After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 54

The blazing yin fire made a crackling sound, the hot air flow made the air slightly distorted, and the blazing terrible high temperature could scorch the flesh and blood, and rushed straight towards the screaming crowd with an unstoppable swiftness.

The headed young man raised his eyes in astonishment and looked at the yin fire coming from the facing mask.

His white face was reddened by the fire, and the light-colored eyes reflected the jumping flames, and the scorching flame almost scorched his hair and skin.

Blast’s eyes widened suddenly, and hurriedly roared, “Hurry up!”

Wei Yuechu’s heart tightened, her feet suddenly turned around and rushed towards the direction of the flames, but everything was too late, and the blazing flames had already hit her front in the blink of an eye, only a short distance from swallowing the few people behind the flames. millisecond.

The same word popped up in everyone’s mind at the same time–

It’s over…

For Ye Jia, everything is just subconscious.

How many times the instincts that have been exercised in the front line of life and death seem to have been deeply burned into the bones, and they can reflexively shoot without thinking.

The cold and bright light flickered, the virtual blade emerged from the fingers, the cold and crescent-like edge phantom could almost tear the air and cut the light, the cold and scorching light of the knife and the hot scorching fire fiercely Collide together!

That cluster of flames that can melt everything makes a sharp scream, rises several feet high, and suddenly bursts out a scorching flame that can cause blindness!

Everyone couldn’t help looking away.

When the dust settled and the smoke disappeared, they eagerly looked in that direction.

The young man stood unscathed, his body was not burnt at all, and a step in front of him, from the ceiling to the ground, the flames burned to a dark color, like a small bomb. There was an explosion in front of him, razing all the ten meters around him to the ground, with the toes of the youth as the dividing line, the front was purgatory black, and the back was the dustless ground.

But Ye Jia was standing between darkness and light, his slender and straight figure was like a resting talisman, piercing everyone’s eyes, and the stinging person’s eyeballs hurt.


“What’s the matter?”

Shocked whispers rang out from the crowd, and everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. The scene before them seemed to surpass the scope of their common sense.

What happened just now?

They turned their heads to look at the others beside them, but they saw the same blankness and disbelief on each other’s faces.

Blast looked at Ye Jia dumbfounded, the red hair spreading above his head seemed to be stagnant, in the center of the venue. Ah Chang, who was half a person tall, became smaller again, and went back into Chen Qingye’s cuffs, and looked at the young man standing not far away with his owner.

Wei Yuechu stopped her steps. She carried a huge chainsaw that did not fit her size, and looked at Ye Jia with a dull face. It seemed that she also hadn’t been relieved from the sudden change just now: “You…”

She took a deep breath and asked the question everyone wanted to ask: “How did you do it?”

Ye Jia: “…”


A spacious conference room.

This is the only room that has not been destroyed by blast. The equipment, tables and chairs inside are quite complete, and the door is closed to block the curious and inquiring sight of other employees.

Blast hugged his arms and leaned against the door with an annoyed look, and the metal chains hanging on his body clinked.

Wei Yuechu frowned and stood aside, her eyes fixed on him with vigilance: “What are you looking for ace for?”

“It’s up to you…” Blast rolled his eyes, and said impatiently: “What? Only you can find me but not me?”

The next second, Ah Chang peeked his head from Chen Qingye’s cuff.

Blast’s face turned pale, and he shrank back subconsciously: “Fuck you, uncle…”

Wei Yuechu gloated: “Why? Afraid of insects?”

She chuckled twice and patted Chen Qingye on the shoulder: “Brother, it’s up to you.”

Chen Qingye pushed his glasses and let out a slow cry.

In the next second, countless densely packed Gu worms gush out from his cuffs, colorful, green, blue, purple, crustaceans and molluscs. There are all kinds of colors and everything, which makes the scalp numb, even if it is Weiyuechu who is not afraid of insects. I couldn’t help hiding to the side, reaching out and rubbing my goosebumped arm.

Blast jumped three feet high, his face turned blue: “Ahhhhhhhh!”

Seeing that he was subconsciously preparing to set the fire again, Chen Qingye hooked his fingers, and most of the insect swarm in front of him was instantly retracted, leaving only a few flying in the air, looking at the blast standing not far away with great deterrence.

Blast’s face was naked, his back pressed tightly against the wall, and he slowly swallowed his saliva: “You, you… are you abnormal?”

Chen Qingye didn’t seem to hear, still sitting straight with his back, pushing his glasses blankly.

Wei Yuechu was a little unbelievable: “Hey, you are so afraid of bugs, how did you survive the game?”

Many copies in the game are related to bugs. Even if they are unrelated, many scenes are full of disgusting bugs such as maggots, flies, and cockroaches. People who are afraid of disgust are basically hard to survive. The system has almost desensitized these things.

Blast smiled arrogantly, and a cluster of flames rose from his fingertips: “Can it be burned?”

Chen Qingye stared at him, and the Gu worms flying in the air approached quietly again.

Blast’s throat choked, and the smile at the corner of his mouth froze slightly, as if twitching: “You, you, you, let them stay away from me.”

“Tell me what you’re looking for ace for.” Wei Yuechu put her arm on Chen Qingye’s shoulder, Chen Qingye turned sideways blankly, slid her arm off her shoulder, and then dusted herself just now. Places that have been touched.

Deadly cleanliness…

Wei Yuechu rolled her eyes silently and continued: “Otherwise, I will ask Mr. Red to put a few small bugs on you, follow you home, and then lay eggs in your ears!”

She frightened her way in a mysterious way.

Blast’s face turned green, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think I would believe it?”

Wei Yuechu shrugged: “Believe it or not…”

In fact, she doesn’t know if Chen Qingye can do this, anyway, no matter whether it works or not, she will use it first.

Blast’s gaze moved over the two people. Finally, he rubbed his hair violently and said, “Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I tell you. I came to him this time to compete with him again.”

His messy red hair is like a blazing flame, and his eyes are full of fighting spirit: “I lost to him last time in the game, but before I can compete with him again, he left the game, so this time , I must be ashamed!”

After finally seeing a fighting fanatic like herself, Wei Yuechu’s hands were itchy: “Why don’t you try with me?”

Blast glanced at her, and showed a contemptuous expression on Bibi’s little finger.

Wei Yuechu: “…”

I look down on anyone!

Before she broke out, Blast continued lazily: “And, besides, I have to take revenge.”

Wei Yuechu let out a cry, and suddenly realized that he slammed Chen Qingye with his arm: “This has the same language as you.”

She said, “Why don’t you persuade?”

Blast was taken aback and looked at Chen Qingye: “Hey, do you have enemies with him too?”

“Yes…” Chen Qingye thought for a while. After holding back for a long time, he said: “But, actually ace is pretty good.”

He touched his hair, his face was a little red, and he looked a little shy.

Wei Yuechu: “…”

Why is there a sense of crisis suddenly?

She took a deep breath, looked away, and looked at the blast standing in front of her: “Why don’t you talk about it? What hate do you have?”

Blast’s expression froze, and the whole person seemed to be frozen. His eyes flickered, and a blush rose on his handsome face. He screamed, “It’s your shit!”

Wei Yuechu: “…”

Why the sense of crisis suddenly doubled.

Ye Jia, who hadn’t said a word, was very happy eating melons until the topic shifted to him.

In fact, the bet that caused blast to fall out of the top 30 of the standings was because of an ace.

There are underground black markets and arenas in the game.

It does not belong to the rules of the game. It is only popular among a small group of militant players. There are many ways to gamble, the number of kills in the battlefield dungeon, the survival time in the surviving dungeon, and of course the simplest one is between players. The pk of a real person to a real person, and there are also many things used to make bets in the arena, with points and props.

Blast is a good bet and has always been a long-time winner in the arena until… one day he ran into a hard nail.

That is an s-level prop.

He was originally listed for auction, and the highest bidder took the props, but before transferring the points, Blast saw the buyer’s real name, so he temporarily regretted it.

At that time, ace was ranked sixth in the standings and blast ranked seventh. He had long wanted to see the true level of this player who had been pressing on his head, so he challenged him to enter the same dungeon. , Win or lose in accordance with the number of ghosts killed.

The long young man thought for a while and agreed.

The ending can be imagined.

However, the difference in numbers between the two is not too big, and blast is not convinced, so a new bet is proposed again-one-on-one confrontation between players.

Ace stared at him, fixed for a long while, a pair of light-colored eyes flashed with thoughtful cold light.

Blast’s scalp numb when he saw it: “What, what’s wrong?”

Ace retracted his gaze and replied calmly: “It’s nothing, I agree.”

However, before waiting for blast to be happy, I just listened to the other party immediately added: “However, I ask for more.”

Blast exulted: “No problem! What do you want to add?”

The youth smiled slightly: “Your hair…”

So, after that game ended, Blast not only dropped out of the top 30, but also had to shave off his proud red hair-bald for a whole year.

Blast took a deep breath, pulled his thoughts out of his memories, gritted his teeth and said: “I want him to pay for what he did to me…!”

Wei Yuechu and Chen Qingye: “…”

Why do I think you are getting darker and darker?

Wu Su on the side spoke and slowly said, “Then you can’t directly rush into the management bureau and hijack the employees, right?”

Blast pulled a face and said in a bad tone: “I didn’t kidnap them, you go out and ask, did I not let them go?”

Wu Su: “…”

The question is, who dares to leave if you do this?

Wei Yuechu frowned: “If it wasn’t for someone to block it, you would have caused a catastrophe.”

Knowing that he was wrong, Blast scratched his hair awkwardly, and whispered: “This is not, I didn’t expect there to be worms.”

He suddenly thought of something, his eyes widened suddenly, and he rushed to Ye Jia, who hadn’t said a word from just now, and looked at him up and down with great interest: “Hey, speaking of it, how did you do it? ?”

Blast unfolded his palm, and a cluster of flames rose from his palm: “I have never seen anyone able to extinguish my yin fire!”

At this time, everyone’s sights were all focused on Ye Jia who was sitting in the corner and tried to shrink silently since entering the door without attracting any attention.

Everyone’s expressions are extremely curious.

Blast retracted his hand and murmured a little unwillingly, “Of course, except for that person.”

So far, his flame has only failed on one person, that goddamn, wicked ace. Unexpectedly, he actually encountered a second one today.

“What?” Wei Yuechu didn’t hear clearly.

Seeing that he was about to fall off his horse, Ye Jia felt a little bit in his heart, and hurriedly said: “Actually, this is not the credit of me alone.”

Blast frowned: “What do you mean?”

Ye Jia took a deep breath and said slowly: “I believe that Team Wu should have already told you. In fact, our Supernatural Administration has cooperation with a ghost, so we can get so much inside information.”

Indeed, Wu Su did mention that a lot of their information was obtained from a ghost who was willing to cooperate.

Ye Jia said: “I am his contact person.”

Everyone was surprised.

Ye Jia said in an excuse that he had already prepared the draft a while ago: “Yes, that’s right, that ghost, in order to ensure the safety of his identity and to ensure his own interests, so he gave me a prop. Defend a fatal attack.”

As he said, he pulled out the little black hand lying on his shoulder: “Look, this is it.”

Little Black Hand: “?”


Ye Jiamian didn’t change his expression and said, “It’s just that it’s invalidated now.”

He shook the soft black hand in his hand.

Little Black Hand: “…”

I am your uncle!

However, the situation is stronger than that of human beings. It can only fall into Ye Jia’s palm without saying a word and pretend to be dead, and is thrown around motionlessly.

The little black hand was passed around in everyone’s hands.

Wei Yuechu poked it and exclaimed: “It’s soft!”

She tugged at it: “It’s still very flexible!”

Little Black Hand: “…”

I will endure.

Chen Qingye lowered his head, carefully examined the little black hand who was pretending to be dead, and nodded slowly: “It’s a very powerful prop. Even if it is now obsolete, I can still feel the deep gloom in it, almost worth it. Better than a B-level ghost.”

Little Black Hand: “…”

Your uncle, I am a B-level ghost!

At this moment, A-Chang came out of Chen Qingye’s sleeve with his head, and reached out to the little black hand who was pretending to be dead.

Little Black Hand: “!”


Seeing that it was about to be revealed, Ye Jia hurriedly took the little black hand from Chen Qingye’s hand and said, “It’s probably like this anyway.”

After seeing that very powerful prop, everyone was convinced of his excuse.

Wei Yuechu breathed a sigh of relief and patted Ye Jia on the shoulder: “Anyway, you are fine. I was really shocked when the fire hit you just now. If you encounter this kind of thing again, you still have to Hide as soon as possible, or what to do if you encounter something that cannot be resolved.”

Chen Qingye said coldly behind the scenes: “Why haven’t I seen you have such a good attitude towards others before?”

Wei Yuechu became angry and turned her head and glared at him: “I like to care about handsome guys. Can you control it?”

“What about ace?” Wu Su asked quietly, “Didn’t you still ask someone to confess?”

Wei Yuechu: “…”

After meeting, I was shocked. I didn’t dare to mention such a thing at all. I would say.

She looked at Wu Su blankly, gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t talk if you can’t speak in the future.”

After walking out of the door of the management bureau, Wu Su pressed the down button of the elevator.

“So, where are we going to work recently?” Ye Jia asked.

All the staff of the administration have been evacuated outside the building, because the supernatural administration has basically been destroyed in an improper manner, and the yin fire does not immediately lose its power after it is extinguished. It will continue to release yin. After all, there are not too few ordinary people in the administration, so the entire floor must be evacuated, and the residents can only continue to live after being dealt with by the professional team.

Wu Su: “Look at the arrangement above.”

The subtext is-I don’t know.

Wei Yuechu turned his head and glanced at the last blast, and said coldly: “Look at what you did well.”

blast: “…”

He was half irritable and half guilty and said, “Then, can’t I help with the follow-up?”

Wei Yuechu smiled slightly: “Yes, if you don’t do it, then I will let Chen Qingye’s grandpa come in close contact with you.”

Chen Qingye glanced at her disapprovingly: “A-chang is not a dirty thing, don’t talk about him like that.”

It seems that because Chen Qingye’s playing with insects gave Blast a lot of psychological shadow, he silently stepped back, trying to stay away from Chen Qingye as much as possible, and then coldly snorted: “The big man said everything!”

“A man who is afraid of insects?” Wei Yuechu said gleefully.

Blast’s eyes widened, and a handsome face flushed slightly, complementing the crimson hair: “You…!”

The elevator in front made a ding sound and slowly opened.

Ye Jia turned to look at Wu Su and asked, “So, then we don’t need to work overtime these two days, right?”

Wu Su: “Are you kidding just waiting to ask this sentence?”

Ye Jia smiled shyly: “Yes…”

Wu Su: “…”

The elevator moved down slowly, but suddenly it shook!

The overhead lights flickered twice, and then, the elevator display floor screen suddenly went dark, and the red numbers on it suddenly began to beat.

Wu Su was stunned: “This, what’s going on?”

The expressions of several other people were very solemn-they felt the concentration of Yin Qi in the air at the same time.

At this time, the red number jumping on the screen suddenly stopped–

The bright red 100 was displayed on the pitch-black screen, like half-coagulated blood, which looked particularly shocking.

“Damn…” Blast rubbed one of his red hair irritably: “I love to play or not, just pretend to be a ball.”

As he said, a cluster of flames leaped in his palm and was pressed against the metal wall of the elevator. Almost instantly, the thick metal wall was melted into a big hole, and the gold-red metal liquid flowed downward, dripping. It ticked down on the ground, making a sizzling sound.

“Wait…” Chen Qingye’s voice was stuck in the middle.

Outside the elevator, what appeared was not a reinforced concrete wall, but a dark sky, thick and swamp-like darkness covering the whole world, deep and shallow shadows slowly undulating in the distance, overhead, floating With a huge eye, the pitch-black pupils stared at them, looking terrifying to the extreme.

“Ghosts!” Wei Yuechu took a breath, and tightened the chainsaw in his hand.

——At least s-level, and possibly even lord-level ghosts.

In the next second, the elevator seemed to have lost its support, and suddenly fell in the direction of the earth at a free-fall speed. Chen Qingye grabbed Wu Su, and Wei Yuechu took Ye Jia and flew away from the melting hole in the elevator wall. .

Hearing a loud bang, the elevator slammed into the ground and turned into a huge twisted piece of scrap iron.

Several people landed safely.

In the dark and barren ground ahead, a few cracks suddenly opened, and a huge and terrifying human figure slowly crawled out from below the ground.

The woman’s limbs were slender and pale, her long, jet-black hair hanging down on the ground, and every strand of her hair curled and swam as if it were alive. She slowly raised her head, her face covered with dense numbness. The eyes and the dark pupils looked at everyone blinking and blinking, and the huge negative pressure was crushing towards everyone, which was creepy.

Everyone held their weapons and carefully looked at the ghost in front of them.

Wei Yuechu lowered her voice and asked, “Have you seen this one…”

“No…” Chen Qingye shook his head slowly, with a solemn expression: “It’s an S-level ghost that I have never seen, or even heard of.”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes.


He had no impression of seeing this terrible ghost in the game.

It’s really very strange-logically speaking, such a powerful ghost shouldn’t have no name in the game.

The woman’s voice seemed to gush from her body, and it seemed to be coming from all directions, murmured quietly: “ace…”

Ye Jia: “…” At least he knew who the other party was looking for.

In the next second, the woman’s hair shot out like a sharp arrow, attacking in the direction of everyone.

“Ha, at least I can relax my muscles and bones.” Blast’s eyes burned with war spirit, laughed out loud, and blazing flames rose up beside him.

“Want to come to Bibi to watch?” Wei Yuechu squeezed the chainsaw and pulled the corners of her mouth upwards, revealing a slightly crazy smile.

Chen Qingye didn’t speak, but countless Gu worms gushed from his cuff, making a buzzing sound.

However, something unexpected happened.

I saw those hairs suddenly turned suddenly and without warning before they were about to touch the other players standing in front, and then bypassed the encirclement of the crowd, and struck straight towards Ye Jia!


Ye Jia raised his eyebrows, and the light-colored eyes flashed coldly, like a heavy and churning fog, with a cold and treacherous killing intent.

——In this case, there is no need to pretend.

He held his fingertips slightly, the huge shadow of the sickle appeared in his palm, and the crescent-like blade reflected the **** gleam.

But, without warning–

A cold and slender hand held Ye Jia’s waist from behind.

Long hair flopped empty.

Ye Jia’s eyes widened in astonishment, the phantom of the sickle dissipated in his palm, and only a few dubious sounds, the long, sharp, pitch-black hair sank into the ground, and then slowly retracted.

The countless eyes on the woman’s face all looked in his direction.

In the next second, the man’s low and mute voice sounded close to his ears, with a familiar sporadic smile, which seemed to be teasing, but also concerned: “Brother, be careful.”


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