After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 106

Extra 8

Ye Jia’s face was burning fiercely, his head gurgling like boiling water, the chaotic thoughts were in a mess, the thoughts were messy and broken, and it was impossible to sort out a clear context.

The excessive and rapid heartbeat hit the tympanic membrane, making him a little dizzy.

The ground under his feet seemed to be soft, his body sank deeply from the feet, and was engulfed all the way to his calves.

Ye Jia raised his eyes, a bewildering mist covering his eyes.

It took him a while to realize that this was his room.

My mind is like fragments, the memory is intermittent.

Ye Jia didn’t remember how he left Ji Xuan’s room and walked back to his own room–to be precise, after the other party uttered those few words, Ye Jia’s memory became confused.


The other party’s hot body temperature still remained in his palm.

Ye Jia seemed to be electrocuted, he jumped up and rushed into the bathroom.

The cold water rushed down, irritating his skin, but it couldn’t take away the clear and vivid touch.

To be precise… the memory that was deliberately ignored just now is rolling over.

When the tip of the nose touches the side of the neck, it feels numb and cool to the touch.

Scorching turbulent breath sprays.

The wide, hot palms climbed up to his waist silently, his fingertips rubbed against the waistline, and the knuckles were tightly fastened.

And the other party’s voice, low, hoarse, tight, trembling and helpless voice.

He whispered Ye Jia’s name over and over again.

……elder brother.


I can’t help it…Brother.

Ye Jia shook subconsciously.

The cold water splashed out from the fingertips.

The young man’s skin was thin and white, and his neck and cheeks were covered with rich red, like the sunset glow before sunset.


In the next few days, Ye Jia deliberately avoided Ji Xuan.

Even if there is no need to investigate, Ji Xuan knows that the other party is looking for a new place to live these days.

He understood that he was impatient this time.

But it’s okay to pick it up in advance, at least Ji Xuan now doesn’t need to worry about more girls coming up to squeeze Ye Jia’s mind.

He was able to clearly recognize that unlike when he was a child, as time goes by, Ye Jia’s gravitational force is gradually being released. The figure of a teenager is stretched, and his shoulders gradually have the embryonic form of an adult man, with a tender and green face. At this moment, it has matured, like a rough jade that has been carved out a little bit. Although Ye Jia himself did not notice, he is more and more noticeable. Not only in appearance, but also in his unique and outstanding temperament. To make him generally recognizable in the crowd, Ji Xuan found it more and more difficult for him to look away from the other person, and what’s worse…others did the same.

Ye Jia usually treats others with gentle estrangement. The sense of distance is particularly charming, but at the same time it is also an invisible barrier that isolates him from the others around him. Even so, he still cannot stop the increasing number of suitors— -People are phototaxis, Ji Xuan is not qualified to blame others.

——And now, Ji Xuan can guarantee that the other party’s mind will only be occupied by himself from today.

He opened the door to the dark room.

The light here is very dim, with only a little weird red light.

Hanging on the wall, Dangdang is full of photos of the same person.

Juveniles are either standing or sitting, sideways or upright. Obviously, they were taken from far away, very cautiously. The technique is professional. Even if the pixels are slightly blurred, they can still distinguish the other person as tall and handsome as a green bamboo. Stature.

The emotions in Ji Xuan’s eyes were finally able to pour out without any concealment.

The dark eyes gleamed with strange light, with a bit of paranoia and madness, staring obsessively at the photos of Ye Jia on the wall.

He looked slowly one by one, as if he was looking at some rare treasure, his eyes were focused and serious, and it was creepy.

Finally, Ji Xuan’s gaze stayed at the very end.

The Ye Jia in the photo is only thirteen or fourteen years old. He is not tall enough. His shoulders are thin and slender. His light-colored hair hangs down softly. A pair of faint eyes swept toward the lens unconsciously, his face Without expression, the whole person was shrouded in the soft golden sunlight, like a son of god.

Ji Xuan slowly reached out his hand, and his white and slender fingertips gently touched the smooth surface of the photo, rubbing them carefully, as if to touch each other through the camera and the time interval between them.

He still remembers throbbing when he first saw each other.

At that time, he was too young to know what his mind was, but he already had a deep enough scheming and a power equivalent to it-he didn’t think it was abnormal for him to do this, he just pursued it instinctively. The longing and desire deep in my heart are nothing more.

As Ji Xuan got older, he slowly understood the deep meaning of that kind of desire.

He knew exactly what he wanted.

Ji Xuan raised his head, his dark eyes rolled with a deep meaning.

However, although he was willing to give Ye Jia time, he still patiently stood still even when the opponent alienated him, but it has been too long now.

Maybe something should be done.

Ji Xuan lowered his head and kissed the edge of the photo reverently and greedily.

…Brother, you are mine.


The genius was still bright, and the horizon in the distance showed a little light of the rising sun, but the sky was still dark, and the velvety night sky was dotted with a few residual stars.

Even going to school is too early.

But Ye Jia chose this point to avoid possible encounters with Ji Xuan.

He opened the door.

The lights outside were not turned on, everything was shrouded in the cold gray morning light, and there seemed to be something dark on the ground.

Ye Jia was caught off guard and tripped. Seeing that he was about to fall, he was suddenly supported by both hands.

The opponent’s arm was scorching and strong, holding him firmly, avoiding a tragedy of people turning their backs on their backs.

Ye Jia held the door frame and looked at each other in surprise:

“…Ji Xuan?”

The juvenile’s cold-faced face looked a little fuzzy in the dark, but his dark and deep eyes were surprisingly bright:

“elder brother.”

His voice is a little dumb.

Ye Jia was a little uncomfortable when he saw him. He stepped back subconsciously, his eyes drifted slightly, but still pretending to be calm and asked: “Why are you here?”

Only then did he realize that the other party hadn’t changed his clothes, he was only wearing a thin school uniform, and there was nothing underneath it, just the carpet.

Ye Jia frowned involuntarily: “When did you wait here?”

Ji Xuan answered obediently: “Last night.”

Ye Jia frowned tighter: “…why?”

The other party raised his head and looked straight over without leaning, the emotions in his eyes were unconcealed, straightforward and enthusiastic:

“Brother, you have been hiding from me these past few days, right?”

Ye Jia: “…No, you think too much.”

Although there is a dark cover, Ji Xuan can still see the sudden redness on the opponent’s cheeks.

Ye Jia coldly said, “Let’s let me go…”

Unexpectedly, the other party lowered his head and said in a low voice: “Brother, I’m sorry.”

Ye Jia had a meal.

The boy sat on the ground, carefully reached out his hand, grabbed his trousers, and moved very lightly, as if he was afraid of being thrown away: “I’m sorry…I accidentally thought about you…”

He said: “I will hold back and never let you find out again.”

Ji Xuan pursed his lips, his voice was low and pitiful:

“Brother, don’t ignore me.”

Ye Jia stood still on the spot, his eyes flickering, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Ji Xuan’s voice was so soft that it could dissipate in the air almost instantly.

He raised his eyes, the thick fragility and anxiety could almost overflow from the bottom of his eyes, and he repeated gently:

“Don’t ignore me.”

Ye Jia took a deep breath slowly, and said with some difficulty: “…you get up first.”

“No.” Ji Xuan shook his head stubbornly: “I won’t get up if you don’t agree.”

Ye Jia frowned and stretched out his hand to drag him.

He held the opponent’s wrist, but the temperature of the tentacles immediately shocked him.

Piping hot.

It turned out that the contact just now was not an illusion, the other party’s body temperature was terrifyingly high, and the dry skin looked like a burning charcoal fire.

Ye Jia was surprised: “What’s the matter?”

He reached his hand and touched Ji Xuan’s forehead.

It’s very hot.

“You have a fever.” Ye Jia frowned: “Get up quickly.”

“No.” Ji Xuan stubbornly shook his head, a pair of dark eyes burned brightly, like sharp blades.

Ye Jia can’t do it.

He sighed: “…I’m not angry with you.”

To be precise, he was angry with himself.

That night, he didn’t push each other away, indulging in the deterioration of the original pure relationship between the two… Ye Jia felt that he was at fault.

“Then you don’t go out to live.” Ji Xuan stared at him fixedly, and demanded in an inch.

“…Okay.” Ye Jia agreed temporarily, trying to appease each other.

He pulled Ji Xuan: “Get up quickly.”

At this time, Ji Xuan stood up following Ye Jia’s movements, but after maintaining the same posture for a long time, his feet had lost consciousness, and he subconsciously fell to the side, Ye Jia instinctively shot and supported each other.

Ji Xuan was taller than him, and he was heavily planted on Ye Jia’s shoulders.

The youthful aura of aggression immediately surrounded him, and Ye Jia immediately recalled some broken fragments that night—scorching, chaotic, damp and emotional, his shoulders instantly stiffened.

He stayed there for a few seconds, and finally reached out his hand to hold Ji Xuan on hold: “Should I call the housekeeper?”

As soon as the words were spoken, Ye Jia immediately remembered that the housekeeper had just asked for leave two days ago, as if something was going on at home.

After a long time, he sighed and put down his schoolbag: “…Forget it.”

“I will send you to your room.”

Ji Xuan was tall and heavy, and after sending him into the room, Ye Jia couldn’t help but sweat.

Before putting the other party on the bed, suddenly, Ji Xuan leaned to Ye Jia’s ear, his breath was burning, his voice was burnt out of dumbness, and his dull tone contained a trace of unobvious ambiguity. And a sense of aggression: “At least… Brother doesn’t reject me, right?”

Ye Jia jumped up subconsciously, and he threw the opponent onto the bed abruptly.

He stared at Ji Xuan vaguely, then turned around abruptly and left.

Looking at the back of the opponent who almost flees, Ji Xuan raised the corners of his lips slightly, revealing a faint smile.

…It is a good thing not to deny.

He glanced at the door of the dark room.

It seems that I have to deal with the contents when I have time.

Otherwise, I might scare my brother.

after all……

According to this situation, it was only a matter of time before the brother moved in.



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