After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 22

That night.

The hospital was silent, lights were on in the unmanned corridor, and two members of the combat department were slumped on their seats and were already asleep.

The lights in the ward are off.

Through the special isolation glass, you can see a slightly raised figure on the hospital bed.

Some kind of creepy gnawing sound came from the darkness, and it became more and more weird in the dark night.

Zhao Dong was lying on the bed, burning in confusion.

His consciousness has been blurred, but he is still awake.

He could feel that something evil was growing inside his body, greedily gnawing his flesh and blood and internal organs. The unbearable itch and pain were like tens of thousands of bugs in his bones. It’s like climbing up, it’s just like death is better than life.

The light in the corridor shines into the dark ward through the window and becomes the only light source.

Under the dim dim light, a dark shadow appeared silently.

Is it an illusion?

Or was it burned?

The weak Zhao Dong opened his eyes with difficulty, trying to see the figure approaching his bed.

The quilt on his body was lifted.

The living thing in his body suddenly agitated without warning, and violently collided in his body—

Zhao Dong shook his body suddenly, reflexively trying to dodge and struggle.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly went dark.

A cold hand silently covered his hot eyelid:


The temperature of the opponent’s palm was very cold, like ice suddenly falling into the boiling water, making him shocked.

There is a cordial feeling.

Don’t know why, Zhao Dong’s heart settled somehow.

After confirming that Zhao Dong was no longer struggling, Ye Jia lowered his head to examine the opponent’s current situation.

The terrible swelling bruising had spread from the opponent’s calf to his chest. On the body that was almost unrecognizable in human shape, there were countless larvae wriggling under the skin, looking ugly and terrible.

Ye Jia took out the egg sac from his pocket and made a cut carefully.

The translucent sticky liquid dripped on the opponent’s knee.

One drop, two drops, three drops.

Like a shark smelling blood, the squirming larvae rushed towards the place where the liquid had fallen.

The translucent young ghost spiders crawled out of each other’s skin one by one like water squeezed out of a sponge.

When one crawled out, Ye Jia pinched one to death.

Soon, all the larvae crawled out, and finally Zhao Dong’s skin no longer undulates, and the color is no longer that terrifying bruise, but the swelling may take days or even weeks to disappear.

It will take a long time for human beings parasitized by ghost spider eggs to fully recover.

-Not only physiology, but also psychology.

Listening to the darkness, Zhao Dong’s breathing gradually became steady, and Ye Jia glanced out the window.

The night is still thick.

The whole city fell into a deep sleep, with only a little light moving slowly in the distance.

Ye Jia sighed.

never mind.

Do good things to the end and send the Buddha to the west.

—There are still so many people hanging in the ghost spider’s cave.


When everything was handled, the sky was already white, and the morning light spread from the edge of the world, dispelling the darkness little by little, gradually lighting up the entire sky.

Ye Jia finally returned home.

He changed his clothes that were stained with blood and spider fluids, then threw himself onto the bed heavily, with a hoarse grunt in his throat.

Grass, too tired.

The follow-up of dealing with ghost spiders is not very tiring, after all, in terms of intensity and degree of danger, the copy in the game is still better.

The part of the confrontation with Ji Xuan was the most exhausting part of the whole night.

Ye Jia stared at the ceiling and went through the conversation between himself and Ji Xuan carefully in his mind.

Although it’s very suspenseful, it seems… the other party doesn’t seem to be aware of his identity yet?

He is a little unsure.

The days in the game seem to have been things in the previous life, and Ji Xuan himself was already an unstable time bomb at that time. After he became the ghost king, Ye Jia couldn’t tell what he was thinking. , Or what to do next.

And now, I have become the other party’s “undercover” in the Occult Administration…


Ye Jia turned over and buried his head in the pillow.


“Why don’t you run?” The little black hand leaned over his pillow.

Since it realized that it is a grasshopper on the same line with Ye Jia, it has become very enthusiastic about Ye Jia’s life safety: “Do you need me to write your resignation letter for you?”

“Resign your head.” Ye Jia glared at it indifferently.

“Are you stupid?” He said unceremoniously, “Do you think the ghost king will unsuspectingly entrust a ghost who has just suspected of betraying him?”

The little black hand who was said to be stupid: “Huh.”

Ye Jia squinted his eyes slightly: “He did this. This only shows that he has a back hand, so he can’t be afraid of me turning back.”

He said: “This is a temptation.”

“Then…” Xiao Hei Shou asked cautiously: “Then what are you going to do?”

Ye Jia: “Stop the soldiers.”

He can’t predict the opponent’s next actions now, let alone act rashly and leave a handle.

The worst is…

See you again.

Ye Jia rubbed his fingertips lightly, his pale eyes drooping slightly, and the coldness in his eyes flashed away.

—Since I can kill him once, he can naturally kill him a second time.

“So,” the little black hand finally couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart, and asked boldly: “What happened in the first place?”

Ye Jia glanced at it: “Very curious?”

Xiao Hei made a heavy “Hmm!”

Too curious, curious to death!

Ye Jia squinted his eyes, and a smile flicked across his lips: “That’s it…”

“!!!” Xiao Hei shook his hands and instinctively backed away, instinctively something was wrong—

This smile is so familiar…

Every time the other party wants to pit himself, he will put on this expression!

“After running for a day today, I am really tired, but I still have a lot of work to finish, and recalling the past is a bit too time-consuming…” Ye Jia said with a smile: “That’s fine, you can help me deal with it. I’ll tell you the documents for one month.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

I knew it! !

It gritted his teeth: “Half a month!”

Ye Jia’s expression remained unchanged: “Two months.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Damn, profiteers.

The little black hand was forced to back down: “…one month is only one month.”

Ye Jiaman said casually: “Two and a half months.”

Little Black Hand: “!”

It was desperate and indignant: “You are a squeeze! Exploitation! A capitalist without humanity!”

—It seems that playing on the mobile phone has taught the little black hand a lot of new vocabulary.

Ye Jia sneered: “I now have a salary and two bosses on both sides have to work overtime without compensation. Did I say anything?”

Little Black Hand: “…a deal.”

It was forced to sign a treaty that was humiliating and humiliating the country, and then began to deal with the unfinished documents that Ye Jia brought home in the study.

The pen tip slid on the paper, making a rustle.

Ye Jia bent her knees slightly, leaned her back against the head of the bed, turned her head and looked out the window.

The sun rises.

The morning sun broke through the clouds, the sky went from purple, dark blue, to pale blue, and the world gradually became brighter.

Brilliant sunlight spilled in from the half-open window, coating the pale porcelain face of the young man with a faint golden rim.

In the morning light, Ye Jia half-squinted his eyes, his pale pupil color was almost transparent, and his long eyelashes showed a fluffy texture in the sun, blocking all the expressions in his eyes.

—Experience tells him to look back less.

I don’t know how many players are overwhelmed by the heavy memories they carry, collapsed in the **** reality and the **** past. If you want to survive the game, you must put aside something and learn to forget.

Since clearing the level, Ye Jia hasn’t recalled that experience in the game for a long time.

Busy and trivial chores flooded every day of life, making him almost forget where he had struggled to get out of.

And this layer of appearance is like a thin layer of scars, it is so fragile, it only needs to be pulled gently and it will break apart, exposing the **** wounds and abscesses hidden underneath.

-Only then did he realize that he hadn’t forgotten anything.

Those memories and pictures just lurked patiently, waiting quietly for the right time. At that moment, they would be like a flood that bursts a bank, roaring unstoppably.

Ye Jia closed his eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, the real emotions at that moment evaporated like frost in the sun, and there was no trace of it.

He took out his phone and took a look.

Six forty.

Ye Jia yawned and casually pressed off the alarm that hadn’t had time to ring.

Forget it, skip work today.

He thought for a while, then threw the phone aside without any psychological burden, and threw himself back on the bed again.


Stumps, blood, ferocious and pale facial features, and mutilated corpses, the smell of killing permeated everywhere.

The broken picture revolves like a dark whirlpool.

In the center of the whirlpool, stood a little boy.

His chin was pointed, his face was pale, and a pair of dark eyes was filled with a faint dark red, like the scarlet blood spreading in the night.

He looked over quietly, a bit of almost cold paranoia rolling in the depths of his eyes, an elusive madness.

There was a huge hole in the boy’s chest, like being pierced by a sharp weapon, but what came out of his chest was not blood, but a thick and sticky spirit that was almost inky.

Ye Jia watched as the little boy approached him step by step.

“elder brother.”

The child’s voice was innocent and innocent, and he shouted crisply: “Don’t you remember me?”

But in the next second, his voice suddenly became low and dull, with the magnetism characteristic of an adult man:

“…Why do you want to escape?”

The tall man bent down, and a heavy shadow fell.

The opponent’s eyes were scarlet and dark, like flowing viscous blood, he approached with a smile but not a smile, his cold lips were close to Ye Jia’s ears, and his body was wrapped in the cold breath of death:

“Don’t you like me?-Brother.”

Ye Jia opened his eyes abruptly, he panted, his chest rising and falling violently.

Twilight had arrived, and the room was shrouded in a halo of warm light.

After a long time, he calmed his breathing, and then slowly climbed up.

Ye Jia rubbed his temples and cursed with a splitting headache.

Oh shit.

Ji Xuan of Gou Ri.

Never let him dream.

Ye Jia reached for the mobile phone he had thrown on the bedside table.

Unexpectedly, there was no Minister’s angry reminder texts and serial phone attacks on the phone. On the contrary, Liu Zhaocheng sent a gentle message of condolences. While asking him to take care of his body, he also mentioned Zhao Dong’s body. It’s getting better, although they haven’t figured out the reason, they are all greatly relieved.

Ye Jia flipped upward.

It turned out that Xiao Hei Shou had asked for leave for him-the tone was soft but not humble, pitiful but not miserable, it was simply an example of sick leave.

He raised his eyebrows somewhat unexpectedly.

Oh, that’s okay.

Social methods are first-rate.

While Ye Jia was still wondering how to continue to squeeze the little black hand better and more efficiently, and let it do hard work for him willingly, the phone in his palm suddenly buzzed twice.

On the notification bar, a familiar cat head jumped out.

[Maomao loves to eat fish: Brother, get to life. 】

Ye Jia: “…”

Damn, why this ghost is more adapted to modern civilization than himself.

This is not fair!



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