After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 10

The effects of temporary ghosts are fading.

As if slowly fading away a layer of weird skin, those mucus and green tendons gradually disappeared, turning back to a smooth and smooth concrete floor.

The bluish-white swollen head was floating in the pitch-black, rancid mucus, and the sharp nails scratched on the floor, making white marks.

It stared at the young man standing in front of it with its rotten and protruding eyeballs, and it made a weird laughter in its throat: “I know you won’t let me go, I’ve heard of you… You have never been in the game. There is no future trouble for myself, so…”

The smoker’s expression suddenly became savage:

“…Those humans who came in with you don’t even think about leaving!”

The mucus under its body suddenly rolled over, like boiling pitch, and disappeared in front of Ye Jia in the next second.

Depend on.

Ye Jia cursed.

The sucker deserves to be the famous old Yinbi among the game monsters. When talking with him just now, he secretly concentrated the remaining power under his body, and ran away using the temporary realm that had not disappeared.

The temporary area is shrinking, and smokers cannot get out of this teaching building.

But obviously, its purpose is not to escape, but to pull a few backs before being wiped out.

—Now is not the time to manage losses.

The cold light flashed, and the floor under my feet cracked and collapsed. The section was smooth and tidy, like tofu cut by a sharp knife.

Ye Jia jumped down.

He kept walking and chasing the place where the ghost energy fluctuated strongly.

It was like a hurricane passing by, the dust was flying, the rubble was splitting, everything passed by was drawn into it by that terrible force, and everything was destroyed.

In the dust, Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly.

He could feel that the sucker stopped in front of him.

—The distance between them is only two walls.

In the last classroom at the end of the corridor.

The sticky and rancid liquid slowly moved up and down in the room. Five humans who fell into a coma were fixed on the wall by the pitch-like liquid. They were almost swallowed by the liquid, leaving only five pale faces exposed in the air. , To ensure their breathing.

The mucus on the ground surged, and a green-white rotting head emerged. It opened its mouth, and a long thin tube protruded from its throat. Then it leaned towards the nearest Zhao Guangcheng and stabbed it in. In that person’s mouth.

A strange bag bulged on the tube, rolling in the direction of the sucker.

Zhao Guangcheng struggled painfully in a coma, and his cheeks shrank down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the next second, the wall behind him suddenly burst into a loud crash, and the dim smoke and dust flashed with cold light, cutting the pale pipe in two.

Black blood rushed out of the writhing tube, and the sucker uttered a deafening and miserable scream. The scream made the glass shiver, echoing in the small space, making the scalp numb.

The knife not only cut its tube, but also cut the mucus on the wall in front of it at the same time.

Zhao Guangcheng’s heavy body lost its attachment, and he fell from the wall with a plop.

Pain, cold, and nausea.

Countless sticky sensations surged in his groggy body, and a rotten stench permeated his mouth and nasal cavity, like swallowing a hundred maggots. The nausea irritated him and pulled Zhao Guangcheng back from a semi-conscious state.

The eyelids seemed to be filled with lead, and they were so heavy that they couldn’t lift them up at all.

Zhao Guangcheng raised his eyelids with difficulty, reluctantly opened a gap, and looked forward.

The sight in front of him seemed to exist only in nightmares, and he began to tremble uncontrollably.

The thick black and greasy malice almost condensed in the air, and the green and white rotting limbs of the monster were twisted and horizontal in front of him. The proximity allowed him to clearly smell the cold and foul smell.

In the center of the background woven by terror, a large irregular hole was broken by some arrogant force, and weak light penetrated through the hole. In the smoke and dust in the sky, a person’s figure could be vaguely seen.

…Is it a dream?

Zhao Guangcheng was in a trance.

He heard a hoarse and soft voice, which contained the viciousness and coldness he had only seen in his life, as if every syllable was spraying poison, it seemed to come from a very distant place.

Zhao Guangcheng’s ears buzzed, and in the noisy buzzing, he could barely distinguish the vague and broken vocabulary:

“It’s…you again—” The voice hissed and laughed wildly. “…I want to pull…to be buried!”

The limbs in front of him squirmed, then stretched into an unimaginable and terrifying shape, and rushed straight like that figure—

A bright light flashed, and the crescent-shaped blade light broke through the air. The silent and icy beauty almost calmed everything down, as if it could grab people’s breath. It tore through the gloomy black air in front of Zhao Guangcheng’s eyes. , Even the whole room suddenly lit up for a moment.

The figure became clear for a second, and then was shrouded in smoke and darkness again.

In the next second, an almost inhuman scream suddenly resounded throughout the room, and it seemed to tremble from the floor to the air, almost causing Zhao Guangcheng to faint again.

Zhao Guangcheng struggled, but his consciousness was still uncontrollably sinking to the depths of the pitch black, and quickly lost.

He heard the vicious voice screaming in a bitter and hateful voice: “—ACE!”

A second before his consciousness dissipated, Zhao Guangcheng’s mind appeared in the smoke and dust, looking down at his glazed eyes coldly, the sight was like a sharp blade, which was deeply burned into his memory. among.

Immediately afterwards, he fainted again.

“Patter” and “Patter”.

The sound of the rancid stump falling to the ground sounded, and then slowly turned into a nearly translucent texture, and finally disappeared in front of the eyes little by little as if the color faded.

The invisible force surged toward the door like a tornado.

Ye Jia’s figure shook slightly.

His face is not pretty.

The little black hand grabbed Ye Jia’s shoulder with fear, and looked at Ye Jia cautiously.

The young man’s brows were furrowed, and his thin lips, almost completely bloodless, pressed tightly. His overly pale complexion gave him a bit of pitifulness and fragility, as if it were some kind of fragile, light and shaky.

Little Black Hand was taken aback.

It had never seen Ye Jia’s side.

It hesitated, then summoned the courage to ask: “Um, you—”

Before I finished the question, I saw Ye Jia suddenly raised his hand, leaning on the wall, and then bent over and retched twice.

Little Black Hand: “…”

Ye Jia straightened up slowly, and shook his head haggardly: “It smells too disgusting.”

Not for any one, but all smokers taste the same.

Sticky and rotten, smelly.

Even though Ye Jia had been in the game long enough, he was not strong enough to eat this monster in his stomach without changing his face.

Little Black Hand: “…”

Count me blind.

Although the mucus in the room did not disappear with the smoker, it also lost its previous consistency. The five people who had been tightly glued to the wall fell one after another, lying dead in the dark mucus.

Ye Jia looked out the window and estimated the time.

The temporary ghost mythical creature shrouded outside the teaching building should have disappeared for a while, and reinforcements should be coming in soon.

He walked to the five people who were still unconscious, glanced at the mucus on the ground with some disgust, then sighed resignedly, and kicked the stacked Zhao Guangcheng and his captain to the side. , Lying on the clearing in the middle.

Ye Jia tore off the little black hand that was still on his shoulder:

“I believe you know how to do it.”

After all, I have done it once, and this time I should have been skilled enough.

Little Black Hand: “…”

I am absolutely, absolutely blind! !



Lin Cheng was staring at the mess in the room in disbelief. The expression on his face was unabashedly shocked. He murmured, “It’s incredible…”

No one could have imagined that under such a dangerous situation, this combat team could survive all its members, and even the logistics members accompanying the team would be unscathed. There was no other way to explain it except for miracles.

At this time, Liu Zhaocheng and Zhao Dong from the Logistics Department rushed over one after another.

As soon as they met, Liu Zhaocheng asked eagerly:

“Why, how? Are people still safe?”

Lin Cheng still seemed unable to believe his eyes, he nodded: “Yes…”

The two people in the logistics department let out a long sigh of relief.

“That’s great,” Liu Zhaocheng sniffed, and said with an awkward voice: “Although he always likes to skip work and catch fish, he likes to arrive late and leave early, and he still cut corners when working overtime to deal with data, but he is indispensable among us. One of…”

Zhao Dong wiped the corner of his eyes and said emotionally: “Yes… Ye Ge is a good man. I have never seen a brother who is more loyal than him…”

Liu Zhaocheng sighed:

“Moreover, his work report is still unfinished.”

Ye Jia, with his eyes closed and a weak breath: “…”

If only he could really faint now.

At least not to be **** off.

The Combat Division member who was chased out just now came back from the outside panting: “Team, Captain, that ghost ran away…”

Lin Cheng didn’t expect them to catch the Li ghost who created such a terrifying scene. He waved his hand: “Take the wounded back first, and talk about the others later.”


The unconscious members were carefully moved from the mucus on the floor to the stretcher. Lin Cheng stood at the door, watching the wounded on the stretcher being lifted out one by one.

Liu Zhaocheng frowned and asked in a puzzled manner: “Captain Lin, do you know why that ghost ran away so easily?”

Obviously it had an absolute advantage at the time, and they didn’t have a strong enemy here, so why did it suddenly slip away?

Lin Cheng seemed to be quite at a loss about this question, he said hesitantly:

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s worried about being caught in the urn…”

At this moment, one of the combat section members lying on the stretcher seemed to suddenly wake up from a coma.

He raised his hand with difficulty, grabbed the corner of Lin Cheng’s clothes, and said in a hoarse, panting voice:

“No… not like this…”

Lin Cheng was shocked, and quickly stopped the person carrying the stretcher, lowered his head and asked:

“What did you say?”

“I, we were saved!” Although Zhao Guangcheng’s voice was weak, he couldn’t hide his excitement: “Just now, there was a very strong person…”

“What?” Lin Cheng was surprised: “Who is it?”

“I, I heard, that ghost called him…ACE.”

Zhao Guangcheng’s eyes radiated hopeful light: “I have never seen such a powerful and terrifying human being… He is our savior!”

“Really, really?” Lin Cheng was startled.

His brows were slightly furrowed, and although his face was still serious, his excitement could not be concealed in his voice: “If you are right, and he is really as strong as you said, then he is definitely at least B grade, and maybe even A. Class powerhouse!”

“The combat department is in urgent need of manpower now, and everyone is overworked…” He was also excited: “The recent cases in M ​​City are all weird. If there is such a strong help, our workload It can be reduced by at least half!”

Lin Cheng’s expression became firm: “We will try our best to find him.”

Ye Jia lying on another stretcher: “…”

Ah, life is so difficult.

Might as well pass out.


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