After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 44

The young man raised his head, his dark red eyes were dark and deep, and his pupils reflected the cold and frosty face of the young man in front of him, as if the whole world was filled with only one person in front of him.

He obediently placed his neck on the blade of the young man in front of him, with an intimate smile on his lips.

It’s like completely handing over one’s life and death to the other’s hands, letting others take it.

The two faced each other silently, the atmosphere in the air solidified and suppressed, making people breathless.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes expressionlessly, and said coldly:

“Do you think I’m softhearted?”

The blade in his hand was approaching again.

The blade was as cold as silver, and Senhan’s blade cut through the thin neck of the young man.

A thin scarlet wound appeared on the pale skin, and it became more shocking under the dim light, a trace of blood oozing out, like a scarlet blood snake, spitting a letter, slowly winding along the line of the boy’s neck Down, swimming under the neckline.

The other party can’t avoid it.

The young and tender young man’s voice was slightly mute, with a little aggrieved nasal voice: “How come…”

He raised his hand, unbuttoning the buttons one by one with his slender fingers, and the white collar of his shirt spread out, revealing his thin collarbone and chest.

The blade sent forward subconsciously.

The knife edge was deeper, and the blood flow between Ji Xuan’s neck became more turbulent.

Ye Jia was stunned.

The unhuman voice fluctuates a bit:

“……what are you doing?”

I saw a deep scar on the thin chest of the young man, which looked particularly hideous and dazzling on the smooth and pale skin-the location was precise and the point was cut to the point. It could be seen that there was absolutely no softness in the hands.

The blood flowed down, falling on the healed wound, like tears of blood.

Ji Xuan raised his hand to caress his heart, and got a little closer again, his smile on his lips became brighter:

“Look, I have kept all the gifts my brother gave me.”

“If you are soft-hearted, it’s not your brother.” The boy tilted his head, his expression a bit naive and cruel.

In the next second, he hit the blade in Ye Jia’s hand with his neck without hesitation.

Ye Jia was caught off guard.

He only had time to virtualize the weapon in his hand, but he didn’t have time to take it back.

Ji Xuan smiled and pressed his cheek against the opponent’s palm, rubbing it slowly and affectionately, and his cold and soft thin lips remained unmarked on the opponent’s warm skin for two seconds.

Ye Jia pushed the opponent away suddenly as if being burned.

Fortunately, Ji Xuan is not an adult now, and he staggers back a few steps under his heavy push.

Ye Jia stared at him, seemingly unbelievable. It took a long time to squeeze out a few words from his teeth:


After speaking, he walked to his apartment without looking back.

Ji Xuan hurriedly followed, but what was oncoming was the double-closed door, and he made a merciless “clam” and almost hit him in the face.

He touched the tip of his nose that almost hit the door, thoughtfully.

…It seems a bit too much?

But before he could think of anything, the door in front of him suddenly opened again without warning.

The boy raised his head, and there was a glimmer of joy in his scarlet eyes.

But before he could speak, he saw a dark object and threw it through the door.

Ye Jia was cold, gritted his teeth and sounded:

“Take your fish.”

The next second, with only a “clam”, the door closed mercilessly again.

Ji Xuan lowered his head and looked at the blood gu fish in his palm.

“…How did you become so small?”

Ji Xuan frowned and looked at the blood gu fish that was only a palm.

Although the usual blood gu fish is obedient, it is still a noble and arrogant race in the final analysis. It is almost impossible for it to abandon its face and become smaller.

The blood gu fish flicked its tail and glanced at the young master in front of him with his dark eye sockets, as if saying:

Don’t you?

Ji Xuan: “…”

The blood gu fish turned his head pitifully and glanced at the tightly closed door behind him.

As if convinced that the other party would never open the door again, it lost its tail and wagged its tail, becoming its previous size, and then passed through the walls of the building and swam out.

The slender boy stood alone in the deserted corridor.

Ji Xuan stretched out his hand and gently wiped the wound on his neck.

The blood stopped, but the hideous knife edge was still there.

There was a faint pain in the wound, as addictive as a stimulant, causing his nerve endings to tremble with excitement.

The scarlet tongue gently licked the blood from the fingertips,

The smile on the boy’s lips deepened, his dark red eyes were slightly narrowed, and a trace of madness was looming in the depths of the eyes.

Good night, brother.

Inside the room.

The water from the faucet rushed down, Ye Jia lowered his eyes expressionlessly, and frowned violently, even though the back of his pale hand was rubbed and flushed.

The little black hand shrank aside in fear, and leaned forward cautiously.

It actually doesn’t know what happened just now.

As soon as Ye Jia stopped, it smelled the aura of a powerful ghost.

Mindful of Ji Xuan’s last threat, Xiao Hei slid into the wall and slid into the wall-let the big guys solve the problem between the big guys. In order to prevent it from harming the fish like this, they should run faster. The better.

Although Xiao Hei Shou didn’t know what happened just now, it was the first time that Ye Jia was so emotional.

It asked cautiously: “Why, what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

Ye Jia turned off the faucet and wiped his wet hands on the towel.

He lowered his eyes when he heard the words, and leaned toward Xiao Hei Shou with a murderous gaze.

Xiao Hei Shou suddenly shook all over, and subconsciously pressed it to the wall.

Ye Jia sneered: “I’m fine.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Why doesn’t it sound credible at all?

The little black hand squatted on the table with a broken leg and thought seriously for two seconds.

According to the current situation, the king is definitely still unhappy with ace. Although Xiao Hei Shou doesn’t know what happened, he is still prepared to ease their relationship anyway-after all, when gods fight, mortals suffer!

It racked its brains and finally decided to fight roundabouts.

The little black hand said, “That… Actually, the king is not that bad…”

Ye Jia raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed coldly: “It’s not that bad?!”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Shrinking silently.

I seem to have said something wrong, huh.

Ye Jia took a deep breath, as if suppressing some excessive irritability, then gritted his teeth and said:

“He’s just crazy.”

It used to be and it is now.

And it has not been seen for a few years, and the illness has become more serious.

The little black hand is determined to avoid this dangerous topic: “Then…what are you going to do next?”

Ye Jia: “Stay away from neurosis.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

How do I answer this!

Ye Jia walked out of the bathroom and looked around the room that was almost destroyed by the blood gu fish.

Most of the furniture is almost destroyed. Fortunately, the bedroom is independent, and most of the items in it have escaped. No matter what, at least it can barely live in.

Ye Jia raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows with a headache.

The fingertips washed by the cold water pressed against the center of his eyebrows, gradually cooling down his fierce emotions.

——I have to say that Ji Xuan’s interruption pulled him back from the trance in the morgue.

It also made Ye Jia clearly realize that although he wanted to find out what happened to his parents now, it was already decades ago, and most of the clues have been erased. The only connection between the murder case and the current situation is the skinning ghost, but it has disappeared for a long time. Ye Jia knows that he has no other way besides waiting.

Moreover, there are more urgent things waiting for him to do now.

According to Ji Xuan’s message-if he hadn’t lied-his mother was still brewing bigger moves and was not ready to stop.

Humans are now unprepared for this.

Whether it is information or force, they are at an absolute disadvantage.

If the mother decides to do Hyakki Yexing again in other cities, they will be unable to resist.

The top priority now is to improve the ability of mankind to cope.

Suddenly, Ye Jia seemed to think of something.

He walked quickly in the direction of the bedside table and opened the cabinet with one corner missing, revealing the prop paper used to communicate with Wu Su.

The above information comes from two hours ago.

It should have been sent to him when he went to the morgue. It was a message requesting a meeting.

Ye Jia sighed silently.

It’s time too.



Wu Su hurriedly came here alone.

There were waves of waves coming from the dark sea, and the sky above was pitch black, there was no moon, only a few residual stars dotted the sky.

From a distance, he saw a slender young man standing at the end of the road, waiting quietly, how tall his figure looks like a silhouette on the night, he looks so quiet and peaceful, and sharp and sharp last night. Li is not the same, but the same makes people feel at ease.

Wu Su took a deep breath, the salty and damp air poured into his chest, but he still couldn’t suppress his surging heart.

He stepped forward quickly.

After a short conversation, Wu Su told Ye Jia that a high-ranking ghost wanted to seek cooperation with them: “The above has agreed to his request and has found someone to meet him, but I still want to hear from you. Views.”

Ye Jia was silent for a while, nodded, and said, “Be careful.”

Although he really didn’t want to cooperate with Ji Xuan, and didn’t want to have anything to do with this neurosis, but he had to admit that the other party’s proposal was indeed timely rain for them now.

People in the management bureau didn’t know Ji Xuan’s identity, but Ye Jia knew it.

As the king, he is closer to the core of the puzzle than all the ghosts.

Therefore, it is very irrational to refuse the olive branch extended by the other party now.

Ye Jia asked: “What do you plan to do with the Hundred Ghost Nights in M ​​City in the end?”

Wu Su: “There is no way to hide the existence of supernatural creatures. Especially after last night, it seems that ghosts and monsters across the country have become active. There are endless spooky events everywhere. Basically all the media are reporting, so the above decided to disclose the supernatural. The existence of the bureau, and set up more sub-bureau posts in various places to deal with supernatural events.”

“What about the game?” Ye Jia narrowed his eyes.

Wu Su shook his head and sighed: “The above is not going to be made public.”

——Supernatural beings do not only exist in fictional fantasy works.

This incident has overturned the imagination of most ordinary people. People are in panic. Everyone is in danger, and the whole society is on the verge of turbulence.

Therefore, the government cannot tell the people that there is a mysterious game that has been pulling people in to participate in the terrible death game in the past few decades, and it collapsed a month and a half ago, shutting down the various monsters in it. Released, it’s a disaster for the world.

“However,” Wu Su said, “At least we can recruit people blatantly now.”

He sighed: “All of our departments have been operating under overload conditions for more than two months. In addition, the incident happened last night. Our current shortage of manpower can no longer be ignored. The traditional The recruitment method simply cannot meet our current needs.”

Therefore, at the same time as announcing the existence of the Occult Authority, the upper level also issued a recruitment announcement.

Although it was posted just now this afternoon, so far, the bureau has received as many applications as snow flakes.

Wu Su added:

“Although up to now, a large part of the applicants are occult enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, but there are also many people who really want to join. We reviewed a person’s resume this afternoon, and the interview will start tomorrow. We can start. When the first batch of personnel is trained, it should relieve our current pressure a bit.”

Ye Jia nodded thoughtfully.

He handed Wu Su a piece of paper: “When the announcement is released, you can print this in the corner of the recruitment brochure of City M.”

Wu Su took the paper and looked down.

The piece of paper appears extraordinarily white under the starlight, making the lines on it extraordinarily clear even in the dark.

It looks complicated and weird, as if some kind of weird text, and like rose branches entangled with each other, showing a strange and beautiful meaning.

Wu Su recognized that in the corners of the center of those patterns, three variant letters were intertwined:


He was shocked and suddenly raised his head to look at Ye Jia: “This, this is…?”

In the game, only players who are in the top 100 on the scoreboard will have a code name.

Once the points are sufficient, the game will randomly assign corresponding code names to them based on their previous performance. Then this code name will appear on the ranking list visible on the whole server, accompanied by the code name, is a decorative pattern that symbolizes identity.

This is equivalent to their own unique personal signatures, and generally no one dares to imitate or misappropriate them.

There is a reward system in the game.

Both points and energy can be exchanged for currency one-to-one in the game.

Li ghost uses energy to exchange currency and rewards the player’s body or life on the dark list. The game will dynamically settle the reward price in it, sort by the total reward price, and summarize the hatred list.

Players can also exchange points for currency, post tasks on the bright list, request trades or find teammates.

Both lists are public, which means that if one of the players’ signature is stolen to publish information, the ghosts who hope to get the bounty on the dark list will follow and follow.

After all, most players with signatures are not low on the hatred list.

No one wants to help others bear hatred.

The higher the ranking of players, the less likely it is to use their signatures to post information, because this is equivalent to exposing their whereabouts.

In so many years in the game, Wu Su has never seen ace’s signature.

He is a famous solo player. He has never taken the initiative to find teammates and has never released any information on the Ming ranking.

In addition, in the game, killing a player can get all the points on him.

Therefore, as ace’s position in the standings gets higher and higher, there are even more players staring at him than the ghosts, and his signature is even less dare to imitate.

——This is the first time Wu Su has had the honor to see ace’s exclusive ornamentation.

As a player, he is very clear about the meaning behind the opponent’s move.

You know, the higher the ranking in the game, the longer the player who stays, the more unique the temperament.

Although many players joined the Supernatural Authority with Wu Su, they did not rank high in the standings.

The real bosses are basically incognito and disappeared.

Therefore, although the information about the recruitment of the Supernatural Administration has been posted, Wu Su does not expect them to appear. At most, he only hopes that there will be more new forces to deal with the mountain of chores and some low-level spiritual events— -If you are facing a high-level ghost, they are still extremely weak.

And now, with the signature of ace, everything is different.

As the only player to pass through the game, the appeal of his ornamentation is very terrifying.

——In other words, they may really be able to pull up a team that has full experience in fighting monsters in the game.

Wu Su was dizzy by this thought.

He carefully held the piece of paper in his hand, his heart was pounding, and his throat was a little dry: “You…”

Ye Jia interrupted him and said:

“But you have to think about it.”

——After all, this signature attracts more than just players.

This seemed to awaken Wu Supo with a basin of cold water.

Ace has been in the game for so many years and has had countless enemies. Moreover, before the game collapsed, he also offered a reward to the ghost king Jixuan and successfully reached the top of the hatred list.

He fell into entanglement.

Now that the game has collapsed, the competitive relationship between players has disappeared, so it shouldn’t matter much for the players.

However, the ghosts are completely different.

Wu Su is not a ghost after all, so he doesn’t know whether he recognizes the hatred list for the ghost who left the game.

Ye Jia thought for a while: “You don’t need to worry about the hatred list.”

Wu Su breathed a sigh of relief.

However, immediately after listening to the other party said: “What you need to worry about is whether the ghosts who have gotten a grudge with me in the game will find them.”

Wu Su: “…”

A trembling heart, a trembling hand.

Seeing Wu Su’s tangled expression, Ye Jia said understandingly:

“You don’t need to give me a reply now. Go back and think about it. Just tell me after you make a decision.”

After parting with Wu Su, Ye Jia turned around and went to the warehouses he had visited before, carefully inspecting them.

Everything in it was evacuated, whether it was the water tank with the monster or the container with human skins.

Even the traces of the fight with that fake blood gu fish were cleaned up.

Obviously, the other party did it by taking advantage of the chaos in the city that was disturbed by Hyakki Yexing. They handled it very thoroughly, leaving almost no traces. Ye Jia wrote down the numbers of the warehouses and prepared for the first. Go to the bureau to check the following two days.

However, based on how cautious the other party is in this regard, he doubts whether he can find any information he can use.

After leaving the dock, Ye Jia returned to his apartment.

He has maintained high-intensity work for several days.

Although the whole room was still a mess, he didn’t have much energy to manage.

Ye Jia simply took a shower, and then walked towards the bed that he considered to be a complete bed.

However, as soon as he sat on the bed, the little black hand leaned over: “The human has replied.”

Ye Jia raised his eyebrows in surprise.

After less than two hours, the other party has actually made a decision?

The little black hand passed the paper over.

“My superiors and I reported your suggestion, and they think it is feasible.” Wu Su’s voice came from the paper: “After all, if you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, you will get a tiger. If you don’t mobilize all possible forces, humans cannot Resist the monsters in the game, and the mother who is staring at the world…Although it is very risky, it is a pity that we have no choice.”

Ye Jia asked: “So now I am your non-staff employee?”

Wu Su was taken aback: “…It should be counted.”

Ye Jia smiled and said, “Now let’s talk about the salary.” Ji Xuan’s extra income is estimated to be useless. He really doesn’t want to go through the days of unpaid double jobs.

Wu Su: “…”

? ? ?

The topic becomes too fast like a tornado.


After finishing Wu Su’s discussion, the paper spontaneously burned in the palm of his palm, and the bright red flame reflected the youth’s eyes, like a golden-red butterfly flapping its wings.

The flame gradually went out.

The room became dimmed again, and the edge of the ink-colored sky outside the window revealed a faint dark blue, signaling the dawn of dawn.

The gray-blue light shone in from outside the window, making the small bedrooms dim.

Ye Jia lowered his eyes, he patted the ashes from his palm, and then slowly sighed.

Now that Wu Su agreed to his proposal, he must deal with the hatred list.

He has a lot of enemies. If more ghosts are attracted to M City by profit, it will be difficult for them to deal with such a huge group of ghosts.

——I just said to stay away from neurosis, but less than half a night passed before he had to break his oath.

The scene of the previous confrontation in the corridor flashed in his mind, and Ye Jia felt his head hurt.

How about…Shall we talk in two days?

Anyway, Wu Su will not immediately issue the second batch of announcements.

Moreover, he is too sleepy now.

Ye Jia yawned, blinked his eyes that were a little hazy from sleepiness, and then fell back and threw himself into the bed.

The next second-just hearing a “click”, the four legs of the entire bed broke overwhelmedly.

The bed slammed on the ground, lifting up a cloud of dust.

Ye Jia lay in a ruin, calmly looking at the ceiling.

The sleepiness has long since disappeared without a trace.

——Now he has a second reason to look for Ji Xuan.


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