After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 6

In the darkness, the little girl choked out of breath.

Big tears fell and fell on her knees.

She only remembered that she was in school, suddenly felt dizzy, fainted, and when she woke up, she came to this terrible place.

It was so cold all around, it was so cold, she couldn’t help shivering desperately from head to toe.

And she could always hear some weird, Xixi Suosuo’s voice sounded from a distance, even if she tried to cover her ears, she still couldn’t stop those voices from slipping in between her fingers.

very scary…

Mom, Dad, I miss you so much…

Where are you…

The little girl shivered and curled up her thin body, her back pressed tightly against the wall, as if only in this way could she absorb a little sense of security.

Suddenly, she heard a voice from above her head:

“Why, are you lost?”

The little girl shivered with fright, raised her head dimly with tears, and looked in the direction of the sound.

I saw a tall young man standing not far away. He was also wearing a hospital gown, his skin was very white, his amber eyes were half-squinted, and he looked a little lazy.

He squatted down, his voice was clear and calm, giving people a sense of peace of mind inexplicably:

“What’s your name?”

The little girl belched and replied timidly: “…I, my name is Sun, Sun Jiale.”

“How old?”

“I will be eight years old soon.” The little girl’s big eyes were washed with tears and became more black and white. She sniffed and replied in a low voice.

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes without a trace.

He was far away just now, and his feelings were not clear enough. Now that he is close, he is quite sure that he can smell the cold and gloomy smell of ghost from the soul of this little girl, and that smell penetrates deeply into her soul body. .

The soul cannot return to the body within three days after being separated from the body, so it can’t go back again.

If left alone, she will definitely die, and this ghost will make her a new ghost.

And this place is a hospital with long-term cooperation with the Administration. If something goes wrong here, not only will the employees’ medical insurance have nowhere to be reimbursed, but it will also bring about a series of worse chain reactions, with disastrous consequences.

It seems that he can’t stop it this time.

Ye Jia sighed in his heart.

…Oh, sick overtime.

The most miserable social animal is no different from this.

After answering two questions, Sun Jiale’s mood was obviously calmer than before.

She raised her eyes to Ye Jia and asked carefully:

“Brother… can you see me?”

When she just woke up earlier, no matter how loud she was crying, all the doctors and nurses passing by turned a blind eye to her. In panic, she tried to reach out to pull the corner of the other party’s clothes, but was horrified to find that her fingers were actually moving away from the other party. Wears it over—

Although Sun Jiale is not very old, he knows everything he needs to know.

She held back the tears, choked up and asked: “I, am I dead?”

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and stretched out his hand to her: “Come.”

The young man’s fingers were white and slender, with distinct bone joints, glowing with the luster of jade under the light outside the window.

“Touch and see.”

Sun Jiale carefully stretched out her pale little hand and placed it in the palm of the other party-she stared in surprise: “…touch, bump!”

“So look,” Ye Jia said with a slight smile on the corners of his lips: “Neither you nor I died, right?”

He gathered his fingers and gently pulled the opponent from the ground:

“Go, I’ll take you to find your mom and dad.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up, and she nodded heavily: “Yeah!”

Hearing her answer, the little black hand climbed up on Ye Jia’s shoulder and leaned out his head, muttering:

“Oh, another stupid human being confused by performance.”

Sad human beings, can’t see how cruel and heartbroken the other side under this man’s skin is!

Sun Jiale was startled by the little black hand that suddenly sprang out: “Brother…you, what is on your shoulder?”


Ye Jia smiled and pulled Xiao Hei’s hand down.

The young man’s fingers were flexible, and after only a few seconds, he tied Xiao Hei’s hand-drawn body into a bow: “Does it look good?”

Sun Jiale looked at the bow in Ye Jia’s palm in surprise, and nodded vigorously: “It looks good!”

Little Black Hand: “…”? ? ?

There is no ghost power!


Ye Jia took the little girl and walked outside the ward.

The hospital was very quiet at night, there was no one in the corridor, only one nurse on duty stayed at the front desk.

Relying on a good-looking face and sincere sweet words, Ye Jia found Sun Jiale’s information very simply through the other party. Obviously, Sun Jiale’s family had already gone through the transfer procedures when it was caused today and transferred her to a more expensive one. private hospital.

During the conversation between the two, Xiao Hei Shou tried to untie his body, and then it crawled along Ye Jia’s clothes onto his shoulders.

After listening to the whole story, it hugged Ye Jia’s collar and asked in a low voice:

“Boss, what are you going to do next?”

It is so late now that all public transportation for humans should be out of service.

The little black hand twisted:

“How about waiting for tomorrow?”

Ye Jia glanced at it, but didn’t answer.

He walked to the self-service vending machine, took out the coin from his pocket and stuffed it in, only to hear a few jingle sounds, a packet of candy fell out.

Ye Jia held the candy in his hand for a few seconds, and a trace of ghost slowly clung to the bag.

Immediately afterwards, he squatted down, stuffed the candy into the little girl’s hand, and whispered, “Are you hungry? Eat some of this.”

The little girl thanked her timidly.

Ye Jia looked straight with her: “Next, I need to blindfold your eyes and take a shortcut. Just hold my hand and don’t let go. Can it be done?”

Sun Jiale grabbed the candy packaging and nodded: “Well! Me, I can!”

Ye Jia smiled and touched the top of her hair:


He retracted his hand, his fingertips flashed sharply, and he only heard a “stab” sound. He tore off his clothes and tore off a long strip, then blindfolded Sun Jiale’s eyes.

After Ye Jia finished everything, the little black hand came out suspiciously:

“You blocked her five senses? Why?”

In the next second, it seemed to react suddenly, and exclaimed: “Difficult, is it…?”

Ye Jia glanced at it lightly: “I just figured it out now?”

The little black hand choked abruptly.

There are no time and space restrictions in the ghost mythical creature, it is all controlled by the creator, and the stronger the creator’s ability, the wider the ghost mythical creature’s extension.

However, it really did not expect that Ye Jia, as a human being, would be surrounded by extremely pure ghost energy, and it was actually able to tear apart the ghosts, and it could extend so far…

…So this is definitely a monster!

Ye Jia raised his hand, his fingertips flickered, and he swiped down slowly.

A gap appeared in the space in front of him, and the cold breath and the salty **** smell instantly escaped. Ye Jia took the little girl and walked forward, and the figures of the two were quickly swallowed.

The crack closed and there was no one in the corridor.


Xiao Hei Shou held Ye Jia’s collar fearfully and carefully looked around his body.

In a sense, ghosts are the concretization of the inner world of the master.

Obviously, Ye Jia didn’t want it to see the whole picture of the ghost mythical creature, so he deliberately controlled the area it could observe.

All it could see was a dazzling bright red.

The shades of red overlap each other, blocking the sides of the road like walls, as if creeping, layer by layer, rusty blood oozes outward.

The little black hand settled down and glanced at the little girl who was held by Ye Jia.

She was blindfolded, her mouth was stuffed with candy, her five senses were blocked, and she walked on the sea of ​​blood ignorantly, completely protected.

The little black hand sighed unexpectedly:

“I didn’t expect you to be so good to children.”

It then murmured: “…Compared with other people, it is a double standard.”

Ye Jia didn’t change her face, and said lightly:

“It’s just necessary measures.”

No ghost will believe it.

Little Black Hand muttered in his heart.

There seems to be a lot of blocking the five senses, but Ye Jia uses the most gentle and at the same time the most laborious method.

But it obviously didn’t dare to say what was in its heart, but stayed peacefully on Ye Jia’s shoulder, waiting for the end of the journey.

Ye Jia glanced down at the little girl she was holding in her hand, a strange color flashed under her eyes.

In fact, this is not the first time he has heard people say this.

-It’s just that he hadn’t become ACE at that time, the evil **** who steadily ranked first in the game standings.

He had just entered the game at that time. Although he had understood the cruelty and blood of the game, he had not completely discarded the innocence and goodness from a civilized and legal society.

It was a copy of the campus battle royale.

All the players stood in the dark-shrouded playground, nervously listening to the mechanical female voice above their heads slowly telling the rules of this instance.

The rules are very simple and can be summarized in three words—

hide and seek.

It’s just that, unlike hide and seek in reality, the real ghost is the hunter in the game, and the player who is killed will become a new ghost, join the hunting party, and harvest the life of the companion.

While waiting, a player in the crowd attracted Ye Jia’s attention.

It was a child who was only thirteen or fourteen years old.

He is not tall, even among his peers, he is considered thin, does not often raise his head, and looks gloomy and indifferent.

Ye Jia’s temporary teammate at the time noticed his gaze. He followed Ye Jia’s gaze and looked over, then sneered and shook his head:

“Hey, there’s another little one—I’m sure, this little kid will not be able to hold this copy.”

The copy this time is nine hours long, and this time the rules are destined to be harder to survive as you go to the back, and it is impossible for a child to have this kind of physical strength and endurance.

Another companion curled his lips contemptuously: “Come on, I’ll bet for half an hour.”

Ye Jia frowned, did not make a sound, and withdrew his sight.

His temporary teammate patted him on the shoulder: “This game is like this, the survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest-you will soon get used to it.”

Soon, the game started.

Unsurprisingly, with the passage of time, the difficulty of the copy has increased exponentially, and it becomes more breathless as it goes on.

The six-person team that Ye Jia joined was half dead soon, and the remaining companions were also exhausted, almost losing their lives on several occasions.

The corridors of the school were dark and gloomy, the light bulbs overhead sizzling, the walls were corroded by ghosts, and they became charred at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the darkness at the end of the corridor, the thick black hair spreads forward like a snake, covering the walls, floor, and ceiling, chasing the three people running in embarrassment in front.

They have used up most of the props, and almost only escaped.

At this moment, Ye Jia’s light caught a glimpse of a thin figure standing on the side stairwell.

The little boy was pale and looked more alarming in the dark corridor. He raised his head and looked at the three of them with dark eyes.

Behind is the hard ghost that is pressing hard at every step, but the child doesn’t seem to have the slightest intention to run. He seems to have been scared and stupefied. He can only stand firmly on the spot, watching the danger approaching quickly.

Ye Jia gritted his teeth, as if he had made some determination, and raised his hand to grab the child’s thin arm:

“Stunned what! Run!”

The little boy didn’t seem to expect him to do this. He raised his head in a dazed manner, letting him drag him and ran forward.

Sprinting and turning several corners, they finally saw the safe house at the moment of their death.

Dark hair swarmed up, but was blocked by the suddenly closed door.

In the classroom, only a few people gasped heavily.

-This safe house can only last for ten minutes. Although it is not long, it at least gives them room to rest.

After leaning on his knees for a few breaths, the teammate straightened up, glanced at Ye Jia, and sneered:

“I didn’t expect that you still have this love for the child… why, your heart is softened?”

He sneered: “Can you save this kid as a fart? It’s a burden at best. Why have you not figured out the rules of this game now? Softheartedness and love are worthless.”

Ye Jia didn’t answer.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the child who was dragged into the safe house by himself, with a cold tone:

“Next time you encounter danger, remember to run.”

The little boy raised his head, his jet-black eyes stared at each other for an instant, he pursed his lips, and nodded obediently.

“I won’t save you a second time.”

Ye Jia frowned, dropped these words coldly, then turned and walked to the door of the safe house, looking out through the window.

“Yeah.” There was a strange hoarseness in the little boy’s voice. He stared at the young man with his back to him, and a trace of scarlet light flashed across the dark and gloomy eyes:

“…Thank you brother.”


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