After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 67

Ye Jia seemed to be scalded, and suddenly pulled out his hand.

Ji Xuan raised his head and blinked innocently.

The place that was rubbed by the opponent’s lips just now burned fiercely again.

“You…” Ye Jiaqing coughed and asked, “Do you know how it came from?”

“Of course,” Ji Xuan sat down on the edge of Ye Jia’s bed: “I was with you at the time.”

Ye Jia straightened his back slightly, and fixedly looked at each other: “Tell me…”

“Hug…” Ji Xuan thought for a while: “All night…”

Ye Jia: “…”

He took a deep breath and reluctantly said: “OK…”

Ji Xuan: “You can’t reduce the extra time yesterday.”

Ye Jia: “…”

This guy is getting better and better.

He gritted his teeth: “Yes…”

Ji Xuan squinted his eyes as if stealing a fishy fox: “I want a good night kiss…”

“…” Ye Jia: “You don’t want to get into an inch.”

Ji Xuan sighed, “Well…”

He stretched out his hand: “A word is sure?”

Ye Jia squinted his eyes and looked at him for a few seconds, then slowly stretched out his hand to hold the other’s pale palm: “A word is sure…”

After half an hour.

Ye Jia called out the other three people as ace.

As soon as they met, he threw a large stack of papers to each of them.

Blast flipped through the files with his fingertips, and when he saw the dense and full of words on it, he frowned in disgust: “What is this?”

The remaining two also looked blank.

Ye Jiayan said concisely: “I have a clue…”

All three were refreshed.

——Ji Xuan did not directly tell Ye Jia what happened, nor did he directly tell him who the Li Gui he was facing was. He just provided a clue.

A very critical clue.

And that is enough.

“Call each family member of the deceased and ask them if they have got what they have been longing for before they die.” Ye Jia said.

Chen Qingye pushed his glasses: “For example?”

“Anything…” Ye Jia said: “Wealth, power, beauty, material and spiritual aspects are all ok.”

Wei Yuechu’s eyes widened slightly: “You mean…!”

Ye Jia took a deep breath: “Yes…”

Blast looked blank: “What dumb riddle are you playing?”

Wei Yuechu hated iron and smashed his head with the file in his hand: “Are you really stupid?”

Blast covered the back of his head and protested loudly: “You hit me again!”

Chen Qingye showed a thoughtful expression: “So that’s the case, then it makes sense.”

blast: “?”

He jumped up and down anxiously: “What is it?! Hurry up!”

Wei Yuechu held her forehead and sighed helplessly: “Dreammaker, haven’t you heard of it?”

blast: “It seems a little impressed?”

Chen Qingye said unhurriedly: “You entered the game late, and it is excusable to not understand it.”

He said: “This is an S-rank lord. He actually prefers to trade with players than to kill-as long as you can pay a sufficient price, your wishes can be fulfilled.”

Blast blinked and asked, “Any wish?”

Chen Qingye: “Any wish is fine.”

Blast: “Then what if I wish to make three more wishes?”

Chen Qingye: “…”

He was expressionless, and, following Wei Yuechu’s appearance, rolled up the paper tube and slammed blast’s head fiercely.

“Oh!” Blast covered the back of his head and shouted fiercely: “Why are you here too?!”

“Deserve it…” Wei Yuechu’s face was gloating: “Do you think he is a lamp god? Three more wishes… Haven’t you heard the price Chen Qingye just said?”

Blast was at a loss: “Isn’t Djinn? What is that?”

Wei Yuechu pondered for a few seconds: “Like a devil in Western legends, players can get the satisfaction of their desires by mortgaging their souls.”

“But… Actually, I don’t know the specific situation…” She sighed: “No one who did his trade can survive to tell us what happened.”

Ye Jia lowered his eyes and seemed to be looking at the file in his hand.

However, his gaze fell involuntarily on the scar on his wrist-its color is very light, and it is basically impossible to distinguish it from the skin if you don’t look closely.

He flicked it with his finger subconsciously.

Ye Jia knew the existence of the dream maker, but he didn’t have the slightest memory about him.

It’s like a blind spot in your mind. If you don’t deliberately look for it, you will be forgotten in the dark.

Blast touched the back of his head: “Then, what happened later? Where did he go?”

At least in his impression, after he entered the game, he didn’t seem to have heard of the reputation of the dream maker.

Chen Qingye shook his head: “No one knows…”

“He just… suddenly disappeared, and disappeared for a long time.” He turned his head and looked at Ye Jia, with some doubts: “This incident in City F, why do you think it was caused by the dream maker?”

“It’s just a guess…” Ye Jia replied calmly: “Maybe I am wrong, let us prove it.”

They called the dead office worker first.

His wife seemed to be immersed in grief. When she answered, her voice was choked and sobbed, but when she heard Ye Jia’s question, the phone went silent.

Ye Jia asked patiently: “Madam, are you still there?”

“Ah, yes… yes.” Her wife sounded a little uneasy, but she still replied.

She asked: “You, why are you asking this?”

Ye Jia: “It’s just doing some necessary investigations.”

The other side of the microphone fell silent.

After a long time, the wife slowly said: “Actually… half a month ago, I was planning to divorce him.”

Ye Jia narrowed his eyes: “Can I ask the reason?”

The wife said: “Of course…”

She sobbed and continued: “Actually, there is no third party, but there is really no emotion. Do you know that feeling? Holding his hand, it’s like touching your right hand with your left hand. The days go by like that, I can’t remember how I fell in love with him in the first place, every day is the same, and this kind of life is not interesting anymore, so…I want to be separated from him for a period of time. ”

“But… he was unwilling. The reaction was very intense.” His wife said tactfully: “So I went back to live with my natal family and stayed away for a while.”

Ye Jia: “Then what?”

The wife took a deep breath, she seemed to be unable to help her tears, and her voice choked again: “However, during that time, I slowly calmed down again. Somehow, I remembered the bit by bit when we were in love. , And then I felt that I fell in love with him again, so I returned to him. I still remember that when he held me and told me that this was his greatest wish, but… but… Before long, he…”

The woman across the phone couldn’t cry.

The phone hangs up.

The three people on the opposite side looked at each other and understood.

——It seems that eight or nine are inseparable.

For the next whole number of hours, the four of them kept talking on their mobile phones. After they hung up, they called another one. It took more than ten hours to finally ask all the family members of the deceased in the stack of documents. Again.

There are a total of fifteen suspicious cases.

They went to the police station to retrieve the gps records of these people a full month before their deaths, and then asked the staff of the Occult Administration to cross-compare them on the computer——

Soon, the results came out.

Chen Qingye put the note on the table and pushed it over.

Fifteen people were scattered in different districts of City F, and their locations were very scattered. However, half a month before their death, everyone had been to the same place.

Ye Jia picked up the note, his eyes fell on the surface of the paper.

This place is close to the edge of the city and off the beaten track—it should be here.

After half an hour.

The taxi drove away slowly behind a few people, leaving only the four of them standing in a wasteland.

In front of them stood a very modern high-rise building.

The four raised their heads together and looked up slowly.

This building towers high into the clouds, at least from the 30th floor up, the outside glass wall reflects the sunlight, which looks magnificent and full of style.

Blast scratched his head: “This…is this here?”

It feels like something is wrong.

Ye Jia put the note back in his pocket and walked towards the direction of the building: “Go in and see…”

The glass door opened automatically in front of them, and two tall, nice-looking receptionists greeted them, bowed to them with a smile, and said in a singing tone: “The dm company welcomes you. .”

The ground is as clean as a mirror, and the marble wall in the distance is inlaid with a line of glittering English letters:


【dream Maker】

The four of them fell silent: “…”

Blast slowly turned his head to look at Ye Jia, lowered his voice, and stammered: “That…what’s going on?”

Ye Jia: “…”

If I knew what was going on, would I still stand here stupidly like you?

When the four of them were in a daze, one of the welcoming ladies walked up and asked with a smile: “What kind of business do you need to handle, sir?”

Ye Jia quickly adjusted, and asked quietly, “What kind of business do you have here?”

Ms. Yingbin introduced with a smile: “Dreammaker is the largest angel investment institution in city f. Do you have a business plan that requires us to invest?”

“Yes…” Ye Jiamian didn’t change his face: “Where can I meet your person in charge?”

Miss Yingbin smiled and said: “Please follow me…”

After speaking, she turned around and walked forward curlingly.

Wei Yuechu lowered her voice: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Ye Jia also whispered back: “Let’s take a step and take a step.”

Chen Qingye opened his palm, several small green insects with large rice grains fell on his fingertips, and then crawled into his sleeve along his palm.

He took a few steps forward, and stood shoulder to shoulder with Ye Jia, and said in a low voice: “The employees in the hall are all humans.”

Ye Jia frowned slightly and nodded: “Thank you…”

The direction of this matter now… is becoming more and more unpredictable.

Soon, they were greeted into a magnificent and beautifully decorated waiting room, with golden European-style chandeliers above their heads, a thick red carpet on the floor, and soft armchairs placed in the room, exquisite There are colorful snacks on the table.

Blast reached out to one of the plates itchingly.

Wei Yuechu slapped his hand and gave him a silent glance.

Blast covered the back of his hand that was being slapped, and whispered in a low voice, “I’m not going to eat it, can’t I just take a look?”

At this moment, the lady welcoming guest in front turned around and asked with a smile, “Is it a business plan or a personal plan?”

Ye Jia turned his head and glanced at the other three people behind him: “Enterprise…”

The other party said in a very good manner: “Please show us a copy of the business registration certificate, tax registration, and basic information of related enterprises.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He didn’t change his face: “Personal planning…”

Miss Yingbin’s professionalism is very outstanding, and the smile on her face has not changed at all: “Then, what are your other companions…?”

The other three glanced at each other.

Wei Yuechu said: “I am also a personal plan.”

Chen Qingye pushed his glasses: “I just came with them. I’ll just wait for them outside.”

Blast shrugged and said indifferently: “Me too…”

——As players, they all know that eggs cannot be placed in the same cage.

Wei Yuechu and ace went to the interior of this dreammaker company, so they should keep two people outside to prevent any accidents from happening, and by the way, they can explore this strange place from the outside.

Another Miss Yingbin came over, and she smiled at Wei Yuechu: “Please…”

It seems that he is not going to let them stay together.

Wei Yuechu nodded at Ye Jia, and the two walked towards the two elevators separately.

Ye Jia walked into the elevator.

The welcome lady pressed one of the buttons.

The moment he walked in, he seemed to have suddenly noticed something, and suddenly raised his head to look towards the top of the elevator-at the place where the camera was supposed to be, a strange red light flashed, as if there was an eye behind the glass. Flashed by.

But when Ye Jia looked intently, the camera had returned to its normal state.

Miss Yingbin pressed the earphone the size of a fingernail in her ear, then turned her head, smiling sweetly and said to Ye Jia: “Hello, I don’t know you are a regular customer of our dm company.”

Ye Jia was slightly surprised, but still said quietly, “So what?”

The other party smiled and said, “The service is different.”

After speaking, she stretched out her hand and took out a magnetic card from her pocket. The card swiping area on the elevator was slightly pasted, and then she pressed the button on the top layer.

The button lights up.

The elevator went up slowly.

The narrow space is very quiet, because it is high-level, so there is very little noise, only the sound of each other’s breathing can be heard, Ye Jia’s eyes fall on the slowly rising number, watching it slowly change.

Soon, the elevator stopped on one of the floors.

This is the layer that Miss Welcome first pressed.

Ye Jia raised his eyes and looked into the distance. At the end of the long corridor was a huge and heavy mahogany gate. Outside the mahogany gate was sitting a man who looked embarrassed and seemed to be waiting for something.

At this moment, the mahogany door opened.

Before Ye Jia could see clearly, the elevator in front of him slowly closed, and Miss Yingbin smiled and said, “You are a VIP, not under this floor.”

The number of elevators continues to rise.

The speed of time passing was exceptionally slow. After a long time, only a ding sound was heard, and the elevator doors opened to both sides.

Miss Yingbin smiled and stretched out her hand: “Please…”

Ye Jia walked out of the elevator, and the metal door slowly closed behind him.

He looked around.

The top floor looks completely different from the one just now-huge and clear floor-to-ceiling windows, luxurious and expensive decorations, and heavy carpets can absorb all the sound of footsteps. There is a long corridor in the distance, and the end of the corridor is A huge and heavy wooden door, but its specifications are obviously several grades higher than the one downstairs.

Ye Jia’s fingertips hanging on his side gently rubbed, a faint dim light shining.

Although he really should try to reduce the fight with ghosts as much as possible now, but if he encounters a life-and-death situation, he also won’t be stingy with using weapons.

——After all, the situation was different last time in vision.

She was sent to die by her mother.

Vision is different from other Li ghosts. She was originally a human, but she had a part of her mother in her body, so she became a Li ghost.

So her mother hopes that Ye Jia can kill her, absorb the nutrients in her body, and become her own people.

The dream maker’s situation is different, he is just a ghost.

Ye Jia walked forward slowly along the corridor.

He stood still in front of the heavy door and slowly stretched out his hand, but before his fingertips touched the door panel, the door in front of him opened silently and opened inward.

Inside the door is a huge circular room, surrounded by clean floor-to-ceiling windows, like a glass ball hanging above the sky, looking extremely luxurious.

A man turned his back to Ye Jia and stood in front of the huge ring-shaped floor-to-ceiling window.

Ye Jia squinted his eyes, and the light between his fingers appeared.

“Rare guest, really rare guest…” the man said, turning around.

He was of medium build, dressed in a well-tailored suit, pale, gentle, with a decent smile on his face: “ace! I thought I would never see you again.”

Ye Jia did not answer.

He fixedly looked at the man in front of him and thought carefully.

The dreamer pulled the chair away and sat down, with a very kind smile on his face: “Sit…”

The chair opposite him was pulled apart by some invisible force.

The dreamer stretched out his hand and made a gesture of asking.

Ye Jia gave a short laugh. He stepped forward unhurriedly, calmly as if meeting a long-lost friend, and sat down on the chair without changing his face: “Thank you… …”

His attitude is so calm, it makes the dreamer raise his eyebrows in surprise: “Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen you in a long time, you are still the same as before, nothing has changed.”

“Oh?” Ye Jia said calmly: “Then…you think you have changed a lot?”

The dreamer laughed loudly, as if he had heard some very ridiculous joke, tears came out of his smile.

Ye Jia waited quietly for him to finish laughing.

After a long time, the dreamer finally stopped, with a smile on his face, and said: “Of course it’s very big…”

After speaking, he grabbed his hair and pulled it aside.

There was a scarlet gap in his neck, which expanded rapidly with his movements, revealing a flat and smooth cross-section, as if it had been cut with some kind of extremely sharp tool.

He lowered his head so that Ye Jia could see the bright red muscles and white bones on the cross-section of his neck.

Immediately afterwards, the dreamer released his hand, set back his head with only a section of the skin, and moved his shoulder and neck with some discomfort to reset everything.

He smiled and said: “Although it has almost recovered now, it is still impossible to grow back…After all, not every ghost is a direct line of the mother’s favor, and can be repaired completely after being pierced through the chest. ”

The dream maker means something.

Ye Jia squinted his eyes, a little startled in his heart.

The dream maker meant… his head was cut off by himself?

The healed scar on his wrist is slightly hot.

The dreamer waved his hand indifferently: “By the way, you probably don’t remember anything… Look at my memory, I almost forgot about it.”

“So…” Ye Jia raised his eyebrows: “Maybe you can help me review it?”

The dreamer squinted his eyes: “Why, do you want to get back your lost memories?”

A shrewd smile appeared on his face: “What do you want in exchange?”

Ye Jia chuckled and shrugged casually: “Just for the memories of your first acquaintance? Thank you, no need. Why should I remember those unimportant things?”

The dreamer’s face was gloomy for a moment.

But he quickly recovered: “Since you are not going to do business with me, what are you here for?”

Ye Jia’s legs overlapped and smiled kindly: “Of course he came to hit the scene.”

“It’s hard to do…” The dream maker frowned with difficulty: “It seems that I can only call the police.”

Ye Jia: “…”

I saw the dream maker lifted his finger slightly, and one side of the cabinet door opened, revealing the framed picture frame inside: “I am a legal industry, business license, site ownership, lease agreement… I am a taxpayer with an innocent background, Zunji Good citizens who abide by the law.”

Ye Jia: “…”

He sneered: “Will a good citizen who abide by the law sign an agreement to take away the soul of ordinary people?”

The dreamer shrugged and said: “My deal is always about you and my wishes. In fact, I have never looked for anyone. Everyone came to the door on their own initiative, even many.”

He said lightly: “And I just did what a businessman should do-I took advantage of the business opportunity.”

The man turned around, walked slowly to the floor-to-ceiling window in front of him, and looked down. There was a certain kind of suppressed excitement and trembling in his voice: “In the game, I never thought that there would be such a thing in the world. In a beautiful place, the soul darkened by desire is eagerly looking for a way to sell itself, regardless of the cost, but will rush to offer its own soul.”

His voice hissed because of greed: “There are too many competitors in the game. Each of them is hungry, fighting and robbing, fighting hard to get a bite, but here is different… The market is so vast, as long as I want to, I can monopolize it all—”

“Do you know what this is called?”

The dreamer turned his head to look at Ye Jia, his smile slightly distorted by the excitement, and looked particularly terrifying: “This is called monopoly capital.”

Ye Jia: “…”


The dreamer walked towards Ye Jia, the smile on his face converged, and became gentle again: “Look, I am different from those savage ghosts who have no brains but only everyone. I love peace. Only peace can make me. The market is more prosperous.”

He stretched out his hand, and his pale index finger gently stroked Ye Jia’s wrist.

Ye Jia’s sight fell.

On his wrist, the scars crisscrossed horizontally and vertically, I don’t know when they were faintly bulging out, glowing with a faint red color, and they were particularly prominent on the fair skin.

The dreamer’s eyes stared at the scar on Ye Jia’s wrist, and a greedy expression appeared: “And… the soul that once slipped from my hand, one day may be able to reappear in front of me, if you want , I can pay a big price…”

While talking, he stuck out his scarlet tongue, nearly half a foot long, and slowly licked his index finger that had touched the opponent’s skin.

But at this moment, the dreamer seemed to be burned, his eyes widened suddenly, his long tongue flicked in the air, and the mucus dripped down.

“This, this is…” He stared at Ye Jia suddenly: “You…what did you bring in!”

At this time, the man’s low and hoarse voice sounded behind Ye Jia: “I…”


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