After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 35

Ye Jia lowered his head, concentrating on the detection machine in his hand.

His judgment at the beginning was not wrong, this was indeed the item redeemed from the game.

The sequelae caused by “overeating” in the villa has not disappeared. He can still feel his appetite around the corner, and the dark well behind it brings an irresistible traction, calling him in the dark.

Ye Jia had to allocate a part of his attention to restrain his desires, in case he was impulsive, turned around and went back to eat again.

Suddenly, without warning, he felt that a more powerful and attractive existence was quickly approaching him.

Comparing the two, Yin Jing no longer fragrant in an instant.

His attention was instantly pulled over.

Ye Jia’s fingers were slightly tight, and her Adam’s apple rolled up and down uncontrollably.

He raised his head subconsciously, and looked in the direction where the fragrance came–

The streamlined sports car stopped in front of everyone.

Ye Jia suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

The car door opened.

The ominous anticipation has passed.

Ye Jia: “…”

Don’t be like this really.

He even had time to cover up the human scent from his body-it was not difficult for him who had just emerged from the well.

But… I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to run away.

Especially under the premise that the other party is walking in this direction.

The man’s dark eyes drooped slightly, his very existential gaze slowly rolled around the people in front of him, and then he retracted it without a trace.

He stretched out his hand: “Ji Xuan.”

“Zhao Dong.” Zhao Dong stretched out his hand without knowing it, and enthusiastically shook the opponent’s half-hanging hand: “Hello, hello, are you the homeowner here?”

Ji Xuan: “Yes.”

Cheng Cezhi also extended his hand enthusiastically: “Hello, Cheng Cezhi.”

Ye Jia: “…”

It was dark before his eyes.

Sure enough, the eyes of the man in front of him moved slightly, his pale lips hooked without a trace, and there was a hint of inexplicable meaning in his voice: “Hello.”

-Ye Jia would never lie about Cheng Cezhi’s name if he wanted to get it today.

Just as he was dizzy by this fact, Ji Xuan’s sight suddenly fell on him.

He lowered his eyes, dark eyes like a deep abyss, and asked, “This one is?”

Ye Jia realized that among the three people present, he was the only one who did not introduce himself.

Ji Xuan’s fingers were pale and slender, and the outlines of the joints were clean and clear. He stretched out towards Ye Jia silently.

Ye Jia bit his scalp, took a step forward, stretched out his right hand and held the opponent’s:

“…Ye Jia.”

Ji Xuan’s hands were cold, his palms were dry, and his knuckles were strong.

When shook hands with the two just now, he was always separated, with a sense of alienation and polite distance.

And now, his fingers tightened slightly, restrained and forcefully, letting each other’s palms touch each other intimately, and the thumb of his thumb fell on the other’s mouth, and he rubbed it calmly for a second.

Before Ye Jia could react, Ji Xuan withdrew his hand.

His eyes fell on Zhao Dong again: “So, what happened?”

—His expression was so plain and sincere, it was no different from any ordinary person who accidentally bought a murderous house, and Ye Jia was almost in a trance for a second.

But in fact…

As a ghost king, he also bought the city’s only dark well that was not monitored by the administrative bureau…

How could he not know what would happen to his own property? !

Zhao Dong began to tell him the story in detail, and Cheng Cezhi occasionally echoed a few sentences.

Ye Jia was distracted.

His hands seemed to have the cold temperature left by the other party and the evenly applied force, like some kind of phantom that could not be dissipated, sticking tightly to his skin, causing him to become… hunger.

The unclosed five senses greedily **** the aura and energy that the other party emits in the air.

That kind of weird restlessness made Ye Jia very unaccustomed.

It’s really unfortunate that Ji Xuan came this time.

It happened that he was relieved of the suppression of appetite, but he was not full, so that he, who had not completely suppressed his desire to eat, directly came into contact with what may be the best quality in the world—and it was him. I have tasted it before-top delicacy.

This made Ye Jia instinctively want to approach and swallow.

He forced himself to lower his eyes and fixed his gaze on his toes.

However, after the deprivation of vision, the other senses became extremely keen.

He can smell the sudden cooling of the air when it approaches the opponent’s skin. He can taste the subtle vibrations of the opponent’s vocal cords when he speaks. He can touch the rich and sticky food fragrance from the depths of the opponent’s body. .

“…So, I told the young people who died at the time that this is a haunted house abandoned after the capital chain broke, but the facilities and institutions inside have not been abandoned…”

“Funding break?” Ji Xuan raised his eyebrows.

His voice was low and peaceful, and he couldn’t hear any discomfort, but it made people nervous inexplicably.

Zhao Dong hurriedly finished the round: “No no, Xiao Cheng didn’t mean that. It was indeed an emergency at the time. He said so to prevent information leakage…”

Ji Xuan chuckled, “I understand.”

“However, it happens that I am worried about what I can do with this place. Thank you… Mr. Cheng for providing me with good ideas.”

Ji Xuan’s voice paused on “Mr. Cheng”, with an imperceptible smile in his voice:

“I should thank him.”

Now Zhao Dong panicked: “Wait, are you really going to open the business? Is it because what I told you just now is not clear enough? The house you bought may be haunted…”

Ye Jia recovered.

Although he still lowered his eyes, he began to focus his attention on the conversation between the three of them.

Up to now, the people in the management bureau did not know that this place was a “yin well”. After all, they did not have Ye Jia’s perception of Yin Qi. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious for a long time to determine whether a place can automatically gather Yin Qi. A conclusion can only be drawn after experimentation and testing, so for them now, this is just a room that seems to be haunted.

“Yes, yes!” Cheng Cezhi echoed: “Do you know how dangerous this is!”

Ye Jia: “…”

He has to think carefully about how to make the person “Cheng Cezhi” come back in the next report.

Ji Xuan said lightly: “I am a businessman after all, and your investigations and actions will interfere with the progress of my plan. Besides, if it attracts the attention of irrelevant people, won’t this place lose its value?”

This is a pun, no matter from the perspective of doing business or any other point of view, I can understand it very smoothly.

In the next second, Ji Xuan’s words changed:


The attention of everyone was instantly attracted.

Ji Xuan said slowly: “The large-scale closure and detection are too much, but the small-scale I don’t care.”

“You can send an employee, accompanied by me, to explore the dangers of this place.”

His gaze casually rolled around the three people in front of him, and finally fixed on Cheng Cezhi’s body: “Just you, how about it?”

Cheng Ceyi was stunned: “?”

This, why is this me?

In order to conceal the fact that Ye Jia went in to save people, and to protect the two innocent frightening spirits, Cheng Cezhi did not tell the truth to Zhao Dong and the others. To be precise, he was telling the truth, but he took the danger. The degree has been appropriately lowered a lot.

According to the people of the Bureau of Investigation, the level of haunting of this villa is at most the lowest level that scares ordinary people out.

Therefore, Zhao Dong pondered for a while, nodded and agreed: “It’s okay.”

Cheng Ceyi’s face was unlovable, and he choked with aggrievedness-what is meant by lifting a rock and hitting himself in the foot!

He doesn’t have that level to live in and out alive!

At this time, Ye Jia said in a timely manner: “But after all it is late today, we are all tired, how about tomorrow?”

Ji Xuan’s gaze stayed on his body for half a second, and then nodded:


Cheng Cezhi drove Ye Jia back to the city.

As one of Cheng Ce drove, Liushen asked without his own words: “What can I do tomorrow, brother? I really don’t have the level to accompany others in and out… Although it is broad daylight, I am also panicked!”

He was heartbroken and regretted:

“Is this the retribution of lying! Sure enough, a lie needs countless lies to be rounded up…uuuuuu I was wrong.”

Ye Jia, who tells countless lies: “…”

Ah, the arrow in the knee hurts.

Fortunately, as early as when the three people were talking, Ye Jia had already figured out the countermeasures for the future.

He calmly said to Cheng Cezhi: “Don’t worry, I will go for you tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Cheng Ceyi was taken aback, turned to look at him: “But… won’t that homeowner be angry?”

Ye Jia: “I will say you are sick when I arrive, so when I come on behalf of the class, the other party should just point it casually, and there should be no problem.”

He added: “Also, thank you.”

-Ye Jia knew why Cheng Cezhi would report the villa’s condition in a slight direction, because only in this way could he explain how Guan Tianyi came out alive without mentioning Ye Jia’s uniqueness.

He was so serious that Cheng Cezhi couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Cheng Cezhi looked away and said stiffly: “I didn’t do it for you. I was mainly worried that the people in the game would kill the poor two little ghosts…”

After saying these words, Cheng Cezhi was taken aback:

“Hey, speaking of it, where are the two little ghosts? Why are they missing?”

Looking back now, they seem to have disappeared just now.

Ye Jia knew the answer to this question very well.

Ji Xuan is here, it would be weird if the two frightening spirits didn’t run away.

He shrugged: “I don’t know.”

At this moment, a thin voice rang cautiously from the back seat: “That, that…”

Ye Jia was startled and turned to look behind.

I saw two transparent, jelly-like little ghosts slowly poking their heads out from behind the cushion, and said weakly: “Here we are.”

Little Fright Ling let out a sob: “We can’t go back now, the house is occupied by the big devil.”

Cheng Cezhi didn’t think much.

After all, for such weak ghosts, the authority that can control their life and death is indeed the Great Demon King.

He sighed and said sympathetically: “Oh, there is no way, that house is too weird, and it is impossible for the bureau to leave it alone.”

Scared Ling nodded aggrieved: “But, now we are homeless.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He suddenly felt nervous.

Shouldn’t these two ghosts want to go home with him?

In the next second, I saw two frightening spirits slowly approaching, and they asked shyly: “Please, may I live with you temporarily?”

Cheng Cezhi was flattered: “Am I? When…”

Little scared spirit floated over and nestled on the edge of Ye Jia’s chair, looking at him expectantly with round eyes: “Can you?”

Cheng Cezhi: “…”

My pride is hurt.

It can’t be cured!

This group of beautiful dogs! Give me my sympathy!

Ye Jia: “…”

Sorry, I really don’t want to have two more weird ghosts in my family.

But before he could say no, the little black hand jumped out with his teeth and claws.

Just now when Ji Xuan was there, it was as quiet as a chicken, hiding itself as much as possible within the range of Ye Jia’s breath. Now it has become alive again: “Hey! What are you talking about!”

It clenched Ye Jia’s collar with a sense of crisis: “Don’t just live in someone else’s house casually!”

Ye Jia: “…” Are you embarrassed too?

Frightened Ling approached unconvincedly: “Why can we not be able to do it?”

“You have a dream! You just can’t!” Xiao Hei Shou said fiercely.

Seeing that the three ghosts were about to quarrel, Ye Jia pinched the bridge of his nose with a headache: “Stop.”

The two frightened spirits and a little black hand stopped arguing instantly, and turned their heads to look at Ye Jia.

Ye Jia said, “You can stay with me temporarily for these two days.”

The scaring spirit is indeed harmless, but if you really live with ordinary people in everything, it will also weaken the yang qi in the living person’s body. This is like living in a place with heavy yin qi will not be good, so Ye Jia also I really can’t let Cheng Cezhi take these two scared spirits back.

Little Black Hand: “!”

It looked like an eggplant beaten by frost, and the whole ghost wilted.

However, before the two frightened spirits became excited, Ye Jia lightly emphasized the syllable and repeated the two words slowly: “Stop temporarily.”

Seeing the disappointed faces of the two scared spirits, the little black hand became happy inexplicably.

It chuckled twice, and nestled back on Ye Jia’s shoulder again.

When Cheng Cezhi was driving, he glanced at Xiao Hei Shou leisurely, and suddenly an inexplicable sentence emerged in his heart:

As long as the palace does not die, you are all concubines.

…It must be that his way of thinking is not right.

He sighed and said with emotion: “Your ghost fate is really good.”

Ye Jia: “…I would like to give this ghost fate to you, thank you.”

The two scaring spirits moved to his side secretly at this moment, the big scaring spirit put his face on Ye Jia’s wrist, and the little scaring spirit squeezed his body into Ye Jia’s palm.

Ye Jia squeezed subconsciously.

Cool, soft, and slippery.

It’s really a bit like jelly.

A strange blush appeared on Little Fright Ling’s translucent face: “Hey.”

The shocking spirit quit: “Hey! I’m going to be pinched too!”

The little black hand gloated on Ye Jia’s shoulder, arching the fire and said, “Get up and fight.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He has now begun to regret his decision.


the next day.

Ye Jia changed his breath, skillfully covered his face, then pulled the ghost mythical creature away, and came to the villa again.

To his surprise, when he got there, Ji Xuan had already arrived.

He was leaning against the mottled wall outside the villa, his long legs bent slightly, his eyes drooping, as if he was thinking about something.

A car parked in the distance.

Ye Jia doesn’t recognize that brand, but even from the perspective of a layman, every curve of the car still smells of money.

But it can be clearly recognized that it is not the same one as last night.

Ye Jia began to ponder a serious question seriously.

Obviously everyone ran out of the game…Why are the economic strengths so different? !

Ji Xuan raised his eyes and looked at Ye Jia’s direction accurately.

The color of his eyes had faded from the pitch black that he had previously disguised, and turned back to a dark red that was strange and weird.

“You have changed back.” His tone was weak, as if he was just stating a simple fact.

Ye Jia calmly said: “It’s so convenient.”

Ji Xuan stood up and walked towards him.

His eyes drooped slightly, and the corners of his lips curled up like a smile: “Your human disguise is very successful, even I can’t detect the original smell of you.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Of course, because Cheng Cezhi is an ordinary human being, it’s weird to be aware of it.

Without changing his face, he said, “I’m just laughing.”

“So,” Ye Jia tentatively said, “What are you going to do here next? King.”

This is the only dark well in the entire city of M that has not been monitored and controlled. For Li Gui, the degree of preciousness can be imagined.

Even if you don’t have to think about it, it is impossible for Ji Xuan to give up here.

Therefore, according to the other party’s next purpose, Ye Jia will decide whether he wants to take the risk to purify this place.

Ji Xuan said, “You don’t need to call me king.”

Ye Jia was taken aback: “?”

He raised his head subconsciously and looked in the direction of the opponent, but he slammed into the dark red eyes of the opponent, like the gloomy still water, surging with an unpredictable and unknown undercurrent.

Ji Xuanman said casually: “Just call my name.”

Ye Jia: “… Isn’t this bad?”

Ji Xuan raised his eyebrows: “What’s wrong?”

He asked: “Don’t you think I asked them to call me king?”

Ye Jia: “…”


Even if Ji Xuan didn’t take the initiative to ask the other party to use the title king, he probably wouldn’t dare to call him directly because of the fear and awe of the group of ghosts.

But… if this is the case, it is even more impossible for him to agree.

After all, if he became the only ghost named Wang Zhenming among all his subordinates, it would be too special.

Ye Jia was about to refuse, but only listened to the other party saying lightly:

“Don’t you admire me?”

Ye Jia: “…”

“I give you the right to call my real name,” Ji Xuan’s lips smiled deeper, but his voice remained steady and indifferent: “Don’t you feel honored?”

Ye Jia: “…”

He gritted his back molar hard.

Damn, this dead kid.

If you put aside the fact that the other party wanted to kill him a few years ago, he was still a little cuter back then.

He reluctantly squeezed two words from his teeth, and screamed dryly: “…Ji Xuan.”

After getting what he wanted, Ji Xuan turned around contentedly and raised his pale and slender fingers slightly.

The heavy iron chain fell at the sound, and the rusty carved door creaked and slowly opened inward.

Ji Xuan stepped forward.

Ye Jia was stunned, somewhat puzzled.

Ji Xuan turned his head and looked at him: “Keep up.”

“Didn’t you ask me what I am going to do here next?”

Ye Jia said “Oh” and stepped to catch up with the opponent’s footsteps.

They came under the villa again.

The abandoned villa sits deadly in the grass, unlike at night, it appears decadent and dead during the day, and it is not as alive and lively as Ye Jia saw last time.

The status and attributes of each Yin Well are not the same. Obviously, the attributes of this place are the difference between day and night.

Ji Xuan lifted his fingertips lightly.

The ground bulged silently, and the ground was bleached red.

Senbai’s goat skull was exposed to the ground under the summoning, and a huge body emerged under the ground, slowly appearing in front of the two of them.

“Go.” Ji Xuan said.

The blood gu fish swims obediently towards the depths of the house, its white bone tail swings slowly, and disappears into the open door of the villa in the blink of an eye.

An indescribable scream emerged from the depths of the room.

It was as if the whole villa was screaming.

Because I had eaten a lot of Yin Qi here yesterday, even if it was daytime, Ye Jia could vaguely feel a little change coming from the depths of the room.

As if the power in its body was being drained by some external force, the yin qi in this yin well was fading and diminishing rapidly-until it became empty.

The villa in front of me has become a serious building, and there is no more life.

Soon, the figure of the blood gu fish appeared inside the door.

It was swimming very slowly, and it took several seconds to reach Ji Xuan’s feet.

Immediately afterwards, the blood gu fish raised his head and placed a small, pitch-black ball the size of a fist in Ji Xuan’s palm, and in the center of that ball, there seemed to be some kind of black mist flowing slowly.

Ye Jia felt his stomach twitch for a moment when the familiar smell came.

Ji Xuan touched its head: “Good boy.”

The blood gu fish burped.

It seems to have discovered the existence of Ye Jia.

The blood gu fish turned around and swam to Ye Jia’s side, rubbed Ye Jia’s palm affectionately with his huge head, and then turned over to reveal a belly made of blood and bones.

Ye Jia hesitated, he bent down and touched the opponent’s belly.

It was cold, soft and elastic, like some kind of sticky water polo—but he had to be careful not to get his hands in, otherwise the feeling would be weird and indescribable.

The blood gu fish finally got what he wanted, happily swinging his huge tail, almost splashing blood on Ye Jia’s body.

Suddenly, Ye Jia felt a familiar breath approaching.

Ji Xuan bent down behind him, and that powerful sense of presence suddenly invaded Ye Jia’s comfortable distance.

His voice was deep and cheerful, close to Ye Jia’s ear:

“It’s full.”

Ye Jia was dizzy and his limbs instantly stiffened.

Not because of other…but…

It smells really good.

The black ball just now seemed to arouse his already suppressed appetite, and his perception of Yin Qi became as sensitive as last night.

Ye Jia pressed the tip of his tongue against his teeth, feeling that his posterior molars were about to move under the catalysis of hunger.

A weird impulse was struggling in his skin.

—I want to rush over.


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