After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 28


Ye Jia lay awkwardly on the bed, and his “wife” was close to him.

Her cold and soft arms were wrapped around his arm like some kind of snake, and almost her whole body was tightly attached to him.

The woman’s long, dark hair spread out, squeezing him into it like a net, falling on his neck, and digging into his pajamas like a living thing, causing a fine itchy sensation.

The wife raised her eyes and smiled sweetly.

She didn’t seem to see the other person’s rejection, so she leaned forward and kissed the young man’s lips.

Ye Jia dodged quickly, letting the kiss fall on his cheek.

But the woman didn’t seem to notice, the smile on her face didn’t change at all, and she said softly:

“Goodnight husband.”

Ye Jia twitched the corners of her mouth and replied dryly:

“……Good night.”

The smile on the other’s face was deeper, she put her head on the other’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

Ye Jia’s body was slightly stiff, staring fixedly at the ceiling in the darkness.

The breathing in my ears was clear and shallow, and slowly became even, as if he had fallen asleep.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and looked at the woman resting on his shoulders. The white porcelain face of the other party looked particularly dazzling in the dark, with long eyelashes hanging down, deep shadows and thin lips. Sip, with a faint smile in his sleep.

For some reason, Ye Jia felt that she should not be the incarnation of Jingling.

After all, the character of this character is too…bright and strong, even to the point that Ye Jia finds it difficult to cope.

But it’s better to confirm it.

The sharp blade of the sickle slipped silently in the night, without a single ripple, passing through the woman’s body without any hindrance.

The woman was still asleep without any reaction.

It really isn’t.

Ye Jia breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing whether it was relaxation or regret.

Although I know that the other person is not the person I am looking for, it is still impossible for him to sleep in the same bed with a stranger here.

After all, Ye Jia stayed in the game for too long. The opponents were not only the ghosts and monsters who were lurking in the dark all the time waiting to kill him, but also the players with unpredictable intentions, wandering on the edge of life and death. Once they relax their vigilance If you fall asleep, you may stay asleep for a long time.

He can hardly fall asleep when there are other people beside him. Even if he is asleep, he can wake up in an instant and adjust to the state of combat in the shortest time.

However, I don’t know why, the darkness gradually invaded from the surroundings, and an unbearable sleepiness rose from the depths of the body.

The body next to his side is cold and soft, but it inexplicably gives him a sense of…reassuring familiarity…

Consciousness is getting more and more blurred, and being dragged by the trapped intention, he falls into the abyss of darkness and tranquility.

Ye Jia fell asleep.

Darkness enveloped the small room, and two steady breaths echoed, appearing extraordinarily peaceful in the silence.

Suddenly, one of the breaths disappeared.

The elegant and delicate woman opened her eyes silently, and under her long eyelashes, her eyes had turned dark red as if she was full of blood, and looked very strange and evil under the cover of night.

Her hands were cold and soft, moving downstream flexibly, like a snake encumbering each other’s slender waist.

The distance narrowed further, and the two bodies were almost closely fitting together, sharing the temperature of each other’s bodies.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes and moved his gaze presumptuously over the young man beside him, his scorching gaze slowly descended from the other side’s sleeping quiet side face, and then fell down the slender and white neck into the slightly open neckline of the pajamas. In the middle, licked every inch of skin on the opponent’s body with his eyes greedily.

He lifted his lips, and his sharp, white teeth loomed between his thin scarlet lips, like a shark smelling blood.

The young man beside him fell asleep unsuspectingly, unaware that the milk he drank before going to bed had been tampered with.

Ji Xuan nested himself into the opponent’s arms.

He raised his head, and his cold lips fell on the other side’s lips where he hadn’t touched before.

After a long time, he licked his lips, and his slightly smiling voice had changed back to the original low and hoarse voice:

“Husband, you forgot our goodnight kiss.”


The next day, Ye Jia woke up in bed.

It has been three poles in the sun, and the bright sunlight fills the room like flowing water.

Ye Jia blinked blankly, and it took a few seconds to realize where he was.

He… how long hasn’t he slept so soundly?

The bones and muscles on his body became tired from a long sleep, Ye Jia slowly got up from the bed and rubbed his messy hair.

“Aga, are you awake?”

Ye Jia raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw that my “wife” was standing at the door, smiling and looking at herself, her black professional skirt outlines her exquisite curves, with delicate makeup on her face, as if she was about to go out, she groaned: ” You slept too well, you didn’t wake up when I pushed you this morning.”

Ye Jia was taken aback.

As if he hadn’t noticed his stunnedness, his wife walked in with high heels, bends down skillfully and naturally, grabbed the collar of his pajamas, and dropped a soft kiss on his lips.

Ye Jia tightened his body instinctively, but before he could do anything, the other party moved away gently.

The woman with a gentle and gentle face half-down her eyes, staring at him with a smile.

She stretched out her hand, and the cold and pale fingertips slowly and gently rubbed Ye Jia’s lower lip, and erased the lipstick mark she had branded on:

“Get up quickly, I put breakfast on the table.”

The delicate touch and temperature of the opponent’s fingertips still remained on his lips.

Ye Jia blinked in a daze, and subconsciously pursed his lower lip, but didn’t notice the darkening of the opponent’s eyes because of his actions.

“Okay,” the wife retracted her gaze and curled her lips gently, her smile on her face was still flawless: “I’m going to work, see you tonight.”

After speaking, she stepped on her high heels and walked out the door.

Ye Jia got up from the bed and stepped on slippers to the bathroom.

What is reflected in the mirror is his own facial features, but it is not entirely his own.

The young man’s eyebrows and eyebrows are warm and elegant, and the corners of his lips are naturally slightly curled even when he is not smiling. Although his skin is fair, it is in the normal range. His body is thin and looks a little weak because of his lack of exercise for a long time. But still tall and straight.

Ye Jia stared at the strange self in the mirror.

This is… if nothing has happened to myself.

However, when he looked straight into the depths of the light-colored eyes of the person in the mirror, he could still see the familiar indifferent look, gazing away and coldly at everything around him, as if out of tune with the surroundings-that was an experience After all the torture that no one can imagine, only those who are struggling to crawl out of **** can have eyes.

…Sometimes, he is not even completely sure that he can still be regarded as a human being.

Ye Jia lowered the complex look under his eyes, and lowered his eyes slightly.

Suddenly, his gaze paused.

Ye Jia raised his eyes again, leaned a little closer to himself in the mirror, and then frowned suspiciously.

He tilted his head slightly, his gaze fell on his neck and collarbone in the mirror.

I don’t know why, there are a few shallow red marks on it, messy on the side of the neck, and it looks a bit dazzling and eye-catching on the over-white skin.

Ye Jia rubbed his finger.

Can’t be wiped off.

Did the mosquito bite it?

Ye Jia’s brow furrowed tighter, and fell into contemplation.

It’s really weird… This time Jingling is so strange that the illusion created actually simulates the existence of mosquitoes?

Is this too real? !


A tall woman in a professional dress walked out of the complex on high heels.

Her figure changed in an instant. In just a few short steps, she changed from a tall and slender woman to a tall and straight adult man. Her clothes changed as his figure changed like dark flowing water. Simple style long-sleeved trousers.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes to look at the sky, his pale and slender fingers gathered in nothingness.

The next second, something weird formed between his fingers.

The thing was struggling desperately, and its body took on a translucent gelatinous form, switching between the form of a human face and an animal, and finally settled in the shape of a snake. The slender body was colorful and still Slowly changing colors with the twisting.

“Ahhhhh! Forgive!” Jing Ling let out a shrill scream: “I dare not! I dare not!”

Ji Xuan looked down at it: “Don’t dare? Don’t dare what?”

“I, I didn’t know that he was yours when I pulled him in!” Jing Ling stammered and explained, “And! And I didn’t mean it! It was the person who moved me forcibly and threw it over, I Just…I just…”

“Why are you so flustered?” Ji Xuanman said casually, “I didn’t say you did a bad job.”


Now Jing Ling was stunned.

It dumbly recalled this sentence in its mind, as if it had never expected the terrible big man in front of it to say such a thing.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes and scanned the environment around his eyes.

It can be seen that the level and ability of this mirror spirit are not high enough. Although trying to imitate the appearance of reality, at most it can only show a world that is similar on the surface, and the details are slightly rough, more like a floating The bubbles in the colorful surface reflect a small part of the refraction and distortion of reality.

He retracted his gaze, his voice calm:

“This is the scene he desires most in his heart, isn’t it?”

Jing Ling couldn’t understand the other party’s intentions, and replied with trepidation, “Yes, you can…you can say so…”

Ji Xuan smiled slightly, with a hint of intoxicating tenderness in his eyes, but it was inexplicably creepy:

“So, as long as my brother likes it, I don’t mind making it a reality.”

The ability of this mirror spirit is too weak.

However, with his assistance, this world can no longer be an illusion.

The rules and blank areas of the world are naturally filled, and it will no longer be a rough and poor imitation of the real world, but will become an existence that is almost parallel to the world, independent of the real world, and functioning on its own. .

Each character can build on the memory of the other person’s mind and live up to life. If Ye Jia is dissatisfied, he can also take people from the real world, eliminate the memory, and let him become Ye Jia’s ideal world. The perfect supporting role.

Of course, all this requires a great price to be able to support such a huge plan.

But, if this is what Ye Jia really wants…

Then, Ji Xuan will use all means to ensure the formation of this world——

A peaceful world without ghosts and monsters, games, death, sorrow, and painful past.

Some are just warm and quiet, with long flowing water.

And Ji Xuan will stay with him forever in this world.

If Ye Jia is tired of this virtuous and gentle wife, he can also change to another look that is more in line with the other’s preferences. Regardless of gender, personality, or appearance, it can be enough to satisfy all one’s expectations of his partner.

Jing Ling stared at the man in front of him, and an uncontrollable panic rose from the bottom of his heart.

As a monster that can read people’s hearts, although its ability is not enough to read the other party’s guess, it is very sensitive to emotions.

And its instinct told itself that this man was a terrifying monster he had never seen before.

-Whether it is ability or soul.

It is an abyss made up of obsessions, dark and evil, bottomless, no cost or means, and never rest until the goal is reached.

The person he loves will suffer as much as the person he hates.

It shuddered, and for the first time began to sympathize with the object the man was staring at.

How unlucky this is!

Ji Xuan sighed slightly: “It’s a pity…”

Jing Ling trembled slightly: “You, what are you worried about?”

“I was warned by him that I can’t do such a thing anymore.” A frustrated shadow flashed through Ji Xuan’s eyes, and his brows wrinkled slowly. It seemed that some unpleasant memories came to his mind at this moment.

He still remembers the consequences of the last time he tried to be with each other forever.

——Not only was people scared away, but I almost disappeared because of it.

The lesson is not painful.

Ji Xuan released his hand regretfully, released Jing Ling, watching its transparent body with colorful patterns disappear into the air.

He said softly, “So this time, I must be 100% sure.”


Ye Jia ate breakfast quickly.

The character of his “wife” is a bit too weird, and a bit too enthusiastic for him, but I have to say that her cooking skills can be said to be extremely amazing, almost perfectly in line with Ye Jia’s taste, it is really worthy of being Jing Ling for him The ideal spouse of choice.

Just after eating breakfast, his phone rang.

After connecting, Cheng Cezhi’s voice came from the other side of the phone: “Brother Ye, why haven’t you arrived yet! Minister Liu will be angry again if he doesn’t come again!”

Ye Jia was taken aback: “…Liu Zhaocheng?”


Ye Jia hesitated and replied, “I’ll be there soon.”

Since Jing Ling is not in his “family”, it is very likely that he will be hidden in the work scene of his virtual identity.

Ye Jia put out the address from Cheng Cezhi’s mouth.

——As expected, the address of the company where he works now is in the same place as the Supernatural Administration in reality.

He took a taxi and came to the company, and came to the floor where the management bureau was.

The doorway is also hung with a “clean energy recycling” sign. Through the wiped clean and translucent glass door, you can see the layout and furnishings inside which are completely different from reality.

It is no longer a cover of a government secret department, but a private enterprise with a business license.

Ye Jia’s gaze stayed on the sign for a moment, his steps paused, and then he reached out and pushed open the glass door in front of him.

As soon as I walked into the company, I was met with a curse.

Liu Zhaocheng’s face flushed with anger, and his bald forehead became brighter. He pointed to the commuter table posted on the wall: “Ye Jia! Look, this is the first time you are late this month! Your year-end No more prizes!”

Ye Jia: “…”

He stepped away silently, leaving the splash area of ​​the opponent’s saliva.

This is not right…

Isn’t he in the illusion?

Logically speaking, shouldn’t your personal settings be a good employee that your boss loves your colleagues to admire? Don’t talk about year-end bonus, what promotion and salary increase must be done?

Why is he still a social animal? !

——Ye Jia began to deeply question the business ability of this Jingling.


After trying the entire company, Ye Jia finally confirmed that Jing Ling was not hiding here.

He frowned tightly, wondering if he had missed something.

Soon, it’s time to get off work.

Ye Jia refused Cheng Cezhi’s invitation to hitchhike, and took the bus by himself.

The setting sun dyed the sky outside the window into a beautiful large rose red, and the flow of people was bustling, rushing to their respective destinations, and the noisy sounds seemed to be lively in the market.

Ye Jia fixedly stared at the scene in front of him, the setting sun outside the car window also printed his side face in red, and fell on the bottom of his eyes, coating the light-colored eyes with a gorgeous crimson.

He retracted his gaze, leaned the back of his head on the back of the chair, and closed his eyes.

When I got home, the sky had gradually darkened, and the faint blue merged with the golden red, lining the undulating dark horizon in the distance with a layer of gold.

Ye Jia took out the key and unscrewed the door.

A strong smell of food rushed to him, the living room was still full of sunset, and the crackling of the oil pan came from the kitchen, full of lively and ordinary smoke and fire.

Ye Jia stood at the hallway and froze for a moment.

The next second, the sliding door of the kitchen was pushed open with a “crash”, and his wife walked out carrying the food. She looked at Ye Jia who was standing at the door, a little surprised:

“You came back so early today?”

She has changed into a professional suit and put on a soft house suit, the apron is tied around her waist, and the childish little yellow duck heat-insulating gloves are on her hands.

The wife put one of the dishes on the table, and the other one was handed over:

“Go and send it to mom.”

Ye Jia stretched out his hand to take it, but was evaded by the opponent.

His wife glared at him: “Aren’t you afraid of getting hot? Go with gloves.”

Ye Jia was silent for a moment: “…oh.”

Five minutes later, Ye Jia took the little yellow duck’s heat-resistant gloves and delivered the extra dish of cooking to his mother who lived across the door.

With difficulty, he declined the warm invitation of the other party to stay him for dinner, and when he returned to his own home, he still had a new plate of stir-fried vegetables forcibly stuffed by his mother in his hand.

The wife has taken off her apron.

The table is covered with checkered tablecloths and rich and home-cooked dishes, steaming upward with the smell of fragrance, the restaurant’s lights have been turned on, and they are falling brightly and softly, like a perfect and illusory dream.

She came over, took the dish from Ye Jia’s hand, and leaned forward naturally.

Ye Jia avoided, but didn’t have time to completely escape.

——The cold kiss fell on the corner of his lips.

The distance between the two people is very close, and he can smell the faint smell of oily smoke coming from each other.

The wife smiled and walked away: “Quick, let’s eat.”

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, pulled the chair away and sat down.

Only the crisp sound of clashing dishes can be heard in a quiet restaurant.

His wife smiled and talked to him as usual, talking about the funny things that happened in her day.

Ye Jia listened quietly, there was no expression on his face, but his light-colored eyes looked unspeakably soft under the light.

After the meal, he took the initiative to wash the dishes.

As night fell, the sky outside the window became dark and deep.

In the dark room, Ji Xuan looked down at the sleeping youth in his arms, leaned down, his cold lips were silently attached to the soft hair of the other party, his dark red eyes were half-closed, and his low voice seemed to melt into the silence instantly. In the room:

“Brother, is this what you want?”

——No one answered his question.

The young man closed his eyes, his long eyelashes were drooping, and his brows were still slightly twisted even in his sleep, as if he was also worried when he was asleep.

The third day came quietly and quietly.

Everything is the same as the day before.

Ye Jia got up, got dressed, and went to work.

He came to the company where he worked on time. Liu Zhaocheng seemed a little surprised when he saw him, as if he didn’t expect that he would be late.

On this day, Ye Jia saw Ji Xuan in this world.

In this perfect world, Ji Xuan is his university graduate, and he hasn’t seen him for many years. Unexpectedly, when he meets again, he finds that he is the CEO of a competitor company.

The man’s dark eyes were full of surprises. He was tall and long in legs. He stepped forward after a few steps, with a smile on his lips:

“Senior, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

His eyes were clear and clean, without the slightest creepy evil darkness, just like the kid in Ye Jia’s memory who pulled his clothes around and called his brother.

He invited: “Would you like to come to dinner tonight?”

Ye Jia looked at each other deeply and confirmed that the man in front of him had nothing to do with the moody ghost king in reality, then smiled and declined the other’s invitation:

“No. I have to go home tonight.”

It’s time to get off work soon.

Ye Jia left the company and returned home by bus.

The wife greeted him with a smile, wrapped his arm around his shoulder, and her cold soft lips fell: “Husband, you are back.”

Ye Jia didn’t hide this time, letting the opponent’s lips fall.

The smile on his wife’s lips deepened.

She pulled the chair away, turned her head to look at Ye Jia who was still standing in front of the hallway, and smiled and said, “Shall we eat?”

Ye Jia was silent for a while, then took a step back slowly:

“No,” he said.

The red light in his wife’s eyes flashed by, and she tilted her head in doubt, but the smile on the corner of her lips was still perfect:

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you hungry today?”

Ye Jia raised his eyes and looked at her.

His eyes were light and cold, as if all human emotions had been removed, like a heavy snow falling on his eyes, indifferent and inhuman.

Ye Jia’s gaze seemed to fall on the other person, and he didn’t seem to see the woman in front of him at all, but quietly stared directly at the nothingness in front of him.

His eyes penetrated the opponent’s body and fell to a distant place.

His voice is very low, more like talking to himself:


The huge pitch-black sickle slowly formed in his palm, and the sharp cold light was shining in the small room.

An overwhelming force burst from the depths of his body, and the breath of extreme terror spread instantly like a violent hurricane.

One drop, two drops, three drops.

The blood dripped to the ground.

The dazzling scarlet blood spread from Ye Jia’s feet little by little, dyeing the ground into the sly color after slaughter, invading and occupying the world in front of him with a destructive posture, the temperature dropped rapidly, and the water vapor in the air issued a click. Wiping the condensed sound.

The expression in Ji Xuan’s eyes flickered.

This is a ghost.

The other party is serious this time.

And the ghosts released by the serious ace, even he was unwilling to face it.

After all, no one in this world knows the horror better than him.

Ye Jia raised his eyes and looked at the void that was not yet occupied by Scarlet.

He curled the corners of his lips, showed a temperatureless smile, and said softly:

“Since you are going to keep hiding, don’t blame me for leaving you nowhere to hide.”


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