After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 60

What’s the meaning?

Ye Jia’s hand paused in midair.

There was still not much expression on his face, but there seemed to be a stormy sea in his heart.

Ye Jia frowned, lowered his eyes, and looked at Ji Xuan, who was half a head shorter than himself.

The little boy tilted his head slightly. Although Ye Jia was standing in front of him, his gaze passed straight through the opponent’s body, falling on the huge sarcoma that almost filled the cave in the distance, a pair of rubies. His eyes are shining in the dimly lit cave, and there is a kind of paranoid and gloomy extreme thirst in the eyes, which is creepy.

So crazy, so… familiar.

Ye Jia was slightly startled, and countless dusty pictures rolled out from the depths of his memory.

He remembered that sometimes, when he turned his head inadvertently, he could always see the other person looking at him steadily. The dark and gloomy eyes flashed with the same expression in the depths, but in the moment he looked over. The disappearance without a trace, like the morning mist in the sun, and no trace like a phantom, the little boy raised a pale face, raised his lips, showed a good smile, and restrained all the gloom, innocent Asked: “Brother, what’s the matter?”

Ye Jia blinked, and pulled herself back from the memories that came in suddenly.

At this time, Ji Xuan had passed by his side and walked towards the sarcoma that was still squirming.

Ye Jia paused, then turned to follow.

The little boy stopped a few steps away from his mother.

The sticky wriggling sound of the sarcoma on the top of the head became more intense, echoing in the empty cave, and it sounded almost disgusting. Then Ye Jia saw that a fist-large sarcoma separated from his mother’s body, and then slowly The ground fell downward, and the little boy opened his hands and let it fall on his palm.

I don’t know why, Ye Jia always feels…

The big fist, the sticky surface, and the fleshy **** all over the veins seemed…a bit familiar, as if he had glimpsed it in one of his vague dreams.

When the sarcoma fell into Ji Xuan’s palm, Ye Jia felt a flower in front of him.

The surrounding cave dissipated like snow flakes, replaced by a more familiar scene.

Beside him is a twisted and dark tall building, which looks like a scene that can only appear in a child’s nightmare. The dark and cold steel towers are densely packed in a small area, and it is almost breathless.

Here is a copy.

However, don’t know why, Ye Jia found that he could not remember that he was like clearing a customs.

He frowned and tried to remember, but the memory was still blank.

At this moment, there was a stern and sharp scream in front of him. The sound was extremely terrifying, with a kind of pain that could almost penetrate the human heart, just like the wailing of torture when a creature was about to die.

As if there was some traction ahead, Ye Jia stepped towards the direction where the sound came from.

In the center of the dense building complex, an empty field suddenly appeared, like a huge altar sunken in a weird deep sea.

The ground was lit with dark red lines, and under the dark surroundings, there was an indescribable weirdness and horror.

The fist-sized sarcoma hanging above the clearing seemed to be creeping and undulating slowly.

The young man crouched down in the middle of the lines, his thin back and shoulder blades stood out across a thin shirt, shaking violently like dead leaves in the wind, and the cloth stuck to it was completely wet with sweat. Clear lines appeared, as if a dying butterfly was tightly stuck on the spider web, struggling desperately.

The sarcoma slowly fell.


He screamed.

Pale fingers pressed tightly on the ground, broken nails and flesh and blood were left between the rough scratches.

The young man shuddered, raised his head under the traction of some weird force, his wet hair stuck tightly to his pale cheeks, his chewed fleshy lips were wide open, and he gasped violently like a drowning man. .

The moment the sarcoma touched him, it was like raindrops falling into the pool water, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye.


The youth wailed miserably.

In the next second, from the center of his chest ribs, some kind of hard and straight long handle was slowly pulled out.


The sound of the shirt tearing sounded, revealing the youth’s pale chest soaked in blood. The viscous blood flowed down the texture of the muscles and fell on the ground, flowing outward along the dark red lines, looking divided. Strange outside.

The white bone-like long handle was revealed, followed by a crescent-like blade, and in the end, a sharp blade shimmering with cold light.

The huge sickle was forcibly pulled from the young man’s body, and the smooth surface of the knife was reflected with a **** gleam.

There were whispering whispers from all around, whispering greedily.

“It smells good…”

“Very delicious……”

Countless dark shadows overflowed from the tall buildings, and from all directions, unconscious young people in the middle of the open space rushed forward, while whispering to each other: “Eat him…”

“Eat him…”

The cold, hoarse child voice broke the dead silence: “I see who dares…”

The little boy walked out of the darkness and stood in front of the youth on the ground. His gloomy eyes had completely restored their scarlet blood. He stared coldly at the ghosts and monsters in front of him, and the huge shadows cast behind him showed his teeth and claws. Out of a terrible figure and power-

“The direct line…” The darkness whispered: “It’s the direct line…”

“He too…” The little boy said with a blank face, slowly: “He is the direct line that his mother personally indicated, your future king.”

He took a step forward: “Who can try it?”

The surrounding dark shadows hesitated, rolled, and finally, slowly withdrew into the dark night under fear.

When the Li Gui and the monster retreated, Ji Xuan knelt down and carefully hugged the sweat-soaked head of the other party into his arms, and brushed away the wet hair on the young man’s face with his fingertips, as if he was treating some kind of precious treasure. Similar.

The boy leaned down, printed his lips on the other’s closed eyelids, smiled contentedly, and whispered softly: “Alright…Brother, you will be able to stay soon.”

Ye Jia’s pupils tightened, and he focused on the scene in front of him.

He lowered his eyes, opened his palms, and looked at the sickle that slowly appeared in the dark, and the sharp blade that was still shining in the dark.

The next second, without warning, the scene around him changed.

Ye Jia’s fingers suddenly tightened.

The phantom of the sickle in his palm disappeared instantly.

Ye Jia took a deep breath, slowly raised his head, looked into the distance, and calmly watched what happened next.

What happened next was the same as he remembered.

Among the players, he quickly became a target of public criticism. Members of the same team died one after another. People who could be called friends also betrayed him one by one. A siege and suppression made him officially a lone traveler. In the end , The only person following him was Ji Xuan.

Slowly, Ye Jia discovered that he didn’t know if it was his physique problem. No matter where he was, he would always attract the most ghosts, just like…phototaxis mosquitoes rush to the only light source at night.

He seldom allowed Ji Xuan to team up with him to enter the dungeon. Even after entering the dungeon, he would stay away from the team as much as possible and act alone.

Every ghost and monster that tried to kill him was swallowed by Ye Jia, he became stronger and stronger, more and more…inhuman.

Until… his ranking reached the top of the standings, and he could no longer be surpassed.

The scenes that had happened before flicked in front of Ye Jia’s eyes.

During this period of time, Ye Jia had been trying to touch Ji Xuan, but the opponent was still like a phantom, unable to be touched by the entity, let alone being dragged out.

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So Ye Jia gave up trying, but continued to move forward following the timeline.

Fortunately, the time progress of this world is very fast, and every picture is broken, one after another, rather than walking forward continuously and without interruption.

Ye Jia didn’t want to relive the years he had been in the game.

That’s really boring.

Soon, the last moment arrived.

Ye Jia once again stepped onto the ancient battlefield carrying countless killings, and the **** mud squeaked under his feet.

He squinted his eyes and looked away carelessly.

At this moment, Ji Xuan and himself were walking in tandem on the ancient battlefield filled with viscous blood on the ground, towards the cliffs in the distance.

Ye Jia was a little distracted.

In fact, before setting foot here, he also entered a copy alone.

In that dungeon, Ye Jia saw the dead souls, and his former teammates grievously accused him of his unrequited indifference. It was there that Ye Jia met the friend who had betrayed her. Ye Jia’s whereabouts were sold to the players who besieged him, and died with those players on the wasteland soaked with blood.

The originally gentle and beautiful woman had a hideous face, her bloodshot eyes stared at Ye Jia in front of her, cursing his viciousness and cruelty.

Ye Jia passed her blankly.

However, at that moment, a woman’s hoarse whisper sounded in his ear: “Do you think you still have friends?”

Ye Jia walked straight forward without turning his head.

“Do you think that kid is really good for you?” The woman’s voice was cold and bitter, with a hint of comfort: “Since we have become ghosts, we have all become part of the game, and we know more , I can see it more clearly-this is a conspiracy, a game specially set up for you, and you jumped down blindly and ignorantly, and became the prey in Li Gui’s mouth…”

Ye Jia’s pace paused slightly.

“Hahaha!” The woman laughed wildly behind him, and all the ghosts laughed together with her: “We are waiting for you in hell!”

There is a truth in this game.

Never trust anyone who died.

It was not the words of the undead that made Ye Jia suspicious, but as time passed, his senses became more acute, and he gradually discovered the weirdness of Ji Xuan’s aura – although Ye Jia had not yet brought Ji at the time. Xuan was divided into the enemy’s category, but he was no longer able to give absolute trust to the opponent as before.

And what he heard in this copy deepened Ye Jia’s suspicion.

——This suspicion saved Ye Jia’s life.

Therefore, it was only at the last moment that he could wake up in time. Ye Jia finally saw the true face of the ghost in front of him and his sinister intentions. After the life and death struggle, the blade in his hand pierced the opponent’s chest.

Ye Jia withdrew from his memories.

He took a deep breath, followed the two figures in front of him, and walked towards the depths of the cave.

In the dark cave, the original swollen sarcoma has disappeared, replaced by a thick and rolling pool of blood.

The distant self and Ji Xuan were talking about something, but Ye Jia had no interest in listening.

He yawned and sat down on one of the rocks, resting his cheek in one hand, waiting somewhat bored.

Suddenly, Ye Jia’s ankle bumped into a strange thing.

Pointy, pierced his ankle with no weight.

Ye Jia looked down.

Only then did he realize that the place where he was sitting was not a stone, but a pile of white skeletons covered in mud. One of the huge skulls fell over his ankles, and the mud was vaguely visible. Familiar outline.

Ye Jia leaned down and wiped the dust on the skull with his sleeve.

It was a lifeless goat skull with a pair of dark eye sockets. It was the horn on Ye Jia’s head that had just poked Ye Jia’s ankle.

This is… the head of the blood gu fish?

Ye Jia stood up, looked at the pile of bones in front of him over and over, and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

——Does its structure actually look like this!

At this moment, the earth shook suddenly, and countless rubbles smashed down and fell into the scarlet pool of blood, making a deafening noise.

Ye Jia was staggered, and he quickly reached out to support the wall next to him, and didn’t let himself fall.

Suddenly, there was a sad scream not far away.

Ye Jia’s expression was blank for a moment: “?”

Wait, it seems…no one called them?

——He and Ji Xuan fought in silence, and finally Ji Xuan was killed in silence.

What happened when he was distracted? !

Ye Jia raised his head blankly and looked into the distance.

The confrontation between “I” and Ji Xuan was over. The sickle in his hand fell to the side, and the blade was still shining, but it was obviously not within his reach.

The young man knelt in the blood mud, his pale face showed an expression of unwillingness and pain.

Ji Xuan stepped forward, bent down, took the young man’s face with his cold palms, then lowered his head, kissed his lips tenderly and deeply, licking and sucking softly and deeply.

Ye Jia: “…”

This scene has never happened before!

It was difficult for him to turn his face directly, but the movement in front of him became more intense, and the sound of water intertwined with his lips and teeth came into his ears.

Some… more vivid memories rushed into my mind.

Ye Jia’s ear tips became hot.

There must be something wrong, right? !

Shouldn’t the thing that the other party fears the most is sealed here? There must be something wrong, right? !

Just as he was trying to clear the chaotic thoughts in his brain, in the distance, Ji Xuan finally let go of his kissed lips.

He touched the youth’s forehead with his forehead, and said sweetly and infinitely: “It’s great, brother, we can be together forever.”

Ye Jia calmly breathed a sigh of relief—it was finally over.

He raised his head and looked into the distance.

I saw that the surrounding blood sea rolled as if there was life, and suddenly swallowed the young man who was half kneeling on the ground, and pulled him into the bottom of the pool.

The entire cliff was shaken by the powerful force, and the blood pool on the ground rose suddenly, turning into a huge sphere, suspended high in the air.

The world changed color, the sun and the moon turned upside down, as if the whole world was falling apart.

Ye Jia held his breath and looked up at the top of his head.

I saw the blood ball hanging overhead suddenly exploded, revealing a huge pupa.

The flow of time seems to lose its meaning.

The surface of the pupa changed from pale white to almost transparent, and something seemed to be creeping slowly below it. Then, the pupa shell was torn from the inside by some powerful force, revealing the naked youth in it.

The young man slowly opened his eyes. His pupils were as dark as thick ink, like a long night, and there was a surging and terrifying Yin Qi around his body. Only an absolute top terrifying ghost is enough to upset the world.

Ye Jia stood still on the spot, looking up at the strange and familiar face.

I don’t know why, he knows instinctively—

Yes, this possibility exists.

When his ability finally loses control and the devoured power finally breaks free from his shackles, he will become like this.

A monster through and through.

The young man in the distance walked down from mid-air, the muscle lines all over his body were clear and smooth, pale flesh. The body is compact and beautiful, like a work of art, but it also exudes a powerful and terrible oppressive force, which makes people instinctively afraid and awe-inspiring.

He lowered his eyes, his dark pupils swept over Ji Xuan who was not far away, his pale lips opened and closed, and his voice seemed to come from a distant place: “Thank you…”

The little boy raised a pair of scarlet eyes, fixedly looking at the young man standing not far away, and slowly narrowed his eyes, his voice was as cold as iron: “Who are you?”

“Don’t you know who I am?” The young man stepped towards him: “Aren’t you waiting for me all the time?”

There is an exceptionally cruel expression on his face, like a bloodthirsty shark smelling the presence of blood in the deep sea, the nose is slightly expanded, the upper lip is slightly curled, revealing the sharp white teeth, an inhuman, greedy smile It appeared on that face of Qingjun: “Mother’s wish is my mission. As long as you and I work together to make ghosts and monsters, the real world is at your fingertips.”

“What about him?” The little boy stared at the youth in front of him, his hands hanging beside him slowly tightened, and the dark tide rolled in the depths of his scarlet eyes.

The young man blinked, revealing a dazed look: “Oh! You mean, Ye Jia?”

He laughed, that smile is really indescribable, like a child watching the insect’s legs alive from the shell, with a naive and pleasant malice, as if taking pleasure in the pain and despair of others: ” Believe me, he is no longer there.”

The smile on the young man’s lips widened and looked a little terrifying: “You killed him with your own hands, don’t you remember?”

The little boy’s pupils shrank suddenly.

“Strange, it’s obviously a ghost, but it’s more naive than humans…” He bent down, admiring the expression of the little boy in front of him, his eyes dark as an abyss narrowed slightly and smiled casually: “Don’t accept mother’s lightly. Gift, don’t you know that?”

The young man laughed harshly and maliciously.

The Yin Qi gathered around his body and turned into a dark robe, covering his pale and slender body. He turned and walked out without looking back: “Goodbye, my innocent brother, I’m going to find my mother. , Join us when you figure it out-there is still a lot to do.”

“give me back……”

The little boy spoke abruptly.

The young man turned his head in astonishment: “What?”

Ji Xuan slowly raised his head, a pair of horrible madness and anger rolled in the depths of his eyes. The horrible emotion was so strong that it almost made the hair stand upright. He silently pulled the corners of his lips and showed a hideous smile. He said one word at a time: “Give him back to me.”

The fighting of two s-level ghosts almost shattered the entire copy.

The cave disappeared, the sea of ​​blood dried up, the earth cracked under the powerful force, and the spider-web-like cracks spread, tearing into a bottomless canyon.

The unjust souls wailed, the world faded, and the entire ancient battlefield was in a mess and devastated.

Finally, after three full days and nights, the winner was decided.

Although the strength of the two sides is close, the new ghost ghost is still inexperienced after all.

The boy’s pale hand reached into the youth’s chest, crushed his ribs, and held the other’s heart straight.

The youth panicked: “No, no, I’m your brother, Ye Jia, Ye Jia! Don’t you recognize me?”

Ji Xuan looked at the other party’s face, his eyes were dark, like a dead abyss, with a kind of irrational madness.

He didn’t answer anything.

With a “stab”, the blood-stained palm pulled the heart from the depth of the opponent’s chest, and then smashed it into the palm of the hand little by little.

The young man’s body fell down and was firmly caught by the opponent.

The huge world is covered by darkness, and the scarlet blood river is tumbling and flowing under the ground, slowly diving into the depths.

Ji Xuan sat down calmly holding the already cold body of the young man in his arms.

He lowered his head, did not speak, breathe, or move, as if he had become a lifeless sculpture, integrated with the dead of the entire world.

Ye Jia slowly walked up from a distance.

The soft soil under his feet made a sound of sticky juice under the pressure, but what he knew was that the other party could not hear it.

The youth stood still in front of the little boy, looking down at him, the expression in his eyes was complicated and deep.

He can’t forgive Ji Xuan’s betrayal, but…

The little boy in front of him blinked suddenly, and a big icy tear came down, hitting the pale face of the young man who lost his life.

Ye Jia couldn’t help but speak: “Hey…”

He stretched out subconsciously-but, unexpectedly, this time… he touched the opponent’s entity.

The warm palms pressed against the other’s thin and cold shoulders.

Ji Xuan trembled all over.

He raised his head in astonishment, a pair of scarlet eyes reflected the face of the young man in front of him, his voice was vague and hoarse, unbelievable, and cautious, as if he was afraid of breaking the illusion before him, with a trembling sound almost fearful, humble and bewildered: “Brother ?”


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