After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 41

For M City, there has never been a night so long.

The morning light from the horizon illuminates the entire city, and the originally clean and tidy streets are now devastated. The black and red viscous liquid is mixed together and dried on the road, evaporating a rancid and rancid smell.

Although the ghost army has disappeared, for the Supernatural Administration, their work has just begun.

After a whole night of fighting, the members of the management bureau even had no time to rest, and they were dispatched to every corner of the city non-stop to deal with and solve the follow-up problems caused by the opening of the ghost door.

The remaining body of the Li ghost must be recovered as soon as possible, otherwise the yin and malice in it will melt and penetrate into the air, bringing more hidden dangers that cannot be dealt with.

In addition, it is necessary to clean up the remaining ghost monsters and count the casualties of combatants.

Telephones in police stations and hospitals were almost blown up, and civilians in need of treatment and help were everywhere.

Moreover, the scope of the impact of this change is too large. An entire city directly loses contact with the outside world and becomes a ghost in one night. This kind of thing cannot be concealed.

The existence of supernatural creatures is completely exposed, and the entire human world will be shaken by this, and people will never be able to return to the illusory and peaceful life before.

Just like dominoes, as long as the first piece falls, no one can control the chain reaction that may follow.

The phone in the office of the Supernatural Administration kept ringing, and the upper level of the M City branch reported to the headquarters in a scorched state, contacting other agencies and social media, trying to control this seemingly explosive information within their control.

Snow flakes of combat reports and follow-up feedback flew into the office, where the existence of a mysterious person appeared more than once.

It was a young man wearing a hood and unable to see his face. He was holding a huge crescent sickle. His whereabouts were unpredictable, but his strength was strong enough to rival a Grade A ghost, almost withstanding the firepower of the entire night.

The same question surfaced in everyone’s mind.

who is he?

Why does it appear without warning and disappear without warning?

the most important is……

Where is he now?


A building in the middle of the city.

At this usual time, people at work have already arrived, making the entire business district bustling again, but at this moment, the entire building, including the entire business district outside the building, is empty.

Countless monsters’ oddly-shaped and mutilated corpses turned into black-gray smoke and dust under the shining of the sun, curling up, and shrouded hundreds of meters in a thick and foul stench.

However, the neighborhood of that building is completely different.

With it as the center, it presents a huge hollow, like the eye of a tornado, and the ground is clean and there is no **** residue.

In the depths of the hall, the smooth floor was spotless, and light could be seen.

Compared to the shining sun outside the building, it still looks a bit cold and bleak here.

A blood gu fish floated quietly in the air, tilting the huge goat skull, and staring suspiciously at the silent human in front of him.

I don’t know why, the other party has been motionless for a long time.

The young man lowered his eyes, as if roots were growing at his feet, standing still in the empty hall, his pale face had no superfluous expressions, as if he deliberately hid countless dark waves of thoughts. Beneath the calm surface, he habitually built a thick high wall, hiding all his true emotions under it.

However, even though his face was expressionless, the blood gu fish was still able to sensitively perceive that a gloomy coldness penetrated from the opponent’s body, causing the surrounding temperature to decrease.

The blood gu fish leaned forward and cautiously pressed his head against the opponent’s hand.

Ye Jia finally pulled out of his thoughts.

He lowered his eyes to look at the blood gu fish beside him, and gently touched its head with his fingers.

There was a dark emotion hidden deep in a pair of light-colored eyes, as if the gray firmament near night before the storm came.

After stripping out all the previous details, and stroking them carefully, Ye Jia is now very sure–

Although I don’t know why, Ji Xuan recognized himself from the beginning.

But what Ye Jia couldn’t figure out was that since the other party already knew his identity, why didn’t he do it?

——Even if I let you carefully, little by little, look at every minute and every second after the encounter between yourself and the other party, there is still no way to get a perfect answer.

Ye Jia scratched the blood gu fish’s chin thoughtfully.

Seeing that it had once again received the attention of its favorite human being, it quickly threw its doubts behind its head, leaned forward again with its tail, and rolled over in the air to make the opponent scratch a little more smoothly.

But Ye Jia lowered his eyes, didn’t look at it, and seemed to fall deeply into his thoughts again.

——What if I can’t figure it out?

He asked himself cruelly:

——Why are you still so naive and stupid, delusional to understand the thinking logic of a ghost?

Ye Jia’s eyes were slightly cold, like long-lasting frost.

In the memory, that thin little boy will always follow him closely, raising a pair of clear black eyes, watching him trustingly and reliantly, as if looking at his own world, he used a cold little hand Resting on Ye Jia’s wrist, the small body leaned in close, and softly shouted “Brother”.

There is no trust in the game.

This is the only iron rule.

However, he ignored this iron rule, and unknowingly handed over his trust, whether it was in the copy or after getting the “tooth”, when he was chased by other players in the entire game, he was single-minded. Protecting this child who would call him “brother”, he even felt guilty and regretful for implicating him.

He kept a poisonous snake by his side, and blindly thought it was a companion.

He loved this child so much, and he hurts when he was betrayed by him.

At the last moment, Ye Jia knew that from beginning to end, everything was a game designed for him, but he didn’t hesitate to plunge into it.

So in the final battle, he personally killed Ji Xuan.

At the same time, he stabbed to death the once soft and blind self.

But I didn’t expect that the other party was not only dead, but also chased into the real world.

Ye Jia revisited what happened after he and the other party met again.

——Including one’s own cautious retreat, and the hypocritical approach to the other party.

Ye Jia’s breathing fluctuated a little.

He lifted his lips, pulling the corners of his lips upwards, slowly showing a faint smile.

Seeing his smile in the distance, the little black hand shivered involuntarily, leaned back subconsciously and pressed tightly against the wall.

Ye Jia’s eyes didn’t even smile, only the cold anger that was burning.

What other reason is there for not doing it for such a long time?

It was just to satisfy Li Gui’s malicious desires, and wanted to see him suffering and struggling again.

Ye Jia knelt down and gently touched the belly of the blood gu fish, the smile on his lips was particularly brilliant:

“You can follow me from now on.”

Blood Guyu tilted his head for a moment and then rubbed his body with excitement, seeming to be very happy with this proposal.

Ye Jia’s smile deepened, he caressed the blood gu fish carelessly, and the shape of a sickle slowly condensed in the other hand.

As for your other master…

After today, he will no longer exist.


Xiao Hei Shou would never have thought that things would develop in such a wild horse-like direction.

It didn’t know what Ye Jia had just thought.

It only knew that after the other party stood still for a while, and didn’t know why, suddenly anger came from his heart, evil grew to the guts, and he walked out with a knife.

The little black hand now has no time to control the king’s ban, so he hurriedly jumped on Ye Jia’s shoulder, grabbed his collar, and asked carefully: “Big, big, where are we going?”

Ye Jia smiled and said, “Kill the ghost.”

Xiao Hei Shou looked silly: “Kill, who to kill?”

Ye Jia: “Ji Xuan.”

Little Black Hand: “…………………………”

play ball.

Gouxue Xiaohuangwen is about to change to revenge and murder.

Ye Jia first brought the blood gu fish back to his home, so that it would not follow him out.

After all, the blood gu fish followed Ji Xuan for longer. Ye Jia didn’t think that the blood gu fish would help him once he and Ji Xuan met, so he just let it not participate and stay out of the battle. .

Immediately afterwards, he twisted his breath to cover up, and unfolded the ghostly creature toward one of Ji Xuan’s memory in his memory.

The inside of the ghost mythical creature was scarlet, and the walls on both sides still covered Ye Jia’s mythical creature completely.

The little black hand held his collar tightly, stammering in his ear to persuade, hoping to dispel Ye Jia’s impulse.

Ye Jia glanced at it: “If you are afraid of being implicated, I will put you down before seeing Ji Xuan.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Ye Jia calmly continued: “Don’t worry, even if I lose, it will be good for you. The connection between us will disappear and you will be free.”

The little black hand wanted to cry without tears: “…”

It doesn’t mean that ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Soon, the originally not short distance became close at hand under the ghost mythical creature, and Ye Jia stepped out of the ghost mythical creature and came to the place where he had seen Ji Xuan last time.

The luxurious hall was still dimly lit, but empty, and the blood pool on the ground was also empty.

Ye Jia looked around.

Ji Xuan is not here.

However, before he could do anything, in the corner, a black monster with a viscous liquid dripping down suddenly rushed towards him.

Ye Jia keenly flashed to the side, a sharp cold light flashed from the sharp blade in his hand.

Hearing only the sound of breaking through the air, the monster was cut in half by a sharp blade, fell to the ground and twitched.

It has seven or eight huge eyes growing all over its body, and each eyeball is black, but there is a weird and strange red blood mist on top of that black layer. Even for the ghost, its state is still Something is not right.

What’s more, it is strange that the weapon he used was “tooth”, but he didn’t feel the opponent’s power being eaten into his body.

Ye Jia frowned slightly, lowered his head, and gently moved the monster with his toes.

In the next second, the opponent’s body shattered and turned into dust.

Ye Jia was slightly startled.

At this moment, the sound of the door being pushed open came from behind: “Oh! Aye! You are here!”

There is no one besides A-mi in this cheerful voice.

Ye Jia squinted his eyes and turned to look behind him.

Ami’s figure is still fuzzy like a shadow, her facial features can’t be seen clearly, but she can clearly distinguish her happiness: “I contacted you for a long time and haven’t found you. I thought you were caught in the rebellion. Killed it!”


Ye Jia was stunned for a moment before reacting.

Indeed, the Hyakki Night Walk last night was initiated by Lord of the Flies, but for Ji Xuan, it was considered a rebellion.

He asked calmly: “Do you know where the king is?”

A-mi said of course: “On the other side of the battlefield.”

Ye Jia frowned: “But Baigui Yexing is over.”

How could there be another battlefield?

“Yes, the rebellion of last night has been suppressed, and all the king’s subordinates have been sent out…” Ami Xuxu said.

Ye Jia: “…Where was it sent?”

“Xicheng District.” Ami returned.

A stunned look flashed deep in Ye Jia’s eyes.

He was in Dongcheng District last night.

He has the communication equipment of the Administration Bureau, wherever there are more calls for help and help, he will go wherever he goes, so he basically wandered in Dongcheng District last night… Ye Jia originally thought it was because of the high-level Dongcheng District. There are more ghosts, but I didn’t expect… But it was because Ji Xuan’s subordinates were devouring the ghosts in Xicheng District?

“How many humans have died?” Ye Jia asked abruptly.

Ami didn’t seem to expect Ye Jia to ask this question. It was stunned, and then said: “I don’t know eh…”

Before Ye Jia could say anything, Ami continued: “After all, we don’t know how many people were eaten by those rebellious ghosts.”

Ye Jia: “…you didn’t eat it?”

“The king won’t let it.” Ami replied unconsciously: “After all, our goal is the rebels, and they are enough for us to eat.”

After speaking, it burped contentedly.

“Oh right!” A-mi seemed to remember what she was going to do: “Quickly, let’s go to the battlefield, there is a shortage of manpower there, I thought there were few left here, I didn’t expect you Still, you are so strong, you should be able to help a lot!”

Ye Jia was dragged forward when she was caught off guard.

Ami tore apart the ghosts and walked into it one by one.

Ami’s ghost is pure black, just like its race, lurking and living in the shadow.

Staring at Ami walking in front of him, Ye Jia asked: “Since…the rebellion of last night has ended, what about now? What is the cause of this battle now?”

Ami tore apart the ghost, while answering:

“It’s mother.”

Its voice became lower obviously.

——This is the second time Ye Jia heard this word. Last time at the dock, Lord of the Flies spoke this word.

He repeated: “…Mother?”

Ami nodded: “Yes.”

“The Hyakki Yexing last night was directly ordered by my mother, but the king disobeyed his mother’s order…” It sighed, “So, this is the mother’s punishment.”

At this moment, Ye Jia has completely stepped out of Ami’s ghost.

He watched the shocking scene before him, and subconsciously held his breath.

——He has no way of telling where it is, the world? Or a ghost? Is it reality? Or is it a game?

Covering the sky and the sun, the mountains and plains are all densely packed, all of which are the kind of monsters he saw in the hall before.

Dark and foul-smelling mucus was flowing all over his body. There were several huge eyes cracked on his body. The pitch-black eyeballs were rolling around, covered with a layer of blood mist, and they looked particularly hideous and terrifying.

These monsters are of different sizes. The small ones are only as big as their fingernails, while the big ones are as large as several buildings.

However, there is no Yin Qi on their bodies, but another evil and chaotic aura, Ye Jia can’t tell, but instinctively feels repulsive.

In the dark sea of ​​monsters, Ji Xuan’s subordinates looked particularly conspicuous. They fought back, but the monsters in front of them seemed to never decrease, rushing towards them layer by layer.

These monsters are irrational and can’t feel the pain.

After death, they will turn into dust, and they will not be converted into any energy if they are eaten. Even if they are not as strong as the b-level a-level ghosts, they are enough to swallow a force completely.

Ye Jia retracted his gaze to cover up the complex expression in his eyes.

He raised his voice and asked, “Where is the king?”

Ami was busy and pointed at the top.

Above the head, there was a faint scarlet through the dense black monsters, and there were still more monsters rushing towards the red.

Ye Jia stepped on his feet and leaped up lightly. He stepped on the body of the surrounding monsters to prance upwards, and smoothly solved the monsters that fell towards him, and straightly approached the scarlet color.

Sure enough, Ji Xuan is here.

He was alone, standing there calmly in the air, his slender figure was particularly tall and conspicuous among the ugly monster group, behind him were blood-red turbulent waves, and he mercilessly swallowed any monster that dared to move forward.

His face was pale, his scarlet eyes were dark and deep, staring indifferently at the huge monster in front of him.

That monster was the size of a football field, covering the sky, with countless huge boils growing out of its body, longing for the sticky juice, and staring at Ji Xuan with those violent eyeballs. There was a hoarse growl in his mouth.

Compared with it, Ji Xuan looked so small, as if he would be crushed by it in an instant.

Unexpectedly, a huge and terrifying mouth split on the face of this monster, like an abyss.

While slowly approaching Ji Xuan, it opened its mouth.

A weird and low voice, as if a roaring voice came out of its mouth, but the tone was extraordinarily gentle and gentle. Under the contrast between the two compartments, there was a kind of weirdness and horror that could not be ignored:

“my child……”

This is the “mother”?

An idea flashed through Ye Jia’s mind, but he immediately rejected it.

Not too possible.

It is more like the tool to convey the voice of the mother.

Ye Jia smoothly chopped and shredded several monsters approaching him, but his attention had been focused on the conversation not far away.

“…Although your promise has not been fulfilled.” The monster slowly approached, with every eye on his body looking at Ji Xuan: “But I will love you unconditionally forever, so don’t betray my trust.”

After speaking, the mouth closed again, as if it had never appeared before.

It changed back to a whole body full of mucus again.

Then, as if it had finally lost its imprisonment, it began to attack Ji Xuan frantically, its huge eyes trembling, and an irrational madness flashed within.

Ye Jia was surprised by its sudden attack.

It seems that although the “mother” said that she would love him forever and wanted to give him another chance, she still didn’t hesitate to punish him.

Ji Xuan didn’t seem to be surprised by this.

He evasively responded, and the blood around him continued to swallow the surrounding monsters.

But… I don’t know if it was Ye Jia’s illusion, he always felt that Ji Xuan’s state was a bit wrong.

As a Li ghost, his complexion is always pale, but from just now, Ye Jia has discovered that the originally huge and powerful ghost energy around Ji Xuan body is no longer so oppressive, as if…have been severely injured before.

Originally Ye Jia was not very sure, but now seeing the other party’s slightly reluctant response, everything is no longer in doubt.

And the monster also realized this.

Its offense became more and more frantic, and a kind of violent greed flashed in the dark and red eyes, Ji Xuan had to separate a part of the **** waves that cleaned the monster group behind him to block the opponent’s offensive.

In this way, his back will inevitably lose a certain degree of protection.

Ye Jia squinted his eyes, put his fingers on the handle of the sickle, and the blade shone with a ruthless cold light.

——Ji Xuan is in poor condition now, which is a good thing for him.

How simple.

No matter how much hypocrisy, how many lies.

With one cut, grievances disappeared.

He finally solved the big troubles of mankind and was able to avenge his betrayal.

How easy it is.

The other monsters seemed to have noticed the holes in the opponent’s back, so they rushed towards him like a wave, but Ji Xuan seemed to have eyes on his back, crushing them all——

The huge monster seized the opportunity, and stretched out a few thick tentacles from its body full of pitch black slime, broke the air, and rushed straight towards Ji Xuan.

The blow was blocked again.

The tentacles broke all at once, struggled and twisted and fell down.

However, the defensive gap behind the man has expanded again, and the wave of blood rushing forward has not yet recovered.

More monsters pounced on him.

If he wants to block this wave, he will inevitably expose the weakest position.

–It’s now.

This moment is fleeting.

If you want to kill him, there is no better chance than this.

The cold light unsheathed, and silently broke through the sky, slashing forward like a meteor, sharp as if it could cut through the air and crush the cause and effect——


If Ji Xuan felt something, he turned his head and looked behind him.

The fragmented monster’s body turned into dust, and it floated down.

Other than that, no one is left.


In an empty room.

The group of blood gu fish raised their heads with feeling and looked in one direction.

It swings its tail and swims forward.

In the corner in front of me, the young slender figure slowly emerged from the darkness.

He knelt down and touched the head of the blood gu fish.

The youth’s voice was very low, with a bit of faint unwillingness and coldness:

“… For your face, let him go first this time.”


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