After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 58

The man’s voice was low and soft, and his dumb voice seemed to be wrapped in greasy honey, echoing in the empty white bone hall, but it sounded creepy.

Ye Jia: “…”

His mind went blank for a moment.

In the next second, Ji Xuan leaned down, a gentle smile appeared in the deep scarlet pupils, as if looking at his beloved lover: “So, brother, will you?”

Ye Jia’s brain was spinning fast, and he opened his mouth, ready to answer something.

However, the man in front of him bowed his head without warning and bit his collarbone.

Ye Jia sucked in a cold breath, and the single tone that had not been exported was pressed in his throat, slightly altering the tone.

The sharp teeth pierced the flesh mercilessly, and warm blood poured out from the wound, and then was licked gently by the cold tongue.

Ye Jia stared blankly at the other party and slowly lifted his head from his neck.

Ji Xuan’s lips were stained with blood and turned into a weird scarlet, which complemented the dark red eye pupils. He licked the blood on his lips and squinted his eyes slightly, as if tasting something super delicious.

If there is any real sight, it slid down the young man’s side face and neck, and landed on his slightly messy neckline, which was pulled apart.

The line of the collarbone is clear and vivid, and the beautiful bone outline extends under the thin shirt. The skin is pale and clean, with a jade-like gentle and delicate luster, and the deep blood-colored tooth mark is burned on it, which looks exceptionally abrupt.

The smile on Ji Xuan’s lips deepened, he lowered his head and licked Ye Jia’s earlobe, and whispered in his ear: “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?”

Ye Jia felt the hairs all over his body stand up, and a layer of cold sweat climbed onto his back.

Something is wrong…

Ji Xuan’s state is absolutely wrong.

However, he is now at an absolute disadvantage.

But although Ji Xuan looked very sensible, he was definitely not in a state of being able to communicate.

Ye Jia forced herself to calm down and replied in a steady tone: “It’s true…”

——Anyway, now at least calm down the other party.

He said: “Don’t worry, I will never run.”

Ji Xuan, who was buried in the side of his neck, let out a low laugh. He opened his mouth to bite Ye Jia’s cold and thin ear, and grinds between his teeth lightly and slowly: “Of course…”

The man’s cold fingers gently stroked Ye Jia’s immobile wrist, his voice was smiling: “Look…”

Ye Jia: “…”


In the next second, Ye Jia felt the other’s hand touching his waist.

Ye Jia: “…”

Wait…this, isn’t it what he imagined?

The picture from the memory came to his mind without warning.

The whistling wind stirred in his ears, gravity pulled his figure down, and the handsome face of the man suddenly approached. The deep scarlet eyes reflected his shrunken face. Then, there was a cold and soft lips. Tactile.

Ye Jia’s eyes widened slightly.

Obviously nothing happened now, but he still felt a strong, burned hallucination on his lips, as if burned by high temperature, transmitting that temperature to the edge of his cheeks and cheekbones.

No, no, it’s impossible, it’s absolutely, he must be thinking too much…

However, before Ye Jia expelled this somewhat terrifying idea from his mind, the other party’s fingers went in along the hem of his shirt.

The cold fingertips swept across the young man’s slender waistline, causing a chilling tremor, making him get goose bumps.

“…” Ye Jia pupil earthquake: “!”

I’m going to your uncle, Ju, it’s really what he imagined!

This, this is not right…

After the brief confusion, Ye Jia began to brainstorm wildly, racking his brains to find topics that could communicate with each other normally.

His gaze swept across the remaining blood stains on the bones of the ground in the distance, and suddenly there was a flash of inspiration, and he said, “Yes, that’s right…”

Ye Jia was stiff, forced herself to ignore the weird feeling brought by the palm of the other person, and said dryly: “Just, the bus outside said, I am the second one today, yes, what’s the matter?”

His thinking gradually became clear, and his speech became fluent: “So, has that female ghost been sending me imitations all the time?”

Ji Xuan glanced at Ye Jia quite interestingly.

In the dark red iris, the pupil shrinks into a narrow line under the light, which looks like some kind of cold-blooded animal.

For some reason, Ye Jia felt a chill on his spine, as if the other party had already seen through his intentions.

However, Ji Xuan just chuckled, “Of course…”

He raised his lips with interest: “Want to see it?”

Ye Jia: “…”

What does this sentence mean!

He suddenly had a very vague premonition.

Ji Xuan lifted his fingertips lightly, and in the next second, there was a creaking sound of bone rubbing on the white bone ground, and a huge white bone throne appeared in front of his eyes.

He took Ye Jia and sat down.

Ye Jia’s limbs were still controlled by the weird power, and he could only be forced to sit beside him.

He took a deep breath and wisely decided not to say a word.

Immediately afterwards, the ground in front of him slowly opened a hole, and the blood pool below rolled as if boiling, and then, a human figure slowly lifted up from below.

Ji Xuan held Ye Jia’s waist with one hand, placed his chin gently on the top of the opponent’s hair, and said with a chuckle: “This is the first…”

Ye Jia looked at the human figure that emerged. Although he had been mentally prepared, he still couldn’t help but breathe slightly.

Except that the head is still intact, the shape of a human is basically no longer visible in other positions. Every inch of skin, every muscle, every internal organ, and every bone is disassembled carefully, and then again. Being pieced together patiently, it looks like a **** messy graffiti.

Ji Xuan squinted his eyes, played with Ye Jia’s hair end casually, and said thoughtfully, “Well, maybe I was a little emotional at the time.”

Ye Jia: “…”

“Of course, I’ll be much calmer next time.” Ji Xuan said with a low smile.

The second corpse emerged from the pool of blood, and the figure looked much more complete-except for the flesh and blood body below it was completely hollowed out, and only a complete skin was left hanging empty in the air.

Ye Jia: “…”


Ji Xuan raised his hand, and the third one emerged.

Unexpectedly, there was another one who was lifted the bleeding pool with it… something else.

Ye Jia was stunned, and only after carefully examining it did he realize what it was.

It was two people, cruelly pieced together, looking like a big **** ball.

Ji Xuan’s calm and unwavering voice came from above his head: “That Li ghost played a little trick.”

He lowered his head and kissed the whirling of the young man in his arms, his voice soft as if a whisper: “She let you get married, and she forgot about me.”

Ye Jia: “…”

Although he knew that Ji Xuan was a little crazy, he didn’t expect him to be so crazy.

Ye Jia couldn’t hold back and asked, “So, if this kind of thing happens in reality… Are you going to do it too?”

Ji Xuan’s movements paused without a trace.

He slowly narrowed a pair of scarlet eyes, a strange and unpredictable danger surged in them, but his voice was still gentle and gentle: “Of course not…”

Ye Jia: “…”

After reading his own death book for so long, he found it hard to believe the other party’s answer.

Ji Xuan’s arms around Ye Jia’s waist tightened slightly, and the curve of the opponent’s body was burned into his chest, and he whispered, “They are not you.”

Ye Jia twitched his lips: “I believe you…”

“But, can you let me go first now?” He softened his voice and tried to communicate rationally with the other party: “I promise I won’t run, but the current state makes me feel uncomfortable…”

Ji Xuan: “No…”

Ye Jia: “…”

Can’t communicate at all!

“I am willing to believe you.” Ji Xuan lowered his head and fixedly stared at the other party’s faint glaze eyes.

The cold kiss fell on the thin eyelids of the youth, and he smiled and said, “But, brother, you are too deceiving.”

Ji Xuan said confidently: “You will run…”

Ye Jia: “…”

Although he did prepare this way, it was still very uncomfortable to be pointed out directly.

He frowned: “When did I lie to you?”

Ji Xuan stared at him and said softly: “Don’t you remember? Brother?”

Although there was no change in the other’s expression, Ye Jia felt a chill rushing to his spine inexplicably, like a bird being stared at by a poisonous snake.

“You promised me…” Ji Xuan leaned close, his icy pupils contracted, and said every word: “We will never be separated.”

Ye Jia was startled.

At that moment, long-lasting memories flooded into my mind, and the picture had faded slightly due to time, but it was still clearly visible.

After being rescued by Ye Jia in the campus dungeon, Ji Xuan showed off the fighting power that was not a child in the subsequent melee. At the critical moment, he delayed time and made the entire task successfully completed. Therefore, the dungeon ended. After that, he joined Ye Jia’s team at the time.

There is no consensus on his joining in the team, and the pros and cons are equally divided.

Those in favor think that this kid has great potential, and those who oppose think that he is too young and will hinder the team.

Ye Jia thought for a while and voted in favor.

The teammates were a little surprised: “Why, I feel relieved again?”

Ye Jia said blankly and calmly: “It’s a good thing that he is young. There is a lack of a broiler in the team.”

In the game, a lot of fixed players will recruit newcomers to join, and those newcomers will often be regarded as the victims of the monsters in the following dungeons. Basically, they will be thrown after they are used once. Such newcomers are collectively referred to as broilers. .

Ye Jia’s point of view persuaded the others in the team, so the balance turned over and Ji Xuan successfully joined the team.

Outside the gate, a small figure quietly disappeared into the darkness.

Although the next few dungeons are different, the difficulty difference is not very big. The two have teamed up several times, but most of the time they were not assigned to the same dungeon.

Until a few months later, the two happened to participate in the same copy.

It was originally judged to be a C-level copy, but after entering, it was discovered that it had actually become a-level.

The vast majority of players caught off guard and died in the face-to-face killing.

In the melee with the ghosts, two of the four people in the team died, only Ye Jia and Ji Xuancan flee.

When night came, Ye Jia warned: “Follow me and don’t leave. If you run into danger because of running around, I will not be able to save you.”

The little boy nodded obediently, and a faint red light flashed in his big dark eyes.

As a result, when the next wave of monsters came, Ji Xuan and Ye Jia were washed away.

The little boy had a pale face and a frightened expression. He was dragged into the dark monster pile behind him. The players rushed forward, and no one paid any attention to the abandoned victims behind him.

Enveloped in the black mist of monsters, the horrified expression on the boy’s face disappeared like winter snow. He calmly leaned against the billowing black smoke behind him. Countless monsters passed by him, but he seemed to be afraid. The retreat was like a river that diverged after encountering a reef.

He dragged his cheeks, looked at the back of the running player in the distance, and raised his lips with interest.

I really want to know… what will these players look like when they see what is waiting for them ahead?

Especially that person–

However, at this moment, unexpectedly, the black smoke not far away was split into a huge gap. The strong light brought by the high-end props burned like flames to the monsters, and they screamed far away. The place receded, and smokey wounds burned out on the bluish-black skin.

The little boy was taken aback for a moment, caught off guard, the black smoke under him was blown away, and he fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the slender young man rushed in through the split crack, and involuntarily pulled his arm, dragging him away forcefully.

The glare from the props has not dissipated yet.

Under the strong light that almost burned, the young man gasped heavily, his light-colored eyes were slightly squinted under the strong light, and one eye was covered by semi-dry blood and could not be opened. His face was pale and covered in cold sweat, he squeezed the other’s thin shoulders tightly, and his fingertips were slightly pale because of his force, and he did not spare his strength.

His voice is extremely harsh, even a bit rude and sharp: “Didn’t I tell you? Follow me, don’t separate!”

The boy stared at him blankly.

At this moment, without warning, the mountain shook in front, and the entire instance of the boss appeared. It was an A-level monster. It quickly swallowed the player who was sent to its mouth, and then turned towards Ye Jia’s. Charged in this direction.

Ye Jia grabbed Ji Xuan’s hand and ran away.

For the next two full days, they were exhausted.

The little boy looked thoughtfully at the straight back of the young man in front of him, followed behind him in silence, as if thinking about something.

After a long tug of war, Ye Jia was finally exhausted. He made a small mistake, but at this time, this mistake was enough to make him pay an unbearable price.

He shoved Ji Xuan rudely: “Hurry up…”

The little boy squinted his eyes and stared at him steadily, with blood gleaming in the depths of his pitch-black eyes.

He did not speak and did not leave.

At the last moment when he was about to be swallowed, he solved the monster that was holding Ye Jia tightly, and at the moment of the moment, the two rushed out of the encirclement together.

Ye Jia gasped, tightened his brows, and looked deeply at the little boy who was only around his waist.

Ji Xuan raised his head and smiled slightly, his small face looked innocent and beautiful: “Be next to you, don’t separate, right?”

Ye Jia was stunned: “Yes…”

The little boy’s eyes were deep and deep, and a dark sense of danger surged in the depths of his eyes.

His pale lips were slightly pursed, and there was an inexplicable feeling of fragility. He tilted his head: “Forever?”

Ye Jia looked up at the copy time that was about to end, and his mood improved rarely. He rubbed the hair of the little boy in front of him, and his voice was soft: “Yes…”

The delicate and fragile face of the little boy in the memory slowly overlapped with the handsome and profound face of the man in front of him. The same dark and paranoid sight seemed to be able to pull people into the endless abyss.

The man tightened his arms, a pair of dark red vertical pupils drooped slightly, and the cold nose tipped against Ye Jia, and said softly: “Be cautious of your promise to the ghost.”

The curvature of his lips deepened, but the smile couldn’t reach the bottom of his eyes: “If you can’t do it, we will get it back with interest.”

Ye Jia: “…”

“Perhaps, I should charge a little interest first.” Ji Xuan’s eyes dimmed.

In the next second, he kissed Ye Jia’s lower lip, biting and licking with a sense of pressure, his cold and pale slender fingers bound the opponent’s wrist on top of the opponent’s head, and the other hand pressed against the opponent’s waist. He drew closer and pressed onto the armrest of the bone chair.

As if a drowning man was struggling to reach the surface of the water, deep-cold gloomy icy water poured in from all directions, swallowing the top of his head and suppressing his chest, making him unable to breathe at all, and all resistance appeared negligible.

Suddenly, without warning, there was a strange vibration in the distance, as if the whole world was shaken by some kind of power.

The walls and floor of the bones around him squeezed and collided with each other, making a clicking sound in the vibration.

But Ji Xuan didn’t stop.

Just when Ye Jia was about to hold his breath due to lack of oxygen, there was a cautious knock on the door at the far door.

With regret, Ji Xuan opened the distance.

He frowned and whispered displeasedly: “It’s a pity, it’s a coincidence.”

Ye Jia took a deep breath, dry air poured into his lungs, leaving a dull pain in his throat. He felt dizzy, and his eyes were full of black snowflakes, grabbing fresh air that had not been long-lost.

Ji Xuan lowered his head and licked the other party’s lower lip lightly, and smiled contentedly: “Brother is so nice…”

Ye Jia: “…”

I have a sentence I don’t know if you should say it is improper.

A soft knock on the door sounded again, this time becoming bigger than before, but it was equally trembling and cautious.

Ji Xuan slowly straightened up and held Ye Jia, who was still unable to move, in his arms. He hooked his fingers with a sense of enthusiasm, and the bone gate of the palace slowly opened.

The bus has now shrunk to one-third of the previous size, with the street light and sign behind him.

It hung its white bones head, and its voice trembled with fear: “King…King, the world on the east is beginning to collapse.”

“So what?” Ji Xuan’s voice was inexplicably happy and angry.

Bus: “…”

Obviously you told us to notify you if we find something wrong!

However, they have long been accustomed to their king’s mood when the newcomer was sent, so they just moved closer to the floor more silently, not daring to raise their heads, not daring to breathe, and waited in fright for orders from the other party.

But… I don’t know why, the bus just heard a little… different meaning from the other person’s voice.

It is considered to be the first batch of creatures born in this world due to alienation. Although I still don’t dare to say that I know much about this terrible creator who is enough to control their life and death, but compared to other monsters, it spends more time with Ji Xuan. It’s a long time, so it’s easier to perceive the other party’s different emotions from usual.

The bus carefully raised its head slightly and looked up to the king’s bone throne.

The next second, it was so shocked that it almost stopped thinking.

The human beings that it thought had been torn apart by the king, split and killed, sat on the throne intact.

Not only was his limbs intact, but he was being held in his arms intimately by the king.

The scattered hair hangs down, covering the reddish corners of the eyes and cheekbones, and the lips are half open. The lips that were thin to almost unfeeling are slightly swollen, and they are rubbed into a gorgeous blood red, like a fruit that has been overripe, gently The thin skin can be pierced with one touch, sweet juice overflows, the neckline is scattered open, revealing the slender neck and the clear-cut collarbone, a tooth print that is still bleeding is particularly abrupt.

The man’s well-knotted slender fingers clasped his waist, embracing him in his arms very possessively.

Bus: “?”

This, what’s wrong?

Just when it began to doubt its own worldview, it suddenly met Ji Xuan’s icy scarlet eyes.

Bus: “!”

In the next second, a terrible force struck from all directions, squeezing from the outside to the inside. The feeling that the whole life was firmly grasped at the fingertips of the other party made it instinctively start to shudder and scream, on the body. Every inch of bones and iron skin uttered a scream.

Just before it was crushed into a ball, the youth on the throne suddenly spoke.

His voice was hoarse, as if it had been rubbed by gravel: “Hey…”

Ji Xuan stopped.

Ye Jia took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, instead of gritting his teeth and saying: “If you have something, go quickly.”

He calmly said: “What you need to worry about now is whether you can win the confrontation with that ghost outside, and the most important thing is that the flow of time between the outside and inside the door is different, right? That being the case, anyway, as long as you can If we swallow that ghost inside, we will naturally return to the outside world.”

Ye Jia closed his eyes, as if squeezing his anger, and said: “So at least, I won’t leave for the time being…”

He raised his eyes to look at the man in front of him, and stared at him coldly, as if the person who had fallen into the wind and was unable to move was not himself, as if the cruel death scenes of the substitutes that had just been seen had no effect on him.

Although the corners of the youth’s eyes were still faintly red, the previous disorientation and bewilderment had been swept away. The light-colored eyes were slightly sinking, and only the calm and calculation that had been exercised in the long fighting career were left. Reasonably infer and examine the current scene, and make the most favorable decision on this basis.

Ye Jia said slowly: “As a temporary comrade in arms, I give you my guarantee.”

——He became an ace again, the uncrowned king of that player.

Ji Xuan’s expression seemed remote and unpredictable.

He gently brushed the bite marks on Ye Jia’s lips and smiled briefly: “Brother, you will always be like this.”

“Always be so sensible…” He smiled and said, “No matter what the situation is, he can think calmly and find the most suitable path right now, right?”

I really want to… crush your calmness and tear your calmness.

Watch you cry, watch you scream.

Ye Jia took a deep breath, avoided this seemingly dangerous remark, and pulled back to the topic just now: “So are you going or not?”

The man’s eyes darkened, and the corners of his lips smiled: “Don’t go…”

Ye Jia: “…”

In the face of such a person who is completely unable to communicate, he is almost a little angry: “Are you **** sick?”

Ji Xuan approached him and kissed him: “Of course…”

Ye Jia frowned, turned aside his face and avoided the other person, with a particularly bad tone: “Don’t be crazy!”

Ji Xuan stopped, he fixedly looked at the irritable young man in front of him, and suddenly said without warning: “Okay…”

Now it was Ye Jia’s turn to be stunned.

Ji Xuan smiled, the scarlet pupils were half-squinted, and the thin and narrow pupils were slightly enlarged, as if his mood suddenly became extraordinarily happy.

He nodded his lower lip and said, “My brother kisses me, I won’t be crazy.”


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