After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 43

“Why surrendered again?”

While putting on his coat, Wu Su hurriedly walked into the game.

Last night’s Hyakki’s Night Walk could no longer be concealed. This news was explosive and caused a wave-like chain reaction in an instant. The Internet collapsed one after another. Numerous conspiracy theories and many conjectures flooded in it. With the disclosure of folk videos, As a secret organization of the government, the Supernatural Administration was forced to be exposed to the public’s vision.

All members were ordered not to make any comments on the Internet or the media until the official decision was made.

And Wu Su, as the highest-ranking member of M City Fighting Core, had to bear most of the pressure from superiors and subordinates.

Although last night’s Hyakki Night Walk has ended, his workload has doubled.

After a day and night of intensive work, Wu Su’s eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and his beard became messy because of not being taken care of, like a weed, but he still looked energetic.

“Is it related to ace again?” He lit a cigarette and asked vaguely: “Just like the Dong Gua before?”

“Not this time.” Ke Zheng replied.

He thought for a while, still didn’t seem to find any suitable adjectives, and said with a complicated expression:

“That…Anyway, Brother Wu, you’ll know when you go.”

Wu Su: “?”

He glanced suspiciously at his own deputy captain, and finally he didn’t ask anything, but walked in the direction of the opponent’s finger.

As soon as he opened the door of the interrogation room, Wu Su’s steps subconsciously stopped.

The interrogation room is not big, the light above the head is cold and dazzling, the pattern is very simple, and it has a monotonous meaning to it.

In the middle of the room sits a tall man. He is dressed in simple clothes, has a loose and relaxed posture, has a very aggressive facial features, high eyebrows, and his dark eyes are half-squinted. His hands are on the table, pale. There were dazzling silver handcuffs on his wrists. Even though he was sitting behind the square iron table with a special restraint chain in his hand, he seemed to be in his own home. A sense of oppressiveness radiated from his bones, which made people feel instinctively. fear.

In the other corner of the room, Wu Su recognized that the member of the logistics department who had helped him last time was sitting there.

The youth’s light-colored eyes were drooping, and his handsome and pale face had no expression, giving people a sense of indifference that was thousands of miles away.

He seemed to have deliberately chosen this position in the room. It was neither far nor too close to the man sitting behind the iron table. He always maintained a vigilant sense of distance.

The atmosphere in the room was so dignified that it seemed like a viscous liquid, and the people couldn’t breathe.

I don’t know why, there is no line of sight communication between the two people, but Wu Su feels inexplicably that the two should know each other.

Wu Su: “…”

So what’s the situation in this weird atmosphere?

As if noticing the incoming person, the man sitting at the table raised his eyes, his dark pupils were as dim as the abyss, and he casually swept across Wu Su’s body.

In an instant, Wu Su felt a sense of instinctual fear in his heart, a layer of cold sweat oozes from his back, and the alarm bell in his heart, and the intuition cultivated by years of struggle in the game screamed in his mind.

The sense of horror came when I looked straight into the abyss, and every cell of my body was clamoring to escape.

-not human.

The other party obviously had no intention of converging, allowing the inhuman qualities of his body to be clearly presented in front of his own eyes, and did not hide his toughness and horror, like a giant beast slowly stretching its body in a narrow room.

Wu Su suddenly rang the alarm bell in his heart, subconsciously reached out to touch the holster on his waist, and asked sharply, “Who are you?”

In the face of his vigilance, the opponent’s reaction was particularly flat.

Ji Xuan raised his hand, and the special shackles between his wrists knocked on the iron tabletop with a crisp sound. He smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous.”

Wu Su seemed to react now.

The other party is carrying the handcuffs specially developed by the Supernatural Administration. They are specially designed to detain the powerful ghosts that cannot be eliminated for a while. As long as they are brought, the yin on their bodies will be suppressed and they no longer have the power to harm others. .

But even so, Wu Su still couldn’t feel the slightest relief.

Perhaps it was because the other party’s attitude was too relaxed and casual, making him subconsciously wary.

Wu Su tensed all over, squinted his eyes, and asked in a cold voice:

“What is your purpose?”

Ji Xuan chuckled, “Isn’t my purpose obvious yet?”

At this time, Ye Jia, who was sitting in the distance, also raised his eyes and cast his gaze on him.

The young man’s expression is still indifferent and calm, his light-colored eyes are sharp as knives, and everything seems to be invisible under that line of sight.

Seeing that he finally attracted the other’s attention, Ji Xuan curled his lips imperceptibly and said:


“…Cooperation?!” Wu Su repeated in surprise.

Ji Xuan leaned back relaxedly, half-squinting his eyes: “Of course.”

“Are you curious about whether the ghost that escaped from the game has a leader? What is the purpose?” He smiled on his lips and his eyes were deep: “Or… don’t you want to know the reason why the Hyakkiye walked last night? ”

Under the man’s sight, Wu Su felt a chill in his back.

However, I have to say that every issue the other party said hits the point.

So far, humans have no idea what they are dealing with—who is their opponent? What do they want?

The ghosts who escaped from the game seem to be in their own hands. Some are scattered, some are missing. The raging and supernatural events are happening all over the country, regardless of the form or the victims. There seems to be no pattern to follow. However, as Players who have had game experience, Wu Su always felt that the dark tide was surging under this, and it seemed that there was something behind it, but he had no evidence to prove his conjecture.

And now, a powerful high-ranking ghost finally appeared in front of him, seeming to know the truth of everything.

This made Wu Su couldn’t help feeling trembling-half excited, half scared.

He took a deep breath, pulled a chair over, sat down opposite the man, and slowly asked:

“Then let’s start from the beginning-who is your leader?”

“Mother.” Ji Xuan replied: “The source and dominator of all ghosts and monsters.”

His expression was extraordinarily magnanimous, and he didn’t seem to care what shocking words he said.

Wu Su looked at him suspiciously: “When I was in the game, I never heard that the ghosts had a mother.”

“Low-level ghosts and monsters are just inferior creatures spawned by Yin Qi.” Ji Xuan chuckled lightly: “Only high-level ghosts have the concept of mother and know the existence of their source.”

“What about Ji Xuan?” Wu Su frowned: “Isn’t he your king?”

Ye Jia: “…”

He couldn’t bear to look straight away and looked away.

Ji Xuanmian said without changing his expression: “It is true, but the so-called king is just the mother’s substitute.”

“A substitute? Why?”

A smile appeared on Ji Xuan’s lips, and a dark red flashed in the depths of his pitch-black eyes. His voice was low and dark, and it was involuntarily creepy:

“—Because she can’t come to the world for the time being.”

Wu Su’s throat rolled up and down dryly. He opened his mouth and asked slowly: “So, you mean, the purpose of all these ghosts is to let her come to the world? What happened after she came to the world? what happens?”

Ji Xuan did not answer.

He just casually tapped on the table with his fingertips, and made an “aggressive” soft sound: “Mother’s dominance over us comes from blood, which means that some information is impossible for me, and I can’t give it to me. You revealed—so, you’d better choose carefully the questions you want to ask.”

“All right.” Wu Su took a deep breath and asked from a different angle: “You are also a high-level ghost, and you are also a child of your mother. Why did you choose to help humanity?”

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes thoughtfully:

“Um… we have a disagreement.”

His gaze swept over Ye Jia who was sitting on the sidelines without a trace, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly: “She gave me an impossible task.”

The atmosphere in the air suddenly became weird.

Wu Su wisely did not continue to question.

He thought for a while and said: “The capital is closer to the core of the management than we are, and there are more capable people and strangers.”

The branch office of M City is just a humble part of the entire administration. It stands to reason that if you want to seek cooperation, it is a more sensible way to go to the capital to find the headquarters. Wu Su believes that for the man in front of him, geography The distance on the board didn’t make much sense, but he didn’t know why, but he came to the branch of M city, and deliberately came to the table of one of the logistics department members and announced “surrender”.

This is too strange.

Wu Su glanced at Ye Jia vaguely, and asked in a roundabout way:

“Why do you think of working with us?”

This time, Ji Xuan’s smile on the corners of his lips deepened, and he said without evasiveness: “Repay your kindness.”

The little black hand squatted on Ye Jia’s shoulder, hiding under the concealment layer made for him by the other party-as the closest ghost to Ye Jia, it could clearly feel the subtle changes in the opponent’s body.

Senhan’s murderous aura that implies coldness is exactly the same as when he made up his mind to kill Ji Xuan.

The little black hand was so frightened that he didn’t dare to come out, for fear that Ye Jia would have an impulse and stepped forward and stabbed the opponent.

It wants to cry without tears.

—If I am guilty, please let the law punish me instead of making me shiver between the two big guys! !

Ji Xuan seemed to have not noticed it, he smiled and looked at Ye Jia: “I believe you humans have a saying, the grace of dripping water should be returned by the spring, let alone the grace of saving lives.”

-The grace of life-saving, of course, must be promised by the body.

Ye Jia’s expression became colder,

Seeing Wu Su’s questioning gaze, he lifted his lips calmly and replied:

“…It’s just an accident.”

Ye Jia’s eyes met with Ji Xuan’s, his eyes became cold and dark, and he slowly said: “If you give me another chance, I believe I won’t make the same choice.”

Wu Su: “…”

Wait, can it be so straightforward?

—Especially when faced with a high-level ghost with unpredictable emotions and anger, he is not sure how much the special shackles on the opponent’s hand can play a role under his anger.

Wu Su looked in the direction of the man with trepidation, but found that at the moment when Ye Jia’s voice fell, the arc of the corners of his lips widened, and a smile flashed from the depths of his dark eyes, and it seemed that he was in a very moody mood. Good look.

Wu Su: “???”

Um? what happened? Is my understanding of the sentence just now different from his?

He fell into doubt about his ability to understand.

However, Wu Su quickly pulled himself back from the distraction. He coughed and broke the strange atmosphere in the air, saying: “In this way, I will report your request to the superior and make a decision at the superior. Before, you just…”

Ji Xuan interrupted him: “Can I appoint someone to take care of me?”

“This…” Wu Su was taken aback, as if he didn’t expect the other party to make such a request.

Ji Xuan shook the shackles on his wrists, and the silver handcuffs clinked: “I will be very cooperative.”

“I don’t agree.” Ye Jia interjected in without warning.

His eyes flashed with inorganic cold light under the icy light above his head, and his voice was cold and unkind: “He is obviously very dangerous. I think we should still follow the rules and imprison him in a special cell. In the middle, wait until his information is confirmed to be accurate before making a decision.”

Wu Su: “…”

…It’s really straightforward! !

His heart lifted again, for fear that the other party would turn his face, but more unexpectedly, Ji Xuan showed no signs of anger at all, and he nodded, “It’s okay.”

-Now it’s Wu Su’s turn to feel magical.

Are all the ghosts in your game so talkative? ? ?

The door of the interrogation room was closed behind, blocking the man’s deep black eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts.

Standing in the corridor, Wu Su felt a trance.

What happened just now is almost dreamlike, even now, he still feels a little unbelievable.

After a huge loss for all mankind, they suddenly made great progress without warning. A high-ranking ghost who was willing to cooperate and speak very well actually came to the door, willing to disclose to them the precious information that mankind has sought for a long time, even if It is impossible to appear in his wildest imagination.

The logistics member turned to leave.

Wu Su hurriedly called to him: “Ye Jia!”

The young man stopped his steps, turned his face halfway, his cold white complexion seemed unreal in the dark, and his voice was still calm: “What’s the matter?”

Wu Su stepped forward and stood by him, and asked curiously:

“So, how did you save this terrible ghost?”

Ye Jia: “…people make mistakes.”

Wu Su: “???”

For some reason, he heard a hint of gritted teeth in the voice of the other party.

Ye Jia turned around, looked straight at Wu Su, and said:

“Don’t take him lightly. I think that shackles do not have much restraint for him. Ghosts are good at lying, not to mention such powerful ghosts. Be wary of what he says about cooperation. There may be another conspiracy,”

Wu Su deeply agreed: “You are right, especially we don’t know what his true purpose is now, so it’s better to be vigilant.”

“However, his information is very important to us so far.” He patted Ye Jia’s shoulder comfortingly: “I will go to a senior I trust to ask for advice.”

Ye Jia: “…”

I seem to know who your predecessor is.

He himself stood in front of you and gave you advice.

However, what Wu Su said is indeed valid-in the current state of humanity, the information provided by Ji Xuan is necessary.

He sighed silently.

It seems that this can only be done temporarily.

However, what Ye Jia is most concerned about right now is not this.

He changed the conversation and said, “Team Wu, can you give me an opening certificate?”

Wu Su: “Huh?”

“I encountered an accident when I was dealing with the follow-up work this afternoon,” Ye Jia simply told Wu Su about the shooting in the afternoon, and then added: “For some personal reasons, I want to go to the police station to see it. See related reports.”

Although he could indeed rip the ghost mythical creature away, due to the night of the Hundred Ghosts, the police station and the morgue must be very chaotic. Ye Jia was not sure that he could find the corpse and related reports in a short time, so he was frugal. Time, a quick fight, it’s better to go directly through official channels.

Wu Su thought for a while and said, “Okay.”

He said: “Listening to your description, it seems that there is indeed something wrong with this murder case. You take the instrument and remember to submit a report to me when you come back.”

Ye Jia: “…Okay.”

Unexpected workload has increased.



After last night, both the police and the forensic doctors became extremely busy. The morgue was even more overcrowded. Most of the corpses sent were sent to the freezer before being dissected, and all the freezers were occupied or even forced. Rent a cold storage to store corpses.

The forensic intern led Ye Jia into one of the rented mobile cold storage rooms and pointed to one of the compartments: “There.”

After speaking, she hurriedly turned around and left, as if there was more work waiting for her.

Ye Jia was left alone in the cold storage.

He walked slowly towards the corpse.

The clothes on the corpse have been removed, and the two bullet holes on the shoulders and chest no longer bleed, showing a blue-black like frozen meat at low temperatures, his face is dead gray, his eyelids have been drooped, and the cloth has been drooped. The bloodshot muddy eyeballs were covered, the corners of his mouth were still raised, and the stiff and crazy smile was fixed on his face.

The instrument in Ye Jia’s hand did not move–this was a prop he collected from the young man who was adventurous in the haunted house, and it was accurate enough.

Moreover, he did not smell the slightest yin on this person.

It seems to be just… an ordinary corpse.

There were no traces of supernatural time left on it, and even the yin fluctuations detected in the corridor before seemed to have never appeared.

After all, after the Hyakki Night Walk, the remaining yin Qi will be detected everywhere, and the fluctuation may be due to the rest of the ghosts in that building, not from this murder.

Ye Jia pondered for a while, and pulled out Xiao Hei’s hand:

“Do you smell anything?”

The little black hand shook his fingers blankly: “Nothing.”

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, and his thin, pale lips were slightly pursed and stretched into a straight and cold line.

He didn’t know what he was expecting to discover.

He breathed out a suffocating breath silently, turned around and prepared to go out, but before taking a few steps out, his eyes suddenly stopped and landed on a compartment next to him.

Ye Jia walked in that direction because of a ghost.

He stretched out his hand and pulled out the simple freezer from the compartment. With a clatter, another corpse appeared in front of him.

The pale blood-stained face, the expression of despair, was chopped into pieces.

—Thunderstorm night, blood-stained dress, broken pearl necklace.

As if to drive something away, Ye Jia closed his eyes.

The instrument in his hand made a faint beep.

Ye Jia was startled, opened his eyes, and looked down at the instrument in his hand.

The pointer on the dial shook, and then finally stayed at 0, it stopped ringing.

The little black hand said, “Eh… weird?”

It jumped off Ye Jia’s shoulder and got into the vague wound on the corpse’s chest and abdomen. Two minutes later, it came out: “Her heart is gone.”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes slightly, and a gleam of light flashed in the depths of his eyes: “Do you smell any smell?”

The little black hand thought for a while and said, “Well…a little bit, but now it seems to have disappeared.”

“What is it?” Ye Jia asked.

The little black hand said: “It’s kind of like… the taste of the soul I ate in that building?”

Ye Jia was stunned.

He stood there for a while beside the corpses, then pushed the two corpses back, turned and walked out.

The door of the cold storage closed behind him.

The dark night once again enveloped the whole city.

Ye Jia’s expression was very cold, as if the icy snow that never melted all the year round.

-He has never linked the experience of his parents with games before.

Less than a month ago, the game just collapsed, and the ghosts and monsters hidden in it left the shackles of the game and came to the world.

When he lost his father and mother, he was eight years old.

Fifteen years later, he entered the game.


Stepping into the night, Ye Jia returned to his apartment.

He walked into the building door, but when he was about to reach his own floor, he suddenly stopped his steps, his voice was slightly cold: “Who?”

With the sound of footsteps, the voice-activated light in the corridor lights up, and a tall figure appears.

It’s Ji Xuan.

He no longer concealed it at this moment, his dark red eyes were like blood flowing slowly under the light of the corridor, he slightly raised his lips and whispered softly:

“good evening.”

Ye Jia subconsciously rubbed his hand on his side.

This is his instinctive posture before attacking.

He squinted his eyes without answering.

Ji Xuan stepped forward, his voice low and soft: “I haven’t seen you for so long, have you missed me? Brother?”

—When I was in a residential area, the little boy transformed into a smiley monster and the man in front of him slowly overlapped.

Ye Jia looked at him fixedly, with an undisguised coldness in his voice:

“Step aside.”

Ji Xuan blinked at him innocently and shook the portable shackles on his wrists. The chain in the middle had been removed, and his pale wrists were glowing with silver light, like two bracelets: “Your superior Agreed to cooperate.”

Ye Jia repeated: “Get out of the way”

As if by magic, Ji Xuan took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

With a smile on his lips, his low-pitched voice was muted, and the ending was elongated, saying, “Look, they agreed to my request to appoint a guardian.”

“Congratulations.” Ye Jia hooked her lips, but there was no slight smile in her voice: “But I don’t want to.”

He had just returned from the morgue, and the previous shock had not disappeared, which made him extremely impatient.

Ye Jia calmly took out the key, bypassed Ji Xuan, and continued to walk upstairs.

However, when the two were about to pass by, Ji Xuan suddenly turned around and clasped Ye Jia’s wrist without warning. He suddenly turned around and trapped Ye Jia between himself and the wall of the corridor.

The distance between the two of them shrank instantly, and their noses were facing each other, almost within reach.

But Ye Jia did not retreat.

Instead, he leaned a little closer, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

The tip of the sickle appeared in his palm, and the cold blade gleamed with a beautiful snow-colored gleam in the dark night, reaching the opponent’s heart.

His voice was cold: “I don’t mind completing what was not done last time.”

In the next second, unexpectedly, the figure in front of him suddenly shrank.

Ye Jia was stunned.

When he reacted, the other party had become the little boy in his memory.

He leaned back with a pale and beautiful face, resting his fragile neck on the blade in Ye Jia’s hand, his ruby-like eyes gleaming in the light, and his lips were smiling:


The immature voice of a child sounds hoarse, soft, almost like acting like a baby:

“… Brother is happy.”



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