After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 36

At that moment, Ye Jia felt the nerves all over his body screaming without exception.

The saliva in the mouth was secreted crazily, and the apple knot rolled arduously, and a hungry firework instantly burned from the throat to the stomach.

He stood up abruptly.

Ye Jia quickly stepped across the blood gu fish in front of him, and walked a few steps forward.

The blood gu fish lying on the ground was taken aback by him.

It rolled over, turned its head, and looked at the young man in front of him suspiciously with a pair of black eye sockets. It seemed that he didn’t understand why the other party suddenly stopped touching himself.

After moving away from the area enveloped by Ji Xuan’s breath, the twitching in Ye Jia’s stomach slowly calmed down.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief, turned around, and looked in the direction he had just walked.

Ji Xuan straightened up slowly: “What?”

Ye Jia paused for two seconds and said, “…It’s windy over there.”

Ji Xuan raised his eyebrows, a pair of dark red eyes looked at him steadily, and slowly repeated: “The wind is strong?”

“…” Ye Jia said bitingly, “Yes.”

The man took a step forward slowly: “What about now?”

Seeing that as the opponent approached, the hunger deep in his body began to move again. Ye Jia’s figure was slightly stiff, and he instinctively continued to retreat, but he forcibly fixed himself in place: “No, no more. .”

Ji Xuan’s gaze stayed on his body for a few seconds without a trace, and a dark and unpredictable smile flicked across his dark red eyes.

He retracted his gaze, looked down at the pitch black ball in his hand, and changed the subject in due course:

“However, it is a lot smaller than I thought.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Yes, I ate it.

The blood gu fish swam slowly to his side again, pressing the palm of Yejia’s palm with his huge skull.

Ye Jia touched it absently.

He asked: “So, did you buy this place for these yin airs?”

“Not exactly.” Ji Xuan put away the black ball, and narrowed his eyes: “These yin auras are a drop in the bucket, but it’s better than letting it fall into someone else’s hands.”

His voice was still calm, but Ye Jia was keenly aware of the coldness in his tone.

“Then… do you have any plans for the next here?”

After the yin qi is stripped, it will be transformed back into an ordinary building, but as time goes by, yin qi will slowly gather again. This process will not take a fixed time and may even be very long. But Ye Jia didn’t think Ji Xuan would let it go.

“Your suggestion is very good.” Ji Xuan said.

Ye Jia was taken aback: “?”

What’s his suggestion?

“Haunted house, isn’t it?” Ji Xuan glanced at him with a smile.

Ye Jia remembered what Cheng Cezhi said last night: “…”

“With human attention, the other person dare not act rashly.” Ji Xuan said casually: “You bring the blood gu fish every once in a while and let it eat.”

Ji Xuan said: “Don’t worry, my capital chain is abundant.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Why does this man hold such grudges?

He actually remembered the lie that Cheng Cezhi made last night about the break in the capital chain.

He thought for a while, and again, finally he couldn’t hold back his doubts.

“Wang…cough, Ji Xuan.” Under the threat of the opponent’s sight, Ye Jia changed his mouth abruptly.

He chose his words carefully, and then asked carefully: “How did you do it…you have so many assets in the world?”

“What do you think?” Ji Xuan asked with interest.

Ye Jia hesitated: “Grab the bank?”

Ji Xuan: “…”

Although as a ghost, he no longer needs to breathe, but he still couldn’t help taking a deep breath slowly.


I don’t know if it was Ye Jia’s illusion, he always felt that the other party’s voice sounded quite a bit of gritted teeth.

Ye Jia wisely decided not to ask any more.

He changed the conversation: “By the way, do you need employees about this haunted house?”

Ji Xuan raised his eyebrows: “Do you have a recommendation?”



Obviously, I have only been in the handsome guy’s house for less than two days, so why are you leaving!

a bolt from the blue! !

They haven’t even had time to peep into the other party’s private photos!

Ye Jia tore the opponent from his body one by one, and said patiently: “Don’t you think the haunted house can maximize your talents?”

There is simply no better place to frighten souls than a haunted house.

You don’t even need to buy any additional mechanical equipment. It can be directly driven by ghosts throughout the whole process, which can’t be more convenient.

Moreover, each customer’s play time will not exceed half an hour each time. In such a short period of time, it is impossible to be affected by the scaring spirit to affect their health.

He said: “Moreover, not many people usually go to that abandoned villa, right, it’s different now, you can finally eat your fill.”

The two frightened spirits shook.

Ye Jia was right. Since they lived in that villa, they did not see anyone for a long time, but because they were too weak, they usually didn’t dare to go out for food, so they had to scare them by creating a little illusion. People living nearby, rely on a small amount of fear value barely enough.

Being full… is indeed a big temptation!

Ye Jia continued his efforts: “And, do you know? This is the property of the Ghost King. After you enter, you are considered his subordinates, and no ghost dares to bully you anymore.”

One big and one small two scared spirits glanced at each other, and their hearts moved.

They twitched and asked, “Then, can we see you later?”

Ye Jia was prepared for this question: “Of course, I will visit you every once in a while.”

-Feed the blood gu fish by the way.

Two startled and inspired tearful eyes: “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”

Ye Jia smiled softly, and replied emotionally: “No thanks.”

After all, now Ji Xuan has promised to give him 50% of his turnover.


Guan Tianyi woke up in the hospital.

He stared blankly at the pale ceiling above his head, and there was a paste in his brain that had just awakened from a coma, and he didn’t know where he was now.

Guan Tianyi frowned and began to recall slowly.

He remembered… he and his friends heard about the famous haunted house outside M City, and then took a group of people to explore in a team, and met two other explorers in the house.

The house was haunted and scared them a lot, but in the end they found out that it was an organ in the house.

Later… he found that the detection machine he bought had fallen, so he went back to fetch it… and then?

Guan Tianyi’s head hurt as much as he thought, but he couldn’t remember what happened next.

He gave up the struggle, got up with difficulty, and reached for the phone on the bedside table.

As soon as I turned it on, the phone buzzed and shook, and a WeChat message from a friend popped up: “Brother, look at the hot search.”

Guan Tianyi was stunned, then opened Weibo suspiciously.

In the next second, he was shocked by the mass of news that popped up.

Overnight there were nearly 100,000 followers, and countless private messages.

Guan Tianyi was ecstatic.

He quickly started hot searches, but he saw a dozen or so places below…


Guan Tianyi’s hands trembled.

He trembled and opened a hot search, and saw that the top of the screen was his live broadcast yesterday. He didn’t click on the video, and Weibo directly played it silently and automatically for him-he saw his panicked and excited face appear. On the screen, immediately after… in the door behind, two familiar figures came out one after another, with annoying composure on their faces.

Guan Tianyi: “…”

He accidentally clicked on the comment area with his trembling fingers, and saw a piece of “hahahahahahahaha” below, which made him dizzy.

In addition, there are people seeking the address of the haunted house, and hope that this conscience project can be launched again by crowdfunding.

The most praised comment was: “I want to see the contact information of the handsome guy behind in five minutes.”

This comment was reposted by Beauty Life blogger “A Lian Lian Lian Lian”: “Tong Qiu [狗头]”.

Guan Tianyi opened his own private message blankly.

The first one is: “Does the blogger know what the Weibo account of the handsome guy who walked out of the haunted house is? I beg you, a good person will live a safe life!”

“…” Guan Tianyi’s fingers holding the phone slowly tightened.

Grass! !

Office of the Logistics Department of the Occult Administration.

Cheng Cezhi came over with his mobile phone and surreptitiously showed it to Ye Jia: “Brother Ye, you are on fire.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Today is the fifth person to say this to him.

Cheng Cezhi flipped through the comment area, and sighed with a bit of bitterness: “It’s weird, you said that from junior high school to university, I can be regarded as a school grass-level figure no matter how you say it, how come no one praises me?”

He lowered his head, squeezed the small belly he had brought up from sitting in the office, and said sadly:

“It seems I have to go to the gym.”

Ye Jia took a deep breath and asked blankly, “Have you finished your work?”

Cheng Cezhi: “???”

He was silent for a long while: “Brother Ye, the first time you love work so much, you have changed, and I am afraid.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Seeing that the other party was on the verge of an explosion, Cheng Cezhi slipped away wisely: “I’m going back to write a report! See you Ye Ge!”

Looking at Cheng Cezhi’s back, Ye Jia rubbed his temples with a headache.

The Internet… is really annoying!

He lowered his head, looked under his desk, and asked in a low voice: “How is the connection?”

Under the dark table, a screen was faintly lit, and the little black hand tapped quickly on the phone.

It replied: “At once.”

After solving the scaring spirit matter, Ye Jia went to the hospital, and after using a little trick, he succeeded in getting Guan Tianyi’s channel to buy game props.

The only thing that gives Ye Jia a headache is…

That black market is online trading.

-This touched his blind spot of knowledge.

So, the little black hand bravely went out and started to operate.

From the virtual IP address, to anonymous access to the black market, to the precise docking with the seller, the whole process is smooth and professional, and the professionalism is abnormal. Ye Jia was dumbfounded and dazzled-is this too proficient?

Five minutes later, Xiao Hei Shou raised his head from under the table and proudly returned the phone to Ye Jia: “Done!”

Ye Jia repeated: “Get it done?”

“Yes.” Xiao Hei Shou replied: “This is an offline transaction, and the connector address is on the screen.”

Ye Jia took the phone and glanced at it.

The address is very detailed, even specific to the house number, and there is a transaction time on it, which is twelve o’clock tonight.

Ye Jia: “…” is too strong.

He raised his head, looked at the little black hand, and said generously: “Today I will reward you with a set of skins.”

The little black hand hugged Ye Jia’s calf and cried happily: “Uuuuuu thank you boss!”

Such a long time at work also makes the moments after get off work become very happy.

In the past two days, Liu Zhaocheng has rarely appeared in the department.

Ye Jia didn’t know much about this aspect, only knew that he was probably cooperating with Wu Su’s team, but he didn’t know the specific situation.

But anyway, Liu Zhaocheng has recently relaxed a lot of management within the department, and even others have started to fish along the river.

This is good for Ye Jia.

At least he doesn’t need to leave the administration as quickly as he did before, as if being chased by a ghost behind his back.

He went to buy a cup of milk tea, and then slowly returned to his apartment.

The sky gradually darkened, and the sky changed from light blue to dark blue, and finally turned into a deep black color like thick ink.

Ye Jia turned to look at the sky.

He stretched, stood up straight, looked down at the time on the screen.

It’s almost the appointed time.

Ye Jia skillfully disguised herself.

Since he was not sure whether the opponent was a human or a ghost this time, Ye Jia made two-handed preparations, not only covering his face, but also disguising his own breath, trying to make himself feel as if it were an ordinary human.

Soon, he came to the corresponding place on the address.

This is a seemingly ordinary residential area.

Street lights disperse the darkness. The dark yellow lights cover the wide and narrow roads in front of you. The community has a strong atmosphere of life. The low floors are lit with lights of different colors, and you can vaguely see black silhouettes. Printed on the window.

Ye Jia stopped in the dark and felt it.

To his surprise, there were no abnormal energy fluctuations in the community.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

He walked towards the house number marked in the address, he rang the doorbell, and a lazy, rough voice rang: “Hello? Is it the buyer? Come in.”

The other side paused: “By the way, the elevator is broken, you may have to come up.”

After speaking, before Ye Jia could answer, he just heard a beep, and the building door opened.

Ye Jia: “…”

This is not the same as the transaction I imagined.

He took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in.

This is an old building. In the corridor, the smell of dust, oil fume, and garbage mixed together and turned into an uncomfortable smell.

The elevator was broken and the buttons were black, obviously broken.

Ye Jia swept the elevator and walked towards the stairwell.

The lamp in the stairwell was broken, only the light from the street lamp outside the window came in, and it fell on the first step and the first step, as if it had been coated with a light yellow coating.

Not enough, darkness is not a problem for Ye Jia.

He walked halfway, suddenly stopped suddenly, then raised his hand to grab the little black hand on his shoulder, and quickly stuffed it into his pocket—

At that moment, he felt…some weird energy swept over him, like a guess, like a detection, but not malicious.

In front, a door was half-hidden, and that kind of energy came from inside the door.

Ye Jia opened the door calmly, and saw a sloppy middle-aged man in big pants nestled in the sofa, and looked at him lazily: “What do you want to buy?”

“Detector.” Ye Jia said: “I heard that your instrument is very accurate?”

The middle-aged man scratched his belly, stood up, took a black box from under the sofa, and walked towards Ye Jia: “Of course.”

He pointed to a dirty QR code on his coffee table: “Forty thousand yuan, just scan it.”

Ye Jia’s vision was as sharp as a blade, sharp and keen, and quickly swept across the opponent’s body, seeming to be evaluating something.

—Not a player, not a ghost, just an ordinary human.

Even if he is a link in the transaction chain, he is definitely not a key member.

There is a high probability that it is just a dealer.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and scanned the QR code with his mobile phone.

Just hearing the sound of “ding”, the money was transferred.

The middle-aged man looked at his mobile phone screen, but he was taken aback when he saw the amount.

I saw the above display: Forty-five thousand yuan has been paid

He looked up suspiciously at the young man in front of him: “This…”

“When you contacted you today, you should have also known that I am an avid spirit lover.”

The face of the other party was covered by darkness, and it was not clear to see, but the noble temperament could not be hidden. He heard the voice of the other party and said with a smile:

“If there is still such a good thing, remember to contact me in time, the price is not a problem.”

After speaking, the young man didn’t stop, and turned around to leave.

In the next second, the middle-aged man’s rough voice sounded from behind him: “Hey, hey, wait, don’t leave.”

Ye Jia turned his head, looked at each other, and asked suspiciously:

“What’s wrong?”

“I have this item here for now.” The middle-aged man scratched his head and said hesitantly: “But, if you don’t mind, I can take you to another place? There are more goods.”

The smile on Ye Jia’s lips deepened, and his voice was sincere and not fake:

“Really, that’s great.”


There was a rubbing sound of the microphone being rubbed.

“My friends, I promise, take it, every word I say next is true.”

The young man’s voice trembled slightly, as if suppressing some fierce emotions, and it looked a little distorted across the screen.

Immediately afterwards, the lens shook.

A gloomy building leapt into view.

“It’s here, this is a building on the outskirts of city m…”

Under the background sound of the men chattering, two figures walked out of the open door of the villa.

The young man who walked at the end looked particularly eye-catching in the gloomy surroundings.

He is tall, slender and tall, although he is thin, but his steps are light and strong, and he is beautiful as if he is walking out of the painting.

The young man’s skin is very white, almost as if glowing in the night, his eyes hang slightly inadvertently, he has a particularly attractive temperament on his body, elegant and indifferent, with a somewhat leisurely laziness, even in the dark. The mobile phone’s high-definition pixels also appear to be very handsome, and almost the moment it appears, people can’t help but fall their eyes on him.

The cold, pale fingers touched the hard screen silently.

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes, and the dark red pupils reflected the other’s shrinking face.

His fingertips were light and gentle, as if stroking the young man’s cheek through the phone.

The blood gu fish moved his huge goat head over and rubbed the screen with his nose in doubt. It seemed that he didn’t quite understand why the human being he liked was shrunk and locked in this small black iron box.

Ji Xuan stroked the blood gu fish skull one after another, pointing to the young voice on the screen and said:

“You like him very much, don’t you?”

A smile overflowed his lips, and his voice was low and dull: “…Me too.”

I like it, and if I want to hide him, no one is allowed to look at it.

Cut out the eyes of all the peepers, cut off the hands of all the pretenders, and then feed the remaining stumps to your pets.

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes and pulled the progress bar back to the beginning.

—”My friends, I promise, take it, next…”

Watching the shaking picture on the screen, a certain gloomy desire overflowed from the depths of Ji Xuan’s eyes with teeth and claws, dark, as if the **** sky of dawn would never be ushered in.

Can not.

To hold back.

The mobile phone cracked a gap under heavy pressure, a spider web-like crack appeared on the screen, and the sound of electric current rang.

The screen went black.

Ji Xuan threw away another scrapped cell phone, closed his eyes, and irritably tapped his fingertips on the handle of the chair.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and his gaze fell on a book not far away.

The cover of the book has been torn off, but everything else is well preserved, and traces of repeated reading can be seen.

Ji Xuan paused, his fingers twitched slightly.

The book flew into his hands automatically, the pages of the book flapped like snowflakes, and quickly turned to a chapter in the middle:

[After confirming my own mind, how should I act?

9. Cats and dogs: creating opportunities to get along

So is your favorite person a cat pie or a dog pie?

If it’s a cat pie, try to ask him to go to the cat cafe. No one who loves cats will refuse an opportunity to play cats casually…]

Ji Xuan frowned and lifted his fingertips lightly.

The pages of the book snapped back a few pages again.

[…If you or one of the other party has a dog, you can try to meet him while walking the dog!

In the sunny park, ta’s surprised face, and the enthusiastic dog under his feet, the seeds of love are slowly sprouting under the bright sun, what kind of chance encounter is more suitable than this? 】

There was a “pop”.

Ji Xuan closed the book.

During the previous reading process, he has already determined that this is a bad book.

The topic is not to mention the gimmick, 90% of the content is still rubbish, the theory is rigid, there is no use value, the author’s writing is messy, and there are even typos.


He lowered his eyes, as if lost in thought.

After a long time, Ji Xuan raised his eyes, his gaze fell on the blood gu fish that was under his feet, the expression in his eyes was inexplicable.

For the dog…

—This should be the same, right?

The blood gu fish felt his master’s gaze, raised his head blankly and looked over, then tilted his head suspiciously:



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