar voice, and immediately turned around, “Uncle! Uncle!”

Shi Yunnan noticed the slight redness and swelling on the little goldfish’s forehead, and the guardian’s heart exploded, “What’s the matter? Who beat you?”

Teacher Wei, the head teacher, heard the name Little Goldfish, and immediately understood the relationship between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng.

She didn’t deliberately ask Little Goldfish’s parents, but got up and proactively greeted, “Hello, two uncles, that’s the case. I had a little conflict with my classmates when school was about to end this afternoon…”

She paused slightly and motioned to the parents and children on the other side.

A chubby child was hiding behind his father, sobbing at the moment.

The redness and swelling on his forehead was more obvious, even with slight bruises on his arm, which looked much more serious than the little goldfish. In addition, there is also a tall and thin little boy with a dirty face and crying very sadly.


Shi Yunnan got stuck, then bent down and asked in a low voice, “Did you win?”

The little goldfish nodded proudly, and replied in a quieter voice, “Yes, uncle, I’m hitting two.”

Good guys.

The fighting class was not in vain.

It’s a bit like your uncle back then.

Shi Yunnan thought to herself, and there was a hint of a child’s teachable signal at the end of her eyes.

When Luo Lingsheng heard this ‘secret communication’ between the big and the young, he reluctantly stepped forward to cover it. “Sorry, we didn’t know what happened when we first came here. Jinyu’s fight is not right, but there is always a cause.”

“What else is going on? Your children beat up our family and the children of relatives like this! How did your family educate the children? Beat people at a young age.”

Those who can enter the Dijing International Primary School are rich and powerful children in their families.

Teacher Wei is well aware of this, and neither side dared to be biased or offended easily. “Parent Chen Xuan, don’t get excited. Now that everyone is here, we just spread the matter out and talked about it.”

Shi Yunnan knew little goldfish’s temperament and would not bully people for no reason.

He rubbed his nephew’s head and motioned with his eyes to come forward and explain.

Perhaps after seeing the two uncles, Little Goldfish finally gained confidence, “Ms. Wei, it was Chen Xuan who bullied the other classmates first.”

Because it was the first day to report on class, the school did not arrange full courses, but gave them half an hour of free time for first-year freshmen before school was over.

Little goldfish treats his family softly and sweetly, and it is not so easy to get close to strangers.

So, he walked around this new school alone, only to accidentally discover that Chen Xuan and the others were blocking a child.

Not only did he pull the other person’s hair with his hands, he also said some unpleasant things, which was obviously bullying.

Little Jinyu discovered that the person being bullied was a classmate, so he stepped forward and stopped.

Chen Xuan defended, “We didn’t bully him! He is a boy with hair like other little girls, that’s a pervert!”

“You are talking nonsense!”

The little goldfish retorted with her small fist, the corners of her eyes and brows when she was angry resembled Luo Ling’s voice.

Chen Xuan seemed to be frightened by his loud voice, and suddenly he couldn’t say a word.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng watched this scene in their eyes, and were silent to give the little nephew time to argue freely.

“My uncle said that everyone in this world is different. We must learn to respect each other. Why can’t boys keep their hair? Girls can also cut their hair!”

My uncle has had hair before, and she is still very handsome and beautiful!

Little Goldfish continued, “You are wrong in this way! It’s not right to bully other classmates without telling the teacher!”

Chen Xuan and the other child looked at each other, and there was no reason to refute them for a while.

Teacher Wei has brought countless students. How can not see which of these three children is guilty?

At this age, he bullies people with ‘discrimination’ and calls people ‘abnormal’. There are indeed ideological problems that must be corrected in time.

Without waiting for the teacher to reconcile, Chen Xuan’s father spoke again, “Even if our family Chen Xuan said something wrong, then you can find the teacher to solve it and let them know that they are wrong and apologize. You are always wrong when hitting someone!”

In his opinion, if his son and nephew were injured and dazzled, that is why the little goldfish hit people.

Little Goldfish responded frankly, “Chen Xuan hit me first, and the two of them hit me together.”

“They deceive more and less, and I am not a fool. I definitely can’t stand and be beaten.”

“Isn’t my uncle looking for a fighting teacher for me to protect myself? Teacher, uncle, they can’t beat me, it’s not my fault.”

“Anyway, the school has surveillance. I’m not afraid to find the police uncle. I didn’t lie.”

Word by word, neither overbearing nor inferior, and winning.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng smiled at each other, inexplicably proud of their children.

Chen Xuan’s father was dumbfounded, apparently he didn’t expect Little Goldfish to speak clearly in this way.

Teacher Wei was a little surprised by Xiao Jinyu’s speech. The first child in the freshman entrance examination was really extraordinary.

Speaking of this matter, she still took into account the psychology of the other two children, “Chen Xuan, Chen Ming, how about you?”

Chen Xuan pursed his mouth, and was really afraid that the police would come to investigate the case, “…Teacher, I was wrong, I won’t dare anymore next time.”

Chen Ming at the side heard this apology, and immediately followed and confessed his mistake while crying.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng asked indifferently, “Parent Chen Xuan, since the children have already talked about it, what do you mean to deal with it?”

“We negotiate privately, the apology should be apologized, the medical expenses should be compensated for medical expenses; or should we just do business on the basis of official business, and really ask for monitoring to judge whether it is right or wrong?”

This passage seems to give the choice to Chen Xuan’s father, but in fact he firmly holds the initiative in his own hands.


Father Chen Xuan saw the two children crying and confessing their mistakes one by one. Where else could he continue to argue? He is a businessman staying in Beijing, and he can naturally see that Luo Ling’s voice is extraordinary.

It took more than half a year for the family to put the two children into this school with some difficulty. It’s unnecessary to make things happen on the first day of school.

Thinking of this, Chen Xuan’s father changed his previous arrogance and subdued, “No, it’s okay, it’s normal for children to be noisy, just let it go.”

After all, the children are all small injuries, and it’s fine to raise them.

Shi Yunnan smiled slightly, “Mr. Chen, it would be better for you to think like this.”

five minutes later.

Little Goldfish went back to the empty classroom to get his schoolbag. As soon as he went out, he saw Luo Lingsheng in the corridor.

The two uncle and nephew looked up.

Luo Lingsheng surely shouted, “Luo Jinyu.”



Uncle called his full name.

Little Goldfish immediately realized the ‘crisis’ and began to search both ends of the corridor.

“It’s useless to find your uncle.” Luo Lingsheng could easily see through his careful thoughts.

You made trouble in the teacher’s office on the first day of school? It really helped him open a new life experience.

“Oh.” The little goldfish replied dullly, consciously standing against the wall, “Uncle, I won’t dare again next time, I shouldn’t beat them up and cry.”

The subtext of this sentence is: I was wrong, but next time I dare to beat it a little bit harder.


Luo Lingsheng almost couldn’t speak.

For some reason, he suddenly saw the shadow of Shi Yunnan from his little nephew, who was a good seller when he got the bargain.

The two uncles and nephew stared at each other, and neither of them spoke. During the brief confrontation between the two, Shi Yunnan, who had communicated with Teacher Wei, walked over.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yunnan said with joy, “What are you two doing stupidly standing here?”

The little goldfish seemed to have seen a savior, “Uncle!”

In the next second, Luo Lingsheng shouted, “Jin Yu.”

The little goldfish suffocated his mouth, and the right leg that had just stepped out was retracted because of Luo Ling’s signal.

Shi Yunnan approached and straightened out the messy hair of his little nephew, “It’s good, why stop here?”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “He stood there with a guilty conscience, and I didn’t let him stand fine.”


The little goldfish’s eyes widened, but he didn’t really react.

Uncle, the look in your eyes just didn’t mean that!

Shi Yunnan smiled and did not speak. He bent over to check the redness and swelling of the little goldfish’s forehead, a trace of worry overflowing under his eyes.

“Does it hurt?”

Little Goldfish changed from the little pride of ‘winning’ before, and quickly turned into a grieved look and hugged Shi Yunnan’s waist, “Uncle~”

“Our baby really suffers.” Shi Yunnan was so soft-hearted, and gently soothed, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, just wait until my uncle comes home to help you apply and apply some ointment.”

Luo Lingsheng pushed his glasses, and sighed helplessly, “Yunnan, don’t spoil him too much.”

Who doesn’t favor your own children?

Shi Yunnan smiled and hugged the little goldfish, weighing his weight, “I was a kindergarten kid two or three months ago, and now I feel that I have grown up a lot.”

“Uncle, I am a big kid now.”

Shi Yunnan nodded in cooperation, “In order to celebrate our little goldfish going to elementary school, we won’t go home to eat tonight. Let’s go to a restaurant outside for dinner. What would you like to eat?”

“Uncle, can I eat anything I want?”


The little goldfish’s eyes lit up and she said her long-awaited wish, “I want to eat coke, french fries, burgers, fried chicken…”

Luo Lingsheng immediately refused, “No!”

The little goldfish puffed up his cheeks with anger, “Uncle! Why not?”

“Fried food is not hygienic, Jin Yu, don’t rely on your uncle to spoil you and you will become less and less obedient. Even if there is a cause for this matter today, it is always wrong to fight.”

Little Goldfish dared not refute, but secretly poked the last glimmer of hope on Shi Yunnan’s body.

Shi Yunnan received the little nephew’s eyes asking for help, so she shook her head with difficulty, “What can we do now? Our little goldfish can’t eat it.”


The little goldfish sighed heavily.

Shi Yunnan forced a smile to meet Luo Lingsheng’s gaze, the traces of acting were extremely obvious, “It’s really a pity, I haven’t eaten these deep-fried food in the past two years when I returned to China, and now I am really a bit greedy.”


Luo Lingsheng didn’t say a word, but took out his mobile phone to check.

Within thirty seconds, he stopped a small sigh, “Okay, let’s go.”

Shi Yunnan slipped a smile from the corner of his mouth, “Where to go?”

Luo Lingsheng embraced the little goldfish, and reluctantly admitted to his lover, “Didn’t you say you want to eat? I found a nearby store, I’ll take you there.”

The little goldfish hugged Luo Lingsheng tightly, and reacted afterwards. While being happy, there was a hint of dissatisfaction, “I knew that uncle was the most partial!”

He can’t eat if he wants, but uncle has to go if he wants to! My uncle really has the final say in this family!

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