After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 2

“What! What is this!”

Countless dark arms protruding from the elevator were dancing wildly in the narrow corridor, the thick and thick shadows were like asphalt, the cold and sinister breath surged, and the temperature in the air became more and more freezing.

“You! What the **** are you!”

As if being scalded to the heat, the little black hand made a strange “hissing” noise, and quickly retracted back, lest he could evade him.

But what I didn’t expect was that the young man who was still motionless just now suddenly flipped his wrist and caught the little black hand in his palm with his backhand.

“So hot! So hot!” A shrill scream sounded: “Good ice! Good ice! Let me go!”

The phantom in the air has no substance, intermittently, but the little black hand that was held in the palm of the opponent is unable to break free from the youth’s seemingly easy grasp no matter what.

It could feel that the ghostly air that was so cold that it almost made it tremble was transmitted from the place where it was in contact with the other party. Bringing a shudder originating from instinct, like facing a predator who has not yet awakened, just the breath that the opponent faintly leaked in the sleeping room made it subconsciously terrified.

No matter what it is, the existence in front of you is definitely not human!

But it does have breathing and heartbeat, and all vital signs are normal and impeccable.

What’s more frightening is that it can perceive a little emotion transmitted from the other party, and that emotion is very familiar-hunger.

“Monster!” it yelled fiercely and sternly: “Monster! Monster!!”

The countless dark arms danced more and more frantically, and the hissing and screaming were mixed with countless unsatisfactory chaotic curses and intimidation.

Ye Jia got a headache because of the quarrel. He pinched his fingers fiercely, and the little black hand seemed to be gripped by some invisible force. The swinging arm in the air suddenly stiffened, and suddenly fell silent.

The dark mist on its body suddenly became lighter, as if part of it had been swallowed.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Ye Jia’s voice was still lazy: “I am a human, like a fake, a genuine human being.”

The resentful spirit: “…”

—No ghost will believe you! !

In the next second, feeling the threatening tightening of the palm on his body, the resentful spirit screamed: “You are a human! You are a human!”

Ye Jia relaxed a little bit with satisfaction.

He raised his head, glanced at Cheng Cezhi lying aside, unconscious.

The opponent’s face was pale, his eyes closed tightly, half of his body had been dragged into the elevator shaft, and the pitch-black misty particles like gunpowder diffused from the place where he was sinking, even if it was a few meters away, he could clearly feel it coming out. The cold and lifeless air.

The place inside the elevator door is no longer a human world.

That is a dark field created by resentment that overlaps the real world, and only ghosts above the B level can create it.

If Cheng Cezhi was dragged in, there would be really no bones left.

Ye Jia thoughtfully.

He has not seen a B-level ghost in the real world.


Ye Jia lowered his head and looked at the little black hand that was still struggling and trembling in his hand, and his light-colored eyes narrowed slightly.

This should be the unusual energy fluctuation he just felt in the elevator.

But… Compared to the ordinary B-level ghost, this one is too weak.

But this is not the point.

Ye Jia shook the little black hand: “Bring my colleague back.”

Ordinary human beings can’t stay in the Wraith Space for too long, even if only a small part of their bodies are caught in it, their vitality will be constantly lost.

Xiao Hei shook his hands and obeyed humiliatingly.

In the next second, a few thin, light-colored but grayish arms stretched out from the elevator shaft, grabbed Cheng Cezhi’s legs and body, slowly dragged him out of the darkness, and then ” He threw it onto the clearing with a bang.

Ye Jia: “…”

This is too much like throwing garbage.

After Cheng Cezhi woke up, it was estimated that his body would hurt for several days.

“It’s cold… It’s hot…” Little Black hand hissed, twisting in Ye Jia’s palm: “Now you can let me go… Hurry up…”

Ye Jia glanced at it lightly: “That’s not good.”

Let the suspected B-level ghost continue to make chaos in his area? He doesn’t want to work overtime to death.

The young man’s eyes drooped slightly, no matter his skin color or the color of his eyes, the pigment on his whole body was a little too light, like a pale phantom, looking out of place in the ghostly dark corridor.

He smiled:

“However, I can make this process faster.”

In the next second, the slender fingertips flipped over, and a silver-white forest cold light flashed across the flashlight in an instant—”Bah.”

The sound of the sharp blade breaking through the air sounded.

Without even screaming and meaningless struggles, the previously huge behemoth-like shadow suddenly disappeared, as if it had been directly erased from reality.

The darkness in the elevator room slowly dissipated, exposing the old and dirty metal walls.

The cold temperature faded a little bit.

Little by little sunlight penetrated through the fuzzy glass, coating the corridor with a normal color.

The elevator door jammed twice and then closed slowly.


I don’t know how long it took.

Cheng Cezhi felt that he was shaken: “…Hey, wake up.”

His eyelids moved and slowly opened his eyes. Zhao Dong’s concerned face was close: “What’s the matter with you? Why are you lying here?”

At that moment, all the previous memories came back like a tide—the cold and sudden drop in temperature, like the pitch-black elevator of another world, and the countless pitch-black palms that rushed from it…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Cheng Cezhi screamed.

Zhao Dong was bluffed, and quickly withdrew back, rubbing his aching ears: “What are you doing!”

Cheng Cezhi bounced off the ground abruptly, but in the next second, the intense pain that felt like being run over by a car hits him instantly, like a blow to the head, smashing him back to the ground.

He grinned and took a breath and stopped screaming.

Ye Jiashan came and leaned in late: “What’s the matter?”

Cheng Cezhi tremblingly turned his head to look at the elevator-the elevator was closed tightly and everything was as usual.

He pointed to the elevator and stammered: “Hands… there are so many hands…”

Zhao Dong scratched his head: “Stopped by nightmare, right?”

In places where ghosts once haunted, there will be many unusual energy particles left behind, and these particles will have an impact on people who are unstable or have weak spiritual energy, allowing them to see some terrifying hallucinations. , Which is the so-called being caught by nightmare.

The staff of the Occult Administration are more susceptible to these particles than ordinary people.

Ye Jia personally believes that this is related to their high-pressure working environment and excessive overtime hours.

He shook his head and sighed:

“I have given feedback to the minister many times. It is unethical to squeeze employees too much, and we also need to rest.”

Ye Jia sincerely suggested:

“When you go back and complain to the minister, you should be able to ask for a few more days of paid vacation.”

Zhao Dong: “…”

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

So why are you so skilled!

With Zhao Dong’s support, Cheng Cezhi slowly got up from the ground. He rubbed his sore neck and looked around the extremely normal environment around him—the strange scenes he had seen before disappeared like mist in the sun. , It’s like a dream.

Could it be… Really caught by nightmare?

He looked down at the detector next to him. The detector had been broken, and the screen was completely dark, and no data was collected.

Cheng Cezhi collapsed his shoulders in frustration.

—This time the field work is completely out of the question.


The Paranormal Administration is located in an office building not far from the city center.

The upper layer is equipped with glasses, and the lower layer is designed.

And the sign hanging on their level is “Clean Energy Recycling”-commonly known as garbage disposal.

It is indeed a secret government department.

It is indeed very hidden.

At the end of the dark and crowded corridor, the dusty “Logistics Department” sign hung crookedly on the door, which was filled with debris. In the center of the debris, a few small desks formed the entire office area of ​​the logistics department.

Cheng Cezhi frustratedly handed the disused detector to the head of the logistics department, Liu Zhaocheng, a serious and slightly bald middle-aged man who always had a rigid face, as if he wanted to use his eyes to scare away all those who tried to cast their eyes on his head. .

“I see.” After hearing what happened, the minister said: “I will take you off for an afternoon. You can go to the medical department to check it, and then go back and take a good rest…”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Jia slowly raised his hand: “Minister…”

“Don’t think about it.” Liu Zhaocheng said coldly without lifting his eyelids: “Go to work.”

Ye Jia: “…”

It’s too difficult to be a social animal.

He looked sickly in the direction of his seat, but the next second, Ye Jia was stunned.

He didn’t find his chair for a while.

Because everything is covered with thick, mountain-stacked documents, there are hardly any gaps on the table.

“Dispose of it by tomorrow, otherwise the bonus will be deducted… If I remember correctly, your year-end bonus should be running out, right?” Minister Pi smiled and hooked the corner of his mouth: “Come on.”

Ye Jia: “…”

I entered this department for not this.

What about a good idle job? !


Wee hours.

The sky is white.

Ye Jia yawned, staring sleepily at the mountain of documents still piled up in front of him, and rubbed his messy hair everywhere.

Fortunately, the minister was generous and allowed him to take the documents home to deal with, otherwise he would have to work overtime in the bureau.

Ye Jia didn’t want to spend so long in the department, after all, his cubicle was too crowded.

He stretched his waist, slowly stood up, dragged his shoes, and walked towards the kitchen.

—I don’t know if it is his illusion, Ye Jia always feels something is wrong in the city recently.

It is not just the serial disappearance case that has caused a lot of noise, but the recent supernatural incidents are really extraordinary. There is an obvious shortage of personnel in the administration. All staff are busy and exhausted. Even the most idle logistics department usually has to work overtime. Add to dizziness.

Ye Jia squinted, thinking endlessly, and stretched out his hand to open the refrigerator door—

A familiar little black hand poked out from it.

It hid tremblingly behind the refrigerator door, and shouted flatteringly:

“Hi! Good morning…”

Ye Jia: “…”

He slammed the refrigerator door with a “clam”.

The little black hand was pinched and let out a “squeak” scream, and then dangling back from the gap in the refrigerator door.

Ye Jia turned around blankly, poured himself a glass of water, and drank it.

…Well, there will be hallucinations if you work overtime.


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