After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 17

In a small, dark and messy room.

An ugly and swollen face was attached to the old man’s corpse, which was gradually emitting a rotten smell.

It sucked the remaining nutrients on the corpse, and the face that was originally the size of a fingernail was now the size of an adult’s palm.

It seems to be waiting for something.

Suddenly, the temperature in the air began to drop without warning.

As if the wind blew the clouds to cover the sun, the light in the entire room suddenly dimmed.

The deep darkness that cannot penetrate and half the light spreads in the corridor, swallowing up the daylight bit by bit, like some kind of enlarged shadow, shrouding the entire residential building in it.

The face stopped sucking, and its black eyes moved slightly, staring in the direction of the corridor.

A shudder struck.

It can feel that some kind of extraordinarily powerful existence has come.

That huge power like an abyss almost distorted the space around him, and the sticky and solemn sense of oppression made almost every low-level ghost feel fear and cringe from the heart.

There was a faint shock on that face that was hard to hide.

It didn’t expect that this time… it was Wang himself.




The rhythmic sound of footsteps came from far and near, echoing in the empty corridor, and every time it made that face shrank, its expression switched between greed and fear, and a pair of eyes fixed on the sound. The direction from which it came.

The closer the footsteps are, the darker the surrounding light.

When the footsteps stopped at the door, almost the entire room was shrouded in a suffocating absolute shadow.

The door was pushed open.

The expression on that face became slightly distorted under the conflict of all kinds of strong emotions, those dark eyes popped out, and the mouth with a strange smile exclaimed excitedly: “King! King! You are here! Nothing! Wrong…Yes, I saw ACE, and I am willing to provide you with all his clues…”


The man stepped into the room in no hurry, and the soles of his shoes hit the floor with regular noises.

When he finally saw the man’s face clearly, his expression suddenly froze, and his freeze-frame expression looked funny and weird.

This this……

The man in front of him was tall, his eyes drooping slightly, and he looked at him condescendingly.

His facial features are extremely deep, and under the high brow bones are a pair of dark red eye pupils, which appear more and more weird in the night, even if his face is expressionless, it also carries a three-point cold blood.

But… this is not what it noticed.

What made it panic was that the facial features of the man in front of him were five or six points similar to the little boy it had previously transformed into.

This, what is going on…?

The man’s gaze fell on the face that attached to the corpse, and the invisible sense of oppression was suddenly suppressed.

The feeling as if it could be passed through by the blade of the shimmering cold light made it froze in place, as if it was being dissected a little bit by bit, ruthlessly and coldly, and all the dark thoughts hidden in my heart were exposed.

When the consciousness came over, it found that it had dumped out all the information it knew without reservation.

That face asked carefully:

“Wang, Wang… Excuse me, my bounty…”

Ji Xuan raised his hand, his pale fingertips slipped in the air.

In the next second, that face felt a powerful force suddenly poured into its body. It was overjoyed and began to devour and digest greedily, feeling the rapid growth of the power in its body, even faintly about to enter. Signs of the next level.

Its face became more and more ugly with excitement:

“Thank you……”

Ji Xuan: “This is the reward you deserve.”

However, before it could say anything, the floor suddenly swelled up slowly, and a huge monster wrapped in white ribs emerged from the ground slowly. In the goat-like skull, the lower jaw was wide open. , As if holding something in his mouth.

Ji Xuan stretched out his hand.

The monster gently placed what it was holding in his palm.

At this time, the face can see clearly, it is a drop of blood floating.

It seems to have been half-solidified, but it is still bright red, and it seems more and more shocking in the man’s pale palm.

An ominous premonition began to rise in its heart.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes, his eyes fell on the evil spirit without the slightest mood swing, and he said calmly:

“But he was injured.”

…What, what?

“My reward has always been very clear.” Ji Xuan did not move forward half a minute, and his expression did not change much, but that face could clearly feel the pressure on him suddenly doubled, almost It was crushed, and could only stick to the ground tightly to linger:

“—Don’t hurt him.”

The face tried to argue, but it was horrified to find that its mouth could not be opened at all, and it could not even make a half sound.

Ji Xuan retracted his gaze.

He touched the skull of the beast standing by his side with his finger, and said:

“Go ahead.”

The monster turned its head, and the two dark holes in the skull looked at the immovable evil spirit before it, and then came slowly towards it.

No no no no no no no no-

That face was howling miserably in his heart, but in reality he couldn’t make a sound at all. Its eyes were printed with the huge monster that was gradually approaching itself. Its pitch-black eyeballs almost fell out of the eye sockets, and the corners of its trembling mouth were lifted to the roots of the ears. , The facial expression became more and more terrifying because of extreme panic and despair.

The next second, the monster opened its huge mouth, revealing its sharp jagged teeth, and rushed towards it.

Do not–

The **** and terrifying predator in front of him seemed to be unable to attract Ji Xuan’s gaze. He lowered his eyes and fixedly stared at the floating drop of blood.

That is the warmth and fragrance of human blood.

He gathered his fingers and carefully wrapped the drop of blood in his palm.

Ji Xuan curled the corners of his lips, his scarlet eyes flashed with almost paranoid exclusivity.



The first working day after the holiday is the most painful.

Ye Jia sat in his cubicle, staring blankly at the unprocessed file reports stacked high on his desk, feeling that his soul was hollowed out.


Why is there such an inhumane thing about going to work in the world…

When can I retire…

He raised his head and looked at the clocks hanging on the wall, his gaze followed the movement of the second hand grid by grid, and while wandering, he counted the time away from get off work with anguish.

It’s coming soon, and I will be off work in three hours.

Suddenly, an angry shout came from behind him:

“Ye Jia!”

Ye Jia suddenly sat up, adjusted his facial expression quickly, staring at the documents spread out on the table with a serious look, as if he was working hard from start to finish.

Liu Zhaocheng: “…”

Do you think I’m blind?

He stared at Ye Jia who was diligent and diligent in his eyelids, and felt his eyebrows beating.

Liu Zhaocheng squeezed the bridge of his nose tiredly, and decided to free himself from the fate of an early heart attack: “You, and Cheng Cezhi, pack up and prepare to go to the hospital.”

Ye Jia: “?”

Hearing his name, Cheng Cezhi raised his head from the pile of documents and looked in their direction blankly.

Liu Zhaocheng snorted expressionlessly, and pointed to the fruit baskets and gifts piled on the table beside him:

“Our department pooled money to buy this, and you two are responsible for bringing it to Zhao Dong.”

Is this what it feels like to leave work early!

Ye Jia lifted his spirits: “Thank you Minister!”

“Thank you for your head.” Liu Zhaocheng rolled his eyes unceremoniously, “Yu Qi let you be here to get me in the way. It’s better to let you go out and run errands, at least you don’t have to anger me in front of my eyes.”

Ye Jia: “…………”

It doesn’t have to be so real.


The arms of the two people were filled with comfort gifts bought by the logistics department, and they squeezed into the elevator with difficulty one after another.

“How many floors?” Ye Jia asked near the elevator door.

Cheng Cezhi’s urn sounded from behind the fruit basket: “The highest floor.”

Ye Jia paused slightly.

This is a hospital that has long-term cooperation with the Administration. If it is only slightly injured during work or eroded by Yin Qi, it is often arranged in the lower intensive care unit, although the location is separate from the general ward. But the overall difference is not big.

The eighth floor and above are designed for patients with extremely serious conditions after contact with a supernatural event.

It is like treating a patient with a dangerous infectious disease, being carefully and closely isolated.

He pressed the button on the 10th floor.

five minutes later.

After a series of cumbersome checks and identity verifications, Ye Jia and Cheng Cezhi were finally put in.

This floor is very deserted.

The wards were almost empty, there were no nurses walking in the corridors, and the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant.

I don’t know if it’s because the air conditioner is turned on too much. The temperature on this floor is obviously much lower than that on other floors.

Only at the door of the ward at the end of the corridor, there were two people sitting on the left and the right. They were all wearing ordinary clothes, but the tactical bag at the waist could not deceive people.

They are all members of the combat section.

Under such a tight manpower situation, the Combat Division will actually send two members to guard a sick number?

Ye Jia lowered his eyes slightly to cover the faint color that flashed under his eyes.

One stood up and helped them open the door.

The ward was very bright. Through a layer of insulating glass, you could see that Zhao Dong was sitting alone on the hospital bed by the window. The snow-white sheets were pulled to the waist. In addition to looking thinner, he seemed to be in good spirits. Looking down at a thin book.

He looked over in surprise:

“Ye Jia, Xiaocheng? Why are you here?”

They put down the condolences they were holding in their hands.

“Of course I came to see you!” Cheng Cezhi stared at the isolation glass in front of him, with a worried expression on his face: “Are you feeling okay?”

Ye Jiaze still had that lazy expression. He raised his finger to the hills of gifts and fruit baskets:

“Here, I bought it from the Ministry.”

“Oh, it hurt you money,” Zhao Dong touched the back of his head and said annoyedly: “I have told the minister, these are really unnecessary…you should take it back later…”

“No.” Cheng Cezhi shook his head stubbornly: “These are everyone’s minds, but unfortunately I know it too late, otherwise I will definitely participate.”

Zhao Dong sighed, and naturally changed the subject:

“How is the ministry?”

“Still very busy.” Cheng Cezhi’s face wrinkled: “Especially…”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly and interjected abruptly, interrupting the two’s greetings:

“So, what happened to you?”

There was a short silence in the ward.

Zhao Dong looked at Ye Jia, smiled and shook his head: “It really is your style.”

He didn’t seem to have any intention of concealing, he just sighed, raised his hand and lifted the quilt covering his lower body.

The nearest Cheng Cezhi’s eyes widened fiercely:

“This this……”

Ye Jia stepped forward slowly.

Below the man’s waist, there are two swollen legs like carrots. The skin is black and the toes of the two feet are swollen and squeezed together, revealing a purple-red color that is about to explode. There are dense numbs under the uneven skin. The thing was squirming and undulating, as if something was trying to get rid of its restraints, burrowing out of his skin.

The scene was chilling.

“When I first came, it was only the ankle.”

Zhao Dong smiled bitterly:

“It is estimated… in a few days, they will hatch out of my body.”


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