After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 37

M city is close to the mountains and the sea.

The night is getting thick, most of the city lights are out, and only a few points are still lit in the dark night.

On the other side, the sea is already resting, and there is no light in the darkness, only the sound of waves can be heard vaguely.

A car stopped by the dock.

There are many warehouses by the pier, and it looks a little ghostly in the dark.

The door opened, and the middle-aged man wearing a vest and shorts walked down. He scratched his stubborn chin, turned his head and said to the other person sitting in the car, “Wait, I’ll go in and follow them. Say it.”

The young man in the car nodded, “Okay.”

The figure of the middle-aged man disappeared in the gap between the warehouse and the warehouse, and was swallowed by the dense night in an instant.

Ye Jiala opened the door and walked down.

The temperature here is colder than in the city.

The moist sea breeze rolled up his hair and brought a salty coolness.

Ye Jia raised his eyes, his eyes fell thoughtfully on the dock warehouse in the distance, and the dark sky above his head was reflected in the depths of his eyes.


But this kind of “no” is completely different from what he just felt in that man-there is no residual yin and any props on that man, it is an ordinary living smell, but here it is completely different.

Ye Jia couldn’t feel anything at all.

There is no yin, vitality, even the tide of the sea, there is only an empty nothingness.

It’s like being cut off by something.

…Is it a prop?

Ye Jia calmly analyzed in his heart.

If his guess is correct, then the other party’s setting of such a breath-isolating item either shows that they are overly cautious, or they already know that they are being sought.

However, whether it is the former or the latter, he is still not sure for the time being.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, as if thinking about something.

He pulled the little black hand out of his pocket: “Wen Wen.”

Xiao Hei Shou looked blank: “…Huh? What do you smell?”

“Can’t you feel it?” Ye Jia raised his eyebrows and pointed to the dark area ahead: “Don’t you think there is something strange in front of you?”

The little black hand hesitated and said, “No, no.”

“Okay.” Ye Jia nodded, and pushed the opponent back into his pocket again: “I don’t need you anymore.”

The little black hand in the pocket: “…”

Am I your tool ghost? !


ten minutes later.

The middle-aged man walked over in a hurry, his decadent and tired face looked a little irritable.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Jia asked.

“Hurt, don’t mention it.” The man’s voice was filled with unresolved resentment.

He complained angrily: “I didn’t get any goods. Instead, I was scolded by them, saying that I was too careless… Damn.”

Ye Jia said: “It’s okay, I understand, it’s a gray industry after all.”

He smiled peacefully, turned around, and was about to get in the car, but only heard the man behind him say:

“So, sorry, brother.”

The middle-aged man raised his hand and saw a dark monster sticking tightly to his palm. Eight sticky tentacles grasped the back of his hand, and a colorless and odorless liquid spewed from his mouth like a sucker. When the liquid touched the young man’s back, it penetrated as if alive, and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Immediately afterwards, the straight back of the young man in front of him shook slightly, and then fell to the ground with a “plop”.

The middle-aged man tore off the tentacles in his palm with a look of disgust, and then stuffed the struggling eight-claw monster into a small glass bottle he was carrying with him.

He wiped his clothes with his palm, then spit:

“Grass, it’s disgusting.”

The middle-aged man bent down and yelled into the darkness behind him: “Hey, that’s it, it’s done.”

Two figures stepped out of the darkness.

They pushed a cart and walked over, the wheels spinning around on the floor, making a monotonous noise.

The cart stopped beside Ye Jia.

The two men bent down and carried the unconscious young man onto the cart.

The hood on the top of his head fell, revealing the pale profile and sharp chin of the young man.

The other two ignored him at all.

One of them took a slap-sized instrument from his pocket and scanned the unconscious young man inch by inch. From beginning to end, the instrument did not emit any light or sound.

“How is it?” the other person asked.

The man took the instrument back into his pocket: “No problem, it’s an ordinary human, not a ghost or a player.”

They seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

The middle-aged man listened to their conversation with a blank face. He clearly understood every word, but he just didn’t understand the meaning of the other’s words.

He yelled: “Hey, what are you talking about?”

What a ghost player.

The two people seemed to realize his existence.

One of the men glared at him coldly: “This kind of casually bringing people over, there is no next time.”

The middle-aged man argued: “Before he entered my house, I scanned it with the thing you gave him. There is no problem with him. It’s just that I’m so stupid that I like to be taken advantage of by supernatural events, so I…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted mercilessly: “You will be lying here next time.”

The man sneered and said gloomily: “At that time, the cart going to the studio will not be the memory cleaning studio.”

The middle-aged man closed his voice immediately, and a faint fear flashed through his muddy eyes.

The “Gu Lulu” wheel sounded again, and the two men pushed the cart and slowly disappeared into the dark night.

Looking at the direction in which the voice disappeared, the middle-aged man spit: “Damn, I’m exhausted to work for them, and finally brought a customer over, and I’ll be **** by them.”

He turned and got into the car.

After a minute, the engine buzzed and started, the lights came on, and he drove slowly away from the dock.

The dock was silent again, only the sound of waves could be heard.

The depths of the warehouse.

The two men pushed the carts through the complicated terrain, turning left and right in the dark, as if they had walked hundreds of times.

It took an unknown amount of time before they finally stopped.

One of them took out the key and opened the iron door of a warehouse.

The door was rusted by the sea breeze, and it creaked in the dark.

They pushed the cart into it.

The lights come on.

The appearance of the warehouse does not match the deserted barren outside. The white walls are cold and clean. Four metal carts are placed in the center of the warehouse, and the position near the door is empty. Wait until the cart is pushed in. Just to make up for the gap.

The back of the room was completely blocked.

One of them walked over and opened the curtain, revealing a huge water tank that occupied almost an entire wall behind it. The water tank was filled with dark, dull liquid.

He skillfully put on thick protective gloves, then picked up the special clip on the side, and slowly dived into the water.

A dark creature like a five-pointed star was clamped up. Its five long feet were covered with ugly boils and protrusions. In the middle of its belly was a mouth full of saw-like teeth, and foul-smelling saliva drips. When it fell, the five tentacles struggled and squirmed, seeming to want to break free from the weird metal clip that controlled their body.

The man carefully carried the ugly creature in one hand, while turning his head:

“You hold him down…”

Just turning around, the rest of his words were blocked in his throat.

I saw that the young man who should have been drowsy on the cart had sat up at this moment, his hood had not been taken up, his black forehead was slightly messy, his eyes were downcast, and his beautifully-lined profile became paler under the light, and his The partner fell to the ground unconsciously.

The man stared at the scene in front of him dumbfounded, as if he couldn’t believe what he saw.

At this moment, the other party raised his eyes, a pair of amber eyes glowing with faint pale gold under the strong light, appearing alienated and indifferent, as if the person who fell down the brawny man just now was not himself.

Ye Jia jumped off the cart without hurries, and landed lightly and silently, like a cat leaping from a high place.

He smiled and said hello: “Good evening.”

——Regardless of the reason for the other party, covering his breath and whereabouts so without a trace, it is impossible to tolerate someone braving the exposed wind and bringing outsiders into his cargo hold.

In the first case, he was denied entry.

It’s very simple, he just waits and then sneaks back.

In the second case, the other party is unwilling to take a little risk and try to eliminate all traces of himself.

And that would be better.

——It just saves him the time that may be spent searching for the road and avoiding the detection.

The only pity is that in order to disguise himself as an ordinary human, he can only lift the disguise of his hood.

But this doesn’t matter, after all, he has a way to make the other party forget himself.

Ye Jia moved his shoulders and approached the man slowly, with a smile on his lips: “Don’t be nervous, I just want to ask you a few questions.”

The man’s limbs were stiff, and he instinctively retreated slowly, until his back hit the cold water tank.

In the next second, there was a grinning smile in the other person’s eyes, and a huge grimace emerged from his stomach. In a flash, he broke free from the shackles of his skin and rushed towards Ye Jia with his big mouth open.

This person is definitely a player.

Ye Jia’s eyebrows were slightly cold, and a cold light appeared between her fingers.

——This is a kind of forbidden method to strengthen oneself with ghosts, which is equivalent to spending life to control ghosts. Even in the game, there are not many players who dare to do this.

The grimace opened its mouth wide, and drops of mucus fell on the ground, making a corroding sound.

A quick decision.

These players are obviously not fighting alone, if others are attracted, then his “secret infiltration” will be ruined.

Just as Ye Jia was about to pull out the sickle, he heard the man suddenly screamed behind the grimace.

He was taken aback for a moment.

The huge grimace floating in front of him showed a painful expression, and then quickly disappeared into the air.

Ye Jia looked forward intently.

I saw the man slumped to the ground, the metal clip in his hand fell into the saliva mucus on the ground, the five-pointed star monster stuck tightly to his face, and five ugly raised tentacles slammed into it. In his scalp, it seemed that he was still wriggling towards the other party’s mouth.

The man was convulsing, unconscious.

The little black hand floated aside and said angrily: “Deserve it!”

Obviously, it just took advantage of the opponent to attack Ye Jia, knocked over the clip in his hand, and caused the monster to attack the opponent.

Ye Jia retracted the sharp blade of his fingertips, stepped forward to the opponent, looked down at the monster on the opponent’s face for a few seconds:

“… Memories Eater.”

This is a kind of monster in the game, living by devouring human memory.

The little black hand floated on Ye Jia’s shoulder, a little nervous: “Eh…I’m not going to be a waste of help, am I?”

After all, this guy doesn’t seem to be in a state of being interrogated now.

Ye Jia shook his head: “This person is nurturing his body with a ghost, and his heart is vicious. Even if I catch him in the state of the situation, I am afraid I can’t ask anything.”

He retracted his gaze and pulled his hood back up.

A layer of yin air covered up, covering all the breath of his body.

Ye Jia pulled Xiao Hei’s hand back to his shoulder: “Let’s go.”

Under the shadow, his eyes became dark.

I always feel… this incident of reselling in-game items does not seem simple.

Ye Jia picked up a bunch of keys in the comatose person’s pocket, and then closed the warehouse door, making it look the same as before.

The night was gloomy and pressed down.

Ye Jia walked cautiously among the narrow and cramped roads, the thick darkness made everything blurred, as if it were a huge curtain with maze-like complex lanes all over it.

Most warehouses are very normal.

There are piles of goods transported from overseas, or some waste and sundries that are neglected in custody.

Ye Jia raised his head and closed his eyes, as if feeling something.

——Since the other party’s breath has been cut off by the props, he will not look for the other party’s breath, but for the “sense of isolation”.

There is no smell in any place, that is the direction he is looking for.

He opened his eyes and fixed his gaze somewhere in the distance.


To the east of the entire warehouse area, there is a row of huge warehouses.

The door was closed tightly, looking lifeless in the middle of the night.

Ye Jia stopped at the door of one of the warehouses.

He is not prepared to use ghost mythical creatures, because the other party must have detection tools for yin and ghost qi, and the sudden increase in concentration will inevitably cause an alarm.

Ye Jia tried the keychain he found from the man just now, and sure enough, he successfully opened the door with one of the keys.

He stepped in.

The space inside the warehouse is larger than the outside, but most of the place is empty. There are only a few huge cardboard boxes stacked in the corners, looking lonely and pitiful.

The empty warehouse was filled with a weird stale smell.

In the corner near the main entrance, there is a half-person-height sphere. Its surface is soft and smooth like a sarcoma. It looks like a semi-liquid, with faint flashes. It is not clear whether it is a monster or a prop, but no matter which one it is. , Ye Jia has never seen it.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly.

He lowered his head and looked at the marks on the clearing. There used to be a lot of things piled up here, but they were removed. Judging from the scratches on the ground, it should be the most recent thing.

While Ye Jia was observing this huge warehouse, suddenly, a familiar sound came from outside the door.

The metal wheels were rolling on the ground, making a rustling sound, approaching in this direction from far to near.

A faint voice came through the door.

“…Why didn’t you lock the door?”

“It’s not that I left last!”

“Damn.” The voice scolded, “It must be Sun Yuan’s dog, and if he does this again next time, I will kill him.”

Ye Jia stepped back and silently hid his figure in the shadows behind the large boxes.

The harsh sound of the metal door being pulled pierced the night.

Immediately afterwards, a container about five or six meters long was pushed in.

“Nothing except this, right?”

“Yes, the last one.”

While listening to the conversation between the two, Ye Jia looked at the huge cardboard boxes in front of him.

His fingertips gently stroked it, a bit of cold light flashed, and the edge of the carton instantly cracked a smooth gap and opened silently. ,

There was actually a huge water tank very similar to the one in the warehouse just now. The water tank was filled with viscous scarlet liquid. The tank was filled with a lot of broken limbs that could not be seen from the original owner. Some of them are half rotten, some are not yet, and their bones are bare, looking weird and terrifying.

Ye Jia was slightly startled.

The skull with a small fist in the water tank suddenly turned up and looked at Ye Jia with dark eye sockets. The next second, a harsh and harsh scream rushed out of its mouth with incomplete teeth, like some kind of sharp weapon. Torn.

It slammed its head against the glass frantically, making a “bang-bang” sound, and the glass instantly cracked like a spider’s web.

“Who is it!!” The other two people outside suddenly became alert.

Damn it.

Ye Jia cursed.

In the next second, a huge ghost head identical to the previous man suddenly broke free from one of them’s arms, and attacked in the direction of the sound with long hair like algae–!

But unexpectedly, there was no one there.

Only hearing a loud “touch” sound, the water tank burst open.

The scarlet and viscous blood spread in the warehouse like a flood, and countless rotten limbs squirmed in the blood. With the fist-large skull as the center, slowly splicing together, a huge twisted and ugly monster gradually took shape, hideous. Roared to the ground.

“Fuck!” A trace of panic flashed across the face of the man who launched the attack, as if he didn’t expect his blow would have such an effect.

“Damn, what are you doing so stupidly? Run!” Another cursed, “Don’t you **** know what that is?”

The other person also wakes up like a dream.

They stumbled into the night and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Ye Jia stood in the middle of a pool of blood, clenched a sharp blade in his hand, his eyes pierced slightly.

——He knows what it is.

This is a blood gu fish.

Even in the game, the blood gu fish is definitely the most terrifying monster. They are spawned by the broken limbs of the wronged souls, and the bones of the corpse are the mediator. Only the blood and resentment that are huge to the horror can spawn a blood gu fish, even in the game. , Their numbers are very few.

Because, in addition to their huge vitality, they must also have a core in order to command all the residual limbs.

The blood of an s-class ghost.

Blood Gu fish are terrible killing gods. They have no reason, no feelings, and no wisdom. They will only kill and eat under the instinctive drive, let alone recognize the master.

Even the ghosts would be afraid of such creatures that are purely composed of resentment.

——That’s why Ji Xuan’s blood gu fish is so special.

And this one…

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, and his gaze fell on the center of the opponent’s stump, the core surrounded by dense white bones.

There was a small test tube floating there with a drop of green blood in it.

Among the severed limbs, Ye Jia saw frogs, cats, dogs, deer, and even a person wearing a suit and arm with a watch.

This is an artificial blood gu fish.

Moreover, it is not even fully formed.

As it moved, the stumps fell to the ground in pieces, floating up and down in the pool of blood, turning the entire warehouse into a place like a slaughterhouse.

It was crawling on the ground, with a sharp howling in its mouth, rushing in the direction of Ye Jia frantically, and attacking him indiscriminately.

Ye Jia struggled with it.

——He uses the sickle as little as possible.

You know, the concentration of resentment in the blood gu fish is too pure, and the energy contained in it is not enough, but it has the most terrifying malice.

For Ye Jia, this was the most unwilling thing to eat.

However, behind his ears, there was a voice that became clearer and more reckless, quietly bewitching him and persuading him.

Use weapons.

Kill it, eat it.

Become stronger, and then continue to eat.

Ye Jia gritted her teeth.

There was a buzzing in his brain, and he had to divide some attention to resist his desires.

When he was distracted, the artificial blood gu fish suddenly seized the opportunity and attacked him without hesitation! The angle is tough and fierce, and the sharp teeth are wide open, seeming to want to crush the opponent’s throat.

However, at this critical moment–

In the **** abyss, a huge goat skull slowly emerged.

It roared, and lunged at the fake.

The two blood gu fish violently slammed and fought each other, and the blood was overwhelming, and the broken limbs in the sea of ​​blood were tossing and surging, as if they were struggling and wriggling.

The clacking sound of bones hitting the bones, the roaring sound, the sticky sound of blood flowing, echoed in the huge warehouse.

The iron wall of the warehouse was as fragile as shredded paper, cut one after another by invisible force, and it became tattered in a blink of an eye.

The blood gu fish suddenly bit the other counterfeit by the throat and slammed it against the wall.

In the next second, a figure dexterously stepped on its ribs, flipped his wrist, and a huge sickle suddenly appeared in the air, accurately dipping into the chest of the counterfeit.

The test tube with green blood was picked up.

“Dang Cang” landed on the open space in the distance.

The counterfeit won’t move.

The blood gu fish swam back slowly.

As it evacuated, the other party fell down slowly and heavily, like soft sludge without bones, and directly hit the container with a loud noise.

Ye Jia jumped down, a few drops of scarlet blood splashed on his pale face.

His brows frowned slightly, and the ink under his eyes flashed.

The blood gu fish slowly swam towards him, pressing his huge head against his palm, as if he was asking for praise.

Ye Jiaping took his breath again and touched its head: “…good.”

However, logically speaking, since the blood gu fish appeared, his master should not be far away.

Ye Jia raised his head and looked out of the warehouse.

However, before he could find Ji Xuan’s figure, his sight was attracted by another place.

The container had become tattered in the battle just now. At this moment, it was crushed by the stump of the counterfeit, and it fell apart like paper soaked in water, exposing the contents in it.

That is a row of hangers.

However, what is hung on the hanger is not clothes, but a complete set of perfect human skin.

Hair, facial features, fingers, all, like some kind of weird leather puppet, hung softly on the hanger, neatly lined up in a row.

Ye Jia was stunned.

As if being captured, he stared closely at one of the human leather suits, and then slowly walked towards the clothes hanger.

It was the appearance of a girl-fair complexion, brown hair, well-kept fingers.

Ye Jia had seen her once, on her own dossier.

She is one of the missing girls.

She entered a building and then disappeared strangely. The surveillance video at the entrance of the building did not record her departure.

It was not until a week later that the residents asked about the stench of the rotting, and people found her corpse, whose skin had been completely stripped, in room 404.

——The belly is swollen, the expression is peaceful, and there is no trace of struggling.


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