After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 29

Ji Xuan quickly withdrew from the illusion created by Jing Ling.

The scene around him was the same as before he closed his eyes.

The gloomy ghost air enveloped the entire room tightly. The two weak humans clung to the corner of the wall in horror, their faces turned pale and distorted due to the erosion of the ghost air, desperately waiting for death to come.

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes and looked at Ye Jia lying in his arms.

The young man’s head was resting on his shoulders, and the dark and soft hair came out from under his hood, and a corner was turned upside-down. The exposed tip of the chin was pale and delicate, and his beautifully contoured lips were tightly pressed even when he was lethargic. There is a sense of indifference that is not close to humanity.

It’s softening.

Ji Xuan sighed silently and regretfully.

—The speed of time passing in the illusion space created by Jing Ling is different from that in real life. They stayed in the illusion for three full days, but only a few minutes passed in the real world.

After this conversion, the other party will wake up soon.

Ji Xuan lowered his head, his gaze fell on the broken lens on the ground, and a faint dim light flashed from the bottom of his eyes.

It seems… My brother doesn’t like the perfect world project very much.

But it doesn’t matter. He has time. Sooner or later, he can personally create a perfect ending that belongs to two people.

Ji Xuan curled his lips and gently pressed a kiss on the forehead of the sleepy youth.

He laid Ye Jia flat back on the ground, then stood up and walked towards the two humans who had been frightened.

Dong Gua hid back tremblingly, but his back was firmly against the wall, and there was no more room to retreat.

With a pale face, he looked at the man who was approaching him-the strong sense of presence of him was pressed down, making it almost impossible for him to maintain his breathing.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…

Gua Dong was muttering in his heart.

However, unexpectedly, the other party stopped a step away from him.

Ji Xuan looked down at the two weak humans in front of him, and said:

“It’s a pity, if you kill you here, he will realize that I have been here.”

The two dared not get angry, shivering in fear, waiting for the verdict of fate.

Ji Xuan asked nonchalantly:

“So you will keep a secret for me, right?”

Dong Gua breathed slightly, as if he had caught a drowning man with a life-saving straw, he stammered: “I…I promise, I won’t know a word…I won’t say anything…”

Another thin and tall man also hurriedly swore.

The next second, their voices stopped for a moment at the same time.

In the dark, it seemed that some rules were in effect, and that strange feeling fell on them, making them instinctively aware that if they violated this oath, extremely terrible things would happen to them.

The two hurriedly glanced at each other in a panic, and almost immediately understood the moment they made eye contact, it was not an illusion.

Ji Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

“But…” He seemed to think of something suddenly, and said.

Accompanied by a slightly elongated tail sound, the scarlet pupils turned, and their cold eyes fell on the thin and tall body:

“You are different.”

Recalling the picture he saw in the water mirror, Ji Xuan’s blood condensed around him gradually thickened.

Although his expression didn’t change much, the moody and unpredictable look was even more instinctively frightened and chilled.

He raised his finger casually.

A ray of scarlet light and shadow fell on the thin and tall man in an instant, and he came alive as if there was life, and dived into the depths of his body.

—! !

The thin and tall man suddenly widened his eyes, his muddy eyes were bloodshot, and his ugly face became weird and distorted in extreme panic.

Ji Xuan lifted his lips, but there was no smile in the depths of his eyes:

“Have fun.”


In the illusion.

The meniscus-like blade hangs down, reflecting the snow-white light.

The young man walked forward step by step, the scarlet blood spread with his steps, wherever the ghost mythical creature touched was corroded by strong acid, quickly twisted, shrunk, broken, and turned into pitch black. The smoke, fluttering and slowly flying up.

Floor, building, road, sky—

All the covered places are as if shattered by some terrible force, and the smoke disappears, leaving only the cold nothingness.

Under the background of the intersecting dark and blood-red expanses, the figure of the young man was like a sharp silhouette, cutting the whole world abruptly.

The light of the knife flickered, drawing a huge arc, cutting the outline of the boundary between the void and the fantasy.

Everything is dying out quickly, as if it were decayed and rotten.

Suddenly, there was a wave of fluctuations in the area ahead that had not been eroded.

Cheng Cezhi, Liu Zhaocheng, Ji Xuan… Familiar figures emerged one after another.

“Brother Ye? What are you doing?” Cheng Cezhi looked at him worriedly, “Where are you going?”

“Ye Jia, what are you doing outside so late?” Liu Zhaocheng frowned, “I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Ji Xuan stepped forward slowly.

His face was calm and gentle, and his dark eyes flashed with concern.

He said: “Senior, haven’t seen me for so long, don’t you want to reminisce with me?”

“We used to be such good friends.” Ji Xuan smiled slightly: “I will never be your enemy.”

Ye Jia’s gaze swept across those phantoms indifferently.

The sea of ​​blood roared behind him, rushing mercilessly.

Those broken images were quickly swallowed.

“…Little Ka.”

At this time, a gentle sigh sounded from the other direction.

Ye Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and he turned to look in the direction of the sound.

Mother looked at him from a distance.

The wrinkles on her face and the silver hair between her temples have disappeared. She is wearing a light yellow dress with her favorite pearl necklace around her neck. Her long hair is pulled up high, looking elegant and beautiful.

She smiled quietly.

It looks… exactly the same as the night before her death.

Ye Jia looked at her blankly, and tightened his fingers on the handle of the sickle slightly.

Mother smiled softly, and slowly stretched out her hand to him:

“Don’t you want to stay with us?”

She said softly: “Stay with me, I will never leave you again.”

Ye Jia stood quietly on the spot, with a certain dark emotion rolling deep in his light-colored eyes, like turbulent clouds in the sky before the storm.

He chuckled softly:


Ye Jia stepped forward slowly, her voice still calm: “Do you know how many instances of bosses have played this kind of trick in the game?”

He asked lightly: “Do you know how I do it?”

In the game, ordinary ghosts only seek the satisfaction of the desire to kill and appetite. They want his life, and he also wants them.

The essence is just a struggle between life and death, not private grievances.

But this kind of ghost trying to read his memory, find the weakness of his mind, and even move his dead mother out…

-It will turn this matter into a personal enmity.

The smile on Ye Jia’s lips is still there, but his eyes are cold as winter:

“I will make its demise as long and painful as possible.”

The sea of ​​blood behind was no longer bound, and it swelled frantically, drowning the entire world suddenly.

A scream sounded from a distance.

A transparent long snake flashing with colorful patterns emerged: “Ah ah ah ah!”

After being forced to reveal his figure, Jing Ling realized that he had miscalculated at this moment.

Originally, after being caught by that terrible monster, it thought it was going to die, but it did not expect that the other party just said a few inexplicable words and then let it go.

Although Jing Ling didn’t know what happened between him, there was one thing it was quite certain.

No matter what he is going to do, the existence of that powerful horror is not ready to intervene.

So Jing Ling began to act unscrupulously.

Although it had heard of ace’s reputation and knew that this person was not easy to provoke, it also smelled the powerful and seductive dark fragrance from this person, tempting it to take risks.

After all… no matter how amazing it is, ace is still human.

As long as it is a human being, there are weaknesses and desires, and it is a creature that breeds in desire. As long as it is given time, it can take the human soul and power as its own.

But who would have thought… I really played the iron this time.

Its eyes turned slyly, and then familiarly began to beg for mercy: “Big brother forgive me! Forgive me, I dare not! I dare not!”

Ye Jia stared at it indifferently.

His eyes were cold and distant, condescending, as if they had just swept the inconspicuous dust under his feet.

Jing Ling’s heart clicked, and an ominous premonition surged into her heart.

-This person does not seem to be the type to be confused by words.

It shivered instinctively, then turned around and started running away lifelessly.

But before it took a few steps, the sticky blood on the ground, as if possessing consciousness, poured layer by layer, covering it tightly.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah -!!!

Painful and tragic screams resounded throughout the world covered in darkness and blood.

Jing Ling rolled fiercely in a sea of ​​blood, his slender body seemed to have been subjected to some inhuman torture, shrunken and tightened, twisted into a weird shape, and his mouth made a sharp and screaming scream—pain, It is too painful. It has never experienced such a horrible feeling. When the pain is so strong, the term pain itself seems to have lost its meaning. It is struggling on the edge of collapse, and is tortured by the precisely controlled pain. As if the body and soul were dissected alive, all feelings were magnified a hundred times.

For the first time, emotions of regret and fear grew in its heart.

But Ye Jia just stood aside, listening calmly, as if he was appreciating some kind of beautiful melody. Those light-colored eyes were half-squinted, and under the shadow of the **** sky behind, they were cruel and chilling. .

After a long time, the miserable wailing seemed to have become the background sound.

Ye Jia seemed to finally get bored, the blood-colored ghost mythical creature slowly receding back under his control.

The blade of the sickle moved slightly and hovered above Jing Ling’s body, as if it would fall down immediately in the next second, completely fruiting the opponent’s life.

“You think you have a strong will, don’t you?”

The transparent snake was lying on the ground in a twisted posture. The triangular head was raised, and a pair of transparent eyes flashed with vicious and crazy light. It hissed and said, “…all I can reflect. The truest desire in your own heart.”

“You are very strong, you can choose this way to force me out from the beginning, right?” Jing Ling smiled bitterly: “But you didn’t. You chose to stay here for three days, didn’t you? These few days what are you thinking about?”

It knew that it could not escape.

So… even if it wants to hurt itself a thousand, it has to make the other party feel the same pain!

Jing Ling’s mouth opened, and the transparent snake letter spit out, as if licking the emotional scent of the other party, it smiled coldly: “In a hidden corner of your heart, don’t these thoughts ever exist? Has it ever popped up? — If nothing happened, it would be great, if all of this was real —”

“How do you feel when you surrender to your own desires and live a life you will never get for three days? Are you satisfied? Or despair?”

It laughed uncontrollably, with unconcealable malice in its voice:

“Who would have thought that the famous ace, the most difficult to resist, and the deepest buried desire, is actually to be an ordinary and insignificant ordinary person!”

Ye Jia’s eyes drooped.

His face was as usual, and he seemed to be used to keeping all his emotions under a perfect and hard mask.

“…Yes.” He said suddenly, his voice calm as if he hadn’t been affected by the other person in the slightest. He just repeated indifferently: “Who can think of it.”

From nine to five, life is filled with busy trivial matters, and the days slip away from the fingertips like running water, so calm that people can barely notice the passage of time.

-Until the gray hair is so long and dead.

What a peaceful and boring life.

But for him, how…


-It’s so tempting that even if you know that everything is an illusion, you can’t help but have meaningless extravagant hopes.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, and the sharp blade cut diagonally down without hesitation.

The cold light flickered silently, and the Jingling’s life ended in an instant.

With the knife in his hand and falling, the illusion around him is like an out-of-balance domino, beginning to fall apart quickly.

The phantom of the sickle disappeared in his hand.

Ye Jia stood alone at the junction of darkness and blood, and his slender figure looked extremely lonely and lonely.

His voice is very soft, as if it was swallowed by the wind at the moment of exit:

“Fake is always fake.”



Jing Ling disappeared, and the illusion also disappeared.

Ye Jia opened his eyes, supported the ground with his palm, and got up little by little.

Since the moment he woke up, the ghost spirit around him had returned to his body like a beast with a neck strap.

The surrounding cold temperature began to rise, and the light gradually brightened.

The ghost energy that was so strong that it could be fatal gradually dissipated, and the small room slowly returned to its most primitive appearance.

Ye Jia rubbed his temples and felt his head hurt suddenly.

He raised his eyes and looked at the two people who were tightly shrunk in the farthest corner of the room. They seemed to be frightened. They were trembling tightly against the wall behind them, staring with horrified eyes. He was holding Ye Jia lying on the ground.

“…Jing Ling?” Ye Jia had no expression on his face: “You can also think of it.”

Dong Gua struggled to squeeze a smile that was uglier than crying: “Brother ace, all this is done by that thin man, it’s none of my business!”

He leaned on the wall, stood up tremblingly, and said diligently: “I, I want to apologize! Immediately, surrender immediately!”

This confession attitude is also great.

“Then what about you?” Ye Jia narrowed his eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

Dong Gua hurriedly said: “Of course they are all turned in! Including my account book, as well as the introduction of all these cursed items and the method to remove the curse… I am willing to atone for my merits, and promise not to hide any personalities at all! Guarantee to be positive Cooperate.”

Ye Jia’s gaze fell on the other tall, thin man, and his brows wrinkled slightly: “Where is he?”

That thin and tall state…looks a little weird.

Dong Gua hurriedly laughed with him: “The same is true for him! The same is true for him!”

He kicked the opponent and said half-truth: “This person is timid, you were scared just now, it should take a while to get over.”

-Or can’t take it easy.

The instinct and instinct exercised from the game tell Dong Gua that it is best not to let the youth in front of him know what happened just now, otherwise he may not be able to bear the price it comes with.


Dong Gua swears by Zhitian that he will actively cooperate with the bureau’s investigation, and said that he will help deal with other cursed items that may have escaped from the game-going through fire and water, he will do nothing.

After looking at the opponent’s short winter melon-like figure disappearing into the gate of the Supernatural Authority, Ye Jia really believed the other party’s sincerity to surrender.

…It’s really weird.

Although Ye Jia had long understood that Dong Gua had the ability to steer the rudder and push the boat along the river, he really didn’t expect such a drastic change in his attitude before and after.

In the corner outside the building.

The hooded young man stood quietly in the dark, his slender figure almost blended with the shadows around him.

Ye Jia looked at the gate of the Supernatural Administration not far away, and a complex expression flashed deep in his eyes.

He may not have been aware of it-or he has been aware of it, but he does not want to admit it:

Since he cleared the game, all the efforts and attempts Ye Jia has made are all imitations of the life of “an ordinary person” in his imagination.

Clumsy, difficult, and failed, but he never tired of it.

If it wasn’t an accident, maybe after a few years or more than a decade, Ye Jia could really get what he wanted, and finally get the peace and ordinary that he dreamed of.

However, the reality is so cruel.

After he thought he had successfully escaped, the past that had been deliberately forgotten still followed him.

The game collapsed and the door of ghosts opened. The ghosts, monsters, and even acquaintances that he thought he would never see again appeared in front of him again one after another, they clamored, trying to pull him back again. In the nightmare of the past, whispered in his ear—

Everything is not over.

You are one of us.

Don’t think that by putting on that layer of hypocritical human skin, you can pretend that you have forgotten everything.

Stop dreaming.

The illusory tranquility is like the moon in the water, the flower in the mirror, which can only be seen from afar, but can never be touched-he now gradually understands this truth.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes.

He still remembers how panicked he was when he was just pulled into the game, staggering and struggling to survive in the dangerous copy.

but now…

Everything is different.

Whether it is the world, the game, or himself, he is no longer what he used to be.

Ye Jia raised his eyes, a pair of pale eyes flashed with a metallic cold gleam, he fixedly looked at the distant sky, and the heavy clouds that slowly gathered were reflected in the depths of his eyes. The coming mountain rain fell heavily on the top of the city, declaring war on the world with teeth and claws.

He couldn’t realize more clearly that his current peaceful life was swaying in wind and rain, and if he left it alone, it would be gone.

-Since you can’t avoid it, then you can’t avoid it.

Ye Jia raised his hand, pulling his hood down with his white and slender fingers, and the shadow covered his eyebrows that had cooled down instantly.

It’s just going back to the old business.

He took a step back slowly, his figure instantly melted into the boundless darkness behind him.


Wu Su didn’t expect that there really is such a good thing as a pie in the sky in the world.

While he was busy looking up the cursed items in that library, a short and chubby man pushed open the door of the Paranormal Administration.

He held a huge cardboard box in his arms, which was filled with various cursed objects.

“My name is Dong Gua.” Dwarf Winter Melon said: “Call your captain.”

The name Dong Gua is very familiar.

This person is also a player in the game. It is said that he once seemed to have done some dirty work by using his characteristic of being not afraid of curses. Although the golden basin washed his hands later, as an old fried dough stick in the game, Wu Su didn’t think this person would be any good. generation.

Wu Su immediately became vigilant and rushed to the interrogation room at the fastest speed.

What he never dreamed of was…

The other party actually came from the head.

Watching Dong Gua obediently handing in the address of his rental house, the keys, and all the stolen goods smuggled out of the game, he also attached a list of all the items he had sold and the information record of the purchaser. , Wu Su felt a little unreal.

That’s it? ?

Didn’t you deal with them…? ?

It’s that simple? ?

Just as Wu Su’s face was in a daze, Dong Gua seemed to have suddenly noticed the line of sight he cast.

He lifted the chubby, shrewd face, and walked straight towards him.

“Wu Su?”

Wu Su was a little surprised. He didn’t seem to expect the other party to know himself. He nodded, “It’s me.”

“Ace asked me to convey it to you.”

Dong Gu’s voice was not high, but it exploded like thunder in Wu Su’s ear:

“He wants to talk to you.”


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