After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 38

Ye Jia stretched out his hand and slowly caught the wrist of the human skin.

The texture is softer than rubber, and even with a slight temperature, it makes a slight and sticky sound under pressure, as if it was just peeled off from a girl.

He raised his eyes and glanced roughly across the row of human skins.

A total of twenty-five sets.

Faces have different skin colors and facial features. Several of them have appeared in news or files, but some faces are very strange, as if they have never appeared in the public eye.

Familiar or unfamiliar, but all equally young.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, her eyes dark and deep.

After tumbling around in the game for so long, his sympathy has become particularly weak.

However, when he saw the skins of young girls, like goods for sale, neatly hung in a row and placed in a dark and unmanned warehouse, he would still feel a calm and silent… anger.

At this time, Xiao Hei’s hand came out from his shoulder.

It gasped in a low voice: “Here, these are…?”

Ye Jia asked: “Do you remember her?”

Xiao Hei Shou carefully looked at the human skin in front of him, and said affirmatively: “It’s her.”

“She is the remnant soul in that building! I still remember that there was a…very terrible smell in her soul body.” Xiao Hei Shou seemed to remember something, and shivered unconsciously: “At that time she went to I threw on my body and wanted to eat me, but it was eaten by me in turn. As soon as I finished eating, I felt wrong… and then I was contaminated by her cautious and malicious spirit. You know what happened after that.”


Ye Jia remembered that when he met the little black hand, it had completely lost its sanity, only the desire to hunt, and even its power was greatly strengthened by maliciousness, so that it could create ghosts that it could not have at this level. .

Can that kind of ghost have such a terrible effect on the victim?

After peeling off the skin, there will still be such a deep malicious residue in the remaining soul body of the other party, and even the ghost that devours the soul body will be contaminated with it?

He let go.

The crumpled wrist skin lost its support and fell, dangling in mid-air.

And the bus carrying the ghost into the mist…

At least one thing is very clear now.

Li Gui and the player are cooperating.

Suddenly, Ye Jia was startled slightly, raised his head, and looked out of the open warehouse door.

I saw a wisp of off-white mist penetrated into the dark and viscous night, as if a drop of ink fell into the water and spread quickly.

The edge of the mist clings to the ground, rushing toward the warehouse, and the thin edge is rolled up, giving people an unspeakable treacherous and evil.

Across a thin layer of warehouse iron that was torn apart, Ye Jia heard—

The sound of footsteps was approaching towards the warehouse, and an inaudible voice of men and women sounded from a distance:

“Delivering goods… such a simple thing can actually cause trouble,”

The voice was low and slow, with a weird buzzing in the voice line, and it sounded extraordinarily arrogant: “Ha, player, human.”

-High-level ghosts that can release ghosts outside.

The expression in Ye Jia’s eyes became cold, he pulled off his hood, his figure was swallowed by the darkness that suddenly surged from behind, leaving no breath at all.

More fog passed through the cracks in the wall, as if ubiquitously poured into the messy warehouse.

Ye Jia’s eyes darkened.

He remembered… the misty ghost mythical creature that the bus drove in, smelled exactly like this one.

Before the fog almost completely filled the warehouse, a figure stepped in slowly.

He was a man of medium build and medium height. From a distance, there was almost nothing special about him, but his facial features and body shape always gave people a weird…swimming feeling.

When he got closer, Ye Jia discovered that he was made up of countless densely packed flies from head to toe. The flies were like little dots of different colors, brown, brown, black belly, and gray wings. , Green, black, blue compound eyes, various colors gather together to form a complete human form.

The buzzing in his voice has become stronger: “—Success is less than success and more than failure.”

Ye Jia subconsciously let go of his breath.

He knows who it is.

Lord of the Flies.

One of the s-level ghosts in the game, although the reputation and strength are far inferior to the others, but because of its pervasive and ubiquitous disgusting characteristics, he successfully became one of the famous ghost lords.

Ye Jia’s gaze fell on the test tube that fell to the ground in the distance, and the drop of green blood inside was gleaming with faint fluorescence in the dark.

Could it be that he was responsible for that drop of S-level ghost’s painstaking effort?

When seeing the status quo in the warehouse, an obvious surprise flashed across Lord of the Flies’ face made up of countless densely moving flies:


His gaze moved from the sticky blood pool on the ground to the fake blood gu fish that had been fragmented, and finally landed on the human skins lined up in the concentration box.

The buzzing voice of Lord of the Flies became cold, and he almost gritted his teeth: “Such an important thing was almost destroyed, those idiots.”

“However, this intruder…” Lord of the Flies quickly recovered his calm: “It can actually directly fight an out of control blood gu fish, and it can cause such a big trouble for us, I have to say, it is really powerful.”

He hissed and laughed, and those vicious eyes slowly swept across the messy warehouse, and there was an unconcealable malice in his voice:

“And, I know, you haven’t left yet, have you?”

Ye Jia’s breathing was slightly suffocated.

At the moment when Lord of the Flies’ words fell, the thick mist seemed to have life, rolling fiercely, surging in all directions, cracks in every corner.

The next second, I saw a pool of blood on the ground tumbling suddenly.

A huge goat skull emerged, and it silently stared at the ghost in front of it with its black eye sockets. Its jaws were opened, revealing sharp white teeth, and its bone tail swung towards the Lord of the Flies like an off-string arrow. go-

Lord of the Flies didn’t seem to think that another blood gu fish would appear in front of him.

He took two steps back off guard.

The blood gu fish rushed into his body, and the large swarms of mosquitoes and flies dispersed. Only after the other party fell back into the blood pool with a plop, the flies slowly gathered again, regaining the shape of a human.

Looking at the blood gu fish that was staring at him, a shock flashed across Lord of the Flies’s face:

“It, why is it here…?”

The face made up of mosquitoes and flies showed obvious fear: “You are here, then…”

Then, in the night outside the warehouse, a low voice sounded without warning:

“What will happen then?”

The night was cut apart.

A trace of cold scarlet blood was like a sharp blade, cutting straight through the grayish-white mist in front of him.

The tall figure of the man appeared in the blood.

“Lord of the Flies.”

Ji Xuan walked over unhurriedly, his brow bones were high and deep, and the red pupils underneath became darker and weird:

“have not seen you for a long time.”

The blood gu fish swam slowly in the direction of his master.

It rubbed Ji Xuan’s palm with its huge head and seemed to say hello.

Lord of the Flies’s expression calmed down, he lowered his head, bowed to Ji Xuan, and then said in a buzzing, cold voice: “–It’s been a long time since I saw you, Wang.”

He bit the last word very hard, and he looked very vicious.

“What?” Ji Xuan stared at the ghost in front of him with a non-smiling smile: “I don’t say a word when I come to the city? At least let me do my host.”

“…Just doing some private affairs.” The fly on Lord of the Flies’s face swam more violently: “Don’t worry about it.”

Ji Xuan raised his eyes and scanned the warehouse in front of him.

Inside it was as if a hurricane had passed through the border, covered with blood, stumps, and the container that was crushed by a fake blood gu fish.

His gaze paused for two seconds on the human skin in it, and his voice was unpredictable:

“Really, but in my opinion, it’s not very personal.”

Ji Xuan stretched out his hand and lightly hooked his pale and slender fingertips. The soft fluid ball that had been placed at the door of the warehouse rolled over in his direction as if it had been summoned.

He chuckled softly: “Even used to cover the tumor? Large-scale.”

Following his words, the blood behind him spread out bit by bit, and the strong and terrifying aura spread out, quickly swallowing the gray-white mist in the air.

The body of Lord of the Flies gathered and dispersed with the violent emotional fluctuations. He seemed to want to retreat, but he abruptly prevented his instinctive movements.

His voice sounded a bit gnashing his teeth: “Humans have a saying that is very good, you have to forgive others and forgive others.”

Ji Xuan stepped forward slowly:

“What have you done, do you need me to forgive you?”

The sea of ​​blood behind him rolled over.

Even though they were far away, Ye Jia could still feel the terrifying aura contained in it, not to mention Lord of the Flies, who was closer to Ji Xuan.

His body shape was oppressed and transformed, the group of flies hovering around, almost unable to converge into the appearance of a human, his voice became intermittent, very stern, he seemed to no longer pretend, rampant Laughed loudly:

“Ji Xuan, you know, you can’t kill me, as long as there is a mother, you dare not dare.”

Ji Xuan lowered his eyes, his blood-colored pupils were in the night, and his emotionless gaze fell on Lord of the Flies. There was no extra emotion on that pale and handsome face.

The scarlet area invaded further, slowly pressing down.

The group of flies lay flat on the ground, but Lord of the Flies did not seem to have the slightest fear:

“I know, my mother promised you, that human being belongs to you…”

He giggled: “But, you have dragged on for too long, and we are waiting for you to triumph with the spoils, but what about you? The reward was released…the reward!”

Lord of the Flies said in a strange voice: “That prohibition against harm.”

“You, don’t you know…”

Ji Xuan stared blankly at Lord of the Flies struggling under his feet.

His voice has changed, but it still sounds terrifying:

“The first step of the mother’s plan is to kill that human!!” Lord of the Flies’ figure spread out and roared angrily: “If he doesn’t die, his mother will never be able to regain her former prosperity…”

“And now…”

Lord of the Flies grinned: “Mother is impatient.”

“So, we’re here to help you.” He said, “So, you’d better know clearly… which camp you are in.”

Ye Jia hid in the darkness, his pupils quaked.

This…the amount of information is too big.

Who is that mother?

Moreover, what does it matter whether he and that mother can regain their former prosperity?

Ye Jia couldn’t help but remember the words Xiao Hei Shou said earlier.

Are there any forces in this world who don’t want to find you?

—It’s probably gone.

Ye Jia closed his eyes.

Just when he was distracted, he suddenly heard a sharp scream from the Lord of the Flies outside, and the swarms of flying flies frantically hit the blood barrier in front of him.

His voice became weaker, lower, and more sinister:

“Originally prepared, I will start after a while…at least after the goods are delivered, but…hehehe…”

Lord of the Flies hissed and smiled: “Humans have a word that I like very much.”

“—Hyakki Yexing.”

At that moment, even Ye Jia felt it, from above the distant sky, a gloomy malice was slowly suppressed from top to bottom.

He smelled a sweet smell.

Sweet and beautiful, as if the blood suddenly dripping in the shark pond, bewitched and induced, allowing dark creatures to climb out of the dark, greedily looking for the source of the fragrance.

Soon, in the direction of the city, an unignorable yin air soared into the sky, like the excited roars and roars of countless ghosts and monsters, mixed into a terrible shock, and a faint blood appeared on the edge of the originally dark night sky. .

Ji Xuan was also startled.

In the next second, Lord of the Flies caught the opponent’s chance of being stunned, and the huge swarm of flies immediately dispersed, rushing into the sewer below his body.

The city awakened early and was shrouded in fear that had come.


late at night.

Wu Su was awakened by the deafening bell. He fumbled towards the pillow and connected the phone.

However, what came from the mobile phone was not a human voice.

Strands of lacquered black hair gushing out of the microphone, and they wrapped around his wrist in an instant.

The cold, damp and sticky feeling made Wu Su wake up in an instant. He stretched out his hand to hold the gun next to his pillow, and fired several shots at the phone “bump bang”. The special bullet spun and shattered the phone screen. The long strands of hair receded slowly.

Wu Su stood by the bed dressed rough.

He stared suspiciously at the scene before him.

How is this going? Why is there a ghost coming into his phone suddenly?

He turned his head and looked out the window. Through the curtain, he saw that the dark sky outside had been stained with a strange dark red, covering the entire city like a huge net.

On the ground, under the shining of street lights, low-level living corpses broke through the ground and slowly walked through the street.

The pale-skinned undead squeezed out from the gap in the wall, watching the human world with a pair of malicious eyes.

In the distant city, one after another screams sounded.

The door of ghosts opens, and **** comes again.

Wu Su felt that his blood was cold, he hurriedly rushed to the bedside table beside him, and took out the stack of paper that ace gave him from the top layer.

Unexpectedly, the other party responded very quickly.

“Contact your superior immediately.” The young man’s voice was hard and hurried, and clearly gave orders: “Look for any assistance that can be obtained, dispatch your team, and save people first.”

“What about you?” Wu Su asked hurriedly.

The other party did not answer again.

Twenty minutes later.

In the entire city of M, all the combatants that can be mobilized, and even some logistic personnel who can fight with props, are all urgently summoned.

Wu Su quickly and briefly separated the team, and then assigned them to their respective areas.

“There is only one mission.” Wu Su glanced over the same pale-faced colleague in front of him, and said word by word: “Destroy ghosts and protect civilians.”

“Yes!” everyone said in unison.

Watching the combat team quickly leave, the team behind them approached and said: “According to the current situation, we may not last long.”

—They have never seen so many ghosts.

They are almost dispatched.

Regardless of whether it is in the game or in real life, they are almost equivalent to an entire army, which can slaughter an entire city.

“When will the aid arrive?”

Wu Su did not answer.

In fact… he has not contacted any foreign aid at all.

The communication in the city is intact. People in extreme panic can contact their relatives and friends in the city, and even hear the horrified screams of them when they are eaten alive by ghosts through the phone line. However, none of them It is like a disgusting joke that people can get through the phone with the outside of the city. They cut off the connection between the city and the outside world, put an end to any possibility of support, and caused the entire city’s residents to die in despair.

City m is isolated and helpless.

Wu Su took a deep breath and turned to look at the players behind him: “Go.”

-Now only do their best.

The dark red sky was filled with blood, and the screams screamed straight into the sky.

The dark night is lit by blood, but the dawn will never come.

On the streets of the east of the city.

A “bang” shot tore through the dead silence.

Wu Su smashed the head of another living corpse, and it fell softly, the dark blood seeped into the ground, and more living corpses surrounded.

“Damn it.” He cursed inwardly, and pressed the new bullet into the barrel with his bloodied hand.

Living corpses are the lowest-level monsters in the game. They are corpses that have lost consciousness and act only by instinct, but even so, such a large number still makes him useless.

Wu Su commanded his team to step back, using a car parked on the side of the street as cover, and then threw a grenade.

The grenade is specially made, which can cause more damage to monsters with aura attached to the body.

In the next second, only a loud bang was heard, and the broken limbs of the living corpses suddenly splashed, and a stench of smell spread throughout the street.

However, before Wu Su could breathe a sigh of relief, he only heard the little girl’s faint cry from a short distance ahead:

“Ahhhhh! My legs! My legs!”

Wu Su’s heart sank.

-Civilians were affected.

He rushed out.

On the foul-smelling pool of blood and scattered limbs on the ground in front, a little girl fell to the ground in embarrassment, her calf was bloody, she could vaguely see Senbai’s leg bones, she screamed in pain: “It hurts, it hurts! Dad! mother!”

Wu Su stuffed the gun into the gun bag, and carefully stretched out his hand to the little girl: “You, how are you?”

The girl’s long black hair was hanging down, and her thin shoulders trembled with crying.

Wu Su’s breath was a little unstable: “I’ll stop the bleeding…”

However, he hadn’t finished speaking. The little girl who was only a few feet away from him suddenly raised her head, her dark hair spread out, and that little face had no facial features, only a huge, flowing one. The mucus mouth, with rows of sharp teeth growing in it, and the innocent childish voice in his throat:

“But uncle, I’m more hungry.”

A blood-red tongue shot out from her mouth like lightning, and it hit Wu Su’s face straight!

At least a grade.

Wu Su’s mind made a judgment in an instant, but everything was too late, a long tongue with a fishy smell was in front of him, and in the next second he could pierce his skull like tofu—

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

A terrible scream sounded against Wu Su’s face, terrible and sharp, deafening, full of resentment.

Wu Su’s eyes widened in astonishment. He didn’t know what he saw for a while.

It seemed as if a blast of cold light passed against the tip of his nose, and it was as if a gust of wind cut through the blood swiftly and silently, as if it was fleeting like lightning, and disappeared before his eyes before he could catch it.

In the next second, the other party’s tongue was cut off all at once, and fell to the ground with a “click”. After being separated, he was still struggling and jumping frantically.

The little girl with sharp teeth spouted foul black blood, and screamed in her throat and eyes.

Immediately after that, a blood stain slowly appeared on the slender neck, and the head fell off. The next second, she finally stopped screaming, her small body twitched and fell soft, thick black blood. Emerging from the fractured neck cavity, it instantly dyed the ground with the same color.

Wu Su retreated in shock, avoiding the dead ghost’s corpse.

“what are you waiting for?”

The indifferent voice of the youth resounded above his head.

He looked up in amazement.

The slender young man stood under the blood-colored night sky, the huge sickle resembling a crescent moon, and the scarlet brilliance reflected on the blade, like a flowing gleam.

He looked condescendingly at Wu Su who was sitting on the ground in a daze, his face covered by shadows, his pale lips opened and closed:

“Keep up.”

Among the severed limbs, the tall and straight figure of the young man seemed to see a sharp blade of blood in his throat, sharp and unconcealed, with a cold murderous intent and **** air, just looking at it, you can feel the eyeballs being cut. pain.

Wu Su slowly climbed up from the ground, turned his head and saw his dumbfounded team members. Everyone’s expressions were frozen in horror and astonishment. It seemed that they had not recovered from the sudden change just now, dumbfounded. Staring blankly at the scene in front of him.

Wu Su felt a trembling warfare pouring into his chest.

He tried to stabilize his trembling voice and said slowly:

“Introduce you, this is ace.”

The god-level player who once led an entire squad to slaughter a huge group of ghosts higher than the rank of the team, the top of the rankings, and the creator of the myth in the game.

The most terrifying opponent, but also the most reliable comrade-in-arms. His existence seemed to be Dinghai Shenzhen, which immediately stabilized the vain and panic people’s heart.

—At that moment, Wu Su saw the dawn of dawn for the first time tonight.


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