After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 48

Ye Jia and Zong Ou Shi met twice.

When he met for the first time, he had not yet been given the name of ace, and entered into a copy made by a puppeteer with his teammates. In a team of fifteen, six people died and eight people were made into dolls. Only Ye Jia could escape.

When he met for the second time, he ranked twenty-third in the standings and entered a double boss copy.

In order to escape the death trap of another boss, Ye Jia used the vertical puppeteer’s abnormal collection addiction to set up a set for him, and gave him a chance to once again include the player who was lucky enough to escape from his hands into his collection. , The puppet master bit the hook, but the result was… Ye Jia turned his collection room upside down, destroyed several puppet master’s favorite puppets, and then managed to escape.

Their beams are thus formed.

After that, Ye Jia was often able to get his name on the hatred list, and the puppet master had always been one of the top bidders.

Looking at the hideous puppet in front of him, Ye Jia raised his eyebrows thoughtfully: “It seems that you have added a lot of collections recently.”

“Hehehe…Do you like it?” There was a strange gentleness and obsession in the puppeteer’s voice: “You will become one of them, too.”

Ye Jia chuckled and looked up at the manipulating hand floating in the dark sky above his head: “What? Are you still not used to losing?”

Although his tone was relaxed, his eyes were still sharp and alert.

-Even in the game, the puppeteer is not a particularly easy character to get along with, not to mention that the other party is ready now.

Sure enough, at the moment his voice fell, those ghost puppets, under the control of the invisible silk thread, rushed towards the youth standing in the middle of the darkness.

The sharp light of the knife shone in the darkness, and the sickle slid across the ghosts silently, like some kind of living ribbon, swift and sharp.

At that moment, the jingle thread breaking sound rang, and the puppet that was cut off the thread instantly lost its traction, and fell to the ground as if its bones were removed.

Ye Jia didn’t react.

Wait… this is it?


Before he could figure it out for the next second, the puppet threads on the ground squirmed, swiftly digging into the bodies of those puppets.

The sound of piercing skin and flesh sounded, as if something was threading a needle.

The twisted and weird limbs of countless ghosts converge in the same direction, as if being pulled by some invisible force. Those pale, gray, ugly, bloody, deformed bodies are stitched into everything, gradually changing. Become a huge and terrifying monster.

Ye Jia had to raise his head to barely see the whole picture of the monster.

“Hehehe…” The puppeteer’s voice came from a distance from high above, with a tone of pride and display that could not be concealed: “This is my latest masterpiece, isn’t it very beautiful?”

Ye Jia: “…”

He looked at one side with difficulty in a word and took a deep breath, then slowly asked: “Hey, fit and transform?”

Puppeteer: “…”

His voice suddenly became sharp and sharp, almost angrily: “I see if you can be arrogant after a while!”

The thin fingers hovering in the air jeered.

Immediately afterwards, the huge and ugly monster moved. With every step of it, the entire ground trembles strongly, and the surrounding shelves fall to the ground one after another, and the entire space trembles with it.

Ye Jia held a sickle in his hand, and cautiously retreated slowly, pulling a certain distance from it.

The ridicule belongs to ridicule, this monster is indeed much stronger than the previous so many ghost puppets combined, and what is worse is that now it has no obvious puppet line on its body, but is deeply hidden in the ugly pile. In his body, it also makes it harder to detect its weaknesses.

Ye Jia tried a few tricks with it.

However, it was discovered that all the limbs that were chopped off would return to the monster in another twisted posture, completely unable to cause more damage to it.

-In that case, catch the thief first and catch the king.

Ye Jia’s thoughts turned like electricity, and he stepped on the shelf beside him. With a flexible and light figure, he quickly dodges the giant blue and white hand that the monster grabbed at him, but jumped straight into the air!

The sickle in his hand opened a sharp arc, but it sank into the dark mud above his head.

What doesn’t touch the entity at all is the feeling.

However, the floating hand of the puppet master was indeed close in front of him.

Ye Jia was startled.

-How is this going?

Ji Xuan’s steps subconsciously paused.

Ahead, the young man stood at the junction of darkness and light, with a thin and straight back, and a pair of light-colored eyes reflected the monstrous blood wave not far away.

He stretched out his hand to Ji Xuan, his fingertips were pale and slender, blurred in a blank halo behind, as if it would melt like the first snow.

“A Xuan…”

The voice of the youth was calm and sad, with a strange sense of vulnerability.

The man squinted his eyes slightly, and his scarlet eyes were deeply emotional.

Almost at this instant, a few puppet threads that were as tough as steel hit his back, angled at a tricky angle, almost inevitable!

The blood sea rises silently, and the puppet line sinks into the scarlet waves, disappearing silently.

Almost at the same time, a huge sickle appeared in the hands of the young man in front of him, and a sharp and dangerous cold light flashed from the depths of his light-colored eyes. He chopped at him with a fierce attitude, and the sound of the blade breaking through the air sounded. , Seems to be able to separate time and space, and hit Ji Xuan’s eyes in an instant.

Ji Xuan backed away quickly, avoiding the blow, a strange color flashed under his eyes.

He knew from the beginning that this was definitely not Ye Jia.

With Ye Jia’s current attitude, he was already kind without a knife, let alone called him A Xuan.


Ji Xuan avoided the opponent’s blow again, wiping the blade across the youth’s side, and at the moment he passed by, he lowered his head and sniffed the scent on the opponent’s body.

It was cold, with a hint of blood.

Although the breath is thin, it is indeed the other party’s right.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Ye Jia who continued to attack him.

The young man’s eyes were cold, his posture seemed as if he had already fought thousands of times, skilled and dexterous, his whole person was like an unsheathed sharp blade, shining with a dangerous cold light.

But, unexpectedly, suddenly, the young man stopped the blade, and then leaped up violently, leaping towards the dark sky above his head-he slashed in the air, and then fell down.

Ji Xuan was slightly startled.

How is this going?

The other side.

Ye Jia frowned.

The monster’s offensive in front of him became more and more fierce, but he couldn’t give the slightest damage to it. It was like a huge quagmire, swallowing every attack he swallowed.

And what’s even stranger is…

During the dodge interval, Ye Jia took the time to raise his eyes and cast a glance towards the sky.

As long as it exists in the game, his weapon can penetrate, but just now he clearly attacked the hand of the puppeteer, but it seemed to penetrate the shadow and fell directly into the void. Then there are only two possibilities— Otherwise, the puppet master’s hand is not there, or… he is not in the place where he thinks it exists.

Ye Jia pieced together his fragmented thoughts under the attack of the giant puppet, and his brain was running fast.

He has gone through every moment he has entered this shop in his mind-it seems that every step is flawless, there is nothing wrong with it, except just now, at the moment when Zong Puppet’s voice fell, he and Ji Xuan separated suddenly.

Why separate?

In theory, it is to destroy one by one…

Ye Jia was slightly startled.

He seemed to realize something and looked up into the air.

The two hands above the head are floating, and the thin fingertips are dancing dazzlingly in the air, as if dancing.

If it is to destroy one by one, then how can the puppet master stay on his side? No matter what Ji Xuan said, he was also the ghost king of his family. Ye Jia didn’t think that Zong Ou Master would despise his existence so much.

—Maybe…the two of them are not actually separated.

Ji Xuan dodged.

The surrounding blood waves cascaded into the air one after another, blocking the offensive of the youth in front of him.

He stepped back cautiously, distanced himself from the opponent, wondering about the identity of the young man in front of him.


Not like…

If the puppeteer wants to make a puppet, he must put the soul of the other party into the container he created, so that he can control it anytime and anywhere-the whole process is as delicate as an operation, and it must be performed at the moment when the opponent’s willpower is weakest. , So the stronger the mind, the longer it takes to make dolls.

Ji Xuan didn’t think that in such a short time, the puppeteer would be able to subdue Ye Jia and complete the operation.

However, he could truly feel the breath of Ye Jia from the other party, although it was weak, but he couldn’t fake it.

It seems that this is only related to the gift of the mother.

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes.

The waves of blood around him moved with his mind, condensed into the tip of the sword, broke the air, and rushed straight towards the youth.

Point straight to the heart.

The young man’s sickle turned over and cut the blood blade with a ding.

Ye Jia frowned and watched the huge monster in front of him turn his offensive. The sturdy blue and white limbs turned into sharp sword light, and they began to attack his own heart. The tricks were deadly, and he almost couldn’t find the gap to think about the current situation. Circumstances, you can only use your own fighting habits to resist and counterattack again and again, but still can’t cause any harm to it.

Above his head, the puppeteer laughed silently in the dark—

He has never been so happy.

Not only the ace that had escaped from his hands several times, but also the so-called ghost king, all played by him between his palms. How wonderful, how refreshing, and how joyful this feeling is!

How well my mother knows the two people in front of her-they are also used to fighting and killing.

With a little trick, he doesn’t even need to do anything to make them a puppet that can be manipulated on his stage.

Hee hee hee.

Ji Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

When he saw the opponent bounce off his attack, he confirmed one thing.

-The opponent can give feedback on their attacks.

So, if he guessed right, Ye Jia was fighting on the other side, then there would also be an attacking enemy on his opposite side.

The sudden movement of the youth in front of him just now shows that the puppet master cannot directly control Ye Jia.

Therefore, he can only control that enemy.

And in order to ensure that every attack of Ye Jia falls on the spot, the puppeteer must ensure that the enemy is always corresponding to his position while attacking Ye Jia. Therefore, the enemy must be big enough to avoid mistaking Ji Xuan’s position.

Very smart.

But how to break the game?

Because whether Ji Xuan attacked or not, the enemy on the opposite side would not stop attacking.

So Ye Jia couldn’t stop in order to protect herself.

Ji Xuan curled up the corners of his lips silently, and glanced at the void with a smile.

In the next second, a turbulent wave of blood swelled up all over his body, which swelled to a terrible level in an instant. He rushed straight towards the youth, and the surrounding blood wave condensed into a sharp cone, and the blood surged in all directions. The rising scarlet ocean obscures the sky and can almost instantly engulf the youth in front of him.

The puppeteer became excited.

Finally, is the ghost king serious?

Is he finally over his temptation, is he determined to end the battle with one blow?

He stared at the two overlapping spaces in front of him, and the whole person shuddered with excitement.

In order to ensure that two people can be in battle at the same time, he only copied Ye Jia’s stand-in, while Ji Xuan’s stand-in was different.

Only the line symbolizing the position was connected to Ji Xuan, and how to launch the attack was manually manipulated by the puppeteer.

This will prevent them from stopping the fight at the same time and discovering flaws.

However, because both of them are too tough, even with the help of their mother, the puppeteer cannot guarantee to maintain the dual-line control at the same time. Therefore, this manual attack state can only be maintained for a short period of time. Everyone finally devoted himself to the battle, and he could finally no longer maintain that line, but let his stage and dolls run on their own.

And now, Ji Xuan finally stopped dodge and began to attack.

-He can finally achieve himself and his mother’s true purpose.

Only in this way can the final fatal blow be completely dominated by Ji Xuan himself-only in this way can the arrogance and pride of the ghost in front of him be destroyed, and at the same time the humanity he coveted for a long time can be truly weak. state.

Therefore, the Zong Ou Master connected another line for Ji Xuan.

He smiled in the dark, happily waiting for the next real fight.

Ye Jia stared at the giant ghost in front of him coldly.

I don’t know why, it seems to have suddenly changed the way of fighting. Numerous broken limbs floated in the air and condensed into sharp cones. Every joint of the body made harsh rubbing and roars, and then rushed straight towards him. .

However, Ye Jia already had doubts about the current situation.

Therefore, he was not ready to head-on, but dexterously withdrew back.

Wrapped in blood, Ji Xuan’s lips flashed with a smile, and there was a touch of irrational paranoia and madness flashing in the depths of his scarlet eyes. At the imminent moment, he suddenly stopped all the offensive. , And then hit the opponent’s blade with his neck—

Ye Jia was shocked suddenly.

I saw that the limbs around the ghost puppet no longer showed an attacking state, but instead rushed towards Ye Jia’s blade with the weakest place.

—This posture is too familiar.

Almost reminded him…

In my mind, a ray of light suddenly appeared.

At that moment, everything seemed to be clear, without any explanation at all.

Ye Jia’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he almost didn’t have time to think, and he acted only by instinct.

The sharp blade in his hand suddenly turned upside down and cut towards the top of his head—

“Ding Dong—”

The sound of the puppet thread breaking is particularly harsh in the dark and silent space.

“No!” The puppeteer’s scream sounded above his head, almost causing the whole world to tremble.

A few shimmering puppet threads fell from the top of the head.

Unlike other puppet threads, these are thinner and softer, showing a blood-red light against the dark background.

The **** waves slowly subsided, and the white and black boundaries began to blend with each other, gradually revealing the appearance of the previous doll shop.

The youth opposite had disappeared, and Ji Xuan stood alone in the blank space, opening his palms.

The thread broke, and a small doll fell from mid-air, just right in his palm.

Light-colored hair, light-colored eyes, two small arms holding a sickle that is very different from its size, and a sad expression on his small face.

so cute…

Ji Xuan squeezed the doll in his palm, then touched the sickle he was holding, and the corners of his lips slightly curled up.

While he was indulging in playing with the little Ye Jia in his hand, the real Ye Jia’s voice came from behind: “Hey…”

Ji Xuan quickly put the doll in his pocket, then turned to look behind him: “Huh…?”

As soon as he turned around, the young man behind him punched him in the face murderously.

Ji Xuan: “?”

Had I been seen playing with a doll just now?

However, before he could react, Ye Jia sneered: “Bump, like to bump?”

He pressed Ji Xuan’s shoulders, raised his knees, and hit his abdomen fiercely.

Ji Xuan: “Ahem!”

Ye Jia coldly looked at the man bending over and coughing in front of him, and said, “Are you a **** stupid?”

A sickle appeared in his palm again, and the blade pointed directly at Ji Xuan, flashing a dazzling cold light among the dark and narrow shelves: “Is he addicted? Come, you try again?”

Ji Xuan lowered his head, curling up the corners of his lips uncontrollably.

However, when he raised his head, his face had returned to his previous innocence: “I believe you must have found something wrong, in fact, only one last reminder is needed…”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes dangerously: “Hint?”

In fact, when the scene in front of him gradually disappeared, the darkness slowly mixed with a piece of phantom white, and the appearance of the puppet shop was reappeared, Ye Jia realized what tricks the puppeteer had played.

He and Ji Xuan did not separate from the beginning, but were trapped in two nearly overlapping spaces.

Therefore, Master Zong Puppet can simultaneously manipulate the two spaces on Ji Xuan and him.

And the mother’s gift should be the blood-red puppet thread.

It can create a stand-in without affecting the mind of the implanted person. The stand-in can replicate the opponent’s position and attacking moves. This gift and the overlapping ghost space are almost complementary, helping each other, and cooperating with each other is almost dripping.

However, the puppeteer should also retain a certain amount of control right at the beginning, so as to maintain the battle situation in a controllable situation and guide everything to the direction he expects.

Therefore, Ji Xuan’s behavior is even more stupid.

As the ghost king, Ye Jia didn’t believe that he couldn’t find other ways to remind himself, but he took the most dangerous path, simply…


Ye Jia coldly dropped the three words, retracted the sickle in his hand, and then turned and walked toward the depths of the shelf.

The puppet master hasn’t been caught yet, and he doesn’t bother to waste time with each other here.

The corners of Ji Xuan’s lips rose again uncontrollably, and he quickly followed: “Brother…”

“If you call my brother again, I will cut your tongue.”

The young man in front said without looking back.

Ji Xuan: “…”

It seems to be a bit overdone this time.

After the ghost mythical creature disappeared, the shop became a reality again.

But the huge ghost puppet did not disappear with the disappearance of the ghost mythical creature. Its body stood swayingly in the depths of the shop, propping up a big hole in the roof, and still attacking unconsciously, revealing the heavy ghost energy. He Yinqi almost condenses into a solid body, covering the entire sky completely.

Behind the ghost puppet.

“Why… why why!” The puppet master was panicked, but he found that he couldn’t create a ghost at all.

I don’t know when the yin qi in the body starts to be exhausted.

Now I can’t even run away.

With only a stab, the light of the sickle tore the huge ghost puppet in half, and countless broken limbs smashed down, exposing the puppeteer who was hiding behind the limbs.

The moment he saw the other party, Ye Jia couldn’t help but startled: “Zong Puppet Master?”

The Yin Qi disappeared, and even the illusion disappeared.

A little carrot head stood behind the ghost puppets, looking at them viciously, his voice lost its previous hoarseness and maturity, but the childish voice was equally sullen and bitter: “You dare to look at me directly! I killed you! ”

Ye Jia: “…”

Speaking of it, he had never seen the true appearance of the puppeteer before.

Every time the other party was an image that showed two huge needle-pointed palms, he really didn’t expect that all this was an illusion.

No wonder you like dolls fit together.

However, even though he saw his true appearance, Ye Jia still couldn’t sympathize with the ghost in front of him.

He clearly knows the difference between a Li ghost and a human. The child in front of him seems to be only about seven or eight years old, but he may have lived for more than seven or eight hundred years. In addition, he has beaten the opponent more than once to get it. He is very clear about this Li ghost. What a vicious and terrifying existence-it is best to kill.

The shadow of the knife in his hand emerged.

Ye Jia stared at the puppeteer in front of him coldly, and silently curled his lips. The light-colored eyes flashed with cruel cold light in the depths: “I really want to know what you smell.”

The sickle broke through the air and struck down—

The puppet master was not afraid, but let out a vicious laugh: “Hahaha! Whether you kill me or torture me, you can’t stop my mother from sending more ghosts…”

Ye Jia was slightly startled.

He stopped: “You are right…”

Puppeteer: “…”

Ye Jia retracted the sickle: “I should torture you a bit.”

He pointed to the puppet master, turned his head and said to Ji Xuan: “I’ll leave it to you, remember to torture his mother’s next plan from his mouth.”

Puppeteer: “…”

At this moment, there was a wave of untraceable fluctuations coming from a distance.

Ji Xuan: “You have come from the Bureau of Investigation.”

Sure enough, at the moment his voice fell, there was a pretty girl’s voice not far away: “Hello? Is anyone there?”

“Come in without me!”

Immediately afterwards, the buzzing electric saw sounded, and the door panel was instantly cracked in half.

Ye Jia: “…”


Because he came out with Ji Xuan this time, he…forgot to wear his hood.

It’s too late to open the ghost mythical creature now.

After all, that level of fluctuation is okay to hide from the people of the administration, but it is a bit difficult to hide from the players with high rankings.

Ji Xuan raised his hand and gently pressed it on Ye Jia’s waist, pulling his instantly stiff body into his arms, and pulling the opponent directly in front of his cold chest.

He lowered his head, his thin lips were close to Ye Jia’s ears, and a slightly mute smile in his low voice: “Brother, it doesn’t matter, I am here.”



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