After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 34

Holding the cell phone, Guan Tianyi walked into the dark villa alone.

Outside the villa, the faint blue sky was pressed down in a deadly manner, and the last touch of sunset still appeared on the horizon.

He walked forward cautiously by the light of the phone camera.

Under the darkness, the scenery in the villa always seemed to be slightly different from the previous one. The moment the light of the mobile phone was swept across, Guan Tianyi’s heart would always jump.

For some reason, his heart beats very fast.

The heart pulsed restlessly in the chest cavity, hitting his ribs with pain, and the sound of thumps hitting his eardrums, making him almost unable to think.

The sound under his feet was absorbed by the old carpet. Except for the sound of his own heartbeat, Guan Tianyi couldn’t hear any sound, and it was as quiet as being isolated in an independent space.


Guan Tianyi took a deep breath slowly, and it took him a long time to notice that his breathing was trembling slightly.

He forced himself to calm down.

It must be that the experience here this afternoon was so thrilling, that’s why it left a shadow on him—

Isn’t this just a haunted house that hasn’t been put into use yet?

Yes, what can be terrible?

After all, it is nothing more than props and organs. As a superb blogger, he has experienced many battles. He has visited a lot of so-called abandoned hospitals and haunted villages. How could he be scared by these things?

Guan Tianyi settled down and lifted the phone slightly upwards.

The lights flickered, sweeping across the floor of the hall.

Guan Tianyi frowned, slowly searching for something in an unfamiliar environment.

The machine that is said to be able to detect the presence of ghosts was bought through a familiar friend.

His friend had some connections in the black market, and one day suddenly came to him mysteriously and recommended this machine to him—he said that this machine is very sensitive and terrifyingly accurate, and then he gave him a lot of fascination. example of.

Guan Tianyi didn’t know if he was not sober at the time, or was confused by the other party’s rhetoric. By the time he reacted, he had already spent 24 thousand to buy the machine.

Now it seems… he was completely deceived.

Suddenly called the police in a haunted house that hadn’t opened because of a broken capital chain, and all of them jumped off. If it weren’t for this broken machine, they wouldn’t have been so terribly scared.

And it can’t be turned off… I don’t know which manufacturer produced it, it is simply too inhumane.

But no matter what, Guan Tianyi was already convinced that he had been pitted.

The light of the flashlight scatters slightly to the distance, making the boundary between darkness and light a little chaotic and dim, and something indescribable seems to be surging at the edge of the line of sight.

Just as he was wondering how he should settle accounts with his friend after waiting to go back—

The sky outside the window darkened, and in the distance, the last ray of sunlight on the horizon was completely swallowed by darkness, and the night fell silently.

“Dididididi——!!” Without warning, the sound of a huge machine came from the front, and Guan Tianyi was startled.

He lifted the phone in shock, and saw a black, boxy machine crooked to the ground in the shaking light not far away, making a harsh scream hoarse, the monotonous machine sound was deserted. Reverberating in the empty hall, it looked very awkward.

It turned out to be here.

At the moment when he saw the machine, Guan Tianyi sighed in relief. He hurriedly took a few steps forward and lifted the machine from the ground.

But the strange thing is that he just picked up the machine and it stopped calling.

Sudden silence fell.

Guan Tianyi felt a shudder and quickly climbed up his back. The temperature of the surrounding air didn’t know when it started to become cold and biting, and it pierced the texture straight like a steel needle. He couldn’t help but his hair was horrified. Stand upside down.

This feeling is very weird.

Everything in front of me was shrouded in thick, impenetrable darkness, and only the phone in my hand could barely reveal a little light.

He couldn’t see anything, but he could still feel it very vividly and clearly-in the darkness in front of him, there was something strange and inexplicable, slowly approaching him.

Guan Tianyi’s face was pale, and his trembling Adam’s apple rolled dryly. He was knocked down by the sudden fear, and he could barely move half a step.

His pupils shrunk, hardly daring to dazzle.

The phone was raised little by little.

The light of the flashlight slowly raised, shining into the darkness in front of you—


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

Ye Jia’s pace stopped.

He heard a vague scream coming from the door of the villa. It was obvious that the other party should be only a dozen meters away from him, but the terrifying scream seemed to be coming from thousands of meters away. .

The door of the villa in front of me was black hole, like a monster’s open mouth, waiting for new prey.

Ye Jia didn’t hesitate anymore, and stepped forward.

With each step, the breath on his body changes.

A thick and cold ghost gas surged around Ye Jia, and when he approached the threshold, he didn’t have a trace of the smell of human beings.

The moment he walked into the door, the atmosphere around him changed upside down. The warmth and humidity of the summer night was replaced by the gloomy and cold yin. The darkness around him seemed to be a kind of sticky gel, as if possessed. Consciously, scrambling to surround themselves.

Ye Jia heard—in the depths of the room that couldn’t see through the light, a strange babble sounded.

It was not the language of any creature, nor could it tell what was being said, only the maliciousness and greed in the voice could be clearly felt.

Ye Jia’s pace couldn’t help but stop.

He had to close his eyes and take a deep breath slowly—

This feeling…

It’s like throwing a person who has been hungry for three days and three nights into a cave full of delicacies of mountains and seas.

That kind of sudden impact, even Ye Jia couldn’t help being divided into gods.

Every pore in his body was clamoring-so hungry, so hungry, so craving, so craving, so craving!

They greedily swallow the enveloping Yin Qi into their abdomen, and become more and more greedy under the nourishment of their appetites. They almost frantically absorb the Yin Qi in every cube of the air beside them, just like being exposed to the sun. The plants of the sky are sucking the moisture in the soil.

Ye Jia could feel the ghost qi in his body sighing contentedly, tirelessly urging him to continue eating.

But it is not the time yet.

He barely suppressed the hungry appetite in his eyes, and walked forward slowly step by step.

Yin Qi closed behind Ye Jia and swallowed his figure.

However, perhaps because of his strong ghost spirit, almost like the same reason, the house did not immediately reject his existence. It still spontaneously swallows any prey that breaks into its own domain, but it does not target this The intruder launched an attack.

Ye Jia walked in the house calmly.

He can now very clearly understand the meaning of the sentence that the scared spirit said earlier, “The house will come alive at night”.

This and “a house haunted” are completely two concepts.

The whole building has become a huge living creature. The bricks and tiles inside, the walls, floors, furniture, and even the dust and stains attached to it all have their own consciousness and become catalyzed by the yin. Some terrifying creature cruelly chewed, swallowed, and digested any intruder who dared to enter their hunting area.

They themselves form a perfect ecosystem, just like the flora in the belly of a monster, coexisting in a harmonious and weird state.

Ye Jia was a little stray.

In fact… it makes him feel like he is back in the game again.

It is also a huge and terrifying existence, and it nurtures more monsters with Yin Qi, let them kill each other, let them coexist in harmony, and then throw in innocent humans and let them hunt for fun.

But the difference may be that the monsters in the game are much scarier, and the environment inside is much scarier and cruel.

Ye Jia drew back some of his treacherous thoughts.

Not far in front, a dark figure fell to the ground. Guan Tianyi’s body seemed to be pulled away from the bones, his limbs clinging to the ground softly, and the shimmering mobile phone and the square were still on. Fang’s detection machines were scattered on the side, his complexion showed a weird bleak blue under the dim light, his facial features were distorted with panic, and the exploding eyeballs were covered with red blood, staring wide, staring stubbornly. In the distance, it seems that he has lost his mind, and his brain is completely dominated and occupied by fear.

He opened his mouth blankly, saliva running down the corners of his mouth, his body shaking like chaff.

After ordinary people strayed into the Yin Well, even if they were lucky and not swallowed by Yin Qi, they would go crazy under the control of such indescribable fear beyond common sense, causing irreparable damage.

—Fortunately, it’s only five minutes now.

There is also the possibility of remedy.

Ye Jia bent down and swept the opponent’s forehead with cold fingers.

A wisp of black air was pulled out, and then quickly disappeared at his fingertips.

In the next second, Guan Tianyi’s distorted and hideous complexion immediately became calm, his eyes were still dull, but his eyelids were slowly drooping, and his body trembled from time to time, but his breathing gradually became calmer.

At that moment, the whole house shook slowly.

It seemed to realize that this intruder was going to **** away the food it was about to reach.

This must not be allowed!

The surrounding darkness rolled like boiling water, roaring toward the young people standing in the middle of the hall, like dense black insects, making sharp and dense calls, like black tide, rushing crazy!

On the ground, the dim light from the camera of the mobile phone was swallowed in an instant, and even the tiny light source disappeared.

The pale face of the youth was shrouded in darkness.

All that was left in the hall was the low, angry roar of the mansion—the floor vibrated, the stairs screamed, dust and furniture were creaking.

Suddenly, a silent and light gleam tore through the darkness in front of him.

The sharp blade reflects bright light.

It cuts the dense yin in the air, and on the ground, the light of the mobile phone camera lights up again, finally being able to illuminate the narrow area again.

Finally was able to barely glimpse the surrounding situation. .

I saw the sticky darkness in all directions, like a violent hurricane, swirling towards the center of the hall. In the center of the hurricane’s eye, in the depths of the terrible storm that could destroy almost everything, the tall and straight young man stood there silently. .

He stood calmly in the middle of the storm, like the only lighthouse on the roaring sea.

No matter how terrible the wind and rain are, it cannot be destroyed.

The huge sickle like a crescent moon was in his hand, flexible and light as if it were part of his body, and the thin blade was like solid moonlight, gently and quickly shattering the surrounding Yin Qi.

—It is a tooth.

The crushed Yin Qi is like food being chewed, quickly sucked into the body of the young man.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly.

The light on the ground drew from the bottom up, outlined his beautifully contoured jaw line, and kissed his pale cheek lightly.

Under the thick, slightly drooping eyelashes, those light-colored, transparent amber-like eyeballs gradually darkened, as if falling into a drop of thick ink. Darkness spread in the depths of his eyes, spinning, Like a deep whirlpool.

It’s been a long time…I haven’t eaten enough…

Since he returned to human society, he has controlled his “appetite” extremely carefully.

However, he can’t…eat too much.

A trace of clarity flashed under his eyes.

Ye Jia struggled, the fingers holding the sickle were slightly white because of the force, and he struggled to find the remaining reason in his greedy appetite.

—He can’t eat too much.

His weapon is a part of his body, as long as it is used, even if it is not out of his original intention, it will “eat” part of the opponent’s power.

The more he eats, the stronger he is.

The more he eats, the harder he…becomes a human.

Ye Jia only experienced once… uncontrollable eating, but even that time, he didn’t reach his limit-he seemed to always “destroy hard to fill.”

He is also unwilling to test his own bottom line.

I don’t want to figure out what kind of monsters I will become after I really eat.

Ye Jia trembled and took a deep breath, the black vortex under his eyes was forcibly suppressed.

He bent down and picked up the machine that had fallen on the ground.

The other hand grabbed Guan Tianyi’s collar and dragged him forward.

A heavy adult male seems to have no weight in his hands.

The room tried to block.

But its power has been reduced a lot, and the Yin Qi is roaring, but it can’t cause any real damage to the intruder. On the contrary, it is more like sending fresh food to the opponent.

For the first time, the yin gas in the yin well decreased rapidly.


Outside the iron gate.

Cheng Cezhi sat in the driver’s seat, four young people squeezed in the back row, and the otherwise not very wide car became more crowded.

He looked down at his watch anxiously, watching the seconds and minute hands turning round and round.

The way to take the four young people away from the front of the villa is simple.

Originally, Guan Tianyi was the most courageous of them. The reason why they would stay in front of the villa after escaping was because of Guan Tianyi’s persistence.

In fact, after a whole day of driving bumps and a moment of panic in the afternoon, they were already tired and hungry.

Regardless of whether the house is a haunted house or not, they are reluctant to stay in such a gloomy place when the night falls.

Cheng Cezhi didn’t even need to say anything. The four young people who were already in shock did not hesitate to agree to the suggestion of “getting in the car first, let his colleagues go in and find their friends”.

But now that time passed by, even these four young people felt something was wrong.

On the back seat, He Lian hesitated and asked:

“Um… when will they come back?”

“It’s coming soon.” Cheng Cezhi replied absent-mindedly, but he was also a little unsure in his heart.

He held the phone, fine beads of sweat leaked from his palm, his fingers were clenched and relaxed, his palm was wet and sticky, and even the screen became a little fuzzy.

Cheng Cezhi’s heart was actually very entangled.

Although he would subconsciously believe in Ye Jia, more doubts came to his mind after he left.

He didn’t know how powerful the house that “will come alive” in the mouth of those two ghosts was, what if… it was really powerful? What if Ye Jia miscalculated the situation? Then if he doesn’t report to his superiors right now, he will harm his friend.

The shocking spirit floated over and sat on his shoulders:

“Do not worry.”

Cheng Ce was stunned. He glanced at the young people in the back seat through the rearview mirror and found that they hadn’t noticed his side, so he turned around and asked in a low voice, “How do you say?”

“Of course.” The little scared spirit also floated over, sitting on his other shoulder, and said vowedly: “Don’t worry, the handsome guy will be fine!”

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

Why didn’t he feel relieved at all?

Da Fright Ling secretly looked around, then approached and whispered in Cheng Cezhi’s ear: “I can feel this handsome guy is very strong.”

Little scared spirit nodded vigorously: “Yes, yes!”

Cheng Ce was surprised.

He subconsciously turned his head to look at the villa in the distance.

In the darkness, the main body of the villa was covered by the surrounding grasses, leaving only a dark roof, which looked distraught.

…Very strong?

Cheng Cezhi was a little startled.

He knew that his colleague was a very mysterious person, including someone who could see ghosts, but… very strong?

For a while, it was difficult for him to equate this word with Ye Jia, who was habitually lazy in his mind, but now that he thinks this way, it seems that there is not much sense of contradiction…

Then why would he refuse to enter the combat division?

Cheng Cezhi feels that he can’t figure out the joints even if he wants to break his head. The unpredictable colleague seems to have become more distant and unknown now.

When he was in a trance, a messy noise suddenly sounded in the grass behind the iron gate.

Then, a vague figure appeared.

He seems to be… dragging someone in his hand?

Cheng Cezhi squinted his eyes and wanted to see more carefully-the opponent’s pace did not slow down, and his figure gradually became clear.

With his back facing the thick darkness, the young man still had a calm and unwavering appearance, his eyelashes drooping slightly, his hand with distinct knuckles, holding a comatose man’s collar, dragged him out of the wild grass.

He Lian, who was sitting in the back row, let out an exclamation: “—Oh my God!”

She hurriedly opened the car door and rushed outside.

Several others followed in a hurry.

Ye Jia let go, and Guan Tianyi’s unconscious body instantly fell to the ground. Four other young people gathered around and looked down at his companion worriedly.

“He, what’s wrong with her?” a boy asked nervously.

“The installation in the villa is not turned off.” Ye Jia said lightly: “I was scared to dizzy.”

Everyone: “…”

At this time, the short-haired girl covered her nose, frowned, and whispered: “What smells…”

The others were taken aback, looking in the direction of the smell—

Guan Tianyi…incontinent.

There was an embarrassment on everyone’s face.

At this time, Cheng Cezhi also ran out of the car in a hurry. Before he ran a few steps, he saw Ye Jia turning his head and looking in his direction, with a calm voice:

“Call an ambulance.”

The youth’s eyes seemed darker than usual in the night, and they looked a little strange.

Cheng Ceyi was stunned, “Oh”, then lowered his head and took out his cell phone, dialing a familiar number.

After finishing the address and situation, he hung up the phone and subconsciously turned his head to look in the direction of Ye Jia.

The young man had already retracted his gaze at this moment, and was looking down at the black machine he was carrying.

Cheng Cezhi scratched his head.

I don’t know why, he always feels… the other party seemed a bit scary just now?

His previous phone call was to the hospital that cooperated with the bureau. They opened a dedicated line for the staff of the bureau. In addition to the staff of the bureau, they would also receive ordinary people affected by the supernatural incident.

In this regard, they are already very professional.

It’s just that the location here is really too far away from city m, so even if the hospital is on the edge of the city, the ambulance will arrive half an hour later.

—The hospital apparently notified the administration.

Several dark cars followed behind the ambulance, and inside were all staff of the Administration.

However, in just half an hour, the entrance of the originally abandoned villa courtyard became lively.

In addition to the hospital’s ambulance and the staff of the bureau, some residents who came from nearby to join in the excitement also gathered around, and curiously probed their brains outside the cordon.

Cheng Cezhi was a little nervous.

He has no feelings for this house, but he is very clear about the attitude of the bureau towards harmless ghosts.

Cheng Cezhi hid the two scaring spirits behind him.

Zhao Dong got out of a car and walked straight towards Ye Jia and Cheng Cezhi.

He turned his head and glanced at Guan Tianyi, who was being carried into the ambulance on a stretcher by the medical staff, and sighed sympathetically: “Poor, it may take a long time to get over.”

Cheng Cezhi gave a clear cough and turned the topic unnaturally:

“Eh, by the way, what are you going to do about this haunted house?”

“Of course I sent the Combat Division to kill.” Zhao Dong shrugged, “However, this time I am afraid it will be a little more complicated.”

“How to say?”

“This is a private territory. We have to contact the host here before we can send someone.”

“Is there really a master here?” Cheng Cezhi was a little surprised: “Are you still in touch?”

He originally thought that this place was already an abandoned property. Maybe the owner himself had forgotten that he had such a house, otherwise it would not be possible to leave it for such a long time.

“Yes, the formalities were handed over just half a month ago.”

Wait, so… such a ghost place can actually be sold?

Cheng Cezhi was even more surprised.

Is this pitted by a hacked intermediary? !

Zhao Dong looked down at his watch and continued: “The owner insisted on coming to see the scene, so we…”

His voice had not yet fallen, only a roar of the engine came from the end of the road, and the bright car lights pierced the night.

A streamlined sports car stopped not far away, and Cheng Cezhi recognized the sign—he couldn’t afford it for a hundred years of sleepless work.

He couldn’t help but glanced more greedyly.

The door opened and a man got out of the car.

Simple white clothes and black trousers, broad shoulders, tall and long legs, pale skin, cold and dark eyes, naturally have a powerful aura of superiors.


At that moment, Cheng Cezhi felt that he was also infected by the scared spirit, and he couldn’t help but praised in his heart:

Top handsome guy!

He turned his head to look at the scared spirit who was hiding behind him, and was about to make a few quiet jokes, asking them if they liked this type.

But just turning his head, Cheng Cezhi couldn’t help being taken aback.

-Empty behind.


Where are the two scared spirits who can’t hold back when they see handsome guys?


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