After a Flash Marriage Chapter 99

Extra 2 - [Love and Raising Cubs (2)]

When Shi Yunnan arrived, more parents gathered at the school gate than usual. Tomorrow is the National Day holiday, and all the senior students living in the school are also on vacation.

The school bell rang on time.

Shi Yunnan stood at the outermost edge of the crowd, and could only follow the railing from a distance to watch—the first grade children in groups came out under the leadership of the teacher.

After swiping the cards in order, the steps of leaving school after school are completed.

The parents found their children, and they dispersed a little after a while.

Shi Yunnan took advantage of the gap and walked forward, and immediately saw the figure of the little goldfish——

Little Goldfish waited by the guard’s room as usual, but today he was accompanied by a cute-looking girl of the same age.

The little girl spoke to him with joy, but the little goldfish changed her softness to her family. She was so cool and cold, but her cheeks with some milky fat were a bit contrasting.

Shi Yunnan felt that the appearance of the little goldfish at the moment was very similar to the reduced version of Luo Lingsheng, and couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and taking a secret photo.


In the blink of an eye, Little Goldfish discovered his existence.

The little nephew’s pretendingly calm eyebrows suddenly burst into a sweet smile, and ran over in two steps in three steps, “Uncle, why are you here to pick me up today?”

Shi Yunnan squatted down and squeezed his little milk fat habitually, “Of course I have to pick up my baby when I have time.”

“Luo Jinyu!”

A crisp voice came from behind.

Shi Yunnan shifted his eyes and found out that it was the little girl just now.

The little goldfish sighed without a trace, and turned around a little worriedly, “Sheng Meng, I’m sorry. I’ve said it many times, I’m very busy on vacation and can’t go to your house to play.”

Sheng Meng ignored the little goldfish now, instead focused on Shi Yunnan’s body, looking at a self-familiar pair, “Hello, uncle, are you Luo Jinyu’s father? You look so good-looking!”

The little goldfish nearby heard this, and the invisible’puppy tail’ finally swayed, “He is my little uncle, and my little uncle has always looked very good!”

He is not interested in other topics, but if he compliments the little uncle, then he can’t finish it for three days and three nights!

Shi Yunnan smiled and rubbed the little goldfish’s head, and received the little girl’s compliment, “Thank you, you are also very cute.”

The little girl named Sheng Meng was obviously dazzled by Shi Yunnan’s smile, “Uncle, I think you look better than Luo Jinyu, can I invite you to come to my house on vacation?”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t answer the conversation for a while, only felt that the thinking mode of human cubs really jumped very quickly.

“Of course not!” Little Jinyu suddenly refused, with a hint of jealousy between his eyes, “He is my younger uncle, and he wants to accompany me and my uncle on vacation.”

As soon as the voice fell, another soft reminder sounded on the side.

“Mengmeng, mother is here to pick us up, don’t bother other classmates.”

Shi Yunnan heard the sound and saw that he was talking about a little boy with a mixed-race appearance. His hair looked like hot-dyed brown-gold, and his delicate features looked like a cute rag doll.

Shi Yunnan looked at the three children in front of her, raising her eyebrows and wondering-are all the children these days looking so good-looking?

The little boy came up and took the initiative to hold Sheng Meng’s hand, “Uncle, I’m sorry, my sister has caused you trouble, I will take her away now.”

“It’s ok.”

Sheng Meng’s dictionary didn’t seem to have the word failure, she still stood still and refused to leave, “Uncle! My house is in the sixteenth building of Jingzi Villa District!”

“You are free to come over with Luo Jinyu! I especially welcome you!”

Little Goldfish didn’t answer, his smiley eyebrows drooped a little.

“Thank you, let’s go first, and goodbye.” Shi Yunnan sensed the depression of Little Goldfish and took his hand and left.

“Goodbye uncle!”

As soon as these words landed, Little Goldfish took the initiative to speed up.

After confirming that Sheng Meng’s two children had not followed up, he deliberately shook his nephew’s hand, “Why are you still upset?”

“Uncle.” Little Jinyu stopped angrily, “Do you want to agree to Sheng Meng’s invitation?”


Shi Yunnan guessed the reason, bends down and hugs the little goldfish, “Of course not. Whose jealousy is your little mouth pouting so high?”

“But if you want to play, I will ask Grandpa Qin or Uncle Yuan to take you there?”

The little goldfish hugged his neck obediently, and refused without thinking, “I don’t want to go to the female classmate’s house casually, I just want to stay with you.”

“Uncle.” The little goldfish touched Shi Yunnan’s forehead intimately, “Except for uncle, you like me the most, right?”

Don’t let your younger uncle come to pick him up from school in the future. The younger uncle is so good, what if he gets worried by other students?

Too dangerous!

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes, I like our little goldfish the most.”

Waiting for a big vinegar spirit over there, and another small vinegar spirit here, dare to believe that the Luo family made their fortune by “stuffing vinegar”.

Shi Yunnan walked back to the nearby parking lot with the little goldfish in his arms. As a result, she happened to meet Luo Lingsheng who was just about to go to the school gate to find someone. “I waited for a long time and thought something happened to you.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and replied, “It’s okay, isn’t this already back?”

Little Goldfish didn’t expect Luo Lingsheng to be there, and immediately showed a happier look, “Uncle, you also come to pick me up.”

Although there are only a few steps away from the parking space, Luo Lingsheng is still afraid that Shi Yunnan will be tired, “Jinyu, come down and walk by yourself.”


The little goldfish got down from Shi Yunnan’s arms, took an uncle in one hand, and found a familiar license plate number.

A family of three got into the car quickly.

Little Goldfish sat in the back row obediently, and fastened himself a seat belt.

Shi Yunnan, who was sitting in the vice seat, saw the two cups of milk tea on the central shelf, and was a little surprised, “Milk tea? Did you just buy it?”

“When I just drove past, didn’t you say you wanted to drink?”

After getting in the car, Luo Lingsheng replied solemnly, and handed it to Shi Yunnan after inserting the straw, “I just bought the original signature brand, you try?”

Shi Yunnan’s heart felt the familiar warmth of being taken care of, and smiled, “I just said casually, how can you take it seriously.”

No wonder that when he first arrived at the school, Luo Lingsheng said that he was a little ‘business’ to do, and did not go to the school gate with him to wait for the little goldfish to leave school.

It turned out that the “business” that the other party said was going to line up for yourself to buy milk tea?

“What you said, I have always taken it seriously.” Luo Lingsheng responded seriously, and then handed a cup of milk tea and an unopened straw to the little nephew in the back row.

Little Goldfish was overjoyed and took it, self-reliant and inserted a straw into the milk tea to suck it, “Ah-it’s the milk tea I want to drink in my dreams!”

Sure enough, Uncle is partial.

He had mentioned it several times before concealing that he would not drink it. Uncle just said casually and went to buy it.

Seeing the appearance of his little nephew, Luo Lingsheng reluctantly expressed his opinion, “It’s fine if you drink it, you can’t drink it often, you know?”

The little goldfish lowered his head to suck the milk tea, and nodded perfunctorily.

In the future, he will ask his uncle if he wants to drink, anyway, his uncle has to listen to his uncle on these matters.

Shi Yunnan saw the nephew of the greedy cat, laughed and played with the child, “Little goldfish, cheers?”

The little goldfish held the milk tea and said proudly, “Uncle! Cheers!”

Seeing the contented expression of his lover and nephew, Luo Lingsheng smiled unconsciously, “Sit down, let’s go home.”


The car started slowly.

Luo Lingsheng repeated the old saying, “Is it late for school today?”

“No, I just met two of Little Goldfish’s classmates, and they talked a few words when they found it interesting.” Shi Yunnan was explaining, and three figures appeared out of the car window by chance——

A short-haired woman held Sheng Meng in her arms, and she did not forget to free up a hand to hold the mixed-race boy.

Shi Yunnan pointed at Luo Lingsheng quickly, and then asked the little nephew, “Little Goldfish, are those two classmates of yours?”

“Yes, one is called Sheng Meng, and the other is called Sheng Wan.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows slightly.

In the evening, Japanese characters are used as radicals, and Meng is moon characters as radicals. One day and one month correspond to two brothers and sisters. The name of this family is really good.

Little Goldfish remembered one more thing and took the initiative to say, “On the day of school, I saw Sheng Wan being bullied by Chen Xuan and the others, and then the next day Sheng Wan’s hair was cut short, and he took the initiative to say thank you to me.”

It is precisely because of this that Sheng Meng also followed him.

Shi Yunnan cooperated and responded, “It turns out that this is the case. Are their siblings twins? I don’t think they look alike.”

The little goldfish shook his head, “I don’t know, but they have different personalities.”

Sheng Meng walked around him like a little sparrow all day and called chattering. Cute is cute, but it’s too noisy.

Shengwan has always been quiet and disliked to talk, his eyes are moist like deer, making people feel that he is about to cry at any time.

Shi Yunnan heard the vivid description of the little nephew, and seized the opportunity to praise the education, “Have you heard? Our little goldfish speaks with this level of speaking, and I will definitely get full marks in Chinese composition in the future.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled, and turned the topic to the homework. “Does the teacher assign a lot of vacation homework?”

“Not much, I packed it in my schoolbag.”

Luo Lingsheng said solemnly, “Writing when you go back, finish your homework earlier, and you can have fun with the rest of the vacation time.”

Little Goldfish has no procrastination. After taking a sip of milk tea, he happily responded, “Okay, uncle.”

Since it is a legal holiday, Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan naturally have time to rest at home.

It’s only a month from the beginning of school to the end, so Little Goldfish doesn’t have many vacation homework, and it’s just a piece of cake for him.

The sensible little goldfish not only wakes up early to do homework, but is also so smart that he does not need parental supervision at all.

Shi Yunnan came back from Little Goldfish’s bedroom for the third time, and sighed boredly, “It’s boring, I can’t realize the joy of teaching children to do homework at all.”

Luo Lingsheng laughed helplessly, “Jin Yu has less school work now. When he grows up a little bit, naturally there will be time to ask you, the uncle Xueba.”

Shi Yunnan reluctantly accepted this reason, “Okay.”

Luo Lingsheng put down the tablet in his hand and called him, “Come here.”

Shi Yunnan approached, straddling Luo Lingsheng’s lap without any strangeness, and leaned forward to kiss him, “husband.”


“I love you so much.”

The sudden love confession has become a daily conversation that the two of them can’t get tired of.

“Me too, I love you too.”

Luo Lingsheng kissed Shi Yunnan’s lips, and further attacked the city.

Just as the two kissed hard to separate, a slight movement suddenly sounded from the open door of the room, “Uncle, are you there?”

Little Goldfish’s question sounded like a sky thunder hitting it down. Thinking of Shi Yunnan, who had forgotten to close the door, he sobered up. He pushed Luo Lingsheng away like a guilty conscience, and sat firmly on the sofa next to him.

“…Well, we are here and here.”

Luo Lingsheng laughed and said nothing.

The little goldfish who got the answer took his diary and walked into the bedroom, frowning bitterly as if he had encountered something terribly difficult.

Shi Yunnan suppressed the enthusiasm of the internal dissociation and showed concern as a parent, “What’s the matter, baby?”

“I have one diary left to write.”

The little goldfish approached Shi Yunnan and took the initiative to speak out his worries. “The Chinese teacher said that he would learn a new sport during the holiday and then write a small sports diary.”

“But I haven’t learned a new sport yet.”

You can write a diary only if you practice it. You can’t lie about it, right?

Luo Lingsheng asked actively, “What do you want to learn?”

As soon as Shi Yunnan heard that this had something to do with ‘homework guidance’, he immediately became energetic, “Well, let’s see if we can teach you.”

The little goldfish tilted his head to think for a few seconds, “Then I want to learn to swim.”


Shi Yunnan slowed for half a second, and Luo Lingsheng on the side took the initiative to answer, “Yes, I will let someone clean the indoor swimming pool behind the house, and I will teach you tomorrow afternoon.”

Primary school students’ homework focuses on the sense of experience, and it is enough for their two parents to study with them. If the other party is really interested in swimming, it will not be too late to ask a professional coach to teach.

“Okay! Uncles are the best!”

Shi Yunnan saw that the little goldfish looked satisfied, swallowed everything he wanted to say, and smiled and acquiesced to this exercise option.

In the afternoon of the next day.

Shi Yunnan looked at the professional-scale swimming pool in front of him, and there was a trace of unobvious resistance in his eyes.

Luo Lingsheng took the little goldfish into the water to adapt for a while, then turned around to find that Shi Yunnan was still standing still, “Yunnan? Not coming down?”

The little goldfish had an’inflatable floating ball’ tied on his waist and hands, and couldn’t sink. “Uncle, come down quickly. The water temperature is very comfortable.”

Shi Yunnan took a breath in secret and walked slowly down the steps.

Probably because of the safety of the little goldfish, the water depth is about five or six meters.

Shi Yunnan confirmed the depth of the swimming pool and adapted to the resistance in the water, and then he was silently relieved. He did not choose a swimming posture, but slowly approached step by step.

Suddenly, the soles of his feet slipped, and the whole person sank back suddenly.


Luo Lingsheng noticed something was wrong for the first time. After confirming that the little goldfish would not sink, he plunged into the water and hugged Shi Yunnan.

“Ahem! Ahem…”

Shi Yunnan firmly grasped Luo Lingsheng’s arms with both hands, and the fear in his eyes easily emerged, and even the end of his eyes was stained with flushing.

Luo Lingsheng saw through his emotions, angrily and distressed, “Why didn’t you say it earlier if you can’t swim! What is strong?”

Shi Yunnan held his mouth and nose as soon as he fell into the water, but still choked on some water. It was a bit hot and uncomfortable at the moment, “It’s not…”

“Jin Yu, hold the buoy and don’t move it.”

“Well, uncle is okay!”

“It’s okay, don’t move.” Luo Lingsheng exhorted his nephew, and then brought Shi Yunnan back to the pool. He picked up the clean bathrobe on the side and surrounded him tightly.

“Still choking uncomfortable? You guy…”

Shi Yunnan faced Luo Lingsheng’s rare serious face, embarrassed with a guilty conscience, “I’m fine, don’t train me in front of the little goldfish, it’s so shameless.”

Luo Lingsheng sorted out Shi Yunnan’s broken hair that was disturbed by the water, “I can’t swim and don’t lose face.”

“I used to swim, just…” Shi Yunnan didn’t dare to hide Luo Lingsheng anymore, and said in a low voice.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “When? Speak clearly.”

“Swimming is an elective course when you go to elementary school abroad.”

Once get out of class was about to end, Shi Yunnan’s legs suddenly cramped and fell into the water. Other foreign students watched jokes on the shore. He struggled alone for a long time, and finally the teacher on the shore found something was wrong before helping him up.

Since then, Shi Yunnan refused to swim as a sport option from the bottom of his heart.

“If you don’t have any problems, no one will care…” Shi Yunnan finished confessing silently, and said, “You really don’t have to worry, I just need to overcome the fear in the past.”

He glanced at the little goldfish, “I haven’t been in the water for many years, and I want to be with the little goldfish.”

The little goldfish in the swimming pool flopped twice, trying to approach the shore, “Uncle! Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, don’t move, uncle will come down immediately.” Luo Lingsheng exhorted, his mind still staying on Shi Yunnan’s body.

After he picked up the towel on the side to cover his nephew’s vision, he took the opportunity to give Shi Yunnan a short, soothing kiss.

“Sit down for a while. If you want to swim, I will personally accompany you later.” Luo Lingsheng wiped the water droplets on Shi Yunnan’s eyelashes with his fingertips, “I’ll take care of you, don’t be afraid.”

The fear of accidentally choking water was dispelled by these words, and Shi Yunnan responded with a low smile.

“Well, I am not afraid of you.”

After half an hour.

The little goldfish learned the most basic suffocation, and completed the first experience of swimming with the help of Luo Lingsheng. After landing, he was very happy, “Uncle, am I very good?”

“Yeah, you are the best.” Shi Yunnan praised him and put on a little bathrobe, “now you know how to write a small diary?”

The little goldfish was confident, “Hmm!”

Luo Lingsheng still stayed in the swimming pool and did not go up, “Remember to bring it to us for inspection after writing.”

The little goldfish nodded, “Uncle, aren’t you coming up yet?”

“You go to the main house in front to rest first, and now it’s my turn to teach your uncle to swim.”

The little goldfish understood, put on slippers quickly, and ran out with a cheerful pace.

When the “little light bulb” was gone, Luo Lingsheng patted the water surface gently, “Come down, I will take you to swim twice, not afraid.”

Shi Yunnan heard the voice of the other party coaxing the child, took off the bathrobe covering her body, chuckled in protest, “I look down on who? It was an accident that I slipped and choked water just now. I can deal with this depth of water.”

“Know that you are great, get down first.”


Shi Yunnan was full of verbal self-confidence. After entering the water, he approached Luo Lingsheng and snorted, “…just stay with me to get used to it, Teacher Luo.”

Luo Lingsheng sighed when he heard the unfamiliar address, “Don’t worry, I have always been very patient with you, a student.”

After all, Shi Yunnan has learned to swim and can also swim. Coupled with the solid and reliable Luo Lingsheng by his side, he quickly overcomes the obstacle of many years ago and can move freely.

The two swam for a long time, and Shi Yunnan rested next to the buoy with sore hands and feet.

Luo Lingsheng approached, “Go up when you are tired, and continue tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

“Well, it’s fine.”

Shi Yunnan replied casually, moving his gaze to the figure that Luo Lingsheng couldn’t get tired of.

The playful heart of teasing rose.

Shi Yunnan held the buoy with both hands, and rubbed his toes under the water unfaithfully, “Mr. Luo, how much do you charge for a class like this?”


Luo Lingsheng’s breathing was stagnant.

In the next second, he pulled the restless Shi Yunnan towards the bottom of the pool, and pressed the opponent’s lips accurately.

The rapid sound of the current sounded, and it turned quiet for a moment.

Shi Yunnan seemed to be brought into a secret realm where no one had set foot by Luo Lingsheng. She could only feel the love sweeping over the other party in a trance, and his consciousness instinctively attached to the other party’s sinking.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Shi Yunnan was brought back to the surface of the water by Luo Lingsheng in the chaos, and when he shook his mind, his back touched the cool swimming pool wall.

Shi Yunnan saw that the lover had moved, and suddenly felt guilty, “Luo Lingsheng, wait, I’m joking…”

It was like this every time, and the verbal waves were so fierce that would not admit it at a critical moment.

“I’m not kidding, it’s not too much to make up the tuition for the teacher.” Luo Lingsheng didn’t give him a chance to repent, and the ferocious kiss fell again.


The National Day holiday is fleeting.

Shi Yunnan kept his parents’ obligations and took the time to check the homework assignments for Little Goldfish.

When Luo Lingsheng finished his work and returned to his room, Little Goldfish was watching a puzzle cartoon on the tablet, while Shi Yunnan was looking at his diary with a complex face.

“What’s wrong?”

Shi Yunnan handed over the diary, “There are no problems with other homework, you look at this diary…”

Luo Lingsheng heard something wrong, and reached out his hand to take the diary book to check it, only to scan the contents of the diary and frowned——

There are a total of six or seven lines of the diary. The simple and neat Chinese characters are mixed with a lot of pinyin. The content of the first few lines is pretty reliable. Tell me how to learn swimming happily.

But the last two lines-

“After I left, my uncle also taught my uncle how to swim alone, but when I came back, my uncle went to sleep.

Why! Swimming is really tiring! ”

Luo Lingsheng roughly pieced together the content of the last two lines, and met Shi Yunnan’s ‘unspeakable’ wink again.

The little goldfish on the side was completely unaware of the complex psychology of the two uncles, and was watching the cartoon with full concentration.


After a brief silence, Luo Lingsheng still spoke as a ‘big leader’, “Luo Jinyu, come here.”


The little goldfish blinked dumbly.

Luo Lingsheng said to him, “You can’t write this diary well. Please erase it and write it again.”

The little goldfish took a deep breath of disbelief and almost cried, “Why!”

The author has something to say: #Ah! Swimming is really tiring!

#This chapter random red envelopes~


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