After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 39

There are no stars or moons in the blood-colored firmament, and there is no trace of dawn. The entire city is shrouded in a slaughter red light.

On the streets and between the buildings, countless monsters and ghosts emerged from the gaps in the darkness, instantly turning the world into hell.

It’s like an extraordinarily absurd and cruel dream.

The police plane hovered in the air:

“… Residents, please stay at home, block doors and windows, and don’t leave the room…”

How pale and feeble.

Everyone knows that walls and doors can’t stop monsters and ghosts, but monsters on streets and open areas are even more terrifying. There may be a glimmer of life when hidden, but once they run out, they will undoubtedly die.

After discovering that the situation was not right, the Administration contacted the police and the military as quickly as possible, and dispatched members of the Combat Division to each block to teach them how to use props to fight against ghosts as quickly as possible.

However, they have never encountered such an enemy, and have never received relevant training. They even know for the first time that those dark, strange, and disgusting creatures are not only in the fantasy of childhood. .

Weapons and supplies to deal with supernatural creatures are in short supply.

They can only hold human weapons and stare at all kinds of monsters that seem to have crawled out of a nightmare.

There are a total of 150 permanent members of the combat section in the city. Adding in other non-frontline branch members who are barely considered combat members, the total is less than two hundred.

And what they were facing was a black and overwhelming supernatural army, sweeping toward the real world like a mountain whistling a tsunami.

It was overwhelming horror, suffocating despair.

The asphalt road cracked huge gaps, making a cracking sound, and a monster with foul mud flowing all over its body climbed out from below the ground. It was three stories high, and its tentacles made of mud fell heavily on the ground. , The spider web-like crack spread instantly.

Below it is a tiny human team.

“Fire!” the leader shouted.

The fire from the shot illuminates in the dark streets, but the specially made bullet sinks into the body of the monster as deeply as a mud cow into the sea.

It was irritated and let out a deafening roar.

The road shattered under heavy pressure like cardboard, and the surrounding floors trembled

“Retreat! Retreat!” The people below shouted hoarsely.

It’s too late.

Numerous sticky mud limbs stretched out from its body, tore the air, and attacked the deadly human on the ground.

——Then, he froze in the air.

People raised their heads in shock and fear, only to see a black silhouette appearing above the monster. He was so light, passing by like a silent wind, and bounced lightly on the back of the mud monster.

Immediately afterwards, the crescent-like sickle was raised, and the blood of the sky was reflected on the blade.

The sharp blade fell down, like a soft kiss from the **** of death, and gently swiped across the opponent’s neck without resistance, as if it was a sharp blade to cut through tofu without any trouble.

In the next second, the head of the mud monster rolled down, and the huge body instantly fell apart.

The viscous mud lost its supported form, spreading and flowing on the streets.

The dumbfounded people raised their hands to wipe off the mud splashed on their faces, but when they looked in the direction just now, the figure disappeared without a trace as if it were not on the street. The muddy wrists, they almost thought that the scene just now appeared in their imagination.

“Gang, did you see the person just now?” one of them asked uncertainly.

“I saw…” “Yes, I saw it too.”

Such a shocking knife, beautiful and cruel, precise and cruel, as if it could instantly take everyone’s breath away, as if it was deeply burned into their souls, and it is impossible to forget it after seeing it.

“Did you record the reading of that monster just now?”

“A, a grade.”

Then there was silence.

They have never heard of the fact that there can be humans, and they can fight single-handedly against A-level monsters, and even…


The same question lingers in everyone’s mind–

Who is that unknown and terrifying strong man?

“Will it be someone in the game?”

“Impossible” one of them said categorically, “Otherwise we can’t have no impression.”

The others nodded in agreement.

As they were preparing to pack up and continue to fight other monsters, a small team suddenly appeared from the darkness in the side street.

Wu Su ran in front, he looked very tired, sweating profusely on his forehead, his face and lips turned pale due to the loss of strength, but his eyes were surprisingly bright.

“Brother Wu?” The members of the Fight Division headed by them were taken aback: “Why did you get here? Where is the block under your jurisdiction?”

“Cleaned up, so are the two passing by.” Wu Su’s breathing was short, a flush of excitement flooded his cheeks, and he asked: “What about you? Do you need our help?”

——Yes, they have cleared three whole blocks.

Wu Su once teamed up with ace, and he knew the opponent’s fighting style.

Concise, clean, and straightforward.

He had no distractions to ignore the ghosts in the mountains and plains beside him, and pointed directly at the strongest and most difficult ghosts. He used the fastest speed and the highest efficiency to deal with the backbone of the entire ghost group, just like a sophisticated Surgery, and he is the sharpest point on the scalpel.

Every level in Li Gui is a moat.

The oppression and impact of a Grade A ghost is incomparable to a hundred B Grade ghosts. After the most troublesome of them is eliminated, the difficulty of cleaning up the remaining ghosts is greatly reduced.

After ace joined, Wu Su could feel the pressure of his team’s battle instantly diminished.

Morale rose immediately.

All the people rushed forward as if they had been beaten up in blood. Even the ordinary members who had never had experience in combat with ghosts were no longer panicked. They roared and rushed towards the living corpses on the street.

This is tonight, for the first time, they have entered the battle with the desire for victory.

Just like dominoes, one fell down, and the rest collapsed naturally. Soon, one block, two blocks…three blocks.

With absolute disadvantages, they reverse the situation and turn defeat into victory.

——Humanity began to counterattack.

They left a part of the manpower to continue to clean up the remaining monsters in the block, clinging to the hard-won victory.

The rest of the people are chasing ace to support other areas.

Ace never looked back, and never stopped, but he would always appear in everyone’s field of vision, like a clear-cut symbol, silently encouraging and comforting the other comrades behind him.

Far away but clear, firm and calm.

The blood-colored sky was still dead, but there was a torrent of endeavor secretly surging under it, changing the flow of the whole situation.

The other party seems to be aware of the loss of their own advantages.


A clear dripping sound came from a distant city center. The sound was not loud, but inexplicably, everyone could hear it clearly.

At the moment when the sound fell, everyone, even ordinary people without vision, felt it.

Something has changed.

The temperature in the air dropped rapidly and became severely cold. The living corpses that had been walking without consciousness suddenly stopped. Something was stirring in the depths of their bluish-white skin, and then, violent blood vessels and meridians. Breaking through the skin, thick yellow blood gurgled down.

The recorder worn on his waist suddenly reads soaring, making a harsh dripping sound.

“Just now, they were still e-level just now!” one of the members said in horror: “Now, they have broken through d-level, and they are almost c!”

This is a devastating blow to the morale that mankind has just sorted out.

After all, there is only one ace, and he needs to deal with the most powerful high-level ghost.

When the other ghosts were still low-level, they were enough to deal with it, but when all the low-level ghosts rose to one level, everything changed.

——The opponent wants to make ace clones useless, and let the ghosts and monsters flood them with numbers.

Ye Jia stopped.

Standing on a high place, his tall and slender figure looked like a dark silhouette under the dark red sky, and like a wound cut with a sharp blade on the curtain of the sky.

Ye Jia fixedly looked towards the center of the city.


He could feel that that kind of weird power is still spreading, and if it is not stopped in time, the whole situation will be irreversible.


Ye Jia lowered his eyes, and his gaze fell on the humans who were struggling on the street.

The human squad that had just been formed just now was vulnerable to an opponent who had suddenly become stronger.

Maybe it’s been too long since he left the game, which made his heart that had been experienced on the edge of life and death softened.

Ye Jia’s knuckles were slightly white.

He never knew he would still care-he couldn’t save them.

When he dreamed back at midnight, it was broken and the picture once again appeared before his eyes.

The screams of screams sounded in the darkness of Eternal Night, and the pale **** face reached out to him desperately, “Help me, help me!” Those voices echoed in his ears, urging, screaming Reading, shocking and deafening.

In the dream, he turned around blankly and walked alone toward the deeper depths.

Ye Jia’s fingertips lost their blood because of the force.

——No one can save them.

He must leave.

Before everything is too late, rush to the city center and destroy the power that drives all ghosts and monsters crazy.

Ye Jia retracted his gaze and turned and left as in the memory.

A living corpse with four arms on its back rushed towards a logistics member who was not able to do so, opened his mouth and bit on his shoulder——”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The streets reverberated, but no one could save him. Everyone was fighting with each other.

Ye Jia’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

He remembered this voice—in the office, this voice once asked him with a smile, Ye Ge, would you like a cup of coffee?

Brother Ye, are you off work?

Brother Ye, shall we go to dinner together next time?

He smiled and took out his wallet, and pointed the photo inside to Ye Jia: Look, my daughter, is she cute?

……Oh shit.

Ye Jia turned around, and the sharp blade in his hand appeared.

However, before he jumped down, the ground below suddenly turned into a muddy scarlet color, with a bulge bulging. Then, the skull of a white goat appeared from below, and it gracefully appeared from below. Floating under the ground.

Everyone’s detection instruments sounded deafening sirens, but before they could do anything, I saw the terrifying monster slowly swinging its huge body and swimming around them, like invisible power. Scattered around like a sharp blade.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the living corpse with four arms burst open.

It wandered in the street silently, with severed limbs everywhere it passed, but no human being was injured.

The blood gu fish raised his head and stared at Ye Jia who was standing above him with dark eye sockets, and then waved his tail at him.

Ye Jia was slightly startled, and the pale whiteness on the knuckles faded unconsciously.

He came back to his senses, curled his lips uncontrollably, and said in a low voice:

“……Good boy.”

After confirming that the crisis was resolved, Ye Jia habitually pressed down his hood, then turned and leaped towards the city center.

His figure is agile and brisk.

The sharpness of the sickle fell, and another A-grade ghost wailed and died. Their figure and power were absorbed into the sharp blade like a fluid, making it even sharper and shining.

The blood gu fish followed him closely, swimming in the street below.

Humans stared blankly at this terrible monster swimming over their heads. The pale bones were covered with flowing blood. The huge goat skull made people fearful, but whenever it passed by them, The ghosts and monsters seemed to be shredded by countless sharp blades, and they turned into pieces in an instant.


Ji Xuan asked, “Are they all here?”

Ami lowered her head: “Yes.”

Its blurred face was slightly distorted, as if it was also suppressing some unbearable impulse.

The impact of the props used by Lord of the Flies does not only affect the ghosts lurking in the city, but after all, they have evolved their mentality and self-awareness, so their resistance is stronger.

But even so, it is still difficult for them to suppress their instinctive desire to kill.

“Very good.” Ji Xuan lowered his scarlet eyes: “Go out and quell this rebellion.”

“Existences other than human beings are your enemies,” a cruel smile filled the corners of his lips: “I allow you to let go and eat this time.”

Seeing all the high-ranking ghosts leave one by one, Ami leaned over and asked carefully:

“Well, Wang, may I ask, blood gu fish this time…?”

Ami knew that as an accurate and large-scale aoe, the blood gu fish was the most suitable monster for this scene, but I don’t know why, the blood gu fish, which has always been inseparable from the king, was not by his side this time.

If you follow its previous courage, you would never dare to ask this question.

But it seems that the effect of Lord of the Flies props made Ami bold.

Ji Xuan raised his eyes, and if there was any real sight, he fell on Ami’s body.

Amish shrank.

“It’s gone.” Ji Xuan’s voice was low and calm, as if he hadn’t been irritated by the other party:

“This time it has more important tasks.”

——He is too.

In the sewer.

Dense swarms of flies shuttled through the dark underground pipes, and more flies were attracted, and the flies gathered in everything.

Soon, Lord of the Flies’ figure became clear and stable again.

He breathed a sigh of relief with lingering fears. Fortunately, he had prepared in advance to arrange the props in the city center and prepared a remote start method, otherwise he really didn’t know how to get out this time.

Although Lord of the Flies had long known that Ji Xuan was a direct line of his mother, he had never thought of such a terrible power gap.

It is terrible.

If it wasn’t for the other party who still cared about his mother’s existence, Lord of the Flies suspected that he might be crushed to death on the spot.

It seems that subsequent actions should be more cautious.

He never wanted to confront Ji Xuan anymore.

Lord of the Flies’ body made up of swarms of flies passed through the small mouth of the sewer, and then regrouped into a human form on the street. However, before he could decide what to do next, he felt that there was something wrong in his body. That’s right.

On his arm, one of the small flies stirred slightly.

In the next second, a drop of scarlet blood floated out and quietly suspended in front of Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies’ complexion changed drastically.

not good!

However, before he had time to turn around and flee, the space in front of him was suddenly split by a bright red blood.

The next second, Ji Xuan’s figure appeared in front of Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies immediately dispersed his body, but it was too late.

The red translucent barrier firmly imprisoned its figure, no matter how the flies inside hit it, it seemed to remain motionless like a wall.

Lord of the Flies turned hurriedly.

But the barrier in front of him didn’t have the slightest gap. Under such a huge power gap, he had no possibility to escape.

Ji Xuan stepped forward unhurriedly, with the scarlet blood floating in his pale palm.

He said, “Why go in such a hurry?”

The surrounding barrier slowly squeezed towards the center with his voice, the buzzing swarm of flies was like a dwarf cloud, squirming densely in a narrow space, and the voice of the Lord of the Flies gnashed his teeth. Come: “…Ji Xuan, what are you going to do?”

“Anyway, I’m still the king.” Ji Xuan lowered his eyes and said slowly: “Don’t you know the cost of betraying the king?”

Lord of the Flies: “…you!”

It seemed to realize that it had nowhere to escape this time, so it suddenly calmed down.

Lord of the Flies sneered: “However, since you are willing to come here and spend time with me, it seems that my mother’s plan has worked.”

Ji Xuan’s brow wrinkled slightly without a trace.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha! It seems that you are still at a loss!” Lord of the Flies laughed proudly: “Our target is that human from the beginning! Ace! Kill him, the mother can recover, but , Under your hindrance, this matter seems to be not going very smoothly…”

Lord of the Flies said happily: “That’s why I came here for the second plan.”

“Just turn him into one of us, everything will be solved, right?”

His voice became vicious and cheerful: “Ji Xuan, no one should know better than you, what will happen next?”

——The opening of the ghost door, motivating the ghosts, has only one purpose.

That is to make him stronger, more terrifying, and closer to an inhuman existence.

Lord of the Flies’ laughter is particularly sinister:

“After all, your mother’s direct line is the only one of you.”


city ​​center.

The number of ghosts here is simply outrageous.

The sickle drew a sharp arc, Ye Jia’s figure was like a sharp blade, straightly breaking through the dense encirclement of heavy ghosts, like death again, harvesting the ghosts in front of him one by one.

After their bodies were destroyed by his weapon, they melted into a mist of blood, drifted towards Ye Jia’s body, and turned into a part of him.

The more he eats, the stronger he becomes.

Ye Jia can clearly feel that he is becoming stronger and stronger at an extremely terrifying speed, as if an insatiable monster stretched his curled limbs within his body, showing himself huge and incomparable. The body sighed contentedly.

–Keep going.

The monster that might have taken several rounds to kill could not last for a few seconds under his hands at this moment.

There was plenty of energy surging through Ye Jia’s body. Wherever he passed, the ground was in a mess, and countless powerful ghosts fell under his death scythe and were quickly swallowed.

He can feel the call of a certain power in the dark ahead.



Some liquid fell in the darkness, making a clear and subtle sound, and through the roar of countless ghosts and monsters, it was still clear as if it was ringing in the ear.

Ye Jia came to the bottom of a building.

Unexpectedly, the front hall of the building was dark and clean, without any traces of ghosts, dead and empty, and normal a bit strange.


The sound of the drop of water sounded again.

Ye Jia suddenly realized the silence in his ears.

He turned his head, but found that there were no other ghosts behind him.

It’s like… they didn’t dare to approach in this direction.

The blood gu fish who had been following Ye Jia suddenly opened his mouth and grabbed Ye Jia’s trousers, seeming to prevent him from moving forward.

Ye Jia bent down and patted its head: “Don’t worry.”

The blood gu fish did not let go.

Ye Jia had to pull his trouser legs out of the mouth of the blood gu fish: “I must go.”

Here is the source.

If the source is not cut off, the alienation of the entire city will not end.

Ye Jia turned around and walked calmly into the building.

The blood gu fish circulated anxiously at the door, making a “woooo” sound in his mouth, but could only watch Ye Jia’s back be swallowed by the darkness in the building.

The hall is very quiet.

The blood-red light from the sky shined through the glass door and fell on the dark ground, like a large spread of blood, like a murder scene.


The sound of the falling water became clearer, echoing in the empty hall.

Ye Jia’s brain was buzzing, like a rusty machine that was difficult to operate.

He seemed to hear nothing in his ears, only the sound of lonely and even water droplets.


His legs moved forward automatically.

The closer you get, the stronger the traction in front becomes.

I don’t know how long it took, Ye Jia finally came to the source of the sound.

In the dark, a blood-red sarcoma floated quietly in mid-air. It was only the size of a fist, and ample liquid leaked from its uneven surface, dripping onto the floor–tick.

A thin layer of red has accumulated on the ground, like some kind of messy graffiti.

The scene in front of him was strange and terrifying, but looking at it, Ye Jia could not help but feel a…

Unspeakable calm.

It’s like the wanderer finally returned to his hometown after a long absence, and the quiet exhaustion felt in his body, spreading from his heart to the fingertips little by little.

Reliable, warm, close, and tolerant.

It’s just like……


Keep going. faster. You can go home soon.

There was a voice urging from the bottom of my heart.

The long-lost, longing, and unreachable peace is just ahead, and it’s only the last step to get it.

Obviously no need to breathe, but Xiao Hei Shou felt suffocated under the fear and weight-it could not have entered, every cell in its body was screaming away.

However, since it was tied to everything with Ye Jia, it was dragged into the building abruptly.

The further forward, the more fearful the little black hand.

It hugged and shook Ye Jia’s neck, screaming: “Run! Run! Wake up!”

It stretched out its hand and pulled Ye Jia with all its strength, trying to pull him away in the opposite direction. However, the opponent seemed to be caught by nightmare, slowly, but unstoppable, walked forward, step by step. Approaching the existence that the little black hand felt fear instinctively.

It floated to Ye Jia’s face, trying to wake him up with his hands.

However, before the little black hand could make a sound, its remaining voice was blocked back to his throat——

I saw the young man steadily looking into the distance. The eyes that were originally as shallow as colored glaze turned into black as thick as ink, like a bottomless abyss, under which the dangerous and terrible darkness slowly rotated, as if it could bring everything Swallow the exhausted vortex.

In the depths of the darkness, a small scarlet dot was reflected.

The red sarcoma is close at hand.

More juice is secreted and falls on the ground.

Tick, tick, tick.

The sound of the water drop became hurried, as if urging something.

The young man stretched out his hand slowly, his fingers were long and pale, like the clean snow in a winter night, and his cold fingertips moved forward calmly and little by little.

Just before approaching that sarcoma–

Suddenly, the other hand clasped his wrist firmly, that hand was slightly larger than his palm, and the joints were clearly defined, and it clasped his hand extremely forcefully in his palm.

The youth’s dark eyes moved slightly, and a trace of blankness passed through his eyes, as if he didn’t understand what was going on.

A hand came around from behind Ye Jia, and his cold palm gently covered his eyes.

Behind him, a strong chest was close to his back.

The other party’s low voice leaned in his ears, causing a slight shudder:


“Don’t look.”


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